You Write the Caption is back

It has been quite some time since SBI stopped running the popular 'You Write the Caption" series, but I'm here to announce that we are bringing it back.

For those of you new to the site, YWTC is a regular series where we take a photo with comedic potential and let SBI readers give us their take on what the best caption would be for the photo. After hearing from several readers who told us we should bring it back, it is now back in the rotation.

We'll start things off with a picture of U.S. men's national team coach Bob Bradley, who was caught in a reflective moment during the national team's recent friendly vs. Argentina.

Here's the picture (feel free to submit your caption ideas after the jump):

BradleyTrooper (

Photo by Howard C. Smith/

"After watching his defense be abused for 45 minutes, Bob Bradley decided to make the one sub he knew could stop Lionel Messi."


That is our stab at the caption. Submit your own caption in the comments section below and we will pick the five best and have readers vote to pick the best one from those five. The winner of the contest will receive an SBI t-shirt.

Let's hear some captions. Fire away.

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190 Responses to You Write the Caption is back

  1. Joe from Philly says:

    Is is a bird? Is it a plane?…

  2. RedLine55 says:

    Bob: “are those….? no, they can’t be… but they look like… outlaws??”

    Captain America: “that’s correct sir… those are outlaws, alright… AMERICAN OUTLAWS”

  3. Paul C says:

    Who’s that guy wearing number 10 for Argentina?

  4. Flaveur says:

    The two men were entranced by Betty White flashing the crowd.

  5. Jeremy says:

    “huh. We’re really only down 1 at the half? I don’t understand.”

  6. Euko says:

    “WTF is that smell? I can practically taste it…”
    “Its NJ, sir.”

  7. Bobby says:

    “Hmmmmmm….did I leave the coffee pot on?”

  8. Joe says:

    (In a thick German accent) “We vant Lt. Chandler and General Jones back. Ze motherland calls, can you hear it….”

  9. dman says:

    Guy behind….”must not look at him…looks like voldermort”

  10. Bobby says:

    “If I let this fart out, I might pee my pants…”

  11. Douglas says:

    A concerned Bob Bradley called authorities after a soccer ball went missing. Apparently the US team hadn’t seen it for 45 minutes. Argentine is the #1 suspect.

  12. Bolt says:

    “Could someone please tell me why Jozy keeps dribbling into defenders?”

  13. John says:

    What’s that in the air? Is it a Bird? a plan? Oh no, it’s just my son again.

  14. Scott says:

    Bob: “hey, look! you’re on the jumbotron”
    Other Guy: “woah! what are all those triangles on my uniform? am I from the future?”

  15. Joe says:

    Nice Scott. +1 on the future comment. Is he futureman from the movie Bottlerocket?

  16. Neruda says:

    Bob Bradley caught in a stupor of thought by a new Geico Ad that proclaimed “So easy even a soccer coach can do it.”

  17. Jesse says:

    Who knew the German influence didnt just carry over to the field but to the coaching staff as well!!

  18. Udo says:

    “I knew Messi was good, but when the hell did he start flying? ”

  19. Wispy says:

    Coach Bob Bradley and an Argentina military officer track the orbit of yet another first half clearance by the U.S. defense.

  20. TGA says:

    Rent-a-cop and rent-a-coach

  21. JJJ says:

    Whos the idiot yelling “Kinitchiwa bitches” during the moment of silence

  22. Lost in Space says:

    (In a thick German accent trooper) Heir Comadant….I know Nothing….Nothing!

    (Bradley) “Now I’ve got to come up with a new plan…where is Hogan when I need him”

  23. joe says:

    Bradley employees what he calls “Smell the fart coaching”.

  24. 87_no_spice says:

    That’s the referee from Mali right over there, officer.

  25. J1m Br0wn says:

    A Peace Ambassador questions Bob Bradely about the 5th Column’s latest Visitor assination attempt carried out by Juan Agudelo.

  26. Dave says:

    So I guess the 4-5-1 without Stu doesn’t work…

  27. Soccer > Quidditch says:

    Lord Voldemort’s henchman infiltrates the ministry of magic…

  28. STF says:

    Bradley, “Whats that guy doing talking to my wife?”

