Bradley names 23-man USA roster for Gold Cup


There were plenty of familiar faces, but also some surprising inclusions on the U.S. national team's Gold Cup roster.

Here is the squad:

GOALKEEPERS-Tim Howard, Nick Rimando, Marcus Hahnemann

DEFENDERS– Jonathan Spector, Carlos Bocanegra, Steve Cherundolo, Oguchi Onyewu, Eric Lichaj, Tim Ream, Jonathan Bornstein, Clarence Goodson,  

MIDFIELDERS– Michael Bradley, Maurice Edu, Clint Dempsey, Landon Donovan, Sacha Kljestan, Robbie Rogers, Freddy Adu, Benny Feilhaber, Jermaine Jones

FORWARDS– Juan Agudelo, Chris Wondolowski, Jozy Altidore

The big surprises? No Timmy Chandler, Teal Bunbury or Alejandro Bedoya. We'll hopefully get some details soon on what happened with some of these selections. Adu, Rogers and Wondolowski are the more surprising inclusions.

What do you think of the squad?

Share your thoughts below.

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436 Responses to Bradley names 23-man USA roster for Gold Cup

  1. The Dude says:

    Robbie Rodgers??

    Freddy Adu WTF?

    And where is Chandler…he better have said no.

  2. Drew says:

    I can pretty much sum up all USMNT fans by saying WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!

  3. jonk says:

    Wow. Surprised to see Adu and Rogers on there.

  4. Dave from Charlotte says:

    Adu and Rogers are really big surprise additions to me.

    Where’s Timmy Chandler?

  5. Colin says:

    Oh Freddy, Freddy oh, oh why Freddy why why why?

  6. JohnC says:

    wow, Bobby Sweat pants going to liven up the chat rooms today..


  7. Jeremy says:

    Can’t believe Chandler is not on that list

  8. WhiteHart says:

    A bit shocked by Adu and Rogers…

    I also 2nd the where is Chandler question..

  9. Randy Capps says:

    Where is Chandler?

  10. Ryan says:

    Let me be the first to say, I’m quite glad to see Freddy Adu back in the mix. Could be fun to see him play in that 4-2-3-1 big Bradley has been trotting out lately.

  11. Matt says:

    Seriously, I think Jonathan Bornstein has naked photos of Bob Bradley stashed away somewhere…

  12. Chris says:

    Where is chandler!!

  13. Stephen L says:

    Why isn’t Chandler on the list? Wonder if he was contacted by the German Federation?

  14. Rob says:

    W ow no Chandler….. Robbie Rodgers? Flabergasted.

  15. Dave from Charlotte says:

    and what happened with Bedoya?

  16. Stephen says:

    Chandler is an outrageous omission after his last performances with the USMNT.

  17. Chris says:

    Shocking that Chandler wasnt named??

  18. Dan says:

    Rogers over Bedoya.

    Bornstein over Chandler.

    Wondolowski over Bunbury, Gomez, Buddle.


  19. Ryan says:

    I’d also like to add, I can’t understand taking Spector over Chandler.

  20. Benny Dargle says:

    Chandler was out for awhile with a lacerated foot. I wonder if he has lingering problems?

    That doesn’t explain the midfield and forward choices though.

  21. Postmaster says:

    Not funny. This is a joke, right? Just playin’ because the USSF site says it’s still not released… Hoping.

  22. MJD says:

    Timmy Chandler better have died and no one told us.

  23. Little surprised to see Wondolowski, but good for him though.

  24. jonk says:

    My guess is it’s more important for him to stay in the Swedish league since it’s midseason.

  25. Adrian says:

    Where’s Bedoya?!?!
    Where’s Chandler?!?


  26. oncebannedtwiceshy says:


  27. g-loff says:

    And SBI has gone to new heights with their Aprils Fools joke coming 10.5 months early.

    Wait, this isn’t a joke?

  28. Consigliere says:

    Guess Bradley doesn’t want to win the Gold Cup. Wow.

  29. Isaac says:

    I geuss Bob believes that Freddy has added the things to his game that fill the holes( work rate, fitness, tactical knowledge). Interesting list.

  30. Timber Dan says:

    I’m sorry, but why is little Bradley on the team? He hasn’t played club ball for half a season.

    Yes, I get what he can do as a professional, but we need players that are playing at a high level right now and little Bradley isn’t playing at all!

  31. Jared says:

    Well, leaving Chandler off this roster is going to make it that much tougher to convince dual nationals to choose the US. He played well for the US in friendlies but still doesn’t get a call up.

  32. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Obviously there must be an injury or a switched allegiance for Chandler not to be on the roster. Before we all talk smack on BB, lets see what the reasoning is.

  33. Micronesia Justin says:

    I agree, but I hate the Rogers and Wondo inclusions…

  34. dman says:

    I have an odd feeling Germany came a knocking for Chandler.

    How could you leave him out.

    ANd Wondo…….yikes

  35. bryan says:

    WHAT?!?! this is a joke. Bornstein, Rogers, and Wondo?!?! I can’t even believe this.

    Where is Chandler?! I also can’t believe Bedoya gets passed up, especially for Rogers.


  36. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    This is obviously Bob’s latest and greatest attempt to get himself fired. Hopefully he’s successful.

  37. No Chandler? Is he hurt or something? I can’t believe Rogers got a call into camp. I’m a bit surprised the Bedoya wasn’t called in either. And I would have been happier to see Pearce instead of Bornstein. Glad to see Adu back in the mix. And I’m glad Wondolowski got a call up….he is going to score some goals.

  38. Stan says:

    Adu is doing well in the mighty Turkish 2nd division so how can you not call him up?!?

    What a joke.

  39. Dustyn says:

    Where is Bunbury?

  40. freddie footballer says:

    I’m more shocked/disappointed Chandler is not on there, than I’m surprised Adu and Wondo are there.

  41. This Guy says:

    Chandler had to say no. That’s the only plausible excuse.

  42. Dave from Charlotte says:

    Bornstein?!? what about Zak Whitbread?

  43. bmvaughn says:

    No Charlie Davies either…

  44. Chicago - Scott says:


  45. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Listen, if you want to argue that he shouldn’t be starting fine. That is a legit debate but saying he shouldn’t be on the roster is ridiculous. Who should have made it ahead of him?

  46. vik says:


    Well, this should be interesting.

  47. That Guy... says:

    How many times does Bornstein have to screw up before hes left off the roster? Honestly i wouldve loved to see Mixx…

  48. OC says:

    There’s no way he’s better than Chandler; I think he earned a BB soft spot for ‘stepping up’ in the WC.

