Real Madrid 0, Barcelona 2: The Highlights

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  1. HoboMike says:

    First of all, I just want to say that Messi is unbelievable (this comes from the Department of the Obvious).

    Now that that’s out of the way….I couldn’t have been more disgusted at this game. Madrid’s tactics were a bit out of line, but for chrissakes….can Barcelona please spend more time on their feet than on the ground? The play of Busquets and Pedro was an absolute disgusting display of “the beautiful game.” It pained me to watch as players flipped and flopped all over the place. And something needs to be done about Barca’s habit of approaching officials. When Pepe caught Alves, the entirety of Barca’s team on the filed sprinted towards the ref. That was a shameless display of sportsmanship.

    Final thought – Busquets is simply the Spanish Carrick. Never met a sideways/backwards pass that he didn’t like.

    Rant over. War of words commence.

  2. Team Dubai Getafe #1 Fan says:

    Wow. After watching the replay, Pepe pretty clearly did not deserve a red. It wasn’t a smart tackle, but there was not much contact. Anyone who watches Barcelona knows that Dani Alves (and Sergi Busquets) embellish big time. If he didn’t helicopter his body, I’d even question a yellow there. Morinho admitted that he intended to play defensively for much of the game, but planned to use substitutes to push for a goal late on. The unworthy red card really blew this series. Oh well, at least Barcelona vs. Man U should be entertaining. I can’t imagine a scenario where Scholes doesn’t get a red card if he starts.

  3. HoboMike says:

    And not that Madrid’s players were innocent of the flopping, either – Di Maria was bouncing all over the place as well. But to fake getting hit in the face when you were hit in the shoulder (Pedro) or not at all (Busquets)? Ugh. Vomit.

    As someone eloquently put it, it was amazing to watch a game where C. Ronaldo was the least whiny of them all.

  4. wides in MN says:

    Agreed on all points… Messi brilliant, but overall a shameless display of diving, whining to the ref. A keeper should not be allowed to run all the way up to the center circle to complain about anything without getting carded.

    UEFA, FIFA, someone needs to do something about all this ridiculous diving and whining.

    And enough with Barca players falling down, clutching their face every time someone touches them on the shoulder.
    link to

  5. abc says:

    How short is the video of highlights? Aside from Messi’s goals that game only had lowlights.

  6. HoboMike says:

    I loved Morinho’s little jail. What was the pont of that??

    “You, sir, are banned from the touchline!!….so please move 7 feet to your left and pass notes to your assistants.”

  7. David says:

    Honestly is the Pepe challenge even worthy of a yellow?

  8. Roberto says:

    believe it or not.. my favorite of the Messi goals is the first one. Everybody knows that messi can dribble past half of the team no matter what club or defenders they are in the footballing world. But the first goal showed how sharp and astute he is and fearless, I just love that first goal. No other comments about the way the spanish/latin players behave and all their whining I feel embarrassed every time I witness that, It’s the one thing (among many others0 that I hate about our spanish culture

  9. ManicMessiah says:

    I think you could give a yellow for the potential to injure another player. I don’t think it’s too different from what Scholes got sent off for in the FA Cup semi-final, except that Pepe didn’t really connect at all.

    I’d certainly say there are refs who wouldn’t have shown Pepe yellow.

  10. Dancy says:

    It is amazing to me the people are more upset about Barca players getting fouled and making the most of it than at Madrid players stomping on Barca players. Replays have shown at least 4 different instances of Madrid players stepping on someone from Barca in their last two games. Not one even resulted in a hint of remorse or concern that would be consistent with it being accidental.

    Madrid players go into tackles hoping to harm the other player without getting caught. Barca players have resorted to making the most of these because they don’t want to get hurt. Puyol, Busquets, Villa, Pedro, Alves, and Messi have all gotten hit in the face or stepped on in the last two games with Real Madrid. Violence in soccer is a much greater and more cynical crime than exaggerating a foul (even if that means grabbing a body part that wasn’t actually fouled).

  11. hush says:

    Sorry hermanito, the Italians are still the whiniest in the game. Or maybe is the fact that there are more Latin futbol players in the world than any other ethnicity making latins seem the most. :)

    Messi is pure nasty! I can’t wait to see a player like that in a U.S jersey.