  29. Bobby says:

    You heard that? Sorry about that…I had just watched Chapelle Show before I went to the game…

  30. inkedAG says:

    I can’t seem to find a good midfield combination. Officer, do you see one?

  31. Matt says:

    HAHAHA! I’ve been saying that for years! BB TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE VOLDEMORT!

  32. He said Konichi what?

  33. Hincha Tim says:

    “To be, or not to be: that is the question:

    Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

    The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

    Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,

    And by opposing end them?…oh what the hell, put in Agudelo.”

  34. JJJ says:

    So you are the one…..

  35. SayervilleFC says:

    After being fired as sheriff in Atlantic City, Nucky Thompson’s brother turns to another prominent New Jersey family to solidify his power base as season II of Boardwalk Empire begins with the Battle With The Bradleys.

  36. sjahall3 says:



  37. Dave from Charlotte says:

    “Have we had any possession, yet?”

  38. Bobby says:

    Hahaha! No…I did however walk into the stadium talking to my buddy during it…had no idea it was going on…

  39. Dinho says:

    Is that JOB parachuting in to save us from embarrassment?

  40. Ed Dog says:

    With their careers seemingly over here we see Bob Bradley, and an extra from Demolition Man, giving their best pose with the hopes of being discovered as models.

  41. Tomas says:

    It’s a bird, It’s a plane… Nope. Its Maradona, parachuting into New Meadowlands stadium in an attempt to win his job back.

  42. doug says:

    “Bison, are you sure your psycho power can stop him? I mean, we’re paying you shadowlaw guys a lot of money here!”

  43. joe says:

    Nepotism…I has it.

  44. Leather_D says:

    Bob Bradley stung by INS refusal to naturalize Argentine team.

  45. Free says:

    usa down 1 to arg, bradley thinks to himself…”rehab has been going well, should I sub in myself or agudelo?”

  46. Older & Wiser says:

    Now, to get out of the stadium after the game, let me get this straight, I take the Turnpike North . . .

  47. tim says:

    “Gosh, Gov. Chris Christie is bigger than we thought”

  48. Alejandro says:

    Guy with the headset:

    “Yes sir, I have them distracted. I’m sending in Agudelo and Chandler.”

  49. JerryGarcia says:

    Nobody f*** with the Jesus, man.

  50. Kobie says:

    Bob Bradley thinking about how the US can finally get a shot off.

  51. John says:

    Bob: What do those guys have painted on their chest?

    Cop: I believe they are spelling out “Neoptism” sir.

  52. ronjon says:

    “M. Bison, start warming up, you’re in after the half.”

  53. Alex says:

    +1 for Hamlet ref

  54. duhboy7 says:

    hahahhaha that guy looks exactly like bison

  55. Chavftw says:

    Voldemort? Isn’t he that journalist running for FIFA president?

  56. Frau Blucher says:


  57. cisco2k says:

    “In Soviet Russia, player subs you!!”

  58. BSkillz says:

    +1 for the Friends reference!

  59. John says:

    Readers under 20 probably have no idea who that is.

  60. werner says:

    “i have to make the Stan Van Gundy face at sometime during the game”

  61. SailingCity says:

    General Bradley watches, as his defensive positions ward off another attack by low-flying argentine bombers.

  62. STX81 says:

    +1! Dang it, You beat me to the Bison reference.

  63. Ben says:

    Ah man, they put us on the kiss cam, not cool.

  64. Felix says:

    Coach Bradley looks away puzzled why Henry Collins is dressed as a police officer.

  65. shao2007 says:

    Bob: “The USA’s 1990 World Cup song looks Awesome on the Jumbotron.”
    Officer: “Dude is that OJ dancing with those guys in short-shorts”

  66. Brokenbil says:

    Bob has been using dip since high school. A nasty habit, tobacco, but he just can’t kick it.

    Intergalactic Captain Steve showed up just in time to watch the space pterodactyl he was tracking from Nebulon fly away with Lionel Messi in his talons.

  67. away goals says:

    “If you stare at it long enough, you can see a sailboat.”

  68. kfly says:

    That’s not a word.

  69. ndsoccerfan says:

    “Even injured Robbie Findley is so fast he can fly. I am calling him in for the Paraguay game.”

  70. brassboots says:

    “Do these sweatpants make my butt look big on a jumbotron?”

