Who would you like to see at left back for the USMNT?

CarlosBocanegraRed (ISIPhotos.com)


Help Wanted

A natural left back. Must be quick, naturally left-footed, a good crosser, solid defender and not prone to blunders. If interested, please contact Bob Bradley at 555-NEED-A-LB

This ad isn't a real one, but it may as well be given the U.S. national team's continued lack of a natural left back option.

Carlos Bocanegra can do a solid job defensively, and his work as a left back in Ligue 1 in recent years has been steady, but you can argue he's a better centerback and not the attacking fullback option you think of when considering the ideal left back.

Jonathan Bornstein has tried to fill the role many times, but more often than not he has underwhelmed, and at times he has been downright awful. he was steadier in the World Cup, which gave us some hope that perhaps he would finally become the player Bob Bradley has been hoping to develop into the position, but shaky showings against Brazil and Paraguay have left far more doubts.

Here is are question for you. If it isn't Carlos Bocanegra, who seems like the most logical choice to play left back until a more natural alternative develops, then who would you like to see play left back?

Here are some candidates to consider (as well as a chance for you to tell us who YOU would like to see there):

Heath Pearce. Back in 2008 he was thought as very good candidate to take the job, but he has slipped by the wayside in the past year despite showing well in MLS last year (though at right back). He's fast, can cross well and is a steady defender. 

Bobby Convey. Had a stellar 2010 for the San Jose Earthquakes, though more of it was spent on the left wing than at left back. He's gone on record as saying he doesn't think Bob Bradley will ever call him in, and there's an old rumor of a rift between the two. If Convey keeps playing well in MLS the clamor for a Convey call-up may grow, but count me among those not convinced he would be the answer as a left back.

Zach Loyd. Athletic, fast and versatile, Loyd impressed in his national team debut playing at left back, and while he isn't a natural left-footer, he's certainly an intriguing prospect. If he can get more playing time at the position for FC Dallas he just might play himself into the national team mix.

Eric Lichaj. A very intriguing option, having played left back on the reserve level before. He's fast and has good size, but isn't naturally left-footed so it would remain to be seen what he could offer going forward.

Jonathan Spector. Spent a few very rough months playing left back for West Ham, but never looked comfortable there. Probably isn't a realistic option there, but his past experience at the position gets him on the list.

Steve Cherundolo.Think it's crazy to put him on this list when he's the best right back in the pool? Consider this. If Timmy Chandler really is as dynamic a right back option as he showed in the recent friendlies then maybe Cherundolo could make the move to the left, where his experience and defensive qualities would make him a solid option.

Time for you to vote. Aside from Carlos Bocanegra, who would you like to see at left back for the U.S. national team? Cast your vote here:


Who did you vote for? Who isn't on our list that you think should be on it? Who would you like to see at left back for the United States?

Share your thoughts below.

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135 Responses to Who would you like to see at left back for the USMNT?

  1. Marc says:

    Hope the coach sees these numbers…

  2. Steve McSteve says:

    I’d like to see Daniel Williams. I know he’s hurt right now, but he fits the formula:

    African American serviceman dad + German mom = Bundesliga player and U.S. national teamer

  3. aidy says:

    What happened to Edgar Castillo?

    (SBI-I knew I’d forget somebody, though to be fair it seems as though he’s more a winger than a fullback. He’s also bounced around A LOT to different clubs so I wonder how realistic an option he is.)

  4. Andy says:

    Brek Shea – left footed, size, speed, experienced (maybe not good just yet) crosser, and apparently has good potential (based on Gen Adidas tour reviews) as a defender.

  5. DYCSoccer17 says:

    Anyone but Bornstein. What ever happened to Edgar Castillo?

  6. Dave says:

    Funny that Bocanegra isn’t even an option in the poll, but I still would choose Cherundolo at LB. From left to right… Cherundolo-Bocanegra-Ream-Chandler. Would be nice.

    (SBI-Bocanegra’s the logical and safe bet right now to hold down the position, the poll is more to get a sense of who else people would like to see there.)