  49. Matt says:

    He has to be injured. No other explanation.

  50. CS says:

    Yeah, Bornstein and Rogers threatening to release the photos caused the delay today.

  51. Igor says:

    This is either terrible or awesome.

    Maybe Chandler would be better served staying at Nuernburg. German teams start preseason early.

  52. Pat says:

    Adu, Rogers, Bornstein?
    what about Chandler?
    Why not a 4rth Striker?
    Edsuon Buddle, Teal BunB, Charlie Davis

  53. Tim says:

    I’m really excited to see what Bornstein can do against top competition!

  54. Since 82 says:

    I am also thrilled that Adu is on the list. He brings qualities to the table that are lacking of others quite frankly.

  55. rambo says:

    he has to be injured or something. Can he play for Germany still?

  56. dman says:

    This lineup…..can’t say looks good vs what Mex put out.

    I thought chandler would have helped on the flanks with their speed

  57. nate says:

    Chandler to Germany…book it

  58. This Guy says:

    … and he gave copies to Kljestan.

  59. Jonathan says:

    Are Chandler and Bunbury locked in to playing for the U.S. or can they still switch allegiances? Could they be holding out for this reason?

  60. Elliot says:

    I’m almost suprised DaMarcus Beasley wasn’t included…

  61. hush says:

    I’m very happy to see Adu back in the USMNT.

    But…. Bornstein,Rogers,Wondo,Sasha?? What kind of crap is this? Where is Bedoya? Chandler? Gomez? Torres? Oh my lord, ROGERS & Borns????WTF??

    Really Bradley?

  62. Dan says:

    He has to have something. No way does he keep getting called up other wise.

  63. squirt-lover says:

    I hope there are rational reasons why Chandler is not on this squad…if not, I have stopped supporting BB

  64. This Guy says:

    This roster posted has been out for about 2 hours now, so I’m with you in hoping
    that this is a joke.

  65. AJ says:

    Maybe the rapture got him.

  66. Martek says:

    Darn, and here I was hoping to see the US on the Gold Cup semifinal undercard here in Houston in June. Big Bob, will you please refund me for my tix?

    Seriously, Freddy Adu? I guess it just goes to show that when it comes to leagues in Europe (or Asia Minor. Whatever.) never underestimate the Turkish Second Division!

  67. Al_OC says:

    Well, well, well, very interesting. Definitely surprise with Rogers and Wondolowski. Freddy, I’m actually OK with.

    Let’s hear what BB have to say in the press conference.

  68. DEAC says:

    How badly does Rogers have to play for how long a period of time for him not to get called in? Good news is it gets him off the field for the Crew, and he probably won’t get enough run to hurt the U.S.

  69. Sir Knox says:

    Wow no Chandler?
    Happy to see Adu
    Surprised to see Rogers
    Wondo deserves to be there but surprised
    to see him there too
    I hope BB proves he has a plan

  70. Stephen says:

    That is a little shocking, but didn’t he get hurt in his last match?

  71. Randy Capps says:

    Chandler has two caps for the senior national team here. He can’t switch to Germany now.

  72. Andrew says:

    I can live with Wondo and Adu, but Robbie Rogers and no Chandler, with Johnny Bornstein still hanging on? I am hoping injuries played a role with the Chandler exclusion because otherwise it’s indefensible. Midfield-wise, even if you don’t want to take Bedoya away from his hot stretch in Sweden, add another forward instead.

  73. Al_OC says:

    That was probably the cause of the delay. BB just realized that he hasn’t played for while. 😛

  74. Martek says:

    This is the best Bradley lineup call since axing Brian Ching and replacing him with Robbie Findley. And wow, did THAT ever work out!

  75. ACS says:

    Chandler can still play for Germany, I think Bunbury has already filed the paperwork to play for the US

  76. Kyle says:

    1st, a big thanks to Ives and his crew for releasing this so quickly, before even. 2nd, Is it even possible for Chandler to switch allegiances?

  77. Randy Capps says:

    I take it back. Those were friendlies. Crap…

  78. Adrian says:

    Fire Bradley for this roster alone.

    I’m not even being facetious. Rogers, Sasha, Bornstein, and Wondo? That is ludicrous.

  79. Starla says:

    Mediocrity like Wondo, Adu, Feilhaber and Rogers, but no Bedoya. Hilarious

  80. ACS says:

    Yeah he can since they were Friendlies and not in FIFA sanctioned competition, see Jermaine Jones.

  81. nate says:

    Wrong. Jones had three for Germany.

  82. Dainja says:

    LORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRD ABOVE!!!!!!! (and i’m not even that religious)

    This is madness. Johnny Bornstein over Timmy Chandler???
    Robbie Rogers over…anyone?? (Bedoya I guess)
    And Wondo over Teal Bunbury??? We needed to cap Burnbury to keep him with USA! (and how could he NOT play against Canada in the Gold Cup) Lord.

  83. Randy Capps says:

    You’re right. Friendlies don’t count:

    “Players who have not played an ‘A’ international match for their country, meaning a match in a competitive international tournament such as the Gold Cup, World Cup, or World Cup qualifying – and excluding friendlies – would apparently now be eligible to switch to any federation of a country for which they held citizenship at the time they played for a youth team of the original country.”

  84. jayjay says:

    Tim Chandler must have been the only one who fell victim to the rapture.

  85. Shark says:

    Yes he can….those were in friendlies..

  86. I’ll stay neutral and just say “interesting choices”…I agree with Igor, could be terrible or awesome…we win the Gold Cup, BB is a genius…we lose, HUGE FALLOUT!

  87. Postmaster says:

    Seeing this reported elsewhere, so I surrender. Just cannot understand Wondo, Kljestan, Bornstien, and some of the obvious missings. Perhaps there will be info forthcoming that make it all seem rational.

  88. Jim in Atlanta says:

    so im guessing bob is sticking with the 4-2-3-1 concept huh.



    Subs: Juan, wando, Eric.
    Boca CB with either ream/gooch, Eric lb, ADU/BENNY out Juan in?

    I don’t know smdh. I hope chandler is injured or couldn’t come for some reason otherwise Bob is mental and should be operationalized.

    Rogers? No mIx, No bedoya, no chandler. BornTOfail?

  89. Aaron says:

    Robie Rogers? Seriously? At least Bob FINALLY stopped calling Eddie Johnson…

  90. Ricky B. Free says:

    LOl this coach has no freaking clue. Rogers who has done nothing relevant, Bornstein has not played since february, Michael Bradley well, he has sat on the bench for a half season. Wondo right now can´t even score with a cheerleader.

