Rapids vs. Sounders: Your Running Commentary

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The Colorado Rapids and Seattle Sounders will look to try and close the gap on Western Conference leaders Real Salt Lake and Los Angeles when they face off tonight in Colorado (9:30pm, Fox Soccer Channel).

The Rapids will look to halt their own two-match losing streak as well as Seattle's four-match unbeaten streak, while the Sounders will look to win with Fredy Montero back in the starting lineup. Colorado is still without Conor Casey, but the tandem of Omar Cummings and Caleb Folan should be able to test the Sounders defense.

If you will be watching tonight's match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

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105 Responses to Rapids vs. Sounders: Your Running Commentary

  1. ShaggyReAL says:

    OMG!! that looked so Ugly….

  2. Travis says:

    oh my god that was a horrible tackle, zakuani is seriously injured

  3. 20 says:

    broken leg

  4. GSScasual says:

    Oh my god… i feel so bad for Zakuani… he must be in so much pain… Get better. He must be out for the season.
    Gut wrenching

  5. ShaggyReAL says:

    You could see his leg just…ughh….not good.

  6. ... says:

    Those are the kinds of tackles you do NOT show replays of.

  7. JFC says:

    de jong’d

  8. g-dub says:

    Bryan Mullan is a motherf*er. Could have ruined a promising career there.

  9. A wise man once says:

    MLSsoccer.com SAID they’d have a live chat. Nick Firchau told us all! And DID they have a live chat? NO! Only a Facebook chat :( (not the same)

    And OW! Zakuani got his leg broke in the 3rd minute!

  10. ShaggyReAL says:

    You could tell Mullin was PO’d from not getting the call a few seconds earlier. He went in way hard knowing he was going to make contact. Dirty play.

  11. Travis says:

    agreed, i hate how american sports stations show replays of horrific injuries. im an arsenal fan as well and when ramsey got hurt last year there was zero replays. then on espnsoccernet it was the cover page which is entirely unacceptable to me

  12. JimmyJoe says:

    That’s absolutely terrible for steve and for the Sounders. Tough to lose a guy like that. Just awful.

  13. ShaggyReAL says:

    ya. that totally sucks.

  14. Matt says:

    Gosh what a sad, sad play. Dumb tackle, awful result. Best wishes Steve

  15. g-dub says:

    stop saying he’s not a dirty player. Totally intentional dirty tackle early in the game.

  16. Sandra says:

    he better be suspended for however long zakuani is out for

  17. Rob says:

    Wow hope it’s a clean break for a faster and smoother recovery. Very sad.

  18. glaing says:

    or Ryan Shawcrossed.

  19. GSScasual says:

    I am seriously nauseous after that.. could change sounders season… Get better dude… Props for the tough straight-face through it all… regards from the Dirty Jersey

  20. 20 says:

    I was there when the same thing happened to Preston Burpo.. made me sick to my stomach. Get well soon Zakuani

  21. Tim F. says:

    Mullan should be suspended for as long as it takes for Zakuani to recover. That sort of tackle should not be tolerated.

  22. 20 says:

    I couldn’t believe how calm he was

  23. A wise man once says:

    The no chat or the broken leg? Or both???

  24. mikeyduece says:

    Good luck steve. stay positive in this very difficult situation. Love your play. stay strong.

  25. Bolt says:

    Mullan lost his fricken mind. Serious red mist. I hope he gets a long break fromthe league to think about what he’s done.

  26. RSLRob says:

    Rapids fans classy as always by cheering Mullan on his way out. Bet they cheered for De Jong and Tonya Harding as well.

  27. Charles says:

    Yeah especially when they were like, “just wait for it, wait for the replay! you are really going to be able to hear the sound!” …what the heck is wrong with that announcer

  28. Rob says:

    Or they were cheering Zakuani as the got him up on the stretcher.

  29. dhatch says:

    That was just nasty.

  30. JFC says:

    different sport but Lawrence Taylor’d

  31. glaing says:

    Probably in shock.

  32. RSLRob says:

    We’re talking about Colorado here. People were cheering right as he went by them.

  33. Tim F. says:

    Possible fracture?

  34. dhatch says:

    Wow jp really? On his way to the hospital for an x-ra on a “POSSIBLE” fracture? Really?

  35. abc says:

    I agree, something must be done about dirty plays like that.
    Even that could not be enough, he could have just ruined a very promising career.

  36. Rob says:

    Maybe those idiots on ESPN that call this a non contact sport can watch that replay and STFU.

  37. g-dub says:

    And Jamie Smith can F off too because you know he called for his team to destroy Zakuani early in the match as part of the game plan.

