United, Red Bulls set for latest installment of Atlantic Cup rivalry


Photo by Tony Quinn/ISIphotos.com

Over the years, the D.C. United-New York Red Bulls rivalry has included some of the biggest names — of both players and coaches — in Major League Soccer history. Names like John Harkes, Marco Etcheverry, Luciano Emilio, Alecko Eskandarian, Jaime Moreno, Ben Olsen, Eddie Pope, Earnie Stewart, Mike Petke, Jozy Altidore, Clint Mathis, Juan Pablo Angel, Tab Ramos, Tony Meola, Tim Howard, Bruce Arena and Bob Bradley.

Charlie Davies, Thierry Henry, Rafael Marquez and Dwayne De Rosario will be among those to add their names to Atlantic Cup lore Thursday night when the teams square off at RFK Stadium (8 p.m., ESPN2/ESPN3.com/ESPN Deportes) in the first of two meetings this season.

New York won the Atlantic Cup for the first time in seven years last season, topping United at RFK, 2-0, and playing D.C. to a scoreless draw at Red Bull Arena. Both teams are coming off impressive 3-0 victories over the weekend, and they are separated by a single point in the league standings through five matches.

Who do you see winning tonight's match? Which rivalry do you think is the league's best?

Share your thoughts below.

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62 Responses to United, Red Bulls set for latest installment of Atlantic Cup rivalry

  1. NattyBo says:

    This is the league’s best rivarly.

    And we’re going to get our doorstop trophy back, starting with a win tonight. Hope the Metros fans enjoyed the rental.

  2. brillant says:

    Expecting 65%+ possession from NY, question is will they convert the chances they are sure to create, I say yes. 2-0 NY.

  3. Pat says:

    Red Bulls win tonight 2-0. Though gotta say, as a Red Bull fan, I hate Philly more.

  4. kfly says:

    I’m watching the game tonight with a Red Bulls fan for the first time. Should be very interesting! I expect one, or both, of us will be dowsed in beer by the end of the game.

  5. kfly says:

    (I’m a DCU fan, btw)

  6. elgringorico says:

    DC UNNNIIITTEDDD!!!!!!! woo, see you fools at RFK! Need a big game from Dax tonight

  7. Josh D says:

    Here, here!!

    This will be a tasty treat. Davies should get the start and he’s a man with a burning in his eye to score. The team is playing well and the parts are starting to gel.

    Then with NY you have a team of all-stars still trying to find a way to connect. Expect their offense to really trouble our still young and inexperienced back line.

  8. David says:

    Depends does CD9 have his diving gear with him tonight…JK

    Red Bulls obviously. (biased fan)

  9. Chris says:

    2-1 to the Bulls. Davies dives for a penalty in the 83rd minute.

  10. Richard says:

    I’m a Son of Ben, and I’ll be at the game tonight in DC. I have to say I hate NY way more than DC, but i’ll still be rooting for a 0-0 draw.

  11. seth says:

    DC sucks
    Philly Sucks
    NY will be victorious
    the cup shall remain ours
    as well as the supporters shield
    and open cup
    and MLS cup

    vamos metro

  12. seth says:

    couldn’t have said it better myself haha

  13. bryan says:

    come on United!!

  14. wilyboy says:

    Can’t believe I’m going to miss it.

  15. Aguinaga says:

    Only cup that matters to Metro is the MLS Cup. We’ve got a long way to go before reaching the 4 cups DC has won. So who gives a rat about the Atlantic Cup? That said, that was ages ago in MLS terms. In the time DC has drifted towards mediocrity and irrelevance, Metro has risen. Our coach is more clever and more experienced. Our GM is slicker. Our owner’s got cans of Red Bull in his trousers. Our supporters are smarter, louder, more knowledgable, and better looking hahahaa. Our players have traveled the globe playing futbol and have league titles, international club championships, and World Cups on their resumes. Our stadium exists! And most of all, even though our team resides in Harrison, we proudly represent 3 states thru the NY in our name. What will DC fans represent and where will all their fans be when they’ve become Baltimore, Maryland, or Virginia United?? 2-0 NY!!

  16. KBD says:

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all week! Thanks for the laugh.

  17. Eurosnob says:

    I think you are wildly optimistic about 65%+ possession. NYRB are not Barcelona or even Real Salt Lake. And DCU likes to control possession rather than playing long ball as some MLS teams do. Plus, Red Bulls are on the road.