    Nice job Gulati on keeping this guy. Maybe they have Bielsa signed and Bob is sabotaging the Gold Cup.

  91. Darryl says:

    Wow….i think Bradley just handed Mexico the Gold Cup. If we dont AT LEAST put on a heck of a show in the final, I wants bradley GONE and BIELSA in.

  92. Ko'd says:

    Yes he can. Neither was in an official competition like, say, the Gold Cup.

  93. John says:

    this site needs to better manage the comments section. i think i’ve effectively scrolled through about 500 pages of comments… which were mostly empty white borders/padding. Update your theme please.

  94. Shark says:

    He can’t go back to Canada. Per FIFA rules he has used his ‘ONE TIME’ switch thus, he is bound to the USA.

    KC and Bunbury have nto looked so hot in 2011….that could have played into the decision…just sayin’…

  95. B1879 says:


  96. nate says:

    Chandler = Subotic #2

  97. Adrian says:

    This was our chance to cap Bunbury and Chandler. Screw off Bradley.

  98. mistaDobalina says:

    WTF BOB!!! some serious explaining to do here.

  99. Chris says:

    Rogers doesn’t belong anywhere near this team. Chandler should be battling for a starting 11 spot. Bedoya and Bunbury should be in the mix too.

    Dear U.S. Soccer press,

    Find us explanations please.

    Thanks you,


  100. Jim in Atlanta says:

    oh yeah Jones and Mikey/edu. they can allow Freddy to start imo

  101. Randy Capps says:

    Early word from the teleconference: Bradley says they were “pleased” with Timmy Chandler, but “we felt it didnt make sense at this time for him.”

    Wow. Just wow.

  102. HoboMike says:

    Can I just point out that, while there are certainly some strange occurrences that happened here, Bedoya hasn’t exactly lit the world on fire with the Nats. Actually, he’s kind of sucked. Maybe that’s why he wasn’t included – he’s yet to put in anything but an anonymous appearance.

  103. Felix says:

    WOW, no Chandler….. that’s a head-scratcher. I wonder if he has some summer move in the works, and asked to not be selected. I would have taken Bedoya over Rogers myself as well.
    Finally, even though I know Adu has been in good form, I would have left him off the roster and let him solidify his club career with Rizespor.

  104. Shark says:

    You need to go and look at who Mexico chose for the Gold Cup….very unimpressive….so I disagree with you.

  105. Andrew says:

    The only real WTF is Robbie Rogers. I genuinely don’t understand why he is on the roster. I’m sure there are good reasons for Chandler and Bedoya not being included, so I would stop freaking out. Some of these comments are ridiculous.

  106. dcpohl says:

    WTF??!! No comprendo.

  107. phlub says:

    Surprised and like: Adu, Rogers

    Not-surprised (but some people are) and like: Wondo, Romando, Lichaj

    Disagree with: Bornstein, Chandler

    I assume Bedoya was a scheduling/club release issue.

  108. John says:

    Or one month late.

  109. John says:

    Or one month late.

  110. d-bar says:

    Neither agreeing nor disagreeing with the comment, but love the Asia Minor reference!

  111. Stephen says:

    Yeah. MF is about what I expected, minus Rogers and Adu, and Defenders are what I expected. A little surprised about Wondo, and not Buddle, or Gomez, or Davies.

  112. BellusLudas says:

    It’s April 1st…right?!!!

  113. Matt says:

    Apparently Timothy Chandler not on the roster due to strain of current schedule. Not confirmed through media, hearing through the Twitterverse.

  114. Ryan says:

    Do you guys remember when Ives released the Mexican and Canadian rosters, we picked them apart, made fun of certain selections, and almost triumphantly declared that we would be able to handle them?

    Well, I’ll bet that Mexicans and Canadians are having a field day with this joke of a roster.

    I seriously doubt that we will beat Mexico in the final now (if we make it that far XD).

  115. Randy Capps says:

    This is a little better, from the ussoccer Twitter feed:

    “Bradley on Chandler: “He told us physically and mentally this season has been a long one … Time wasn’t right for this Gold Cup.”

  116. ok so we officially have it;

    Bradley on Chandler: “He told us physically and mentally this season has been a long one … Time wasn’t right for this Gold Cup.”

  117. Primoone says:

    I hope Bradleys employment is contingent on the US winning this gold cup. Without any REAL dept, we are going to get bounced.

    Bornstien, Sasha, Rogers…3 cans that Bradley needs to stop kicking down the road. It’s embarrassing at this point.

  118. Ricky B. Free says:

    Mexico is bringing their A team. They even have a leftback lol.

  119. Shark says:

    Bunbury has already used his ONE TIME FIFA switch so he is bound to the USA….also KC and he have looked less than sterling in 2011….

    I’m surprised how many folks on here are unaware of Bunbury being bound to the USA…he can’t play for anyone else now….

  120. Matt says:

    Confirmed – Tim’s choice: Bradley on Chandler: “He told us physically and mentally this season has been a long one … Time wasn’t right for this Gold Cup.” #USMNT

  121. Andrew says:

    For those surprised about Wondo: I watch a lot of the Quakes (they are my local team), and he has routinely looked excellent for them this season. He hasn’t scored at the same pace as last year, but he has done more than enough to warrant inclusion on the roster. He wasn’t given much of a chance to show anything against Chile in January, so if you are writing him off based on that, don’t.

  122. Shark says:

    Makes sense and he was probally that last minute switch…

  123. hush says:

    We need some answers quick!!! Rogers, Borns,Wondo,Sasha I still can’t believe it! I’m in total shock! I was hoping Adu would replace Sasha on the roster, but I never expected those 4 bums that I named above to be called up. I literally can’t stop shaking my head. I hope there is a good reason for Bedoya & Chandler not being on the roster.

    Wondo showed he couldn’t cut it at the USMNT level not to long ago. I remember Bunbury subbing in for Wondo, and all of a sudden the rhythm of the game changes. Absolutely shocking!!

  124. Adrian says:

    Reports are making it sound like Chandler told Bob Bradley that he wasn’t interested.

  125. AC says:

    Is Bradley trying to get himself fired? Or is he trying to be that coach who badly wants to prove people wrong even though he’s wrong most of the time (aka Robby Findley, Ricardo Clark)?…Seriously, I cannot attest to being an expert in the coaching arena but these picks just seem to lack common sense…I sure hope it is due to injuries or a club vs country thing because something is terribly wrong with this picture…I believe in loyalty to players but only if they return that loyalty with actual success…Bradley sure is pushing that line or actually, he has crossed it…

  126. Shark says:

    Looks Chandler opted out do to fatigue in teh Bundasliga….

