Report: USA-Spain friendly at Gillette in the works

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A long-rumored potential friendly between Spain and the United States is gaining steam after the Boston Globe reported the friendly is being proposed for early June at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass.

The match has yet to be finalized, but if a deal is completed, the game would mark the rematch of the U.S. national team's stunning Confederations Cup upset of Spain in June of 2009.

The United States kicks off the CONCACAF Gold Cup on June 7th against Canada, but could face Spain the week before, on June 1st or 2nd.

What do you think of this development? Like the idea of facing Spain before the Gold Cup? Think the United States could  beat the Spanish again?

Share your thoughts below.

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46 Responses to Report: USA-Spain friendly at Gillette in the works

  1. bryan says:

    hell yes!

  2. John D says:

    I might have to fly back home to see that one!

  3. Ryan from NC says:

    We’ll beat ’em again.

  4. Rex says:

    Surprise Surprise. USA head to Foxboro again, while places like Houston keep getting left in the cold. And Sunil Gulati said their is no conflict of interest. What a joke. US Soccer is no less corrupt that African countries, its just legal, white collar corruptness.

  5. Dave from Charlotte says:

    I like the new trend of playing teams better than us in friendlies rather than patsies.

    I also like the fact it is before the Gold Cup. Honestly, if we are to continue to improve these games are key, but also lifting expectations of how we win tournaments like Gold Cup. Playing up to our level rather than down…that kind of thing.

  6. teezoen says:

    Are you surprised? No? Then all is as it always has been.

  7. tnnelson says:

    i wonder if we’ll park the bus again, or if we’ll go all out and go toe to toe. that’s quite a risk, considering no one has been able to really go at them and win in several years. should be very interesting

  8. froboy says:

    Little to lose in a friendly, I say go for broke

  9. Steve/ATL says:

    The strategy will be somewhat related. We won’t have to “park” the bus, we’ll drive around in it. Slowly.

  10. dman says:

    I hope the best for our Boys

    but Spain will want some revenge. We did embarass them, although winning the World Cup gets yout he last laugh I guess

  11. ACS says:

    How about a match with Germany? It’s been awhile since we played them, same goes with France.

  12. Willardo DuPont says:

    I guess this means temporary grass for the stadium. I hope they keep it for as much of the MLS season as possible.

  13. 20 says:

    What? Foxboro isn’t even a venue in the Gold Cup…

  14. 20 says:

    oh yea and guess which city is hosting the semifinals?

  15. CH says:

    lol ha ha you sir are hilarious lol

  16. Brett says:

    Any result, no matter how you get it, is good against Spain.

    They are going to protect possession when they have the ball, so THEY dictate to YOU more than the reverse. When we get the ball, I hope we play it around instead of trying to create half-chances. But, if we do go that route, and we get a result, then I’ll be just as pleased as if we went after it.

  17. 20 says:

    I don’t think they’ll care too much after winning the world cup

  18. Brett says:

    I doubt they are holding any grudges after lifting the one that matters. I can’t imagine they look in the trophy case and go “Man, if only we had that Confederations Cup! Curse you AMERICA!!!!”

  19. William the Terror says:

    did you even consider the possibility that Spain requested an East Coast venue because they have to fly across an ocean twice and want to minimize travel weariness. Not everything is a conspiracy. Go back on your meds.

  20. ACS says:

    Last time US played France was twice in 1979, the only time the two countries have met.

  21. Oranje says:

    Getting left out in the cold? Like when you hosted the All-Star game last year?

  22. blokhin says:

    I love it- gotta give kudos to Bradley/Gulati for scheduling tougher competition… this is the only way we’ll get better on the World stage since we’re consigned to playing Guatemala, El Salvador the rest of the time….

    We’ve played Brazil twice in friendlies now, Argentina twice, Spain twice, England once- I may be missing a few others…

    gotta give credit where it is due…

  23. Todd says:

    I do like that they will play Spain, but I hate the idea of them playing on the crappy turf at Gillette Stadium. Why not FedEx Field in DC or The Linc in Philly. The Yanks should play on grass, its an embarrassment to the sport.

  24. Jeremy says:

    they will def. lay down a grass field for this. Surely it will rip up like they always do as the game goes on…but rest assured, no plastic turf, or painted over gridiron lines.

  25. Flaveur says:

    Patsies are necessary, but I agree. We need a healthy boost of confidence boosters and Top 10 teams.

  26. Marco says:

    Bro, you sound like a fool. read the comments above, now reflect on your thought processes. now change them.

  27. FSegaud says:

    Funny you should mention those two (FRA/GER)…they are filling their FIFA dates fast as they recently scheduled a pair of friendlies against each other being played in 2012 and 2014! US better act fast to get these teams on the schedule. Being of French decent, I’d love to see a match against France.

  28. Why don’t they play in a better venue. That field is terrible. Can I get a game in California? It seems like all the US National team friendlies are all on the east coast, and mid west these days.

  29. brian says:

    only good thing about unemployment is i can go to these games now

  30. Dan says:

    Love it!!

  31. Louis Z says:

    I would rather see us play a team ranked in the high teens that will help us “MORE” in our development. Playing against Spain will force us to “circle the wagons” and play the counter attack game, we already know how to do that. I would rather see us play against someone that would force us to develop our transition and attacking game.

  32. Sadly Sergio the east coast and midwest get most if not all of these matches because of travel for both our European players and the opponents.

  33. Monzon says:

    Gillette can suck it.

    If Boston is soccer-hungry than they are more than welcome to actually show up and support their own team. But if they are stuck on Boston at least hold this thing at Boston College or somewhere with grass.

    Philly or the DC area would probably be more appreciative, and also have grass fields big enough for the event.

  34. I don’t like it. We don’t even get a gold cup match in the bay area. The closest it in LA. Meanwhile Mexico seems to play in Oakland a few times a year. I may just have to go watch the Mexico vs Paraguay match just to get my fix.

  35. WeatherManNX01 says:

    Did you people not read the damn Globe article? Very last line: “A grass surface would cover the stadium’s artificial turf field.”

    Complain all you like about the location, but leave the turf alone. Gotta complain about something…

  36. Eric says:

    Man looks like im going to 2 US games in the span of a month. While also graduating from high school. Gonna be a good time.

  37. Great – my son and his wife just moved to the Boston area. Think they’ll be settled in by June so maybe I’ll go for a visit.

  38. Mito says:

    Another dos cero.

  39. Dan says:

    Houston hosts the Gold Cup semifinals you freaking idiot.

    Texas education shining through yet again.

  40. mark says:

    california never gets a good game. we have to settle for a friendly in january with a team made up of mlsers against a cheap central american or south american team made up of domestic players.

  41. Adam says:

    Who in there right mind would want to go to Houston in June? It’s miserable there year round, and June just adds to the misery.

  42. Adam says:

    I’d be very surprised if Spain brought their first team. La Liga doesn’t end until May 22nd and the Champions League final is May 28th. No way they risk their stars a week or less after their final club game.

  43. Ted Decker says:

    Cheer up, you get the gold cup final.

  44. Brian says:

    I’m making the 6 hour drive from Sac to LA for the Gold Cup Final. Stop complaining.

  45. Brian says:

    Yeah. Gold Cup Final. I’ll be there. Stop complaining.

  46. ed says:

    According to this notable Spanish newspaper, the game is gonna be played at the beginning of June in New York.

    link to