Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

ClintDempsey (GettyImages)

Today marks the first full day of MLS action since the 2011 season kicked off on Tuesday, but before we get into the day's heavy menu of MLS match-ups, there are plenty of quality games to watch around the world today.

Manchester United takes on Stuart Holden and Bolton in one of the morning's marquee match-ups, while U.S. teammates Tim Howard and Clint Dempsey will face each other as Everton plays host to Fulham.

Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid will play the latest installment of their rivalry in a match that should have its share of goals.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV Schedule is after the jump):


 8:45am- ESPN2- Tottenham vs. West Ham United

10:30am- GolTV- SC Freiburg vs. Bayern Munich

11am- Fox Soccer Channel- Manchester United vs. Bolton

11am- Fox Soccer Plus- West Bromwich Albion vs. Arsenal

11am- Aston Villa vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers

11am- Stoke City vs. Newcastle United

11am- Wigan vs. Birmingham City

1pm- DirecTV- Mallorca vs. Real Zaragoza

1pm- Fox Soccer Plus- Lazio vs. AC Cesena

1:30pm- Fox Soccer Channel- Everton vs. Fulham

1:30pm- Borussia Dortmund vs. Mainz 05

2pm- Auxerre vs. Sochaux

2pm- Brest vs. Lille

2pm- Fox Lorient vs. Saint Etienne

2pm- Montpellier vs. Lens

2pm- Toulouse vs. Nice

3pm- GolTV- Barcelona vs. Getafe

3:45pm- Fox Soccer Channel- Palermo vs. AC Milan

5pm- Atletico Madrid vs. Real Madrid

5:30pm- GolTV- Bragantino vs. Santos

6:30pm- Direct Kick- Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Toronto FC

6:55pm- Azteca America- Cruz Azul vs. Toluca

7pm- Chile vs. Venezuela (CONMEBOL Under-17 Championship)

7pm- Telemundo- Monterrey vs. Club America

7:30pm- Direct Kick- D.C. United vs. Columbus Crew

7:30pm- MSG- New York Red Bulls vs. Seattle Sounders

7:30pm- GolTV- Atletico Nacional vs. Cucuta

8:30pm- Direct Kick- FC Dallas vs. Chicago Fire

8:30pm- Direct Kick- Houston Dynamo vs. Philadelphia Union

8:55pm- Galavision- Santos Laguna vs. Morelia

9pm- Fox Soccer Channel- Colorado Rapids vs. Portland Timbers

9pm- Telemundo- Chivas Guadalajara vs. Queretaro

9:10pm- Brazil vs. Paraguay (CONMEBOL Under-17 Championship)

10:30pm- Direct Kick- Chivas USA vs. Sporting Kansas City

10:30pm- Direct Kick- San Jose Earthquakes vs. Real Salt Lake

11pm- Galavision- San Luis vs. Atlas (Delayed)

11pm- Telefutura- Atlante vs. Jaguares (Delayed)


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144 Responses to Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

  1. FXB says:

    Spector not in 18 according to soccernet. Dude needs a new squad.

  2. Warren says:

    Dude got 55 minutes at striker last game…and didn’t strike.

    Spector’s been getting decent playing time, and lower end of EPL is his level.

    As a utility player.

  3. beckster says:

    Spector is 12th man; been getting plenty of playing time. My guess is slight knock or some arrangement with Bradley or combination. Nice artlicle on him this week on Hammers website where they refer to him a doing very well and a favorite of Grants. I wouldn’t worry.

  4. RedLine55 says:

    Stu has a nice little feature in the United match program today (via @BrianPrestidge), titled: “American Idol” ha.

    link to (image)

  5. Rusty says:

    Lichaj own goal in the 56th minute

  6. Mike says:

    Bradley starts on bench. Holden, Jones both in starting line-up. Don’t know why Lee Chung-Yong doesn’t start in a wide position instead of Elmander. Probably because Elmander will whine if he doesn’t start.

  7. StevenG says:

    West Ham are so freakin’ cynical. Only play for a draw? Come on! Boring!!!

  8. Jack says:

    Of course when West Ham is easy to get on ESPN3, Specs isn’t even in the lineup.

    New article on WHUFC website calls him “the popular midfielder,” which, as a West Ham fan who’s listened to fans whine about him for years, is kind of nice to finally hear.

