Houston Dynamo vs. D.C. United: Your Running Commentary

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The Houston Dynamo will look to extend a five-match unbeaten streak against a D.C. United team looking to erase the taste of last week's 4-0 thrashing against New York in tonight's MLS match-up (8:30pm, Fox Soccer Channel).

The Dynamo will be without forward Brian Ching once again, but will be lead by midfielder Brad Davis. The playmaking winger heads an offense that hasn't quite been firing well in the run of play, but could have some success against a shaky D.C. United defense.

D.C. will look to counter with MLS scoring leader Charlie Davies, as well as in-form winger Chris Pontius, which may still not be enough to score on a Houston defense that has allowed just five goals in six matches.

If you will be watching tonight's match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

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96 Responses to Houston Dynamo vs. D.C. United: Your Running Commentary

  1. dinomitedan says:


  2. A wise man once says:

    Yeah any streams???

  3. Brent McD says:

    Dale Dynamo!

  4. Brent McD says:

    what an assist from Cameron to Bruin!

  5. glaing says:

    Good goal. Hope this turns into a goal fest.

  6. dinomitedan says:


  7. Ben says:

    MLS, I love this game!

  8. Ben says:

    ohh, that was a penalty shout there i thought

  9. Brent McD says:

    yikes! could have easily been a penalty. Freeman took Pontius out in the box. no call

  10. Sean says:

    McCarty is so not a #10. Can’t play a cutting pass to save his life. DC needs to sign a creative player of some sort, and soon.

  11. A wise man once says:

    Thanx HoBo you rock!

  12. Ben says:

    whenever I see perry kitchen, all I can think about is walter and perry from home movies, but thats just me

  13. Ben says:

    In general, I think that is the problem with MLS, besides the unsold seats. The energy is obvisouly there, the technique has improved across the league since the inception, the tactics are getting much better, but the passing can often be naive and sloppy.

  14. Ben says:


  15. Brent McD says:

    nice set piece goal from DC. straight from the training ground

  16. Brent McD says:

    oh hell yeah. DC cannot handle the Houston forwards. too big, too strong.

    Bruin with the brace

  17. ericJ says:

    DC cant pass for anything…but really neither can Houston. Houston can cross but we already knew Davis could do that. Should be 2-2 really.

  18. ericJ says:

    DC’s best attempt (outside of FK goal) came from a nice build up early in the game…unsurprisingly they have not threatened or connected passes together since then.

  19. luis says:

    was that before or after the missed pk?

  20. Pepe says:

    Bruin is a beast

  21. mark f says:

    Davies = Invisible for most of the first half

    Common Chuck Deeeeeeeeeezy!

  22. A says:

    DC is going to need to spend this summer for some players to strengthen the squad, the way I see it they finish 12th or 15th if they don’t fix their midfield and defending, not enough scoring oppurtunities from the run of play.

  23. Ben says:

    Davies blows the pooch right there

  24. Ben says:

    Stu in the house

  25. Ben says:

    Well Stu has a job as an analyst in another 10 years, good stuff.

  26. Brent McD says:

    hat trick!

  27. Ben says:

    Solid header, good delivery.

  28. ericJ says:

    man, DC CB’s are so small/weak.

  29. Rob says:

    Good night DC.

  30. ericJ says:

    I guess I can go out now :)

  31. Drew says:

    Bruin for Agudelo on my fantasy team is looking like the superstar pick of the week so far!

  32. Will B. says:


  33. Brent McD says:

    no offside on a throw-in. 4-1

  34. ericJ says:

    LOL at DC. That was such horrible defending. HA!

  35. Rob says:

    Still shell shocked from the Red Bulls.. Lol DC is horrible.

  36. Brent McD says:

    Jackovic with a Mullan-esque tackle on the sideline. Cameron better not be hurt. Bastard!

  37. ericJ says:

    That didnt look like a Mullan tackle.

  38. ericJ says:

    Okay, just kidding.

  39. Rob says:

    At least he got the ball first…. Mullen got all leg

  40. DavefromNewcastle says:

    That tackle was wreckless, deserves a 2-game ban….

  41. Ben says:

    I missed the reply but I find it hard to believe that wasn’t offsides. I mean, he was miles beyond the dc defense. Even Ricky Bobby isn’t that fast.

  42. ericJ says:

    it was a throw in….?

  43. Brent McD says:

    Pontius making Freeman look bad again

  44. Rob says:

    Jesus people, I hate DC, but calling for a ban for that tackle is a laugh. He got the ball first, yellow card was deserved for his trailing leg.

  45. ericJ says:

    I agree. Not a Mullan tackle at all.

  46. Zach says:

    10 game suspension!!

    Oh wait, his leg didnt break…nevermind, play on.

  47. Rob says:

    Yes it was.

  48. ericJ says:


  49. DavefromNewcastle says:

    I stand by my previous comment. The MLS has more broken legs than KFC.

  50. Zach says:

    You may yawn but the MLS is going to have its work cut out for themselves the rest of the year with how they handle slide tackles.

  51. ericJ says:

    His leg didnt break because he played the ball and not the man. Zak’s leg broke because that was not the case.

  52. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Second time I have seen Davies play this season, second time I have come away wholly unimpressed. Maybe it is because DC’s midfield is playing terribly, but it seems to me that he is just looking for a long ball. Not involved in the game at all. And his speed is not all the way back.

  53. ericJ says:

    I was hoping Ben understood the rules of soccer. :)

  54. Ben says:

    Yes, I missed that as well. The trevails of enjoying some Racer 5 while watching the game.