  12. usa says:

    this game was a disgrace. Barca is a disgrace. Anyone who plays like a man knows that Pepe won that ball fairly, he was there first and more or less has possession of that ball by having his foot over it. Alves is an idiot for kicking at a guys cleats like that. Barca are a bunch of poons that have been guided to the final by UEFA. Forget how “attractive” their football is, their breakthroughs come up a man, hence their desperation right from the kick-off to have other players carded and eventually sent-off. It would be so simple for UEFA to manage this situation by forbidding this type of behavior.(automatic booking for surrounding ref, mandatory time off pitch after being stretchered off, post-game suspensions for embelleshing like pedro) but of course they do nothing.

  13. usa says:

    the potential for injury comes from alves swinging so wildly at that ball and driving his own leg into the bottom of pepe’s cleats. This was entirely intentional however as Alves clearly planned to make contact with the bottom of his foot to see if he could dupe the ref. Right on cue, the joke of a ref falls for it hook, line and sinker.

  14. curmudgeon says:

    Studs up at shin level, at the player with no play on the ball — refs worldwide are advised to call that an automatic red. Whether there’s *any contact at all* with the player doesn’t matter.

  15. curmudgeon says:

    By the way referees are instructed to call matches, yes. In fact, red, even if no contact.

  16. Jack says:

    I cannot believe I’m actually responding to this… but here we go.

    1. Your argument and reality actually defy the laws of physics. There is no way that Pepe could have won the ball, and also hit Alves around like that. Alves got to the ball first, which is why Pepe’s tackle went through Alves’ leg.

    Secondly. Not a single mention of all the cheap shots? Or of Di Maria diving to get Alves a yellow?

    Or of Mardid’s tactics? The cynical nature of their play and challenges.

    Or maybe that Madrid players ALSO surrounded the official last night, as frequently as Barcelona players did.

    Just save us to headaches from having to read your veiled hate. Just come right out and say, “I don’t like Barcelona as a team and I wanted Madrid to win.”

  17. Jack says:

    Thank you.

    The fact that this is even up for debate suggest ulterior motives. That is a red card in any league, in any game. You could make the argument that it wasn’t a red card based on what the official was allowing in the game so far. But by the rules, it is a red card.

  18. Benny says:

    Italians are latinos, hermanito.

  19. Jack says:

    Why don’t you people just come out and say what you REALLY want to say. “I hate Barcelona and I wanted Madrid to win.”

    Whenever I read some of these arguments I instantly think of the Birther nonsense. It’s just thinly veiled racism. Or in this case, thinly veiled hate.

    All I read is how classless Barcelona is. With the exception of a few intelligent comments, I have yet to read anything about how Madrid acted. Are they for some reason excused from cheap shots? Stomping on players, which has happened at least 4 times in the past two games? Also surrounding the officials? Or Di Maria trying out for the Argentine 10m diving squad? Or the clear mentality to just hack a Barcelona player everytime they touch the ball. I mean come on, did anyone watch Adebayor? He just gave up trying to pretend and started two hand shoving players in the upper chest.

    Diving happens. Get over it. For how many pro-United and Arsenal fans are on this site, you would think that nobody would say a word. Nani is probably the worst diver in the top leagues, Italians included.

  20. Dave says:

    That’s right Jack.

    First off, I’m a diehard Barca fan, so take this with a grain of salt. But I think Jack and Dancy have it about right.

    The real question is which is the lesser of 2 evils? A team who comes onto the pitch (their home pitch) and puts 10 men behind the ball, concedes 70% of possession, and kicks, pushes, elbows, fouls, and generally plays dirty as it’s modus operandi, or a team who comes to play attacking football and in response to said tactics from the other team, responds by diving, play-acting, and trying to con the referee into making calls on its behalf?

    It’s pretty obvious. If Madrid didn’t come out to thuggishly beat on Barca, you wouldn’t see the Barca players flopping around on the pitch. Because for every foul called, there are 3-4 that aren’t called. It’s cause and effect. Those who watch Barca week in week out know that while certain players, (Alves, Busquets) are well-known actors, that as a team, Barca are not play-actors, that they play fairly.

