Whitecaps DP Hassli’s unusual red card

MLS referee Baldomero Toldeo might be notoriously red-card happy, but Vancouver striker and Designated Player Eric Hassli has to know better than to celebrate a goal by taking his shirt off while carrying a yellow card, right?


What did you think of Toledo's decision? Considering Hassli has two red cards in three appearances, do his non-scoring antics worry you?

Share your thoughts below.

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106 Responses to Whitecaps DP Hassli’s unusual red card

  1. Max says:

    Ref’s hands were tied, there is no gray here, it’s black/white, shirt off = yellow card.

  2. abc says:

    Hassli may be too important to bench, but he should at least get yelled at, and his next boneheaded decision should get him benched.

  3. The Dude says:

    Hassli was trying to exploit a technicality, or an ambiguity, in the rule. If you have an identical jersey underneath your outer jersey, then at no point have you “removed” your officially jersey. I don’t think it deserved a red card. I hope the Caps appeal so that he doesn’t have to miss 3 matches.

    P.s. MLS really needs to do something about Marufo and Toledo. They’re nuts, and they ruin matches.

  4. Emmanuel says:

    FIFA should stop this yellow card bull$hit for taking off a dayumn shirt.

    I don’t even watch MLS but this is some horse$hit.

    Buck Flatter

  5. farcyde21 says:

    Kinda ridiculous all around… what need is there to take your shirt off, especially if you have the same thing underneath? Also, why is that a card-able offense?

  6. John says:

    No ambiguity here:
    A player must be cautioned if:
    – in the opinion of the referee, he makes gestures which are provocative,
    derisory or infl ammatory
    – he climbs on to a perimeter fence to celebrate a goal being scored
    – he removes his shirt or covers his head with his shirt
    – he covers his head or face with a mask or other similar item

    His shirt is the shirt that he was wearing when he was inspected before entering the match. Doesn’t matter what’s underneath it

  7. Colin says:

    Toledo is way too quick with the cards. I think he finds pleasure in ruining matches. What a joke.

  8. chuck says:

    You take your shirt off you get a yellow card. This is not even a topic for discussion.

  9. Seriously says:

    Hassli being sent off was his own fault, BUT his first card may not have been warranted just like many of the others Toledo threw out. There was no reason this game should not have ended with 11 v 11 soccer. Baldomero ruined this game from the very beginning and then once it got to this point of course Hassli had to go.

  10. Keith says:

    Whether you like the rule or not, it is a rule, and has been for sometime. Everyone in the world knows it, he knew it, the announcers knew it, I knew it. No questions, yellow card.

    Saying his official jersey was not originally showing is incorrect, he they should have received a warning and a yellow card for wearing something other than an official game jersey. There is no ambiguity or technicality with the rule. Take off your jersey, automatic yellow card.

    “Footballers who remove their jerseys during post-goal celebrations are to receive automatic yellow cards. The modification to Law 12, which was approved last February by the International Football Association Board (IFAB), will come into effect from 1 July, 2004.

    The IFAB, the body responsible for the Laws of the Game, decided to add a detail to Law 12 relating to ‘Fouls and Misconduct’, stating: “A player who removes his jersey after scoring a goal will be cautioned for unsporting behaviour.”

    So as to avoid any ambiguities and facilitate the correct interpretation and application of the Law, a player will be deemed to have removed his jersey – and therefore become liable for a caution – if the jersey has been pulled over the player’s head, or if his head has been covered by the jersey (see illustration – Removal of the jersey guidelines ). ”

    Three games, two reds, and he should have been thrown out in the first game for several reckless plays, but was not. He will be gone soon.

  11. Darius says:

    I get that it is a yellow card under the rules, but it would be more fun if creative goal celebrations were encouraged. What is the downside to that? Taunting? I like a little edge to these games. It doesn’t bother me.

  12. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Ok so we know Hasslis isn’t the brightest bulb, but can someone remind me why you get an automatic card for removing your jersey in celebration? What happened to the spirit of the game?

  13. Gorgias says:

    Yeah, and impeding progress when you’re the last man to beat should produce a red and any foul in the penalty box should be a penalty kick.

