Bedoya scores in 1-0 Orebro win

Alejandro Bedoya opened his goal-scoring account for the new Swedish League season with the winner in Orebro SK's match versus Syrianska FC on Friday, and what a goal it was.

Bedoya netted the winner in Orebro's 1-0 victory, volleying a corner kick into the side of the net after the ball bounced by a group of players. The goal gave Orebro its second win of the season in as many games. 

Here's Bedoya's game-winning goal:


What do you think of Bedoya's goal? Do you see him making the Gold Cup roster?

Share your thoughts below.

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53 Responses to Bedoya scores in 1-0 Orebro win

  1. Pope Eddie says:

    some nice skill! If only the USMNT depth extended beyond midfield and goalie.

  2. fischy says:

    Greatest goal ever scored by anyone ever. Clearly he needs to be starting for the USMNT.

  3. Ken says:

    Jozy scored but his team lost.

  4. chelskin says:

    I would have to disagree with the announcer’s claim that “Bedoya ekstung sifting mani tru lat”

  5. Carl says:

    Impressive technique. Bedoya should make the Gold Cup, and I hope he can step it up in competition after this season. The Swedish league, from what I’ve seen, is about the same level as MLS, or a little below.

    Bedoya turns 24 later this month. If he can move into a tougher league and thrives he definitely has a shot at being a key player in WC 2014.

  6. Tony in Quakeland says:


  7. Matt says:


  8. Paul C says:

    Bedoya has always been a ‘meh’ to me…but his technique on several of his goals for Orebro is really spot on.

  9. jdavids says:

    did you see the goalkeep do a somersault in madness?

  10. Andy says:

    yes. Best part.

    I’m so angry I’m gonna do a somersault! lulz

  11. Tom says:

    I agree. His performances for USMNT have left me with a distinctly average impression in my mouth. It’s good to see he can concoct something delicious like that.

  12. Ben says:


  13. Tyrone says:


  14. Tyrone says:

    I think we have to consider it a win that he finally scored.

  15. froboy says:

    haha, that was my first thought as well after seeing the video

  16. Ben says:

    Yeah, but I think it is due, in part, to him wanting to show Bradley he puts in the defensive work and defering to teammates. I definitely want to see more of him though, especially ahead of a Kljestan.

  17. Why are they playing Ghana lol.

  18. seth says:

    great goal

  19. this clip is weird. They are playing Ghana lol, random angry keeper somersault, and two firefighters cheering in the crowd.

    Is this 4chan?

  20. gimmemoremike says:

    We don’t have any room in the midfield for anyone not named Bradley.

  21. Mark says:

    I was hoping someone said something about that. That was really strange.

  22. dj voter says:


  23. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    You made me choke on my lozenge. Well played, sir.

  24. Josh D says:

    Don’t think he’s warranted it. He’s had multiple opportunities and as of yet, has not had a good game for us. He also isn’t an impact player where he can make a difference off the bench.

    The only way I see him making the team is as a winger due to Bradley’s grudge against Convey.

    I’d like to see the midfield consist of: Donovan, Dempsey, Edu, Bradley, Jones, Feilhaber, Torres, Mix, and Chandley. I’d toss a solid up and coming young MLS winger here as well after the u20 failure to give them added experience maybe Gyau or Gatt.

    Benny, Chandler and Mix can both play on the outside of a 4-4-2 as well as the usual Donovan and Dempsey.

  25. Josh D says:


  26. fischy says:


  27. Don Pelayo says:

    Holy Moley! What a finish!

  28. Micheal Bradleys warm Bench says:

    i wish i could do that than pops would be happy and tell me he loves me…

  29. Taylor says:

    people give Bedoya too much crap about his USMNT performances. he hasn’t been brilliant, but he has never really gotten a chance to play with the full A team. i think he could link well with the big boys if given the chance

  30. joel says:

    very nice goal

  31. K-Town says:

    Nice goal. I have never seen Orebro’s full kit. I think it is funny how they have a big “NA” printed across their butts. lol.

  32. Starla says:

    Would be shocking if he doesn’t leave for Eredivisie this summer or winter now when his contract is running out. The dutch pillage and plunder that league twice a year.

  33. markco says:

    Forget Bedoya’s goal, did you see the niffty somersault the goal keeper did after the goal?????

  34. Brian says:

    Nice goal. Will he make the Gold Cup though? Ehhh we’ll see. I think he will be the last guy off/on the roster. In the midfield we definitely have Donovan, Dempsey, Jones, Bradley, and Edu going ahead of him.

    I’d group Bedoya with Feilhaber, Diskerud, Kljestan Clark and Torres. Out of those five, I’d definitely pick Feilhaber over him. I don’t see Clark going, as we already have enough center mids/defensive mids. The addition of Chandler might hurt Bedoya since Chandler is a much better right wing option than him. But if Bob really wants to bring left footed winger, Bedoya has a couple things going for him: Beasley is collecting dust at Hannover, Robbie Rogers is sucking balls right now, and Bobby Convey will probably never be called up again.

