TFC trade DeRo to Red Bulls in blockbuster (OFFICIAL)

DwayneDeRosario (

The New York Red Bulls have acquired Canadian national team star Dwayne DeRosario in a trade with Toronto FC, sources have confirmed to SBI.

The trade, which will send Tony Tchani, Danleigh Borman and a first round pick in 2012, will be announced this afternoon.

MLS is finalizing details on the first blockbuster trade of the new year.

No, this is not an April Fool's Joke.

Toronto FC has been shopping DeRosario for much of the off-season and found a taker in the Red Bulls, who were desperate for a star playmaker.

(UPDATE-After we first reported this trade in the afternoon it hit a snag caused by concerns over a criminal charge on the record of one of the players involved. MLS was able to sort that issue out to allow the deal to be completed later on Friday.)

DeRosario had expressed unhappiness with his contract situation with Toronto FC. New York currently has an available third Designated Player slot but it is unclear whether the Red Bulls would sign DeRosario to a DP contract.

Toronto FC adds a pair of players who can help right away in Tchani and Borman, while also adding a first-round draft pick, which technical director Paul Mariner will be able to utilize. Mariner has a track record as one of the best judges of American college talent.

The addition of DeRosario makes the Red Bulls an even stronger title contender, with a midfield now boasting Joel Lindpere, Teemu Tainio, Dane Richards and DeRosario.

What do you think of this trade?

Share your thoughts below.

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139 Responses to TFC trade DeRo to Red Bulls in blockbuster (OFFICIAL)

  1. #JustSaying says:


  2. Joe says:


  3. JA says:

    I wonder if NYRB will be renegotiating his contract.

  4. JC says:

    Where’s the April Fool’s disclaimer??


  5. DetroitTFC says:

    I think I’m going to hurl…

  6. GSScasual says:

    WHAT? always thought he was class… C’mon you canuck, welcome to the Jerz

  7. Paul C says:

    Great move for RBNY. Congrats to the fans.

    Not to take the attention away, but the Galazy are getting left in the dust at the moment.

  8. Justin says:

    Apparently NYRB can write that check that Rosario has been wanting.

    That guy is really a headcase. Good move Toronto.

  9. Paul C says:

    Ives, where do you see him playing? #10 slot behind Agudelo and Henry? Scary.

  10. Matt S says:

    April Fools?

    Don’t wanna lose Tchani even if it is for DeRo…

  11. inkedAG says:

    I’d have preferred to have kept a young guy like Tony Tchani, but I suppose you have to give up quality to get quality (even though in an older, more disgruntled form).

    I’d have lauded this about 2-3 years ago. Now, I’m not too sure.

  12. Petaluman says:

    Will they pay him what he wants? Does RB have a ton of allocation money to work this all under the cap? Amazing. I though April Fools on this one for sure. Wish my Quakes could pull of a big player move.

  13. me says:

    come on. April fools….

  14. GunneRR says:

    Looks like the Bulls want to win NOW. I was looking forward to watching Tchani grow the next few years.

    Geez, who is going to play in Harrison during the Gold Cup? Bueller? Bueller?

  15. Ryan says:

    this has to be a aprils fools joke.

  16. Reid says:

    What De-Ro is New Jersey getting Great playmaker who everyone loves, or jackwagon that is still a great playmaker.

    Don’t know if this move is gonna be Good, Bad, or Ugly

  17. Joe G says:

    I really want to believe this, but I’m not ready to yet. Who would back up Miller if Danleigh is gone?

  18. Bryan says:

    Ives, do you know if its true that Alejandro Bedoya is joining Vancouver? It was on MFLS website, but I wasn’t sure if it was an april fools joke or not.

  19. Todd says:

    well Red Bull does draft well, so I am surprised they gave up the pick. Maybe they are going all in this year because Hans is leaving. You can innocently whistle Ives.

  20. Charles says:

    Would be interested in who people think got the better deal.

    I guess it is a now or later situation.

    NY wants a star now, Toronto later.