  127. bryan says:

    and Rogers has?! Bedoya is in much better form than Rogers right now. And yet Rogers gets the nod. That makes no sense.

  128. phlub says:


    wondo’s golden boot last season and great start this season easily warrants this call up. can’t judge him on his last cap performance.

    bunbury and cd9 will find their way back soon enough.

  129. Shark says:

    Could have fooled me….their midfield and goalies and are not so hot….A team…noway….B- at best and they never have been able to defend….

  130. NC soccer guy says:

    When I visited earlier it said there was a delay in naming the roster b/c of “an event” or something vague like that. I’m guessing somebody (Chandler?) pegged for a call-up was hurt, or declined.

  131. WOW says:

    Goff reports that bradley did not bring chandler b/c first season at this level “didn’t make sense at this time”….

  132. Dave from Charlotte says:

    Here’s what happened with Chandler:

    > Hey, Timmy! How’s it going bud…
    > Ich mag gemischter salat
    >> Hey man that’s cool, you want some salad. I get it, but what about playing in the Gold Cup? I mean, you probably won’t be a starter, but we’d bring you off the bench a lot as we move Dempsey up top.
    > Ich mag grünen salat
    > Okayyy, yeah we like green salad too. How about you rest up buddy and we’ll get back to you.

  133. Primoone says:

    Get me joe corona, Beasley, the Farfan twins, Beckerman…but Sasha and Rogers? Really?

  134. MC Pharaoh says:

    Surprising Inclusions:

    Adu, Rogers, Bornstein (im not surprised by Wondo)

    Why is Bornstein included if he isnt even played left back for tigres? Lichaj can handle LB, & if he couldnt, Pearce would have even been a better option. As for Adu & Rogers, I want an explanation as to how they beat out Bedoya, Davis, & Chandler.

    Surprising Exclusions:

    Gomez, Chandler, Bedoya, Bunbury, & Davis.

    Biggest exclusion is Chandler… This was his 1st full professional season. Maybe he is way to fatigued. Language may also be a possible problem.

    Its got to be some sort of odd excuse for his exclusion. I really wanted to see Davis & Gomez get called, but they didnt. Bunbury is abit overrated at this point I believe. He really hasnt done that much. He has great potential though. As for Bedoya, he came off a great weekend and the exclusion certainly surprises me.

  135. Ricky B. Free says:

    They have the CHivas keeper he is good, Ochoa sucks in the air. Their defense is not so good. But they will have the ball and attack.

  136. A.A. says:

    NO NO NO…. you have got to be kidding me.

    OK I will accept Adu only because he has been playing the guy still has some skills in him. But WTF Bradley,
    where is Bedoya, chandler, hick even bunbury, also Omar gonzalez needs to be on there he is the future of the defense for the USA. You also have Chris Rolfe who has been playing decent also. I would also prefer Brad Davis,Beckerman, and Bullochy. I think Bullochy is now a US citizen I think not to sure, instead of rogers,Cherundolo,sacha, and Chris Wondolowski. Come on Bradley don’t you watch soccer games… or am I the only one that thinks this way

  137. Andrew says:

    How could he “not cut it?” He was playing in a different formation and hardly saw the ball. In the few instances he did see the ball, he did intelligent/dangerous things with it. I get that he’s not a physical specimen, but he does something no one else seems to do for the Nats: puts himself in dangerous positions and scores the goals he is supposed to. We need a poacher type. He’s also capable of creating his own goals.

    Plus, at least he isn’t Eddie Johnson or Robbie Findley.

  138. AC says:

    Rogers??…Talk about undying loyalty by Bradley to a player who has proved himself lately…Probably just because he is a left footed player…If that’s the case, why not Pontius, Brad Davis, etc?

  139. Shark says:

    Bunbury from what I have seen of him in 2011 has not looked real hot…and I am big MLS fan…hehas not warrented a call up….Wondo has as you pointed out has looked good and was tremendous in 2010…

    Charlie is not ready yet…even Ben Olson has said as much…

  140. nate says:

    What caused the delay? Bob is making it sound like it wasn’t Chandler, but I bet it was.

  141. HoboMike says:

    I’m not comparing Bedoya to Rogers (or anyone else). I’m just saying that, for everyone clamoring for his inclusion, what has he ever done for the Nats?

    Add that to the fact that the Swedish season is in full force, and maybe there’s the answer of why he’s not here.

  142. bryan says:

    good news is, we got an explanation on Chandler. wasn’t Bob’s fault. phew.

    however, bornstein and rogers still make no sense. I’m willing to give Adu and Wondo a shot.

  143. Shark says:

    In friendlies…thus they didn’t count and he could make a ONE TIME FIFA switch…

  144. says:

    Guess I’m one of the few glad that Adu made it back!!!

  145. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:


  146. MC Pharaoh says:

    This was the 1st thought that came to my mind. In such an important tournament… if he cant speak well at all, I dont see that being very helpful. We will get an explanation though, I am sure.

  147. bryan says:

    “Rolfe, Beckerman and Bullochy” ?!?!?! you’re more insane than Bob.

  148. Jeff says:

    I don’t think anyone else has mentioned this yet, but I’m a little surprised at Rimando over Guzan, especially considering club schedules.

    Also, I think it’s fairly unlikely that Chandler would consider switching to Germany. Germany’s pretty set at rightback (Lahm), while he’s essentially the heir apparent to Cherundolo for us.

  149. Andrew says:

    It’s funny that so many folks on here ask for Adu and then when he actually works his way back into the fold they are critical or confused.

  150. Ne-Dub says:

    Wow 99% of commenters have lost it. All of a sudden, because we didn’t include 1 possible starter (chandler) and a 2 other bottom of the roster players, that the world is ending? We are not going to win gold cup because we included Wondo instead of Bunbury? Or Klejstan instead of Bedoya? GET REAL!

    We will have about 75% of the same starting lineup as we did last summer and the summer before.

    And for the last time, anyone who thinks Michael Bradley shouldn’t be on the roster or starting needs to move back home to their native Communist Russia.

  151. BB says:

    Chris Wondolowski is a great addition. He is great quality.

  152. John says:

    Unimpressive how? They brought the best they have. Chicharito, Dos Santos, Barrera, and Guardado will destroy this team.

  153. Jack says:

    Friends in Germany are telling me that Chandler is going to pick Germany as his national team.

    You cannot help but wonder how different this would be if we had a legitimate coach and staff.

  154. hush says:

    By what I’m reading in regards to Chandler, it seems that HE IS NO LONGER INTERESTED IN THE U.S.! I guess the Germans came knocking right after his performances in a U.S jersey. Just my opinion.

