Are the Red Bulls the team to beat now?

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Today's blockbuster trade sending Dwayne DeRosario to the New York Red Bulls just gave one of the best teams in MLS ANOTHER star player and has fans in New York talking MLS Cup.

Just how good is New York now? Here's how the starting lineup looks like now:


Yes, Greg Sutton started the season in goal, but Coundoul was the starter last year and is starting this week. Either way, New York will have a player with national team caps on his resume in goal. It will still be the team's weakness, but looking at that lineup it doesn't stop this lineup from looking like the strongest in MLS.

The team will be hurting badly come the Gold Cup, with nearly half the team likely to be playing in the tournament, but when this unit is together, it will be tough to beat.

What do you think of this squad? Are the Red Bulls the new MLS Cup favorites, or is Real Salt Lake still the team to beat?

Share your thoughts below.

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145 Responses to Are the Red Bulls the team to beat now?

  1. GSScasual says:


  2. Paul C says:


  3. VPjr says:

    That is a pretty stacked team.

    NYRB v RSL and NYRB v. LAG is going to be very interesting this year.

    I am liking that there are some very strong teams this year in MLS. Finally, there is less forced parity in the league.

  4. The Dude says:

    That’s what I’m talking about, MOFOs!! This is a team that could compete with mid-level EPL squads. Very legit MLS team. Plus, great support off the bench with Ballouchy and others.

    My once concern: why plays LB when Miller is on national team duty?

  5. Murphy says:

    I’m excited. I think RSL is still the favorite though. We have to see how the Red Bulls do with the new lineup. But if they don’t win the East it is definitely a failure. They should win the East and set up a great final…

  6. louis Z says:

    That is a very strong side, if they win it all, maybe they should do an european summer tour

  7. solles says:

    They’ll be playing the ball boys and equipment managers during the gold cup though lol….

  8. GSScasual says:

    lets seee…. rising star, canada’s hero, Arsenal Legend, Tottenham Hotspur, Barcelona brick wall, estonian beast….

  9. toro says:

    It’ll be good, unless De Ro ruins the system Backe has in place.

    De Ro doesn’t play in any system.

  10. Big Picture says:

    With DeRo, they’ll finish with the top seed in the East, which is a bad thing for Red Bull.

    The really, really dumb part of the new playoff format is that the Eastern Conference teams have an advantage by finsihing 2nd in the conference, rather than 1st.

    If they finish on top in the East, they’ll draw a top 5 team from the West in the quarterfinal (after the Wildcard round). Hence, you’re looking at a two-leg quarterfinal with one of the following: RSL, Colorado, LA, Sea, Dallas. That means a difficult road game on the other side of the country, in a tie that could go either way.

    If they finish second in the East, they’ll play a crappy Eastern Conference team in the quarterfinal, and then the 5th place team from the West in the semifinal in a single match playoff at home.

    DeRo to NY is exciting, but the Red Bulls still should want to finish second in the East.

  11. This Guy says:

    and then Coundoul? Ouch.

  12. chris says:

    miller shouldnt be allowed to play for costa rica, he blows

  13. Rooney says:

    What happened to me? Can’t I get a shot?

  14. chris says:

    only 2 americans? starting to look like inter milan

  15. Aguinaga says:

    Not even second best, and I’m a NY fan. I give the present and the former MLS Cup champs their rightful due and until they are beaten, to me they are the favorites. Everyone should respect that. I’m optimistic Backe will have his team’s mentality in tune with that as well. Best lineup on paper is just that.

  16. chris says:

    you blow

  17. MikeR says:

    How do they pay for this, salary cap-wise? Two DPs, several players on high wages, I assume. Do they just have a cheap bench? Don’t Henry and Marquez take up $700k under the salary cap? Did they get great deals on guys like Lindpere?

  18. GSScasual says:

    were you living under a rock last season??? that would explain your comment… Buona was one of the best keepers in the MLS last season.

  19. Nate says:

    Dayum… Me like. With DeRo Blockbuster (nice last name btw) this team will be the Barca of the MLS.

  20. Skinn says:

    RSL is still the team to beat … until NYRB beat them, that is. I think they will.

  21. georg says:

    I thought L.A. were the team to beat??

    Someone explain the Salary cap thing to me again?

    Sorry to New York but like L.A. money will not buy you a cup.

    RSL is still the team to beat.

