Projecting the USA Gold Cup roster: April Edition


One month away.

That's how close we are to finding out which 23 players Bob Bradley will select to represent the United States at the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup. 

While the nucleus of the squad is pretty much set in stone, there are still some positions in a state of flux.

Take the forward position, where you have young sensation Juan Agudelo suddenly not starting for the New York Red Bulls, Charlie Davies off to a great start with D.C. United and Herculez Gomez on another hot streak in Mexico.

Then you have midfield, where Bob Bradley has even more options to choose from. Ricardo Clark is getting good minutes in Germany and may force his way into the mix, while Benny Feilhaber's move to MLS could help him solidify a place on the roster.

We only have two changes in the April roster projection who weren't in last month's squad. Who are they? Check them out in our April edition of the USA Gold Cup projected roster:

PROJECTED 2011 Gold Cup Roster

GOALKEEPERS– Tim Howard, Marcus Hahnemann, Brad Guzan

DEFENDERS– Carlos Bocanegra, Steve Cherundolo, Oguchi Onyewu, Timmy Chandler, Clarence Goodson, Jonathan Spector, Eric Lichaj, Tim Ream

MIDFIELDERS– Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, Jermaine Jones, Maurice Edu, Sacha Kljestan, Benny Feilhaber, Alejandro Bedoya 

FORWARDS– Jozy Altidore, Juan Agudelo, Herculez Gomez, Teal Bunbury


Here are some thoughts on the picks:

GOALKEEPER– No changes, and now with Sean Johnson off to a rough start in MLS, it looks as though David Yelldell is the best option to crack the squad. As for Guzan's availability, he is getting married this summer, but could still potentially be included as the third goalkeeper and be available for the later part of the tournament. If Bradley decides he doesn't want to deal with that, Yelldell could be the pick. If Bradley decides on bringing in an MLS third goalkeeper, Nick Rimando looks like the best bet.

DEFENDERS– Goodson is back in, beating out Jay DeMerit, who has been struggling with injuries. The quest for a viable left back continues, and now Heath Pearce has moved to centerback with Chivas USA, giving Bradley one less option there. Timmy Chandler's foot injury doesn't appear likely to keep him out of the Gold Cup.

MIDFIELDERS– This group remained the same even though Ricardo Clark is really making a case for inclusion. Jose Torres is also seeing regular time with Pachuca again, but he seems unlikely to break through. Alejandro Bedoya was a surprise inclusion to some last month, but he's off to a red-hot start in Sweden, only solidifying his place. Looking at this group you wonder if Bradley wouldn't want one more winger, but the lack of true wing options makes it unlikely.

FORWARDS– Charlie Davies has to be talked about. The speed is there, and while he's still not fully sharp, he's definitely in the conversation now. Knowing Bradley, I'd bet on him leaving Davies to continue progressing with D.C. United rather than pulling him into the squad. That said, if he calls Davies into a camp, and likes what he sees, we just might see the return of CD9 to the national team mix. Herculez Gomez makes the squad over Davies because he's a different kind of forward, so Davies isn't really competing with Gomez, but more so with Agudelo and Bunbury. Gomez edges out Edson Buddle right now.


What do you think of the squad? Which players do you think should be on the squad? Which players do you are you surprised to see included in our projection?

Share your thoughts below.

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245 Responses to Projecting the USA Gold Cup roster: April Edition

  1. Evan says:

    I will be really disappointed if Torres isn’t called in. He has looked really good recently. Please no Kljestan.

  2. wides in MN says:

    Solid… no arguments from me.

    Davies has had a good start, but he’s not quite there yet, give him more time with his club.

  3. RevsFan says:

    I thought Guzan was unavailable due to his wedding? If he is could we see Rimando making it as the 3rd?

    (SBI-I’d bet on Bradley going with Yelldell so as not to take Rimando away from RSL just to be his 3rd GK, but if Bradley brings an MLS keeper, it’ll be Rimando.)

  4. hotrod says:

    what?!?! no freddy adu???

  5. C-bus Theo says:

    Why is no one talking about Chad Ochocinco?

  6. wilyboy says:

    Bob is the only coach on the planet who would bring Klejstan over Diskerud. Mix can play on the wing, in the middle, he’s already one of the most technically gifted players we have. If anyone should come on as a supersub, he’s my choice.

  7. ChelseaFC says:

    Bob doesn’t need to bring four strikers, because with Chandler able to move up to RW, Dempsey will probably be pushed up top anyway. I would bring Clark, Torres, and Diskerud instead of Kjlestan, Bedoya, and Gomez.

  8. dcpohl says:

    Yes please no Kljestan.

  9. sjr says:

    If I was a third choice keeper….I would opt for a honeymoon as well.

  10. Alex says:

    Jozy yet again with his “my too cool squat”

  11. Jayrod1111 says:

    Please lets get a 4-3-2-1 going:





  12. J4FRAY44 says:

    Michael Bradley hasn’t played a game in weeks. Why would he get a look if he not going to be in form?

  13. Mingjai says:

    I definitely prefer Torres over Kljestan, but employing the two in the context of Coach Bradley’s system makes the gap between the two narrower than it should be.

    Hopefully Torres continues his run of form to make the case for his inclusion more compelling.

  14. ChelseaFC says:

    Bradley hadn’t played in weeks when he played in the two recent friendlies, and he was one of the brightest spots on the field.

  15. Jared says:

    Because of his last name…unfortunately.

  16. bottlcaps says:

    Daddy’s Boy??

  17. bottlcaps says:

    Daddy’s Boy??

  18. Dan Murphy says:

    Is he really as fast as he used to be? I’m skeptical.

  19. Evan says:

    I don’t think I would go that far but he certainly wasn’t the worst CM.

  20. dcpohl says:

    Why hasn’t Agudelo been starting?

  21. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Bradley is going to get some time before the season is out. There was just a article written in which McAllister was saying how Villa might very well buy him during the summer. Also in the article it stated that Bradley has been playing very well in training and the only reason he has not seen the pitch was because Villa’s precarious position. They felt the need to go with veterans in these important matches. Before anybody starts in on me, I am just reporting what the article stated.

  22. HoboMike says:

    Solid enough, although I’ve still yet to see Bedoya do anything for the national team.

  23. HoboMike says:

    Does anyone else get tired of reading the M. Bradley hate? At this point, it is what it is, and he’s not being dropped, so there’s no point arguing about it.

  24. solles says:

    too early to tell, but I’ve seen a few moments where I’ve been convinced he is.

  25. Scott says:


    Can’t believe we still hear the nepotism arguement when Bradley has consistently been our best central midfielder for several years now.

  26. maka says:

    Maybe Mix Diskerud over Felihaber? I just wish Holden could play.

    Perhaps BB will leave Teal home and utilize Clint Dempsey up top.

  27. Duck says:

    Adu time: 5 minutes

  28. mistaDobalina says:

    hhaah ya is that over?

  29. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    I know I am tired of hearing it. While I don’t think he should be a penciled in starter, dropping him from the squad altogether is preposterous.

  30. Neruda says:

    Sasha K did have upside but I don’t see him magically developing into a national team player that would be selected for a WC. So why include him?

