Reckless tackle leaves Zakuani with broken leg

Steve Zakuani (

Seattle Sounders star Steve Zakuani looks set to miss the rest of the 2011 season after suffering a horrific broken leg early in Friday's Colorado-Seattle match.

Rapids midfielder Brian Mullan broke Zakuani's leg when he raced in on a reckless challenge just seconds after being involved in a sequence where he felt he was fouled. Mullan raced in on Zakuani, who was dribbling down the sideline, and crashed into Zakuani's planted right leg, which was clearly broken by the challenge. Mullan was immediately issued a red card.

We'll update with an official diagnosis of the injury as soon as one is made available.

In case you missed it and want to see the challenge, you can see it after the jump (Be warned, the challenge is not for the squeemish):

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160 Responses to Reckless tackle leaves Zakuani with broken leg

  1. jess says:

    The ‘snap’ is so disturbing, jesus.

  2. The Doubleness says:

    Mullen should be banned for the length that Zaukani is out. brutal tackle…

  3. Sven says:

    Breaking somebodies leg on purpose in just inexcusable. What a lack of class

  4. chris says:

    That guy should be suspended til July. Disgusting challenge and you can tell the intent behind it also because he was mad there was no foul called on previous play.

  5. 20 says:

    Get well soon. I remember when this happened to Preston Burpo, terrible injury.

  6. marlon says:

    what a piece of S#it! There is nothing Mullan can say to explain that crap, Didn’t even see him go up to Zakuani to apologize. Did he????

    There is no place in MLS for crap like this, wether he meant to hurt him or not, now this kids season is over. Garber better make an example of this A$$hole.

  7. JJ says:

    Ives, you are way off on wanting to suspend Mullan for 15 games or something. Clark never should have been suspended for as long as he was for the kick on Ruiz, who had it coming to him. MLS has done way too much extra discipline for little shoves and altercations and not enough on bad tackles (including ankles and knees).

    MLS has been far too light on harsh challenges so to all of a sudden go from a misdemeanor to the death penalty because a guy broke his leg is wrong. I saw Pat Phalen almost break Geoff Cameron’s leg last year and only got a yellow, no extra suspension, and Cameron got red carded later for pushing him.

    It’s MLS fault this stuff happens.

  8. 20 says:

    What? You’re saying MLS has been far too light on hard challenges. It’s MLS fault this stuff happens.

    But you’re saying he shouldn’t be suspended for long?

    Could you contradict yourself anymore?

  9. 20 says:

    *any more

  10. kevin says:

    shamefully pathetic…..kick him out of the league.

  11. The Dude says:

    Mullan: You’re a marked man.

  12. adub says:

    mullan is a dirty player… seriously what the hell was he trying to do there??? he got no ball and went in with 2 legs full body weight behind him? no excuse for that kind of play.. mullan should face a hefty fine and suspension

  13. PetedeLA says:

    Everyone has a bad day, but Mullan’s no kid. He should know better. Whatever Ricardo Clark got for kicking Pescadito, give Mullan at least 3 more.

    That was classless. And to make matters worse, Zakuani did absolutely nothing to deserve it (from what I could see).

    Throw the book at him.

  14. Scott A says:

    Someone’s already said it and I’m going to repeat it:
    MLS, make an example of him.

    MLS is still young enough where the league can steer which direction the style moves towards. Ideally–in my opinion–attacking soccer/solid defense with minimized thug play as well as minimized simulation. Simulation is on the opposite end of the spectrum and a subject for another day but they can focus on thug play for the time being after this.

  15. PetedeLA says:

    I see what you’re saying, but it doesn’t really matter if he could get the ball. He’s putting a player at risk no matter what. In the game we love, that’s a no-go.

  16. adub says:

    i dont even like the sounders either…completely unbiased opinion… i havent seen anything like this since todd bertuzi cheap shotted steve moore from behind in the NHL

  17. Wicked_1 says:

    That tackle was horrific and ridiculous. Mullen must be suspended at LEAST 5 games. That was a retaliatory tackle. DIRTY. *shakes head*

  18. VMan says:

    I love how the caption for the highlight on the MLS web site is “Mullan punished for sloppy tackle”

    sloppy, eh?