  22. GSScasual says:

    they could have a very cheap bench, but they could be hired by the corporate office as employees… and be paid a supplemental income…

  23. chris says:

    ya but spending money for proven MLS payers is alot better than old europeans

  24. Paul C says:

    Clearly it’s carried over to this season.

  25. TJPierce says:

    NYRB is still only going to be allowed to play with one ball, right?

  26. Juan from L.A. says:

    RSL hands down! Redbulls need to gel. Too much veterans and prospects. No key players in the 26-30 age.

  27. jonk says:

    Columbus, New England, Portland and Seattle get to play the NY reserves in June.

  28. abc says:

    Did an asteroid destroy Salt Lake City?

    This article will look hilarious at the end of the season after Paolo Junior has a better year than all these overhyped Red Bulls.

  29. Paul C says:

    Saw a reference earlier that most of DeRo’s salary is still being paid by TFC. Does that still count against the cap? Who knows.

    I love the business of soccer, but man MLS gives me a headache.

  30. Juan from L.A. says:

    More like Arsenal. I detest this fact. Not even Vancouver and Toronto line up few Americans in their starting line up. Way to go and build up Backe instead of doing what FCD, DC and RSL are doing of building from their reserves.

  31. TJPierce says:

    In a less smarmy light, it will be interesting to see if these guys can gel into a good team, not just a collection of talent.

  32. Texarkana says:

    Agreed…No way Sutton should be starting over him.

  33. CL says:

    No this the the Real Madrid….RSL is the Barca

  34. MikeR says:

    Possible, I suppose. In that event, won’t Red Bull just buy up the Earthquakes or someone and cut sweet deals to help NY circumvent the salary cap? That’s an exaggeration, but shouldn’t teams take a salary cap hit on the actual salaries of all their players?

  35. Zero Cool says:

    What’s a Nubian?

  36. Miga says:

    This kid is one of the better attacking LB’s in MLS…He is only going to improve

  37. Scott says:

    De Ro only has to do his thing in Backe’s system. With the other attackers around him, he is going to thrive.

  38. tmack says:

    well, this certainly improves their chances of beating thr quakes in the playoffs

  39. tmack says:

    well, this certainly improves their chances of beating the quakes in the playoffs

  40. Pedrinho says:

    i don’t think that LA has it this yr. i say ny and rsl. and if castillo is as nasty as proclaimed then check fcd

  41. zacalie says:

    Dude, read your comment again. Wouldn’t this be the first time that RBNY has spent their money on a proven MLS commodity? LA has Donovan and Angel, both proven. RBNY has Henry, Marquez, Lindpere(now proven, though), Rodgers, Solli…..

  42. John in FL says:

    Thank God Red Bull bought this team. They gave us a stadium and actually invested in the on-field product….
    Now more than ever I wish I hadn’t moved down here lol

  43. Seth says:

    I dont like this. RBNY has let another good young player go. DeRo is great, but what about building for the future? Agudelo and Ream are gonna be snapped up, and we’re once again left w journeymen.

  44. Xavier L says:

    LA needs another striker if they want to keep up

  45. Barry says:

    It will be interesting to see what friendlies they get and how they look

  46. Me says:

    RSL Fan here. Duh, Red Bulls are the team to beat now. C.Rapids have the target on their back.

    Wow, how do they pull this off in MLS with the international slot cap and salary cap? The math does not compute. Anyone?

  47. Jessica Iannetta says:

    Don’t worry guys. I’ve been a Red Bulls fan for a long time and I can tell you from experience that we’ll find a way to mess this up :)

  48. agnigrin says:

    RSL will tank by the end of the season just like Columbus did last year due to playing too many games… mark my words…
    BTW I said the same thing about Columbus last year!

  49. john.q says:

    don’t like the MeRo trade, but i hope i’m proved wrong. the red bulls seem to have enough depth too. time will tell.

  50. agnigrin says:

    Thanks for the positive karma Jess…Geez!

  51. zacalie says:


    I look at it this way: to my way of thinking there is not one position group that the Red Bulls are stronger than RSL. Even with DeRo, RSL has the deeper and more talented midfield. Until Henry accomplishes something in this league, I’m certainly going to take Saborio, Espindola, and Paulo Jr. over NY’s group of forwards. RSL has all of their record-setting defense back from last year. I’d also take Kreis over Backe. Hell, give me Rio Tinto over RB arena!! Team cohesiveness? Advantage RSL.