    No way do you turn down a shot on winning a trip to the Confederations cup.

  155. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    I like his inclusion. I also wouldn’t be surprised if he sees significant minutes.

  156. JonesJunior says:

    Not that great of a selection. But do I care about Timothy Chandler not being in the lineup? NO! He’s American only on technicality. A spit in the face to our youth/college/professional system.

  157. Neg says:

    Let it be said, “Bob Bradley hates America.” What’s more American than claiming others are un-American?

  158. Matt C in Tampa says:

    Surprised at you guys. Don’t you follow the news?

    Bedoya and Chandler were sucked up in the Rapture over the weekend.

  159. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Guzan is not available due to getting married.

  160. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:


  161. HoboMike says:

    Ne-Dub, your rant contains facts and common sense, and therefore doesn’t belong on this board.

    Haven’t you read it? People get hysterical over pretty much everything without stopping to think.

  162. John says:

    I agree that Bedoya sucks but Ives hypes him up like crazy.

  163. k says:

    Wow, this lineup just reminded me who was the coach.

  164. munkyman says:

    Another wow: 11 out of the 23 players listed on the roster have a hometown in California (according to the US Soccer website). What the heck? That’s insane!

  165. Andy in Atlanta says:

    I love how you all cry about Bedoya but has he shown you anything in a USMNT match worth calling him away from his rapid development mid-season in Sweden?

    You all bitch about SK but he has been playing in important matches for a well respected club in Europe… You rail against Wondo who frankly has scored more goals than anyone on this roster (or off) over the past 2 years…

    And nobody bitches about Altidore who has done next to nothing outside of 1 match in Turkey all Sping long… So now Jozy since 2008 with 4 different teams has played about 50 matches and scored 3-4 goals…. and people on here make fun of Eddie Johnson…

    Some of you need to wake up and realize that Bob Bradley knows more than you do…

  166. Andrew says:

    I’m going to stop reading these comments because I am getting mad at how incredibly stupid most of them are. I hope I’m just missing some internet sarcasm here. My god.

  167. Andrew says:

    Wow you people are trolling the whole “Chandler is switching to Germany” angle reallll hard. Yet nothing pointing to that, publicly, privately, anywhere but here.

  168. Marcus says:

    Meh, everyone’s nitpicking about backups…I’d imagine most of the people that everyone is complaining about being on the team or being left out wouldn’t be on the field much anyways, bar Chandler maybe.

  169. Andrew says:

    Thank you for talking sense.

  170. Shark says:

    Anyone watched Bunbury this year? I have and he and KC have under-performed…Wondo on the otherhand has continued this season with another great year thus far after winning the Golden Boot in MLS in 2010….I can understand some angst on here however, it appears some of y’all are not watching what goes on, on the field…just my two cents worth

    Adu has me scratching my head however bradley must have seen something that warrented a call-up….

    This is more than a good enough team to win the Gold Cup….

    And Bradley is not going anywhere….but if you want to hate on then go for it…:)

  171. siddharta says:

    Bradley on the absence of defender Timmy Chandler:

    “We felt it didn’t make sense at this time for him. He’s carried a few little injuries of late. He’s told us that physically and mentally this (first real season playing at this level) has been a hard one. When you added everything up the time wasn’t right (for him) for this Gold Cup.”

  172. Andrew says:

    And as soon as I say that, people start making sense. Props, sane people.

  173. MadKingGeorge says:

    Who dropped the acid into Bob Bradleys coffee?

  174. dgoshilla says:

    Where is Diskerud? Why is Dempsey listed at midfield? Bornstein, SPECTOR??? I just don’t get that. BB needs to answer for that. No Teal?????

  175. eRic gheimer says:

    I’m pissed

  176. AC says:

    I’ll bet we hardly ever see Rogers or Wondo (or even in the 18) play unless it’s in a blowout win…Dempsey will probably be moved up top more with Donovan, Sacha, and Feilhaber being on the wings…But again, with Bradley, you never know…At least congrats to Adu for working his way back into selection…

  177. Ne-Dub says:

    Haha, my bad I had totally forgotten.

    USA, USA, USA!!!

  178. Jeff says:

    Oh, ok then. Still, I can’t imagine that RSL is too happy about losing Rimando to be a backup to Howard.

  179. Neg says:

    This is the time when having Twitter is nice. BB has been doing some explaining… interesting comments (or moronic).

  180. mistaDobalina says:

    not our best 23, but still a strong group that should be the front runner for this tournament. I’m just worried what our lineup for the Spain game is going to be.. I don’t want to watch a Klejstian, Adu, Fielhaber Rogers midfield hang with Spanish team!

    as for the actual games vs. Canada and so on i think:
    Jozy and Demps uptop – Agudelo off the bench

    Donovan and Bradley – move MB out of the CDM role into what should be Chandlers spot.
    Jones and Edu – at the back of the midfield


  181. Shark says:

    Ditto I agree…same with Bunbury as I wrote in anotehr post…folks are nto watching what goes on, on the field….and agree on Wondo 1000%….

    Yup in Bob I trust…he actually watches all of these guys play…what a concept…:)

  182. Ne-Dub says:

    Well said Andy.

  183. Matt says:

    I’m actually pleasantly surprised about Adu. I’ve watched some of the feeds of his recent games and he is an extremely creative player. In fact, he’s probably the most creative attacking player on this roster. I say that knowing full well of Dempsey’s season. I think he benefits more from good field positioning and finishing rather than pure ball skills (although still has some creativity). Recently friendlies showed has can get caught holding the ball to long. Donovan is just not that type of player either. Would anyone have issues with Jozy and/or Agudelo up top / Adu attacking center mid / Jones and Bradley or Edu as holding defensive mid / Donovan and Dempsey on the wings?

  184. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Couldn’t agree more. People are way over the top here. I don’t see a problem with the roster. Ok, Rogers isn’t good…but whatever. Not going to freak out about somebody who won’t see the field.

  185. Shark says:

    Your not missing anything…:) You hit it on the head…people knee jerk reactions and opiniosn about players they haven’t seen play anytime in the near past…

    Oh and congrads to Nicky Rimando…great guy who has earned this opportunity…:)

  186. Josh D says:

    Bornstein has not been playing regularly at all. Bradley has extreme favoritism toward his two sons….

  187. Dainja says:

    Ok, so now that my head is back on its shoulders (and the Timmy Chandler exclusion is explained) I’m begrudgingly fine with Adu, Sasha, Wondo, and even Bornsteink…but Robbie Rogers??? I guess maaaaybe Bedoya had problems with his Swedish schedule/league, but wow, we are DEAD on the wings. USA just doesn’t have much talent on the outside in midfield. Sad. now i’m desperate for a backup outside midfielder: push Dolo up to right wing and bring in Lichaj? put Agudelo out wide like he does with the u-20 teams?? If Rogers sees the field…we’re over, rover.

