USA 4, Suriname 0: CONCACAF U-20 championship highlights

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20 Responses to USA 4, Suriname 0: CONCACAF U-20 championship highlights

  1. Oranje says:

    Kelyn Rowe is the real deal. That ball he played on the third goal was perfect.

  2. Oog says:

    Good play from the u-20 team.

  3. swoopy says:

    Gyau, too. Like Robbie Findley fast, but actually has a feel for the game.

  4. HoboMike says:

    Safe to say that Suriname won’t be contending for awhile. That looked like a 7-on-7 scrimmage, only if it was 7-on-2.

  5. Soccernste says:

    Saw the whole game and I actually thought the opposite of Gyau. Good feel for the game yes, but fast was not something I’d use to describe his game (this time). There were several times balls were played into space and he lost the footrace with his defender.

    Generally extremely ugly. But by the end it was: goalie rolls the ball to a defender, tries to make a pass, USA steals the ball. Crossing drill. Studs up hack. Goalie rolls the ball…

    Looking forward higher quality opponents and more from these youngsters.

  6. BCC says:

    Somebody will need to pick splinters out of those balls.

    Not great opposition, but I like how the team seems to have some creativity. Like Clint Dempsey, they “try ****.”

  7. solles says:

    those goal celebrations were lame! lol.

  8. Judging Amy says:


    Maybe my expectations were too high with all the hype surrounding this U-20 cycle, but I’ve definitely seen much much more impressive performances from other top U-20 sides and against better competition.

    We’ll see though. Just one game.

  9. Past says:

    Is Suriname a food?

  10. Sushant says:

    It’s hard to tell how good the U20s are based on the competition. They had loads of space and time. I don’t think we’ll know until we get to the quarterfinals. Also, interesting that they hit the woodwork 3 times in the match. It could have been much worse for Suriname.

  11. Clayton says:

    Why is Suriname in CONCACAF?

  12. patrick says:

    could have easily been 6,7-0 based on those highlights

  13. alexalex says:

    This team possesses the ball better than any U-20 team we’ve had – 2007 was more dynamic, perhaps, but this team is much stronger in the back, more patient, and deeper. The second string on this team could start and there would not be a drop in quality. Plus, I am sure they will get better as they play more games together. We’ll see in the final when they play Mexico.

  14. alexalex says:

    Those goal celebrations were SWAG.

    If you have to ask, you’ll never know…

  15. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Love seeing he highlights BUT…are we that week a soccer culture that highlights are nothing but goals or near misses? Weren’t there any tackles, saves, passes, etc., that we worthy? Or do they think we only understand hte ball rolling over the line?

  16. Drew says:

    Doubt there were too many awesome saves or defensive tackles for the US in this game. Suriname was BAD!

  17. abc says:

    In general you have a good point, but as it relates to a game against Suriname in this case, don’t worry about it.

  18. Justin O says:

    My guess is it has to do with the fact that they are more culturally and economically integrated with the Carribean than the rest of South America, and the fact that they would be destroyed every game if the played in CONMEBOL.

  19. Hush says:

    Anyone who has a xbox 360 go to the ESPN page and there you will find the sub-20 game. This team is a prime example on how to play the game of futbol! Absolutely amazing futbol!! My hats go to the brilliant coaching staff of the sub-20 team. Gyau & Garza are absolutely amazing with the ball, the back line is, of the chain. Everything about the game of futbol is in this team. Just a joy to watch! Like I said, if anyone has a 360 your in luck, the game is available to watch there.

    A++++ For that sub-20 team!

  20. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Some of you will just never be satisfied…. Considering that Caribe nations produce the fastest people in the world on a regular basis… worrying about whether Gyau was outraced to through balls….

    Also Suriname has produced no less than 10 international stars in the footballing world…They just play for the Dutch (since it was called Dutch Guyana…)

    The U-20s service on set pieces alone looked better than our Nats… It seemed like several guys had good looking shots on them as well… I was very impressed with the group and expect them to do well in the rest of the qualies..