  7. KC fan says:

    Michael Harrington

  8. Annelid Gustator says:

    “Time for you to vote. Aside from Carlos Bocanegra, who would you like to see at left back for the U.S. national team? Cast your vote here:”

  9. Chris says:

    I’m a firm believer that you put your best players on the field and that really all positions are relative. With Cherundolo you have an experienced defender who although he plays primarily on the right, has the ability to play on the left because he is such a good defender and will bring the intangible of leadership to the squad. Put Chandler on the right and have him work the flanks and move Cherundolo to the left where his experience will allow him to get into the game and make a difference. Since we have few proven answers at the left back spot I say we employ our most trusted and proven defender who at the least can provide leadership. This is our best option right now until a viable left back emerges, if ever.

  10. Phil says:

    The problem is that excepting Loyd all of these options are retreads–none are real lefties. Cherundolo and Boca can get it done (barring injuries) for the Gold Cup, and they are in my mond the undisputed number 1’s on teh depth chart.

    It’s 2014 that is the real issue. I say bring Loyd in and have him learn as much as he can from Boca and hope he blooms to international status. The real ideal long term fix is getting Loyd Lichaj and Chandler to a place where they can start at right or left or fill in at either. We have 3 years to make that happen.

  11. Dave says:

    Just saw the “Aside from Carlos Bocanegra…”, sorry!

    Hope this becomes reality!

  12. Phil says:

    no. he’s not internationla calibar yet. he was very unimpressive against Colombia.

  13. alexalex says:

    Miguel Angel Ponce! đŸ˜‰

  14. Tony says:


  15. The Dude says:

    Gooch. Just kidding. I want to develop Lloyd or Lichaj into our LB.

  16. somerandom guy says:

    Edgar Castillo

  17. ec says:

    What happened to Bocanegra as an option? He was playing well at the club level there, even if he doesn’t exactly have blazing speed. I’d go with him at LB and let Tim Ream go in CB.

  18. ec says:

    Oops, I read good.

  19. Andy in Atlanta says:

    3 at the back… 5 man midfield… 1 and 1 up front…

    Any that can score
    Donovan Bradley Holden
    Jones Edu
    Boca / Gooch / Dolo or Chandler

  20. earle says:


  21. Joe says:

    Can we please start looking to the future in this national team. Use the gold cup to blood young center backs and fullbacks. Bed in a new defense for the world cup to come. That takes time, it must start now for this cycle. My starting backline for 2014 Brazil: Lichaj, Goodson, Ream, Pearce (for lack of a better option). Our world cup defense certainly didn’t do us any favors…

  22. Joe says:

    you must be high

  23. Pitch Pass says:


  24. Joe says:

    if you go three in the back they must all be center backs. Cherundolo and Chandler do not fit that mold in the least. Three in the back don’t bomb forward hugging the touchline, at least if you want any form of balance in your team. Additionally you need wingbacks if you hope to defend ever, chandler would be great in the right wingback postion to help out in defense.

  25. Crosebud says:

    Frankie Hedjuk has got at least 5 more years in his tank!

  26. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    What about Boss and Kitchen? They can both play CB pretty well, and Goodson might be out of the picture by 2014. Pearce at right back? What happened to Chandler and Spector (since you have Lichaj on the left)?

  27. TonyT says:

    Sign me up…where do I try out?? I have 2 left feet.

  28. adam says:

    shocked bradley hasnt put sorber back on the field – hes one of the good old boys right?

    in all reality, we need to DEVELOP young players (cherundolo and boca are not going to be options come 2014) and the position calls for a left footed LB (look at the best LB in the world – all left footed)

    Bradley cannot throw a right footed lihaj in there. he has shown very well at RB, why not keep him there? people will probably will say ‘well chandler plays RB..’ he can but hes more of an OM and while capable in the back, is pacy and looks to run at players as an OM.

  29. dan says:

    TODD DUNIVANT?~??~?~?~?!?!?!?!??!!

  30. Anthony says:

    How about converting Robbie Rogers? He’s fas, naturally left footed, and can cross the ball well.

  31. Taylor says:

    yea, but he wasn’t at left back in that game

  32. Oranje says:

    Michael Ambrose

  33. anon says:

    can’t vote for Convey? hello?

  34. Dank says:

    Lichaj played LB for Leyton Orient last year, and there’s been much speculation among Leeds fan that he may switch to LB once their RB gets healthy. Will be a good thing to keep an eye on.

