The Latest from Special1 TV: Wenger’s Debut

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21 Responses to The Latest from Special1 TV: Wenger’s Debut

  1. Micronesia Justin says:

    Haha brilliant

  2. Jimmy Bobo says:

    Yeah, this is brilliant. About 99% of American sports fans would have no idea what is going on or when there is a punch line. This whole series (Special 1 TV) is an inside joke for those who love the beautiful game.

  3. Kevin_amold says:

    These guys creep me out…..

  4. MesaATLien says:

    Get over yourself. It’s because of people like you will this “superior” attitude that I actually don’t blame some of my fellow Americans for not picking up the beautiful game. Who would want to deal with folks like you?

    Anyways, I enjoy it, so thank you Ives for posting it.

  5. Victor says:

    lmao the end with Sven was awesome… Wenger was great but I hope Sven could come back and do stuff again to

  6. CJ says:

    Yep only we EUROSNOBS get it.

    C’mon now, i would say that more than 1% of american sports fans are fans of soccer.

  7. Luke from CBus says:

    Yes, there are a lot of people who would identify themselves as soccer fans and who watch some BPL games. However, in order to get the jokes on this show one must follow the BPL very closely. If you don’t know a lot of the managers names and the ins and outs of a lot of the rivalries, the jokes wouldn’t mean much.

  8. Casadelqueso says:

    Wenger! WTF! ROFL!

  9. mwc says:

    Is it so wrong that I was expecting some stabbing schtick?

  10. Jimmy Bobo says:

    Fellas, I’m no Eurosnob. I love MLS and American soccer. Moreso than any other league because these are the games that I can regularly see in person. Two years ago the USA Today newspaper issued the results of a poll taken just before the MLS regular season started. Sixty-eight percent of respondents stated that they had no interest whatsoever in MLS regular season. Only one percent stated that they were “very excited” about the MLS season. The remainder were “somewhat interested.” That’s the origin of the statistic in my original post.

  11. Spectra says:

    I post this to my facebook each week to help my friends understand what they’re missing. I also try to tell all my friends to follow this blog. Ives (plus illegal feeds) is what got me from the I love soccer to I’m a crazy fan who can’t get enough.
    SO thank you Ives and thank you “Special One”

  12. Spectra says:

    Love the Goodfellas reference

  13. Will-SBI says:

    I’m LOVING the occasional appearances by Nelson Mandela…!

  14. GunneRR says:

    Yeah, the 92-year-old social media and gaming expert!

  15. MesaATLien says:

    Homes, no where in my statement did I use the word “Eurosnob”. Your tone came off condescending in that post is all. We get it, you are much more knowledgeable than us fans who came onto the sport a little later. But that doesn’t mean I still can’t enjoy the show.

    And also, I see some sort of “boys club” in soccer “support” is alive and well. I like how everyone assumes that fans who are knowledegable enough to post on soccer sites are male. I am a young woman, sir. Yes, there are women out there who watch soccer. Hell, I even heard there are some women out there are playing it too!!!!!

  16. DecaturGooner says:

    A-TOWN is bringing the heat!

    While my neighbor might not have applied the Eurosnob label, I am more than happy to apply it. Consider it applied.

    Straight from the Dec.

  17. DecaturGooner says:

    But the show is amazing!

  18. DDay says:

    goodfellas, one of my favorite movies, that was on point. hilarious stuff, tho the sir alex smackdown was the best.

    special 1 tv is about to be the best it’s ever been

  19. Powderhorn Pops says:

    The “acting” is great! The facial expression of Wenger’s puppet it perfect. Agree with DDay – the Sir Alex comeback was perfect.

  20. Elmer says:

    I LOVE Special 1 TV.

  21. ROOOney says:

    What was it, I didn’t catch it?