  71. Primoone says:

    ” Hey Skip…is that what I think it is? Yeah coach…I didn’t think they made an AXE that big.

  72. ImaGoalMan says:

    BB: “What’s wrong with my midfield?”

    Officer: “Dunno..triangles always worked for me.”

  73. cesar says:

    Czech General Lubos Kubik and Bob Bradley look on as another USA game plan goes up in smoke in the first half.

  74. Mikeydeuce says:

    near the end of the first half the pizza police confirmed that gusseppi rossi is unable to help the USA. Bob Bradley looks on knowing his only weapon is an inexperienced 18 yearold who plays soccer for an energy drink company.

  75. Primoone says:

    True however, Bradley is dyslexic

  76. Erik the Orange says:

    “I just CANNOT smell what the Rock is cookin!?!? Here, you smell…”

  77. Spectra says:

    Dude… Isn’t that your plane

  78. Brett says:

    In order to keep Michael Bradley in the starting lineup, US Men’s National Team coach Bob Bradley contemplates changing the team’s formation to the experimental 2-7-1, which employs five central midfield players during his team’s 1-1 draw with Argentina.

    (Background) Meanwhile, Galactic Federation Commander Wylzyx studies the superior reflexes of “Project Exelsior”, commonly known as goalkeeper Tim Howard.

  79. Primoone says:

    So you never declared the winner of the last edition of YWTC. What gives SBI.

  80. Josh D says:

    Gooch impresses his coach with yet another simple pass out of the backline…

  81. Lorenzo says:


  82. Jebus says:

    “Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue!”

  83. CR says:

    “The mother ship is here, come along Michael, we must return to our people.”

  84. KungFuSoccer says:

    You know Bob, If us germans were as good at building bunkers as your football team, we might have tied World War II.

  85. RedLine55 says:

    “where… in the hell… is… this… WALDO?!?!”

  86. john.q says:

    “is that a double rainbow? what does it mean?”

  87. Primoone says:

    ” Hey Skip…yeah coach? Where did the OUTLAWS get a guilletin that big? Dont know coach…better question coach…where did they get a 20ft bradley blow-up doll?

  88. Josh D says:

    I swear… The clouds tell me what formation to play… It nearly worked against Ghana…

  89. Union says:

    I did not have sexual relations with that woman

  90. RedLine55 says:

    “Keep your eyes peeled, Jozy’s 2007 form has to be around here somewhere… ”

  91. Beau says:

    Messi did what to gooch?

  92. Jon says:

    “So THAT’S what a 4-4-2 looks like!”

  93. C(note) says:

    Bradley: whos idea was it to start with 3 DMs?!! I thought I ran a 4-4-2

    Umm…sir your son decided to change the line up so he start. Apparently
    He thinks he is good?

  94. Craig Caruso says:

    Michael, what are you doing on the ground?

  95. jim b says:

    Alright, let’s send in admiral henry rollins and see what happens

  96. mlowry3 says:

    Officer: Coach, Messi is running all over you guys.
    BB: (in David Puddy voice) Yeah, that’s right.

  97. Ocho Quatro says:

    “If I can just ditch Gulati’s henchmen, next time then just maybe I’ll be able to pick my favorite lineup.”

  98. Rod says:

    Bob Bradley and the Officer get caught in an awkward “Kiss Cam” moment….

  99. Colin Ferguson says:

    Bob Bradley channeling his inner Judge Dredd – I AM THE LAW!

  100. Nate says:

    +1 HAHA every time I visit NJ it smells like farts, reminds me of SF.

  101. Powderhorn Pops says:

    Is it? Could it be? Hey officer look up there in the distance. I think I see the respect I deserve from USMNT fans.

  102. STL Soccer Fan says:

    I wonder what they’re writing about me on the Twitter right now…

  103. Powderhorn Pops says:

    As John Harkes would say: You’ve done well.

  104. Ben says:

    Bradley and his Luftwaffe attache stand stunned as ace Timmy Chandler bombs down the right flank.

  105. Eurosnob says:

    BB: “Who is going to stop Messi now? Where’s Maradona when you need him?”