  35. Juan from L.A. says:

    I have no clue what BB sees in Bornstein. Nobody does. Maybe his promoter gives $$$ under the rug. I mean I’m serious the guy SUXS. He is not playing in Mexico and he gets called and has a lackluster performance. We are luck Paraguay didn’t know where OUR WEAKNESS is at but BET ON IT that Mexico and the rest of the region will. The time for CHANGE in that position is long overdue. Loyd showed promised and he should be continued to be given the chances (God knows that Bornstein has!!) and molded into that so he will be ready by 2014. For GC definitely and unfortuantely the guy needs to be Bocanegra but Loyd should be the backup. Ives I love your idea of Cherendolo. Nobody thought about it, but I disagree. I think Chandler LIKE AGUDELO should be left in the bench and due to his dual position playing abilities he can come off the bench and add life to a game if needed. Let’s not jump the gun on certain guys. Jones also had a stellar first game but then we have seeing that it will take time for him to adjust to USMNT.

  36. Andy says:

    totally agree, but i’m hoping the key word there is YET. has 3 years to get there and i think he’s as likely as anyone else to get there by 2014.

  37. Juan from L.A. says:

    If you think Pearce fell on the downside so did this guy. He doesn’t even make the bench sometimes with Puebla. The kid is too much drama wherever he goes. No thank you.

  38. Nathan says:

    Also, don’t forget about Opara at CB. He looks like he’s gonna be pretty good

  39. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Ives, is the ‘Dolo idea your own or have you heard some talk about it arounf the team? It’s a great idea

  40. Bill Santi says:

    Give Parkhurst a shot … he plays some outside back for his Danish team.

  41. Lukas says:

    Last time I saw Zach Lloyd with the Nats he was tearing it up. Even the guys on Telemundo were raving about him. Guess they have different standards? Hmm.

  42. RB says:

    I’m with Chris: I voted Cherundolo in part because of his experience and steadiness and overall ability, but also in part because of course moving him over there may help resolve the sudden sort of pile-up of possibilities at RB, with first Lichaj and now Chandler looking good there. And it might be doubly good in that respect as the crowded midfield seems if anything to argue against Chandler moving alleviating that congestion by moving forward (on a more consistent basis, I mean — strategic shifts of players during a match being a different matter). If it works, it seems like rather a good have your cake and eat it, too type of solution.

  43. mnmike says:

    Robbie Findley.

  44. Adam says:

    None of the above…. Can we just buy a US passport for some brazilian a la Qatar?

  45. mnmike says:

    Plays overseas…check
    Has Bob’s trust…check
    Stops attacks dead in the water…check, check.

  46. RB says:

    That said, this is assuming of course that Dolo stays healthy and competitive, and at least Lichaj looks like he could still use some time to develop for the MNT. Flip those, with Dolo hurt or showing too much age or Lichaj looking more solid and ready to take over, and I’d similarly flip my vote to Lichaj.

  47. AndyinSeattle says:

    Another vote for Robbie Rogers.

  48. JJ's shin says:

    Dear German footballers with American Dads:

    Uncle Sam wants you…to play left back.

  49. wally says:

    Boca is the clear left back for the gold cup. And dolo will be too old by WC 2014. Thus, I think a contendor needs to emerge from Lichaj, Loyd or someone not on the list (another half german? a brazilian lovechild?). Pearce is usually solid, but it would be nice to have someone who offers a little more going forward.

  50. Seth says:

    What about having bocanegra, Ream and onyewu in a back 3 with Chandler as a right winger, Bradley, jones and Holden (someday) in the middle, Donovan on the left and dempsey and altidore/Agudelo up front?

  51. SG says:

    I’d like to see the Catennacio variation where we don’t even use a left back. 3 center backs (boca and demerit, with ream as the sweaper). a right back playing high up the pitch in chandler. donnovan even higher up on the left wing. Jones and Bradley as center mids. Dempsey as the playmaker #10, and altidore paired with agudelo up top.

    If we don’t have a left back, we shouldn’t play a formation that needs one.

    The only other thing I can think of, laugh if you must, but if we really want to play 4 at the back, move Donovan back to left back. His natural skill and grit will adapt well, and it frees up a spot in the attacking midfield.

  52. Zach says:

    C. Ronaldo’s (American) love child.

  53. Grant says:

    Findley does do a great job of stopping attacks

  54. 20 says:

    I kind of like this idea for after the Gold Cup.. but its tough to keep Cherundolo on the bench

  55. 20 says:

    He’s growing up with Cristiano’s mom though, so I think he’ll want to play for Portugal

  56. KenC says:

    Bocanegra can’t hit a cross from the left. I’d try Convey again.

