Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

DrogbaTevez ( 

Chelsea and Manchester City both boast two of the most expensive teams in world soccer, but on Sunday they will be playing for third place in the Premier League rather than first place.

With Manchester United looking uncatchable, Chelsea and Man City are trying to lock up one of the automatic Champions League places in the Top Three.

Saturday's exciting day of MLS action has already made the weekend one of the most memorable in league history, but Los Angeles and New England will face off in the final MLS match of the weekend, with Juan Pablo Angel potentially making his debut for the Galaxy.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV Schedule is after the jump):


7:30am- Fox Soccer Plus– Fiorentina vs. AS Roma

9:30am- Fox Soccer Plus– Sunderland vs. Liverpool

9:30am-– PSV Eindhoven vs. Utrecht

10am-– Juventus vs. Brescia

10am-– Udinese vs. Catania

10am- Fox Soccer Channel– Inter Milan vs. Lecce

10:30am-– Bayer Leverkusen vs. Schalke 04

Noon- Fox Soccer Channel– Chelsea vs. Manchester City

Noon- DirecTV– Hercules vs. Osasuna

Noon-– Racing Santander vs. Real Sociedad

Noon- DirecTV– Malaga vs. Espanyol

Noon-– Deportivo La Coruna vs. Levante

Noon-– Caen vs. Arles

2pm- GolTV– Athletic Bilbao vs. Villarreal

2pm- Telemundo– UNAM Pumas vs. Pachuca

2pm- Azteca America– Puebla vs. Necaxa

3:45pm- Fox Soccer Channel– Napoli vs. Cagliari

4pm- GolTV- Valencia vs. Sevilla

4pm- Fox Soccer Plus- Marseille vs. Paris St. Germain

4:15pm- FC Porto vs. Academica de Coimbra

8pm- Galavision- Los Angeles Galaxy vs. New England Revolution


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56 Responses to Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

  1. Justin O says:

    According to livescore Adu scored. The match is late in the first half now.

  2. afc says:

    Keeper couldn’t hold onto the shot from a teammate Adu was there for the rebound.

  3. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    Heynckes back to Bayern, Dutt replaces Heynckes at Leverkusen.

  4. Jose S. says:

    GIF of Freddy’s Goal

    Arsenal Goalies would be proud.

    link to

  5. K-Town says:

    Haha, nice. Thanks for the link. Looked like the goalie just handed the ball to him and said, “Here, please put it in the back of the net, I beg you. The bookies have my family hostage and we must lose or else.”

  6. A says:

    Freddy Adu cannot stop scoring goals. Look at this kid go!

    This is going to sound odd… but if I were a coach I might experiment putting Adu next to a quick striker like Agudelo/Boom Boom/Davis.

    His technical abilities and field vision would be lethal… somewhat of a David Silva type of position.

  7. A says:


    Need my morning coffee or things like that happen.

  8. chris says:

    good thing your not a coach

  9. A says:

    I’m sorry you have to be petty and rude. By the way, “you are” = “you’re.”

  10. sk in denver says:

    Not to be rude, but mentioning Adu and lethal in the same sentence at this point is overdoing it

  11. A says:

    Torres has incredible football IQ. His runs off the ball are pretty much always the best decision. His movement opens up so much space for his teammates.

  12. Isaac says:

    I’m sorry, but you’re just straight up wrong and overhyping him. Adu has scored two goals and you’re saying he can’t stop scoring? Moreover, one of the goals was quite easy. Let’s not forget he’s in the Turkish Second Division. He’s going to really need to start showing himself to be special on a consistent basis before Bradley even thinks about bringing him into back to the national team set-up.

  13. Isaac says:

    I agree. He’s definitely a model of an all-round striker.

  14. Judging Amy says:

    haha ouch.

  15. A says:

    And Petr Cech should be required to teach all young goalkeepers how to play the ball on the ground out of the back. Chelsea builds so many attacks from his foot, and he really helps maintain possession. He is always looking to pass first, hit up field second.

  16. alex says:

    anyone know what’s up with fsc’s broadcast of this chelsea man city game? it looks like a bad internet feed. is this just a problem with my service or are other people experiencing it?

  17. Mike says:

    I haven’t had any problems

  18. A says:

    Torres has to be the best player on the pitch right now, he is playing out of his mind. What a flick on!

  19. alex says:

    Hm. i’ll have to call cox and see what’s up.

  20. Salifu says:

    At the time of writing this comment the result is still scoreless. It will be interesting how Mancini’s men react in the next 45 minutes, knowing a win will enhance their standing in the table, after losing out in Europe last week

  21. Jacob ATL says:

    Could just be that FSC sucks on the general broadcast quality thing.