  35. bob says:

    ghana 2-1 usa hahahahah

  36. Illegal Alien says:

    I hope you were not in the same camp that loved Ching and Fat Casey…..How many games did it take for fat casey to score?

  37. abc says:

    What was cooler, the little flip the goalkeeper did after the goal, or the two guys in full firefighting gear cheering in the stands

  38. abc says:

    Best comment of the week, possibly of the month.

  39. abc says:

    Why do random anti-Bradley comments like this always pop up. Bradley did well in Netherlands and Germany. Now he’s not playing but he’s on a good team in the top league in the world.
    How does Sweden compare to any of those three leagues? How does Sweden compare to MLS?

  40. Brian says:

    Right now I’d say this is the breakdown for the Gold Cup Roster:

    LOCKS (16)
    GK(2): Howard, Hahnemann
    DEF(6): Cherundolo, DeMerit, Bocanegra, Onyewu, Chandler, Ream
    MID(5): Donovan, Dempsey, Bradley, Jones, Edu
    FW(2): Altidore, Agudelo

    DEF(2): Lichaj, Spector (won’t be a starter, but his versatility makes him a near lock)
    MID(1): Feilhaber
    FW(2): Buddle, Bunbury

    GK: Yelldell, Rimando, Johnson, Guzan (wedding?)
    DEF: Loyd, Bornstein, Pearce, Whitbread, Goodson (toe, emergence of Ream & re-emergence of DeMerit)
    MID: Bedoya, Kljestan, Clark, Diskerud, Torres
    FW: Gomez, Wondolowski

    So if Bob takes all the guys I consider to be locks, and all the guys that I consider to be near-locks (Yes I think Bob will take 4 forwards) and one more goalkeeper, then there is only one more spot left. So does Bob use that last spot to take a winger like a Bedoya? Or another left back option (besides Bocanegra) in Loyd, Pearce, or Bornstein? Or does he use it to take Goodson? Or perhaps he goes with Kljestan or Diskerud?

  41. chris says:

    Too soon

  42. running trains says:

    great goal, anyone notice the goalies somersault after being scored on there

  43. Hush says:

    MLS is no where near the Swedish league my dude. If you compared that leagues players to our MLS players you will see that there talent is by far superior and young. The Swedish like the Turkish play wonderful technical soccer that the MLS still hasn’t caught on. There is a reason why Bedoya makes our squad and not an MLS’er. My two cents.

  44. Hush says:

    “Sometsault” one more time and I’m going to hit someone with a football in the noogies! We get it already, he over reacted…

    Anyways, nasty goal by Bedoya. Let’s keep it up this whole weekend.

  45. StevenG says:


  46. StevenG says:


  47. Brett says:

    I’m okay if he gets a call over Kljestan and that extra CB that Bob always calls.

  48. GW says:

    Just a minor dissent.

    BB can take Jozy, Juan, and Teal and still have Dempsey as an option at forward. All four of those guys are more useful than Buddle (unless he suddenly catches fire between now and then). That gives BB an extra position to play with.

    In fact,if Teal tails off he could just take Jozy and Juan and use Donovan as his fourth forward.

  49. GW says:

    For what it’s worth UEFA ranks the European leagues for seeding purposes.

    “This coefficient is determined by the results of the clubs of the leagues in UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League games over the past five seasons.”

    England, Spain, Germany and Italy are #1 thru #4.

    Turkey is #10, Denmark is #12, Belgium is#13, Scotland is #15, Norway is # 26 and Sweden is #28.

    This tells me that Sweden produces talent but the teams are comparatively weak.

    It would be interesting to see how Orebro would do in MLS.

  50. GW says:

    Has Convey been tearing up MLS at LB?

    I’ve watched him since his DC United days and he is a far better midfielder/winger than he is left back. I have a hard time seeing him as a better left back than Boca, especially since Convey has only played left back in MLS ( he played midfield at Reading) while Boca has done it regularly at a much higher level. As back ups, Loyd, Shea or even Robbie Rogers would make a lot more sense to me. From what I remember about Convey at DC he was, to put it mildly, not the greatest guy to have around.

    “I’d toss a solid up and coming young MLS winger here as well after the u20 failure to give them added experience maybe Gyau or Gatt.”

    I don’t think either of them are in MLS. Also you are willing to waste a spot on the Gold Cup roster? The USSF has made it pretty clear how badly they want to win the Gold Cup and tournament football requires every man on the roster to be able to contribute right now, not in 2014. As promising as Gyau or Gatt may be they haven’t done a thing yet.

    Why do you want Torres in there? He and Benny seem redundant and Benny has played better than Torres in his US career.

  51. dan says:


  52. Brian says:

    I think he’ll at least take 3. No way he just takes just Jozy and Juan. Personally, I’d take Buddle too for a total of 4 forwards, but a little disclaimer, I am a Galaxy fan.

  53. donttreadonme says:

    Wow. That was crispy.