  19. JJ says:

    No, I said you can’t go from 1-2 games suspended to 15 just because the leg was broken.

    Go maybe 5 and make it clear those types of challenges are completely unacceptable going forward.

  20. Wicked_1 says:

    And Clarke didn’t even kick The Fish in the face, like Ruiz made it seem. Ricardo got a 10 game suspension for that incident. Mullan is a vet, he knew what he was doing. Some SEA players should jump him after the game, hahaha

  21. dustin says:

    what about rodgers punch to the face last night in the DC vs NY game?? how that went unnoticed i have no idea. fine both mullans and rodgers

  22. The Dude says:

    Instead of saying something that gets me arrested, I’ll try to stay constructive. Does anyone have medical knowledge out there? What bone did he seem to break? Any idea about how long he’d be out?

  23. scott47a says:

    I feel so bad for Zakuani. He’s a great young guy. Not just a player working hard to try and get better, but a genuinely decent human being.

    Who knows what will happen to his game — so based on speed — because of this.

    I don’t know what the punishment from the league will be, but I’m sure it won’t be enough. What punishment would be enough for actually endangering someone’s entire future in their chosen career field?

  24. NC soccer guy says:

    Not that there’s ever an excuse for such a reckless tackle, but Zakuani was not even the guy who allegedly fouled Mullen, nor did it even look like a missed call in the first place. And then Mullen clearly goes in with the intent to hurt. Zakuani was not sprinting down the field yet, it would’ve been possible to make a clean tackle if he’d even tried. Terrible terrible foul: MLS should make an example of him.

  25. adub says:

    i agree. im just saying tho, the double legged, super hard, full weighted challenge didnt even contact the ball… thats the definition of a dirty play… mullan is wrong on so many levels… i actually feel bad for zakuani

  26. adub says:

    ya no kidding.. understatement of the year

  27. The Dude says:

    Zakuani broke his leg. Not even the same damn category, man.

  28. Joel says:

    Absolutley disgraceful. I couldn’t see the video, but this is awful.

  29. SeattleStan says:

    So because the MLS is uneven, Mullan only deserves a slap on the wrist? Logic fail.

  30. curmudgeon says:

    I’m sorry, but while I happen to think that Rodgers got away with some dirty play there, to bring that up in this context is just extra dumb. They aren’t comparable and don’t deserve to me mentioned in the same sentence.

  31. JesseMT says:

    Not reckless. Malicious. I feel physically ill thinking of it right now.

  32. Mike Caramba says:

    I don’t feel well. I’m not sure if it’s because of what I just saw, or the fact that I just gawked at someone’s tragedy.

  33. The Dude says:

    This whole episode has dampened this game. No one is having fun.

  34. shutupayouface says:

    you could just see the intent to “get” someone after he didn’t get the foul call. we’ve all suffered from a rush of blood to the head, but he needs to be appropriately (heavily) punished.

    and if he says that’s not what happened, then he’s a liar, to me.

  35. scott47a says:

    Support Steve Zakuani by supporting his foundation: link to

  36. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    What bone did he break? Are you serious? His leg was at a 90 degree angle. He obviously broke both of them (tibia and fibula). He is going to be out at least 6 months. Breaks by themselves aren’t usually that bad, but breaking both bones in the leg as badly as he did, that is going to require major surgery, pins/plates, rehab, etc etc etc. Look at what it did to Eduardo’s career at Arsenal after he got fouled in a similar fasion. Aaron Ramsey is another example. 6 months is low-balling it, probably.

  37. Jason B says:

    Does anyone else think Zakuani should look into pressing charges against Mullan? I mean that tackle was deliberate and intended to harm him. I know that its happened before in hockey, but I’m not sure the cops ever get involved in other sports ever. I wonder what the cops in Colorado think.

    I’m not saying he should, but I’m wondering if anyone else would think that would be appropriate.

  38. edgar says:

    he should be banned from playing football(soccer). this actions cant be tolareted

  39. MT says:

    Glad I wasn’t on the pitch or bench. I have a nasty temper for things like that… and I would have broke his leg in return.