  188. Jack says:

    Has always been the case.

    Most people on this site have no clue what they’re talking about though, so don’t expect much agreement.

  189. Josh D says:

    My guess too. But still shocking.

    Thought Mixx would get in there as well..

  190. Adam says:

    Not playing? He played 1 minute the other day for AV.

  191. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Rimando will probably stay with RSL and be called upon if there is an injury to the other two. Bradley has done similar things in the past with the keepers.

  192. ChelseaMatt says:

    So in summary of Bob’s comments re: choices:

    Bunbury: not looked sharp this season

    Chandler: in talking with Bob, is worn out — 1st season at this level

    Rogers: can run at defenses and get behind them (IMHO, this can be said about Bedoya as well)

    Adu: We’ve been watching him on the internet

    Wondo: he’s scored some good goals.

    A shame re: Chandler & Bunbury. Shocker re: Adu and Wondo. It will be interesting. Would like to see Adu and Wondo prove the doubters wrong. Hope this is Ream’s coming out party

  193. Shark says:

    Well said…:)

  194. Andrew says:

    Rogers is the only inclusion on this roster that genuinely doesn’t make sense.

  195. Shweazy says:

    I must be an old fool here but i see what bob is doing with some of these inclusions . He’s rebuilding confidence with Freddy who has stepped up recently and can provide alot of creativity off the bench when we become predictable like we usually do in 90% of our games. Donovan is only creative in MLS, on the international stage he plays well but he usually does not do anything extraordinary. Maybe a fear of not pulling off tricks on the big stage. Teal Needs to stay in Kansas and find back his early season form he has not been hot recently and Wondo has. Wondo can be very valuable for us if fits in this system . Gomes Got his chance already time to try someone who has been even more successful than he was in MLS. I dont get the Rogers inclusion however . As for Bornstein leave the kid alone , we dont really have many great Leftbacks that work hard like him. He’s not a world beater but he does what the coach wants.

  196. John says:

    A technicality? The son of a US Serviceman is an American on a technicality?

  197. Ron says:

    Bunker Bob does it again – giving up the Gold Cup and 2013 Confederations Cup to Mexico….selecting rejects like Rogers, Bornstein and Wondo…understand Adu who’s playing well in Turkey’s 2nd tier.

    But how in the worls can he not select Chandler, Bedoya, Agudelo and Bunbury?

    Fire Bradley and that Midget Gulati who both are taking the USMNT down the drain!

  198. Josh D says:

    This is why the US soccer media needs to learn how to be hard on Bradley. They have let him off on an extremely long leash for far too long. Let’s start asking questions and getting answers here. Pathetic. What the @(&$ has Rodgers done this season and in any national team games? Absolutely shocking.

    And most on here were happy to see him take us into 2014…

  199. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Thank you for bringing some semblance of sanity to these comments. People are acting crazy.

  200. Matt says:

    Let me modify that a bit. Dempsey is very creative but not as an attacking traditional No. 10.

  201. marvin says:

    Freddy Adu b etter play like he did against Spain last time. Where is Timothy Chandler he was our most promising RB, luckily we still got Cherundolo. Wondolowsy, atleast bring Buddle……sigh.

  202. squirt-lover says:

    from his phone conference:

    Bradley on the absence of defender Timmy Chandler:

    “We felt it didn’t make sense at this time for him. He’s carried a few little injuries of late. He’s told us that physically and mentally this (first real season playing at this level) has been a hard one. When you added everything up the time wasn’t right (for him) for this Gold Cup.”

  203. Shark says:

    I watch a ton of Mexican La Liga and none of their keepers on the squad are great…their defense has never been good and their midfield is underwhelming in my opinion….they can attack all they want we are bigger, more athletic and faster and in the end that will see a W for the USA….

  204. Josh D says:

    Davis >>>>>> Rogers

  205. Shark says:

    You just answered the question…Dos Santos is not that good nor are Barrera, or Guarado….they can’t defend…never have been able to….their goalies are okay….we are bigger, faster and more athletic…in the end that makes a huge difference…

  206. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    I agree completely. I would say that is more than likely what they are going to try to do. I really believe Adu will play a large role in the tournament.

  207. Creige says:

    I’m a little surprised Gomez is not on this list. Glad to see Rimando and Adu made it. Big ugghhh for Rogers and Kljestan.

  208. donttreadonme says:

    Bloody hell. I bought a ticket to see Chandler, Holden, and Davies. Now I see none of them.

  209. MIke says:

    More like physically and emotionally drained. A big difference than saying “uninterested.”

  210. Neg says:

    Yes he’s creative, but it’s where he’s doing it at. That’s why people are frustrated with it. However, one thing that might be good for Adu is that the level of CONCACAF competition isn’t the same as it’s going to be at EURO 2012.

  211. Jack says:

    Let me get this straight…

    Bunbury is off the roster because he hasn’t looked sharp lately (yet plays on the worst team in MLS history but still has scored some beautiful goals) yet is clearly skilled enough to be a starter.

    Bradley is on the roster because he has sat on a bench for half a season yet he is arguably skilled enough to start.

    Whether or not you agree that Bradley is skilled, the double standard is starting to take on new faces when we start including/excluding more talented players.

  212. Kevin says:

    With you. People are too quick to write off the GOLDEN BOOT winner from last year – who is still scoring.

  213. Shark says:

    You are making too much sense…:)

    Bunbury has underwhelmed in my opinion in 2011…Wondo has continued his great 2010 season into 2011…

    I’m okay with Bornstien too…

  214. MIke says:

    Then you aren’t reading actual reports.

  215. Kevin says:

    Though, needless to say, I too am surprised. It’s certainly not the craziest thing I’ve ever seen, though.

  216. wva says:

    Per goal’s website:

    The roster was originally going to be made public at 10 a.m. ET, but the team delayed the announcement due to a last-minute change. Bradley would not comment on the reason for the delay.

    Good move from a coach, but total crap from a fan standpoint. Ives, what’s the story!?

  217. Dave in San Jose says:


  218. MIke says:

    How dare you inject logic.

  219. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Sorry but probably not a good idea to play 2 injured guys (Holden and Davies) and a youngster who told Bradley that his season was long and he needed off…

  220. HoboMike says:

    Maybe you should have bought your ticket to watch the US Men’s National Team play, instead of individuals. You know, show some national pride?