  21. great move for everybody involved! I really like how NYRB is going all out for the title! DeRo is a fantastic player, he was great for SJ & Hou but was unhappy for whatever reason in Tor. I am sure NYRB will pay him well & it will payoff on the field! I am a Sounders supporter but NYRB should be fun to watch this season. fantastic news!

  22. Houston Fan says:

    In my opinion both teams got good deals, RBNY got their much needed now guy who is a needed playmaker. For TFC they get a real steal in Tchani as well as Borman and a first round 2012 that NY likely wouldn’t need anyways. I think both sides got good deals, if I had to pick a side though id give the edge to toronto getting rid of an aging demanding dero for high quality and investment in the future.

  23. jay c says:

    I liked it better 2 weeks ago when DeRo was going back to Houston. :(

  24. Mar006 says:

    What the FFFFFFFFFFFF??????? This is ridiculus to give up on a young guy who with the proper time and mentoring is europe bound for an old player that constantly complains about money……i dont think Dero deserves DP money, maybe on another team but not RBNY. So dissapointed!

    How long are we going to keep Dero for, one season! He is gonna ask for crazy money next year! Couldnt we have given up Balouchhhhh? Omg feel like breaking something right now!!!

  25. Joamiq says:

    Wait. This is actually serious? If so… you just made me a very happy Red Bull fan, Ives

  26. Paul says:

    Another super move from RBNY. DeRo is a monster presence in the middle. LB is a little thin now, but this solves RBNY’s biggest need.

  27. This Guy says:

    Ives gets the East Coast crowd every year and yet they still fall for it. Pitiful but funny.

  28. moreBullsbell says:

    should have sent Ballouchy. IF this is true it could blow up in NY’s face. (or they could win the title). Either way they should have sent Ballouchy packing.

  29. The Dude says:

    This is why you dont post April Fools jokes. No one can tell what is real and none of the jokes that are posted are funny.

  30. RB4EVER says:

    Seems like we gave up a lot… DeRo wanted to go, and what other team was going to take him?

  31. Ricky B. Free says:

    Didnt you read the disclaimer? And the news was all over the major league soccer site.

  32. Judging Amy says:

    April fools right?

    Dero’s got what 3, 4 good years tops?

    Tchani could be a monster.

    Still, with Dero in the middle, makes RBs even more stacked than they already were.

  33. BoBo says:


    So this must have been the cancer in the lockeroom guy.

  34. Jeremy says:

    Somebody give this guy a hug. Anger management classes maybe?

  35. AC says:

    I was wondering the same thing. Mls rumors had his twitter post on their RSS feed but not the main site…and said vancouver holds his rights from the supplemental draft.

  36. that was a joke. bedoya himself admitted to it.

  37. Ricky B. Free says:

    YOu get a star and give up an unproven player. YOu always try and get the sure thing and always let go of potential. You never know if the player is going to reach his potential.

  38. +1

    maybe we should bring arthur boruc to talk some sense into him?

  39. The Doubleness says:

    Bye-bye MeRo… left Houston over money, Leaving TFC over money…dude is 30+ and always complains he’s not paid enough… what other market could give MeRo more endorsement $$ than Toronto? he had commercials, adverts, everything! He was making $$ here, but hated he wasn’t a DP. Another casualty of the Mo Johnston ‘promise you stuff’ era… NYRB, if you win the MLS Cup this year, good move… if you don’t you just gave up waaaay too much for a new locker room cancer.
    TFC’s scoring options just shrank considerably, but we’ll recover.

  40. Jack says:



    Is this really not an April Fools joke? If so, RBNY is really making the effort of crossing the river to NJ worth it this year.

  41. ga-gone says:

    Very much a win-now move. If we win the title, im happy with it.

  42. Morning Train says:

    is ee him replacing ballouchy in the line up and maybe NYRB moving tanio there and solli at RB. wow what a move!!!!

  43. Morning Train says:

    is see him replacing ballouchy in the line up and maybe NYRB moving tanio there and solli at RB. wow what a move!!!!

  44. Andrew says:

    I can actually believe this not being an April Fool’s joke, in light of the article about NY looking for a playmaker earlier in the year. I’m left wondering, though, how they plan to fit DeRo and Ballouchy in the same midfield.

