Dubious Davies PK salvages D.C. draw vs. LA


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WASHINGTON – With each passing game, Charlie Davies makes it harder and harder for D.C. United coach Ben Olsen to keep him on the bench.

Davies'  remarkable comeback story saw another notable chapter written Saturday, as the D.C. striker earned and converted a 90th-minute penalty kick to help his side steal a 1-1 draw against the Los Angeles Galaxy at RFK Stadium.

Davies collected a pass inside the penalty area from fellow substitute Branko Boskovic and took on Galaxy defender Omar Gonzalez. After doing a step-over and touching the ball toward the end line, Davies tried to push past Gonzalez and tumbled to the turf after some mild contact with the centerback's forearm.

Referee Abiodun Okulaja pointed to the spot, and Davies calmly placed his penalty kick down the middle as goalkeeper Donovan Ricketts dived to his right, knotting the score for United (1-2-1) and giving himself a league-leading four goals (three PKs) on the young MLS season.

"I knew I was going down the middle the whole time," Davies said. "Ricketts is a big guy. I know he's pretty quick and he's going to get to a corner. I knew down the middle, he's going to be vulnerable, and it worked out."

The questionable call split opinions between the two locker rooms, as one would expect, and Galaxy midfielder Jovan Kirovski was ejected at the final whistle as he continued to share words with Okulaja.

"Every time I'm one on one, I'm going to go at you," Davies said. "I was able to take a good step-over and get by Omar, but he put his arm up and knocked me off balance. That's a penalty."

Said Galaxy coach Bruce Arena: "Well, the officiating in this league is what it is. Unfortunately, we're all conditioned to it now anyway and accept it."

One thing is for certain: Davies, who missed a league match last weekend and a U.S. Open Cup tilt Wednesday with a groin injury, isn't going to retain his role as a supersub much longer.

The 24-year-old has entered at halftime or shortly thereafter and scored in each of his three appearances for United this season, his first top-flight matches since suffering major injuries in an October 2009 car accident. At this point, his emergence in the starting 11 seems eminent.

"I know he's chomping at the bit to get the start," Olsen said. "It's great. I wouldn't be happy either if I wasn't starting. Give him credit — he came in and he gave us a big play. And that's what he has been doing for us off the bench."

Davies' tally came with United down a man, as midfielder Santino Quaranta saw his second yellow card for a challenge on Gonzalez minutes before.

The Galaxy (2-1-2) took its lead in the 12th minute. Mike Magee, an active force on the left flank throughout the contest, skied to connect with an exquisite corner from midfielder David Beckham and nod his shot past United goalkeeper Bill Hamid, who saw his first minutes of the season after recovering from offseason shoulder surgery.

It was an eventful match for Beckham, who slid into central midfield to fill in for the suspended Chris Birchall. In addition to serving in dangerous set pieces to relentless boos from the D.C. faithful, Beckham also went in for several hard challenges and picked up his fourth yellow card of the season for an ugly tackle on United forward Josh Wolff late in the first half.

And his presence had a noticeable effect on the D.C. attendance: 26,622, an increase of more than 8,000 from United's home opener against the Columbus Crew.

Some of those fans were disappointed, however, that the Galaxy played without captain Landon Donovan, who was held out as a precautionary measure with a bruised knee. Despite his absence, the Galaxy was in good position to enjoy a tough road victory.

"I felt we deserved the game," Beckham said. "There's no reason why we shouldn't be walking away from this stadium tonight with three points."

After replacing rookie Blake Brettschneider in the 53rd minute, Davies almost immediately began harassing the well-organized Los Angeles back line with his pace. He nearly broke through in the 67th minute when he accelerated past Galaxy defender Leonardo and advanced in on goal, but his touch was a heavy one and Ricketts charged from his net to beat him to the ball.

"I'll go 95 [minutes]," Davies said of his fitness. "I'm ready. I want to play every minute. That's why I came to D.C. United — to play and get all the time I can. Coming off the bench is OK in the beginning. Of course, I haven't played in a year and a half, so you want to ease me in. But at this point, I feel I'm ready to go. I think I can really help this team if I get more minutes."

Although Davies' last-gasp equalizer might make the draw seem like a favorable result for the home side, Olsen wasn't satisfied with his team's play, fingering a poor possession game for United's needing a late goal just to get a result.

