Bruin’s hat-trick leads Dynamo past D.C. United


The Houston Dynamo offense had struggled to generate goals for much of the 2011 season, but the cure for the lack of scoring came in the form of the D.C. United defense, which provided little resistance on Friday night.

Dynamo rookie Will Bruin scored a hat-trick to help lift the Dynamo to a 4-1 thrashing of D.C. United at Robertson Stadium.

Bruin opened the scoring off a beautiful pass from Geoff Cameron, before heading home a Brad Davis cross to make the score 2-1 before halftime. Bruin and Cam Weaver added second-half tallies to send D.C. to a second straight blowout loss.

The night saw the return to action of Brian Ching, who came on as a second-half sub after having missed four matches with a rib injury. Houston also debuted new signings Je-Vaugh Watson and Koke.

The win improved Houston to 3-1-3 and increased the Dynamo's unbeaten streak to six matches. D.C. United fell to 2-4-1.

Here are the match highlights.

What did you think of Houston's performance? Think Will Bruin is the favorite for Rookie of the Year? See D.C. United's defense turning it around?

Share your thoughts below.

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58 Responses to Bruin’s hat-trick leads Dynamo past D.C. United

  1. Tim F. says:

    The Dynamo’s fourth goal was particularly brutal; I don’t think I have ever seen that in youth soccer let alone professional soccer and I’m not joking.

    The Dynamo look strong since they did all the damage with Watson, Koke and Ching on the bench, the three of whom could be among the strongest players on the team. Houston will be a force in the East. Houston, we have liftoff.

  2. AlexS says:

    Too early to start the Brad Davis for MVP campaign?

  3. correction says:

    Watson’s debut was last week in Chicago.

  4. bob says:

    dag gummit, was planning on picking Bruin up this week in MFLS. but no had way too much work to do and didn’t have time. Bunbury owes me big tomorrow.

  5. Drew says:

    So who does Houston play at forward now with Bruin, Koke, Ching, and the other guy that has been playing for them?

    Good problem to have!

  6. PetedeLA says:

    Uh… why didn’t Pontius get that penalty?

    I blame Unicef!

  7. Darryl says:

    So…why isnt bruin getting a look at for the USMNT?

  8. Dougs says:

    pontius seems like the only real offensive threat om DC but Olsen has him playing win and taking long throw-ins. Puzzling.

  9. Jeff Awesome says:

    I think you were right about Houston improving this year Ives. I didn’t think they would. Do you think Will Bruin is a future national teamer?

  10. Drew says:

    He is less than 10 games into his rookie season. Tonight he was awesome sure, but lets slow down the all to common USMNT forward of the month hype machine.

    But as an IU student I sure as hell hope he makes it there one day!

  11. Nationalistic American says:

    Anything good for our National team is good for me, let Bruin continue to develop for another 2-3 yrs, then send him across the pond if necessary to gain more experience, he obviously has potential to be a decent striker. Nice to here more American soccer news, tired of hearing about the Mex league and Europe, other than Dempseys positive success, nice to here just general domestic league news. :)

  12. Nationalistic American says:

    Peole do not bring on the the hype machine after seven games.


  13. kent says:

    Same here. Bruin’s on my bench with a nice hat trick of points wasted!

    I’m expecting Teal to give me 6 goals tomorrow. He owes me.

  14. qax says:


  15. qax says:

    he’s a good finisher, but I didn’t see a first touch consistent enough to make a mark at the international level. not yet anyway…

  16. 20 says:

    I had to choose between Bruin and Bunbury and I chose Teal! whyyy

  17. Jimi says:

    La Koke Nostra should be in the midfield once they start playing some decent teams.

  18. 20 says:

    why did i bench bruin why

  19. Frank says:

    Better than Lay Out-the -do, that’s fo sho’

  20. Pop Lop says:

    They havent played anybody yet…

  21. Jakob says:

    stope listening to the Suro and Eurosnobs…

  22. Sinto says:

    That tackle by Jerkovic was disgusting…and no red? Where is the crackdown MLS??? Get it together!

  23. Math Match says:

    Because Lazy Out-the-door’s is so great!

  24. aaaaa says:

    Doesn’t get much better than seeing DC face down in the back alley in a pool of its own piss

  25. Spirit of '96 says:

    An unfortunate loss. DC controlled the run of play and had the better of the game. Four bad plays cost them. This is a great team with great tradition. If some of those fouls against Charlie Davies had been called, the result would have been different.

  26. bubbles says:

    more importantly this shows that red bulls win last week wasn’t so much red bull being awesome as dc being terrible. might want to reign in the red bull hype until they play another team with a real defense.

  27. glaing says:

    Asking myself the same question.

  28. Older & Wiser says:

    Can one have “negative success?”

  29. Matt S says:

    And just shows how even more pathetic Toronto is for losing to DC 2 weeks ago

  30. JoeW says:

    Great result by Houston. But it’s funny hearing the shout-outs for Bruin on the NT. This game was more about DCU being extremely soft inside and letting themselves be pushed around (and I don’t mean to imply Houston was dirty, only that corners and goals in congested play require men–regardless of your age or gender). Houston had ’em and DCU didn’t. As a result, you get a very distorted score. Bruin has a nice upside. But he’s not even close to ready for NT and arguably he never will be (though that’s too soon to judge). What he showed tonight is that when he’s given space, not challenged in the air, and not required to muscle for chances in the box, he can finish the service he receives. That’s not a great test of skill for international level.

  31. qax says:

    This. I’m a Dynamo fan and I hope Bruin becomes a nats-quality forward. From what I’ve seen so far though, he’s an effective MLS player but still well behind the other forwards in the USMNT pool.

  32. H-town says:

    1) you are making the same type of extreme statement as everyone else as far as Bruin and the USMNT, just the opposite. Pot, meet kettle.