  57. Zach says:

    It was a joke :)
    I’m just saying the option is open since the child’s mom is American, but yeah I figure he’d pick Portugal if he ever was good enough.

    In reality, I voted for Lichaj

  58. PN says:

    Cherundolo, Lichaj, maybe Convey. I don’t know anything about Llyod, but maybe down the road. Spector in a pinch. Is there anyone in the u-20 set up? Bornstein suprised in the WC, which should count for something, but then we saw him play again. He ignored an easy pass to Donovan in goal scoring position, for a terrible cross, sent one ball into the upper deck. I don’t want to be a hater, but any and all of the above before Bornstein.

  59. donttreadonme says:

    Lichaj. I think he has the grit and talent to sustain it. But he would need to be integrated NOW, and that might be our problem.

    Either way I think it’s a necessity to have Lichaj and Chandler dart up the sides. If we can get Jozy or Juan to run into the dang box instead of prancing around it, plus bringing Donovan and Deuce forward, with even Edu, Jones or Bradley (whoever plays high if we keep the triangle) hitting the box as well I’d like to say our I believe our goal scoring will go up.

  60. Christian says:

    Man, if there ever were an argument for increasing our military presence in Brazil…we need ourselves a Timmy dos Santos :)

  61. john.q says:

    does any one know why Zach Lloyd wasn’t called in for the last pair of games? he looked really good last time he played for the nats.

    normally you shouldnt judge a player off of 1 usmnt game, but since we’re desperate, i’d throw him out there vs. spain and have him as backup behind bornstein and boca (yea yea bornstein… but if no TRUE left back steps up, bornstein will occupy that 2nd lb spot behind boca).

  62. Soncho says:

    One of Paulo Maldini’s kids? Send Hannah Montana over there and marry one of the lads?

  63. wilyboy says:

    If Lichaj can play it, great. We should try it.

    But Bob’s stubborn approach to player selection is the only reason Convey isn’t proving Bornstein is a coddled failure.

  64. Steve says:

    What was the name of the kid who was played in the Mexican league and chose to play for the US? He was a natural left back. Did he switch back to Mexico?

  65. gabe says:

    I think we’ll end up seeing Chandler and Lichaj on the flanks this next WC cycle, but probably after gold cup. In fact, it will be surprising to me if Altidore maintains his starting role if CD9 regains form. We have the potential to have a lot of speed on the pitch very soon…lets evaluate

    Agudelo, Davies
    Dempsey, Bradley, Holden, Donovan
    Lichaj, Onyewu, Ream, Chandler

    I see Gouch getting it together for WC2014. DeMerit, Cherundolo, and Bocangra will prob retire by then

    Gold Cup

    Agudelo, Altidore
    Dempsey, Bradley, Edu/Jones, Donovan
    Lichaj, Ream, DeMerit, Cherundolo

  66. Louis Z says:

    How I wished BB would do just that “put your best players on the field”

  67. Louis Z says:

    couldn’t agree with you any more.

  68. duder says:

    LOL Why does SBI even make a poll on this and then not even allow Convey as an option to vote on. Half the guys in that poll aren’t even left-footed and so they can’t cross worth a damn from the LB position.

    Isn’t Ives based in NY? Didn’t you SBI guys watch Convey tear NYRB apart by himself in the playoffs last season? How could you not want that kind of dynamic player suit up at LB for the USMNT?

    (SBI-It was an oversight. I obviously had him in the write-up, but forgot to include him in the poll. I could re-do the poll, but it’ll change the results, start them from scratch.)

  69. Goalscorer24 says:

    +1 on Daniel Williams! Otherwise try Lichaj, and Zach Loyd, or even Cherundolo and see how they do. But the Bornstein, and Pearce expirements should now be over as we have seen what they can offer and it is not enough!

  70. Supsam says:

    You mention Convey but dont include him in the vote? Really, Ives? I know you dont think he is the answer but i thought the poll was for your reader’s opinions.

    As a quakes fan (which i guess makes me bias), i have seen Convey play LB multiple times for the often injured Corrales. Sure he had some okay games but most of them were great showings. When the playoffs were looming, Yallop had a choice between Convey’s great form at LB or the incumbant Corrales returning from injury. Yallop is a great coach and he sees him as a good option for LB. As for the national team, if ppl like Bornstein and Pearce get a look, i really dont see why Ives cant see Convey as a possible candidate to challenge. Get him in that poll!