"I'm happy we battled back and found a way to get a tie, but overall it's not good enough," Olsen said. "And that starts with me. I think we may be fortunate tonight. And I'll take the blame for that. That's it — that's how I look at it. We've got some work to do."

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118 Responses to Dubious Davies PK salvages D.C. draw vs. LA

  1. scott47a says:

    Diver Down!

  2. J Dog says:

    Nothing about Davies shameless dive? I am no longer a Davies fan, along with most objective obeservers

  3. KEEP says:

    he dusted that clown…stop bitching

  4. K-Town says:

    I didn’t know Davies was PADI certified.

    I really like you Davies, and I want the best for you. I know that you “had to do what you had to do” for your team to get a point, but please don’t make diving your new thing. That looked horrible.

  5. HoBo says:

    I’m a Davies fan but that dive was crap. Blame the ref for giving DC the PK. Galaxy should have had 3 points.

  6. Zig says:

    Really, Ives? “Taken down”…? C’mon. Stop sippin’ that black and red Kool Aid. I’d be disappointed in Chuck D, but the boy probably did his scouting. ABI OKULAJA — FAT AND STUPID. Always has been, always will. “Referee of the Year” is a funny award in our league.

  7. HoBo says:


  8. J Dog says:

    It was Thomas Floyd, we have to at least blame the correct person. But no mentioning the dive is too much

  9. Keep says:

    Pretty sure he knew what he was doing son…

  10. Petaluman says:

    Quakes fan here. Davies should have a got a yellow. Total dive.

  11. Edwin in Los Angeles says:

    Doesn’t take away from the fact that he dove. I said earlier to a friend Omar should know better than to put his arm stretched on a speedy smaller guy especially when on the road, but he dove.

    And I’m not even sure he should of, yes he beat him but it was a very hard angle all Omar had to do was slide too try to close down his shot/cross angle.

    DC was very lucky, that was not a PK! Great crowd though and that is why the rest of MLS needs to fill stadiums and get SSS, it affects games believe it or not!

  12. In other positive US striker news, Herculez Gomez scored for Pachuca a few minutes ago!

  13. jonk says:

    Well, all the goodwill Davies had built up among MLS fans just went out the window.

  14. Tyler says:

    We saw several bad calls in this match. Becks should have been red-carded in the first for a reckless challenge and instead only saw yellow. Santino’s second yellow was also debatable so all in all the 1-1 result seems fair to me. Yea Davies took advantage of the situation but who wouldn’t if they were out there in the 88′-90’? Don’t blame him like he’s done something wrong, this is 2011 people, it’s part of the game. An ugly part that needs to be exterminated, but part of the game nonetheless

  15. puta madre!!!! No, Gomez with a brace against Chiapas!!

  16. Phillip says:

    Earn’s is a bit of a stretch, stole is more accurate, can you guys update the title please?

  17. Mls Ref says:

    Santino should have been sent off for his flying double elbow to Juninho, so justice was served there.

  18. KEEP says:

    I agree……he did his thing to get the call. Sucks but its part of the game, he’s smart…and it was a f’n electric crowd

  19. K-Town says:


  20. JoeW says:

    I think the PK call was soft. It did seem legit to me–Gonzalez puts out an arm to Davies’ shoulder so you can call it but it could have easily not been whistled either. And the 2nd yellow card to Quaranta (to put DCU down a man) seemed just as weak to me.

  21. Drew says:

    Charlie Davies for designated pk taker for the USMNT!

  22. K-Town says:

    I was just saying yesterday that I hope Gomez and the rest of the forwards start scoring because the extra competition Agudelo and Bunbury have brought seems to have gotten Jozy going. It would be nice if at least two or three USMNT forwards started scoring on a regular basis for their clubs.

  23. soccer chica says:


  24. steve-o says:

    United fan here. He dove, rather poorly. Sadly, part of the game. I’d like to think they all even out over time.

  25. K-Town says:

    First, he has to get back to the USMNT. Second, I don’t want to see divers. Count me as someone that would rather see the Nats lose than win because of diving. I know that is probably not the popular opinion.

  26. Mike says:

    I think Donovan has that post on lock down.