    Also it would be great to see more Jaun and Teal and let Jozy come in off the bench.

  31. BFBS says:

    Findley is one Forest goal away from being very much in this discussion

  32. Duck says:

    Do you have a link to the article? I would be very interested to read it. Always nice to see good news from our nats who aren’t getting a lot of love.

  33. Chicago - Scott says:

    It is kind of funny how Michael Bradley is on the list yet he is not even playing for his club.

  34. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Might have something to do with him being the best player in a Nats uniform during their most recent game…

    SOme people think he’s on the team because of his last name. More to the point, some fans refuse to see what he actually does because of his last name.

  35. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Inexpereince. Doesn’t really link up in the attack yet. He shows unfrickingbeleivable individual skills, but isn’t a fully integrated attacker. He will be, but he’s not yet.

  36. Tony in Quakeland says:

    It’s not about the WC. It’s about a critically important Gold Cup. Win and we play in the 2013 COnfederations Cup in Brasil.

  37. KKS says:

    Haven’t we all agreed that putting Ricardo Clark in a USMNT shirt is a firing offense, if not a capital offense?

  38. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Yeah…go to soccernet…go to the premier league tab and go to the aston villa page. The article is right there.

  39. bob says:

    and who would start in his place?????

  40. mistaDobalina says:

    and he has been great off the bench for both NY and the US.. think about it put Jozy or whoever for the US, Rogers for NY in for 60 minutes and break down the defense and then bring Agudelo to push them over for the last 30+ min..

  41. ChelseaFC says:

    Why exactly?

  42. bottlcaps says:

    I realize that Bradley will go to a lot of Euro players so as not deplete MLS teams.But I think some of the MLS players rate higher than there Euro counterparts.

    Davies should get a shot, especially over Altidore. Davies should be getting back to full fitness by the time the GC rolls around AND Altidore has shown nothing to me over he last year other than missed opportunities. Klejstan wouldn’t even be listed were it not for the fact he played for Bradley at Chivas, goes double for Bornstein.

    Gonzales over Goodson and Franklin or De La Garza over Spector.(although taking more than 2 players from any MLS team, is a big no-no to the USSF)

    This, I think,pus US MLS players at a disadvantage, because the league has refused accommodation to MLS teams that will lose players, they will not get a chance to show what the can do at the international level until the WC qualifiers in 2012.

    In a tournament as long as the Gold Cup, you pretty much end up using ALL players on the roster so it is important you pick the right players who complement each other and are more importantly, in form, fit, free of injuries and are playing substantial (or important minutes if their role is “off the bench”) minute with their club team.You do not ant to use players that are marginal on their own club teams, unless it is at a position you are weak at. You need to discard the “favorites” and the “comfortable old shoes” and bring in the new but talented, hungry but inexperienced players that will make an impact in WCQ, Confed Cup, and WC.

  43. Evan says:

    Best player? no way. Maybe best CM that game. Chandler, Ream, Dempsey, and Agudelo all looked better.

  44. Ne-Dub says:

    I am for Rico at CB, he has played well there for EF….but agree with capital punishment for Rico at CM.

  45. bottlcaps says:

    While Findlay may help his chances is he scores at NF, Why would you want him? At the WC he was a replacement for Davies as he had the speed. But Findley does not have the skills, touch or scoring ability of Davies. Why would you not go with the real thing.

  46. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Dempsey? Seriously? Even his most ardent fans agree we was off. Agudelo may have “looked” better, but his influnce against Peru was pretty minor. You can make a case for Ream, but I bet if you check most player ratings you’d find Bradley at the top.

  47. Tony in Quakeland says:


  48. bottlcaps says:

    I think, given the right amount of playing time, Davies can be at 90% or more at the GC. A davies at 90% is beter than and Altidore or Teal Bunbury @ 100%

  49. AL17 says:

    Nice!!!! LMAO

  50. Bolt says:

    Relative to any of the forward options mentioned in the article above, including Dempsey up top, what has Altidore done in the last year to even justify a bench spot? Seriously. What ever happened to earning one’s spot? Insult to injury is that the guy can’t even make a show of unity with his mates (on our nation’s team) by putting his hand over his heart. Representing the nation should require more than just good performance, and he doesn’t even have that going for him right now.

  51. mistaDobalina says:

    if that was to happen would Teal switch to Canada? i wouldn’t leave him behind unless Stu Holden comes back early or Dani Alves some how becomes an American.

  52. bottlcaps says:

    And of course, Donovan is no stranger playing up top when the need arises.

  53. RK says:

    Heck, CD is in better form right now than Jozy…

  54. AL17 says:

    Well said!!!!!

  55. Annelid Gustator says:

    It boggles my mind. Dude’s accomplished at club and country level. When he was a boy among the men I thought the nepotism argument was reasonable, but not after all he’s shown since then.

  56. kydetwsoc says:

    yeah, where’s mix? i’d take him over davies, leave him at DC to get back into shape

  57. bottlcaps says:

    Houllier is an idiot and will not be with the team next year given his health problems. He likes his “comfortable old shoes” over talent like a lot of coaches.

    Bradley has not been his sharpest for the US in the last few friendlies. I think this is due to his lack of playing time at AV and previously at MGB when they could decide to trade or play him. I think he is a talented player that is more effective as an attacking midfielder than a defensive one.

  58. Annelid Gustator says:

    “Gonzales over Goodson”

    NO. Nope. Not close.

  59. mistaDobalina says:

    he is still a great option for us.. espically vs. CONCACAF teams. vs. England and Ghana ya.. that might have been too much.
    still he is deep on the depth chart…

  60. maka says:

    Gonzalez over Goodson… Franklin over Spector?

    Seems like your calendar is off by 9 days.

  61. DingDong says:

    Need to get Bunbury a cap in a competitive game.

  62. mistaDobalina says:

    ya i was going to say the same thing.. Goodson is legit.

  63. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Man people have a romanticized view of Charlie Davies’ exploits. 4 goals in 17 appearances and exactly one game where he found the back of the net for Sochaux. I guess he scores some goals for Hammarby in the Swedish league…the same league that people criticize when talking about Bedoya.

  64. Evan says:

    Dempsey was certainly off, but still looked better than Bradley. Bradley was off his game too, probably from not getting any PT at Villa. Bradley had one nice shot on goal but had trouble passing the ball a few times. What about Chandler, do you think Bradley looked better than him? I take it you meant to say against Paraguay?

  65. Rainstpub says:

    Read the posts above.

    C’Mon C-Scott!!!

  66. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    It is my understanding that he cannot play for Canada. I could be off on this, but I believe when he switched to the United States that was his one time FIFA switch. I’m sure if I’m wrong somebody will point it out.

  67. Yup – Agudelo is looking to be the USA’s best super-sub since Feilhaber earned that title. He’ll be starting one day, but not yet.

  68. AshortDeparture says:

    That and he holds the record for most dribbles over the touchline when not under pressure.

  69. ChelseaFC says:

    We really don’t even need Davies. Three strikers plus Dempsey is more than enough. I’d rather bring another attack-minded MF like Diskerud or Torres than Davies.

  70. RB says:

    WOW is it great to talk about something key to American soccer that does not involve either RSL/CCL or Brian Mullan!