  106. Powderhorn Pops says:


  107. Marc Silverstein says:

    is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s Ochocinco flying through the air

  108. Ploobian says:

    “Wait. Did I leave the gas on?”

  109. Rich says:

    if i put my mind to it and think about it hard enough, i can turn Edu into an attacking CM and Onyewu into…well…a parking cone…

  110. munkyman says:

    Haha. Awesome caption.

  111. daggius says:

    Reactions were mixed when Tim Howard had a sudden Tourettes outburst and pantsed Demerit.

  112. Paul says:

    “Is he really sitting in a golden throne?”

  113. nando says:

    ian darke : mr. bradley, why is that jozy keeps starting? can you even remember the last time he has scored for the US?
    bradley: hmmmmm….. ur right, it has been a while

  114. davidaubudavid says:

    “Maybe its the romantic in me, but Bob. Kiss me.”

  115. Eurosnob says:

    After watching Argentina dominate the first half, BB: “I don’t understand, Gulati told me that these guys lost 4-0 to Germany last year. Perhaps I should sub in that German-American kid from Bundesliga.”

  116. Dinho says:

    I’m 30 and I have no idea what you’re talking about.

  117. OfcRob218 says:

    Excuse me Trooper, you are giving me an escort out of here, right?

  118. Brett says:


  119. AC says:

    Your mission is to bring back Lionel Messi, dead or alive!

  120. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Military Guy: Yo Bob, did you get a look at those Argentinian fans?

    Bob: Yeah, oh yeah…

  121. RK says:

    Is that Harkes in the booth? Who is he with? Wait, that’s my wife!

  122. RK says:

    That’s who it looks like to me.

  123. Czo13 says:

    “I cannot believe I forgot Bornstein and Casey”

  124. Graeme says:

    *Sigh* I picked the wrong game to give up smoking and start chewing.

  125. Korey says:

    I should’ve used Preparation H!!!!!

  126. Mallrats says:

    It’s not a sailboat, it’s a Schooner

  127. Brokenbil says:

    Guy with headset — “Oh, the humanity!”

    …Is that a little girl beside him?

  128. Leather_D says:

    36 – still no idea.

  129. Derek says:


  130. mypurpleundercracker says:

    Bob Bradley stood there and pondered whether he made the correct decision to coach the USMNT for another four years or whether he should have taken that position as Lord Voldemort’s stunt double for the last 2 films.

  131. Grant Wahl says:


  132. Barry U says:

    Are you here for the Village People tryouts?

    No. Wait I didn’t know they had a sweats wearing coach in the Village People. I like!

  133. Brent McD says:

    Henry Rollins perhaps?

  134. mypurpleundercracker says:

    Terrible, but freaking hilarious.

  135. kackac says:

    “I need you to send the troops to Germany, and bring them back in 20 years with their children”

  136. Angel FAN of USA says:

    Are you sure the score board say 1-o, or is that a 10.

  137. OfcRob218 says:

    Excuse me Trooper, you’re escorting me out of here, right?

  138. Mike Caramba says:

    After the German influence failed to stop Messi for the first 45 minutes, Bradley was forced to turn to his Russian, “if he dies, he dies,” Plan B.

  139. Dynamorock says:

    “I’m gonna get He-man one way or another!” skelator

  140. Angel FAN of USA says:

    Look at the little guy (Messi) How does he do that?

  141. WeatherManNX01 says:

    “Think I’ve got a shot with that chick in row 47?”

  142. Johnny Thunder says:

    Bob Bradley and Henry Rollins caught admiring Sandra Bullock’s tight, black pants on the set of Demolition Man 2. Coach Bradley will be playing himself as the US Soccer coach in the year 2034.

  143. SeaOtter says:

    Bob: You know sometimes I stare at the stands wishing Tiffany May would rush out and sprint across that field just one more time.

    Office: Mmmmmmm. Yeah. I’d like to tackle that.

  144. Rocco says:

    Everyone’s eyes turn to the sky to see the only person that can pull out a USMNT winner against ARG…God.

  145. oncebannedtwiceshy says:

    “Dr. Sweatpants or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Route 1.”

  146. nico says:

    “It looks like Harkes is trying to audition for a coaching job from the press box, again”

  147. Dominghosa says:

    In an effort to stop the unstoppable Messi from destroying America, Flint (right) and Destro (left) combine forces.