    2) You didn’t watch the game if you didn’t see Bruin out-muscling everyone, including Boswell (his own teammate) to get to balls. He fought for better position on his 2nd goal, and out jumped/muscled everyone on his 3rd. He made a great run on his first.

  33. Berlin says:

    Haha. You must be on DC’s payroll.

  34. elgringorico says:

    Alright I’m a DCU fan and have been giving the benefit of the doubt up until this match. The back line was horrible, they’re so young and have a lot of development. That final goal was inexcusable. Sometimes it looked like the midfield were trying to pass it to Houston. Poor service up top.

    Sure, there should have been a PK that could have changed the game, but even then…. we got worked.

  35. Jcr says:

    The Red Bulls win was in DC which is far different, DC’s play was also far better in that game and on top of that that win for the Red Bulls came on the heels of a 3-0 win against San Jose.

    Although still a little too early to make a good judgement

  36. CT says:

    You must have seen a different game than me. I was in the stadium last night and DC was NEVER in the game. Hou won nearly all of the 50-50 balls and the balls in the air. Davies was effectively bottled up. At the game it definitely felt like 2006-2007 again.

  37. John says:

    DCU needs a real holding midfielder. Seriously. Maybe they should try Branko in the creator role and Dax as a holding mid (I know it’s not his primary position, but they got bossed last night from my perspective). Also…Kitchen needs some help on that back line. He’ll be good in the future for sure, but he’s only 19 playing against 6’4″ strikers who have probably 20 lbs. of muscle on him. I’ve never been impressed with Jakovic, and that was reinforced last night. He’s got the positioning sense of a newborn kitten.

    I like Bruin, but we need to see more from him in terms of touch. Otherwise, he could be Connor Casey 2.0…although he already has a better work rate.

  38. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    Clark went off in the 20th minute with a claf injury.

  39. Rowsdower says:

    “At the game it definitely felt like 2006-2007 again.”

    Exactingly my thoughts.. A great feeling!

  40. Eurosnob says:

    As a DCU fan, I have to disagree. DCU had the worst game of the season and they were consistently out-hustled and and out-muscled by Dynamo. A narrow field was a factor, but I think 4-1 result accurately reflected the flow of the game. DCU should consider playing more physical Ethan White as one of his centerbacks in the games when they have to face bruising forwards.

  41. chop says:

    You can forget Branko in the creator role – torn ACL from the Open Cup match on Wednesday. Team was informed about it just before kick-off. Not saying that had anything to do with the limp effort, but it certainly didn’t help.

    Please stop with the Bruin love. Yes, he did well to get the goals but better defending and Bruin’s chances are snuffed out with ease. You think Marquez or any other competent defender in CONCACAF would allow Bruin such easy access to goal?

    Consider the level and ineptitude of the opponent on that given day before crowning anyone the next great US player, which is a myth anyway..

    well done Houston, you took advantage of a team that is down on itself and put them away. That is what is expected of good teams.

  42. hogatroge says:

    I too think it’s a little early to take up that call, but as a Houston fan I am very happy by some of the things I’ve seen.

    A hat trick by any measure is pretty badass, but I was particularly impressed by the long, angled shot he made against Vancouver after sprinting for a loose ball and beating the keeper.

  43. hogatroge says:

    Najar looked great on the ball last night, but fortunately (for my team at least) nobody was there for him to connect with.

  44. hogatroge says:

    Um… New York and Seattle are apparently nobody?

  45. hogatroge says:

    Are you serious? Maybe you’re talking about that unfortunate Rockets @ Wizards game from November.

    DCU was only in the game for about 5 minutes right after half.

  46. chris says:

    Marquez blows

  47. A wise man once says:

    DC usually plays well, like they did against the Red Bulls, but their defense needs to stop making stupid mistakes! (like they did against the Dynamo)

  48. fischy says:

    On my bench, too. Didn’t get around to making any changes this week.

    I had the brains to select Bruin before htt season started, but it doesn’t do me an good when he’s on the bench.

  49. marco says:

    Will Bruin get the job done. I say cap him

  50. Frenchy says:

    Simple, it wasn’t a penalty. Sitting behind the goal for that one.

  51. Coop says:

    Don’t forget Jermaine Taylor.

  52. Coop says:

    Come on, Henry went off in that game.

  53. Dancy says:

    The US doesn’t value players who can actually trap and hold a ball. We like fast moderately skilled players that look occasionally dangerous. After last night Bruin has done more than Agudelo in MLS. Plus aerial ability is completely wasted when no one can server a decent cross.

  54. Jose M. says:

    I am going to sign Will Bruin

  55. GW says:

    “The US doesn’t value players who can actually trap and hold a ball.”

    Until you wrote that I never realised that Dempsey and Donovan couldn’t do that.

  56. GW says:

    On those goals, the DC United defense might have had trouble stopping your high school team (the one you played on).

    Bruin took his goals well but he was served up the ball on a silver platter three times.

    Spector or Boca probaly would have scored all three of those goals had they been in the same place.

    So it’s a bit early to start claiming he’s better than Agudelo let alone good enough for the USMNT.

  57. GW says:

    If there was someone to help Dax it might make a big difference.

    Simms and him seem to be on two different fields.

    And Fred seems pretty toothless.

  58. GW says:

    Well, I saw the game. Bruin played well and took his goals well but saying he should play for the USMNT is way premature.

    United’s defense on those goals was horrible and seemed less about Houston’s ability than about a total breakdown in DC’s communication. Clearly DC’s back four have a lot of work to do to get to know each other. And, as has been pointed out elsewhere, he was set up beautifully.

    You should give him some time to build up more of a resume before you start anointing him as the next Conor Casey.