  40. Graeme says:

    With Mullen clearly intending to injure on retribution, we shouldn’t be arguing about the length of a suspension. We should be talking about setting a precedent like they have in hockey and file for assault charges. Period.

    Bring the hammer.

  41. Andrew says:

    and people say soccer isnt rough. thats why players at times dive so the impact isnt to hard so they throw themselves in the floor so things like this dont happen.

  42. Graeme says:

    +1. Posted the same thing at the same time.

  43. The Dude says:

    He should be banned for life.

  44. eRic gheimer says:

    That sucks. I really hope that turd pays a huge fine and gets a huge suspension for that.

  45. jonk says:

    Chill out. For those of us just catching the replay now, it’s difficult to even tell what happened (MLS has a very abbreviated clip up)

  46. donttreadonme says:

    What an idiot. I get upset during games myself, but come on. I would not do anything like that. You cannot tell me that was an accident.

  47. ChiTownFire says:

    Horrible horrible tackle! Just HORRID! Ban Mullan for the rest of the season! That just made me sick to my stomach.

  48. JJ says:

    I love the overreaction on pressing criminal charges. Here’s the defense – “I went for the ball and missed”. End of story, no stick swinging, assault from behind.

    You’ll never be able to prove intent. Mullan makes a ton of the same plays all year.

    A complete waste of time and money, not to mention you’ll never win filing in a jurisdiction that is not your own (Seattle).

  49. Becks says:

    Eye for an eye. Scumbag.

  50. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    You guys are over reacting to a rash challenge. I am sorry that the guy ended up with a broken leg but talk of pressing charges and lifetime bans is absolutely ridiculous. A fine and seven game suspension would suffice in my opinion.

  51. ga-gone says:

    this isn’t about you, DC United. Pipe down and get back to packing your things for Baltimore.

  52. Lassidawg says:

    Because the leg is broken he should be out 15, if I wasn’t a tackle like that should be 3 games with no hesitation.

  53. Travis says:

    I think you will see more like a 10 game suspension, he had clear intention to put in a severely harsh tackle. He knew exactly what he was doing, I doubt he wanted to break someone’s leg but he wanted to mess someone up. Also if memory serves (I refuse to watch the incident again) he lost his cool after it and started yelling at other players. Got a bit of the red mist going on.

  54. Rob says:

    As long as the break is clean, meaning a simple fracture only in one part of the bones, it will be a easier repair/rehab…. If multiple breaks are in each bone, surgery and screws/plates will need to be used, prolonging the recovery. Either way prayers should be with Zakuani.

  55. Mike Caramba says:

    Here’s the thing: Mullan’s intent was never to win the ball. In my book, there’s a big difference between a reckless challenge and a malicious challenge, and Mullan clearly crossed that line.

    Since Mullan’s intent was always to foul hard, and never to win the ball, I have to agree with Ives that he deserves a harsher punishment than Rico received. Rico’s kick to the arm was never going to end Ruiz’s season; Mullan knew, or should have known, that seriously injuring Zakuani was a real possibility.

    5 games just isn’t enough.

  56. Frank says:

    Todd bertuzzi punched someone in the back of the head and ended their career. So because the player Rodgers punched didn’t break their neck or get a concusion it is all of the sudden soooo much different? I think ALL dirty play needs to be eliminated by first being punished. This is the perfect form to discuss punishing reckless acts of violence.

  57. Travis says:

    American media should be ashamed with how much they are showing this replay. Take a cue from the Brits who never show replays of horrific injuries. This guys career could be over, be ashamed

    (SBI-The incident is news and just because you didn’t want to see it or think it shouldn’t be viewed doesn’t mean the masses should be forced to live by your standard.)

  58. lassidawg says:

    I sufferred tib/fib in November and just got out of the boot a week ago, and still am 8 weeks from being able to even think about running. He will have a rod and a couple of screws, assuming no manor complications like muscle damage he will be out until next season.
    Most painful thing I have experienced and about liked when it happened tonight. Doc have said I can play again even though I am an out of shape 40 year old.

  59. MT says:

    That wasn’t a rash challenge.

    A rash challenge would be going in hard on a 50/50 or coming in late to get the ball.