  148. MrCoffee says:

    Beat me to it!

  149. Cam says:

    Bob Bradley tries to convince the authorities that Tim Howard has not robbed Argentina of several goals after his backline let him down. Argentina are pondering pressing charges.

  150. MrCoffee says:

    I’ll see your yellow triangles and raise you a popped collar, chump!

  151. Oranje says:

    M. Bison and Sagat look concerned as Ryu makes short work of Balrog and Vega.

  152. unitedintexas says:

    Officer: do you want me to charge that little guy – what’s his name, Messi – with illegal nutmeg on Bocanegra, or something?

    Bradley: hmmm! That’s an idea.

  153. Ed says:

    “United States coach Bob Bradley ponders his next move during an awkward appearance on the kiss cam with a clearly disturbed man in uniform.”

  154. Lloyd Heilbrunn says:

    Could you cuff that Messi guy?

  155. TheRick says:

    Rental Cop, “That guy is Maradona, I believe, and it looks like there is another ‘hand of god’ moment going on there!”

  156. EastBayGrease says:

    “Perfect timing Ryan Nelson. They’ll never know you’re a Kiwi. Suit up.”

  157. Phillypride says:


  158. c(note) says:

    This is by far the most clever. +1

  159. Buff111 says:

    Both men wait with great anticipation as they find out which one will get a date with Lady GaGa later that evening. But Bradley could resist having a “dip” as he waits. And her answer is………

  160. k says:

    No officer, you’ve got the wrong Bradley…again, he IS playing.

  161. c(note) says:

    +1 haha

  162. Babieca says:

    33 and loving it.

  163. buff111 says:

    Both men wait with great anticipation to learn who won a date with Lady GaGa later that evening. And the winner is………

  164. Kire DCU says:

    There he is, the last remaining member of Sam’s Army.

  165. JG13 says:

    Bradley stares into section 352 trying to identify the jersey number on the fan who Gooch actually completed a “pass” to.

  166. Joe says:

    You haven’t heard that one before? Its a classic.

  167. Joe says:

    +1 Awesome!

  168. Ricky B. Free says:

    Are you keeping them? or can I take them back to Germany?

  169. Bill W. says:

    I still have 3 1/2 years left of this?

  170. Eric says:

    Bob: “The things I would do to that booty…”

    Officer/security/futureman: “Mein Gott, die arsch!”

  171. William McClain says:

    “Is that John O’Brien…?”

  172. Gabe says:

    “Heavenly. Simply heavenly. That Messi should just grow wings and fl-” (pause) “Well, that certainly makes sense.”

  173. Mike in Austin says:

    “Bob, just because the triangle looks great on my uniform doesn’t mean it will work in your central midfield.”

  174. Dawsaw says:

    Yes! +4

  175. Peterjh says:

    “Is that… John O’Brien?!?!”

  176. Primoone says:

    Psst…skip. yeah coach?

    Did you get the Messi Autograph? Michael is counting on you.

  177. dan c says:

    If Jr. tells his mother that I forgot trash night AGAIN, I swear I’ll bench him in Nashville….. and this time I mean it!!!!

  178. Marlon says:

    “Is that an Elf in the blue team??”

    “Uh, no, that’s Messi.”

  179. STL Soccer Fan says:

    “I wonder what Johnny Bornstein would look like in a banana hammock…”

  180. STL Soccer Fan says:

    “If you had an entire team of Jonathan Bornsteins playing an entire team of Jonathan Bornsteins I think the universe would explode.”

  181. kackac says:

    I need you to send all of the troops to Germany. Tell them to come back in 20 years…

  182. Phil says:

    A cavity search? I don’t know officer….

  183. Ian in ATL says:


  184. fischy says:

    Is that Snooky in the upper deck — flashing everyone?

  185. Zach says:

    “Hmmm I thought Messi was bigger in real life.”

    “I see blue sky, an’ 4-5-1s and I think to myself, haters gonna hate…”

  186. SoccerJohn says:

    Is that Drew Carey making out with Erin Andrews?!

  187. LoadOf27 says:

    Robo meet Cop.

  188. Johnny Thunder says:

    I swear I hadn’t seen your comment when I wrote mine!