  55. Zach says:

    He did play the ball, totally agree. His leg didnt break because it wasnt planted at the time of impact. Its a slippery slope, thats my only point.

  56. Rob says:

    Tasty ipa…

  57. Ben says:

    Well, I do think his involvement has to do with the terrible passing by dc, but I agree with the perception that his speed isn’t there yet. People need to remember that even the Brazilian defenders, who don’t lack for speed, looked nervous when Davies was running about in the Confed Cup. When MLS defenders aren’t as scared as the Brazilian defenders were, I think you can say the speed isn’t where it was.

  58. Brent McD says:

    Boswell really should’ve scored there.

    Great to see Ching healthy again

  59. ericJ says:

    Not really. It should have been a yellow of course, but seeing as he won the ball *shrugs*.

  60. Ben says:

    Love it, Bear Republic is, in my opinion, one of the best breweries in the US right now. Hop Rod Rye, my goodness.

  61. ericJ says:

    Ill concede the point that it looked quite reckless, scissor like.

  62. Brent McD says:

    pretty sure a yellow was given

  63. Rob says:

    Hmm yeah they do good work. I personally love some Racer X though only can get that on tap.

  64. CJQ says:

    Ugh…DC is crap.

  65. Brent McD says:

    very impressed with Watson showing good pace up and down the right flank, moving forward and also helping out on defense

    not enough time to really assess Koke, but his first few touches looked good

  66. Ben says:

    Racer X is pretty amazing. Also, it can get one in trouble, much like Dogfishhead 120.

  67. Rob says:

    Yeah man, gotta watch any craft brew or it can knock you out fast. However they are usually very tasty, unlike those corn and rice filled macros.

  68. PetedeLA says:

    Why does Brad Davis only have like one cap?

    Most underrated MLS player IMHO.

  69. Ben says:

    Well there are plenty of great crafts that are not heavy duty ipas, but yeah, I’ll take those forever and always over rice beer.

  70. Rob says:

    I know… Having a heavy duty stout fest tomorrow: Black Ops, Imperial Stout Trooper, 2010 Dark Lord, and whatever my friend brings so my mind is on that. Red Bulls, MMA, tasty brews, good food, and great company can’t wait.

  71. Citronomics says:

    Well that was a dreadful performance by DCU. Sloppy passing, beat to the ball or pushed off it too easily, and porous D. Kudos to Houston for taking advantage of DCU’s ineptitude and forwards burying their chances. Is it too early to start thinking about a summer spending spree for a centerback and attacking mid? Nope.

  72. Ben says:

    Good stuff, well I know two of them. I haven’t tried the Dark Lord yet; I need to get on that. Great stuff, I’m looking forward to some great beer and Red Bulls as well. Cheers to slipping into that deep sleep induced by great food, great beer, and a Red Bulls win.

  73. Rob says:

    Haha same to you.

  74. JoeW says:

    Not at all. With Mullen, several things were true:

    1. It was retaliation.
    2. He was out of control before he even went into the tackle.
    3. He fouled the player.
    4. He produced a serious injury.

    To compare that tackle with Mullen’s and argue that they’re comparable or that they’re close or that it’s a slippery slope shows a real lack of objectivity.

  75. shane says:

    yeah and then he celebrates with a little bunnie foo foo imitation. WTF?

  76. irishapple21 says:

    Well, DC, this is what happens when you hire Captain Caveman to be your head coach. When Olsen isn’t beating his kids, he’s running DCU into the ground. Maybe you should hire someone who could do a better job. Like a local AYSO coach.

  77. BenC says:

    It’s the “dancing bear” celebration he and Brad Davis debuted this game. It’s fitting. (Bruin=bear)

  78. Coop says:

    Ha good stuff.

  79. Coop says:


  80. Coop says:

    Well thats not fair. I saw him when he was complaining to the ref.

  81. Coop says:

    not cool man. Too soon.

  82. Tampafan says:

    Great line!

  83. Brit says:

    The Dynamo actually kept the ball really well IMO. In the first half, there was a particular sequence of 10-15 passes in a row which resulted in a Hamid save from a Bruin header on a beautiful cross from Freeman. They were also confident playing the ball along the back line all game, whereas a lot of MLS teams just hoof it as far as they can when it gets back there

  84. Dougs says:

    Houston is the new powerhouse! If they beat DC by multiple goals it must be a sign of there dominance…or DC is just not nearly as good as people thought they were.

  85. Scott A says:

    I might have to raise a toast to Metro with a Troegs Nugget Nectar myself. Or maybe some Steel Reserve đŸ˜€

  86. Bandy says:

    Soccer Night in America! About time they changed those 1980’s graphics!

  87. Limey says:

    Jakovic is awful…Should have been red-carded after the Steve Z incident…. and McCarthy is more of a 4-3-3 Centre Mid.

  88. Rey says:

    DC is not as good….For all of the hype, Davies should have converted his best scoring chance on the header

  89. Brett says:

    He seems to be painfully average now. Not at all like the explosive presence he was prior to the crash. I’m not closing the book on him just yet though. For the moment, he’s got 3 or 4 guys ahead of him for his NT spot.

  90. hogatroge says:

    Definitely not invisible. I definitely saw him dive at least 47 times.

  91. hogatroge says:

    Also, I definitely make forum posts like Rainman.

  92. Smits says:

    hahaha that’s funny

  93. Smits says:

    uh I was at that game, Freeman made Freeman look bad. Give away after give away

  94. Smits says:

    indeed it’s a cryin’ shame