  18. Erik says:

    So having watched MLS for years and years, it’s so great to see some true rivalries start to emerge.

    What makes it even better is that the teams don’t have to play each other 4-6 times per year which kills all buzz for the team coming to town.

  19. Northzax says:

    To be fair, it isn’t really a rivalry. I mean when the overall record is 36-20-8, hard to call it a rivalry, you know? No team in MLs has as many wins vet another team.

    Maybe tomorrow when it’s 37-20-8?

  20. Eurosnob says:

    David, perhaps you can also tell Henry to keep his hands off the ball. You get extra points if you do it with with an Irish accent.

  21. soccerroo says:

    I would have said the DC/New York would have been tops but now with portland and Seattle in the league I am sure it will be the top rivalry for years to come.

  22. Paul says:

    ” Our stadium exists!”

    Nicely played.

    Go RBNY!

  23. MJCDC says:

    To be fair DC’s slip to mediocrity has lasted two years (won the open cup in 08 and supporters shield in 06 and 07). While Red Bulls mediocrity has lasted, well as you said they haven’t won anything yet.

  24. beckster says:

    Vamos United! Would love to see the underdog prevail against all the high paid wonderkins up north in the best East Coast rivalry. Agree with the post above that the Portland/Seattle rivalry may become the league’s best but not yet!

  25. The Dude says:

    Red Bull will dominate as always. No PKs for Davies. 2-0 Red Bulls (Henry, Dero).

  26. Illegal Alien says:

    Is there a trophy associated with this kind of like FSL v the Crapids?

  27. elgringorico says:

    Your team is named after a caffeinated beverage. Our players are young, talented, and eager – overpaid vets like Henry will never match our team spirit and charisma. Our coach is smarter, more dedicated to his team, and waaaaay hotter. We are a real team with a real history, and most importantly the most hardcore and the oldest fans in the MLS. Were you a fan when NYNJ when they were terrible? I doubt it. The past AND the future are ours. DC United is a dynasty that NYNJ will never be! You’re jealous.

  28. Tom says:

    You must be new to MLS. DC United is old hate. Old hate is good hate.

  29. BIll says:

    You should change your crest to something that isn’t a Nazi symbol.

  30. RK says:

    NYRB needs any cup they can get.

    Do they even have a trophy cabinet?

  31. scott says:

    As a United fan, i can’t stand either team – RB or Union. For the Union, I honestly can’t stand their fans. The handful of games i have seen in Philley, was marked by run-ins with stupid and drunk fans. For the RB, I just can’t stand their players. Henry, especially…

    C’mon United

  32. Eurosnob says:

    Yes, Red Bulls own a stadium as opposed to leasing it, but the new stadium and big name signings did not translate into fan support. Considering the size of Metro area, its large immigrant commmunity, brand new stadium and Red Bull’s high priced roster, Red Bulls have abysmal attendance. This season, Red Bulls average 16.3K fans in attendance per game (9th place in MLS). In contrast, DCU averages 22.6K (3d behind only Sounders and Galaxy).

  33. Matt C says:

    Whoa! A little respect please… you are talking to the 2008 Western Conf Champions. A trophy that we PROUDLY display on top of Carlos Mendes’ refrigerator.

    Hahaha… if you can’t make fun of yourself, you are probably a right c*nt.


  34. Citronomics says:

    Now that’s one thing we can agree on :-)

    (DCU fan)

  35. Citronomics says:

    Best MLS goal celebration ever..? Esky poppin a Red Bull can, taking a swig and spittin it out. Another good one was when Deuce went to “home plate” at RFK after scoring and took an air swing.

  36. john.q says:

    hah. i used to think being named after Red Bull was lame but c’mon what other brand in the world does what red bull does? just google red bull music academy, red bull bc, red bull f1, shaun white, sebastion loeb, etc.

  37. Scott A says:

    I love throwback games. Huge props to MLS for setting up a matchup for NY against a team relevant in the ’90s

  38. JayMah says:

    Any NYRB fan who hates the Bimbos for than United IS new to the league. NY-Bimbos rivalry is MLS generated. No real rivalry compared to the blood-hatred between RBNY and DCU. That’s a fact.

  39. David says:

    Is this Robbie Keane? Given how spectacularly the French failed at the World Cup I would think the only ones left who can have sour grapes about that incident are the Irish. Carma caught up the the French in a big way no?

  40. AmericanWade says:

    As a DCU fan, gotta say, I hate Philly more, but the NY rivalry is more more important. Does that make sense?

