Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

RooneyGerrard (Getty Images)

One team is looking to extend its lead atop the Premier League while the other is just trying to fight for a European place as Manchester United takes on Liverpool today in the North West Derby, the premier match on today's schedule of international club action.

Manchester United will be looking to take advantage of Arsenal's stumble on Saturday, a 0-0 draw against Sunderland that could allow United to widen the gap atop the standings. Liverpool can jump ahead of Bolton for sixth place, and the final automatic qualifying place for Europa League, while also keeping extremely faint hopes of a Top Four finish alive.

Today's soccer schedule doesn't end with the early-morning Man Utd-Liverpool clash. Lazio and Palermo collide in a showcase of some of Europe's best young talent, while Marseille battles with Lille in a meeting of two of France's best.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule is after the jump):


8:30am- Fox Soccer Channel- Liverpool vs. Manchester United

9am-– Inter Milan vs. Genoa

9:30am-– SC Freiburg vs. Werder Bremen

10:30am-– Ajax Amsterdam vs. AZ Alkmaar

11am- Fox Soccer Channel– Wolverhampton vs. Tottenham

11am- DirecTV– Sporting Gijon vs. Getafe

11am-– Malaga vs. Osasuna

11am- DirecTV– Levante vs. Espanyol

11am-– Brest vs. Bordeaux

11am-– Olympique Lyon vs. Arles

11am- Fox Soccer Plus- West Ham United vs. Stoke City

1pm- GolTV– Athletic Bilbao vs. Sevilla

1pm- Telemundo– Toluca vs. Morelia

2:45pm-– Lazio vs. Palermo

3pm- GolTV– Racing Santander vs. Real Madrid

3pm- Fox Soccer Plus– Olympique Marseille vs. Lille

3:15pm-– Sporting Braga vs. Benfica

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98 Responses to Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

  1. neg says:

    San Diego is ready for this clash. Don’t care how early, glory glory.

  2. DC Josh says:

    Please Liverpool, for the sake of interest in the rest of the premier league, win this game.

  3. DC Josh says:

    Doesn’t this game make Giggs the all-time leader in appearances for United, passing Bobby Charlton?

  4. VilniusNastavnik says:

    are the Colorado Buffaloes or Georgia Bulldogs playing today?

  5. Barry U says:

    I think Freddy Adu scored today.

  6. Jose S. says:


    Here is the great goal in the 1-0 win

    link to

  7. Lorenzo says:

    “That was very Messi like. Left footed player on the right side, hitting a low left footed curling shot to the far post. Not comparing Adu to Messi, just this goal, which is similar style to many Messi goals”

  8. Citronomics says:

    Great turn and good placement, pace on the shot. Good for him. Though not great production by any standard, Freddy can certainly find the back of the net and has done so at most destinations (except Monaco). Hope he builds some momentum and improve his footballing IQ while at Rizespor. BTW – awesome atmosphere for a D2 match.

  9. VilniusNastavnik says:

    Aurelio had a staring contest with Hargreaves once. 3 seconds in, both tore hamstrings.

  10. ... says:

    I keep meaning to ask this and then forgetting: anyone know what’s up with those little yellow flowers the EPL managers have been wearing for the last week or so?

  11. VilniusNastavnik says:

    holy crap Suarez.

    but very selfish of Kuyt to deny Evra an own-goal.

  12. Rob says:

    Suarez is the real deal, huge pickup for Liverpool. The guy is all over the field and he can shred defenses. Wow.

  13. Rob says:

    Damn Liverpool up 2-0, wow I am starting to really like this team.

  14. Citronomics says:

    Dirk Kuyt with a brace! Thanks to Nani for a superb assist. Booyah

  15. Beckster says:

    Fernando Torres? Who is that?

  16. Powderhorn Pops says:

    I enjoy seeing Man U struggling. Don’t know why I dislike them so much…

  17. VilniusNastavnik says:

    a new low Nani.

  18. JC says:

    damn, carragher. that looked nasty in real time.

  19. fischy says:

    Seriously. Great crowd. Very impressive. I’ve seen many Serie A games in Italy that don’t have crowds that big or that excited.

  20. Rob says:

    Players begging for a card is one of the most annoying thing…

  21. Adrian says:

    What is Nani’s problem?

    Why would you try to punch the medical staff?

  22. fischy says:

    Evra’s header was going wide….

  23. fischy says:

    Yeah. Faking a brooken leg. He’ll probably fake the x-rays and the cast, too.

  24. Adrian says:

    That is a red card.

  25. Rob says:

    Getting scrappy I love it.

  26. JC says:

    ManU-Pool is looking more like a hockey game than a soccer game.

  27. JC says:

    For Carragher? My first thought was he was done. Not surprised it was only a yellow though.

  28. VilniusNastavnik says:

    Phil Dowd fell for the “let’s be even” trap there. Rafael came in with two feet, one of the ground, clearly with malicious intent. Carragher’s foul was reckless, but not nearly as vicious, but Dowd wanted to mollify rather than apply the rules.

  29. Rob says:

    I mean he may very well be injured, but who runs up to a ref yells at him then falls back down on the ground? And it’s ridiculously even more stupid if he has a broken bone. I hope he is ok, but begging for a card is not worth furthering an already serious injury.

