Who should the USMNT start vs. Argentina?

USALineupVsAlgeria (ISIPhotos.com)

The U.S. men's national team has called in its best players for the first time since last summer's World Cup, and Bob Bradley will have his first chance to see what this summer's Gold Cup starting lineup might look like.

Stuart Holden's loss to injury was a tough blow, but U.S. head coach Bob Bradley will still have several options for his central midfield, whether he goes with a 4-4-2 or a 4-2-3-1 formation.

The real question marks are in the back, where Bradley has Jay DeMerit back in the fold, as well as fellow World Cup veterans Carlos Bocanegra and Oguchi Onyewu. Young defender Tim Ream is in the mix as well and could have an edge on DeMerit, having played more games in recent months, including two starts with the national team.

Right back is also a question mark, with Steve Cherundolo missing the match due to an injury. Eric Lichaj has been called in to replace Cherundolo. Jonathan Spector was already in camp, but Lichaj is playing regularly right back at Leeds and could have the edge.

So what will the starting lineup look like for the USA? Here's a projected lineup:



Ream gets the nod in this projection, with his sharp passing serving as a valuable strength in the back. DeMerit could get the nod as well.

The central midfield makes the most sense, though we could expect to see a more attack-minded substitution in the second half. There's also the possibility that Bob Bradley will leave Maurice Edu on the bench and start him vs. Paraguay. If that's the case, then we could see someone like Sacha Kljestan or Benny Feilhaber get a start. That seems like the less likely scenario.

Jonathan Bornstein's inclusion raises some interesting questions. With him not playing much at Tigres, will that keep him from getting the start, or will Bradley overlook that and give him the nod at left back, which would allow for the Onyewu-Bocanegra centerback tandem to be reunited?

The attacking trio of Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey and Jozy Altidore looks like a safe bet to start, though you wonder if Bob Bradley would start an Edson Buddle alongside Altidore in a 4-4-2. Young forward Juan Agudelo is an exciting option, and an Altidore-Agudelo combination could be an exciting one to watch. That seems more likely to wait for the second half for that Double A pairing.

What do you think of the above lineup? What starting lineup would you like to see face Argentina?

Share your thoughts below.

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183 Responses to Who should the USMNT start vs. Argentina?

  1. bryan says:

    i’d be fine with this lineup. looks good to me.

  2. Ferris says:

    I like the top half – I wouldn’t mind seeing Agudelo paired with Altidore for at least a bit but with USMNT in overdrive mode trying to manage expectations I don’t see two J.A.s on the field for very long if at all.

    In the back, I like Boca – Ream – Onyewu – Lichaj only because Cherundolo is out. Lichaj is an exciting young prospect but should be subbing in behind the veteran with plenty of time to prove he belongs.

    More passionate about NOT seeing Bornstein as well as no Maurice Edu at CB at least to start the match.

  3. Jeff Awesome says:

    I kind of think Bradley should start DeMerit. I mean he is your World Cup veteran. Tim Ream has not won the spot yet. Everything else looks good.

  4. Josh D says:

    For the first time, I agree with every position! Excellent choices!!

  5. Pat says:

    Agudelo should start, as I say here:

    link to blog.nj.com

  6. kevin says:

    DemeriDeMerit should start over Ream for this game.

  7. Josh D says:

    I think DeMerit doesn’t get the nod due to his lack of playing time since the WC. You can excuse still being in a team, but he wasn’t even doing that for months.

    I’d prefer speed in the defense, especially with Boca taking up a slot somewhere. We need to play aggressively there.

    The ONLY reason I’d include Bradley in my starting line up at this point is for his endurance, but he deserves to be subbed at halftime. We can’t award bench warming at this stage in the national team’s development.

  8. franky says:

    Sick new graphics, Ives

  9. mat says:

    Let’s see this:

    Chandler, Boca, Gooch, Bornstein
    Jones, Edu
    Dempsey, Donnovan
    Altidore, Agudelo

  10. Mike_ stuck at work says:

    I think that for an attacking sub in the middle at half, we should look at mix rather than Sasha. I am just not sold on him at all and all that plays through my mind is that crazy assist that mix had to Juan against SA.

  11. Phil says:

    Swanky graphic- great addition! While perhaps the Argies are not a side toexperiment with, I’d be curious to see aback three (Gooch, Demerit, Boca) with Spector roaming infrint of that back line- almost a diamond formation. It would allow Spector to be a transitional player, which would allow him to function as a DM\Libero type position. A more compact back line puts our players in a position of advantage and helps hide some of their weaknesses- namely a lack of speed! That back three would require some very mobile and defensive minded midfielders who can also get out wide. Not sure who fits that bill.

  12. mat says:

    Or if we want to try something a little fresher, let’s see this backline:

    Lichaj, Gooch, Boca, Chandler

  13. euroman says:

    No way Ream sees action in this one, he got turned inside out by Seattle last week and DeMerit is a much beeter option anyway. If DeMerit doesn’t start it’s because Los is at the CB and Bornstein is at LB. Mark it down.

  14. Joe says:

    I wish Benny was playing in the projected Mike Bradley position of a CM, although a little more advanced than the CDMs. One can wish though…

    I just don’t think Bradley is the type of player needed in that position. Also, Ives seems to be taking the Holden loss for the next 6 months really hard. Cheer up buckaroo, he’ll be back soon. Its not like we had him at the WC, and did ok in the midfield without him. Plus, we have Germany Jones now which provides even more depth at the CM position. I am disappointed Stewie isn’t playing, he was in good form at Bolton and could have provided that extra bite in the midfield. Oh well, it isn’t the end of the world. He will be back.

  15. Joe says:

    Chandler! Chandler! Chandler!

  16. hc says:

    Where do you see Tim Chandler fitting in? Do you think he’s only being groomed to play in the back? Do you think there would be any consideration of him playing midfield with Holden out, maybe playing a holding midfield role with Edu and Jermaine Jones in Michael Bradely’s place?

  17. Vlad says:

    I think we’ll see Chandler just because everyone is curious about him (including even the USMNT staff I bet).. Then Diskerud could come in for either Landon or Clint midway through the second.

    However, don’t be surprised if Bradley benches his son out of principle to prove a point that if you’re not playing for club, then you’re not get as much playing time for country, just to appease his critics.

  18. andrew says:

    Never thought I’d say this, but with Holden out of the mix, I think I’d rather see a 4-4-2 with Jones and Bradley in the middle and Altidore and Buddle/Agudelo up top.

  19. Zach says:

    Ives isn’t personally bummed. He is expressing how it is a ‘shame’ because Holden has the MOST upside right now out of any USMNT player and needs to be integrated in the system. Remember, he’s never really received a full 90 minutes with the A team (thanks to De Jong). I didn’t say he’s the best, Dempsey, Donovan, and Howard take those honors. But Stu is still a bit younger, and has performed massively well at Bolton.

