Bedoya scores in Orebro loss to Gefle

  AlejandroBedoya (

U.S. national team midfielder Alejandro Bedoya found the net again, scoring in Orebro's 3-2 loss to Gefle today. The goal didn't prevent the loss, but Bedoya did score a pretty sweet goal.

Here is Bedoya's second goal in two weeks: 

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56 Responses to Bedoya scores in Orebro loss to Gefle

  1. Illegal Alien says:

    I dont know if it was “sweet,” but it was good nonetheless.

  2. spencer says:

    it was a smooth finish, quick trap and shot, he didn’t give them time to react, normally people take longer to get a shot off.

  3. Will-SBI says:

    Yea it was good. I think it was actually sweet, since it’s probably very hard to judge if/when the ball was coming to him, from his perspective, at least (it was almost headed by the player in front of him). Then to chest down and kick (one-time it?) it while the ball was coming in at a high speed. That’s great skill that is. In my opinion.

  4. B1879 says:

    Is it mugshot day or something? :)

    (SBI-Yep. Mugshot day. Haha)

  5. dan c says:

    damn it b! my comment was gonna be: “now turn to your left please”

  6. Illegal Alien says:

    You are right, that was a brilliant anticipation and finish. I lost my mind for a few minutes. Thanks for answering!

  7. Taylor says:

    he has shown pretty nice technique in his last few goals. i’m including his left-footed cracker in preseason too. all around, he looks like he is stepping his game up this season, i’d love to see him get a move to a better league soon

  8. Will-SBI says:

    No prob.

  9. jonk says:

    Yeah, while you can certainly question the quality level of the Swedish league, his last 2 goals have been clinical finishes and would have been highly praised no matter what the league.

  10. Firestarter says:

    He should start over Dempsey in the Gold Cup.

  11. bob says:

    always loved the fake bicycle set play.

  12. Citronomics says:

    Composed finish, especially the chest trap. Would like to see Bedoya move to Holland and guessing Eredivisie clubs scout the Swedish league heavily.

  13. Bilo Sagdeyev says:

    he has not done one single thing to impress me for the Nats. Chandler has his job at RM assuming Dolo stays healthy…and even if he doesnt the RM/RB combo of Chandler-Lichaj is very exciting.

    Bedoya= USA B teamer right now …sorry

  14. A wise man once says:

    Nice goal, though the commentator didn’t seem to care much.

  15. A wise man once says:


  16. jig says:

    who are you apologizing to? Bedoya?

  17. Firestarter says:

    Sorry, bad sarcasm… I agree with the fact that he is on the bubble to even be at the Gold Cup. Not going to displace any starters, let alone Dempsey.

  18. abc says:

    Love the quickness with which he got the shot off, very nice.

  19. r.benjamin says:

    Good quickness in the box with these last two goals.. Keep it up Ale’

  20. dth says:

    Man’s having a hell of a contract year…so far.

  21. John.q says:

    To his brother and avid Bedoya fan borat sagdeyez

  22. dan says:

    Darn where’s the firefighters in the crowd and the goalie doing flips?

  23. mbw says:

    Is he still playing on the wing? Or has he moved centrally?

  24. Brian says:

    LOL the bicycle kick was the perfect distraction!

  25. Soccernst says:

    Digging the Allsvenskan logo card in these clips. Scandinavian leagues may be lower in the European pecking order, but their design is top of the heap!

  26. Primoone says:

    Make no mistake…it was sweet. It’s easier to hit the ball at full force on frame from about 45 yards than it is to do what he did…in traffic and place it in the corner.

  27. offcolorcommentary says:

    And queue SBI Bedoya hysteria… it’s like you guys are his agents the way you’re pimping him. i can only conclude based on his underwhelming play with the Nats that the Swedish league is pretty bad.

  28. Superstar says:

    He would add some nice young, attacking talent to MLS. A team should make a move if he keeps it up….Adu also

  29. Superstar says:

    Forget Holland…Come home

  30. Superstar says:

    He showed nice hustle and more attacking skill than most….He needs more caps

  31. jayrig5 says:

    No chance that happens…financial disparity is far too great for a player like Bedoya. No MLS team would make him a DP, so he’d be caught in limbo. He’s only, what, 23? 24? And he’s built a career in Europe? Why in the world would he come back to MLS at this point? It’s different from Feilhaber/Adu, who have kicked around and struggled for minutes for various reasons.

  32. jayrig5 says:

    Plus he almost made the World Cup roster while playing for Orebro, so it’s not like it would improve his USMNT prospects or anything. He’s not invisible over there.