  71. malkin says:

    any idea where this article was?

  72. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

  73. Andrew says:

    I’m an Altidore fan but I’d like to get a look at a pairing of Agudelo-Dempsey up top. I think they would work well with a midfield of donovan and chandler on the wings, bradley and jones in the midfield, with lichaj goodson ream and cherundolo in the back. Then we could finally have a team that can make runs and cross.

  74. Jeremy says:

    I don’t think I’m too biased, but I would like to see Mixx instead of Kljestan and Demerit in place of Spector. On that same note, Gooch belongs on the squad but as a backup. He never recovered fully from his injury and has been ineffective. Time to let Boca settle in the middle and have Goodson, Ream, and DeMerit fight for the other spot.

    Injury or not, DeMerit is one of our better options with out style of play at CB and spector doesn’t really offer anything. I know it’s not as simple as switching players on a video game as training and the strong foot play a big factor, but I think either Cherundolo or Chandler could play on the left more effectively than anyone else we have if trained.

  75. Grant says:

    I agree. He is okay to have on the roster for the gold cup but he better not play vs. top teams or i might go citizens arrest on Bradley

  76. BrianVT says:

    “I realize that Bradley will go to a lot of Euro players so as not deplete MLS teams.”

    I’m not so sure of that. For an ordinary friendly, yes. But Gold Cup is a legitimate international tournament with significant implications ( = qualification for Confederations Cup ). I’m not convinced USSoccer will defer to MLS in putting its best team on the pitch.

  77. RK says:

    I think most people are excited about what he has done with the USMNT.

  78. hogatroge says:

    Regardless of how much time Bradley is getting at Villa, his play for the MNT still merits inclusion. Whether he deserves an automatic start is questionable, but he’s out there busting his butt every game. His passing can sometimes be crap, but he works hard every game and is the best ball winner in the USA’s midfield.

  79. I’d like to see Zach Loyd get another shot at left back – I thought he really impressed at that position against Chile. He hustled, looked fairly solid on D, and made Cherundolo-esque runs up the left flank. Maybe a call into camp, with some sub minutes early on in the tournament to see how he handles being a part of the A-team? Tough to say which defender I’d leave off to bring him – probably Specs, since he’s been playing in the midfield with West Ham as of late.

    The rest of the roster looks good to me, although I’d rather see Torres or Diskerud instead of Kljestan. Regardless, I’m hoping to see a 4-2-3-1 with one of our creative midfielders (should be Holden, but Torres, Mixx, or Sacha would work) slotting in between Donovan and Dempsey at attacking mid.

  80. hogatroge says:

    I’d say Diskerud over Kljestan… I’m afraid if we don’t start capping Mix, even as a 86″ sub, then he’s gonna switch allegiances. Maybe not a rational fear though…

  81. Jeremy says:

    Gonzo hasn’t looked good against quicker players and Goodson is doing really well for himself right now. I would be willing to see De La Garza over Spector though.

  82. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    I would go with Spector strictly because he can provide cover for a variety of different positions. For me his versatility should merit his inclusion.

  83. EA says:

    Yes, most coaches WOULD choose a 20 year old with two caps, that plays for an average team in Norway over a 25 year old that’s played with everyone in the US side for years, and plays regularly for a perennial Champions League club.

    I’d get in touch with US Soccer, if I were you. They’ll probably hire you on the spot.

  84. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    I understand the excitement, I truly do…it just seems his exploits are somewhat exaggerated. He has loads of potential, but 4 goals in 17 appearances isn’t exactly lighting the globe on fire. I don’t know, maybe I am biased. I admit that I have always been, for some unknown reason, a giant Altidore fan. I just think, even when he doesn’t score, he contributes to the attack. Whether it be drawing fouls or providing service. But like I said, this is one issue where perhaps my judgement is clouded.

  85. EA says:

    Have you actually seen Torres play?

    Do you know WHERE on the field he plays for Pachuca?

    Hint: It isn’t “in the attack.”

  86. Phil says:

    Hahneman is not a terribly forward looking callup. I love the guy, but he will not be around for 2014. I think Yedell should get the calls if Guzan is unavailable and McGrath should get a camp instead of Hanemann. Defender callups look good, as do forwards. I hate to say it but I think we’ll see Rico Clark before we see Sasha.

  87. MemphisRogues says:

    I for one would like to see the NATS discussion change from left back worries, striker talk, and nepotism to another problem that I think is glaringly obvious for the USA: the need for a maestro in the middle. Bradley and jermaine jones are both hard working soldiers in the center, but we need someone paired with one of those soldiers who can send a well weighted through ball, execute a one touch flick, pop up a short chip, etc. Altidore,Gomez, Davies, Dempsey, JA, have all proven they can score during sometime in their career, but without team possession, service, and that creative, incisive pass we so dearly lack, they have no chance on the ball except for “dump in chase” soccer. To me, the USA is poised to be a contender if we find a maestro. Right now I think Benny F, Mixx, or LD would be most qualified in lieu of Holden. Then, after the maestro problem is solved, let’s find a left back!

  88. EA says:

    Same reason that Kljestan is included. He’s played all the MF spots for the US in recent years.

    With Spector’s recent MF role with West Ham, it probably makes him more valuable.

    The downside for him, is that he’s less likely to start because he can play so many positions.

  89. sodak_in_nyc says:

    When all the other midfielders mentioned are starters, why should Bradley start for us. It’s not like Houllier has singled him out he has bouncing around the hinterlands for a few years.

  90. MC Pharaoh says:

    I think I would rather see Clark, Torres, Davies, & Rimando over the likes of Kljestan, Goodson, Hahnemann, & Feilhaber. Atleast thats looking at their current form for their clubs.

  91. Primoone says:

    Beasley is a true winger…and fit to play riding pine behind better players on a real good team. Let’s see what he can do on the wing. If junior can play two games in a span of 7 days for a U.S. team stacked with defensive mid-fielders, without playing more than 45 minutes in 2 months leading up to those friendlies then it won’t hurt to take a look at Beasley for the next friendly.

  92. 20 says:

    Scroll up and read the 50 posts on this topic. Also shut it

  93. 20 says:

    +1 Do you think he’s going to leave out Donovan or Feilhaber? Obviously not

  94. MC Pharaoh says:

    @ Primoone

    Beasley has been at Hannover much longer than MB @ Villa & MB has played more minutes than Beasley probably. Beasley is about as likely as Adu looking at his current club situation. He is likely on the worst form of his career atm. There are so many more bright players who are much more sharp for the time being.

  95. mistaDobalina says:


  96. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Honestly, I think you are selling Jones a bit short in your assessment. Although he might not have shown it yet for the USMNT, he is an excellent passer with very good touch. I think he can provide a creative spark in the midfield.

    The left back situation is a problem, though. Assuming Dempsey starts on the left, it is almost imperative to play a left back who can get forward in order to keep things from getting narrow. I mean Dempsey is going to cut inside at every opportunity, it is what he does.

  97. Chris G says:

    I can’t believe people like you actually beleive that to be true. I think the different Bradley opinions may stem from different opinons as to what makes a good central mid fielder.