    Sorry, RBNY can only claim paper champ status at this point.

  52. Backe says:

    yeah, but they’re putting them where it counts, CB and up front.

  53. Hans and Greatel says:

    Did you forget about Hertzog, Hot, Rooney, Paullo, Nielsen, Kassel, Lassiter???

  54. zacalie says:

    RSL won’t be playing as many games as Columbus did last year. They won’t be in this year’s (2011/12) edition of CCL.

    Come to think of it, that’s not true. With the extra 4 games in the league schedule, they will be playing as many or more. I think the fatigue will be felt more evenly league-wide, though. Last year RSL balanced a heavy schedule and still came out roses. No reason to think that they won’t be able to again this year, barring serious injuries.

  55. B. Murphy says:

    Backe, Henry, and Marquez won’t put up with a MeRo attitude..and as far as play is concerned, he can be himself in this system

  56. Ian says:

    Pele next?

  57. Francis S. says:

    First thing I noticed.

    It would be funny if they play like the Knicks. HAHA.

  58. Ja Ja James says:

    That is one impressive looking team….on paper! Seriously, I would love to see RSL v Red Bulls in MLS Cup Final. And I’m a Dynamo fan.

  59. Jmac says:

    You are nuts if you think this team could be mid table in the epl. Red bulls has a handful of nice players but no where as consistany across the first 11 and the bench as mid table epl sides. The would be relegated over the course of an epl season.

  60. Wow. Your not serious are you?

  61. jpc says:

    I’ve always loved him as a player. Really pleased he’s on my team now

  62. ec says:

    LA needs more speed if they want to keep up.

    So glad Ream and Agudelo get to line up on such a strong side, great for their development.

  63. ec says:

    In a game, or a few games? Yes. For a season? No. Lack of depth would sink them in the long run. But I’m really impressed an MLS side can take the field with a player this accomplished at every position.

  64. ec says:

    Now if THIS team can’t draw people to Red Bull Arena, you have to worry about the franchise and if they’ll ever draw.

  65. mikey says:

    They make different Brands of them

  66. Heckler says:

    Watch TFC sweep the rest of the league now. That would be hilarious.

  67. papa bear says:

    I wouldn’t call them the ‘team to beat’ just yet. We’ll see how they gel. RSL looks like the only team in the league right now that looks unbeatable. They are scary good.

    RBNY will be tough if they stay healthy. (a major problem for Henry) and Agudelo will no doubt hit a slump at some point. (all young players do. Though his bright spots have potential to be very bright)

    If nothing else comes of the deal, RBNY dumped 2 ‘sub-par/OK’ players for one very good player. Short of DeRo dying on the flight over or becoming a quadriplegic 2 seconds after stepping on the field for the first time, there is no way this is ever a bad deal made by RBNY titles or no titles.

  68. Ranger says:

    No, Tchani is still going to be a great player. He fights better in TFC’s system…Win/Win for both sides

  69. mike says:

    nasty, too good, incredible, amazing am i missing anything else???

  70. mike says:

    ill tell u how red bulls= duh winning!!!

  71. Mike says:

    I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I don’t think the squad is strong enough for the long haul of an EPL season. I think they could be competitive in the LC but ultimately lack of depth would sink them. However, for an MLS squad it is very strong.

  72. Neruda says:

    Impressive starting 11 but what happens to their record during gold cup?

    Most replacements seem like big drop offs on talent where as RSL has considerable depth at all positions.

    This has to be the closest mls version of the Yankees.

  73. shweazy says:

    the future ? i dotn think the future gives a crap about us, the only thing that matters in this trophy and thats what we want . without that trophy the future can kiss my you know wat

  74. GSScasual says:


  75. Chris says:

    it’s not easy to draw sell-outs every game. Even the Yankees don’t sell out every game. The high quality HD television broadcasts also keep people home.
    Look at the NFL. Most people would be happy staying home on Sunday afternoons and watch a bunch of games in HD rather than spend all day going to one game in the upper deck.
    If the Red Bulls stay around 20,000 for the time being, that would be fine.
    I’m not worried about it at all.
    Right now I’m watching the Mets-Marlins game. It’s their opening day and the stadium is less than half full.

  76. abc says:

    Yes but that is an awful analogy because the Marlins are getting a new stadium.

    The Red Bulls already HAVE their new stadium.
    The Marlins situation is most comparable to the Revolution or DC United: playing in an NFL stadium that doesn’t suit their sport.