  27. Tyler says:

    Great point, but this is the MLS my friend, the league where bad/missed calls happen and we as the fans have to deal with it. It’s not like international refs are much better.. They complain about it in every nation that cares even an inkling about soccer. Simply put Koman Coulibaly’s (aka He Who Must Not Be Named) of football exist everywhere

  28. Edwin in Los Angeles says:

    If anyone is going to get the goal to screw my beloved Galaxy out of a goal and 3 full points and steal one for his team in heroic fashion, it should be Charlie Davies, if Davies, Agudelo, Bunburry all keep scoring in MLS and Jozy builds after finally getting one for Bursaspor yesterday then Gold Cup will look full of potential as far as FW options for the USMNT! So if anyone was going to do it and score, I’m glad it was CD9!

    Now if only Buddle would start scoring again and Mwanga will get his Mojo back, although he did get the game winning assist in a perfect lay over pass to Torres to beat NYRB today after stealing the ball off the Ream blunder….

    Get it together Adu, keep scoring and assisting get your squad to Turkey’s top division and get on the 2012 Olympic U-23 team!

  29. Tyler says:

    Whether or not Gonzalez made contact with him is undeniable. In reality, if he was defending Charlie properly he would have never had the need to put make contact with him using his arms, thus giving Charlie the opportunity to use the situation to his advantage. And to that guy who said he’d rather see the Nats lose than dive: Are you nuts lol!

  30. jonk says:

    You make a good point. But Davies didn’t do himself any favors in the eyes of the viewing audience by flinging his legs out from under himself in such dramatic fashion.

  31. Edwin in Los Angeles says:

    Mad props for you guys on the crowd, keep filling that entire lower bowl and try to do even better when NY comes to town, why not right? And wouldn’t hurt if you guys got as many away fans to RFK as possible either? Red Bulls had about 500 fans at PPL tonight. Philly could probably bring about a good 1000?

    Force those damn bureaucrats to get you guys a stadium worthy of the WINNINGEST TEAM in ALL of MLS! And I’m a die hard Galaxy fan who suffered in 96 after having the game for most of the 90 up in Foxborough.

    A nice 30K stadium would be proper, 32K perfect, 35K+ Dreamy I know it would be hard to fill it consistently but still…. Lets hope for a 25-30K place, maybe 25K with easy expansion to 32 and future expansion probability?

  32. Champions of England says:

    I’m sure Davies will be disappointed to lose you as a fan.

    Just out of mild curiosity, is there anyone that you are currently a fan of. I mean if it only takes breaking the rules once for you to stop liking a player you must be running out of players to cheer for.

  33. K-Town says:

    Yes, I must be nuts. I HATE seeing people dive in soccer. Play the game straight up. If you are not good enough to win, you are not good enough. To me the whole point of competition in sports is to play a fun game we all love and to see which side is “better”.

    If my team has to resort to diving, any victory as a result would have an empty feeling. I would rather see my team play with passion, and the right way for the full 90. That way, win or lose I could be proud of them.

    I guess what I am saying is that to me, sports and competition are not about winning or losing, but about seeing the character of individuals and teams when they are faced with adversity.

    Everyone else can feel free to disagree with me. That is perfectly fine. This is only my opinion.

  34. spencer says:

    You can’t put out your arm, but shameful dive by Davies, what is this 4 goals now with 3 being pk’s. You kind of want to be excited because of the amount of goals but then you see they are pk’s and its really nothing special.

  35. indeeeeeeeeeeeed says:

    Yeah, can’t believe there isn’t even a hint of controversy in the write-up. It certainly wasn’t earned, it was manufactured.

  36. Kaiser says:

    Part of the game? Its the worst part of the game!!! I love soccer except for the diving little biatches like Davies.

  37. Tyler says:

    Well said, I respect your opinion and when you quantify it in those terms, I kind of agree with you. I don’t know anyone who likes diving or players who dive, but I guess I have resigned myself to the fact that it happens in this day and age

  38. Kaiser says:

    So I knew Davies had his bladder lacerated in the accident, but I had no idea he lost hi testicles, too.

    Seriously, dude needs to grow a pair and stop playing like a little girl.

    (Know I’ll catch hell for posting this, but it needed to be said.)

  39. ga-gone says:

    Nice dive, D-bag.

  40. Drew says:

    Obviously kidding because, if Davies doesn’t dive and earns the pk, SBI boards would have a meltdown about Davies returning to the national team when he hasn’t done anything yet to warrant that other than bang in a few pks.