  98. 20 says:

    It will be interesting to see how Feilhaber does with the Revs, he had a nice assist and played some nice balls in his first game.

    I think Benny could be the answer

  99. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Clark over Goodson…really? Clark hasn’t been playing at CB recently and Goodson has been playing very solidly in Denmark.

  100. mistaDobalina says:

    i think because he has only played in friendlies he could still switch.. if he wanted to..

  101. mistaDobalina says:

    seriously no one remembers his goal vs. Trinidad or his solid play thru qualifying..

  102. 20 says:

    Agreed I have always liked Beasley and really hope he comes to MLS or finds a new club. I would love to see him back in the picture someday.. but right now it looks pretty unlikely

  103. John says:

    Bedoya is Ive’s most overrated player.

  104. Andrew says:

    Sweet, 4 RB’s….

  105. euroman says:

    NO BB doesn’t take a lot of MLS guys because the European players are just way better and that is the only reason.

  106. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    I just looked it up and no, Bunbury is locked into the the USMNT regardless of whether he is capped in a FIFA competition. He filed for a “one time switch” thereby making him ineligible to play for anybody except the United States.

  107. mistaDobalina says:

    i can imagine a chandler cross to a dempsey header.. not a bad, still i think Agudelo should be off the bench but why not start with Jozy-Demps up top?

  108. mistaDobalina says:

    who is McGrath?

  109. Duck says:


  110. wilyboy says:

    Mix has played Champions League soccer, and Klejstan has never accomplished anything on the national team other than a flash-in-the-pan hattrick against the Swedish B-team.

    I don’t think I’ll ever join US Soccer, but perhaps you should. Afterall, you clearly think Klejstan is more talented than the guy who handed Agudelo his first goal on a silver platter.

  111. Kevin says:

    People who hate on Bradley obviously have no experience playing the game and have zero knowledge of the game.

  112. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    The U-20 keeper who is currently an understudy of Mondragon in Philadelphia. I wasn’t terribly impressed by him during the CONCACAF U-20 tournament but he is super young and has loads of potential.

  113. Brandinho says:

    I hope the US runs Dempsey up top. Chandler at RM servicing balls into to Clint and Jozy could be really nice and effective.

  114. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    I am too. I try to ignore the idiots on here, but it’s so hard sometimes.

  115. queremos_paquito says:

    Torres please, thanks.

  116. Ben says:

    How about some good young backs?…Alston, Wynne,Franklin, Etc.

  117. Mental Assassin says:

    Didn’t Teal just announce he was switching back to Canada again?

  118. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    He looked good in his cameo against the Dutch last March. That was over a year ago, though.

  119. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    I remember that. Then I remember how we went down in the 4th minute of the England game because he lost the ball and didn’t track back, and then how we lost to Ghana because he practically did the same thing.

  120. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Days? I think years.

  121. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    I would love to see any variation of someone with Dempsey up top.

  122. ChelseaFC says:

    For the US, he plays a central/attacking role.

  123. joey says:

    “Jose Torres is also seeing regular time with Pachuca again, but he seems unlikely to break through”. I thank Ives for all his work he does but is this based on insider information or what he feels BB will decide in terms of roster selection. Torres has so many more intangibles than Sasha but for some reason Bob loves Sasha…just doesn’t add up.

  124. Paul says:

    Klejstan? Clark? And no Mix in the mix? Am I in some sort of evil time warp?

  125. chris says:

    good he is not that good

  126. maka says:

    9 days ago was 4/20

  127. chris says:

    hahahah alston blows, Wynne is not young and also blows and franklin has not had a great year

  128. maka says:

    For 20 he’s pretty good

  129. spencer says:

    Anyone, Kljestan just doesn’t cut it on the national level and he rarely plays for his club team anyway.

  130. Brian says:

    Yeah. And I don’t think it’s necessary to have Feilhaber and Kljestan. Same goes for Mixx. Or any combination of them.

  131. Brian says:

    Here were go again with the Davies percentages…

  132. The Birchman says:

    It’s seriously getting laughable now. Just please, stop it. Don’t you dare imply that Jozy isn’t worthy because he’s not “patriotic” enough (especially with some lame anecdote about “hand over heart”). Also, his performance has been plenty good for the US. How quickly do we forget the World Cup?

  133. Brian says:

    Jesus…that was an APRIL FOOL’S JOKE on SBI!!! A month later and you’re still fooled?

  134. spencer says:

    you’d rather keep someone who is in his prime but has yet to show that he can play at the national team level or a young prospect who has at times shown he has potential?

  135. The Birchman says:

    I’m with you. I love the CD story, I really do. But I’ve never been blown away by his ability. I liked the way he played with Altidore because his speed stretched the defense, but I think Altidore brings more to the table even when he’s not scoring. I seem to remember Davies disappearing in games if he wasn’t blowing by people with his speed.

  136. The Birchman says:

    Agreed. With the combination of crowded midfield, Dempsey’s knack for goal-scoring/finishing, and his separate skill-set from Altidore, it seems like a no-brainer for him to be the second forward. We can afford to move him out of the MF nowadays.

  137. Brian says:

    I agree. Ives does overrate him. Probably has to do with him being from Jersey. But he had a good start to the season with Orebro. And we’re kinda lacking wingers right now, especially one’s that can play on the left.

  138. Brian says:

    You are correct sir.

  139. The Birchman says:


  140. Brian says:

    I don’t think BFBS’s comment necessarily means he wants Findley on the Gold Cup roster. He’s just stating the facts. Remember it is Bob Bradley we are talking about.

  141. Brian says:

    I agree. But Onyewu was at fault too for the Gerrard goal.

    And for KPB’s goal in the Ghana game, Bradley and Howard are a bit at fault too. Bradley was giving Clark a hospital ball and Howard getting beat near post.

  142. Brian says:


  143. Annelid Gustator says:

    Sacha continues to intrigue me. He at least tries to make the incisive pass UP THE FIELD. Some of our other potential CM don’t.

  144. Brian says:

    Do we need a 5th RB on this roster? I think not.

  145. offcolorcommentary says:


  146. mistaDobalina says:

    i feel like i have been saying DMB to MLS for about 2-3 years now.. but a revival in his nat career would be interesting and a move to MLS could really help.

  147. Colin says:

    Defenders: I’d like to see Bocanegra and Onyewu gone replaced by Gonzalez and Floyd/Wallace. Ditch Goodson too. Play Opara or Gonzalez instead. So, I’d like to see Onyewu and Bocanegra never set foot on the field again. Goodson isn’t as good as Agbossoumonde, Gonzalez, and Opara in my opinion, but I’d rather have Goodson than Onyewu.

    Midfielders: I never want to see two holding midfielders again at least not in a 4-4-2. I’d like to see Bedoya and Kljestan dropped for McCarty and Szetela wherever he is now. Chandler could be used as a right midfielder, and then another defender spot would fill up.

    Forwards: I think Agudelo and Bunbury should be the starters with Altidore and Cooper or Adu selected. A lot of people don’t like Adu, but I think Adu is a great soccer player.