  22. Andrew H. says:

    According to an update from U.S. Soccer found here:

    link to

    Cherundolo, Whitbread and Holden are out with injuries, but the good news is that tests haven’t revealed any broken bones in Holden’s leg, although he required 26 stitches.

  23. A says:

    Nigel De Jong is infuriating to watch. I would love to see him given a straight red card for just being on the pitch.

    It could happen at the start of every match and become tradition. I don’t see any room for people like him in football.

  24. A says:

    I don’t understand that decision. Torres looked to be Chelsea’s second best player.

    Oh man this is a comic disgrace… Ancelloti forgot to tell the players he was sending on where he wanted them to play.

  25. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    Wow torres. At least the usmnt doesn’t have to pay jozy altidore 50 million pounds to not score any goals

  26. kimo says:

    1-0 Chelsea

    A just lead as ManC is disgraceful with the negative footy. Typical Mancini…against the big clubs…go into a shell. With the amount of $$$ ManC has at their disposal, I expect a lot more out of them.

  27. Grant says:

    Everyone is scoring this weekend. Come on Jozy! Get on the score sheet for once!

  28. kimo says:


    Boy…ManC got owned today…

  29. Shark says:

    News is Holden had to have 26 stitches in his knee…no broken bones or torn ligaments…he is out of the up coming USA matches as are Steve Cherundolo and Zak Whitbread.

    Confirmation here:

    Boston Hearld….as Ives doesn’t allow links you can google it to find the link…

  30. Jonathan says:

    I’m a Chelsea fan, but exit Torres and 2 immediate goals? Central defender acquired at the same time has 2, Torres 0?? This may go down as the worst tranfer in history

  31. Shark says:

    More from the article:

    Cherundolo (groin) and Whitbread (back) will rest nagging injuries. U.S. coach Bob Bradley added Leeds defender Eric Lichaj to the roster on Sunday.

    The USSF expects Holden was to be evaluated again on Sunday.

  32. radi0head says:

    you can also find that information on ussoccer’s website

  33. Jeff says:

    I have defended Mancini for a while now, and sometimes the chorus of ‘negative tactics’ is much more persistent than the actual events on the pitch would call for. But today was a pitiful example of how negative and how reactive (rather than proactive) he can be. Between his terrible gameplan today, the abysmal work rate of at least half of the squad (starting to really question Dzeko in this regard) and the absence of Tevez (who, at his very worst, at least inspires effort from some of the others), City gave themselves absolutely no chance.

  34. rph says:

    What’s up with that picture? Torres looks like Drogba’s midget.

  35. Jeff says:

    It seems like the guy has looked very good in a Chelsea uniform so far. No goals to show yet, which at some point has to be troubling. I still feel like if he keeps up his strong play, the goals will almost certainly follow.

    In any case, today, those goals were coming whether he was on the pitch or not. The first a header from a corner, the second the result of City finally pushing forward after they lost Mancini’s precious point.

  36. kimo says:


    Agreed 100%. That was a shocking display today.

  37. rph says:

    Scratch that: Tevez looks like Drogba’s pet midget.

  38. botttlcaps says:

    FIFA is reporting that Stuart Holden, Steve Cherondolo and Zac Whitbread have been dropped by the US team for next weeks friendlies. Stuart Holden is the obvious one requiring 26 stitched in his knee, No broken bones but the results of the soft-tissue scans are not revelealed yet.

    As for Whitbread and Cherundolo, both players teams are in a fight for second place in their respective leagues. Norwich is looking for a EPL spot next year and Hannover is looking for a Champions’s League spot.

    But both players played 90 minutes on Saturday victory’s but their teams have determined that they have “injuries” that will keep them from international duty.

    Sorry but that a load of CRAP. If these were Euro Qualifying matches they would have been released, but a US-Argentina Friendly, sure to be hard-fought, and all of a sudden those niggling injuries are too drastic to let them off.

    Pure Bull-pucky!

  39. jig says:

    post makes little sense.

  40. chris says:

    i luv wen ppl correct you’re grammar, its so cool + eye dont care. but thanx 4 be ing da bigger men because i under stand u hav no lyfe.

  41. MensreaJim says:

    I know this is an ancient and ongoing debate, but I think Dolo potentially leading his team to a CL spot is bigger for US soccer than this friendly, regardless of the outcome.

  42. Music says:

    Do you think Adu should be held to a different standard than other players?

    Even if he was “special” Bradley should only then “think about it”?

  43. Louis Z. says:

    I wonder if BB is done with calling players for the ARG. game. we lost our starting RB so we got LichaJ to probably start in his place, I just hope our starting LB plays the whole game because if he gets moved to CB, who is going to play LB? Borstein? against Argentina? good grief!