    Getting up, pissed off, and sprinting at the closest opposing player with the ball with a clear intent to injure them is not rash, it’s an end of your career worthy tackle. He left the ground and put his entire body’s weight into the side of a man’s legs. This wasn’t a rash soccer challenge, it was assault.

  60. 20 says:

    I agree they should not show the replay. Although I don’t think Zakuani’s career is over. He is very young and can recover from this.

  61. Martha says:

    WishMLS was more like Spanish soccer instead of that hack England style. MLS would get more fans if they quit this overly physical crap n get more technical.

  62. Travis says:

    I said could and physically he will obviously recover but mentally it can be a simply giant hurtle to overcome. Some players are never able to go into tackles fully again.

  63. DomiNate says:

    Great post! I’m doing it now.

  64. MT says:

    Hasn’t anyone told you?

    ROIDS MAN$#@!

  65. cj says:

    on purpose?

  66. Hopper says:

    Man, I’m so sad for Zakuani. He was just getting better and better with every game and has so much potential, and then something like this happens.

    I just don’t know how much punishment is enough for the offender. Mullan will hopefully get a lengthy suspension for this, but he just put a talented young player’s career in jeopardy.

    Or maybe having to live with the disgrace of having intentionally hurting another player for the rest of your life is punishment enough … if he indeed feels bad about it.

  67. Shane says:

    Too many comments to read them all but for blatantly reckless challanges, I’m in the ban for as long as the other chap is injured camp. Get well soon Steve

  68. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    That would require technically better players…

  69. Dan says:

    Yes, indeed. What is even mores disturbing is all of the Fox announcers talking about how their friend Mullen isn’t a dirty player. What matters is that it was an extremely dirty challenge. He made himself look like a talentless hack. He couldn’t handle the challenge by the Seattle defender and then he got up and took it out on one of the more talented players in the league. This makes the league look really bad. Even with Houston, Mullen has always been a marginal talent. I hope players like this are pushed out as the league continues to improve.

  70. Fr says:

    No, he was complaining about how he got the ball….worthless hack

  71. PetedeLA says:

    I don’t know if I’d go that far.

    He certainly intended to cause pain, I don’t know if it’s patently clear that he wanted to cause injury.

    I can CERTAINLY see why you say that, but I don’t know if I agree.

    As nasty as that “tackle” was, it was a love tap in comparison to some of Roy Keane’s finest.

    Main thing is…the punishment should be such that it makes it clear that that sort of tackle has no business in the league.

    But to look at it from a different angle, if a guy assaulted a surgeon in a bar and broke the surgeon’s hand, you can bet the surgeon would sue the brawler for all he’s worth.

    I’d say the league should give him at least a 5 game suspension (I’d prefer 8), and the club should fine him a week’s wages.

    … and at least 50 hours community service.

  72. DomiNate says:

    Confirmed, tibia and fibula.

  73. Rod says:

    Yes. FSC handled with a lack of class. Instead they feel sorry for Mullen. Despicable!

  74. DomiNate says:


    Suspend him until July 15, then force Colorado to start him in Seattle on the 16th.

    The guy deserve the public shame and ridicule that 36,000 fans will give him.

    Mullan is the scum of the Earth.

  75. fjoro says:

    If Garber needs any incentive, maybe he should imagine Drogba considering MLS for a summer loan, then reconsidering after looking that piece of sh1t.

    Too bad Casey wasn’t available to bang skulls with anybody. Give Mullan a one game suspension, then send him out. Yeah, he’s real sorry now.

  76. Gio says:

    The Sounder response was awful. I didn’t want them to retaliate, but they hardly showed concern even after Colorado continued their physical play. Seattle is soft…

  77. Manny says:

    Imagine if this happened to Beckham or Donovan….Get hacks like this out of the league!

  78. cajun says:

    Full thumbs down on the FSC announcers for darn near condoning this action by saying several times “Mullan isn’t that type of player”, or words to that extent. Arguably the most horrific and unnecessary challenge and injury in MLS history!