    In general, I’d like to see a skilled line-up out there. I want to see Lichaj, Ream, Opara, and Chandler (I heard he can play on the left). I’d be ok with Chandler as right and Floyd or Wallace on the left. Just as long as it isn’t the same defenders Bradley always uses. I think they really just are not good enough at this level. They’d be ok for the Gold Cup I suppose. I’d like to see Feilhaber, Bradley, McCarty/Adu, and Dempsey in the mid with Agudelo and Bunbury up front. I’d be happy with a midfield-forward arrangment of Feilhaber, Bradley, Dempsey, Agudelo, and Adu too. I think Bradley would just drop back and Feilhaber and Dempsey would come inside a little bit and cover back. I would just like to see Bradley field a team that is skilled in every position and can move the ball around and create scoring chances. I’d like the defenders to be able to play defensive and start the attacks as well. I don’t care if Donovan plays.

  148. Jeremy says:

    I was actually at the last game in Nashville, and Bradley was light years more involved and influential and calm on the ball than Jones or Edu. Granted Edu was playing out of his comfortable position. And this despite little playing time.

  149. PetedeLA says:

    We’ve tried this a number of times. It’s never worked.

    The only real winger we have for this system is Beasley– and he’s…. Landon has never seemed comfortable as a winger in the 4-3-3, and Deuce dances when he should be penetrating. For the 4-3-3 to work at all you need at least one true winger who can stick to the wing, penetrate, and get a shot off and/or cross. The key word is penetrate (especially from one v one situations). We just don’t have anyone like that at the moment.

  150. patrick says:

    nobody criticizes the swedish league, they criticize his play IN the swedish league. Davies number are skewed by his subpersub appearances early on in his USMNT career. I’d like to see hia goals broken down by minutes played. I think you’ll see a much different picture.

  151. Brian says:

    Lol. I could see them all going to the Gold Cup. Cherundolo definitely goes, and so does Chandler since he can play RM as well.

    I think Spector goes given his ability to play right back, centerback, center mid, and right mid, and I guess even left back in an emergency. Bringing Spector might be a good idea especially if we are not going to bring any other left backs besides Bocanegra. Imagine what would happen if Boca got hurt?

    As for Lichaj, I really like the guy, but I could see him being the one left out if Bob doesn’t bring all four of them because he seems to be behind Chandler at right back. However he can play left back too. I think he has been playing it for Leeds since their injured right back came back? Someone correct me if I’m wrong. So that could help his chances. I’d probably play Lichaj at LB over Spector.

  152. Brian says:

    Floyd? Wallace? Agbossoumonde? Gonzalez? Opara? Are you high?

  153. Brian says:

    And last I heard Szetela got arrested.

  154. Isaac says:

    It’s not as clear cut as you make it. You’re doing the incredibly irritating thing that plenty of fans like to do when comparing players. They make the player they’re against sound like complete trash rather than acknowledging their strengths and the truth of the situation.

    The two are both very close candidates who play pretty much the exact same position and have the same kind of attributes. They’re expected to drive at the defense and provide a raw creative spark in the final third. They’re both comfortable creating from wide and central areas. It’s going to really depend upon form and will come down to the last day.

  155. skinnyj says:

    If by “best player” you mean the player that completed the most negative balls and easiest passes, you are correct. We need a more creative CAM. Not sure who that is- but we never get to see a non-Bradley pairing in the center, which kind of bugs.

  156. Isaac says:

    It’s about tactical flexibility, not just technical quality.

  157. skinnyj says:

    PS. I’d like to see Holden at CAM when he gets healthy. Pair him with Jones, Bradley or Edu. Also isn’t it possible to drop Edu or Bradley into a center back role?

  158. Isaac says:

    The hate for Sacha is kind of overdone now. He was definitely in really poor form for a while, but I think he’s come out of that funk mostly. I also think that the problem is that he was played in a role that didn’t really suit him fully. As a box-to-box central midfielder, he was expected to play passes that kept possession and linked play. He was a bit inconsistent at this role, and, as strange as it sounds, he’s a lot more comfortable at making passes that cut defenses open. However, he was forced to take turns getting forward with Michael Bradley. When he was played next to Ricardo Clark, his true colors shined through. Clark was a holding midfielder( or was at least instructed to act as one) and allowed Sacha to get forward, create, and run at the backline.

  159. Ben says:

    Yeah except one is 25 and has shown nothing except for that anamoly and the other is 20 with potential. Should the US be forced to rely on either one of them in the Gold Cup, it would probably be trouble, so why not at least bring in the guy with hope for the future instead of the guy who has so clearly on the hightest plateau on which he will ever reside. I’m with the wilyboy, except for the Bob blaming; if there is no real difference between bench players, bring in the younger one to gain experience.

  160. matt says:

    or how he was partnered with Bradley in our win against Spain in the Confed Cup

  161. drew says:

    I believe that some of the negativity that surrounds M. Bradley doesn’t necessarily have to do with his talent level, but rather with a missing sense of fairness. Not getting quality minutes has been used as a reason for excluding other players from the team in the past, yet it doesn’t seem to affect Bradley. The reason is that he plays very well for the National team – it is a fact that is hard to deny. The problem is that other players not getting minutes with their club teams could make similar contributions to the national team, but might not be given a chance. So when, for example, Torres doesn’t get picked because he isn’t picking up enough minutes, fans of his will become skeptical of the reasons.

  162. Isaac says:


  163. Frank says:

    This year’s Gold Cup isn’t about forward thinking. It’s 100% about winning the tournament to qualify for the confederations cup. The next GC is the one where new things can be tested.

  164. Louis Z says:

    I don’t think he is as fast as before, we had a 1-1 situation with Ream and couldn’t beat him.

  165. Louis Z says:

    good come back

  166. drew says:

    Can we get a new uniform please?

  167. Louis Z says:

    “brightest spots” you mean his bold head?

    but he is one of our better MDs, kinda sad.

  168. bottlcaps says:

    There is a lot of conjecture in the UK press today that Dempsey may skip the Gold Cup. The reason being that Fulham may get a spot in the Europa League due to a Fair Play award. Fulham sits atop that table and unless someone of Fulham gets a red card in the last 4 games, they would go. The first playoff would be during or almost immediately after the Gold Cup.

    Dempsey wishes for some time off after the EPL season and has looked tired in some recent games. The Europa League spot would be a HUGE bonus for Fulham and which they would take very seriously, given their success last year in making the final.

    There would be tremendous pressure on him to put Club in front of Country/

  169. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    Missed him again. Lot of talk in the BL about a few teams interested in Matthew Taylor. I would be too given his 16 goals in 26 3.BL matches. What? We’re talking about BB making educated decisions here, well that ends the conversation.

  170. Bolt says:

    OK, big boy, I “won’t dare imply”, just because you told me not to.

    However, I don’t think I implied anything; I said it pretty clearly.

    Altidore has not performed well enough to be a lock on the roster. Plain and simple.

    And, yes, it bugs that he has the honor to represent my country, but cannot manage a simple gesture of unity like that, especially when the camera pans across everyone else on the team doing it, including guys who grew up in Germany. I get that things like that don’t matter to everyone, but — dare I say it?? — they matter to me.