    I would argue we didn’t do that great in the midfield at the world cup. IF we had had a 100% fit Holden, Findley wouldn’t have played. Holden would’ve been pushed out right (he’s the best crosser we have bar none), pushing Dempsey up top alongside Altidore. Trust me, we would’ve scored more goals

  20. Joe says:

    +1 The Impaler. I agree

  21. Zach says:

    lol what? Do you know Bob Bradley?? He’s not gonna bench his son 😉 take it to the bank.

  22. Joe says:

    I agree with most everything you said Zach, up until the last line. There is no guarantee we score more goals with Holden on the field and Findley off, you are entering into the realm of speculation, stating that it is in fact certainty.

  23. jh says:

    I agree on the Ream nod over DeMerit, unfortunate as it may be for DeMerit, but the fact of the matter is that he has not been playing, and has not even had a team since the WC (until recently).
    I do also think that Agudelo should not start the game, even if he does get some playing time in the second half. No need to do that, especially since the most depth on our team is with the middys. Bring the kid along slowly.
    Agreed with “mike_stuck at work” that Diskeruud deserves a longer look over Sasha at this point.

  24. Zach says:

    ok you caught me, I got a little excited on that last part. I HOPE we would have scored more goals :) We definitely wouldn’t have scored less…

  25. dman says:

    Flying from Turkey and just getting into camp on Wednesday not sure I see Jozy starting but Edison and maybe Jozy and Juan in the 2nd half.

    I mean don’t we get 6 subs?

  26. A.S. says:

    Geez – I wouldn’t put Ream and Lichaj up against Argentina. I would put more veteran guys like DeMerit & Spector.

    I remember last time we played Argentina at the Meadowlands, the Argentines carved up our defense in the first half, and the only reason they didn’t score was that Timmy Howard stood on his head (to use the hockey term) and the Argies started the horrible Julio Cruz at striker.

  27. Joe says:

    Also, Zach why are you worried about Holden being “integrated into the system”? I believe he has already achieved integration into the USMNT. He is without a doubt an important cog in the wheel.

  28. Wispy says:

    I like the lineup, Ives, but I worry about a lack of pace. Seriously, I look at every position and the ONLY player that might have more speed than his Argentina counterpart is Donovan. Unfortunately, I don’t see anyone on the roster that we can insert to solve that problem (besides Bornstein, and he hasn’t been playing a lot lately).

    Assuming Argentina will have the majority of possession, it’s just a matter of time before they open up our defense with a splitting pass and we will have no speed to recover. Hope Timmy’s planning on another stand-on-his-head performance…

  29. Joe says:

    True dat my friend. I hope to see a good game on Saturday.


  30. Isaac says:

    Haha. Ives! You took my advice for that website I see!!! You like it?

  31. Lost in Space says:

    I tend to agree with you about having Benny playing in MB’s projected possition. I think his vision and distribution would be a serious asset there. And I can’t help remembering the 2007 GC winning goal he scored from an advanced central mid position.

  32. arkie says:

    Agreed. After that bit of flair I’m interested to see more of this kid.

  33. Zach says:

    It’s just how soccer works, I don’t understand it either, but there’s always a huge emphasis on establishing understanding and cohesion (god I sound like Christopher Sullivan, gross) between your teammates and yourself. Especially on the international scene where you get limited time to train/play with your teammates.

    Undoubtedly, Stu is an awesome player, but BB isn’t going to employ the exact same formation as Bolton, so once Stu is given his proper role (I assume he’ll be a CM but you never know with Bob), then he just needs a game or two in that role, in the USMNT system, to be able to play at his high level

  34. MC Pharaoh says:

    I like the line-up but Agudelo & Chandler are possible starters imo due to club form & Bradley’s club form is non existant so it will be interesting 4 sure

  35. joe says:

    is it just me, or does agudelo remind anyone else of charlie davies?

  36. Joe says:

    If I were a betting man, I bet we see Jonathan Bornstein at some point against Argentina. He contained Messi the first time he played him, and Bob might include him to make up for a lack of pace in the backline.

    I hate to say it but this game could turn really ugly if Argentina get up a goal early.

  37. Oscar says:

    maybe Bob plays Edu at center back…I like having two forwards

  38. Wispy says:

    Actually, come to think of it, I might be inclined to put Chandler at RM and move Clint into the middle — he always pinches in there, anyway. Then whichever two had the best camp of Mo, MB, and JJ get the start at DM. If Clint pushes upfield further, it’s basically a 4-4-2 with Clint at striker.

  39. Felix says:

    I think people calling for Agudelo to start SERIOUSLY need to calm down. The kid just tunred 18 years old in the past few months – now they are anointing and placing a ever increasing burden on him.

    We’ve done this with Adu and Altidore, and now with Agudelo. Let’s stay calm and let him grow into the role. He only just scored his first professional goal last week and some USMNT fans already want to make him the unquestioned started up top. Seriously?!?!?

    I understand Altidore hasn’t met everyone’s expectations so far, but to cast him to the side and burden another youngster with a nation’s soccer hopes is unreasonable.

    As for the starting lineup, I agree with the midfield and forwards, in the backline, I’d probably go with:


    At least for the first half. The only reason I’m going with Lichaj over Spector at RB is because Lichaj has been playing the position recently, where Spector hasn’t played fullback for a long time.

  40. Oscar says:

    agudelo has less of charlie’s motor, but more technical skill in my opinion….both great


  41. This Guy says:

    I agree completely. Ream is a great prospect but getting his feet wet vs. Argentina could turn ugly quick. He should get a few more games against some lesser opponents before he attempts to handle a South American attack. Like the guy but this just isn’t the match for him yet.

  42. Union says:

    I feel like we’ve seen MB in this advanced role before and he ends up playing too deep or not being as creative as we thought…

    My guess is w/out Stu, we go back to a 4-4-2. It’s takes some pressure off Jozy and lets him be more of a forward instead of the target man.

    And professionally, I think Bob should give junior a shot off the bench for once, I know all the guys respect the hell out of team bradley, but Edu and Jones have earned it recently more so than MB

    Jozy – Buddle (or Juan)

  43. tom v says:

    i still don’t see how people view MB as an attacking player. i’ll give you box-to-box, but even then he’s more defensively minded. if we put 3 defensively minded players all whom struggle for ball control and possession we’re going to give the ball right back to argentina and watch lionel messi run it down our throats.

    we need someone more attacking in that role, whether it’s deuce/LD/mixx/benny/whatever.

    if you want MB to start it has to be over jones or edu… i won’t even bring up the playing time issue and the fact that jones and edu have been one of their respective team’s best players. i still think MB is a great player and his contributions to the team in the past could be enough to give him the nod, but it would be over jones or edu, not in addition to them as an attacking player.

  44. fischy says:

    So, it’s significant that Ream played some games last Fall, while DeMerit was looking for a team? That makes no sense to me. They both had the same winter vacation and are in the same position with their teams in the second week of the season.