  79. fathy says:


  80. cj says:

    I watched the replay a bunch of times, it actually looks to be a horrific accident. It’s half to blame on #27 Kamura. In trying to win the ball back, Kamura pushes Zakuani to the right which also pushes him into the Mullan tackle. At the last moment Zakuani tries to control the ball with his right foot to push it over the oncoming tackle. To me, it’s an unfortunate mistake. No intent. Just sloppy

  81. Masta Ace says:

    And saying that he is getting x-rays to see what happened…It was completely obvious

  82. DomiNate says:

    Your mom is soft, troll.

  83. DomiNate says:

    Maybe that’s why ESPN dumped JP. Martino will be looking for work in the morning.

  84. Sandra says:

    and he is having surgery presumably to insert metal rods into his leg.

    he is gone for the season if not longer

  85. ESC says:

    Great job Mullen! It’s just too bad you didn’t take out Montero or Alonzo.

  86. Sutra says:

    I hope so…As a former player, he should be condemning what happened. Instead he feels sorry for the innocent Mullen…

  87. Punjabi says:

    All Seattle players and “fans” deserve a broken leg.

  88. Travis says:

    @ SBI, I guess that is true. I just get fed up with the publicizing of horrific injuries. Like I remember last year when espnoccernet had a picture of aaron ramsey’s terrible injury on the front page. I guess people do not have to see the zakuani injury since you did put a little disclaimer above the video and are not shoving a picture down our throats.

  89. Travis says:

    It reminds me a lot of what was being said about Shawcross last year, now he has spent this year racking up plenty more yellow and red cards.

  90. debvs says:

    The angle that Mullan took towards Zakuani left little doubt that he was going in to make a dirty tackle

  91. MiamiAl says:

    That sucks…for The Congo…

  92. fjoro says:

    Have fun sucking your own d1ck tonight.

  93. fjoro says:

    Yur a reel gud spellr.

  94. chris says:

    The FSC announcers should be ashamed of themselves for their lack of commenting on the severity of what Mullan did. If you don’t have the balls to call out somebody you are friends with then you don’t belong in a commentators job. Really poor job wynalda, sullivan and JPD. Martino at least said it to a degree.

  95. debvs says:

    I should also add that Zakuani wasnøt even in 2nd gear, as he was still tryin to shake off Kimura, so an excuse that mullan miscalculated the timing of the tackle is without merit.

  96. MiamiAl says:

    yeah right, MLS would be really smart to abandon the league’s best fans for a rathole like Baltimore? Nice try buddy…

  97. Miller says:

    All of them…Martino deserves just as much blame. Amateur handling of the situation by Fox.

  98. cajun says:

    Wow, you and ESC must’ve killed your own pets as children…you both need help!

  99. cajun says:

    *sorry, not you fjoro but Punjabi*

  100. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Typical of the crap ugly way that COlorado plays. Ban Mullin for the year and fine the club

  101. ImaGoalMan says:

    Suspend him, fine him and then make him play reserve matches the rest of the season (that is, if I was running the Rapids).

  102. nm says:

    Very hard making a call on the challenge from that video, anyone have a better angle? maybe a slow motion highlight? Looks like he goes in very high with his back leg but I cant see exactly what happens, his leading leg looks like it gets the ball.

    This looks a lot like the Nigel De Jong tackle on Ben Arfa, not malicious just reckless and hard, but I cant see clearly.

    Wish the best to Zakuani hope he recovers quickly!

  103. Magas says:

    I was in shock watching this. Really horrible feeling thinking about Zakuani’s pain and loss here. Then I have to hear JPD talk about how hard it’s gonna be for Colorado to play a man down, and wondering how they are going to adjust tactics. Then they kept wondering what the extent of the injury was when it was so clearly broken. And the total lack of concern back in the studio. They didn’t give a f@&k. If a reserve player for the LA Galaxy stubbed his toe, FSC would go apesh@t. They showed absolutely zero concern here. And zero condemnation of Mullen’s malicious play. No class. Terrible.

  104. Splinter says:

    Memo to Miami: Your city has the worst professional sports fans, so taking opinions from you is laughable on the subject of DC relocating.

    Additionally, the rats out number the supporters in the garbage can known as RFK garbage.

  105. Yogi says:

    Ouch…Took my daughter to this game and we were running late. Got delayed at the ticket office and I am SO glad we didn’t see it. Brutal stuff.