    Soccer’s always given refs a wide latitude in applying rules. Don’t pretend that the ref didn’t have a choice.

  14. roboatse says:

    I really don’t see this situation. It wasn’t like he exposed his bare chest. I don’t think he deserved a card for this. he was never without his jersey.

  15. Rowsdower says:

    This might be just me but does scoring from a PK warrant taking your shirt off and throwing it in the stands? Seems pretty silly to me.

  16. chuck says:

    The rule came about because some cultures around the world find it offensive to get undressed in public.

  17. Felix says:

    Its a stupid rule to force referees to give a yellow card for taking off your shirt.

    That being said, Hassli has to be smarter if he’s already on a yellow.

  18. solles says:

    Hassli is dumb. Vancouver needs to seriously consider whether they can risk letting this guy go on the field for them. 2 red cards in 3 appearances. Unreal.

  19. Mike says:

    he was basically testing the rule out with that one… looks like toledo just set the standard on what the refs will do in that situation

  20. DEG says:

    I guess Hassli doesn’t read the Guardian…

    link to guardian.co.uk

  21. socnow says:

    The shirt rule is a bad rule, but Hassli is a thug and a dumb player. He’s a good player, but dim witted. His dirty play got that bloodied Revs player off the field and the game briefly 10 v 10, which Vancouver capitalized on. So he did his job there. Then he killed his team by foolishly taking off his shirt, putting Van down another man which NE eventually capitalized on.

    That said, Toledo should red card himself.

  22. A wise man once says:

    Let’s all send letters to Garber saying to fire Baldomero Toldeo. How many games does he have to ruin for MLS to fire him???

  23. fischy says:

    Toledo and Marufo really do spoil things, for players and fans.

  24. Bob Dobalina says:

    He also has three goals in 3 appearances. That is why.

  25. Mike says:

    Smart trying to exploit a loophole. Not Smart trying to do it while already on a yellow card.

    That being said, the rule should go. So many reasons why it’s a needless booking in the game. Just like Neymar’s mask of himself this week too. Utterly stupid that we send people off for entertaining paying customers.

  26. fischy says:

    For me, the really stupid part was taking the shirt off to celebrate a PK goal early in the second half in an MLS game in early April. You scored a PK? Big effin deal. The shirt celebration should be reserved for bigger moments than that.

  27. Rainstpub says:

    What about the integrity of the game? I think we can all agree that Hasslis in not so bright. But, are you saying that we should have celebrations like the NFL had/has when they score a touchdown? Give me a break. There is celebrating and then there is ridiculous. While Hasslis may not be ridiculous, where is the line?

    The rule is what it is. If you are dumb enough not to know it, you must accept the responsibilities of your actions.

  28. Jonathon says:

    What? There were definitely reasons why this game should not have ended 11 v 11.

    First red: Right call. Elbows up that high are a huge no-no.

    Hassli’s first yellow: Wrong call. Should have been a straight red. It was another elbow to the face, and swinging your elbow like that isn’t meant to clear space – it’s to intimidate and injure the other player.

    Hassli’s second yellow: Right call.

    Last red: Okay, that one’s harder to defend. However, in the refereeing Week in Review that’s posted online, two similar tackles in previous games were considered to be red-card worthy (though they weren’t given red cards at the time), so that may have been on Toledo’s mind. I was thinking yellow card when it happened and was surprised it was red.

  29. K-Town says:


    In a sport where goals don’t come that often, what is wrong with getting the crowd pumped up?

  30. Kejsare says:

    People People! Look CLOSELY. He takes off his LONG-SLEEVE and tosses it into the crowd. Underneath is his SHORT-SLEEVE. He essentially changed jerseys mid-game. Even if this was not a celebration he may still be carded for a violation of play by altering his ‘equipment.’ He doesn’t go bare chested, yes, but he removes and discards of a jersey.

  31. JFC says:

    they do it because its “disrespecting” your club by removing your jersey during play and since the clock is still technically ticking he got a yellow. no exceptions here.

  32. Kejsare says:

    I’m with Johnathon.

  33. Just follow the rules says:

    2 yellows equal a red….

    Hassli already had one yellow..