  45. Troy says:

    As a new RBNY season ticket holder, thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Already entertaining, now with DeRo! Gotta love it.

  46. eltigreferoz says:


  47. ga-gone says:

    TFC fans, Tchani could be a great 4-3-3 midfielder. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a steal in retrospect a few years from now.

    Borman is a passable MLS left back with speed. So he’s not going to set the world on fire, but is not an embarassment.

  48. TFCForest says:

    As a TFC fan, pretty happy to see one of the last of the ‘privileged’ to leave! Serieux, Brennan, Gerba, and now DeRo…This group of Canadian players came to Toronto with a sense of entitlement, and while DeRo and Brennan at least gave it their all on the field, I can not help but feel they were all cancers off the field!

    It remains to be seen what type of player DeGuz will be, but hopefully this move will pay off for TFC.

    Thanks for the effort DeRo….shame you had to tarnish what could have been a great legacy!

  49. Tim F. says:

    Agreed. This appears to be made by a group that wants to win and leave; the Red Bulls gave up too much in this deal. Still waiting for April Fools line.

  50. Aaron in StL says:

    If Tchani really does have Euro league potential you’d have to ballpark his years left in MLS about the same as that estimation

  51. deepm says:

    This doesn’t seem like an April fools joke anymore.

    Media outlets in Toronto are starting to report this as well.

    There was a report on the MLS website that NYRB was actively seeking a midfielder, or #10. Looks like they finally found their man.

  52. Tyrone says:

    I could tell this was real. And I could also tell that the Bunbury article was an April Fool’s Joke and it was funny. Lighten up. And stop speaking for everyone. Dude.

  53. understood says:

    wow! amazing move!

  54. tron says:

    NYRB fans better realize what they are getting:

    1) talented player who has a few good years left
    2) guy who doesn’t work within any system — he’s a freelancer
    3) guy who goes offside way too much
    4) player who steals chances from his teammates (not a team player)
    5) a guy who can shock you with his brilliance in one game and then disappear for games at a time
    6) a player who has a problem with looking up (tunnel vision)

    i’m glad TFC is not giving in to De Ro’s DP contract demands. The Golden Boy has always seemed more interested in his paycheck than in winning.

  55. MLS says:

    Why not pull this trade off in off season? why wait 3 games into the season?

  56. alexalex says:

    DeRo and Ballouchy in the same midfield lineup… there’s your April Fool’s Day joke.

    Dude, DeRo is REPLACING Ballouchy in the diamond.

  57. Supsam says:

    why is he a headcase again? OH, cuz he was promised DP status later on since they told him they couldnt manage (salary-wise) to hand it to him right away. So Dero kept his end of the deal and played like a DP while MLSE did not keep their end of the deal by upgrading his contract. So he protested. I would do the same especially when DeGuzman isnt DP worthy.

    As a neutral, Im glad Dero is leaving Toronto. His owners and his fans treat him like crap. Yet when Cann does the same thing, Toronto fans say Cann had valid reason to do so???? WHAT!? Good job Dero. TFC is a joke of an organization.

  58. drewcore says:

    Ha, ya i just checked his twitter again, that sucks… just didnt think of it being april fools since he had it up yesterday

  59. GSScasual says:

    They have this new invention call the transfer window…. ever heard of it?

  60. Andre says:

    As a NYRB supporter, I hate this trade. DeRo is fairly arrogant and like you said, not a team player. Tchani is going to be real good, and Borman is awesome depth, possibly even a starter for TFC. And the draft pick, unless NYRB wins the cup, was icing on the cake.

    This trade sucks, on a few levels.

    DeRo + his baggage, Mehdi Ballouchy and a 2nd rounder is more like it.

  61. kahlva says:

    A good move for all.

    Here’s the reality: If Tchani continues to impress/improve – like everyone thinks he will – he’s GONE in 2-3 years to Europe anyway.

    So NY gets a really great player, who can probably play great for 2-3 years.

    TFC gets a budding great player, who will be great in a year…and then leave in a few years. PLUS a good left-sided player in Borman. PLUS a draft pick.