    The red should have been a yellow, but honestly, I don’t think it made a difference. Madrid reaped what their tactics and approach to the game sowed, bottom line.

  21. Adrian says:

    Well said Dave.

    Every team has players who like to embellish. I hate it, but I deal with it.

    I’m a Spaniard, and outside of this match up I pull for both teams in European competition. Madrid disgraced me, the team, and the culture last night.

    That cynical display is not what Madrid football is about. Mourinho is a disgrace of a person. As a coach, he clearly has the gift, but he is the most pompous and arrogant SOB I’ve ever seen in world football. He makes SAF look like a well mannered adult.

    He told his players from the get go to knock Barcelona players down. And that is a far worse offense than play acting to get an officials attention. I counted 2 separate stomping incidents in yesterday’s game alone. I can tell you that if I’m on the pitch and that is being allowed, I am going to sell EVERYTHING to get deserved cards.

    Madrid was the true embarrassment yesterday, and I actually like them.

  22. HoboMike says:

    As I started my original post, “Madrid’s tactics were a bit out of line.”

    And rolling around of the floor does not lessen the chances of you getting hurt; conversely, you can argue that, once the game was out of reach, those imbellishing to the fullest would be a greater targer.

  23. Jay says:

    Yeah exactly studs up is generally a red. Its why Crouch was sent off when Spurs played Madrid not because of the actual contact. I don’t think Crouch even touched Marcelo. Of course the special one only uses this as an excuse when its his player sent off. You don’t play crap football at home and then blame a red card for your loss.

  24. HoboMike says:

    Everything is good with your argument about the 70% possession stat. Everyone who watches Barcelona knows that possession doesn’t really matter, since 60-70% of their passes are backwards in their own half.

    For example, Busquets and Pique played seven consecutive passes to each other from a distance of no greater than 6 yards. That ups the meaningless possession stat, but gives has no impact on the game itself, and is actually quite frustrating to watch.

  25. HoboMike says:

    Adebayor did indeed look like he was trying to harm someone. His foul was a straight red card, no questions asked.

  26. Nate says:

    I’m going to try and say this without it sounding like I’m taking sides (because I don’t have a side – I don’t cheer for either team). If you watch the replay closely, Pepe does win the ball first, and he does not touch Alves’ leg. Maybe it is still a red because he went studs-up; maybe it isn’t. But it certainly is not a red if Alves doesn’t dive / fake like he is injured. We have no way of determining if it affected the outcome of the match – we only know what happened 11 v. 10, not 11 v. 11 – so any argument there is worthless. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the Barca players new what they were doing the whole time (trying to get players sent off), and so did the Madrid players (defend like mad and throw off Barca’s game). What those combined amounted to was a disgrace of a game. Although, what Real did was a legitimate tactic (you can argue that they were trying to injure, but I don’t buy it) and what Barca did (and Real did a little of) is try to gain an advantage by cheating. That’s the way I saw it at least, and it was awful.

  27. mistaDobalina says:

    FIFA should create a committee of former players who are in charge of doing post-game reviews and issuing fines/suspensions for flopping, diving or stepping on players who are down.. the so called beautiful game is really full of ugly lying, deceiving and back stabbing.

  28. HoboMike says:

    Well put. +1

  29. HoboMike says:

    Come on, man. Fines, cards, and/or suspensions handed out after games to reduce the amount of whining, diving, cheating, embellishing, and coercing of refs?

    Makes WAY too much sense. FIFA will never approve that.

  30. This Guy says:

    You my friend are nutz!

  31. GBH says:

    So Alves (who is swinging his right leg forward trying to clear the ball) somehow manages to helicopter himself in the opposite direction (backwards) with only his left leg planted on the ground?

    He must be some sort of superhero.

  32. This Guy says:

    Show me this so called instruction. It doesn’t exist in any league. Every player on the planet lifts their leg studs up to attempt to block lobs and launches. That’s what he was doing. It wasn’t a challenge. He didn’t even touch him. You Barca supporters are the same lot that whine about everything.

  33. Adrian says:

    I’m curious how you think Alves managed to spin backwards and around that quickly with a leg planted in the ground?

  34. This Guy says:

    Dumbest comment ever. Latins are any romantic speaking society not Latinos. 2 separate things.

