USMNT down to No. 19 in FIFA rankings


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The latest FIFA rankings are out, and the United States has dropped a spot.

The Americans swapped spots with France to move from 18th to 19th in the world. Over the last month, the United States had its scheduled friendly with Egypt cancelled, while France defeated Brazil.

Mexico remains as CONCACAF's second highest-ranked nation, maintaining its spot at No. 27. Honduras moved up a spot to 38 and Jamaica took a large step, climbing 11 places and into the top 50 at No. 48.

There was hardly any change in the top 10, as Spain, Netherlands and Germany remained the top three teams in the world, respectively. Argentina moved up to fourth and Brazil fell to fifth, followed by England, Uruguay, Croatia, Portugal and Greece.

What do you think about the rankings? Do they matter to you? Impressed with Jamaica's rise?

Share your thoughts below.

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62 Responses to USMNT down to No. 19 in FIFA rankings

  1. QueenCity says:

    Anybody got a presale code for Charlotte CONCACAF?

  2. Bocephus says:

    I don’t think you need a code. The presale is for internet sales through ticketmaster. But use “USAFAN” to save $5 per ticket. I already bought charlotte tix this morning at 10:00.

  3. Shane says:

    Where are you trying to buy them. I cant find them for sale yet?

  4. Oranje says:

    How in the world is Greece a top 10 country?

  5. wilyboy says:

    With Greece’s economy in the toilet, this has to be charity.

  6. QueenCity says:

    Awesome – I owe you a beer.

  7. Bocephus says:


  8. omar says:

    Mexico should be a top ten side.

  9. Stoop says:

    Greece doesn’t feel like a top-ten team to me.

  10. Brad says:

    Got my Detroit tix! Can anybody confirm section 138 for Sams Army?

  11. Lorenzo says:

    Can the USA can seeded for WC 2014? That is my only care for these rankings.

    If WC ’06 doesn’t hurt us too much, the ’10 finish isn’t too bad, maybe a consistent high ranking would help us get a pot A seed. Especially if we can manage to win both Gold Cups (11 & 13) and do well in Confed Cup.

    The things that hurt the ranking are the games where we Bob calls in fringe players to test and give experience. Luckily we beat SA and tied Chile.

  12. Drizzl says:

    Ranking Team Pts +/- Ranking Feb 11 +/- Pts
    201 Timor-Leste 3 0 0
    202 Andorra 0 0 -2
    202 San Marino 0 1 0
    202 Anguilla 0 1 0
    202 Montserrat 0 1 0
    202 American Samoa 0 1 0
    202 Papua New Guinea0 1 0

    I find it funny that since Andorra lost two points to get to zero, the other 5 last place teams moved up a ranking spot

  13. DC Josh says:

    I think FIFA will determine the seeded teams in 2014 based on the top 7 ranked countries plus Brazil (so the top 8 countries). If this is right, then the rankings are extremely important.

  14. Brian says:

    I don’t get worked about FIFA rankings, but I think we’re at least better than Norway, Greece and Slovenia.

  15. Brian says:

    I live in CA, so the tickets aren’t up yet, anybody know the general price range for these games? I’d imagine the final will be more expensive.

  16. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    Based on the US play in the last two world cups, the US does not deserve a seed.

  17. .StevenG says:

    A good joke

  18. Upstate Jason says:

    Ives – how long would Jamaica have to retain its current ranking for Omar Cummings to qualify for his EPL work permit? I they stayed 48 thru the summer would he be able to try his Aston Villa move again?

  19. Bryan Rice says:

    Both the US and Mexico are better than Greece. Paraguay, Russia, Slovenia….on and on!

  20. mario says:

    Ticketmaster keeps asking for an inter presale password, anyone have any idea what it is?

  21. Stephen says:

    Agree completely, but then again do the rankings really matter?

  22. Brian says:

    USAFAN i think

  23. strider says:

    These aren’t a big deal, but how on EARTH is England still in the top 10! After their performance at the Euros in 2008 and WC who have they beaten to stay near the top?

  24. karlomarx says:

    USAFAN is the presale password.