    He takes his shirt off, jumps into crowd.. all actions of a yellow card…..

    ref shows him a 2nd yellow card…

    2 yellows equal a red….

    Why are people debating this?

  34. Vince Clortho says:

    More about Hassli’s ego than anything else…MLS doesn’t experience the fan violence that likely was part of this rule being established but the rule is there. You think the refs and the league are gonna say ‘Well I guess that you are right and we are wrong and you’re sooooo clever so we’ll look past your trying to weasel the rule’?…STOOOOOPID.

  35. Northzax says:

    Not quite. The rule came about because players were wearing underjerseys with messages on them that might be offensive. It’s the same reason many employers ban visible tattoos, this way there is no judgement call to be made. Especially given all the languages involved, how can the Ref tell if the message is ‘I love you, mom’ or ‘death to the Jews’?

  36. Robert says:

    Regardless if it was a good call or bad. Toledo is the worst ref I have ever seen, he ruins games for the fans, wants to be the star of the show. MLS should do something about this guy. Please fire him MLS leave him without a job, I don’t care> I’m not a fan of any MLS team that’s why I know this guy ruins games and I hate watching games when he’s on because I know he is going to disrupt it. Please MLS do something about this. I will be sending a more in depth letter to MLS headquarters so something is done about this. I’m just tired of this Toledo, I’ve been wanting to do this for some time

  37. bobby says:

    THIS “Gorgias said…
    Yeah, and impeding progress when you’re the last man to beat should produce a red and any foul in the penalty box should be a penalty kick.

    Soccer’s always given refs a wide latitude in applying rules. Don’t pretend that the ref didn’t have a choice.

    April 07, 2011 at 12:14 PM”

  38. solles says:

    …one from the spot, but ok, fair point. At what point however does costing your team points in the standings count for more than scoring goals? I should think there wouldn’t be debate on that one.

  39. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    Hassli was a moron for that but that doesnt take away from Toledo who is just an awful awful ref, i still do not understand how this guy continues to do that job professionally.

  40. abc says:

    Should he have done the Boon-boo-ree dance instead?

  41. ScooterTFC says:

    MLS refs work for the USSF of the CSA and not the league. So MLS can’t fire him.

  42. Martek says:

    Since my team gets to play Vancouver Sunday, my reaction is simple: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! What a maroon. The guy gets what he deserves.

  43. John says:

    Certain fouls in the box can lead to indirect free kicks inside the penalty area.

  44. scootertfc says:

    Hassili MLS stats to date:


    3 Goals

    2 Red Cards

    Very Gordie Howe-ish – They love hockey in Vancouver so he’s gonna be a legend there

  45. N-Whit says:

    What was he thinking? He is sitting on a yellow card and knows–at least he should know–taking off your shirt is an automatic yellow card. Maybe he is just bad at math: yellow + yellow = red.

  46. Matt in Tampa says:

    Not sure why there’s a discussion here. We must all be bored.

    One word for Hassli: Dumbass.

    Heck, the second card shouldn’t have been for removing his shirt; it should have been for being a dumbass.

    In fact, add a black card, that signifies the player got the ejection for being a dumbass.

  47. Ryan in MN says:

    After reading these comments and watching the game, I have to put in my two cents. First off, Hassli is, clearly, a very undisciplined player. That is something Thordarson will have to speak to him about, harshly. Second, that referee is a &%^#@ disgrace to football. He needs to practice a little something called “judgement”. I understand that the rules are clear, but please people, have a little COMMON SENSE. Referees in football are given, like an above commenter noted, a wide berth of variability in the rules of the game, giving the referees the chance to interpret the rules as they see fit concerning the given situation in the game. It is the referees job to CONTROL the match, not INFLUENCE the match. What this ref did clearly trends dangerously toward the latter. Hassli did not offend anyone, he did not show any nazi tattoos, he did not show an unauthorized sponser or dirty message on a t-shirt under his jersey. All he did was give one very happy whitecaps fan a great souveiner(spelling?), since he threw his long-sleeve jersey into the crowd. Now, I understand this technically deserves a yellow, but I just believe that the ref has to use his judgement and common sense, and recognize the game situation has already been dramatically altered by his terrible reffing decisions, and allow the game to flow. Save the red card for when Hassli actually commits another dangerous foul later in the match (which he inevitably would have).