  41. Scott A says:

    Oh, DC fans and attendance talk. We had 18,441 last year after a decade and a half of utter crap (plus 22,839 in the playoffs). DC had 14,532 after the most success of any MLS team thus far (and no playoffs heh). I’ll gladly take the compliment that NY fans are supporting their team through thick and thin. Anyway, attendance smack is for schmucks.

  42. eurosnob says:

    Bill, the bold-headed eagle that appears in the DCU’s crest has never been a Nazi symbol. You might want to retake the United States history 101 or examine the official great seal of the United States. In DCU’s crest, the bold-headed eagle respresents the nation’s capital. In contrast, the Red Bulls crest and name represent a consumer product. The old Metrostars crest was much classier and professionally looking, but again perhaps it is not appropriate for a New Jersey based team.

  43. matt c says:

    yeah, I’m over it. at least we don’t say “bimbo.” hahaha

  44. Taxation without representation says:

    Your math is fuzzy: DC, VA, MD.

  45. canchon says:

    So NYRB and USMNT fans…if Davies schools Marquez and scores, do you boo or cheer? (or vice versa – wouldn’t you feel a bit strange saying “wow Rafa shut down CD9! fantastic!”)

  46. Eurosnob says:

    No, I don’t have any Irish heritage, but I do remember the outrage of Irish FA after Henry’s double handball eliminated the Irish team. I just find it odd that supporters of a team that features Henry are criticising Charlie Davis for going down and trying to draw a penalty. And, while the penalty may have been soft, Gonzalez had his hand on Davis to slow him down so the ref had every right to call a foul.

  47. Eurosnob says:

    Do you realize that last year was an abberation with DCU being in the last place and fielding a terrible team and Red Bull’s having a banner season by their standards, although again no trophies. As as for Red Bulls fan numbers in supporting their team through thik and thin, you should go just one year back to 2009, when they averaged 12,229. Now that the novelty of a new stadium is wearing off, the attendance for the Red Bulls in plummeting and if they lose a game or two their attendance will likely plummet even further to 2009 level.

  48. Scott A says:

    Nope. It’s a new world my MLS 1.0 DCU friend.

  49. David says:

    Lighten up dude. I wasn’t criticizing Charlie. I was poking fun at the new found perception that he is a diver, seriously isn’t every striker…

    Anyway, as far as the Henry handball goes I think it is time to get over it. Seriously the World Cup is over, Spain won. I wish the Irish had their chance too but it is time move on. The players on that team will have much better lives then all the rest of us even though they didn’t get to go to South Africa. No need to feel sorry for them anymore.

  50. SBI Troll says:

    Best rivalry? Put down the pipe, son.

  51. Could Be... says:

    Read title of post for clues.

  52. bryan says:

    RB will dominate as always?!?! 7 out of 9 cups went to which team?

    correct, DC United.

  53. eurosnob says:

    Hey, I agree with you on both points.

  54. Illegal Alien says:

    Is that like the trillium cup between ohio and toronto that doesnt actually have a cup?

  55. shweazy says:

    you must have not been paying attentional lately, Redubull has dominated every game they played this season except vs columbus when the team was depleted. possession game is nothing short of Barcelona to mls teams, they have more than 60 % in every game . DC will have to counter with Charlie and his speed if they hope to win. Rafa tends to push up but even then Ream is always sitting back so DC will be lucky to pull off anything tonight. i say Redbull 2-1

  56. What do you want to see? says:

    Nope its like the Atlantic Cup, its real for most people but maybe not for you.

  57. Might need luck says:

    Yep Ream is so fast sitting back there too. Maybe we will get lucky and he might scuff another pass out of the back to CD9?

  58. Eurosnob says:

    Hey, don’t forget about Marquez/Josh Wolff reunion. The last time they played against each other in the WC, Wolff had a goal and an assist after coming off the bench to replace injured Brian McBride and I believe Marquez was thrown out at the end of the game. Dos a cero!

  59. Ferris says:

    The one thing that NY and DC fans can agree on – Philly sucks.

  60. Lisa NYC says:

    While Rafa, DeRo, Roy and Dane wear Red Bull colors, I will cheer for them, lustily. Come June and the Gold Cup, they are my CONCACAF enemies!

  61. Scott A says:

    Basically how I feel. Except switch NY and DC as I’m a NY supporter.

  62. MiamiFCforever says:

    Nani long lost brother in Red Bull kit