  106. SOCCER_LO says:


  107. fjoro says:

    @cajun: It’s alright. I’m not too proud right now, just pissed. Both with the injury (Zakuani for Mullan is not a good trade for the league) and at idiots like Punjabi (put a bird on it, you 112 lb barista).

  108. SOCCER_LO says:


  109. shweazy says:

    pushes him into the tackle ? is this guy serious ? smh

  110. eastbaygrease says:

    I hope every MLS crowd reminds Mullan what a worthless piece he is for the rest of his career.

    I remember when AC Milan fans threw rotten fruit at Patrick Kluivert because he was such a bust of a signing. I think something like that should be standard practice anytime Mullan steps onto the field.

  111. Sepp Blatter says:

    Oh OK Mike you know what Mullan’s intent was. Wow couldyou next tell me the winning power ball numbers cause you must have psychic powers…

  112. Jonny says:

    Mullen made ZERO attempt to go for the ball. That was purely a malicious tackle through and through…and it ended as such. Awful, awful challenge. Should be handed the maximum penalty.

    From Philly, wishing Zakuani a speedy recovery. Mullen, you are one disgraceful bastard.

  113. RonS says:

    Mullan lies in his post-match comments:

    “I’m sorry for Steve. It was never my intention to injure him in the least. It’s a tackle that I’ve done hundreds of times and would probably do again. I had no intention of hurting him. It’s a freak, freak thing, and I apologize and wish Steve a speedy recovery.”

    If Mullan views the replay, he will remember that he felt he was fouled (it was trifling, therefore not whistled), went in hot-headed to retaliate against the opponent who happened to have the ball (an innocent Zakuani), and put his cleats with full force into that opponent’s planted leg, breaking both bones. Done it hundreds of times? If you had you would have been banned by now. Would probably do it again? Not if there is a God guiding the disciplinary committee.

  114. MicahK says:

    Mullen is a big jerk for this.

  115. Will says:

    sounds to me like a tea-bagger apologist

  116. r.benjamin says:

    Brutal. MLS has to send a message. MLS is on a positive arc. Screwing this up will dirty the water of the league.

    I taped this game as a nuetral because MLS is gaining my attention. This tackled sickened me and I stopped watching. If this isn’t dealt with harshly, it will linger and leave a bad taste.

    I don’t care if Mullan was feeding orphans this afternoon or isnt that type of player. That act was 2nd degree not manslaughter intent. At least ten games and fine equaling 10 games of pay.

  117. abc says:

    the hell?

  118. WileyJ says:

    Ives – Thank you for calling this what it is, dirty. The FSC announcers with their repeated defense of Mullen & now the Rapids website running a story only half quoting Mullen is shameful.
    Rapids PR piece :
    link to

    Actual statement : “I’m sorry for Steve. It was never my intention to injure him in the least. It’s a tackle that I’ve done hundreds of times and would probably do again. I had no intention of hurting him. It’s a freak, freak thing, and I apologize and wish Steve a speedy recovery.”

    Read more: link to

  119. WileyJ says:

    Ives, Why was my comment removed? nowhere did I curse, attack anyone or use racial/inappropriate remarks. I simply questioned the integrity of the Rapids organization for posting an incomplete statement made by Brian Mullen after the match. They have since updated their page to include his video statement in it’s entirety, albeit the text quote within the article remains unchanged. This looks to me a deliberate attempt by the Colorado Rapids to protect themselves & Mullen from increased sanctions.

  120. WileyJ says:

    Ives, Apologies, now I see it. Refreshed the page multiple times before it showed.
    As you were 😉

  121. Andrew says:

    Mullan should not be allowed to play in MLS again. Make an example out of him.

  122. MiamiFCforever says:

    zakuani should seek civil action on this dude. What a disgrace.

  123. abc says:

    While you are right, it doesn’t help that Garber and others have a connection to the NFL. When your two primary influences are NFL and EPL, this is what you get.

  124. abc says:

    None of them handled themselves properly, it was an embarrassing moment. There should be firings but I doubt there will be.

