SBI Postgame: Dom Kinnear after 1-1 draw with New York Red Bulls

SBI Postgame: Dom Kinnear after 1-1 Draw With New York Red Bulls from Soccer By Ives on Vimeo.

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6 Responses to SBI Postgame: Dom Kinnear after 1-1 draw with New York Red Bulls

  1. ggg1975 says:

    I can see why he’s so proud of his team’s response to the first goal, but can we give credit where credit’s truly due: Bouna’s reckless and unpredictable goalkeeping.

  2. Chris says:

    Why does it always look like Kinnear just came from a fight? Seriously, is he the charter member of the Houston Fight Club?

  3. Rowsdower says:

    Tally Hall. I love everything about this guy except his distribution. If he keeps working on that he’ll be an excellent keeper.

  4. Martek says:


    I agree that Hall’s distribution can be better overall, and I really admire your stones to post that after it was exactly his distribution that led to the Dynamo goal! :>

    Hall is turning into a beast, which, considering the work in progress we’ve got in the back (Ashe starting at left back? My heart.) is a very good thing!

  5. Chan says:

    Agreed about Hall’s distribution. I was sitting in sect. 124 and the guy next to me was amazed at his booming goal kicks. He wasn’t there to see that Hall’s kick led to Houston’s goal.

  6. islandofmind says:

    You just did, congratulations! It’s not like that hasn’t been a major topic of conversation elsewhere around this game. but apparently it’s still more important than what the coach has to say.
    Personally I give Cam Weaver the credit for sticking with the play when Marquez gave up on it. And that was a very nice flick on by Will Bruin not to mention a well placed goal kick from Tally Hall. You see what happens when everyone is on the same page? Marquez, Bouna, Weaver, Bruin and Tally they worked it to perfection! Hats off guys!