  77. abc says:

    A lot of things that have 0% chance of happening would be hilarious if they did happen.

  78. allegre says:

    And don’t forget that a monster Tchani is gonna be in Europe in a couple of years, not in MLS.

  79. dk says:

    now that’s just weird

  80. Soncho says:

    beat me to it.

  81. Ben says:

    Yeah, Im guessing (hoping) he meant as a first team, and they very well might. Yes, of the course of an EPL season, they would be decimated. I can;t wait to see this first team though.

  82. Ben says:

    *over the course

  83. Mark says:

    I’m not crazy about the deal as I like Tchani a lot, but DeRo is an excellent player and he’ll fit in better with the current squad which is built to win now. Borman is a nice MLS squad player, inexpensive and versatile, and the draft pick should be a low first round pick as I’d expect NY to make the finals with this roster.

    I agree with most posters that the games against RSL will be fun to watch.

    Looking forward to seeing the team tomorrow night at RBA.

  84. ManicMessiah says:

    Five games during the month of June for the Red Bulls: the Crew, the Revs, the Timbers, the Sounders, and the Fire. I am worried, but the schedule definitely could have been harsher on paper to the team.

    As far as being the team to beat, I already thought this team needed to win MLS cup for it to be a successful season, so I guess it doesn’t change my opinion.

  85. Starks says:

    To answer the title in this post, I say absolutely the RedBulls are the team to beat in the EAST, but that was the case before this trade. Now do I think this will make them more of a threat to RSL? Yes absolutely, ONLY if they stay Healthy (I am looking at you Henry) and if Sutton or Bouna dont make silly mistakes to kill them.. I still would put RSL as the team to beat at this junction however we shall see how this RedBull team meshes as the season progresses….Can they be better then RSL? Yes I think so, but right now RSL is still tops, this from a Redbulls fan.

  86. Eugene says:

    WOW. This is going to be the BEST season in NY EVER!!!

  87. Starks says:

    +1, Miller sucks big time.

  88. Ceez says:

    Rio Tinto over RBA?! Come on kid…don’t be stupid.

  89. Snare says:

    RSL fans are very passionate (not saying that NYRB fans aren’t) and add a lot to the stadium. In fact Rio Tinto was voted 2nd most intimidating place to play in (1st being Quest Field) by MLS players. So Zacalie has a very valid and convincing point.

  90. Jose says:

    PLEASE, ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I cannot tell you how much confidence i have lost in the NYRB franchise over the past weeks. They fire a highly reputable former US national player and coach in RIchie Williams, replace him with a Norwegian friend of Hans Backe…and now they give up a 21yr old 6’4″ treasure in Tony Tchani (ask T.Henry…”a young Patrick Viera” he said of Tchani), and replace this future EPL competitor and US World Cup player for a 32yr old over-the-hill head case from Canada (last world cup??) whose highest achievement is a 2nd division team in Germany. Makes you wonder what “division” the NYRB management might qualify for…. Have to be honest, I have 0 confidence in this management and coach. I am crushed.

  91. Tyler says:

    It takes time for a team to gel and you’re snatching up players that are older although they are definitely great players. So you’re telling me that this is a win now team but in the game of soccer, success comes from chemistry and cohesion. When Jason Kreis came in to RSL and basically overhauled everything it took 2-3 years for the team to come together. They might’ve had lesser talent and arguably could still have lesser talent but no one can question their recent dominance. Snatching up aging stars and trying to make a championship team is a strategy that has been tried and failed time and time again and in 1-2 years if we optimistically predict success the star players will be well past their expiration date. A group of individual stars does not make a team. But then again I just don’t like DeRo. I’ve always loved Henry and Ream and Agudelo are going to be great. But I just have a feeling that this won’t work out that well. They’ll be good no doubt, but you can’t buy a championship.

  92. Snare says:

    An RSL-NYRB MLS Cup would be the best played and most entertaining MLS Cup in a long time. I don’t want to use the word “ever” because I have only been a fan of soccer for 4 years, but I do know we would be seeing some high quality soccer.

  93. Snare says:

    Oh, and RSL would win

  94. Joe says:

    My friend Alejandro Bedoya told me today that he just signed an MLS contract. You heard it here first.