  171. chris says:

    yep i would rather keep people that reflect US soccer and not people that some where along the line had half american blood

  172. Ben says:

    Edu, Jones, or Clark… maybe Torres with those 3. I could see Dempsey as an attacking mid, with one of the 3 above behind and Landon on the wing. Still need a better winger or to put Dempsey there. Bradley’s current form and past history of uncreative play should make him a sub. Put him in when we have a goal up and need to wear the other team out.

    I would like to see USA develop a distributor in the middle, our very own Xavi, Iniesta, Wesley Schnieder, etc. (Reyna was the last to do this for USA).

  173. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Key term in conjecture in the British press.

  174. Louis Z says:

    I also wanted Zach to get a shot but I doubt it since he is hardly getting starts with Dallas.

  175. chris says:

    if the USA doesnt win the final i will definetly cry! I cant handle USA losing to Ghana, the U-20’s not qualifying, RSL losing and the USA not being in the confederations cup all too close

  176. Phil says:

    in that case, leave Deuce off… he tends to go missing in CONCACAF matches anyway…..

  177. Ben says:

    well said…

    my problems with Bradley come from comparing him to the best midfielders on the best 8 teams in the world. I guess until we find someone else he will get minutes. As you said, “kinda sad.”

    My worry, to follow others above, is if new talent is out there but not tapped due to Dad’s bias (though uninentional). Honestly, can USA fans just get a chance to see a midfield with out him?

  178. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Also, we have to see if England holds on to that last extra Europa League spot. Since the rankings last came out there was a rash of yellows and a couple of reds in the Champions League. Also, not sure if Hughes’ red last match counts in the standings or if it only counts if an actual player gets a card. I guess my point is we have to see what happens with that. The situation is very fluid.

  179. Primoone says:

    You have a valid point with regards to Bradley probably playing more minutes however, there is a midfielder on that projected squad that was left home for Beasley last summer. Beasley played WC ball and was actually nursing an injury during the World cup camp and still managed to knock Sasha off the short list. My point is that you can’t overlook his accomplishments in big-tournaments at the club level. Bundesliga clubs just don’t hand 2-year contracts and then let them sit on the bench unless your team is stacked. Beasley is legit. Just don’t put him on the back line. I’m all for development for the future however, this particular Gold Cup is not for training purposes.

  180. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Out of curiosity, do you know what teams?

  181. wilyboy says:

    I don’t think Klejstan is trash, just that he went down the Quaranta path of not meeting expectations. I think he’s got good vision and is good vertically, but slow and prone to give-aways. Mix might be all over the place, but he’s already capable of special moments with the ball.

    Basically, they’re fighting over a creative-sub position, and I just don’t think Klejstan has much to offer in that scenario.

  182. Primoone says:

    Who here is of the opinion that Lichaj could probably play a better left back then the natural lefty, Bornstine?

  183. Tim says:

    For a third keeper, in the past sometimes the USMNT coach selects a veteran MLS keeper in good form. That keeper stays and plays with the club team unless there is an injury to one of the other two keepers on the roster. You rarely dress more than one back up keeper for a particular game anyway as there is a limit to the number of players you can put on your bench for a game (18 I think). That would make selection of someone like Rimando more of a possibility. If you needed to use your third keeper, it would likely be in the later elimination game stages because of injury or because of card disqualification. In such a scenario, a veteran keeper might be preferred to a younger keeper.

  184. hudson says:

    Agree Dempsey should be left off the Gold Cup squad if he’s leaning against playing since he won’t likely be a factor if he’s not mentally or physically committed. If UK reports are accurate, his desire for a break after a long EPL season is legitimate, anyway. Slot Chandler in at right wing in Dempsey’s place. He’s already shown he can be a dangerous attacking player playing at right back.

  185. Paul C says:

    We need to get back to a 4-2-3-1 with Dempsey in the hole.

  186. marden08 says:

    It is funny to me that we have almost 200 posts worrying about who will be the last 2 or 3 players on a 24 man roster when only 18 suit up for a game. While it does illustrate that our depth is better than 10 years ago, we need to focus on getting a better top 13. easier said than done.

  187. Louis Z says:

    Tanya Harding’s ex is available with his pipe, all he needs is the go ahead.

  188. Matthew Barrett says:

    If they way you get play time on the US Men’s National team is heavily dependent on the following:

    1. Obtaining significant playing time with your club
    2. Playing in form (ie – scoring goals)
    3. Performing well in recent US National team games
    4. Best available option for the position


    He doesn’t fit any of these qualifications!!

    Other options are:
    Clint Dempsey, Juan Agudelo, Edson Buddle, Herculez Gomez, Chad Barret, Teal Bunbury, Kenny Cooper, Chris Wondolowski, my Grandmother!

  189. says:

    Dr.Monkey…+1, just for your moniker…LMAO

  190. fenel says:

    Beckerman Please!

  191. GW says:

    Can you explain exactly what you mean?

    As far the Davies of 2009 Confed Cup, that guy is gone.

    Bradley will evaluate the 100% of whatever Charlie is here RIGHT NOW, and if that isn’t as good as 100% of the current Jozy and/or Teal or whoever, then it’s not good enough.

    This isn’t fantasy football.

  192. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Thanks….for some reason, unknown to anybody I use to go by MonkeyArmy….then I thought you know I am a Doctor….so Dr. MonkeyArmy it was. I laugh every time I say it out loud. Can’t take yourself to seriously, you know.

  193. Felix says:

    I’d probably drop Kljestan for a natural, heavily flawed LB – take ur pick SBI nation. Since Chanlder can play wide right midfield, and the team listed above does not have any natural LB, that’d be my choice.
    Other than that, I don’t have a huge problem with this roster.

  194. Warren says:

    um no, sorry, Sacha has maxed out his welcome at USMNT and shown himself unworthy.

    Classic was Bradley bringing in Sacha to stop Brazil’s comeback in Confed Cup – yeah like that would work.

    Mixx is young and we don;t know what hi top is, but I also am guessing it’s well past Sacha’s.

    But knowing BB, he will stick with one of his favorites, over more deserving young talent.

  195. Warren says:

    People who love on Bradley obviously have no experience playing the game and have zero knowledge of the game.

    Ok, that was unfair. But point is one may question assumption guy not making reserves never mind bench, should be considered automatic starter over guys playing 90 or at least 60-70 mins in EPL or Bundesliga.

    Without being labeled a hater or a lover.

  196. GW says:

    The Gold Cup is a serious tournament one the USSF has pretty much stated we must win.

    Given that, only an fool would bring any player on the roster that he didn’t feel could not be relied on to play and play well.

    INother words, this is no place to bring guys along “to gain experience”.

    If you think the 23rd guy on the roster will not play think about the injury and red card possibilities, especially the card possibilities, and the likelihood of the 23rd spot being very important suddenly increases dramatically.

    I happen to like Mix but Norway’s league is ranked 26th in Europe ( Belgium’s league is ranked 13th, basically twice as high), so I’m concerned about the level of competition he faces. I know they are targeting him more for the Olympic team rather than the Gold Cup.I think Kjlestan has gotten a raw deal but I haven’t seen him lately so it’s hard for me to say.