  45. Isaac says:

    I personally feel we should play this same lineup, except with Bradley and Edu the defensive/holding midfielders and Feilhaber the linking midfielder in front of them. He was made for that kind of role where he’s using his vision and range of passing to help his team keep the ball/get it into the attacking third.

    All that being said, I like this lineup a lot. With Bradley, Jones, and Edu playing deeper in the midfield, Donovan and Dempsey will be allowed to roam the attacking third and pick up the ball in dangerous spots.

  46. timmer says:

    With Holden out, I think a 4-4-2 will be our best option. One of the three center mids should sit and insert another forward. I say J.A. The middle will be too crowded with all three of those center mids and our organization will lack.

  47. Joe says:

    I was at that game in Chicago. Best soccer game I have attended.

    Benny and Holden are completely different players that have a similar, creative skillset. I look for most of our goals from the run of play to come from Donovan, Dempsey, Holden, Feilhaber, and to a lesser extent Altidore and Agudelo. I am not talking about set pieces and crosses, I am talking about goals created from inventive passing to breakdown a already positioned backline.

  48. Jase says:

    I’d like to see Agudelo and Dempsey up top. Jozy has been struggling and Dempsey has been hot at Fulham but Agudelo can’t do it alone up top. I want to see the US explore better attacking runs from the last third.

    Agudelo — Dempsey
    Donovan — Edu
    — Bradley —
    — Jones —
    Bocanegra – Ream – Onyewu – Lichaj
    — Howard

  49. Isaac says:

    I don’t think any of Bradley, Jones, or Edu struggles with ball control or possession. All three are fairly good at transitioning play into the attacking third, and if anyone understands the way Clint and Landon like their passes, it’s Michael. Bradley can be inconsistent, sure, but I think he overall is good with the ball.

  50. strider says:

    Who will be playing for Argentina? I haven’t seen their team list to know. Just hoping to see the team grow in this one.

  51. Warren says:

    Holden’s lack of time at CM with A team over past few years has mainly to do with BB..favoring son MB and other supposedly ‘tougher’ options like Clark, Edu, Pablo, over the guy with skills, namely Holden.

    Yeah DeJong took him out, and now Evans at ManU, but BEFORE DeJong, where was Holden? Available, sometimes getting minutes wide, but never at CM. It took Coyle all of – a few minutes to recognize the talent and look what that has done for Bolton. Whereas BB…is a little slower on the uptake when it comes to players potentially in same spot as…wll you know who. Can’t say I blame him for having soft spot for his son, but still, we can’t pretend some better players like Holden haven’t been prevented from playing in their best spot due to….

  52. kb says:

    more goals that would have been called back, so what’s the point?

  53. Warren says:

    It would be the politic move; and also would likely help team maintain a bit more of ball since MB’s distribution skills are a mismatch against Argentines.

    Although feilhaber seems to do better as second half sub than starter.

    I’d like to see Dempsey at the ACM slot, Chandler wide right.

  54. Zach says:


    100% agree with everything you said. I just didn’t want to start the ol’ “BB can’t recognize talent / plays favorites too much” argument.

    Yes, I 100% agree that Stu has been our best CM/CAM option for a long while now. The amount of looks Rico and Kljestan got are ridiculous. And the amount of time little Bradley gets is dumb as well. Definitely agree that BB did just as much if not more to limit Stu’s USMNT progression than De Jong did.

    And yes, obviously Owen Coyle is a wayyy better spotter of talent than BB lol. That’s why he coaches an EPL team and BB coached Chivas USA

  55. Warren says:

    If Bornstein is a Mexican bench-warmer, i really can’t see any justification for putting him on the field – favoring random speed over skill is exactly why BB favored Findlay at Cup over Buddle – gee that worked out great; or not so much.

  56. Warren says:

    Jones is good with ball control and distribution, Edu decent, MB…less so. Especially on the distribution part.

  57. away goals says:

    The reasoning in that last paragraph borders on ridiculous. So if we start bradley and he’s playing lights out against a world power, we should still sub him at half??

    “Sorry mikey, but you’re not hitting the required playing time quota for your club. Sacha, you’re up.”

    You want to argue that somebody else is a better cm than bradley, fine. But all this “he’s not playing at villa, so he doesn’t _deserve_ to play for the nats” is just silly.

  58. Rich K - NY says:

    Ives, is that who YOU think should start or is who you think Bradley is going start? I can’t believe that you think Bradley, Jones, AND Edu should start in the middle, ALL together, at the same time, on the same field. Do you remember the last time Bradley experimented with that choice? I believe it was against Poland last year. Those 3 players play the same position, DCM. They were on top of one another the entire time. Our midfield was a logjam, there was no fluidity between the back line and forwards. It was awful. Sorry, but those 3 can’t start st the same time. Not now, not ever! Horrible call on your part, unless of course you’re just guessing who Bradley will start,

    (SBI-DCM? Lord, why do people insist on referencing positions by video game acronyms? Is there an OCM? Is there a DLM and DRM? That aside (and yes, that’s a pet peeve of mine), you do realize Bob Bradley has tried that trio in a game before, so it’s not some completely foreign and unheard of possibility. The game was against Columbia, and while the trio struggled, that isn’t to say it shouldn’t ever be tried again. It might not have been tried if Stuart Holden were healthy, but with him hurt I think we’ll see it again, but with Michael Bradley playing in a clear attacking midfield role, and while you may think he can only play as a “DCM” the fact is Bradley has played in attacking roles in his career so it’s not completely out of his range.

    As for the lineup itself, that’s the lineup I project Bob Bradley will use, not the lineup I would use if I were head coach.)

  59. bryan says:

    yeah. although, i wouldnt mind seeing chandler over lichaj. but im sure he’s still adjusting to the team. but i’d be fine with him starting too.

  60. donttreadonme says:

    I’m sure I can’t be the only one who’s taken Stu’s absence hard…I have tickets to the Gold Cup and I was REALLY looking forward to seeing him in action again. (I was actually hoping for an autograph. Ha.) I am curious when everyone thinks Davies will be back in the lineup? Maybe for the Spain game? That gives him 3 months of good solid playing time…
    As for tomorrow, I’m really interested in seeing Ream, Chandler, and Mix play. Mix gets me everytime…we know he can handle speed – he showed us vs. SA. But Argentina is different. Pretty excited to see this!

  61. DC Josh says:

    I don’t like your lineup Ives. We will be in our defensive half 70% of the game, and having Bradley/Edu/Jones in the middle will be chaotic. It will only work if Bradley stays in front of Edu/Jones, but once he falls back alongside them into a 3-man line, we are doomed for confusion and chaos. The key to this game is on the wings, DiMaria and Messi on the flanks? Ouch. Going to be a long night for our fullbacks.

  62. Isaac says:

    He did it for the tactical advantages it provided. I don’t understand why fans don’t get that. It clearly made a difference. Even England struggled to deal with it.