  71. hogatroge says:

    Doubt he’d choose the U.S. over Mexico.

  72. Goalscorer24 says:

    The problem with Bocanegra is he is too slow!

  73. usa says:

    ream played it in college, he’s left footed, why not try him there?

  74. Goalscorer24 says:

    Convey deserves a shot too! Whatever their past it needs to be put aside.

  75. Supsam says:

    Out with Bornstein! Try out Convey! Im not saying he is the answer, but give the guy a shot BB. He’s got speed, crossing ability and though his 1v1 defending could use work he aint too bad. Wayyyy better than Bornstein thats for sure

  76. Brett says:

    I say we just wait until another soldier’s kid in Germany rises through the ranks at his club.

  77. Louis Z says:

    Loyd had an awesome game IMO, he showed special qualities that you can’t teach…speed and tenacity. his defensive skills were simple but he made up for it with excellent athleticism. Why he didn’t get another look in these friendlies? that is a good question. Sometime BB just does thing with a different agenda we don’t know.

  78. Louis Z says:

    but he needs to do it for the OPPOSITE side.

  79. chris says:


  80. FulhamPete says:

    I think you go 3-5-2 with this lineup

    JA(Pick one)
    LD MB Tim C.
    Edu JJ
    Boca Gooch Ream

    LD and Timmy can cover flanks (in Stu’s absence over the next 6 mos.)

  81. Louis Z says:

    why people think Bornstein had a good WC…is it because he didn’t make a mistake? I don’t believe he was tried much, specially in the last game where Ghana’s offense was strickly right sided.

  82. chris says:

    you know what he has been solid for a couple years maybe we should give him a try.

  83. ... says:

    I’m starting to wonder if the US sent any non-black servicemen to Germany, haha.

    (In all seriousness, I think these kids are a great representation of America’s melting-pot makeup and it can only be good for the national team to create more competition for places).

  84. hogatroge says:

    Goodson is almost 29… certainly not among the young bloods.

  85. hogatroge says:

    Chandler and Agudelo on the bench!? Are you taking crazy pills?

  86. Dr. Robert Dobalina says:

    how about Ponce from Chivas. I don’t know much about him or his play other than he is a natural left footed LB born in the USA and prying a prospect from Chivas and Mexico is going to be very difficult.. but it wouldn’t be the first time USSF did it!

  87. Dr. Robert Dobalina says:

    i like the 3-5-2 talk.. at least vs. lower continental rivals during the Gold Cup and Qualifying.. not sure if I would want to go to the World Cup with that tho..

  88. Camron says:

    Zach Loyd…no doubt about it. C-Run is past his prime.

  89. Dr. Robert Dobalina says:

    iv never seen him defend or attempt to defend.. but if he was serious about getting back into the fold he would do it!

  90. Dr. Robert Dobalina says:

    +2 id like to know if that is just a thought or if the team/Dolo is thinking about doing that..?

  91. AJ says:

    What about Tim Ream at left back, put him there so he can get playing time on the Nat team and learn how to play with others, then eventually slide him in to center back. his coolness on the outside will be valuable because he will not give up balls to more skillful wingers or collapse under pressure. develop him there until anthony wallace can finally realize he’s good enough to play back there.

  92. jnanez says:

    Mo edu on the left which can free up another spot in the mid field…crazy?….

  93. PetedeLA says:

    Good points. Cherundolo is often one of our best passers. Word is (though I’ve never seen it) that he also has a wicked shot on him.

    I’d bet big money that he can play left back decently.

    That way Chandler is able to get forward and cross, it would be a disservice to him to put him on the opposite side. But maybe he can play on the left, too.

    Otherwise maybe Lichaj deserves a chance, or even Zach Lloyd.

    Phillip Lahm makes it looks so easy.

  94. PetedeLA says:

    Lloyd’s a righty, too! But he looks pretty two-footed.

  95. AJ says:

    crazy, although him at center back looks good he can be super smooth out of the back which is a plus, but to be an outside back you gotta be able on your toes when you defend, sometime he’s a step to slow which makes him a liability for fouls.

  96. CaliNick23 says:

    It’s simple Miguel Angel Ponce, he’s young great passer,very skillfull player on the ball.