  35. HoboMike says:

    Watch this in slo-motion, and let me know if you still think Alves was hit.

    link to

  36. This Guy says:

    The truth is that anyone that took the time to watch the slow motion replay in HD would see what all European papers are reporting. Pepe never even touch Dani Alves. I once came to SBI for quality debate but about a year ago this place turned into a Barca fest so now I just use it for pure laughs.

  37. HoboMike says:

    You can actually see how, once he realizes that Pepe hit the ball, he spins on his own.

    Honestly, it’s pretty impressive that he did this so quickly; however, still GD ridiculous.

  38. Dave says:

    Must disagree with you on this one. 60-70% of their passes backwards in their own half? That just wreaks of bias my friend.
    It’s about POSSESSING the ball (and the stat doesn’t reflect number of passes, it reflects TIME w/ the rock), and making the other team chase you to get it back. And, conversely, pressuring the other team to choke it up when you don’t have it. Barcelona (and Spain) suffocate other teams to death because they control the ball so much, and when they lose it, pressure so intensely to get it back.
    Sure Barca played plenty of balls in their own half, but that’s because Madrid sat in their own half the WHOLE match.
    Frustrating for a Madrid fan to watch I suppose but DEFINITELY not a meaningless stat. Come on guy.

  39. This Guy says:

    and here’s your video proof for the Barca lovers.
    link to

  40. Dennis says:

    Just because it will never happen does not mean it is not a good idea.

  41. HoboMike says:

    Yes, I know. My original post was (not so) obvious sarcasm.

  42. OmarVizquel says:

    “Yeah exactly studs up is generally a red. Its why Crouch was sent off when Spurs played Madrid not because of the actual contact.”

    Just to clarify: Crouch received 2 yellows, not a straight red.

  43. Roberto says:

    one other thing: it’s a disgrace that Real Madrid players and coaches are talking about a conspiracy from UEFA….. are you effing kidding me? Real Madrid and Man U are the most powerful and influential clubs in the world, Florentino Perez is such an influential figure in Spain.. I say whoever in the Real Madrid side; players/ coaches /directives are talking about conspiracy theories should be immediately terminated from R Madrid. Real Madrid cannot afford the embarrasment from these kinds of allegations…& i’m not a R Madrid fan

  44. HoboMike says:

    Video is only for those who don’t wish to back up their arguments with valid ones of their own.

  45. OmarVizquel says:

    All the slobbering over Barcelona will hopefully calm down a bit over time. Yes, they are the best possession team in the world, perhaps the best in a long, long time. Yes, Messi is the best since Maradona. Yes, when they’re threading passes work it is visually great soccer.

    But c’mon Barca apologists: please admit after last night what has been obvious to the rest of us — that the squad contains some of the most abhorrent divers in the game today, and when they’re on fire (eg, Dani Alves, Pedro, sometimes Iniesta, etc.) it makes for disgusting soccer, and it reinforces to soccer haters (and even us soccer lovers) why they think they hate the sport.

    Because no matter how many miraculous goals Messi scores or Xavi creates, there is just absolutely no defense for the diving and play-acting. I hated watching that game last night, and all the Messi goals in the world won’t make up for the simulation that goes on.

  46. HoboMike says:

    It’s not bias, and I’m not a fan of either team. I’m a fan of entertaining soccer, which this was not. 60-70% may have been pushing it, but you have to admit that a substantial amount of passes made by Barcelona were sideways and backwards in the face of little to no pressure. You say that Barcelona suffocate other teams because they pressure intensely to get the ball back. Well, there were numerous occasions in the first half when Busquets, Pique, and Xavi had their own little three way picnic, and Madrid didn’t even bother to chase the ball (Ronaldo got pissed at his teammates for this actually – apparently he forgot Madrid’s tactic of 12 men behind the ball). That did neither team any good.

    And you’re correct, it doesn’t take into account the number of passes, which is why I didn’t bring it up.

  47. HoboMike says:

    And you can’t tell me that what I said reeks of bias when you say you are a diehard Barca fan. Doesn’t work like that.