  63. jlm says:






  64. C-Town Mike says:

    Reality is without Holden I agree with this lineup. But, we should call it what it really is….a 4-3-2-1 Christmas tree or a 4-3-3 (does this mean Bob would have tried 3 formations in less than 12 months…..gasp). What could be troubling is when you play this, the outside backs need to get forward, and Boca will probably not do this. Argentina, will put messi to Lichaj’s side, and counter against three slow backs.

  65. Thorpinski says:

    Generally I agree..but why does Lichaj start over Chandler at RB. Chandler has shown so far that he is the more reliable and better player. And enough with this crap that he hasn’t been properly integrated with the team.

    The comments were not directed at you Brian.

  66. Tard Bradley says:

    How does Tard seriously think its ok to start 3 holding mids. Michael can’t pay an attacking role, not technical enuff on the ball, speed of pay is too slow, and his creative genes are not there.

    The fact bornstein is in camp is shocking. he should be cut from the sport.

    3 holding minds and jozy means snooze fest of a game. All the argentines will be going about 50 percen trying not to run and and get hurt at the same time.

    I really don’t want to watch even 15 minutes of jozy walking around losing the ball up top. Just try anyone else besides Jozy up there. Hopefully soon it will be back to CD9 so we wont have to put up with brickfoot altidore anymore.

  67. Thorpinski says:

    Earth to Vlad BB is not benching Michael. i fully expect Michael to play 90.

  68. away goals says:

    Is this some very subtle sarcasm? We created 1.5 chances total against england, and findley had no hand in them. So the english defense was fine.

    Are you saying england’s attack struggled because they were so worried about mr findley?

  69. The Dude says:

    I don’t know how many times I have to say it, but Bradley/Jones/Edu are the SAME player. They’re all “holding midfielders.” I’d start Agudelo and Altidore up top, Mix behind them, Jones at DM, Demps at LM, Donovan at RM. Bradley needs to stop with the redundant midfielders.

  70. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    I’m a big Michael Bradley fan. But how do you start him when he has had so little playing time? How is he game fit? Remember what happened to Gooch last game he started when he hadn’t played in a while? Just saying…

  71. Mike says:

    I think with two games, and a lot of questions, we should try two very different lineups, both which give us a good chance of getting the win.



    Subs- Benny, Chandler, Spector at around 60 minutes to make the lineup:




    Subs- Buddle, Spector, Bradley at around 60 minutes and go back to 4-2-3-1


    Why these lineups- they answer a lot of questions and are competitive:

    1) Do we have a CAM to justify a 4-2-3-1? Bradley, Spector and Benny all get a shot

    2) How to Jozy, Dempsey, and Buddle look as lone strikers in a 4-2-3-1? Important to know since they are the most obvious choices

    3) Do Agudelo and Jozy look good enough together as a 4-4-2 to consider that lineup for stretches at the Gold Cup?

    4) Which pairing of CDMs plays the best together? We get to see a lot of minutes of every possible combination of our three guys

    5) Do Chandler and Spector have a “best” position? We get to see them in a few different places

    6) Who is the #2 CB after Gooch? Is Demerit rusty, would he be ahead of Goodson? Is Ream good enough to be a #3-4 CB for the Gold Cup? Should we be considering Rico Clark

    7) What is the pipeline at LB and RB? Boca and Dolo start at Gold Cup, but what about after? We get to see Lichaj, Spector, and Chandler all play RB. Say what you will about Bornstein, but we know Bradley will include at least one true LB on every roster. Based on his decent World Cup performance, he deserves another look before we go a different direction.

  72. Hood Rich says:

    Agree 100% with you. Why are there 3 ball winners in there? Do you really need Bradley if you already have Jones and Edu? I’d put Mix in there instead of Bradley. Also Demerit over Ream; you want experienced players going against a World Cup champion. Ream has to prove his worth in the Gold Cup before playing a team like Spain.

  73. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Nice article Pat. And I agree – LET HIM PLAY!

  74. montana matt says:

    I really like Ives’ lineup, and I hope the US commits to the 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1.

    On the other hand I think Boca is way to slow to play LB. It’s pretty critical for outside defenders to have serious wheels in the modern game.

  75. bottlcaps says:

    I do not think Altidore deserves a start in any friendly just because the act he is not producing any goals, anywhere, or at any time. He has not scored for his turkish team and scored a lonely goal for Hull. His La Liga experience was as a sub or starter for cup matches. It is time to give him a rest from USMNT and concentrate on his club.

  76. Mike Caramba says:

    I kind of understand why the video game acronyms annoy you. But ultimately, you understand what they’re saying, so it’s effective communication.

  77. Thorpinski says:

    Not disagreeing but what does your reply have to do with Chandler over Lichaj?

  78. Mike Caramba says:

    Oh, and in case you read this, Ives… Well done on the new lineup graphics. Meant to say something before — they’re solid.

  79. lolguat says:

    As much as I like the 4-2-3-1 formation, I’m not comfortable with Jozy being the lone striker. We need someone who is able to create his own chances and Jozy is just not that person. I say for now US goes with a 4-4-2, with Agudelo up top with Jozy.

  80. Primoone says:

    You know…thats about the only play I can remember from Benny…

  81. montana matt says:

    I totally agree w you. It’s imperative that we have outside backs that can bomb up and down the field when we play a 4-3-3 (or a derivative thereof). Boca is too slow to play LB. He should start alongside Gooch at CB, and Bornstein should slot in on the left.

  82. Primoone says:

    Why do you say that? Holden flourishes in a
    4-4-2. I think it would be above his pay-grade to stick him in the CAM role of a 4-2-3-1

  83. Dennis says:

    Not quite, Reem played in the earlier friendlies and was in the Jan. camp.

  84. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    I would start Chandler over Lichaj – stronger play, stronger league, stronger competition on the wings to defend against.

  85. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    Agree…Chandler playing stronger, against stronger competition on the wings in a stronger league.

  86. Shane says:

    Take a page out of Bielsa’s book and play a 3-3-1-3






  87. Barry U says:

    Chandler over Lichaj and 2 of 3 out of MB, MO and J Jones. Put Agudelo up top Jozy. This is what friendlies are for I think so go with guys that need to be evaluated!

  88. Ben says:

    I am not a Mike Bradley fan, especially when he has mainly been riding the pine. Dude doesn’t have the skill or vision to take it to the next level. Still a good sub option, though. Can’t believe Holden is injured again – was hoping we’d see Bob have to bench his son.

  89. Ben says:

    ha ha ha … against Argentina…. ha ha ha
    We’d be swiss cheese.

  90. Dennis says:

    Wow, this team looks like it is starting over after a W.C. in which it had a roughly as expected performance and needs to improve.

    I am surprised that we do not have more new faces in the back line. Sure, experience counts there, but if ‘dolo was not injured, the backline might well have been Boca, DeMerit, Onweyu, ‘dolo which is NOT the 4 we will have in the back in 2014, simply due to age, 3 of them are the oldest active USMNT pool players who are not keepers.