  41. Mike says:

    You guys crack me up. First of all, I would like to say I am not a Davies fan…always thought he was a tad overrated. However, in every match I watch players dive. From MLS, EPL, International, Bundesliga, etc… Calling out Davies’ manhood or whatever for diving is laughable. I guess my point is, don’t single him out when most players on your favourite team do the same thing.

  42. dave says:

    could not have said it better myslef.

  43. Paul C says:

    I’m not going to hate on Davies for playing the modern game, unfortunate as it may be.

    But this league HAS HAS HAS HAS HAS to do something about the officiating. I am one of the biggest cheer leaders (save the jokes) for this league amongst non-fans. I want to see soccer take this country over. But how am I supposed to ‘sell’ this league to my buddies while I have to constantly explain insane officiating (as well as insane commentators, but that’s another subject)?

    Terrible officiating, meaningless regular season, and uneducated WWE commentators just make it painful.

  44. donttreadonme says:

    So when will we see him rejoin the Yanks? In time for GC? Spain even? If he comes to the game in Detroit im gonna flip a switch.

  45. Goose says:

    I’m not saying Davies took a dive.

    But if he did, think about all the dozens of points LA ****ed other teams out of by way of Ruiz dives over the years. Payback’s a bitch, huh?

  46. Well it’s a good thing you were around today to say what needed to be said.

    We need more people brave enough to make light of fatal accidents to properly call out guys who don’t play soccer tough enough.

    Bravo, sir, bravo. You are a real hero.

  47. Brett says:

    I hope all you guys crying about Davies taking a dive are no longer Clint Dempsey fans also. That guy dives ALL the time.

  48. Brett says:

    Also, any one of you who has played the game competitively knows that if you feel ANY contact, a tug on your shirt, or a hack at your feet, and you are in the 18, you sell the foul. The ref will see the tug or the contact, see you knocked off balance, and will make the call.

  49. Stpauljosh says:

    Charlie+cars+dc just don’t mix.

  50. no says:

    How’s the view from that high horse of yours?

  51. Warren says:

    Not ALL the time; just at OPPORTUNE times.

    There is a big difference.

  52. So for everyone keeping score its:

    Fatal car accident jokes: just regular everyday comedy.

    Offense to fatal car accidents: self-righteous douchery.

    Offense to people thinking fatal car accident jokes are obnoxious: voice of reason.

  53. martha c says:

    Yeah Davies has scored like 4 goals of course 3 were PKs he’s obvioulsy ready for the Nats and man u. Not buying the Davies coolaid

  54. Edwin in Los Angeles says:

    Most of his dives took place when he left LA and went to Dallas. When he came to MLS in 2002 he didn’t dive, he didn’t need to he was tearing MLS defenses left and right!

  55. Dougs says:

    Why is the story not about why Davies cannot start for a second rate DC United team? If he can’t start over over-the-hill Josh Wolfe and some other guy I have never prevoiusly heard of, then he must be really still wel behind the Davies of old. I didn’t think he looked too quick on the that stepover and any other defender other than slow-as-molasses Gonzalez would have not let him even get a step on him with that mediocre move. Although I do credit him for going at the man, which shows he at least still has his instincts.

  56. josh says:

    I lost a lot of respect for Davies there. For those who say it’s only one thing Davies has done and that alone does not warrant for someone to make an unfavorable impression. I would normally agree, however there is only one thing that a player can do that will automatically make me not a fan of the player. That is cheating, and unfortunately for Davies, I will always think of him as a cheater. Plain and simple, there is no room for cheating in any sport. So unfortunate….

  57. Matt says:

    who really gives an eff about diving? i mean if we talk at the national level, we’ll never get the breaks teams that play “beautiful” football like brazil, spain, and the netherlands do until we embrace the dive as a country. some times you need to fight fire with fire. all of you talking blah blah blah that hes cheating wouldnt say sh*t if it was a world cup game and he dove to secure a point in group play

    arjen robben, c ronaldo, nani, villa, torres, kaka, robinho…names sound familiar? all divers

    this isnt something you can stick your nose up to and gain a competitive advantage. if you can’t beat em, you gotta join em, and in this case, if you dont join them, you WILL get beat

  58. josh says:

    While he is prone to falling down more than one would like. I have never seen him not take any contact and dive. Unlike what Davies did tonight.

  59. josh says:

    So you endorse cheating…not following you on that one.