  9. Beckster says:

    are you kidding? A point at the Spurs is precious and they played well. The last save from Green was amazing. Was a perfectly fine game even if it wasn’t a ‘cracker”

  10. jd says:

    Any streams for the Nurnberg Game? Chandler is starting again

  11. StevenG says:

    Jeez this kid’s stock has plummeted, no?

  12. RedLine55 says:

    ha yeah, that was an excellent point at White Hart Lane. Great 2nd half from Green. Take that point any day! And, until the last 5 minutes or so, the Hammers were attacking and coming up with a few chances.

  13. StevenG says:

    I disagree. They failed to score. IMO a scoreless draw is only entertaining if the teams are playing at a very high level. I didn’t see that from either team.

  14. RedLine55 says:

    Fair enough, we’ll have to agree to disagree. I thought this was one of the more entertaining 0-0 draws I’ve seen recently.. from the Hammers, at least.

  15. Citronomics says:

    Holden skies it but good to see him getting into an attacking position. Decent pace so far.

  16. RedLine55 says:

    What a nice moment this must be for Stuart Holden. In Houston last year, starting mid now at Old Trafford against Manchester United. Hope he scores today… but hope he doesn’t score as many as United, ha.

  17. JC says:

    Hannover’s up 1-0.

  18. Beckster says:

    Agree with you Redline…not a bad 0-0 game and it is nice to see the Hammers actually look like they belong in the EPL.

  19. ga-gone says:

    He was not in Houston in 2010.

  20. Brokenbil says:

    Hmm, it seems from the comments here that I’m the only one not watching one of the yanks. Freiberg-Bayern Munich has been good. 1-1 at half.

  21. RedLine55 says:

    of course you’re right. It said “just over a year ago” in my head before I typed it.

  22. Brokenbil says:

    Direct Kick does indeed appear to be free this weekend. The MLS schedule has popped up on all the assigned channels on my cable service.

    I’m going to watch TFC-Whitecaps. Vancouver did well in pre-season so I’m curious to see if they can carry it over into the regular season. Plus, it seems like forever since I last saw DeMerit play.

  23. elgringorico says:

    bolton are playin their hearts out right now…

  24. Brokenbil says:

    PennyTalk ad — Has anyone here ever taught your little brother how to make a penalty kick?

  25. Aaron in StL says:

    Muamba got bricks for feet. Just needs to pop one of these and get it on target.

  26. Brokenbil says:

    Anyone know why Bayern are wearing black armbands?

  27. elgringorico says:

    maybe something japan related?

  28. Mike says:

    Perhaps feeling extra confident as a result of his national team call-up, Zak Whitbread has scored a goal.

  29. jd says:

    Zac Whitbread with a goal for Norwich City. Header off a free kick

    Scored it against Brad Guzan for Hull

  30. JC says:

    Hannover up 2-0 now.

  31. MSNats says:

    Seems like the rest of the league is conspiring against West Ham today, despite the point they picked up.

  32. Louis Z says:

    yeah, the guy sure looks terrible, the fact that he had good chances makes him look even worst.

  33. Brokenbil says:

    Maybe you’re right. I just noticed the Freiberg players are wearing black armbands, too.

    Any black armbands in the EPL?

  34. Brokenbil says:

    Who are Hannover playing?

  35. Citronomics says:

    How many Champs League spots does the Bundesloiga get? Hannover is sitting in third place, and will maintain this position with a W today, so hoping to see Stevie C get some CL action next year.

  36. Citronomics says:


  37. Brokenbil says:

    Unfortunately, I think West Ham are doomed to make the drop. I expect two of the other “W” teams will join them

  38. RedLine55 says:

    No way, I’m thinking WHU will stay up. The past month has been much better and it looks like they’re finally playing like a real team. If the mid stays healthy it’s solid now… Upson and Bridge are gelling better now, and Ba is looking dangerous all the time. Let’s say I’m “cautiously optimistic”! ha

  39. Brokenbil says:

    Bundesliga get two automatic spots and one for the qualifying round.

    It will help Hannover cause if Bayern-Freiberg ends in a draw. Bayern has mounted a fierce 2nd half attack.

  40. Brokenbil says:

    Well, I guess it’s possible. Birmingham haven’t been playing well, depite their League Cup win. Has a relegated team ever played in Eurpoe the following season?

  41. Brokenbil says:

    Then again, Birmingham do have a game in hand. And West Ham next opponent is Man U.