  62. SeaOtter says:

    Why is this not posted on the MLS site or the Red Bulls site?

  63. k says:

    How do they afford him and stay under the cap? Oh, I forgot, NY and LA can do anything and MLS will let it go because that’s who they want to win.

  64. wally says:

    April fools bigtime!! It looks like a bunch of candadian outlets took the bait..

    Good one Ives.

  65. SeaOtter says:

    Nevermind, didn’t see the according to sources bit in the article…….since I was expecting a shot at April Fools redemption by Ives I guess that I didn’t catch that detail.

  66. GSScasual says:

    Why you cry?

  67. Shane says:

    With the talent the Red Bulls Academy is pumping out, we can find new young guys.

  68. guanaco20 says:

    My concern as well….the RedBulls will lose half the starting line-up come the Gold Cup. Agudelo, DeRo, Richards, Ream, Miller all might see time with their respective national teams…

  69. The Doubleness says:

    TFC in rebuild year anyways, thanks NYRB for speeding it up!

  70. Avi says:

    I agree it was time for DeRo to get out of Toronto, and that he did not cover himself with glory there. But let’s not forget that despite his alleged shortcomings he has won championships, more than once, and been the clutch performer on championship teams. And he scored 15 goals last year, on a bad team.

    Tchani will probably be very good, so TFC did well to get him, but you have to give something up to get one of the best players in the league. And no, Ballouchy doesn’t count as “something.” When your main players are over 30 (Henry, Marquez) or no more than two years from Europe (Ream, Agudelo) you have to do this deal. I don’t care how good Tchani becomes, 15 years without a trophy is long enough to wait.

  71. eltigreferoz says:

    I’m pulling for this snag. Snag! Snag! Snag!

  72. April 1 says:

    According to TFC twitter feed, Aron Winter states that DeRo is still a member of the club.

    link to

  73. Tim F. says:

    Do NOT do this trade Red Bulls. Giving up too much with Tchani and 1st round pick. Ballouchy and Rooney instead..

  74. Petaluman says:

    Snag is probably DeRo contract

  75. Tony in Quakeland says:

    “give up on a young guy who with the proper time and mentoring is europe bound”

    Actually, this is why you make the trade. You don’t own his future, so you add a guy who can help you win now. And make no mistake, with DeRo, Red Bulls are no worse than dead even with RSL as the best team in the league.

  76. DeRo's Mom says:

    SNAG??? What the hell kind fo snag? Like an “oh yeah, its April Fools” kind of snag

  77. ga-gone says:

    If this is a joke, a lot of people are going to be furious.

  78. eltigreferoz says:

    You’re an evil man, Ives.

  79. john.q says:

    i hope this is a joke. or at least the snag snags the deal.

  80. jcr says:


  81. This Guy says:

    Yes. And it is nowhere on MLS’s site. Actually it’s nowhere but here.

  82. This Guy says:

    Why you no verbs?

  83. Tim F. says:

    May this joke or trade die a quick death.

  84. wally says:

    Ok. I no longer think this is a joke. No way Ives would make up something about a player’s “past legal issue” holding up a deal. But the whole is it real or not thing has been fun.

  85. Matt B. says:

    Type his name in on news..its all over the place

  86. Charles says:

    Now that DeRo is back on the market…..see what Toronto needs Seattle.

  87. t says:

    Watching this is like watching the epl transfer deadline day feed, except I doubt anyone will be worth 50 million here…

  88. This Guy says:

    And they all link back to this site.

  89. The Doubleness says:

    TFC just lost a whole bunch of ‘hand’ in this deal if its off… if Tchani is the ‘snag’ in the deal and he can’t be packaged to come to TFC… then the deal is off as he’s the main part. Therefore other teams will stay away becuase we all know MeRo was not getting a better $$deal anywhere else and somehow we suckered NYRB into this, now NYRB says no to a diff deal…and we are stuck with this locker room cancer, we dont want him here, and he doesnt want to be here…. this could be epic brutal for TFC.

  90. Kevin Smith says:

    DeRo is making base salary of 375k, guaranteed compensation of 443.75k (I don’t really know what those mean, to be honest) and isn’t really great as a team player. Amazing on his own, but he often tries to do too much.