  38. Rob says:

    Really, your going to use that broken leg to take a cheap shot at someone else? Come on.

  39. lprevolution says:

    Ugliest tackle in the history of the MLS.

  40. RyaninCT says:

    Nice for Montero but horrific gaffe by the goalkeeper Pickens. By the way…does Colorado have some quiet fans or what? Weakish atmosphere. Or is it FSC’s horrible audio once again?

  41. lprevolution says:

    Thats why he should have the biggest fine ever in MLS.

  42. RSLRob says:

    A cheap shot? Did you see the crowd when Mullan went past? They weren’t cheering for Zakuani. Weren’t even looking at him.

  43. lprevolution says:

    At least 10 games. Total revenge tackle.

  44. Chris says:

    Pretty sure they weren’t aware how bad it was when they showed that first, and ONLY, replay of it. I know I wasn’t totally sure until I saw as well.

  45. John says:

    That tibfib fracture will end his season for sure. I watched one of my friends get hit with one of those and he was out for over a year. Stay strong Steve.

  46. GSScasual says:

    I actually had one of the more severe ankle injuries you can get. (pilon fracture)… when it happened, it feels like an intense electric shock, nausea, vertigo, and adrenalin…. I know Zakuani has at LEAST 3 months on crutches, and A LOT of percacet. most likely that needs some plates or screws…(i have 2 plates and 9 screws)

  47. Travis says:

    They showed more like three replays in quick succession, not just one. Anyone who has watched of footie though knew what happened when it happened live, there was no need to show a replay.

  48. Rob says:

    Hey I personally don’t care what they show as a replay (I can always look away), but I do agree with you, I did not know it was that sever

  49. RSLRob says:

    Its not every day a player can boast possibly ending someone’s career. A busy day for Mullan indeed. In related note, after the match the entire Rapids team plan to club a group of endagered baby seals.

  50. 20 says:

    Zakuani will be back, I don’t think his career is ruined, but like Davies he is in for a long recovery

  51. 20 says:

    I don’t know why you’re attacking the Rapids

  52. Rob says:

    Your right the whole fan base cheered wildly for Mullen. Again stay classy with that hatred of a fan base.

  53. This Guy says:

    I for one wanted to see the replay to see how harsh of a challenge it was. If you don’t want to see replays, look away. Quit whining about everything.

  54. 20 says:

    +1 ignore this troll

  55. That was their pregame. Post game it’s spitting on orphans. Orphans with diseases.

  56. RSLRob says:

    Colorado has been a thug team for a while. This is the next inevitable step.

  57. This Guy says:

    It’ll never happen. Thierry Henry didn’t get suspended for how long Hartmann was out. It’s how it should be but it isn’t.

  58. GSScasual says:

    show Zakuani some respect… he broke his leg, thats all you need to know… You want to see the lower half of his leg flop around? you sadist.

  59. DomiNate says:

    This is why I could never be a professional player. If I saw a guy break my team mate’s leg I would break the guys neck.

    I haven’t been this mad since the Eduardo tackle.

  60. Travis says:

    How was there no yellow there for Folan for throwing elbows wildly?

  61. Rob says:

    Well that was posted quickly.

  62. Lassidawg says:

    Based on the sound and zak’s reaction he sufferred the same injury I did on November 20. To give an idea of the recovery I was in the hospital for 2 days and acquired a rod and a couple of screws. I just got out of the boot a week ago. It is a 26 to 30 week recovery before you can run.

  63. RSLRob says:

    The pre-game team press release must be backwards then.

  64. Yeah, didn’t realize it was that bad. That video should not be up, and it was way worse than the described “sloppy” tackle. At very least there should be some sort of warning. Just absolutely shocking tackle. Reminds me of Shawcross on Ramsey an while back, except there wasn’t malice in that one like there was in this. Makes me sick to my stomach.

  65. GunneRR says:

    Exactly. Revenge foul. He should be suspended for 17 games (as in 1/2 the season). Disgusting.

  66. 20 says:

    good luck with your recovery.

  67. GunneRR says:

    Henry was being stupid and careless. Mullan was looking for revenge after not getting a call a few seconds earlier. When I watched Eduardo and Aaron Ramsey get chopped down, I didn’t see intent. This time I did. Whatever suspension Mullan gets, it won’t be long enough.

  68. RSLRob says:

    I didn’t say all Rapids fans. I think its ridiculous when any fan base cheers a guy that gets sent off for a dangerous, possibly career threatening, tackle. Nothing trolling about that, just flat out embarrassing.

  69. Scott A says:

    Oh, lay off Thierry. Total difference of intent.