  60. Dan says:

    1) Who knew that so many moral and ethical titans peroused SBI?

    2) Any “joke” about Charlie’s accident is disgusting.

    3) Diving has no place in the game. I really loathe it.

    4) I do think he fell easily here. Ugh.

  61. KevDC says:


    But bureaucrats won’t have anything to do with it. To happen it’ll have to be built with 100% private money (but maybe with a tax break of some sort).

    If and when it gets built that new DCU stadium will ROCK! It’ll be great watching matches like DC-LA, DC-NY and the growing DC-Philly rivalry there.

    Keep hope alive!!!

  62. KevDC says:

    Nah, just with Galaxy supporters. LOL.

  63. Deb says:

    Something else that’s bothering me is that Charlie’s theatrics weren’t just limited to his dive, they also involved this gawdy celebration. Ugh!!
    The issue about the accident initially made me feel really guilty for being so angry at him but screw that. His rehabilitation and hard work shouldn’t amount to …complacent diving *shudders*.

  64. KevDC says:

    I hate diving, too. I would like to see it eradicated from the game even if it takes post-game video replay with suspensions.

    Until that day, though, don’t hate a player for doing what most coaches tell them to do: inside the box if you feel a tug or a push you go down.

    And while clearly CD9 flopped Gonzales did put his arm out to impede his progress because HE GOT BEAT.

    (And in the big picture and setting aside my obvious DCU partisanship, how cool is it that we’re arguing about whether or not CD9 dove to draw a PK and score his 4th goal of the season? A couple months ago that seemed so unlikely.)

  65. oncebannedtwiceshy says:

    rationalize much? “prone to falling down.” geez. dempsey flops all over the place!

  66. Babieca says:

    Gomez got a brace for Pachuca tonight. He should still be in the mix.

  67. adcockram says:

    What is the deal with Branko Bošković? A DP that is not contributing.

  68. mikey says:

    Dammit Charlie, you’re making it hard to stay a fan of yours…

    Please leave the diving to the Latin cultures!

  69. Babieca says:

    Watch everyone’s reactions on the clip

    Did you notice how all of LA’s players were indignant about the call except for one…Omar Gonzalez. Look at his body language. He knows he got beat and did something very stupid.

    CD definitely went down easy, but it’s telling that Gonzalez didn’t put up any argument about it.

  70. DingDong says:

    +1. Leave the opera to Italy.

  71. Scot says:

    I give Davies tons of credit for coming all the way back from the accident, and, obviously, I don’t know him personally…but as a from-my-couch-soccer-fan I look at Charlie and see a pretty self-absorbed kid. Sorry, irregardless of his pathetic dive, I just find it really hard to root for him.

  72. bizzy says:

    Davis came in and played like a supersub. He’s effort and skill affected the game almost immediately. For those of you that are disappointed in “divers” then MLS should be the only league for you. In the best leagues in the world diving or better yet taking on a players and looking for the contact is as essential as dribbling, shooting, control etc. Thats why in a one on one situation the Messi’s, the Ronaldo’s, the Drogba’s etc are very dangerous, because as a seasoned defender you have to worry about the ball, the player, the opening(for the shot) and the contact. Davis simply brought his experience to MLS and it paid off.

  73. Eric says:

    Yeah no the best idea running to a car to celebrate. Does the kid think?

  74. Daniel says:

    I’m not a gigantic way of the way Charlie celebrates his goal. They’re showy and gaudy and I don’t know, the just don’t sit right with me. Especially since his celebration was like 4 steps starting with a failed attempt to get into the car and ending with a dance that happened way after the fact.

    Love Davies. Love the story, but man if that guy doesn’t do a disservice when he celebrates.

  75. Jason B says:

    Read the comments on this game, went to see the highlights…and yes, that was one hell of a dive by Davies. I didn’t think he was Italian. Could have fooled me.

  76. Eric says:

    Yeah but it was also the celebration run to a locked car (why a car?) and drawn out noodle dance that was embarrassing. Someone save the kid.

  77. bizzy says:

    On in the US, as an attacker when you dont score you suck…when you do score, it has to be a “moral” goal…..hahahah, thats how it is in the real world. Contact in the box = possible penalty. As a FWD you are assessed by your goal tally, not by your “honor, and courage” to do the right thing. DC came out with a point..period. Not only did his actions lead to the incident but he scored the goal too, exactly what we need on the USMNT….scorers not saints…hahahaha

  78. Brett says:

    Actually, Dempsey flops in non-threatening areas of midfield just about any time he loses possession. Harkes has called him out on it dozens of times on the MNT broadcasts alone. He does it even more at Fulham.