  42. Mike says:

    Apparently Chandler has been sent off after a second yellow.

  43. Brokenbil says:

    Ribery scored in the 88th minute to make it 2-1. So it looks like Bayern will keep pace with Hannover.

  44. RedLine55 says:

    yeah, i’m not saying they look spectacular, but i’m optimistic! ha

    and i googled your previous question, and it looks like Ipswich Town was promoted and promptly won the top English league in ’61-’62… but not that I could find about the modern EPL, or regarding CL/Europa. Perhaps someone else knows?

  45. jon says:

    ya, im not sure how to take it though. off course its bad he was shown red but as long as he isnt too debilitated by this then it should be no worry for the upcoming USA game

  46. jon says:

    holy crap, arsenal is self-destructing

  47. Jack says:

    Wow. Arsenal.

    Just…wow. Say what you want about Cesc Fabregas’s fitness and skills this season–they’re sorely missing his leadership out on that field right now. Painful to watch.

  48. RedLine55 says:

    ah, i think I misread your question… but if I’m reading it correctly now: Portsmouth (last year) qualified for Europa through the FA Cup, but were relegated from EPL. Of course they couldn’t play because they became broke and couldn’t apply for a EUFA club license, ha. (Wiki)

  49. Brokenbil says:

    Bayern win 2-1. Hannover holds onto third this week, but there’s bad news next week — Bayern host Monchengladbach and Hannover are away to Dortmund.

  50. Nick says:

    or sent soccer shoes to Mexico?

  51. JC says:

    Hannover beat Hoffenhiem, keeping them in 3rd place, 2 points ahead of Bayern Munich and 2 points behind Leverkusen who play Schalke tomorrow. Third place keeps them in CL qualifying, while 4th or 5th gets them into Europa.

  52. liz says:

    if any EPL manager needs to go, my vote would be for houllier. Aston Villa has so much attacking talent but somehow he cant put together a good starting lineup. AV are too good to be relegated, but the way the season is going, it could still happen.

  53. Andrew H. says:

    Stuart Holden’s knee badly damaged.

  54. RedLine55 says:

    oh grossss…. giant gash on Holden’s knee form an Evans challenge. Red card to Evans for studs up. Looked 50-50 from live angle, btu the replay is not pretty. Left the ground, lead with the bottom of his foot. Hope stu’s all OK.

  55. Brokenbil says:

    Holy crap! Holden is down and Jonny Evans is sent off! Holden’s knee is bleeding!

  56. Mike says:

    Evans sent off for a tackle on Holden. Stretchered off and will be subbed out.

  57. Dylan B T says:

    shttt…….this does not look good.

  58. says:

    Oh motherf***er.

  59. Brokenbil says:

    Elmander’s kick off the mark. Damn.

  60. eleven says:

    I wonder if the damage is more of a gash than a structural issue. It appeared so when they showed the close up. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  61. 20 says:

    Evans is a dirty player, not the first time I’ve seen him injure someone. Get well soon Stu

  62. Predicto says:

    Noooo Not again Holden!

  63. A says:

    What a ridiculous tackle.

  64. Judging Amy says:

    Yeah. Not the worst tackle, but def reckless and stupid. Poor Stu.

  65. ga-gone says:

    Hoping that’s just a surface wound and not anything torn. hope Stu is alright.

  66. Louis Z says:

    Holden injured AGAIN! I guess BB doesn’t have to worry about who is going to play center for the NATS

  67. Eric says:

    Hopefully just a bad gash and not some structural damage…..

  68. Brent McD says:

    total roller coaster ride for Arsenal fans

  69. dl says:

    Why the hell is Muamba still in this game?

  70. Paul says:

    crap. nasty challenge.

  71. Brad says:

    Well there went our chance of seeing Stu, MB, JJ, on the field at the same time. (Edu at CB)

  72. Mike says:

    Maybe it is just wishful thinking, but that is what it looked like to me.

  73. Grant says:

    STU!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!1

  74. Brokenbil says:

    Man U haven’t slowed their attack despite being down to 10 men.

  75. Brokenbil says:

    Taylor had a perfect chance and headed it straight to Van Der Sar.

  76. RedLine55 says:

    We love Stu’s tenacity and heart every game, but sometimes he pays the price. Same situation as his injury against Holland, stetching out to get the ball. Really bad through ball to Stu from Yong Lee, had him wide open and played the ball in a dangerous position for Stu. Crap, hopefully it just looked terrible and he needs a few stitches.