    Miguel Angel Ponce

  97. timothy says:

    My vote of who I’d like to see in this order:
    Jermaine Jones

  98. jason says:

    cafu is the pretty good, but roberto carlos is better, bradley should give him a go

  99. Tony says:

    A B C … Anybody But Carlos. CB was the best defender MLS produced when he departed for Europe, but his game has lagged from his stay abroad due to the lack of a stable position.

    His ability to always get his head on the ball from set pieces keeps him in he line up, but I think WE need more and better from our left back. He unbalances the team at that position, and he is lacking the qualities needed as a central defender, IMHO … see Tim Ream.

    Bob needs to start grooming others to fill the LB slot, sooner rather than later, IMHO.

  100. torporindy says:

    + 1000

  101. Daniel says:

    I have a crazy idea. How about putting Brek Shea at LB, or like a poor mans Sergio Ramos.He has the attacking ability to get up and down the line and in Spain over the summer he really impressed at CB apparently so try sliding him outside.

  102. EA says:

    In the pre-Beckham days of Landon Donovan, Cherundolo would take set pieces for the national team on the left, Eddie Lewis or Beasley would take them on the right.

    Cherundolo can rip them from 35 in. Pearce also has a cannon.

    I think Beckham has improved Donovan’s set piece taking, either through direct instruction or just Donovan’s observation.

  103. EA says:

    I agree! Let’s just take all the U-20s so they can “gain experience” in the Gold Cup.

    Screw Confederations Cup 2013. We don’t REALLY need to play in that.

    Child, please.

  104. Dave from Charlotte says:

    My biggest issue is whether or not Bradley will finally acknowledge (doesn’t have to be to the world, but at least himself) that Bornstein is not the answer. He absolutely needs to find a back up and heir apparent to Bocanegra at left back. The guy will be 35 by the WC and he isn’t getting any faster (i mean younger).

    I hope he brings in 3-4 LB or left sided players in the pre-GC camp to try and figure it out. Doesn’t mean he answers the question…

    check out the players page on yanks-abroad. There are at least a half dozen left footed / left sided backs and midfielders playing in Europe – most without a single cap, but more egregiously w/o a camp call up.

    If you call them, they will come.

  105. Robbie says:

    Chad Ochocinco

  106. Brad says:

    Its got to be Dolo for the GC. I want to see Shea at LB after some time in MLS as a defender.

  107. Jack says:

    Lichaj played it at the club level, might be playing it again for Leeds, and I think that he has the grit and talent to at least warrant a look in the position for the NT. However, I suppose for the GC I could see Cherundolo being put in at left with Chandler as RB.

    Or, we could always go with Stu’s suggestion on Twitter and put the younger Holden in there…

  108. Wasatchsc says:

    Try Tony Beltran. Quick, left footed, and great passer. Likes to get involved in the offense.

  109. Chris says:

    Conver 4 sho

  110. JJJ says:

    Bocanegra may be to old by 2014. Although he has been very consistent, we need to find a replacement sooner than later. We should try lichaj as he is young and talented with lots of upside. I also vote for more Edu at CB. we need to keep our best players on the field without clogging the midfield too much. The youth movement looks very promising. GO USA

  111. Buddle-icious says:

    Someone mentioned Danny Williams as a LB candidate but if we’re going to look for another German-American player (who happens to be black), how about Fabian Johnson of Wolfsburg?

    He’d have to apply to FIFA for a national team switch because he played for Germany on their U21 UEFA championship team, but he played there at left back.

    Since then, he hasn’t gotten any interest from the German senior team and with so many other German-Americans now with the US, perhaps he’d be willing to join them.

    Certainly worth inquiring to see if he’s interested.

  112. Buddle-icious says:

    Oh, and I really like the idea of pursuing Miguel Angel Ponce.

    Sunil should get on the phone to one of the Americans that owns a team in Europe and ask them to buy Ponce from Chivas to open the door for him playing for the US!

  113. shao2007 says:

    Other problem is that Boca is too slow to provide any cover for Tim Ream.
    If Chandler is bombing up the field all the time, Boca and the left-side CB would get torched all day

  114. Tyler says:

    Comment of the day: “I’m starting to wonder if the US sent any non-black servicemen to Germany, haha.”

    I literally died laughing when I read this.

  115. ginhumboldt says:

    Landon Donovan. We’ve got a glut of midfielders, younger and faster players are coming along, and by the WC he’ll have lost a step. I believe we’ll have a solid core of CBs with new blood mixed with veterans who can hold the fort while Landon goes forward to assist in attack. He’s become a good defender and we’d get a hell of a lot more production out of LB.