  95. Jose says:

    And how silly does the Ballouchy trade look now? Trade a talented athletic winger in Mac Khandji for a very average Ballouchy who has not impressed and is now relegated to the bench based on this DeRosario trade (Tchani I will love your game in Europe and for the US MNT no matter who trades you!). Is anybody steering this ship? Sorry, I have to vent….it’s great that Red Bull have cash, but aren’t we looking for more? In the management and coach and direction and player selections? After all we’ve been through!!?? I guess if we look back to how the Mexican national team performed under Backe and his camp (even if he was only an assistant), we have only ourselves to blame if we are surprised.

  96. o'Grady says:

    +1, 100%

  97. Rob says:

    God I love New Yorkers. Only people on the planet to turn a good thing and make it entirely negative.

    Thank god we got an upgrade on the number 10 spot, and the management see they made A mistake with Ballouchy. They haven’t made many mistakes, but at least they aren’t stubborn enough to ignore the mistake. Go RBNY.

  98. Jose says:

    Where are you from Rob? Long term Metrostar/NYRB fans have been through a lot of bad management, and we deserve better. Thank God for questioning fans. So you like 32 yr old Canadian mnt “superstar” DeRosario over 21 yr old future US mtn Tchani. What am I missing here?
    I guess Hans and his Norwegian staff are monitoring these comments? (kidding, I think)

  99. Jose says:

    Did you really just put Rooney II and Kassel in the same thought as Tchani, Agudelo, Ream?

  100. Tim F. says:

    All of us Red Bull fans want and now fully expect the team to win the Supporters Shield and MLS Cup and the CONCACAF champions league. But before we pre-annoint them with the treble, let’s see them stay healthy because key depth just left with the trade.

    What’s frustrating to many Red Bull fans is that Soler and Backe, who have been absolutely terrific in many player decisions, unnecessarily gave up too much for De Ro.

    Also, the team is exposed for the Gold Cup, which puts more pressure on the team to start to build an unsurmountable lead beforehand. And do they have an answer to RSL or is the team further away from that answer due to less depth?

    The full effect of the trade might not be felt until a couple of years from now when Backe, and maybe even Soler, are no longer around. We’ve seen it before: acquiring Djorkaeff and Galvan Rey and parting with Pope and Clark. I fear that this may be too much about winning now but if the treble is secured then it will all be worth it. Let’s go De Ro; bring us the treble.

  101. Jose says:

    Final thought, just did some very quick research and am starting to wonder if long-term development of talent/franchise is in the DNA of this mgmt…short-term seems to be a trend. See article below. We gave up Mac, Tchani, Williams/Des…for Ballouchy, DeRosario, a Norwegian asst coach with no knowledge of MLS or american college players. Where’s the character and commitment here? Who’s to say Ream and Agudelo will not be sold for another washed up “star”?

    link to

  102. g in Bklyn says:

    If the stadium was in the 5 boros it would draw more people. Harrison is not that convenient, especially for people from Long Island. And the neighborhood around the stadium is not suberb. (yeah, I know, the Spanish Pavillion and El Pastor are awesome). Definitely not worth the trip for lots in the area. Plus there is zero local ads to build interest. Some people in NY don’t even know we have a team. I’m a rbny fan, but holding out hope for the cosmos to start playing in Willets Point, the Atlantic Yards, the west side yards or somewhere else in NYC.

  103. Rob says:

    Your right Red Bull have been awful… Horrible stadium, horrible to spend money on players, horrible to spend on our youth systems.

    DeRo was the highest scoring player on Toronto both years he was there.. Tchani is too raw, and now is able to actually play on a squads first team (which he could not beat out Tainio). Keep the crying up, and btw the Metrostars died when Red Bull took over, why hold onto a horrid past of owners who had no clue.

  104. Rob says:

    The difference is that I don’t expect Tchani to stick around this league for too long. He will be Euro bound once he gets playing time (that he wasn’t getting with the Red Bulls anyways.

    I do agree about the gold cup however.

  105. Rob says:

    And no need for my crying remark… Meant complaining Sorry

  106. Ed Dog says:

    As a Galaxy fan… that New York lineup looks bad a$$. Can’t wait to see them play.

  107. Steve T. says:

    The Backe haters are hilarious. Fellas, we just got done with JCO. Backe could sign donald duck and it would be better than what JCO brought in. When Henry, DeRo, and Marquez are done here, they will be replaced by….wait for it…..NEW SIGNINGS!

    This is a f-ing fantastic trade. We need creativity in the midfield, and DeRo brings that in spades…haters.