  77. Brokenbil says:

    Man U look on the verge of scoring the winner.

  78. jon says:

    did it just look like a gash?

  79. Brokenbil says:

    Berbatov scores. Game over.

  80. Jack says:


  81. Jack says:

    I feel like if it was just a gash, he would have been able to walk off?

  82. A says:

    Goal should not count.

    Berbatov was onside, but the other Manchester United player that trucked over the Keeper was not.

  83. Eric says:

    Bad gash up around his kneecap….no idea if it was anything worse, though…..

  84. Brokenbil says:

    Well, at least I’ll score fantasy points for Evra’s “assist.”

  85. Ben says:

    Ouch, Holden. I hope it’s just a gash and a bruise, but I can’t see him playing in the friendlies now.

  86. Karol says:

    Yes, it is Japan related. All players in the Bundesliga wear a black armband this weekend. And ahead of every match there is a minute of silence as well.

    It has to be sad that there are quite a few Japanese players in the Bundesliga.

  87. Brokenbil says:

    Crap, I guess it’s not an assist because Jaaskelainen touched it last. Oh well. At least Evra gets points for the clean sheet.

  88. RedLine55 says:

    It looked like a giant gash that was fleshy and not bleeding quite yet.. even if it wasn’t structural, looked like he’d need a lot of stitches, so would not be able to return either way.

  89. Jack says:

    I’m seeing around the internet that Stu’s leg is broken, but nothing confirmed.

    God. That poor kid. Really, really hoping that it’s just a gash and a bad bruise.

  90. Brokenbil says:

    Oh, it was Nani’s shot. Eh, never mind.

  91. Judging Amy says:

    Oh man not good. Poor kid.

  92. RedLine55 says:

    replay shows both players were clearly onside, Robinson kept both on. Bolton prob deserved the draw, but that was a definite good goal.

  93. GBH says:

    they were both on side.

  94. jon says:

    can’t agree more, he is the whole reason i bought tickets!

  95. Hoodoo says:

    pretty sure it was, Holden out of the game, muamba still in the game, game over.

    muamba had such a horrible game, those first touches look like Findley playing out there

  96. MC Pharaoh says:

    omg… really a horrible week for Yanks abroad so far

    Lichaj OG, Chandler Red, & possibly a severe Holden injury (could just be laceration tho)

  97. Jack says:

    Bolton was hanging on to the match, but looked like they just lost the ability to keep doing it after Holden went down.

    Not a great week for the USMNT abroad.

  98. fyi says:

    Technically, I think you’re right. But it was given as an assist… to Nani, who took the shot. Evra wasn’t involved.

  99. neill says:

    Holden’s challenge was pretty reckless in its own right. A few inches the other day, and it looked like it could have very well been Stu putting his spikes into Evans’ knee. Hopefully the damage will prove to be less severe than it looked.

  100. VilniusNastavnik says:

    Alex Ferguson’s smile boils my blood.

  101. VilniusNastavnik says:

    would be very surprised if anyone knows that already. doesn’t mean it ultimately isn’t correct, but i’d be surprised if that isn’t unsubstantiated speculation.

  102. Brent McD says:

    ouch, just saw the Holden injury. looks bad, hope his right knee is alright. sheesh, talk about bad luck for the kid.

  103. jon says:

    does BB still experiment with the 4-2-3-1? Holden was the whole reason that he started going in that direction. Makes me wonder how the lineup is effected.

  104. Mike says:

    Wonder what he will have to say about that tackle considering how harsh he was on the Carragher tackle.

  105. CJ says:

    I have to disagree. you can see that stu’s leg is swinging in to kick the ball, whereas evans goes straight in with studs up. but yeah, here’s hoping it’s nothing too serious.

  106. VilniusNastavnik says:

    something self-serving.

  107. donttreadonme says:

    I hate Man U. Always have, always will.

  108. Brad says:

    I think the best place to get Holden’s injury news would be twitter, Jen Chang is always updating his…

  109. Hoodoo says:

    They arent going to play 3 defensive midfielders again, that was a disaster.

  110. PurpleGold says:

    why would he be speaking english to his cousin in mexico. callin him bro and junk.

  111. AG says:

    Anyone, please post an update of Holden’s status when it’s available.