    Just picked up my Chicago Tickets :)

    Im a USA fan but I have no qualms hanging with the crazy Mexico supporters. Good times!

  25. Brian says:

    How long would it take you to get to Detroit?

  26. Brian says:


  27. Rowsdower says:

    just got 2 tix for the CONCACAF Gold Cup: Semifinal Doubleheader at Reliant Stadium!

  28. Brad says:

    GOT MY KC TIX!!!!!!!!!

  29. Lorenzo says:

    Well, Italy was 26th and France ranked 29th in 2010 world cup finish. Those were #1 and #2 from WC 2006.

    Things can shuffle, France was runner up in ’06 and didn’t make pot A for ’10.

    I think the reason I even think it is possible is because we play lots of games, and have to confederation tourneys (Gold Cup) in 1 cycle, plus a new WCQ format could see us play even more games, and these games are even more winnable and by a larger margin.

  30. Brad says:

    Last stop: Rose Bowl!

  31. Rowsdower says:

    for the Semi-final double header here in Houston the price range (with fees) is as follows:

    I got the 70 range which put me in section 105 (mid mid-field), row L

  32. mario says:

    thanks, I knew of that password it was just that my stupid self was using the wrong buying option.

  33. Jimmy says:

    “What do you think about the rankings? Do they matter to you?”

    Norway is ranked #11

    Haha, the answer is a resounding no.

  34. Artie says:

    Unfortunately, they do.

  35. Upstate Jason says:

    Answered my own question. If Jamaica stays at 50 or better for April, May & June then their 24 month average ranking is 70.00 and Cummings would qualify for his England work permit. That’s a straight average ranking, not weighted toward recent months.

  36. Don Pelayo says:

    Just got my USA-Canada in Detroit tickets!!!!!

    Now, what to do until June 7…what to do…

  37. SwerveZ says:

    Check Facebook.

  38. SwerveZ says:


  39. Jonathan says:

    Got my KC tickets. supporter section tickets are on sale at the American Outlaws website

  40. Brian says:

    That’s not to bad. I dropped about $60 or $70 per ticket for my girlfriend and I at the USA vs. Chile game at the HDC and we were in Row Q (Row Z being the front row)

  41. Bryan Rice says:

    Well…politically they do! All CONCACAF teams can do is kick butt in a consistent way and win a couple of the biggies and then the eurosnobs led by king Blatter will have no option but to capitulate! It will happen at leat for the US and Mexico and sooner than he thinks!

  42. John D says:

    Why can’t we buy tickets for the final yet?

  43. Brian says:

    I’m guessing you live in California like me. So we have to wait about 30 more minutes until 10 AM PST

  44. d-bar says:

    My wife just bought tickets for Tampa. I will have just gotten home from 6 months in the desert, and I get to take my 11-year-old twins to their first cap! Never been so excited for a Panama match before!

  45. Tony in Quakeland says:

    World Cup seeding is based on the weighted results of the last two World Cups, FIFA rankings and the amount of cash stuffed into a suitcase. Hookers can help, too.

  46. Jeramiah says:

    I’m Greek and it’s sad to say that The FIFA rankings are Ridiculously out of wack!
    Sorry countrymen, but the Greek National Team Sucks!

  47. Jon says:

    Agreed as to Paraguay (and FIFA ranks us ahead of them). Hard to argue that we should be ranked ahead of Slovenia, given that we failed to beat them at the WC (FIFA system doesn’t care that the ref stole the game).

    Russia and Greece? It’s a close call. We did better in the WC than both (Russia didn’t event make it), but both Russia and Greece have been solid performers in Europe over the last decade. And really, other than beating the teams we are supposed to beat, what have we done to warrant a higher ranking? Other than Spain in the confed cup and Mexico in one home game in qualification, what top shelf opponents have we actually beaten?

    You have to beat the best to be the best.

    And pounding on CONCACAF teams is, unfortunatly, not beating the best. 19 in the world is nothing to be ashamed of, and I don’t think too far off.

