The Latest from Special1 TV

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7 Responses to The Latest from Special1 TV

  1. Victor says:

    “I don’t know why Fulham fans are complaining,I’m sure their statue was cheaper than the 50 million Chelsea paid for theirs.” Hahahaha oh man I love how they brough back Sven, these past few episodes have been great.

  2. golfstrom says:

    haha rooney banned for 2 weeks

  3. bob says:

    “Alex, does this mean he gets one of those funny looking phones.”

  4. fischy says:

    That was a sweet line. Best soccer joke I’ve heard in a long while.

    The bit about Crouch’s sliding tackles was creative.

  5. spencer says:

    great episode, wasn’t the same without Sven.

  6. Justin Roelant says:

    awesome…i was losing it when the fox in the box brought on rooney.

  7. tdvick says:

    I like the reference to Wayne losing his deal with Coke Zero. Nice.