  48. Benny says:

    HAAAAAAAAA!! You have no idea what you are talking about!!!Many people use Latino or Latina instead of Latin. That is how adjectives work. Latin is the language of the Romans; and if one wants to use Latino to describe the race,which many people do not think it is, that is another story for argument. Latins or Latinos are not necessarily any romantic speaking society. You get an “F” You have no clue.

  49. Dutchman says:

    This site consists of 90 % football illiterates whose sole interest in the game is obsessing about “diving” as not being “manly” for militaristic Ahmurricans.
    The referee made excellent calls and the red card was definitely ok (see rules). Football has improved immensely since the days when thugs could kick other players out of the game at will.

    “Diving” is sometimes just being tripped and falling and sometimes fakes or overplay. But it does not distract people in the know from the game at all, because referees are trained to watch what happens first and not the effects afterwards. A lot of diving just completes the intent of the foul and serves as a breather. To rant about “diving” is very boring, very irrelevant and prevents people from understanding the actual game. Think of crashball, so-called American football, where players get huge breaks every few seconds, of basketball, where players are constantly substituted, or of baseball, where the entire game is one big break.

    The European media agrees today: Mourinho is a disgrace for both sports and for football. He fabricated his excuses for losing from the very start of the game, and
    had instructed his players to sit back in a home game and to play dirty to attract fouls. Then he dramatized it even more by red-carding himself and, as always, by accusing everyone of being against him. The German ref was very good, in spite of having been attacked by the unsavoury Mourinho even in advance(!) of the game. Real Madrid must kick out this embarassing disgrace very soon. And they will.

  50. John says:

    You are correct. I like both teams, but niether are a team I route for, so I tuned in to watch two great teams play. What I saw was a disgusting display of poor sportsmanship by Barca. The constant surrounding of the official almost every call, they were obviously trying to influence the official to pull out cards. The only player not diving was Messi. I turned off the game in disgust telling my 7 yr old to never act like Barca did in that game. For you pro-Barca poster, my 7 yr old even asked why did Pepe get a red, he did not touch him, that he was faking the injury.

    So final point, a team as talented as Barca to put on such a sad display is just a shame, how many young kids are fans of Barca? What do they take away from this? They should be ashamed of themselves. If Madrid was playing a chippy 10 behind the ball, hoping to keep Barca from scoring a very important away goal, that is a good tactic. However chasing after and constantly surrounding the ref, awful.

  51. Dutchman says:

    What a boring person you are. The game and the surrounding atmosphere was electric and there were many nice plays and hard fighting charges and tackles. So instead of looking at the real game, including its real fouls, you obsess about how players fall and how they react to referee decisions. Real football fans know these rituals and are not much distracted by them. You did not even understand why Pepe got a red card. You are a bore and a whiner.
    Study the rules of football some more, so your kid does not grow up to be an ignorant and reflexive whiner like yourself.

  52. Nats says:

    It will take a 20-foot ladder for you to get down off your high horse.

  53. John says:

    Wow, I am so glad I was put straight by a REAL football fan, What an arrogant Eurosnob you are. As the self appointed know it all of Futbol, please explain to me everything there is to know about the sport. Please, I would love to hear it from you, I mean you are exciting, thrilling and know more then 90% of us.

    Please explain how having an electric atmosphere makes up for having an entire team chase the ref around the field while one of their teammates lie on the ground faking an injury? The NCAA mens final had an electric atomsphere and there was some nice plays but it does not make up for the fact it was a really badly played game overall.

    As for knowing the rules of the game,

    that was a very poor red card and most agree

    that it might have been a yellow. So I guess

    all the writers who say that it should not have been a red are part of that 90%

    So please carry on and enlighten us with your vast knowleged. One more point,

    that carrying on actually distracts from the play and last night was taken to a whole nother level. So I guess should accept the

    poor sportsmanship and move on? Wow your kids most be so proud of you? I believe Sky Sports is looking for a new analyst, hey you know more then everyone else, you should go for it.

  54. Dave says:

    That’s the purpose of a disclaimer Hobo, to let everyone know where I’m coming from. I’m not purporting to be a neutral like yourself.
    That said, despite my bias, I try to be as objective as possible and use my experience and knowledge of the game to voice my opinions.
    When you make a comment that 60-70% of Barca’s passes were backwards in their own half, that shows that you are not looking at the game objectively, because it’s just silly. But you’ve acknowledged that it’s pushing it so let’s just let it go.
    The biggest shame is that we aren’t even talking about the little genius Lionel.