  33. Yamm says:

    He always play as one of three central midfielders for Örebros 4-3-3 formation. His style is that of a box-to-box midfielder and not really a winger.

  34. Yamm says:

    Bedoya comment on the quality of the swedish league vs. mls in this video clip:

    link to

  35. bryan says:

    great 3 part interview!

  36. David says:

    Vintage finish . . . need a better celly though bro!

  37. B1879 says:

    I agree, I was also referring to the Alhassan photo from the previous post.

  38. MicahK says:

    To bad he cannot score for the national team.

    (SBI-Too bad you can’t stop hating on the dude. It’s like you have a one-year lease on his jock. LOL)

  39. Eric says:

    Haters gonna hate Ives.

  40. MicahK says:

    SBI and Eric what is their to hate on

    -___- ? He scored a goal; good for him. He has not had any big accomplishments in his career. I will get off Bedoya when he starts to do something for the national team and stay consistent for club and country. As of now he is still in the dog house in my book.

    (SBI-Micah, when you go out of your way to say something negative about the kid anytime he’s even mentioned, that’s being a hater. It’s bordering on trolling to be honest because you bring nothing to the conversation but negativity, even if he actually does something good. It’s gotten old already.)

  41. MicahK says:

    Okay, that is very inappropriate SBI. You told me to grow up on here when I made a harmless roast on Agudelo, lol. The Pot calling the kettle Black. Please, take your own advice.

    (SBI-Not even close to the same thing Micah. I suggest you move on. Find something else to talk about besides how much you think Bedoya is terrible.)

  42. Honestly, F bedoya

    I can not stand any player that thinks he is above playing in MLS, That practical joke really irked me. I will forever dislike bedoya and gomez for playing those practical jokes. Both players would be average at best in MLS and Gomez has already proved that. bedoya is nowhere near as good as Dane Richards, YEA I SAID IT!!!!! Dane Richards would straight eat up bedoya.

  43. VMan says:

    What is Bedoya’s best position? Have only seen him used as an outside mid in the US system, and I have never been impressed. Always seems more in the middle of things with his club team. Is he more of an attacking mid than a winger or forward?

  44. MicahK says:

    He is I do not see why you like him so much he is not a good player he was not even on the radar as a youth player for U-17’s, U-20’s,or U-23’s. Notice ? I said he scored a goal good for him I was not being sarcastic SBI, I really meant that. It is good he is scoring. Americans need to be scoring.

  45. MicahK says:

    His best position is bench warmer.

  46. MicahK says:

    When you hate I consider a jealous aspect to be paired with that. I am no need jealous of Bedoya. He is garbage and should not rep that nats with his poor ball handling and possesion. He is a turn over machine. I get so ticked cause I am tired of him getting called up and not doing nothnig for the nats except moving like a flopping fish out of water.

  47. Mo says:

    Actually this clip is from a recap so it’s not a live announcer. Man I know us swedes have a reputation for being a bit stiff but sheesh.

    Actually the commentator refers to it as a “Fine cross by Patrick Hage (?) with the wrong foot and then a perfect finish by Bedoya.”

    Also you may just have been kidding considering we also seem to have a hard time with sarcasm :)

  48. Empty Bucket says:

    How many games has he even gotten with the national team? 3? Can’t believe how much people like to diss this guy.

    Sure he’s been underwhelming the last couple outings but I remember him being pretty impressive against Holland and last time I checked they made the WC Final?

    He’s young but obviously has talent. A move to a better league, (which seemingly is coming soon enough) will make him a more consistent player and better enable him to produce results like these for the NATS.

  49. A wise man once says:


  50. A wise man once says:

    😡 my bad I didn’t know this was a recap.

  51. A says:

    I thought I was a troll.

  52. MicahK says:

    Get educated on what a troll is please ? Because, I am not a troll. My post do belong on here. -___-

  53. MicahK says:

    Try 7. He has been given 7 tries and failed all 7 times. -___-

  54. bort says:

    are you this much of a downer about everything? or did bedoya make fun of your mama or something? if you dislike him so much go to another thread

  55. MicahK says:

    He blows big time. You all are blind if you all think he is any good, If Bedoya was so good why did he not make the world cup team over a 70 % Stuart Holden? It annoys me he is given multiple tries and does nothing I am fed up with it. He scores a goal and now everyone wants to call him up. He scored in the Swedish league not the EPL, or La Liga he scored in the Swedish league. -___-