    At least Davies was in the box when he flopped.

    I’m not saying either one of them are bad players for doing it because I understand, having played the game, that you sell the contact to draw the foul.

  79. Brett says:

    So now not only does he have to score, and score a morally just goal, but now he can’t even be happy when he does it? This is madness.

  80. Willardo DuPont says:

    After 2 straight years of having points stolen away from DC United in LA, last night was pay-back. It is sad that MLS refereeing is horrible, but how come Arena wasn’t bitching the last two years? He was smiling like a Cheshire cat. When you have the president of an MLS club (Gultati) acting as a federation president you have an inherent problem. Add on to that, Gulati is in charge of operations for about the most pathetic MLS product it makes things even worse.

    Ives, how come no more is made of Gulati’s conflict of interest? Especially when the calls go for the Revs. In other countries, people would be fuming.

  81. Goose says:

    What, because he was in a terrible accident, he can never drive a car again?

  82. martha c says:

    It’s not a remarkable comeback when 95% of your goals are from pk’s

  83. josh says:

    I understand your point, however I have always been proud how the US players have not created the habit like other soccer nations do of diving. We may not be better than them, but we sure weren’t going to cheat by diving. I guess times are changing, but it does not make me any more a fan of cheating.

  84. stpauljosh says:

    My post was toungue-in-cheek. It was funny when he got up on the platform and the door was locked. A little dry/dark humor never hurt anyone. Lighten up. I guess I didn’t realize there were so many moral and ethical titans on SBI.

  85. A wise man once says:

    I still like Davies until he get a reputation as a diver, like Carlos Ruiz. Could be that this is just a one-time thing…maybe.

    And the flop wasn’t half as bad as some others I’ve seen where the person gets tapped on the leg by another player and drops and rolls about 20 feet clutching his face… :p

  86. chupacabra says:

    It’s too bad the car didn’t split in two.

  87. chupacabra says:


  88. a says:

    3/4 = 75%. Just sayin’.

  89. JoeW says:

    He earned the nickname “El Pescadito” before he went to Dallas. He had a rep as a dirty player (not just a diver) before he went to Dallas. In fact, in a Guatemala-USNT match in Guatemala he tried to put his fist in Keller’s face on a cross once.

    Look, we’re being too simplistic here about “diving”. First, you have players you fabricate a foul–they go down when they haven’t been touched. I hate that. They’re creating fouls that didn’t exist–it’s effectively cheating. Second, you have guys who are fouled but they force to ref to make the call by going down. They might even embellish the foul by writhing on the ground (which I think is a bit sissie-fied). One of the most effective examples I ever saw of this was a time when Tomas Dooley (in the “94 WC) against Romania got his defender leaning the wrong way and then when he tried to jump into that opening the defender tugged his shirt–not enough to bring him down but enough to slow him up and give the defender time to recover. The Ref didn’t make a call so Dooley went down and fell on the ball (forcing the referee the choice of either calling the foul OR awarding a drop ball). He called the foul. That was just Dooley effectively saying “you don’t think this was a serious enough foul to stop play but it denied me a big advantage so I’m going to force you to make that call.”

    So there’s diving (as in fabricating a foul) and then there’s diving (forcing the ref to acknowledge the foul). And there’s a difference between the two.

  90. JoeW says:

    Actually, before the game the car was unlocked. And the idea was for the goal scorer to open the door and then the team would jump in. VW would have loved it (probably built it into a commercial), it would have been good PR for the league and you’ve got to admit it would have been a unique celebration. But someone locked the car once the game started.

  91. Rock says:

    The Galaxy should have ended with 9 men, so any bitching about the Pk rings hollow

  92. ShaggyReAL says:

    If you watch the replay Davies didn’t even think it was a foul. HE started to get up and run the other way. I imagine he thought it was called a goal kick, not a foul. I kinda laughed at that.