  55. Dan says:

    Diving, faking and all that is just depressive to watch.
    But Real Madrid playing so defensive is just worse. Real Madrid fans should complain to their coach about their style of play not about the ref. It just sad that they stay back and pray for a chance to score. There are teams that don’t have any other option than being defensive because they don’t have the talent, but Madrid doing this is just sad.

  56. Josh says:

    If only! Players like Messi are once in a lifetime. Argentina’s lucky to have had two such players (Maradona and Messi), but plenty of other countries with proud footballing traditions have never produced a player like Messi.

    So just to modify your comment: I sure hope that one day there’s a player like that in a US jersey.

  57. Judging Amy says:

    There was no contact. Watch this video:
    link to

    You can argue its still a yellow or red based on the dangerous play but Alves’ response is beyond disgraceful.

  58. Judging Amy says:

    No contact. Disgraceful display by Alves. Pepe’s challenge might have been reckless (IMO a red was crazy) but its just a bad game decision on his part. Alves is straight up trying to deceive and cheat by lying on the ground like that. And Barca following the ref around all night in a little circle was just pathetic.

    Barca is the best team in the world, plays the nicest ball, but this stuff is just trash. I wish Barca fans would be more honest about their team’s bad behavior instead of blindly buying into the myth of Barcelona as boy scout good guys.

  59. This Guy says:

    Says the Canadian that wants to be Dutch!

  60. jlm says:

    amen, brotha. a lot of speamers talking nonsense with little real knowledge of how the game is played

  61. A.S. says:

    It’s too bad that the Champions League was ruined by a terrible call by the ref on giving the red when there was no contact. What a joke.

  62. Eric says:

    I have to admit I hate Dani Alves. He dives and embellishes way to much. The fact that he would spin his leg back if he saw Pepe’s leg makes sense to me. That right there should be a yellow because it was dangerous. But he wasnt touched. He rolled on the ground in apparent agony. Hopefully next game someone goes Brian Mullan on him next game to make him in some real agony.

  63. usa says:

    you know so little about soccer it is a joke…there is such a tactic as getting behind the ball and countering a less athletic but more technical team…it’s not “honorable” to play a losing tactic because it entertains twats like you…there is nothing “disgraceful” about playing for a result you moron…going down when you have been clipped to get a foul is not the same as faking injuries idiot…

  64. John says:

    So you part of the 10% who know the game. So it is played by faking injury and chasing the ref around the field. So the joke should be I went to watch I one player lying on the ground pretending to be injured and the rest of his teammates were chasing the ref around the field and a soccer game broke out. Like in hockey, I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out. You are such a joke like the Duscheman, that display was disgraceful, I used to like Barca until that display, they need to go play in Serie A with the rest of the divers.

  65. jlm says:

    It was disgraceful because of the way that Mourinho chose to play!!! Barca wanted to play great soccer like they do against everyone else. How can you blame Barca for getting fouled over and over?? Okay, some of the embellishing not attractive, but Mourinho’s tactics are to blame. Do you understand the difference in how the two teams play the game???

  66. jlm says:

    USA! USA! USA!

    dude, you are the idiot. you are not even talking about things that are occurring during the run pf play. if you don’t want to see a team roll on the ground, don’t foul them. real did not just pack it in and look to counter, they packed it in and looked to maul which ever Barca player had the ball.

  67. john says:

    I was stating that I liked Barca until that display of the whole team running after the ref after everytime they got bump. That was disgraceful.

    Yes I understand how both teams play, I understand the Real played defensive trying to keep Barca from forcing them deep into their end by trying to cut off the passing lanes in the defensive mid field before they got into the final third and try to play a counter attack style, which against Barca that is not a bad tactic. It worked in the Cup final.

    I don’t think Man U will utilize it given the speed they have on the flanks and the speed of their outside backs, Evra/Fabio

    I believe they will try an attack. But I do see the tactic, does it make for boring football, yes, but he was not brought in to play pretty football, but to win.