  125. brad says:

    “sounds to me like a tea-bagger apologist”

    You sound like a tool

  126. brad says:

    and cj’s comment is crazy as well.

  127. cy says:

    By law a reckless tackle is a yellow card. This tackle used excessive force, but “Excessive force tackle leaves Zakuani with broken leg” isn’t as sexy of a title.

  128. MiamiAl says:

    dont be talkin what you dont know about. I am a DC United season ticket holder since inception.

  129. Tom says:

    can someone kill this guy what a crapy thing to do to someone i wish the worst for him. He should watch his back if he plays in mls.

  130. BellusLudas says:

    As a Rapids Fan I have to say that I am horrified by the tackle put in by Mullen. He deserves a multi-game ban. When you heard the snap you knew it was tib/fib.

    It is my hope that Mullen has apologized and that Zakuani has the quickest route to full recovery possible.

  131. Keith G. says:

    Mullan deserves a long suspension, and hefty fine. That was a horrible tackle and no Zakuani will not play another game for a very long time. Hope Mullan knows this is what he will forever be remembered for now.

  132. Jeff says:

    What a tool. It doesn’t take psychic powers to figure out Mullan’s intent. He was visibly angry over a non-call and took it out on the next Sounder to have the ball.

    You don’t follow this game much, do you?

  133. JorgeDell says:

    That’s Colorado for ya…

  134. fischy says:


  135. Thrush says:

    Mullan should be banned for the rest of the season. That is the worst tackle I’ve seen since Stoichkov. No place for that in soccer.

  136. Eugene says:

    Mullan should receive a multi-match ban. I’m thinking like 10 matches. That was a retaliatory strike for not receiving a foul call moments before. Perhaps Mullan is not a “dirty” player in general, but he clearly lost his mind completely in this moment. There is no number of hindsight apologies that can compensate.

    Zakuani is likely out for 6 months at a minimum and will likely never quite play the same again from this injury.

  137. fischy says:

    Of course, it’s fair to acknowledge that Mullan is being honest in saying he didn’t “intend” to injure ZAk. Unfortunately, it was a reckless challenge. Just because it’s the kind of challenge Mullan has made before — the kind of challenge you see in almost every game — doesn’t mean it wasn’t reckless.

    Under such circumstances as these, you take the risk of causing a terrible injury…and it is entirely appropriate to punish the challenge much more harshly just because someone was injured.I have spent years blasting MLS and especially the refs for the response to a far more hideous tackle from behind by Ugo Ihemelu that basically ended the MLS career of DCU’s Dominic Mediate. Ihemelu wasn’t even whistled for a foul as the ref played the advantage and didn’t even get a card after the play ended.

    MLS suspended Ihemelu for 2 games and fined him a measly $750. Meanwhile, Mediate never recovered from his badly broken leg and became a bartender. Didn’t seem like justice to me.

    This is an opportunity for MLS to do better..and to signal to international players that the League isn’t a wrestling match. MLS can announce that players will be severely punished for reckless conduct. The league can be physical without being dangerous. I don’t have a number in mind, but I’d say something more than the automatic 3 game suspension that comes in the EPL…and the fine should be significant, too.

  138. rob says:

    tackles like this [clear malicious intent] should require the player to be out for as long as the injured player is, and he should have to pay all of his medical expenses.

  139. mcm says:

    Dirty players break peoples legs with reckless challenges.

  140. get real says:

    aren’t we getting a bit off topic here? as a fan of neither team. if you are comparing NY to DCs fan base. at least by looking at game day attendance figures.

  141. SOCCER_LO says:

    No,is my way to say that I am mad with Mullan.

  142. Bill says:

    Outside of the facts that it was a horrifically reckless tackle and resulted in a serious injury, the fact that it occurred during the 3rd minute is absolutely disgusting. Mullen has no reason to be arguing no-calls so early let alone being so upset you take out your frustration with the ref on your next slide tackle.

    If this is your playing mentality at the start of the game you shouldn’t be on the field!

  143. Goalscorer24 says:

    Feel bad for Zakuani, it seems like he is constanly being injured. Mullan acted purely out of rage, stupid! He should get more then a one game suspension.