  70. Not surprising to be honest, they’re to busy ruining careers to put out a correct press release. I was whale watching earlier though and saw them clubbing the seals though, so I’m pretty sure all though I wouldn’t be surprised if they do both pre and post game.

  71. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Ouch. Mullan was more than reckless. He deserves a long ban, that’s for sure.

  72. DomiNate says:

    Foul Rosales from behind, knock him to the ground, and kick it off his back when the call goes against you.

    Stay classy Colorado

  73. abc says:

    Jesus I’m starting to really dislike Colorado just based on the last hour.

  74. DomiNate says:

    Damn dude. Did someone Mullan you?

  75. Rob says:

    Why does it feel like Seattle is giving way too much respect to a 10 men Colorado team? Are they really comfortable with only a 1goal?

  76. Travis says:

    That should be a clear yellow on Smith, late tackle from behind…

  77. Rob says:

    Really, I am no Rapids fan, but they have always played this “physical” style….

  78. Travis says:

    I think they are in a bit of shock honestly, its hard to play after what happened earlier to a team mate. They seem to be just sleep walking.

  79. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Ives just posted it via twitter. Guess he’s a sadist too, right?

  80. Clayton says:

    Dellacamera still doesn’t seem to know how bad that injury was…he just said Zakuani went to the hospital for a “possible broken leg”. After the 10 replays with sound fx they showed of it, you would think he would realize thats not just a “possible” broken leg. FSC is such a joke…its one thing to be low-budget, it’s even worse to immediately debate the impact of the red card on the game when a guy’s career is in jeopardy.

  81. abc says:

    Henry? That is a ridiculous comparison.

  82. g-dub says:

    Case in point the football Colorado played to win the cup last year.

  83. Rob says:

    They did not debate the red card at all….

  84. 20 says:

    when it happened to the Revolution all the players were in shock at first, but then eventually they rallied and won

  85. Rob says:

    Get ready to turn away with halftime highlights… Although I doubt they will show it.

  86. 20 says:

    Karl Henry’d

  87. Rob says:

    Man I watched that replay. Theismann’s injury was gross. His bone went into the soil….

  88. UnionCityAthletic says:

    Half-time now. Been damn hard to get into this match after what happened to Zakuani. The sound of the snap is still in my head. F@@k. A stiff fine and a long suspension is in order for that cretin Mullan. What a dirty hack. Thoughts and prayers are with you Steve Zakuani.

  89. In the spirit of Good Friday can we nail Mullan to a cross?

  90. Lassidawg says:

    Goalie slid into me like he was sliding into second base, with his studs up I had just kicked the ball with my weaker left, with all my weight on the right. It was a nasty tackle. I am guessing zak will be back sooner because he will have daily therapy after about 8 weeks. The guy who did it to me in a rec league was only suspended 3 games. Should have been more for a rec league, Mullen should be out at least 10.

  91. Mhat says:

    This is something that can possibly end a career and change the course of the season for the Sounders. And what for? Being mad about a call? Ugh, just sickening Mullan. Best wishes to Steve and the Sounders from a Portland fan. Hope they hold on to the win tonight.

  92. Lassidawg says:

    Playing with 10 for pros at home isn’t that tough
    Sounders can put it away with another.

  93. DomiNate says:

    That’s why I play in the no slide tackle league. Players with even less skill, playing just as dirty.

    Good luck getting back to normal.

  94. Travis says:

    Did they wet this field down at half time? It seems to be playing much faster than in first half

  95. UnionCityAthletic says:

    Stop. You’re being unfair. Two totally different situations. Henry looked to shoot at an empty net to celebrate a goal scored and Hartmann foolishly challenged and got in the way. This dirty hack Mullan looked to deliberately take out the player. So just stop.

  96. DomiNate says:

    It’s good to hear a rival support Zak. With injuries like this everyone who loves the sport feels the pain.

  97. MT says:

    That was really messed up.

    Colorado should be forced to forfeit this game after that first half. They don’t deserve to be in the league after that.

  98. KC says:

    Wow. Alvaro Fernandez stinks. His passing is off, his touch is wooden and he kills more possesion than he maintains.

  99. abc says:

    Folan with a yellow card and he injures his own hand. Good!

  100. Travis says:

    never wish injury upon a player

  101. abc says:

    What if he injures himself WHILE picking up a yellow card? In that case I’d say he deserves it.

  102. SOCCER_LO says:


  103. John K. says:

    Have to counter this … a good play-by-play man will NEVER say an injury is definitive until it is confirmed by the team or a medical source that helped treat the player. Thus, even though it was pretty evident that the leg was broken, he had to say “possible,” either because the injury hadn’t been confirmed or that’s how it was described to the crew in the truck that received the update.