  112. Jack says:

    Yeah, agree. From the replays, I would guess that best outcome would be a bruise, worst would be ligament damage. From the way he was hit, I don’t think that a broken leg would be the most likely outcome, but I could be wrong.

  113. Jack says:

    Stu just tweeted that he will post more when he knows the extent of the injury.

    I might just be in a gloomy mood, but that does not sound good.

  114. VilniusNastavnik says:

    per owen coyle, via shinguardian’s twitter:

    RT @DTguardian Owen Coyle on Holden ‘his knee is wide open, we’re hoping it’s just a cut, not a break or ligament damage-we don’t know yet

  115. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    This is all the more ironic considering his injury.

  116. StevenG says:

    lol@ Dempsey tryin’ to pull of something fantastic.

  117. Dainja says:

    Hey, chins up out there fellas! I know its been a brutal day so far for our boys, but damnit, there’s still a Clint second half to watch! This isn’t the end of the world. Cmon Deuce. The Yanks NEED a goal today!!

  118. Robbie says:

    Hey, I’m a complete newbie to this sport. Question:

    How does FSC make money? All the halftime ads were for the Premier league and FSC and it seems unlikely that they can make much advertising their own product. Obviously there is something I’m missing.

  119. Beckster says:

    Fulham didn’t really have much of an attack going in the first half but Dempsey is just so good on the ball – really excellent.

  120. Brent McD says:

    *left knee

  121. StevenG says:

    Demps is good, but they’re not gettin the ball to him. Pretty invisible right now.

  122. Brent McD says:

    two words: Proactive Solution

  123. Brent McD says:

    beautiful build-up and a Dempsey goal!

  124. JS says:


  125. StevenG says:

    lol, never so glad to be wrong!

  126. Bryan says:

    Deuce has scored

  127. jon says:

    in an otherwise tragic day for USMNT fans, Clint Dempsey just scored for Fulham to make the score 2-1 to Everton

  128. Robbie says:

    He can shoot well when not trying crazy stuff it seems. Well done.

  129. JS says:

    Happens to the best of us

  130. Dainja says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! what the BLEEP did I tell ya’ll! Deuce, not only breaking the record for goals in a season by a Yank in the EPL, but he just saved a horrific Saturday for Americans Abroad!! …what Holden injury?? haha. But for real, Deuce, thank you. Still the man! And what better than to do it at an American goalie’s expense. bwhaha

  131. Beckster says:

    that’s Dempsey…doesn’t look like he is in it an then he scores. But that doesn’t diminish his passing and ball control.

  132. away goals says:

    Love that dempsey immediately went to zamora to celebrate. That’s classy. And hopefully not the last time this year zamora helps deuce look good.

  133. StevenG says:

    Demps is like a fine wine, gets better as he ages.

  134. Robbie says:

    In an already tragic day for USMNT fans, Tim Howard conceded a goal to Fulham to make the score 2-1 to Everton.

  135. JS says:

    That crazy stuff is also known as creativity and something we need out of a few more of our players

  136. K-Town says:

    Dempsey now has scored more PL goals (10) than: Drogba, Torres, Elmander, Cahill, Malouda, and Nani, all with 9 goals so far. Only Berba, Tevez, Nolan, Bent, and Carroll have scored more so far this season. Keep it up Deuce!

  137. K-Town says:

    BTW, Nolan, Bent , and Carroll only have 11 goals. If Deuce scores one more then only Berba, and Tevez are ahead, which nobody will catch this season.

  138. 20 says:

    well played Deuce. Fulham are like the USA, they give up goals early and come raging back in the second half.. unfortunately they didn’t have enough creativity today

  139. Mike says:

    What happened to Bocanegra?? I saw he was subbed out due to injury.

  140. B Volt says:

    Now let’s get the MLS show on the road!

  141. BradAR says:

    Ipswich Town was relegated in 2001-02 and won a place in the UEFA Cup via the Fair Play award. Norwich City won the League Cup and were relegated in 1984-85, but was not able to play in Europe because England was banned due to the Heysel Disaster.

  142. Sandra says:

    madrid and lyon wore them mid week

  143. SteveO says:

    One own goal does not a plummeting stock make…he seems to be doing just fine starting for one of the top Championship teams.

  144. Warren says:

    Knocking in a few goals – against ManU – earlier this season and looking like you belong on the pitch will do wonders for a player. Fans remember things like that.