U.S. U-20s open World Cup qualifying


Photo by ISIphotos.com

The United States Under-20 national team begins its quest to book a summer trip to the U-20 World Cup in Colombia tonight with its opening match of the CONCACAF championships against Suriname (8 p.m, ESPN3.com/ESPN Deportes).

Thomas Rongen's charges will face Panama on April 2 in its other group-stage match before potentially advancing to the quarterfinals, where the winners all qualify for the World Cup.

Canada and Mexico kicked off their qualifying campaigns on the bottom half of the CONCACAF bracket in triumphant fashion on Monday. The Canadians dropped Guadeloupe, 2-1, in their Group C opener; Mexico blanked Cuba, 3-0, in their Group D match.

What's your prediction for tonight's match? Who do you hope to see get the start? Which four nations do you see qualifying for the U-20 World Cup from CONCACAF?

Share your thoughts below.

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19 Responses to U.S. U-20s open World Cup qualifying

  1. CH says:

    U.S, Mexico, T&T, Honduras

  2. Shane says:

    You can sign up on the CONCACAF website to get free online streams of all the matches.

  3. Steve C says:

    I know the US matches are on ESPN3 as well. I’m gonna watch the Paraguay match live, and then turn on the ol’ xbox and watch a replay of the U-20 match on espn3.

  4. yankiboy says:

    They should go for the jugular against Suriname, right off the bat. They are an execellent oponent to have for their first match.

    Surinam will give it their best shot but I expect them to be heavily outgunned. If they can get on them quickly then they can take the air out of the sails and make them chase the game, then exploting them in the back–even while Suriname will probably try to stop the bleeding, knowing that goal diferential is crucial in moving forward.

    I just think that the moment, the talent and resource chasms (such as organization)are going to be too big for a side that has already accomplished somthing significant by making to this stage.

    I predict- USA: 4 Surname: 0

  5. yankiboy says:

    I’m with you except I think that the Canucks might be a bit of a surprise. The Trinis have hit some bumps in the road at several levels lately and I think these kids might be the next Trini side to make an earlier exit than anticiapted.

    US, Mexico, Canada, Honduras

  6. Aquaman says:

    Given that the U20s just beat FC Dallas reserves 3-0, I expect this to be a very good game if you’re a US fan.

  7. Powderhorn Pops says:

    Good to know for those if us without ESPN3 access. Thanks!

  8. BellusLudas says:

    Sometimes goal differential is your friend not only in tie breakers, but mentality too! USA 11 – Suriname 0

  9. fischy says:

    Is anyone going to sit at their computer to watch the U20 game while the USMNT is playing?

    If you’re going to DVR one game, it seems more likely that you’re gonna DVR the U20 game.

  10. Paul C says:

    Suriname have produced many world class players, should be a fun match to watch. Good luck to the lads!

  11. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Multi-tasking…. Catch the Fever!!

  12. Andy in Atlanta says:

    If anyone thinks Suriname lacks raw talent you would be mistaken… we can’t take them lightly…

  13. RedLine55 says:

    the ESPN xbox combo is truly a beautiful thing.

  14. Thorpinski says:

    I more interesting the U-20 game to be honest. The chances to see these guys have been few and far between.

  15. Thorpinski says:

    Until the schedule was announced I had never heard of Suriname. Since, I have done some reading about them.

    I agree no opponent should be taken lightly but we should win by 3 goals at least.

  16. yankiboy says:

    They have raw talent. No doubt. Their porgram is underfunded. If they had the proper resources, they would be further along.

    The US can’t take them lightly but they have to take it to them. They need to start strong.

  17. tom says:

    Why is Suriname playing in concacaf, when the country is located in South America?

  18. I JIK I RED BULLZ says:

    I think they will show this game tonight at 8PM on ESPN Deportes.

  19. abc says:

    Because it is. Same with Guyana. Why is New Zealand in Oceanea while Australia is in Asia?