    I bought tickets once when the US played a C+ team at best, and couldn’t have been more thrilled to watch in person.

  221. Josh D says:

    I’ve been against Bedoya for awhile and he was worshiped on this site without reason for a year, however, he is playing extremely well. And who cares about his club, this is the pinnacle tournament for our boys beside the WC.

  222. ThaDeuce says:

    Oh Snap!

  223. Danny says:

    Easy there buddy. Chandler is either injured or maybe still considering Germany (uh oh). Teal could have turned it down as well, maybe he wants to focus on MLS or has an injury, or he just might not have been chosen. I’m not sure about the Swedish league but Bedoya might have chosen to stay with his team, think he’s on the last year of his contract. Basically, blaming the federation before you consider anything else is absurd.

  224. Shark says:

    Really? Tell us how? Have you seen Mexico’s roster? Nice a quitter already… Wondo had a great 2010 and is playing great in 2011….Bunbury has underperformed…Chandler it has already been explained why he is not included…Bedoya has been far from impressive….

    Love to see guys like you who quit before we play and its obvious have nto been watching many of these guys play…love your bigoted comment about Gulati too…tells me what kind of person you really are…

  225. Shark says:

    Hear, hear…well said…:)

  226. Jeremy says:

    Mexico maybe…but did you see Canada’s roster. I haven’t heard of half of the clubs.

  227. Patrick says:

    You cheer for the name on the front of the shirt, not the back.

  228. Matt says:

    I hear you, but is Turkish second division really that much worse than MLS or Alsvenskan (Swedish 1st)? Not from what I’ve seen and everyone here is in love with Bedoya (I like him too, btw). At least it’s not a huge drop off. Turkey is known to have quality soccer.

  229. JD says:

    Hasn’t Bedoya been scoring like a boss In Sweden?

  230. Josh D says:

    I’m happy with Adu being there. Still young and the “future” of the US squad. If Chandler and Jozy are considered the future, Adu is in there too.

  231. SeattleStan says:

    Bob Bradley, what a character!

  232. Ben says:

    This certainly shows that Bob Bradley needs to go as soon as possible, and we need to get someone in charge who understands the game and would choose good players from international leagues. Wondolowski over Gomez? Bornstein over Chandler? Rogers over Bedoya? This guy needs special ed. What is his fixation MLS players, who make very little, have no interest from competitive, international leagues, and have contributed little, if anything to the national team? He really botched the selection of the forwards, and that will hopefully be his downfall in this tournament.

  233. Josh D says:

    No schedule problems. This is a FIFA event, clubs have to let him go. He just wasn’t chosen.

  234. Erik says:

    No Chandler but Bornstein – typical joke of a coach.

  235. Vince says:

    As much fun as it is to take complete aim at ol’ BB, there’s definitely some reporting to be done and stories behind the Chandler and Bedoya absences — we just don’t know them yet.

    Sounds like Chandler was the “late change” and he’s claiming fatigue, yet I’ll be real curious to see if Chandler’s name pops up on the German U-21 roster next week… He only played in friendlies, so he’s still eligible for Germany. He’s not good enough for the senior team, but the Euro U-21 tourney is next month. This story bears watching…

    Bedoya must be some kind of club/country dispute — perhaps because of this being his last half-season under contract in Sweden. Bedoya may have decided he can raise his transfer value better with his club than sitting the bench in the GC right now.

  236. Shweazy says:

    i dont get the Bedoya love, he does well in Sweden but is average at best for us . Who cares how many he scores in Sweden, he does nothing for the NATS IMO. he will be given another chance in qualifiers and if he continues to look average i think we will move on from him.

  237. BmoreAVFC says:

    I think Webster has their new definition of Xenophobe.

    ps – our college system is a laughing stock

  238. Benny says:

    If Chandler rather not participate because he has few mild injuries and is totally worn out, than the U.S. side has to deal with it. We all have our opinions who should have been selected, but Jonathan Bornstein? This guy has been in cobwebs. This is the biggest surprise for me.

  239. Vince says:

    All I’m saying is, there’s probably much more going on than just BRADLEY SNUBS BEDOYA AND CHANDLER!

    I’m expecting to find out more info as the week goes along….

  240. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Spoken like a true Euro-snob….

    Bedoya is mid-season and nowhere near a starter for the US and has plenty of time to get involded with the USMNT set-up…

    MLS is just as good if not better than the Allsvenskan according to most in the know… only difference is slightly better compensation..

  241. BB says:

    So Landon shouldn’t play then by your euro-snob logic.

  242. nate says:

    FYI – Timmy Chandler played in whopping 14 games this season.

  243. Josh D says:

    If Bradley starts and anyone says Papa doesn’t show favoritism, they’re medically insane.

  244. Thor says:

    My buddy with Navy Seal Team 6 saids that Chandler still leaning towaards US

  245. Josh D says:

    Excellent point and one missed by most. I was going to say, I thought he only emerged at Christmas time… Hardly “tired” at his age…

  246. Erik says:

    Bornstein stepped up in the WC? He was clueless and offered nothing going forward.

  247. KJ says:

    You also want the best team possible out there.

  248. Andy in Atlanta says:

    and how many reserve matches? The Germans also play more friendlies against local sides than any other league… (they call it giving back to the communities) I am sure he played his fair share of football over the season…

    I am sure that Timmy is waffling on getting a chance to play for Germany and this would have locked him up for the USMNT… that in no way is BBs fault… that is a kid keeping his options open…

  249. Paulo says:

    Look on the + side:

  250. trheel says:

    This is absolutely criminal! How can soccer continue to grow in this country when the coach continues to go with the same “safe” picks time after time. Correct me if i am wrong but hasnt he seen enough of Bornstein to know that he is limited. How he leaves off guys like Chandler and Bedoya boggle my mind.

  251. Omar Little says:

    Those sneaky krauts….Well, it was fun while it lasted.

    It’s ok, we still have Bornstein!

  252. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Yeah… I sure don’t want one of my better performers of the last World Cup starting in my midfield… (rolling eyes)…

  253. joel says:

    I am very curious to see what happened with Chandler
    and Bunbury.

  254. Why do you say Chandler is not good enough for the senior team? He showed well vs Argentina.

  255. MadKingGeorge says:

    Some one dropped some acid in Bob Bradleys coffee. The big question is who?

  256. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    The Chandler situation has been explained above. Bunbury because of poor form.

  257. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Before all you idiots continue to comment on Chandler being left out… READ THE LATEST…

    Chandler asked not to be selected… Get off BBs case on that one…

    And for the record… Bornstein was fine in the World Cup…no glaring errors… His your starting natural LB?