    Let er rip. I can take it.

  116. Dave from Charlotte says:

    U r dum……………………………………………………………..ZNIG!

  117. plug713 says:

    While he has had serious injury problems for the past four seasons, the only player on this list with legitimate credentials as a left sided player is Bobby Convey. He has an essential part of the Reading team that made a shambles of the Championship promotion race in 2005-06. He has featured for years at all levels of the USMNT and has always been a productive player. At the very least, he desrves a call-up and a start against a quality opponent so that his ability to produce at this level acn be assessed fairly.

  118. Tyler Polak will play lb for the usmnt in 2014.

  119. Edwin says:

    Did he have US citizenship whan in 2005 or whenever he played for the German youth squads? If he did then he’s a possibility. But the player cannot ask for a switch if he played for a countries youth teams already and he wasn’t elgible for the country he want to switch to NOW. That’s why Arteta of Everton couldn’t pursue play with the National English team, when he played for Spain at the youth levels he wasn’t elgible for England

  120. Edwin says:

    I’m surprised nobody has named him but what about Anthony Wallace? I would for him to get a look in the pre-Gold Cup camp, maybe even someone like AJ De la Garza or or Sean Franklin too to see if they can play LB? Whoever ends up there if they are not a natural lefty needs to learn how to send those croses with the outside of the foot, the way Geoff Cameron did last week vs Seattle, that was pin point and world Class to get it to Ching.

    But seriously after the Gold Cup, Bob needs to bring TWO if not 3 LB’s to each and every camp, he NEEDS to address this by the time qualifying gets going. If there are some guys abroad, contact them bring them to camp and CAP them.

    Wallace shows promise, I’d love to see what the U-20 kid Greg Garza can do, MLS had a piece on him and how he could be an answer to the problem.

    I’m still holding hope Ponce goes to another team!

    So what do you guys think of Anthony Wallace, he will be tested in CONCACAF Champions League come September and we’ll have some more material of international play to judge him on?

  121. GW says:

    So who are you talking about?

  122. TimN says:

    Wasn’t Zak Whitbread called in to the camps for our recent friendly’s? However, he didn’t make the rosters for either Argentina or Paraguay. He’s been getting lots of minutes at Norwich City, mostly full games in fact. Ives, what’s the deal with this guy? At 27, he would certainly seem like an option for 2014 that could be developed. I believe he plays on the left and is left-footed.

  123. GW says:

    He fits your formula but he is also a converted right midfielder who played left back on an emergency basis and has played about 7 games in the last two years.

    Is there anything in the formula about excelling at the position?

  124. Isaac says:

    I’d like to see Todd Dunivant given a shot at left back. He’s been pretty solid there for a long time and I think he’s actual a pretty important part of the team for the LA Galaxy. He’s good defensively, and can make things happen offensively.

  125. GW says:

    The problem with putting Lichaj at left back is you might lose that great attacking ability he’s shown at the right back position, especially when Chandler is at right mid.

    Better to move Cherundolo to the left.

  126. GW says:

    Whitbread is a centerback.

    He called out injured for the Argentina and Paraguay games.

  127. GAM says:

    Fabian Johnson

  128. Phil says:

    so with a back 3 you could do the following 3-5-2
    (current age/2014 age).

    ——————————HS Altidore (21/24)
    ———-WS Agudelo (18/21)———————–
    —–RAM Holden (25/29)——- LAM Bradley (23/27)—-
    LWB Lichaj——-DM Edu (24/27)——RWB Chandler (21/24)
    — RCB Goodson (28/31)–Ream (23/26)–LCB Gooch (28/31)–

    with Donovan & Dempsey as power subs (and 32 and 31, respectively)

    Lichaj and Chandler have the wheels to be wingbacks

  129. Ken says:

    Please pass THIS letter onto the Head coach of the U.S. NATIONAL SOCCER team **(BOB BRADLEY)**.

    Coach BOB BRADLEY I have written you before back when the U.S SOCCER team was preparing for the (LAST) World Cup. And I told you a MAJOR problem with (AMERICAN) SOCCER game is AMERICAN SOCCER players ***(POOR OFFENSIVE ball handling skills)***. When I say AMERICAN SOCCER players (POOR) OFFENSIVE ball handling skill, I mean AMERICAN SOCCER player COMPARED to the EUROPEAN players are (NOT) has good and as (consistent) with PASSING the ball CONSISTENTLY to other players.