  48. Artie says:

    Agreed. He’s done two Revs games this year, in which five goals were scored. Three were unjust PKs; another was guided in thanks to a hand. He’s given four reds, at least two unjustly. Those are some pretty bad ratios.

  49. Eric says:

    Seems like refs in MLS are cracking down this year. No more thugs please, they ruin the game.

    For the last red, he didn’t touch the ball with the tackle. Was it dangerous or violent? It was more than clumsy IMO, and he came through his man (most likley not by mistake)= RED CARD. I think even if he comes crashing into the ball first then destroys his man, it still could be considered a red card just like a 2 footed tackle would be.

    It is a silly rule that taking off your shirt is a yellow. Still, that is the rule and it is black an white.

    Anyway, I hope that refs call games tight and players are allowed to atttack without the threat of a thug taking attackers out every chance they get.

    On a side note, Toledo is beyond questionable sometimes…………….

  50. readte12 says:

    He obviously had it planned from the time he stepped onto the pitch. Ridiculous? Yes. Risky? Yes. MLS Refs suck? Hell yes.

  51. Be Serious says:

    Testing a rule that is nearly 10 years old? He wasn’t testing anything. He’s an idiot. Plain and simple. Referee’s decision was the right one.

  52. Be Serious says:

    You cannot understand that the act is a cardable offense and in the same sentence say he should use his judgment. This act requires no judgment and doesn’t allow for it. What don’t you understand about that? It really is that simple.

    If A, then B.

    If you take off your shirt, you get a yellow card.

    Get a clue.

  53. Silke says:

    Whether the rule is BS or not, it is a rule as of right now, and he broke it. This is as clear as a call can get in this sport.

  54. Goose says:

    Exposing your chest has nothing to do with the no-shirts-off rule, it was created after a player took his shirt off and it took like 5 minutes to get it back on because some inner lining got twisted in the process

  55. Eugene says:

    Red Card for Toledo. C’mon, he was wearing another one underneath!!

  56. Rowsdower says:

    totally agree

  57. JoshW says:

    carrying a rule book takes the brain work out of the equation. very comforting…

  58. Ryan in MN says:

    Hmmm… I don’t like your tone. I happen to have a different opinion than you, that does not give you the right to treat me like a child. Would you speak to me that way if we were having a face-to-face conversation? No, you’re just a another lowlife who feels cool putting people down on the internet. I hope you die.

  59. ShirtOffHisBack says:

    Refs do a lot of rule interpreting during a course of a game. It’s called game management. The Hassli shirt toss was a well intended salute to the fans. A good ref will have warned him not to do that again but not kill the spirit of the gesture.

  60. Ryan in MN says:

    +1 That’s what I’m saying. In this case it simply does not warrant a yellow. And I don’t care what the F%#%@ rules say, in this case THE RULES ARE WRONG.

  61. scott47a says:


    People’s arms go up when you jump. There was absolutely no intent at all in Koffie’s foul. That’s not a red card.

    And Hassli’s first yellow was questionable as a yellow. You think it should have been a red? Seriously I hope you never officiate a soccer game.

    And finally, the red on Soares may not have been a yellow, let alone a red. You could argue he didn’t make much contact with Harris at all — though I suppose that is hard to tell from as far away as Toledo was.

    I’m not a ‘Caps or Revs supporter but I know bad officiating when I see it. Toledo was way too much into the game. His yellow on Camillo for simulation was a crock. His early yellow on Harris was a joke.

    The guy should be suspended and forced to watch the film of his screwups for a couple weeks.

  62. Jonathon says:

    No, a bad ref would do that. The rules are very clear. If a player removes his shirt as part of a goal celebration, he must be cautioned. There’s no leeway here. No “in the opinion of the referee”. If Toledo hadn’t given a yellow card, he’d be criticized by other referees.