  93. ShaggyReAL says:

    It’s saying with a G not sayin with no G. Be proper. :)

  94. Northzax says:

    The bitterness of the Red bulls fans is showing (heck, the title of the post was changed after complaints) until I see these same comments about known cheater Henry (ask the Irish) and known hack Marquez (ask Timmy Howard) it’s a bit hard to take seriously. I sorry that Charlie has doubled the Bulls’ goal tally on the season (and that the team has doubled the attendance of your incredible stadium) but taking a foul is part of the game. Gonzalez’s arm certainly interfered with Davies’ ability to create a scoring chance in the box. Had The arm not been out, Davies was unimpeded towards the goal. That’s a penalty, and there are no points for trying to fight off a foul and not scoring. Would we all be talkIng this morning about his heroics NOT going down? Of course not. Someone fouls you in the box, you go down.

    And last time I checked, PKs count

    (SBI-Nice try but the title of the post wasn’t changed “because of complaints”. I changed it because I felt it was a better headline fitting with the storyline.)

  95. Northzax says:

    Goals are, in fact, goals. Last time I checked.

  96. chuck says:

    He can run, he can kick, he can fly…he is Charlie Davies. I thought American players didn’t dive…other than Davis, Altidore, Dempsey….

  97. Eric says:

    It just made me a little uneasy actually. Cause obviously the accident then the speeding thing. It’s darkly symbolic.

  98. Judging Amy says:

    If there’s a foul and you go down is it still the same thing as going down with no contact?

    Shouldn’t the ref call the foul first?

    You can argue that it wasn’t a foul, but Omar put his hands on Chuck to stop him so its not the same thing as going down with no contact at all.

  99. Judging Amy says:

    Exactly. Taking contact and going down should be distinguished from just diving when there’s nothing there at all. Many might have issues even with taking a hit and not staying on your feet, but its a more controversial issue than a straight up dive.

  100. Judging Amy says:

    This. Its the reality of the game. Different from NO contact and going down. Like taking a charge in basketball and going down.

    I’m surprised at so many peoples views on dives. I don’t disagree that diving with no contact is bs and should be eliminated, but theres a clear difference.

  101. Judging Amy says:

    He’s coming off a groin pull you incredible genius.

  102. Eurosnob says:

    I agree. The call was not nearly as bad as three calls in New England that cost DCU 3 points – (missed handball on the first goal, questionable PK on the second goal, and the questionable red card after a minor contact with the goalkeeper which at most merited a yellow card.

  103. Smash famous says:

    all I can say is….Disgusting!!!
    Davies totally dove not a question, we know it am he knows it.
    Unfortunately it is part of the game. He did what he had to do.
    The Ref DIDNT do what he had to do… Award a yellow for diving!
    Not Davies fault really, it’s the poor officiating!!!!!

  104. NIcole says:

    Charlie, you took a dive. Don’t try to explain it away that he pushed you off balance. You know he didn’t.

    Not hating on you or badmouthing, because sadly, diving is a part of the game. Just don’t offer lame explanations/excuses for what happened.

  105. SBI Troll says:

    Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

  106. Ian says:

    Find better things to complain about.

  107. Ian says:

    Hahaha, most ridiculous post I’ve read on here in a while. Davies did what everyone is coached to do, and for a legit reason. Get over it.

  108. Ian says:

    Except there was contact on Davies.

  109. Grant says:

    actually that would be 75% and considering what he came back from, being on the field is memorable much less making significant contributions.

  110. JMR says:


    Big difference between the two. Well said.

  111. MOUF says:

    Charlie Davies will now be called Seedy9. Ives not calling a dive a dive is comical, but he has been a poster boy on this blog since coming on loan.

  112. MOUF says:

    usually their legs are touched, or there is more contact than a slight breeze.

  113. MOUF says:

    you can lightly touch a player with your arm. what is “properly”, seriously just stop

  114. MOUF says:

    he will not get on the field. < Bunbury

  115. MOUF says:


  116. Scott A says:

    Nice dive DC

  117. DadRyan says:

    This is especially cute coming from a guy who supports Freddy Montero. LOL.

  118. Buckwheat says:

    Define diving? The real question is was there a push? If so, is that a foul? To me, a dive is when the player falls to ground without contact–none. Now that is a dive. Did CD go down to draw/force a call, yes. Is that part of the game-as of now it is. The defender was going to be beat(was beat), that is why he stuck out his arm. You try to slow him down. This call may or may not be called, defenders/players apply how the ref has been calling the game. This too is part of the game. To me, it was a 50/50 call. DC got the call. Enough said.