  44. botttlcaps says:

    Yes and No. In the short term the next few games for both the players team are important for a potential future league spot.

    But the friendlies do play an important part in FIFA’s rankings. And the FIFA rankings determine a seeding in the WC. I’m not getting ahead of myself here as the US, while not a shoe-in, has just a good a chance of any team (except Brazil.) in 2014.

    But remember, by winning our Group at the 2010 WC, the US inherited England’s seed which saw us play Ghana and, if we would have won, Uraguay in the quarters. These were, for the most part, beatable teams.(or had FIFA seeds, not far above or below our own) What teams were England faced with to the Quarters? Germany and Argentina.

    Which is why most seeded teams advance beyond the round of 16.

    A win over Argentina and Paraguay would boost our ranking considerably and although Brazil 2014 is a few years away, any step up in rankings we build now, can only pay dividends if our rankings reaches high enough to get a seed, and the opportunities to play and beat top 5 teams are not guaranteed anytime in the future. Even winning the Gold Cup and WC qualifying, we would not beat a seed higher than us. In short, every game we face a higher seed before the next WC is IMPORTANT to the US for it’s rankings and its seed and it potential opponents in the WC.

    The sooner we realize this and challenge these teams that withhold our players for their own purposes, to the detriment of ours, the sooner we can realize that the success we enjoy in future WC’s are built on present day realities and strategies due to of our own determinations and not those of foreign teams.

  45. Brett says:

    Dolo should be with his club anyway. We have Chandler coming in, so that is perfect.

    Holden needs to heal. That’s a no brainer.

    Whitbread… His club wants to keep him there, that’s fine with me. We don’t need him.

  46. Mingjai says:

    Maybe Paco Torres–who looks okay after a hard collision just a second ago–as another midfield in Holden’s place? JFT should have been called in ahead of Kljestan in the first place…

  47. Hoodoo says:

    according to fifa,
    Stuart Holden, who needed 26 stitches to close a deep wound near his left knee, was among three players dropped today from the American lineup for upcoming friendlies.

    “Just got home from hospital and last set of scans, all stitched up and awaiting the results. Thanks again for all your support,” Holden posted on his Twitter

  48. botttlcaps says:

    While Zak Whitbread is a potential USMNT Central Defender on a team with several good Center Back’s. Cherondolo’s loss is a big hit. You do not replace a player like Dolo who is having arguably his best season in the Bundesliga, is captain of a third place team and a WC vet to boot, with a player who has not even had a cap (Chandler) or even played or started in any important meaningful game, or with someone who may have or may not have a future with the USMNT. but played so badly with his opportunity at AV, that he was loaned out ASAP to a lower division club as he was NOT going to get laying time with a relegation threatened team. And may have a touch of goose-itus with his own goal today at Leeds with a player of the caliber of Dolo, especially against Argentina and Messi.

  49. Mike says:

    I’m sorry but an international friendly whether it be in preparation for the Gold Cup or not does not take precedent over Hannover’s quest for a first ever Champions League spot. If he truly has a nagging injury, the rest of his season should absolutely not be jeopardized. There is potentially tens of millions of dollars at stake for Hannover and after all they sign Dolo’s paycheck.

  50. mike says:

    Do you remember who played left back for us last time we played Argentina? Do you remember who was switched to the opposite flank at the half because he wasn’t accomplishing anything? Bornstein and Messi. I’m not saying that Bornstein can contain Messi (nobody can), I’m just saying that he did for one half.

  51. ben in el cajon says:

    I’m having the same problem. I think Cox has decided just to shove FSC’s digital feed back into analog because it doesn’t want to make it hd. Makes me want to give up the extra sports package I’m buying.

  52. GW says:

    Adu is held to a different standard. Bradley brought him into the rosters of the 2009 Gold cup and the 2009 Confederations Cup even though he had only played like 20 minutes for Monaco that year.

    Adu has been getting favorable special treatment all his life. Bradley has finally run out of patience with the kid, at least for now.

  53. GW says:

    Then draw all our players from MLS.

    It is more important for the US to blood new players and experiment with their teams than build up brownie points with FIFA’s nearly imcomprehensible seeding system.

    The USMNT is, like most nations , in no position to challenge these club teams. Club teams have all the money and power and if they want they can make it very tough on guys like Whitbread and Dolo who are caught in between. After all these guys are paid by Norwich and Hannover. They are their players not ours. Norwich and Hannover feed their families.

    The USSF just borrows them and beggars can’t be choosers. Your outrage it misdirected.

  54. Music says:

    Run out of patience regarding what? Scoring goals and creating assists?

  55. SilverRey says:

    yeah, never realized the immense size difference between the two! Always kinda knew Tevez was smaller and Drogba was a larger player, but wow…