    Cann is making 56.6k, and has been a great team player. Considering they had useless guys like White (105k), Usanov (96k), Saric (90k), Hiscanovics (114k), Garcia (190k), and Barrett (205k), it’s easy to understand why Cann wants more. He was making less money than Zach Herold, who was forced to retire without even playing a game…

  91. Supsam says:

    everything you’ve said is correct but i think you are missing my point. MLSE promised DeRo an upgrade. Nothing was promised to Cann aside from bonuses. MLSE decieved DeRo but Cann has no one to blame but himself for signing the contract.

    Basically, Cann knew what he was getting into when he signed but DeRo THOUGHT he knew what he was getting into. Big difference.

  92. Supsam says:

    lol last time i checked, “cry” was a verb

  93. M says:

    Love the way MLSE continues to treat its star players. Bosh, Sundin, Kaberle, De Rosario.

  94. M says:

    To add,

    How did these guys ever get a pro sports franchise again… let alone 4? At least they don’t have their hands on the Blue Jays, Bautista is safe for the time being.

  95. Zman says:

    NYRB better hope that their veterans can keep DeRo in line. He is a locker room cancer and a diva. Great talent, bad head. Every game he is bitching at his teammates for not laying the ball on his foot every time they touch it. Plays no D. Sulks. Compare him to Clint on work ethic for 90 minutes…CD is a EPL player and he has a smaller head than DeRo.

    Wears out his welcome everywhere he goes. I agree with the entitlement comment above…the Canucks showed up in Toronto and expected everyone to bow to their greatness. Canada will become a rival two the big two in CONCACAF when the next generation comes of age, not before. And when they get their screwed up federation in order.

  96. Scott A says:

    Pretty curious who’ll suit up for NY at left back during the Gold Cup if this happens.

  97. jordan says:

    Ya this is a bad trade TFC are getting alot but they are not getting someone that can score goals. Tchani seems ok but he scored 1 goals last year in 29 games he seems like he is a player TFC already has.

  98. RobStyles says:

    Sick! Great move for RB!

  99. Nick says:

    I dont understand what you mean. Stars signing elsewhere for more money, trading good vets for youth – this happens everywhere in sport. Why single out MLSE for the commonplace?

  100. J.K says:

    Sounds like Ives’ “sources” are playing an April Fools joke on him.

  101. Paul C says:

    NYRB are officially the Arsenal of MLS.

    Great up front.
    Good in the middle.
    Good in the back.
    Terrible in the net.

  102. that’s what i thought for a slight second, but i immediately realized that it was already april 1st in europe, so it was fair game

  103. fischy says:

    The NY Post was reporting a couple of days that the team was actively pursuing a #10 player. It would seem they meant DeRo.

  104. fischy says:

    Are you sure DeRo will play? I vaguely recall that he was talking about retiring from Canada.

  105. Jason says:

    out of curiosity, does this set back Tchani’s potential U.S. Citizenship?

  106. alex says:

    As a TFC fan I honestly think this is ok.

    Yeah Dero is more talent than we’ll be getting back, but Tchani really is the two way mid we need next to De Guzman to make the 4-3-3 work.

    Extra cap space can be used to sign new talent (probably in a DP spot) if we think about this astutely.

    Short term, its a little ugly … long run i think we’ll be all right.

  107. The Dude says:

    As always, I’ll like him if he plays well for us. :)

  108. fischy says:

    NY got the better of the deal. Tchani will never be in the same class, and the first round pick will be at the end of the round. No great shakes. Toronto will be a little deeper, which will help them, but NY got the best of this deal.

  109. wally says:

    hmm. This is clearly a good short-term deal for NYRB, but I liked Tchani alot and see him becoming a very good box to box guy. Not so happy about this. Would rather it were a joke.

  110. Murphy says:

    So true! I can’t believe they can’t find a keeper better than those two in the U.S.

  111. CSD says:

    I heard the legal problems were the result of DeRosario trying to cash an invalid check. He was arrested for bank fraud when he tried to cash one of those checks he wrote on his hand. Good to see it got all cleared up.