    Soon a few of Ream, Gonzales, Chandler, Lichaj, Bornstein, Spector, DeLaGarza, Franklin, Loyd, Wynne, Ihemelu, maybe even Parkhurst and Pearce will have to step up along with a couple young guys from the U-20s or recent college grads. Goodson and Onweyu will become the senior citizens on the backline.

    This is not something that is missed by BB, I expect we will see more defensive subs used in the next few friendlies than is usually the case.

  91. away goals says:

    Now this is how friendlies should be used. I wouldn’t complain at all if bob did exactly what you said mike.

    I think in the end we’ll see more subs though. Otherwise it’s asking a lot of the 180 minute guys…

  92. Ryan says:

    I wish we had a true #10 style player because having three defensive mid’s is, how shall I say this, BORING! Yeah lets tell the superior teams that we’re not really going to attack you and just absorb your best hits all game and rely on Timmay to bail us out and maybe counterattack once or twice. I want to start takin it to teams for once. Get forward, have wingers flying up, 2 strikers waiting in the box, attacking mid’s coming up the middle in support. These are freakin friendlies so lets try something out of character for a moment to express ourselves. Perhaps the players will respond!

  93. Dennis says:

    By this team I mean the roster, not the projected starters.

  94. Ben says:

    This formation is the “boot it to Altidore” formation. This essentially is an attempt to “park the bus” in front of Argentina’s attack. Our only rout forward would be through the flanks, and I don’t see that happening very often.

    Bradley replaced with Holden might have worked, but right now we need a creative center mid to lead the attack. I’d call for Torres but he is also out of form.

    Maybe Bob should start looking for a replacement, e.g., Cameron from Houston, to develop this role for when it is needed (i.e. till Holden returns).

  95. Ben says:

    Not really. Coach Bradley has repeatedly stated in the past that regular club playing time is very important. Still, I have no problem with Bradley in this game, because its only been so many weeks and he played the first half of the season. However, should he continue to ride the bench for Villa, there will be come interesting question come Gold Cup time.

  96. FulhamNick says:

    When was the last time MB didn’t get a start when available?…yep I can’t think of a time either. He will start, the midfield will get run over with possession and jones and edu will get pulled because there is no way it will be his fault…this is mb we are talking about, he’s the player on the team we are building around! There’s no way it can be his fault…

    Holden’s injury killed all hope that I would finally see a game with MB placed firmly on the bench

  97. Ben says:

    I’m for this. I hope people don’t think we are saying Mix is the answer, just that we would prefer to see him over Sacha, who I think is definitively not the answer. Personally, I’ve seen enough of Sacha.

  98. Jack says:

    But he has never played for the NT before. Lichaj has a few times, and he did well. I’m not doubting Chandler, but people need to realize that this is game is going to be completely different from what Chandler is playing in the Bundlesliga. He’s been with the USMNT for what, 5 days? I can’t see Bradley starting him against Argentina knowing that.

  99. Ben says:

    Argentina is going to have chances no matter who is starting at CB; they are much better than us. What Ream does allow, though, is the passing out of the back, so when we aren’t plcuking the ball from Howards goals, we might be able to put pressure on Argentina.

  100. FulhamNick says:

    Agreed, unfortunately we have zero wingers… Meaning we have no width at all and we are forced to pack the middle…it sucks

  101. andrew says:

    Where would you play Holden in a 4-2-3-1?

  102. Ben says:

    That was nearly 4 years ago. And as much as I like to see members of the tribe succeed in sports, Benny has been fair to middling since.

  103. Jack says:

    Huh? Holden’s position is in the center. That’s where he’s been flourishing at Bolton. Playing him out of position when the team has all of the components to play a 4-2-3-1 makes no sense.

    I think that what Andrew was trying to say was that, since we can’t use Holden, it might be worth considering the 4-4-2 since it’s questionable whether anyone would be an adequate replacement.

  104. Bobby says:

    Totally agree…if Bornstein steps foot on the field, I’m leaving the game. Try me Bob Bradley…try me.

  105. sef-one says:

    smirking— adu?

  106. Primoone says:






  107. Jack says:

    I agree completely.

    To everyone who is saying that Chandler should start over Lichaj–Chandler has been with the NT for five days. He has never played an international match. He has no idea what the pace of the game is going to be. I’m not saying that he isn’t a good player–I think that he has a huge amount of potential. But international games are a completely different game from the Bundesliga. Playing well for your club does NOT instantly mean that you will play well for your country–again, different team, different style, different place. I can see him coming on as a sub, but I don’t want a player who has not played a single minute of international time starting against Argentina, no matter what the hype around him is.

    I think that people need to calm down and give him a chance to integrate into the team.. If we see him, it’ll probably be as a sub or during the Paraguay game.

  108. DCUPedro says:

    “Chandler has shown so far that he is the more reliable and better player.”

    How many of Chandler’s matches have you seen, out of curiousity? Or is it just that he is starting in a better league? Because that isn’t always the best standard. Usually, but not always. The only way to determine who is ‘the better player’ is to evaluate them both in the same camp.

    As far as saying that integrating Chandler into the team before starting him is “crap”… I don’t know what you’re getting at. He’s been with these guys for 3 days. It has nothing to do with being German. Bob routinely makes all kinds of players attend a camp and come on as a sub before they get a start. He’s a young kid and this is his first national team camp. He’s only been playing first team soccer for 3 months. It makes sense to break him in a little as a sub. He’ll get a cap this week… relax.

  109. DCUPedro says:

    Ream has to prove his worth in the Gold Cup before playing a team like Spain?

    I think you have this backwards on two fronts. First, we play Spain (and Argentina, if thats who you mean) before the Gold Cup.

    Second, the friendlies against Spain, Argentina, and Paraguay are meant to prepare us for the Gold Cup. Not the other way around. The most important match we will play in 2011 is the Gold Cup Final vs. Mexico. We need Ream to be ready for that by playing Argentina, Spain, etc now.

  110. Tony says:

    I like the line up, but I think it’s too defensive.

    I would replace Bocanegra with Bornstein. The last time WE played Argentina, Bornstein was said to have “shut down Lionel Messi”, so let’s see if he can do it again.

    Plus, I think it’s time to start moving the new crop into the fold … sink or swim. This is the best opportunity to test these youngsters without “coming under live fire”.

  111. Alex G says:

    wow for the first time someone understands the game!!, totally correct Dude, I’m right with you when it comes to classifiying EDU, BRADLEY AND JONES on the same player rank, I guess BB should use a creative mid as MIX or Feilhaber but he’s not much of a fan of that. We’ll see.

  112. DCUPedro says:

    Right, except it boxes people into thinking what a certain midfielder can do. Bradley is not a DCM or a CAM. He is a central midfielder. The DCM or CAM are just tactical roles, they don’t describe his ability.

    And these lineups don’t always describe how a player acts in a game anyways. Soccer isn’t like football. How a lineup plays on the field is not always how it looks on a graphic before the match.

  113. DCUPedro says:

    “Can’t believe Holden is injured again – was hoping we’d see Bob have to bench his son.”