    For such decisions it seems to me Bradley would know better than anyone so I’m happy to leave it to him

  197. Warren says:

    Bradley was ok but clearly outclassed against Argentina especially in the first half – but then so was most of squad.

    Anyway, Bradley’s a good player but pretending it doesn;t matter that he has seen zero club playing time in months is just silly.

    Since any objective observer would consider Jones the more skilled of the two, and oh yeah Jones plays 90, every week. Meaning we know is in EPL form, now.

  198. Warren says:

    Holden, when healthy, has proven himself a far superior ball winner. For his EPL club. And yet for some reason Holden doesn;t get chance to strut his stuff at cm for USMNT.

  199. Felix says:

    I’m in the Michael Bradley needs to play camp – let me say that right now.
    But I can see the point of some fans who say Bradley Sr is being hypocritical when he cites some players’ lack of minutes at club level for a reason of not selecting them, but at the same time starting Michael. That’s a valid point that I won’t contest. Bradley Sr shouldn’t use that for a reason.
    That being said – the fact of the matter is despite his lack of playing time for Aston Villa, Michael Bradley still plays very well for the national team and has been one of our best players for the past 4 years. This cannot be denied. And the fans who cannot accept this are blinded by their low opinion of his father as the Nats manager and cannot divide the two.
    Michael Bradley is our best all-around CM, that’s just a fact. All the others out there, Jones, Edu, Feilhaber, Torres, Kljestan, Diskerud, or even Spector are not in his class and do not have all the tools that he brings. He doesn’t excel at any one facet, outside of work rate, but is strong in everything else.

  200. GW says:

    Seeing as how we played Argentina and Paraguay I can see why Juan had so little influence against Peru.

  201. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    I’m guessing that has something to do with the fact that he has been injured leading up to the last 2 major tournaments. I am sure if he was healthy he would be in CM, but alas he is not.

  202. Felix says:

    Some US fans have the “back-up quarterback” syndrome. The next great player at any given position is the young up-and-coming stud we haven’t gotten enough looks at yet.
    Eventually we do see them enough to realize that they have flaws in their game as well, and move on to the next great thing.
    How many Kenny Coopers, Michael Parkhursts, Edgar Castillos, etc do we have see to accept this?
    I still remember all the uproar a few years ago when BB didn’t start Altidore – no we can’t rip that kid enough, so we can fawn all over the next heavily-hyped too young striker.
    It’s almost as if we aren’t interested in the best player for a given position/system, but just who POSSIBLY can be better.

  203. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Warren, by and large I agree with you. I do not think Bradley should be a penciled in starter, but those who say he only makes the squad because of nepotism are crazy. On a different note, I also don’t think people give Jermaine Jones credit for being as skilled as he is.

  204. Felix says:

    Good call. I don’t think Bedoya is as good as some like to believe, but we don’t have that many natural wide players right now who can play even adequately at this level. And he is in good form at the moment.
    Chandler has emerged recently, and Bedoya can put in a solid shift, but there isn’t much else outside of Donovan and Dempsey, who still prefer to squeeze inside.

  205. Warren says:

    Actually, it is about his talent level.

    Some of us rate players earning 90 minutes game in game out in EPL over guys unable to justify their inclusion in a squad. Meaning give keys to cm to Jones, and see who should be his sidekick.

    Bradley is good, for sure, but defects in his game do cause problems as we can’t string passes through the midfield very often. imho.

  206. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Absolutely Felix. Couldn’t agree more. The attack becomes too narrow at times because Dempsey and Donovan cut inside all the time. I don’t blame them for cutting in, that is where they are most effective. However, it becomes a problem if your backs don’t provide the width. Now, Chandler and Dolo can provide that down the right, but there is nobody on the left capable of defending and getting forward.

  207. GW says:

    Bradley is not as skilled or talented a player as Jones. But talented players are often outplayed by lesser talented players.

    When in a US shirt, Bradley has outplayed Jones as recently as the last two games. This very disappointing as I had expected Jones to come in and immediately dominate the midfield but it hasn’t happened.

    This even though Jones is game fit and Bradley isn’t. And by the time the Gold Cup rolls around the season will be over for both guys. Now if the next season rolls around and Bradley isn’t playing for his club (wherever that is) then that is something else.

    But for now Bradley should play in the Spain game. He will start in the Gold Cup and needs the practice.

    It doesn’t matter what you do for your club what matters is how you play for the US.

  208. GW says:

    What is it about major injuries that you do not understand?

    Holden is a mirage. Great club player,but manages to get himself crocked every time he is about to make a breakthrough with the US. And don’t think this last injury isn’t very serious. He might not come back as good. You can only take so many major injuires and he isn’t getting any younger.

  209. GW says:

    “my problems with Bradley come from comparing him to the best midfielders on the best 8 teams in the world.”

    Do me a favor.

    Take what you think is our very best starting 11 and compare them man for man to their counterparts in the “best 8 teams in the world”.

    Let me know how it turns out.


  210. GW says:

    Supposedly, he is being slated for the Olympic team and that is one of Mix’s great ambitions.

  211. AdamFromMich says:

    Wow. If Bradley is going to start in the Gold Cup, I’m not sure he should play in the Spain game. If he starts against Spain he’ll go 90. If he plays 90 minutes against Spain, how is he going to play against Canada 3 days later? Maybe he could come off the bench against Spain, but not start.

    Actually, I’m a little annoyed with the USSF for scheduling a high-profile game so close to the start of the Gold Cup. Especially considering that we’re playing our most challenging group stage opponent in the first game.

  212. GW says:

    Findley’s career indicates steady improvement until he hit 2010, when he hit a speed bump.

    Most of the negativity I’ve seen here has to do with that one bad year.

    He is now in what appears to be a much more positive situation where he seems to be very much wanted. If he has a good run there, there is no reason why 2010 might not be considered just a bad memory and Findley could be back in contention for a USMNT slot.

    As bad as time as Findley had in 2010 it pales in comparison to what Davies went through. While he has looked good it is still way too early to say “the real thing” is back or that he will ever be back. People expect too much, too soon.

  213. GW says:

    What do you mean when you say he hasn’t played well enough?

  214. GW says:

    “You need to discard the “favorites” and the “comfortable old shoes” and bring in the new but talented, hungry but inexperienced players that will make an impact in WCQ, Confed Cup, and WC.”

    How do you know these new guys will make an impact?

  215. GW says:

    Where have you been?

    Since 2007 Dempsey has spent something like a quarter to a third of his time for the USMNT up top, often in the second half.

  216. GW says:

    One of these games you will probably see:

    Dolo, Goodson, Ream, Lichaj

    Spector (Chandler), Dempsey, Bradley, Donovan

    Jozy( Agudelo), Bunbury

  217. GW says:

    Do you mean Zac McMath?

  218. GW says:

    He has had many chances to do just that for the US and, so far , has never been totally convincing.

  219. GW says:

    “Torres has so many more intangibles than Sasha but for some reason Bob loves Sasha…just doesn’t add up.”

    Care to explain what you mean?

    When I add up the US careers of both neither one has really done much. One reason why you might shade to Sascha is that he is bigger, more used to the kind of physical, speedy game you run into in international football.

    Torres himself has said he has had problems with the speed of the international game.