  144. Rory says:

    I want to see a slow moe shot, I think Zak’s last touch, with his right foot on top of the ball changed that play, but I’d like to see how it happened in something like a close up in slow motion.

    Reading about it live on twitter, especially Ives and MLSinsider, it sounded like an infamous scissor tackle but that wasn’t the case.

    I guess mullan lost his mind and went in heavy, maybe to knock down a seattle player since he was just knocked down but I’m not sure.

    I guess he can spend the next few weeks polishing his 5 championship rings and letting his fans explain to everyone how he’s been a class player until now.

  145. Marco says:

    To be fair, it wasn’t that he “couldn’t handle the challenge by the Seattle defender,” That wasn’t a challenge, that was him being thrown to the ground. I’m not saying it excuses him but still

  146. marco says:

    Wait, I take back the word thrown, he was pulled to the ground by the Seattle defender’s arm that was wrapped around him and he never recovered his footing, but he wasn’t actually thrown.

    Should have been a foul then, that is a problem with a league like the MLS that is known for “letting them play” and getting rough, people are going to see the red mist as it were.

  147. Rory says:

    Interesting that Mullan went in Knees-first, not legs first, was this to hurt as so many are claiming or is it because as he moves to slide it appears Zakuani has broken free and is going to be long-gone, only Zak isn’t free, Kimura has ahold of his hand and he doesn’t make it free… if Kimura doesn’t have his hand then it is quite possible Mullan, who is sliding on his knees hits Kimura as Zakuani was going to be long gone by then.

    A nice slow-motion close up would go a long way towards clearing this up.

    It is also interesting that one dirty play makes you a dirty player. I guess Landon Donovan is a hotheaded jerk forever more after leaning over and yelling at the Houstan player a couple seasons ago by that logic, huh? Of course Becks is a dirty player for that red card against Chivas USA too, and Brek Shea, well, he’s Hitler for all the stupid fouls he’s done.

  148. Paul says:

    Nobody ever has an “intent to injure.” But Mullan obviously had an intent to retaliate, and given the circumstances, the tackle was a clear attempt to punish somebody on the Roaids for the non-call. It’s the worst kind of foolish, dangerous, reckless play. A disgrace.

  149. biglustythonggrl says:

    Indeed. You can replay it frame by frame all you want, but looking at the clip in its entirety IT IS ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that Mullen is pissed from him being tackled just a couple of seconds prior to tackling Zak. I’m a fan of neither team, but its obvious when Mullen throws his hands up from the perceived no-call and immediately goes for the ball that he’s moving with the rapidity of a hothead. In fact, it looks like he doesnt even get a chance to register who the Seattle player. I dont care how much Mullen makes, the fine needs to be between 25k to 50k. At that moment, he was a hothead. He should probably be out till midseason.

  150. biglustythonggrl says:

    i say let Baldomero Toledo decide. he’s the most fair ref/judge i’ve seen in all of sports, whether in domestic competitions or international ones (even fairer then olympic judges).

  151. biglustythonggrl says:

    yep, rodgers need to be fined for that, and be required to sit out a game or two. the video shows a clear throwing of a punch. the league needs to step in here.

  152. peterjh says:

    Like Steve Zakuani.

  153. Mike Caramba says:

    Sepp – I know his intent because he could have challenged for the ball if he wanted to. He instead chose to lunge into Zakuani’s legs using his entire weight. My psychic powers played a minimal role in my ability to make this determination.

  154. MOUF says:

    its bound to happen with the way the rapids play…

  155. Seattle Sad Fan says:

    Thank you. Why exactly do people need to watch this frame by frame? No one thinks he tried to break another players leg, however he allowed his emotions to cloud his judgment. It was a brutal and classless tackle and you could see that in any speed.

    He should be handed the stiffest punishment allowed to not only set a president in the MLS, but to show future players in other countries that American soccer won’t tolerate this type of play and actually cares about elevating its game.

  156. Sean says:

    Why would anyone antagonize a clearly volatile dog and then punish the dog for retaliating?

    That is beyond me.

    The punch was not even a real punch. Get over it. Players know Rodgers reputation and are going to try and exploit it.

    In my opinion, that’s just as dirty as a punch. Completely on the same level. Dirty playing.