    That this is even close to your mind at all when thinking about Stu’s injury shows how far this pathology has come.

    And it also proves that a lot of the evaluation of Michael as a player is deeply tied to what people think of his father.

    I don’t see how people can doubt Bradley. We won our group at the world cup. We were an extra time goal away from a quarter final spot. Get real, people.

  114. Tim Stevens says:

    I’d rather see Buddle than Altidore.

    I can’t stand to see Altidore jog/flop around with his boots of brick.

  115. Tim Stevens says:

    anyone other than Lazy Altidore! Please!

  116. Judging Amy says:

    People bring up this fact (Bob’s statement about club playing time in relation to Nats time) all the time as if thats what Bob really does.

    Fact is there are numerous examples of Bob starting players who were not getting minutes for their club teams (Gooch, Beasley, Jozy, just off the top of my head).

  117. Kenny_B says:

    I would love to see Mix play as well, maybe we’ll get to see him as a second half sub. I think Jones brings a little more to the table than just winning the ball. He does pass very well, and not just square passes.

    I realize Argentina has two world cup championships under their belt, but none of their current players played on either of those teams. They are an amazing team but they aren’t the World Cup champs.

  118. away goals says:

    If mb is the best player available on the day, he plays, regardless of club circumstances. If his lack of club time results in a drop in form and edu/benny or a 442 become better options, then that’s when mb hits the bench. Not before.

    No coach should or will handcuff himself with a black-and-white club minute rule. See also altidore circa summer 2009 and gooch circa right before he did his knee.

  119. Wispy says:

    That’s a really unfortunately misspelling of Clint’s name.

  120. Peter says:

    Jozy’s main contribution with Bursaspor is “almost” scoring a goal.

  121. Peter says:

    Bench Baby Bradley and start Agudelo!

  122. Marvin says:

    I saw ream play against chile he was terrible. If he starts we are toast.

  123. Amir says:

    I think we’re going to see Chandler play on the flank in a 4-4-2. I think it’ll be jones and edu playing mid flanked by Donovan and Chandler. Altidore up top with Dempsey floating behind. Bradley isn’t playing at Villa so he doesn’t start. If we try the formation listed above it will be super negative. When the USMNT were talking about Chandler they mentioned that he plays more like a winger than a fullback, I think that’s a hint of where they want to play him. In an inside the line video he was playing out wide during I think 4v4 (or something similar) and he was sending in good crosses. I think Bob Bradley is shifting his coaching style this go around and I hope he doesn’t start the way Ives listed.

  124. Ray Tango says:

    I agree, however not interested in seeing Buddle. I want to see Altidore as the target man and Agudelo playing off him.

  125. MJCDC says:

    I like this lineup alot. Only question is if bradley has shown enough during camp this week to earn a spot in the side. However, that said I would be very interested to see him in a more attacking role, much like he played at heerenveen. Also, would like to see mixx, aguedelo get some playing time.

  126. Welshbean says:

    I am thinking old Bobby boy is starting three holding mids is to contain a prolific argentine mid that will most like run hoops around a standard flat four mid. The Argentine way is to flow from the back through the mid and smash the goal. Btw; Jones and Edu like to make (often crazy) long forays into the daunting “O” territory so don’t be surprised when they pop up and surprise you. Cheers to a good match!

  127. Primoone says:

    The US does have all the components to play the 4-2-3-1. What we severely lack is creativity (with the exception of Dempsey). Holden would be played out of position if he is the CAM in a 3-man MF due to the fact that he would not utilize his best attributes playing centrally. It works for Bolton however, he is going to be inefective for the U.S. Holden…box to box…runs all day…great crossing ability…ball winner. I have seen quite a bit of football from Holden and just an observation but creativity is not in his arsenal <——-sucks. I know he plays centrally for Bolton and excels there however, he does it in a 4-4-2. He is not asked to provide creativity nor is he asked to be an offensive spark. He is there centrally to be a pivot point as well as defend that middle and be a ball-winner, think of an advanced defensive Midfielder. I can appreciate his work rate and I think he is fantastic however centrally in a 3 man-MF does not suit Holden’s game especially when creativity is required from a CAM role on the US squad. It isn’t about what the individual looks like on paper however, its about how he performs on the pitch and it starts with the requirements from that particular position not so much with how the player has performed on the pitch for their respective clubs.

  128. Primoone says:

    Having said that, why not insert Holden into a specific part of the formation where he will be able to utilize his best attributes ? I think Holden is a solid contributor but definitely not the one to pull strings in a 3-man midfield where on this team, creativity is a must taking into consideration that the only creative cog we have in the attack is Dempsey. Keep holden on the right to benefit us on the counter and cross as well as defend both sides of the pitch while keeping the attack fluid. That right position in a 3 man-mf plays to his strength and as a result it will maximize the US opportunities to counter as well as defend both sides of that right flank effectively which would allow that Right back to join into the attack occasionally.

    Let Mix, Benny, Bradley or even Dempsey play that CAM role.

    Holden on the right FTW.

  129. Phil says:

    i agree. Junior = box to box yes, CM yes DM yes, CAM no.

  130. Phil says:

    Um, IMHO we’re gonna be in the defensive half for more than 70 percent of teh game. that’s a given.

  131. Mike Caramba says:

    And I’d add that nobody says “DCM” in the real world.

    My comment was only half serious (it is true that he knows what he’s talking about even if the acronym is annoying), but I was mostly levelling.

  132. Ryan says:

    Benny or Mix? Essentially the same player right? So who ya got?

    Personally, I love Benny’s game.

  133. Martin Blank says:

    Can’t for the life of me figure out why all this outcry for an attacking/creative midfielder type. Maybe a good dose of reality pills are in order – this is Argentina – with Lionel Messi. They’re all going to be defensive midfielders. Especially with two young and inexperienced players on the backline.

    Argentina’s new Barca-esque emphasis on possession, death-by-a-thousand-passes tactics means the US will have the ball for about 12 minutes. Honestly, A bench-ridden Michael Bradley as the lynch-pin of the team against Argentina? He’ll just be another one out there chasing the ball and trying to clog space.

  134. blink says:

    I like the formation but I would keep Altidore out in favor of Agudelo, if at all possible play both Lichaj and Chandler and try Diskeruud in place of Bradley.

    We need to be looking toward the future here and Bocanegra isn’t it. Bradley doesn’t deserve a spot right now and we don’t need three DMF playing at the same time. As for Altidore, I would start Agudelo if for no other reason than to send a message. Altidore has been playing overseas for the past few years and CANNOT score. That has to change if he wants to be the man. Perhaps the thought of losing his spot will light a fire in him.