  63. Ryan in MN says:


  64. Hush says:

    Giving yellow cards for taking off shirts and penalizing NFL team for excessive celebration in the end zone is just RIDICULOUS! Refs and some people forget that at the end of the day, It’s a freaking GAME!!! Why society wants to apply the full ethics crap into GAMES is beyond me. Talk about taking the fun out of sports in the last 10 years or so. What’s next, get penalized for showing emotions on the field. Phony!

    Taunting was one of the best things about sports back then. Reggie Miller use taunt us in Chicago back in the 90’s, and I hated him for it,.. but damn it felt good when Pippen did it right back to them in Indiana! Emotions is a big part of sports.

  65. Ibeep81 says:

    Whitecaps fan who was at the game last night. Hassli deserved the yellow, it was a dumb move by him to take that risk especially after already gettng a yellow. However that first yellow he got? It came after the referee AWARDED a free kick to the Whitecaps, and then carded Hassli for an errant elbow (or not) that looked innocent as he was fighting for position. That was incredible, and completely silly. It’s either’s Hassli’s foul and award NE the ball, or it wasn’t his foul. Referee was ridiculously card-happy, Koifee’s elbow/forearm happened really fast so I can’t fault the referee for that, even though on replay it really it should have been a yellow, but the straight red on Soares was ridiculous as well, should have been yellow. All in all it was a horribly officiated game, lots of blame to go around, but the referee is the one who set the tone and the players were left guessing what to do. The referee was the star last night, and that isn’t a sign of a referee who can control the flow of the game, and judging from his history it doesn’t sound like it was just an off-night. MLS should be aware that these kinds of games leads to credibility issues.

  66. Ryan in MN says:

    Why is there no leeway? Why are you all such sticklers?!?! Why can’t common sense trump a rule that isn’t even meant to address this particular situation?

  67. Ryan in MN says:

    I think you hit on a good point here. Professional sports are boring. I get more enjoyment out watching my young cousins play High School soccer, because at least they play with passion and wear their emotions on the field. When I see a player get sent off for trying give some lucky fan his jersey, it COMPLETELY turns me off to MLS and professional sports in general.

  68. Cavan says:

    Regardless of tone, he’s correct. That rule is about the most black and white rule in the book. If you take your shirt off celebrating scoring a goal, you get a yellow card. No ifs ands or buts about it.

    Hassli was the idiot. For all the frustration I have from Mr. Toledo’s work from the DCU-Revs game, he was correct in this incident.

  69. Slyboy says:

    Well Ryan, That is pretty much what the rule book says. “do this”…”get this”…there is no room for judgment or gray area. Might not like “be serious” tone, but he is completely right

  70. Slyboy says:

    These comments hurt my brain

  71. Slyboy says:

    This is not Toledo being a stickler. He is a bad ref, but not for this call.

  72. waltmagic5 says:

    Interesting to hear all the comments from people who have no clue how referees are governed within Leagues & associations like US Soccer & FIFA. If Baldomero uses his own judgment and does not give the second caution and send off Hassil, then he has to answer to his bosses & assessors and he gets marked down for it. Referees care about the spirit of the game, but when it comes down to it, they must enforce the Laws of the Game the way their superiors tell them to or…no more games. Most referees would probably prefer not to have to send off Hassil here, but the Laws, and directives from FIFA are quite clear. Thankfully, referees don’t have to answer to fans….

  73. wildchild says:

    MLS should be embarrassed by the actions of this ref. Hassli should be awarded for promoting the league and the team: he basically just won you a fan for life by giving him a goal scoring jersey.

    MLS should take note: this is not the way that players should be treated. Unfreakenbelievable.

    I wouldn’t blame Hassli for wanting to move back home after this.

  74. Dennis says:

    Let’s face it: Hassli knew he was going to get a yellow card for removing his jersey and he knew he already had a yellow card (deserved or not, it does not matter). I assume Hassli can count to 2, so he knew he would be sent off.

    Bottom Hassli is an idiot, either he can’t count to 2, thinks he is special, does not understand that 2 yellow cards = red, or he does not care that he was leaving his team to play a man down (even if he thought his cute trick of wearing 2 jerseys would save him, what sort of an idiot risks this?)

    No matter how bad the referee may be, this was 100% Hassli’s fault.

