Union & Red Bulls Ticket Contest Time

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Okay folks, both the Philadelphia Union and New York Red Bulls are having home games this weekend, meaning we'll be having two more SBI Ticket contests this week.

SBI will be giving away two tickets to the Philadelphia Union's match against Seattle, as well as two sets of two tickets to the New York Red Bulls' match against San Jose. All you have to do is be a Twitter follower of @SoccerByIves. If you are, submit your Twitter handle in the comments section below along with a brief explanation of why you'd like to go to this weekend's matches. Then, on Twitter, you have to send out a Tweet with: #SoccerByIves #SBITicketContest and either #NewYorkRedBulls or #PhilaUnion, depending on the tickets you are trying to win. You can also include why you want the tickets in your tweet as well.

We will be picking winners early on Friday so be sure to be checking your Twitter to see if you're one of the lucky winners.

Okay folks, remember to post your Twitter handle below before sending us your Tweets.

Send your entries our way and good luck to everybody.

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30 Responses to Union & Red Bulls Ticket Contest Time

  1. Jason says:

    @sportsjerseys I want to take my son to the game so we can DOOP together during a Union win!

  2. Richard says:

    @Richardmcgovern I’d like to go to this weekend’s Union match because I love Dooping in the rain

  3. Ryan Gingrich says:


    I’m trying to spread the NYRB love in upstate NY! Send the tix north so we can bring the rukus!

  4. Mark Page says:

    @mpage64 Been meaning to take my son to a game over in the new Red Bulls Arena, just haven’t had the opportunity with his baseball, soccer practices and games taking up most of our free time. But, this Saturday night we have open and I was wondering what to do with the free night with his 8th birthday being on Monday (4/18/2003).

    Hope to win the tickets and, if not, I’ll probably take him anyway.


  5. Adam says:


  6. Adam says:

    SBI follower since the beginning. Also want to take my son for his birthday.

  7. Alexander says:


  8. Jon Maisano says:


  9. Colby says:


    It’s been a dream of mine to see beautiful Harrison, NJ.

  10. Dan says:


    I’ve never been to a Union game in the rain. My brother and I don’t want to miss the great Chester flood Part 2.

  11. Dan says:

    Seattle should be used to all that rain so we might be at a disadvantage. Haha

  12. Danny Gengaro says:

    @dannygengaro id love to go see the #newyorkredbulls cuz i havent been to the new stadium yet and it would be a treat to bring one of my family members with me

  13. Brendan says:


    I want to take my roommate to his first MLS game. He is a reformed hater of Major League Soccer and is genuinely excited to take the train, go to the stadium, and see a game.

    There is not a bad seat in RBA (except for those two sections where fans can’t sit).

  14. Sandy Canetti says:

    @sportsphotog54 I need.to get out of the house while my wife prepares for Passover

  15. Stephen says:

    @stopherplato I’m a huge NYRB fan but I’m also part of our country’s growing unemployed 20-somethings. I could use the Ives bailout package for some recreation time!

  16. @Growyourlocks No sob story here, just want to see the Union take it to Seattle. SOB!!!!!

  17. Jose Flores says:

    @Don_Jose1217 been wanting to go to a game and haven’t been able to. But I love the union, the are definately one of my favorite teams.

  18. Brandon says:


    Hoping to take the girlfriend to the game to try and give her a taste of why it’s not unreasonable watch soccer all the time and troll SBI.

  19. Kevin says:


    I have never been to an MLS game, and would love the opportunity to see RBNY this weekend.

  20. Kate says:


    I am a huge Union fan and and have never been to a game. Because of my career, I typically work weekends and nights when the games happen (and am usually too broke to afford tickets) but I am free this Saturday and would love to see my team rock the Sounders.

  21. Chris says:


    My family were season ticket holders for the MetroStars for about their first 5 years at Giants stadium. Been to very few games since we stopped getting season tickets (not seen a single Red Bulls game). Would like to finally see the Red Bulls and see the new stadium! (and I’m graduating from Ramapo College this May!)

  22. seth says:


    ESC 101 and bringing MAD HEADS to the stadium this weekend. They’re gonna be singing and waiving flags like it’s Giants Stadium in 100 degree weather even though it’s gonna be raining.

  23. Josh Marcinik says:

    @joshmarcinik, because I’ve been fighting on campus here at Villanova to save PPL Park from Big East football, even though I’ve never been able to stand and sing my heart out in the River End.

  24. DJ says:

    @eldj I’d love to go see PPLPark especially since I’m injured and can’t play in my rec league this Saturday.

  25. Matthew Yu says:

    @matty_yu This is a rivalry in the making, I’ve been a Red Bull fan (Metrostars) since Clint Mathis and Ricardo Clark were the stars. I remember clapping hand with them on the field at Giants stadium. Red Bulls have a come a long way, would love to get out to RBA for the first time.

  26. donovan tann says:

    @donovantann even under a poncho, I’d like a good reason to break in the Union jersey I received for my birthday this week

  27. RobStyles says:

    @robstyles21 I want to get as many heads into RBA as possible to ignite some winning again!

  28. Dheff16 says:

    @dheff16 After close to a year apart my fiancee (from Mexico City) and I are finally together in NYC. She’s a huge UNAM Pumas fan and missing the thrill of going to matches. Would love to take her to see NYRB this weekend. Thanks!

  29. seth says:


    This Saturday, it’s game time. San Jose knocked us from the cup last year, but this year, we’re gonna knock them into Newark and lock the door. We need as many people as possible to be waiving flags, singing songs, clapping hands and stomping feet. These two tickets could go to some casual soccer fans who will cheer when a goal is scored and take pics of Henry, or, they could go to me and then get passed onto two able bodied people who will make their way to 101 and be F’in LOUD.

  30. Mark page says:

    Never saw here or on Twitter any tickets given away. Wasted my time checking both numerous times. Wondering what happened. Wasted alot of time checking both here and Twitter.