  48. Jeramiah says:

    Mexico mens team maybe top 10 in the womens FIFA World rankings, maybe!!!!

  49. John D says:

    Just got my tickets to the final. Hoping to see USA crush Mexico.

  50. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    I was just wondering this. Also, the ranking for England always seems a bit generous.

  51. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Montserrat has a population of less than 5,000 people. How in the world do they even have a FIFA ranking?

  52. DomiNate says:

    They didn’t qualify for Euro 08, Croatia won their group and Russia got second

  53. Brad says:

    Tix for Detroit, KC and the Pasadena. OH BABY its gonna be a fun summer!

  54. Brian says:

    Damn dude. I wish I had enough money to drop on all that. I got tix to the Final in a Pasadena

  55. Jacob says:

    A big factor in these are the rankings of the teams you play. As Jon hints at, you get extra credit for beating teams ranked above you (which is why beating Brazil at Confed Cup would have been huge for 2 reasons… points for beating top team and bonus points for winning a FIFA title).
    Unfortunately we only play a few top teams. We drew with England in the only competitive match of 2010 that involved a top team. Our win over Spain from ’09 helps.

    Friendlies carry very little weight in these rankings.

    Winning qualifier games against CONCACAF teams isn’t a huge help. Even beating Mexico doesn’t help boost our ranking much since we are ranked ahead of them.

  56. Phil says:

    I am a huge NATS fan, but we are not a top 10 team, so I get why folks got miffed by our higher rankings in the past – 18 seems about right.

    I’ve always thought we were more on par with teams like Japan, Ghana (grr) and CHile, as well as some of the better but not quite top flight teams of Europe and South America (I include England in that category, who is ridiculously overrated, but also Denmark, Serbia, Sweden, Turkey ).

    One question though. How the heck is Motenegro ranked in the top 25?

  57. bizzy says:

    The US justs needs to strengthen our game and forget about the rankings….honestly does it really matter? We are in the top 20, but tie or lose to teams in the top 30+. Occasional upsets are expected but not losing the way we do…..

    July 26, 2009 U.S. Men vs. Mexico ^ 0-5 L

    (ranked 27th)

    Aug. 12, 2009 U.S. Men vs. Mexico * 1-2 L

    Oct. 14, 2009 U.S. Men vs. Costa Rica * 2-2 T

    (ranked 55th)

    Nov. 14, 2009 U.S. Men vs. Slovakia 0-1 L (ranked 22)

    Nov. 18, 2009 U.S. Men vs. Denmark 1-3 L

    (ranked 28th)

    Jan. 23, 2010 U.S. Men vs. Honduras 1-3 L

    (ranked 38th)

    May 25, 2010 U.S. Men vs. Czech Republic 2-4 L (ranked 31)

    Oct. 9, 2010 U.S. Men vs. Poland 2-2 T (ranked 70th)

    Oct. 12, 2010 U.S. Men vs. Colombia 0-0 T

    (ranked 50th)

    We haven’t defeated a team lower than us in the rankings since spain in June of 2009!!! (Before that was maybe Norway in 2006). So before we start calling out teams like Russia, Greece, Japan etc, lets worry about not being beat or roughed up by teams higher in the rankings than us.

  58. Splinter says:

    USMNT always reminds me of TMNT.

    United States Mutant Ninja Turtles. That’s a side I can support.

  59. Jeff Awesome says:

    I got tickets to Kansas City! Excited for this. It’s usually not easy for fans in Kansas to go to a USMNT game!

  60. Tommy says:

    Why do we care about FIFA rankings? I am sure we could probably buy a higher rank if they really mattered. We dropped a spot why? Because our “C” team tied Chile?

  61. abc says:

    And not a single **** was given by anybody (I hope).

    The formula for FIFA rankings are awful, it’s fine for getting a general sense of where a team belongs (the Brazils at the top, the Luxembourgs at the bottom), but it is absolutely worthless for changes such at 18 to 19.

    The US is consistently in the second tier, 10-25 or so.

  62. sam says:

    no one has commented on Landon in this he about to sneeze or worried about MB’s hand on his leg?