  75. Jonathon says:

    There’s no leeway because the rule says there’s no leeway. The player MUST be cautioned if he removes his shirt. It’s right there in the rules. And common sense would say that a professional should know that taking off your jersey will be an automatic yellow card and that he shouldn’t take off his shirt when he’s already on a yellow card.

  76. Brett says:

    It’s in the same vein as getting booked for kicking the ball after play is dead. It never seems fair or justified but it is up to the players to follow the rules.

    Keep your shirt on. It’s pretty easy.

  77. Pej says:

    He’s not going anywhere (other than sitting out!). He’s a big strong kid with way too much enthusiasm. Hassli will settle down and people will keep wanting to come out to see him play. The guy obviously wants to win and exudes passion. Just needs to get “calibrated”.

  78. redskinsux says:

    It was Hassli’s fault but Toledo’s performance in this game and the game with NE vs. DCU show that he should be NEVER REFEREE ANOTHER GAME.

  79. chris says:

    haha it happened again!

    link to msn.foxsports.com

  80. ShirtOffHisBack says:

    If the refs followed the rules without interpretation/leeway the games will not last more than 25 minutes because teams won’t have at least 7 players standing. Get real people/refs.


  81. SeattleZEN says:

    It is the simplest thing ever to be a ref in soccer. These are not rules, they are guidelines if anything! Give me a rule any rule and I will find an instance of it being broken aside from starting the match with 11v11. It is the nature of the game, the cruel and blissful for some part of the game. For crying out loud a goal was allowed after it deflected off a beach ball, why not give a yellow for a guy lifting his jersey to wipe sweat off his face it exposes and covers part of his head, but they don’t give yellows for that but they could again GUIDELINES not rules.

  82. Spectra says:

    I’ll leave my disgust with the rule not the Ref. It’s a sports surrounded by sometimes and hour of build up. So when it pops let the team and fans go wild.

    I think it was awesome in the world cup vs. slovenia when Bradley scored even our bench went and celebrated.

  83. LiquidYogi says:

    Then you’ve obviously not been a ref at a higher level than little kids. There are definite LAWS of the Game that you have no leeway with. When a referee breaks one of those laws it’s a big deal, and he gets punished for it. When a referee say screws up a restart they play the game over, this has happened in international play. Don’t sit there and say they’re just guidelines they aren’t.

    This comment section is filled with people who don’t understand the Laws nor even bother to try to educate themselves.

  84. toro says:

    You can’t take your shirt off. It’s against the rules.
    Pulling it over your head is the moment you break the rule.

    Unless my eyes deceive me, he took his shirt off. That’s a yellow card.

  85. Kosh says:

    I am not sure if this is being argued for argument’s sake or if people really believe that their is room for interpretation or leeway on a simple, basic, black-and-white, 10 year-old rule. If you take your shirt off for a goal celebration you get a yellow card. It don’t get more simple than that. Wow!

    As a DC fan I hate Toledo as much as the other guy but he was right to send both Whitecap guys off. The Rev’s sending off was a little iffy, but there was some element of recklessness to the tackle. But to argue Hassli’s sending off? Man, I just don’t see any grounds for such an arguement.

    Oh and P.S. I knew that idiot was gone the minute he touched his jersey. Dude just came back from a red card. How stupid can this guy be?

  86. Seriously says:

    Wow, are you Jair Marufo trying to defend your buddy Toledo? You are out of your mind if you think those calls were done right. Absolutely out of your gourd man. We can only all be thankful that if you are “Jonathon” that you aren’t officiating as well.

  87. DCU Sean says:

    He’s not exactly a “kid” at 29. He seems to be a nice find thus far stat-wise but a person his age should know better not to make silly mistakes like that. Regardless of how anyone here feels about the rule, a rule is a rule and Toledo did the right thing here(even though he still f*cking sucks as a ref)

  88. joel says:

    wow never seen this before

  89. DCU Sean says:

    The sheer amount of overemotional rhetoric here is making me sick(not talking about you obviously).

  90. JgSM1TTY says:

    I was at the game last night and I read three distinct points of view in this thread:

    1) The ref followed the rule book in giving Hassli and second yellow. No argument.
    2) Giving a player a yellow for celebrating in the manner Hassli did is ridiculous and the rules should be changed. No argument.
    3) Toledo is a shocking ref and should be removed from refereeing at this level. No argument.