  135. tom v says:

    People use DCM and CAM because the CM role doesn’t exist anymore… off the top of my head i can think of one world class “CM” (CM meaning box to box player) and that’s frank lampard. Everyone else is either a “DM”/holding midfielder/deeper lying midfielder – xabi alosno, mascherano, pirlo, busquets, khedira, cambiasso, de jong, barry, etc. – or they are a CAM/attacking midfielder/sitting further up the field and more involved in attack – modric, xavi, iniesta, snjeider, etc.

    the box to box CM is dying out because it’s hard to form a cohesive team around them. if you partner them with a defensive player then you are weak offensively/creatively, and if you partner them with an offensively player then you are weak defensively. see england and chelsea this year trying to work around lampard…this is also my problem with MB. he may be our best midfielder but he doesnt partner well with our other, more defensive minded players like jones/edu, making us rely on counter attacks and limits our creative attacking ability…

    in summary, DCM might not be an accepted term but it obviously means holding midfielder…

  136. Taylor says:

    i got an idea for some experimentation too. while i don’t think this will ever happen, it’d be cool to see. a back three like you mentioned, but play a 3-5-2. as much as i hate bornstein, maybe he could work as a wing-back style player in that formation with less defensive responsibilities so there’s not as many chances for him to screw up. and chandler could probably play well on the right side of that, as he has played both RB and right winger for Nurnberg this season.

    i know it’s never going to happen, but i just randomly started thinking about it

  137. Brett says:

    I don’t see why saying “DCM” is any worse than saying “holding midfielder”.

    (SBI-It’s a silly video game acronym that nobody in the real world of soccer uses. DM is fine, but when you say DCM it basically suggests, whether correctly or incorrectly, that the foundation of your knowledge of the game is based on a video game. Either way, it’s a pet peeve of mine. I’m sure I’m not alone there.)

  138. abc says:

    Demerit over Ream
    Chandler over Lichaj

  139. Brett says:

    Don’t like it, but I agree that this is probably what Bradley is going to put out there.

    Jozy’s hold up play and effort chasing the ball are too weak to be a lone forward. Dempsey and Donovan will struggle to get into the game and won’t get to push the game wide to let Bradley come forward.

    Bradley is not a creative player, so there goes the link between the defense and the attack.

    We are going to look like a patchwork cluster-**** out there.

  140. Mingjai says:

    This should be the US’s starting lineup against Germany:

    link to img375.imageshack.us

  141. Brett says:

    It would probably be more appropriate to call Barcelona’s method “Argentina-esque” since systematic working of the ball through the pitch is all but synonymous with Argentine football.

  142. Brett says:

    Playing to pack it in and go for the draw. I agree.

  143. Hood Rich says:

    Are you saying Ream is a starter for the US team now? I meant he has to be prove himself to be a starter before he should be considered for games against likes of Argentina and Spain.

    We should put our best players up against this type of opposition since we don’t play them every year/frequently.

    How else are you going to test our best players against top class teams? So if we play England, Germany, Brasil, etc., then I hope to see the best players we can put out, not an upcoming player like Ream.

    He has two caps; against S. Africa and Chile, and now you think the guy is good enough to be starting over Demerit?

  144. St. Addi says:

    I agree with the second backline, maybe even Spector at left back based on his experience. I think you would have to be crazy to start Ream at CB against Argentina in only his third cap. Not good for his confidence at all. Sorry to anyone who thinks he is the messiah, but he will be undressed by Messi et al.. Let him start against Paraguay, especially since Argentina will come in with a chip on their shoulder after being held by the USA last time. I like Ives’ formation though, and would just replace Bradley with Felihaber and keep the rest. Can we please just have one creative player? Please?

  145. Hood Rich says:

    LOL yeah and I was looking for his partner, Torres. 😉

  146. Warren says:

    Zach, Agreed 100%.

    At least 2 of us get it…I didn’t really want to go there but it gets annoying to pretend things are different than they are.

  147. The Dude says:

    ……..Altidore (Buddle)……..Agudelo
    ……………….Edu (Mix)………………..
    Demps (Feil)…………….Donovan…..
    ………………Jones (Bradley)………….
    Boca…..Ream (Demerit)….Gooch…..Lichaj (Chandler)
    ……………Howard (Yelldell)

    Subs in parentheses. I DON’T want to see Bradely and Jones playing the same position at DM. WAY too defensive. And we can’t leave Altidore up there alone. I want to see him paired with Agudelo.

  148. GW says:

    “Coach Bradley has repeatedly stated in the past that regular club playing time is very important.”

    He may have but he never said it was the deciding factor. No one here really knows why he starts this player over that player ( other than in the most general terms) because he’s never that specific to the media.

    There are far too many exceptions to your stated rule.

    BB plays the guys who he thinks are the best for the job at that time.

  149. Warren says:

    +1 for Chandler at right mid, Dempsey at ACM

    Personally, I would start Jones and Edu behind Dempsey, and of course Landon wide left.

  150. GW says:

    Holden is not a winger. Or more to the point, he’s a winger just like Beckham is a winger. You’re going to get the early cross from him, which is something a guy like Dolo or Spector does very well.

    Holden would have tightened up the defense.

  151. Rich K - NY says:

    Funny thing is I dont play the FIFA video games. The reason I use that is because that is where you positioned them(Jones and Edu) on the field, Defensive Center Midfielder, as opposed to ACM, Attacking Center Midfielder, where you have Bradley. In a 4-2-3-1 lineup, which you project BB will use, those acronyms are needed, I believe.

    And yes I do know that the trio was used in a game last year. I thought it was against Poland, but you say it was Colombia. Either way, it didnt work, and I think it’s a horrible idea. The problem is all 3 of those players like to play in front of the 2 centerbacks. Bradley and Edu are holding midfielders, they rarely push the ball forward. They are more lateral moving players. Not to say they don’t have some offensive capabilities, but they arent going to start and push the attack from the midfield. Now, from the little I’ve seen from Jones, it seems like he is a better passer, he’s quicker, and more technical. If BB is going to start all 3, I’d rather see Jones in that attack minded midfield spot(is that better? haha).

    With that being said, I would like to know who YOU think should start if you were head coach. And also, if Holden was healthy for this game, do you think BB starts him? If so, over who? Do YOU think he should of started?

    Personally, I would of liked to have seen Holden and Jones in the DCM spots. I think it was a perfect time to finally have someone other than MB start. I think Mixx is our near future ACM, if we stick with the 4-2-3-1.

  152. GW says:

    That’s your opinion but you can’t prove anything.

    You ignore the fact that Holden has never excelled at a regular role for the USMNT ( other than the Gold Cup B squad).

    You also have no idea what BB would done with Holden at the World Cup had he been available for the US.

    You also ignore that Bolton and the US are two teams with very different circumstances ( not to mention players and staff). Coyle saw Holden and knew what he ( Coyle ) was going to do in Bolton and had a situation all set up for Stu to be dropped into. Good for him but he was also lucky. The US is nowhere near as settled as Bolton is.

    The point is Holden did well because he’s talented and he got into a perfect setup for him at Bolton. Give him the exact same role with the US and there are no guarantees he or the US will do as well.

    If you doubt that look back and see how well Donovan did when he was lucky enough to have the same thing happen for him at Everton. They had a need for guy exactly like him and that is what they got. I’m willing to bet had LD gone back a second time it wouldn’t have gone so well, with Everton a lot more depleted.