    You saw that against Holland and Slovenia

  220. GW says:

    Your proposed line up would lose or at best draw most every Gold Cup game, culminating in a 5-0 beating by Mexico. With a little more time to gel, they might make WC qualifying but only in the last possible spot.

    Szetela may be incarcerated so he isn’t available.

  221. GW says:

    Leeds United

  222. GW says:

    Dempsey and Jozy don’t play the same position and don’t do the same things. Two different types of players.

    Jozy is a better option than the rest having more experience at it and having done a good job with it in the World Cup.

    I can’t comment on your grandmother as I haven’t seen her play yet. How is her speed, is she good inthe air, making runs off the ball, and hows her strength?

    Is she left footed or right footed?

  223. mormonsaltlakefan says:

    here’s a list of players who I would not want to see in a US uniform again for their impact has been minimal to negative whenever given the opportunity:


  224. Sergio Giannoni says:

    If Bradley and Altidore start, i am going to slap myself silly, I mean come on, those guys are not even getting playing time….

  225. GW says:

    My guess would be that was the only time Spain could fit it in.

  226. GW says:

    Ives does not pick him for the USMNT. Bradley does that.

  227. Danny H says:

    You had to bring up the M word…Dude should be ready in about 5 years…

  228. Gitar Bon says:

    Mix blows…Did you not watch the Chile game???

  229. GW says:

    “Not getting quality minutes has been used as a reason for excluding other players from the team in the past, yet it doesn’t seem to affect Bradley.”

    “The problem is that other players not getting minutes with their club teams could make similar contributions to the national team, but might not be given a chance. So when, for example, Torres doesn’t get picked because he isn’t picking up enough minutes, fans of his will become skeptical of the reasons.”

    This is a misconception on your part. BB never said club PT is the ONLY determining factor for US playing time. He said it was a big consideration but not the only one.

    If this PT gauge were really true then managing the US would simply be a matter of lining up the 11 guys with the most PT and letting them go.

    Going back to when Benny was having trouble getting any games with Derby County for what seemed like mostly a personality clash with management,(very similar to what MB is now going thru at Villa) BB kept him in the US team picture and gave him the odd game or two. Why? My guess is because he already knew what Benny could do and felt he was an important player for the US.

    If you are a new or unknown guy to the US setup not just getting PT but doing well with that PT is important. That is how Chandler made his splash. Lichaj, who was well known to the US staff, got his first cap even though he had never played a league game for Villa. He did play in a bunch of Cup matches.

    It’s different for every player and position plays a role as well. Chandler is an instant “must find room for this guy” after one game. He plays two positions that this team needs now, speedy overlapping back and speedy attacking winger. Torres on the other hand, plays a position that doesn’t really exist on this team. BB likes him and keeps him around because he keeps trying to find a way to integrate him into the team.

    Fans love to take the fantasy football approach to lineups, “this guy has better stats( or talent) than that guy” and fail to take into account this is a team made up of real people and real people have to be blended together to get the best results. It is not always about obvious talents and club playing time.

  230. GW says:

    Obviously you don’t take the Gold Cup seriously but the USSF has as much as said we have to win it ( dress rehearsal tournament for Brazil 2014 and all that).

    You say the US would be okay with :

    Howard, Yeldell and Mcmath.

    In the 2010 World Cup Heskey nearly broke Howard’s ribs in the first game. Let’s say Howard breaks an arm or a couple of ribs in is first Gold Cup game, not impossible.

    Now you are down to a guy who has 30 minutes of international experience and a very raw rookie.

    You are right, “Hahneman is not a terribly forward looking callup” but it could be a game changing one. If you are down to your third keeper in the Gold Cup then you want it to be a guy like Marcus who you can count on.

  231. sciroccer says:

    No leave the Real guys out of it! I love the NATS, but I didnt get to watch Beckerman last summer due to injury, would like see him with RSL all year! Although I do believe he (along with Borchers and Rimando) deserve to be there.

  232. sciroccer says:

    I think Bradley should be dumped, and a new coach comes now before the WC gets any closer. As long as Bradley is there it will be the same group, and his Chivas boys. That fact that he calls up Borstein, and Kljeston is proof that Bob needs to go!

  233. MicahK says:

    Thank you all for seeing what I see. Bedoya does not belong on the team he needs to show more. Call up some one else. And leave Bedoya in Sweden.

  234. MicahK says:

    LMBO, yeah Chris because you think you know everything about soccer, but unfortunately YOU DON’T. -____-

  235. MicahK says:

    Paraguay* not Peru.

  236. MicahK says:

    LMBO, if we had lost to Peru wow Bradley should get fired ASAP, lol.

  237. MicahK says:

    Are you Chad Barret’s cousin? Nepotism alert.

  238. Brian says:

    All I’m saying is I don’t think it’s necessary to have more than one of them. I’d go with Feilhaber

  239. ThaDeuce says:

    ditto to this!!!

  240. bryan says:

    idk, i didn’t like the way that looked against argentina. granted, it was the first time we tried it and it was against argentina, but still.

  241. bryan says:

    i really hope you aren’t serious!

  242. bryan says:

    demerit has always had a negative impact in your mind?!

  243. Rob P says:


    GK Howard

    D Cherundolo-Bocanegra-Lichaj-Goodson

    M Donnovan-Bradley-Jones-Edu

    F Agudelo-Dempsey


    GK Guzan-Robles

    D Onyewu-Ream-Chandler(Gonzales for Chandler if injured)

    M Spector-Failhauber-Kljestan-Clarke-Diskerud

    F Altidore-Davies

    Luis Robles has been playing and needs a shot (Hahnemann needs to retire for USMNT)

    Onyewu isn’t ready (and may never be), Cherundolo is pretty much done after the 2011-12 seasons (get us there man… then move over for the up and comers)

    Spector is a midfielder not a defender… makes too many critical mistakes on the back line to trust. Failhauber and Kljestan need to show that they belong (their last chances in 2011-12 to make 2014 roster), Torres needs more playing time, so let the guys playing have a chance this summer (Clarke, Jones, Spector and Diskerud). When does Freddy Adu get back into the conversation? He is finally getting some work at Rizespor in Turkey (4 goals in 10 games)

    Altidore needs to be benched to make sure he knows that he is no longer automatic. Dempsey and Agedelo need time together… Davies and Buddle need chances too (this can only happen if the midfield holds up and we stop the early goals and defensive yellow cards).

    Good news: Gold cup teams at the Group Stage always sit back and counter (does our midfield control the game and get the ball to the strikers). We need to keep the streak with Mexico alive (H Hernandez will be a bear to deal with)

    Bad news: the Latin American refs hate the US and always puts us on our heels with penalties and yellow cards… expect a yellow card accumulation or red card in the last game during the group stage for a defensive or midfield starter to make our first quarterfinal interesting.

    Bob Bradley is the right guy, he just needs to think that he will be fired if he loses Gold Cup (unless it is Mexico in the final) and then has a bad fall 2011 during a tough friendly schedule (which US Soccer Association needs to arrainge… CONCACAF qualifying does not test either the US or Mexico.

  244. Matthew says:

    No mention of Bornstein — how could this have happened? Did I miss something?