    And AMERICAN SOCCER players are (VERY BAD) at PASS the ball through the ***(AIR)***. Whenever the ball is kicked in the AIR for a LONG pass, or if the AMERICAN SOCCER players try to KICK a LONG GOAL attempt from far away, and ball the ball is kicked in the AIR, the ball is CONSISTENTLY ***(NO WHERE CLOSE)*** to their target!!!

    Watch the TAPE coach BOB BRADLEY. Watch ***(MLS)*** games. And watch tapes of ***(TOP EUROPEAN)*** teams and COMPARE their ***(CONSISTENT OFFENSIVE BALL HANDING SKILLS)*** of being able to make ACCURATE PASSES on the (GROUND) and passes in the (AIR), compared to the American players ability to **(CONSISTENTLY)** make the ACCURATE passes on the (GROUND) and pass the soccer ball in the ***(AIR)***.

    Like I said, I have written you BEFORE coach BOB BRADLEY about AMERICAN players INCONSISTENT OFFENSIVE ball handling and PASS problems! The American OFFENSIVE balling handling and PASSING soccer game has gotten BETTER, BUT it still is ***(NOT)*** good ENOUGH coach BOB BRADLEY!!!

    Watch the TAPE of the (TOP) EUROPEAN teams and compare them to the MLS teams. Watch the last FRIENDLY game the U.S. played against ARGENTINA, and see how Argentina dominated the 1ST half of the game with their ***(BALL HANDLING and BALL PASSING)*** skills! The AMERICAN players could (NOT) string more than 2 or 3 PASSES together before they LOST the ball to Argentina.

    Coach BOB BRADLEY, please continue to WORK on the U.S NATIONAL teams ***(OFFENSIVE BALL HANDLING and BALL PASSING)*** skills!!

    The U.S. players seem to get NERVOUS when THEY are PRESSURED by opposing defenders! When the US. team have the ball…and the opposing team play TIGHT DEFENSE and pressure the U.S players, the U.S. players TURN the ball over more often.

    Also the U.S. team seem to **(UNCOMFORTABLE)** at the BEGINNING of most games with their OFFENSE. Their PASSING and BALL HANDLING are (NOT) accurate like the (EUROPEAN) teams. Maybe the U.S team should spend MORE time **(BEFORE)** each game practicing their BALL PASSING and BALL HANDLING SKILLS before each game to help them feel more comfortable when the game BEGINS.

    Thank coach BOB BRADLEY for taking time out of your BUSY schedule to (ACTUALLY READ) my letter….a letter from a (LONG TIME) fan of yours, and big supporter of the U.S. NATIONAL SOCCER team and the MLS. I would REALLY appreciate a RESPONSE from you coach BOB BRADLEY to this letter.

    Once again, thank you.

    Please pass THIS letter onto the Head coach of the U.S. NATIONAL SOCCER team **(BOB BRADLEY)**.

  130. Grayson says:

    I am interested to see one of our RB options try it out, at least as an offensive substitution when we are in need of a goal. Even if Lichaj, Chandler, or Cherundelo can’t cross well with their left foot, they could cut it back and cross with their right. Or, even better, they could cut inside and run at goal.

    I would also like to see Convey given a chance as well. I don’t trust Lichaj to start consistently and not get a red card, and I kind of feel the same way about Chandler. I hope we see Chandler on the wing more, and I hope he takes some runs at goal. If he can beat people to the end line with the ball, surely he can cut inside and have a go as well.

  131. Grayson says:

    Okay, Ken. I agree with the gist of your “letter”, but Bob can’t just teach this to the team in the small amount of time he has with them. I think with the dominance of Spain and Barcelona right now and their emphasis on control, passing, technique, and possession, the whole world will naturally focus on this more with youngsters, and that includes the US. Players don’t develop this technique at the age of USMNT play; this is developed as a youngster.

    My second bone to pick with you is that your “letter” is written like a crazy person’s ransom note in the form of a Mad Lib. What is up with that?

  132. Ben says:

    Umm why isn’t Guch on this list? Can’t we put Ream/Edu or maybe Gonzalez/Ream or even Boca back in the middle but since guch is playing there in europe why not keep him there?