    Why all the bitching?

    And as someone who was at the game last night, regardless of how you feel about the other yellows and reds, Toledo was awful and had lost control of the match and the respect of the players within 15 minutes. What followed was totally predictable. It’s too bad that the best players in the game also often have the least between their ears. I knew the minute Hassli took his shirt off he would be ejected for a second yellow. Dumb, dumb. Having said that, this match was ruined long before that happened. The Koffie straight red was ridiculous. SOOO FRUSTRATING to watch as a fan.

  91. Man, Hassli is simultaneously boosting and killing my fantasy team.

  92. torosrojosfan says:

    Hassli should be fined by his team for being a total idiot. He already had a yellow card. As a professional player he should have known better than to challenge the rule book.

  93. redskinsux says:


    “3) Toledo is a shocking ref and should be removed from refereeing at this level. No argument.”

    Well there is an argument and you made it “Toledo was awful and had lost control of the match and the respect of the players within 15 minutes.”

    Not only was he awful in this match but arguably worse in the DCU vs. NE match.

    So can we finally remove him? Can we sign a petition and send it to USSF? All this bitching really does nothing unless we take some kind of action.

  94. Roehl says:

    The ref didn’t have a choice. Since the rule has been introduced, I have never seen a ref NOT card a player for taking off his shirt.

  95. Roehl says:

    Loophole? What loophole? The rule looks clear cut to me. Take off your shirt, get a card. Just because Hassli THOUGHT he saw a loophole doesn’t mean there is one.

  96. JgSM1TTY says:

    Word has come from Teitur Thordarson that the Whitecaps will be fining Hassli. Good the on the Caps. I love the guy, but he needs to give his head a shake.

  97. Jonathon says:

    For Koffie’s foul: in this case, intent doesn’t matter. He led with his arm in the air away from his body. From a document given to refs: An arm extended from the jumper’s body is like a battering ram (solid, hard and unforgiving). It can cause serious injury and FIFA and USSF have told the refs to clamp down on it. Go here: link to thereflink.com

    As for Hassli’s first yellow – Hassli has no problem with cheap-shotting other players. His trip of Danny Califf last week that earned him a yellow card showed that. Due to that, I think Hassli knew exactly what he was doing when he shot his elbow back, and that’s deserving of a red card.

  98. Northzax says:

    He doesn’t work for Garber, you know. All refs work for USSF.

  99. Kevin says:

    Spectra, word. It’s the fault of FIFA, or whoever made this rule. I don’t think Hassli SHOULD be carded for something like this, but the ref did as he was told to do. In all honesty, it was complete stupidity from Hassli. At the very least, consult MLS or the referees BEFORE celebrating like this to make sure it’s ok.

  100. Dan says:

    It’s not an MLS rule, it’s FIFA’s laws that require a yellow card for that. It’s Hassli’s own fault.

  101. Are you kidding? Guy took his shirt off…that’s a yellow.

  102. Ian says:

    I think the point is lost here. The issue isn’t whether it should be a rule or not. The issue is that a player decided to put his team at risk.

  103. scott47a says:

    By your interpretation of the rules, there would be a red card on every corner and free kick taken. When people jump their arms go up. The only time they don’t is when they are holding on to someone’s back or shoulders and pushing themselves up — which is also a foul.

    There would be lot of 7v7 games if you were reffing, Jon.

  104. Andreas says:

    Hassli had done the same trick before in the Swiss Super League and it was fine. In that league you only get in trouble if there is nothing or something offensive underneath. Given that, it is understandable that he thought he could do it. He probably didn’t even think about it, a little dumb maybe. I think here it is really the Whitecaps coaching staff that could have prevented this. They should point out all the differences between other leagues and MLS when international’s arrive. Hassli may be dumb, but who cares? He’s an athlete, not a rocket scientist. It is the coach’s job to make sure they are intelligent.

  105. yeah says:

    Fun Fact: Gordie Howe only had two Gordie Howe hat-tricks in his 30+ year career.