  30. Adrian says:

    I actually didn’t see the Carragher tackle, I rolled out of bed right after that.

    The Rafael tackle was shocking, double studs up and clearly not going after the ball.

  31. Dancy says:

    Very nasty and late tackle by Carragher. It should have been a straight red.

  32. Rob says:

    I am fine with the two yellows, both challenges were over the top. On the point, any other league in the world, aside from MLS, they are both straight red cards.

  33. Rob says:

    Where are all the US sports pundits, screaming that this game is soft?

  34. JC says:

    Definitely seemed like a retaliation to Carragher’s tackle. I think since Carragher was only shown a yellow, so was Rafael.

  35. Adrian says:

    They aren’t even fouls in MLS :)

  36. VilniusNastavnik says:

    not sure we’re talking about the same thing–Evra deflected Suarez’s touch goalward on the first goal.

    of course if i have to explain my cheap joke, it isn’t very good.

  37. VilniusNastavnik says:

    i think it was retaliation for Maxi’s high boot and Rafael losing control of the ball, after a very frustrating half for him (he was the one who got burnt the worst by Suarez).

  38. Adrian says:

    This is going to sound terrible, but I seriously hope that Nani compounded his injury by getting up and running at the official.

    If he has a broken leg, can you imagine how much it would hurt to move, let alone run? He is so damn concerned with cards and fouls.

  39. VilniusNastavnik says:

    if Nani didn’t break his leg, you’ll hear all about his performance.

  40. kelvin says:

    Goal Kenny Miller. Assist by Jozy Altidore.
    1-0 Bursa

  41. Citronomics says:

    The only football match outside of a MLS or USNATs game I’ve seen was Fiorentina v Brescia in Florence about 10 years ago and I have to tell you… the away fans from Brescia were the most raucous bunch. (of note for historians, Roberto Baggio was playing for Brescia in perhaps his last season in Serie A?)They were sectioned off in seating that was surrounded by prison style barbed wire (with those nasty wire loops at the top of the fence) and maybe a dozen cops. And still they were the loudest, flare setting, smoke bomb setting crew you could imagine. I digress. Cheers.

  42. Adrian says:

    Rafael is just asking for an ejection.

  43. Citronomics says:

    Sweet. That’s 2 Yanks on the stats sheet in Turkey this weekend.

  44. JC says:

    I found it so stupid of him to try to get up. To me, if I’m the ref and you’re running at me, the tackle couldn’t have been that bad.

    It looked like he was bleeding from one of the studs. Would be surprised if the leg wasn’t at least fractured.

  45. Rob says:

    That is true

  46. says:

    1. Please don’t compare a player in second division Turkish league to Messi or anyone else in first division play for that matter.

    2. The match of the day = olympique marseille!

  47. rlwang says:

    Where are you following? Soccerway says Altidore scored. Another link had someone else scoring.

  48. Adrian says:

    You’re probably right, and it most likely lead to a yellow instead of a red.

    And if it was that bad, then I have little doubt that running couldn’t have compounded the danger.

  49. VilniusNastavnik says:

    Liverpool looking complacent with a two goal lead. never a good idea.

  50. VilniusNastavnik says:

    between his hot temper, and Skrtel and Carragher’s often-poor timing, i’d be very surprised if we don’t see at least one red.

  51. JC says:

    Definitely that too. Don’t know if the ref even saw Maxi kick Rafael. I think it was also frustration that Carragher wasn’t sent off and they lost Nani. It seemed like it was a chance to get one back at ‘Pool. Tempers were short already.

  52. Adrian says:

    I’m waiting for the red. I’m excited for it.

    Because I know that whatever earns it will be epic.

  53. JC says:

    Don’t know about the bones, but it looked like he was bleeding. I guess we’ll know soon if he was exaggerating the injury.

  54. g-loff says:

    Especially since you know there will be 37 minutes of added time if Man U is down

  55. JC says:

    Back to the hockey reference, Kuyt with the hat-trick.

  56. Adrian says:

    Kuyt needs to buy Suarez a house.

    Hat trick for Kuyt.

  57. Rob says:

    Wow 3-0 insane.

  58. Citronomics says:

    Suarez bagging a goal would be a proper way to cap a terrific performance.

  59. Adrian says:

    Now if Caroll could bag a hat trick as well… would make my day.

  60. Adrian says:

    Why does it always appear that United is more interested in drawing a foul than actually doing anything with the ball.

    It’s like they play for the foul.

  61. Adrian says:

    A loss here is dreadful for United.

    This puts Arsenal only 3 points back with a game in hand. If Arsenal wins out then United must as well. If Arsenal wins out and United so much as ties a game, then Arsenal wins the league.

  62. jig says:

    but arsenal wont win out, so it doesnt matter.

    –arsenal fan

  63. Jack says:

    Wow, I guess that tie yesterday isn’t going to hurt Arsenal’s chances too much. Top two just got verrrrrrry interesting.

    But wow, what a performance from Liverpool. Fans are going absolutely insane (and that’s Reds insane, which is a notch or two over the normal football-induced euphoria).