  108. Keith G. says:

    Anything less then a MLS Cup win is a disapointment now for the team. This team is built to win championships now, and if everyone can stay healthy they should be able to win this season, even with the Gold Cup.

    Go Red Bulls

  109. chupacabra says:

    No depth, no cup. Look for Henry to get injured a lot, Marquez to mail it in, Aguedelo to make countless rookie mistakes, and DeRo to find yet another thing to bitch about and affect his performance. Tanio and Solli’s performance will quickly fade once they run out of whatever bizarre fermented animal protein they eat (yak? reindeer?) in Finland and Norway and their new shipment gets held up in customs.

    It’s NY -they’ll always figure out a way to choke. And it’s MLS where some underachieving team from flyover country is more likely to have a hot playoff streak and win the cup.

  110. chupacabra says:

    Agudelo is as good as gone. He’ll be sold before July. His replacement will be Henrik Larsson, Martin Dahlin, or some other prehistoric fossil like Fatty Foulkes (google him). Now is a good time to invest in Red Bulls Rascal Scooters and Lifeline Medical Alerts pendants with charging bull logos (Help ref! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!)

  111. chupacabra says:

    And while I’m at it – no chemistry!

  112. Neruda says:

    I’d say that Kreis had much less to work with in SLC than Backe has had. The biggest being DP slot attraction and money. New York City has the cache to get Henry, Marquez etc. but what Kreis has done with much less is astonishing.

    NYRB had better win now though because they gave up a vital future piece in Tchani. Tchani, Agudelo, Ream and Coundoul are players to build around.

  113. The Dude says:

    I stand by my comment about this NY squad being as good as a mid-level EPL team. Compare the starting lineup of NY against, say, Blackburn, and NY would surely come out on top. The stars and experience of the Red Bulls outweighs the workhorses who play for Blackburn. It’s true that NY doesn’t have the kind of depth that it needs, because of the salary cap, but as a thought experiment, and comparing the starting 11s, NY comes out on top.

  114. Chris says:

    -1, 100%

    DeRo makes this team an instant MLS Cup favorite. Tchani wasn’t even STARTING for this team. To say he’s a future EPL competitor adn World Cup player is ridiculous. How many young guns have we seen flame out before that happened? C’mon. Get with it. We traded an MLS back-up (Borman), and a possible star (Tchani) for a player who is a solidified all-star in this league. Not to mention a player who is EXACTLY what the Red Bulls need, a creative attacking midfielder.

    You sir are plain wrong.

  115. Westie says:

    You didn’t even know who Agudelo was before he came to the Red Bulls…relax dude

  116. Oaga says:

    No, TFC will pay for him if he blows up

  117. AllState says:

    No, TFC will pay for him if he blows up…They aren’t Houston

  118. Sambuco says:

    He wasnt starting because he didnt fit the system…He will thrive in a 4-3-3.

  119. Charmio says:

    Ballouchy is now back to being the role player that he should be…a nice change of pace from De Ro. Tchani is staying in Canada…They have the ends to keep him. Get used to the new MLS, Euro…

  120. Klinsmann says:

    Nope…TFC will keep him and pay him if he is blossoms. I like this move for both sides.

  121. Lita says:

    NY only sell useless players like Lazy Out-the-door…chill back homes

  122. Blackstar says:

    That’s a lot of ifs…What if 2 of these things don’t happen? They still got Backe

  123. Shupa says:

    You are nuts, Euro… Did you see RB beat Man City last year? Imagine this year’s squad… EPL runs 6 deep…The rest is garbage

  124. Hans says:

    Better pickup than Chad Barrett, eh???

  125. Ricky B. Free says:

    I love that people are crying over tchani like he is the second coming of Messi hahaha, Derosario has 4 MLS cups u haters, Its better to take a proven and better payer than a roll the dice Tchani.

  126. Steve McSteve says:

    Roy Miller is 26.
    Joel Lindpere is 29.
    Jan Gunnar Solli is 29.
    Mehdi Ballouchy is 27.
    Luke Rodgers is 29.
    Dane Richards is 27.
    Bouna Coundoul is 29.
    Carlos Mendes is 30.

    That’s 8 guys who have started for the Red Bulls in your 26-30 range who are fixtures in the game day 18.

    And while Tim Ream may be just 23, I don’t think he’d be considered a “prospect” by MLS standards. And Agudelo may just be 18, but the guy is very promising.