  112. Supsam says:

    just keep telling yourself that…..

  113. Sean says:

    I wonder if DeRo to NYRB will raise or lower Agudelo’s goal total this season.

  114. mckay says:

    Wow didn’t see that coming
    I thought he was once a red always a red

  115. ... says:

    Why does everyone harp on NY’s goalkeepers? Bouna can’t take goalkicks, but he had a franchise-record 11 shutouts last season. This season both Sutton and THIRD choice Horvath had shutouts in their games. NY’s keepers are fine.

  116. Big Chil says:

    To an extent, yes. Without looking it up, you have to reside in the U.S. for about 75% of the time while waiting for citizenship status. Tchani could always live in Niagra Falls, NY and commute an hour and a half each way…

    That’s another thing that’s interesting about soccer trades is that they can impact a player’s citizenship plans.

  117. Dominican Lou says:

    Why squirrel hate me?

  118. CACuzcatlan says:

    Maybe finish the year in NY, then try to get on board with Vancouver or Montreal before retiring.

  119. RBNY Fan says:

    Oh, enough with Seattle already.

  120. the special one says:

    Bye Bye MeRo.

  121. northzax says:

    you mean the one that runs from January 15-April 15 this year? that transfer window?

    or the one that would in no way affect the transfer of players inside MLS, since it only matters for transfers between federations? (actually, this is an interesting question: does the window affect MLS US-Canada trades, or is there an exemption for the league?)

    hate to be so snarky, but since you were…

  122. northzax says:

    sure, but it’s not active, it’s passive (as currently used) therefore you need a linking verb “do” in this case, or ‘are’ if you make it present tense (‘crying’)

    words matter, even to red bull fans.

  123. Supsam says:

    a verb followed by a linking verb is still a verb :]

  124. gld123 says:

    Cap does not exist in NY I guess

  125. JXU says:

    Good move, TFC.. Very good.

  126. Alex says:

    dont forget marquez

  127. Alex says:

    hahaha… suck it This Guy, don’t doubt Ives.

  128. Alex says:

    except for one that said “this is an april fool’s joke” and one that said “this is not an april fool’s joke.”

  129. Joamiq says:

    You got the calculations to back up that snark?

  130. ben says:

    Love all the comments that NY should have traded Ballouchy instead. Doesn’t anyone consider that maybe TFC wanted something of value in return for a star? No one in their right mind would trade DeRo for Ballouchy. All these years later I’m still shocked Colorado traded Beckerman to my boys for him!

  131. Ben says:

    Haha, despite the the insistence that this wasn’t an April Fools, I still thought it was. Wow, as a Red Bulls fan, I’m thrilled. Yes, I would have rather traded Ballouchy instead, as some other people have pointed out, but that would have been highway robbery, not a trade. I do hope Tchani can continue to improve and grow as TFC. Anyone who is a Red Bulls fan has to be completely thrilled; this team is going to be fun to watch. Marquez and Ream out of the back, Taino and Rosarioi in the middle, Agudelo and Henry up front, thank you very much.

  132. rafavic says:

    This looks like the move that puts them over the top but really how many times have the Red Bulls had teams that look like beasts on paper on the fold like paper when the games are being played. Lets see what they look like at the all star break.

  133. Kevin Smith says:

    I’m not entirely sure you’re correct, I seem to remember hearing that Cann was promised a raise by Mo Johnson – the same person who would have promised DeRo a raise.

    Right, Canadian Soccer News reports showed that Cann claimed to have been promised around 140k.

  134. salim says:

    Good move for DeRosario. Toronto FC suck. That told lies to DeRosario. The guy deserves better. I hope they pay him well.

  135. Raff says:

    “No, this is not an April Fool’s Joke.” Well that’s what I thought first.

  136. Raff says:

    Meant that’s what I thought AT first. :)

  137. Brad Minter says:

    I may have wrong, as a guy that doesnt work in any system, is offsides way too much, has a problem looking up, steals chances from his teammates, he somehow found a way to winning four MLS Cups…

  138. Smits says:

    agree, DeRo is a malcontent