  64. Turgid Jacobian says:

    That dude is solid gold.

  65. VilniusNastavnik says:

    i feel so good i’m going to treat myself to a little spaghetti strap dress and a new sylvania television!

  66. Gfly says:

    its official javier hernandez is the first concacaf player to ever score 10 goals in a season in the english premire league. dempsey was close to doing it though. Hernandez gave uniteds goal of dignity.

  67. Frank says:

    Can’t be right. I thought McBride scored 12 one year.

  68. Gfly says:

    im sorry I mean in there first season. yeah i know Mcbride scored 12 goals but not in his first season.

  69. glaing says:

    Goal Wolves! Not down yet.

  70. Maxwell's Silver Hammer says:

    Have we talked about Nani yet? Didn’t it seem like he just emotionally and physically quit after his pathetic blunder? Or did he legitimately get hurt? I haven’t heard. But it sure seemed like to me that he wanted out of that game FAST. United will be really screwed if Nani never recovers from being a baby.

  71. jig says:

    for everyone complaining about Nani….

    link to

  72. jig says:

    considering carragher waited outside their locker room to apologize to him, I’d say his injury was legitimate.

    link to

    You should think before you type.

  73. jig says:

    how do you know he was faking?

  74. Maxwell's Silver Hammer says:

    I can’t really tell what’s going on there but it doesn’t look too good. Good find. He still screwed up today. United’s going to have a helluva time winning the title now.

  75. Maxwell's Silver Hammer says:

    haha..sorry I’m not tuned into the goings on of stuff outside the locker room. You shouldn’t be so sensitive. Nani is still a little pansy with or without this injury.

  76. JC says:

    You can definitely see on tv that he had a gash on his leg from Carragher’s studs. Whether or not bones were broken/fractured has yet to be said.

  77. Judging Amy says:

    Is that his shin split open?

  78. JC says:

    That’s a bigger gash then I was expecting. You could tell he was cut on tv, but not the extent.

  79. jig says:

    my point still stands. dont spout off if you dont know what youre talking about.

  80. Maxwell's Silver Hammer says:

    I said I hadn’t heard the extent of his injury, but based on his actions during this game and his entire career, he tends to embellish everything and whine A LOT. Sorry you can’t handle someone voicing an opinion.

  81. bob says:

    Who are you the cot-damn soccer gestapo?

  82. Maxwell's Silver Hammer says:

    “However, the Portuguese, already at fault for the second goal, disgraced himself by collapsing to the floor and bursting into tears when Steven Gerrard placed a hand on his shoulder.”

    I”m not the only one to notice Nani’s behavior.

  83. Phil says:

    Bob, no but I guess I am the “scuttle-the-hot-air-hype-machine-that-thinks-Adu-is-the-second-coming-for-scoring-a-“nifty”-goal-in-Turkish- division-2″ Gestapo is all.

    I’m happy for the guy, Bob, but Messi comparisons are a bit much, in my humble opinion, Bob.

    Oh and since we’ve called me gestapo for voicing an opinion Bob, here’s another one: Heil Reality, Bob!

  84. Phil says:

    plus one!

  85. Phil says:

    So wait, that means Aresenal would have to win a game where they were under pressure?

    that’s a brilliant tactic on Man U’s part I’d say.

  86. away goals says:

    United still have to play arsenal at the emirates. So they aren’t both gonna win out…

  87. JC says:

    Who’s the quote from? I found the whole Gerrard part funny. It was like Gerrard was telling Nani to sit down and the way Nani fell it seemed like he was just trying to draw a card for Gerrard.

    In regards to the tears, the tackle looked like it would hurt even if there was no damage done, so I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt.

  88. Maxwell's Silver Hammer says:

    That was from the soccernet recap.

    This is from epltalk.

    “Carragher was lucky he was only punished with a yellow card for the foul, but the developments that happened right after Nani was fouled were bizarre. Nani, who was obviously incensed, ran over to referee Phil Dowd and pointed at the damage that Carragher had done to his leg, but then fell down with the aid of a Steven Gerrard push as tempers flared and both teams got in each other’s faces. While Dowd was calming players down and showing Carragher the yellow card, Nani was in tears on the ground and was being consoled by Liverpool’s Martin Skrtel. Nani was then stretchered off the pitch, looking like he was in incredible pain. Whether the pain was one of embarrassment from his earlier mistake and antics after being fouled, or whether it was sheer pain, we’ll have to wait and see how long Nani is out to get a better idea.”

  89. Jamie says:

    The app on my phone says Altidore scored, anyone know about this?

  90. johnnycougar says:

    Altidore got an assist where he didn’t know much about it.

  91. Matt says:

    Marseille could go into the #2 spot in Ligue 1, and possibly sit 1 point behind league leaders, Rennes.

  92. DC Josh says:

    Stunning goal from Madrid. Make ya panties wet.

  93. DC Josh says:

    Ray Hudson’s blood pressure just skyrocketed. Madrid 2-0.

  94. Rob says:

    Sarcasm bro

  95. Rob says:

    Haha no need to be embarrassed over those red dots all over your back anymore?