    Henry, Marquez, DeRo, Tainio are in the 31-33 range…old enough to be concerned (particularly about injuries) but not old enough to write off. Guillermo Schelotto was starring in this league until he was 37!

  127. Steve McSteve says:


  128. Jeremy says:

    Lindpere is actually pretty inexpensive…want to say something like 150. RB just dumped Salou who was on 230 or something like that + took an international slot (and was utterly useless.)

  129. Rob says:

    I disagree, Toronto is a proven cheap team (and I don’t mean cheap like the Kraft Family), under paying their good players. If they can sell Tchani for a good price, Toronto will have money to keep or buy other great players.

  130. Rob says:

    they need to get either the Shield or cup IMO

  131. Ceez says:

    My fellow RBNY brothers and sisters:

    I feel the pain. I do. Tchani was still raw but EVERYONE could see how much of a beast he was turning out to be. Borman is a GREAT person and fierce competitor!! It’s sad to see them go but two things have got me relishing this trade.

    Firstly, neither Tchani nor Borman was a No. 10 type of player. Yes, we sacrificed two great pieces (as in Chess it is sometimes necessary to do) but we finally got a natural No. 10 type of player. There is NO DOUBT this was an upgrade in that position.

    Secondly, we have given up depth and that maybe come back to bit us in the a$$ later this season BUT with the amount of talent our academy has been developing, we will fill those needs through the draft and through our phenomenal youth system. We’ll be ok. Keep the faith, my brothers and sisters.

  132. Brett says:

    As Red Bulls fans will soon discover, it is not WHO is playing but HOW they play TOGETHER. Expect disappointing results.

  133. Happy Camper says:

    I approve this transfer.


  134. Tim F. says:

    It’s not entirely up to TFC. Tchani can play out his contract and leave on a free transfer.

  135. BrooklynFC says:


  136. xaqable says:

    i’d rather have 2 americans on this team than 5 on a mediocre team. did you see agudelo this past weekend? he’s indicative of the kinds of americans that are going to start to come out of the mls if teams like this start becoming the norm. i’m sick of starting donovan, howard, dempsey, and 8 fillers every international fixture.

  137. #JustSaying says:

    +1000000 these rsl fans aren’t passionate….just stupid

  138. Scott A says:

    Convenient for Long Island? ha Nowhere is convenient for Long Island but in Long Island. There is no place in the tri-state area 100% convenient for every part of the tri-state area. Harrison right off the train is pretty damn close. Something in Queens would shut off even more people.

  139. ciscokid says:

    Agree wholeheartedly. NY now has some superior talent, but we’ll have to see how good a TEAM they have. RSL is already there.

    Gonna be an interesting season

  140. RioT in progress says:

    Apparently you’re not aware of a current 36 game undefeated streak. Or the fact that these are the only home losses in the last few years:
    2010 – 0
    2009 – 1
    2008 – 1 regular season, 1 playoff

    (Plus the player’s vote mentioned below.)

  141. MikeR says:

    That certainly answers my salary cap question. Are you five years old?

  142. Joamiq says:

    I don’t understand why people are so worried about the Gold Cup. Who cares about the middle of the MLS season? Yeah, it won’t be fun, but it’s not exactly a determinative stretch as far as winning MLS Cup goes.

  143. Joamiq says:

    It’s good to see that Agudelo is turning out to be the real deal, but I’m still waiting to see Henry play like he can. Agudelo’s high workrate only highlights the fact that Henry sometimes has trouble involving himself.

    Also, I don’t think this trade really hurts the Red Bulls’s depth outside of the short term. I’m sure they can find a backup fullback.

  144. Dennis says:

    I still am &#$@*($&@#*( that they are called Red Bull New York, instead of Red Bull New Jersey. So far as I know they have never even played a game in NY!

    International call-ups will definitely hurt. I’m not sure those dates aren’t automatic losses.

  145. Martha c says:

    Big name players mean nothing. Ask the fire how many trophies Conde McBride Collins John Nery Castillo and Ljundberg won them last year…
    …. In fact the Fire are better this year.
    How many titles have Becks and Landon won together?
    No dp has ever won the cup….
    I see the Red Metros winning the trophy fir selling the most jerseys but that is all.
    Henry is always hurt and really hasn’t impressed in mls same for rafa. In fact rafa and ream are good offensively but liabilities defensively and their goalies suck.