  153. GW says:

    Just you

  154. Hood Rich says:

    Argentina’s new Barca-esque emphasis on possession …

    You probably are a new fan and never seen Argentina play much or know about their tradition because if you have, you wouldn’t be making such uninformed statement.

  155. MiamiAl says:

    I personally thought one of Bob Bradley’s biggest mistakes at the World Cup was not starting Edson Buddle! He is they type of player that in order to reap the benefits of what he has to offer, needs at least a full half of play to start to wear down opponents. You cannot just throw him in with 10 minutes left in the game and hope to catch lightening in a bottle! He needs to start! The guy just has a nose for the goal, and is a very opportunistic player. His play last season with the Galaxy was spectacular!

  156. bizzy says:

    Altidore up by himself?? Bradley Attack center mid??? Argentina 3 USA 0












    Maybe we need to let the master of assist play the role of ACM. NO MB!!! He’s not getting any playing time with Villa has to tell us his game is not up to par (regardless of what he’s done in the passed!!!).

    We are in BB hands. Heavens help us….GO USA!!!

  157. bizzy says:

    hahahaha…typo dempsey should be ACM…hahahaha

  158. F-Unerd says:

    Edu has been moving further up the pitch to attack with Rangers. I think he is getting out of that hold/defensive mid role.

    From the projection above, i’d switch Edu and Bradley.

  159. Experiment says:


    Edu for Mix
    Agudelo for Altidore
    Bradley for Jones

  160. Experiment says:

    Altidore can be switched for Buddle as the starter. Altidore tends to be good as a target, and Dempsey can actually score, so that’s what I went with. However, Buddle is a solid target as well and he can score, so he may be a better starter than Altidore.

  161. Experiment says:


    Subs (Friendlies allow for 6 subs):
    -Edu for Mix
    -Agudelo for Buddle
    -Altidore for Chandler (move Dempsey to left and Donovan to right wings)
    -Bradley for Jones

    Altidore or Buddle can be the starter. I’m going with Buddle at the moment simply because he is both a target and can score.

  162. JPGR says:

    I’m not a big fan of Jozy’s past performances

    but you see something I don’t, so I am not going to bash Jozy.

    I will make this deal. If he plays great (goals or not) I promise I will never be critical of him again.

    C’mon Jozy, prove me wrong and I’ll back you up all the way.

    USA All The Way!

  163. wes says:

    I’m really excited to see Ream play against Argentina. We should learn a lot about what we have at the CB. I also would like to see Chandler, but I understand the concerns about his chemistry with the team so far. I like Jozy, but Agudelo can score, or at least has shown the ability so far.

  164. Matt Snyder says:

    Agreed about Holden’s role. This is an opportunity to see who can fill in at the CAM. Feilhaber is one of the most creative passer’s. To bad Bradley hates Convey….he HAS actually played CAM on many past occassions—albeit not for the Nats.

  165. Warren says:

    Yeah let’s start the guy who barely gets on the field for his Mexican team, makes sense.

    Or..not so much.

    Not sure if you heard the news, but Argentina is really good, and our defenders are mainly going to be defending, not so much bombing up the winds into attack.

    Boca please, Bornstein can watch and learn, like he does for his club team.

  166. Warren says:

    Yeah the modern game like in France; oh yeah the highest rated league we have an LB in; which is Boca.

    Boca’s not fast he’s just…better than our other LBs.

    Though Gooch has done well at LB in Netherlands, which makes him our next highest-rated LB.

  167. Warren says:

    So what? Chandler is starting and doing well in Bundesliga; he’s is young and fast. I think he can keep track of which color jersey to pass to. I like Lichaj but against Argentina i have more confidence in the newbie.

    And this is a friendly after all.

    Start Chandler, show him some newbie love; if he freaks, pull him for Lichaj. No prob.

  168. Warren says:

    Again: Bornstein can barely get a minute in a Mexican league game lately.

    So by BB standards he is nmt game fit.

    Case closed. I admit Bornstein wasn;t as awful as some of us feared in South Africa; but fact that he is not Mexican League quality tells you something that Bob hasn’t figured out yet.

  169. Micah King says:

    I like the line up Ives has just put mix in for Bradley and put Agudelo with Jozy

  170. Warren says:

    To quote you “the point is Holden did well because he’s talented..”

    One coach, Owen Coyle saw that right away.

    Another coach, who need not be named, preferred his son over the talented guy for several years, at CM.

    Facts are facts.

    All moot right now, but there’s no denying the facts.

    The same role is – cm – which is part d, and part distribution; how you can doubt even now that Holden can handle cm for USMNT is – amazing.

  171. beachbum says:

    good for you F-Unerd. you watch the games evidently :) while in the past Michael has pushed forward, I believe that on elittle evolution might be Michael and Maurice trading those roles

    your lineup looks good to me, Ives.

  172. beachbum says:

    excellent point. it all depends on each situation.


  173. beachbum says:

    excellent post. thank you.

    disagree n your analysis of the mids performances at the WC, but agree 100% re. Stu, Findley, etc.

  174. beachbum says:

    wrong…Holden plays the flank very very well, as a matter of fact.

    true, for Bolton, he’s in the middle, and kicking a$$…or was until that bs tackle

    where was Fergie’s crying claims of bs after that horror play? oh yeah, his guy did it…never mind.

  175. beachbum says:

    I like the lineup Ives

    could see 4-4-2 tho. who pairs w/ Jozy up top to start? why not the kid Agudelo? throw him in there with the rest of the A Team boys and see how he fits. this also puts Maurice on the bench for this game, but then he plays 90+ in a few days

  176. Murph says:

    Agreed. Altidore shouldn’t make the bench.

  177. GW says:

    “The same role is – cm – which is part d, and part distribution; how you can doubt even now that Holden can handle cm for USMNT is – amazing.”

    No one doubts Holden’s talent.

    Your basic premise, that the cm role for Bolton is the same as the cm role for the US is flawed. Is isn’t the same.

    Two different teams, styles and sets of players. Until Holden stops getting himself crocked we’ll just have to wait and see what Bradley does with it when he gets back.

  178. GW says:

    Between 2000 and 2008 Convey played 46 times for the US and scored one goal.

    The height of his powers was about 5-6 years ago when he was playing for Reading. Then he got badly hurt.

    I remember seeing a lot of his US games and thinking that it would be great when he finally reached his potential but I don’t think anyone ever thought he did. Busy? yes, creative??? I don’t think so.

    Now he’s a lot older and playing in a lesser league. Perhaps he’s doing well but he certainly isn’t as good as he was and that wasn’t that good.

    So why does you want this guy back? Did you ever see him play for the USMNT and DC United as I did? I mean I’d like Eddie Pope back for the US but that ain’t happening.

  179. HT says:

    Mix is a joke…Honestly should be playing another sport.

  180. Roclo says:

    Mix in maybe 10 years…Not an international level player at this point.