  258. Vince says:

    I was referring to Chandler not being good enough (right now) for the German senior team, not US.

    Again, I’ll be real curious to see if Chandler pops up on the German U-21 team next week….

  259. bryan says:

    No, you didn’t directly compare the two. But those two players were fighting for the same spot. So they have to be compared.

    And I agree, he hasn’t been amazing with the Nats, but he’s doing well with his club. Rogers is doing neither right now.

    As for the Swedish league, that very well could be why. But I don’t think he should pass up the Gold Cup with a Confeds berth attached to it.

  260. Adrian says:

    How exactly is Bunbury excluded based on poor form yet Bradley is included based on NO form?

    That is an undeniable break in logic and reason.

  261. The Dude says:

    Following up on my own post:

    link to

    Is saying that Chandler was called up but his club doesnt want him to play.

  262. Mat says:

    I think Chandler was the last minute cancellation that made this roster announcement delayed by a few hours.

    I too would have loved to see Chandler play, but, from Chandler own saying, he’s burned out after his first real season at the top level (+ international fixtures). Add to that he’s been a bit injured late in the season, and you can see why BB doesn’t want to force the issue and make him play grueling games in 90+ degrees weather. We’ll need Chanlder for the WCQ, no need to kill him off physically this summer.

    So now that Chandler’s non call up makes sense. I think the real head scratchers to this roster are:
    – Robbie Rogers: Personally, I’ve never ever seen him have a good game with a US Jersey, plus he’s been poor in MLS, too. Very weird Bedoya didn’t get his spot.
    – Bornstein: Perhaps a direct result of Chandler’s last minute no-go. He shouldn’t see much PT though, he’s the backup emergency LB.
    – Wondo: Personally, I’d have picked Buddle. I like what he’s done most times I’ve seen him in a US jersey, and he has good experience. But I guess BB went with the in form MLS striker of the moment.

    Lastly, with this roster, I hope we’ll see this in the friendly vs Spain. I want to know how Edu and Jones would pair together.
    Dolo, Boca, Gooch, Lichaj
    Jones, Edu
    Demspey, Landon
    Jozy, Agudelo

  263. B1879 says:

    I agree with most of your comment, but people complain about Jozy all the time.

  264. dcm says:

    Bob will be grilled soon at a press conference and we will know, there are usually good reasons for his inclusions/exclusions (with the exception of Bornstein).

    I’m glad to see Adu, and I think Wondolowski deserves another chance. Check his MLS stats, the dude just shoots all game. I like that. He and Demps. We need offense man!

  265. Shark says:

    Euro-snob anyone?

    Donovan, Dempsey, Howard etc etc have all played in MLS and contributed a ton…you have no clue……you understand the point of MLS right? You also understand that MLS has been HUGE in the development of the national teammmright? You also understand many of these players would NEVER have gotten the opportunity to play in Europe without MLS….

    Wondo scored 18 goals in 2010 and won the MLS Golden Boot and has 5 goals in 9 games in 2011…you’ve been watching? Chandler has already been discussed why he is not on the team….

    Wow rooting against your own country in order for your agenda of getting rid of Bradley to happen…how sad is that….you sir are not a true USA fan…

  266. WJM says:

    Terrible picks! I’m so sick of Bob Bradley!!! No Timmy Chandler, Teal Bunbury or Alejandro Bedoya??? I almost hope Mexico wins and goes to the Confederations Cup. Then MAYBE USSF will find a real coach.

  267. chris says:

    Not excited by this lineup at all. Wondo deserved a call up but its sad because if buddle was still in mls he would have made it. Adu? Please not woth it, would rather have seen gomez. Don’t care about chandlers exclusion but bornstein never deserves to play. I think rogers is alright but geoff cameron is so much better

  268. FulhamPete says:

    +1 amigo.

  269. TimN says:

    Robbie Rogers is the most baffling selection for me. I just don’t see how he gets the nod over Bedoya. I think the injury to Holden perhaps could be more problematic than once thought as far as hurting our midfield depth.

    I don’t see why guys are so up in arms over the Wondo pick. He had an incredible season last year, and is off to a solid start this year. Personally, I think it’s beginning to get more than tedious watching Altidore underperform up top.

    Bornstein over Chandler is also mind boggling at this juncture. I’m just hoping that there’s some reasonable explaination for leaving Chandler off.

  270. Milkshake of Despair says:

    Lost in all the other surprises is Gooch getting called up. IMO I would have preferred DeMerit over Gooch.

  271. Matt says:

    Lichaj has played LB quite nicely at Leeds and Boca, although slow at his age, is much better than Bornstein. Did you happen to catch his first touch, or lack thereof, in his last friendly?

  272. Shark says:

    You do realize Wondo won the Golden Boot in MLS in 2010 with 18 goals and has 5 goals in 2011 in 9 games…heck of a run for him…or have you bothered to even watch before making such comments? I could go on however, this no point….its silly season on here….

  273. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    I am fine with the roster. From what I am reading, it seems like Nurnberg put pressure on Chandler to decline. I am making an inference on that so I could be wrong.

  274. Vince says:

    I’m not going to get to worked up over Rogers or Wondo.

    I’m guessing that after camp they’ll be released back to their MLS clubs (along with Rimando) unless needed because of injury.

    I doubt they’re cracking the gameday 18, so they’ll go back to MLS and be on “standby.”

    Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Feilhaber get released back to NE after the initial camp as well.

  275. Naboo says:

    OOOh well, not what would have picked…but the difference in quality between some of the choices that we are all shocked over really isn’t THAT great. However, I think we will miss Chandler against stronger teams, and by stronger teams i mean El Tri.

  276. Adrian says:

    So Bunbury can be excluded based on form but Bradley can be included when he doesn’t play period?

  277. Shark says:

    In KC…has underpreformed in 2011…as has his club….

  278. Kevin_amold says:

    Ridiculous comment.

  279. Stephen says:

    I’m with most people here. Surprised, to say the least. I really hope Chandler didn’t turn us down to go play for Germany. That would hurt. I’d like to know what Bradley was thinking with some of these picks. Hopefully, he’ll make it clear what’s he trying to accomplish.

  280. Shweazy says:

    smh, Chandler turned us down he’s tired. Bedoya has been average almost every call up, Gomez has not been a big scoring threat , nor is he hot this season in Mexico. Wondo has been in great form two seasons running. Bornstein has gotten the job done for us. and Chandler is not a leftback. IF you are going to fire Bob Bradley, atleast make some sense of your reasoning.

  281. Joe says:

    Nothing bonehead bradley does surprises me anymore. He has his favorites and no matter what their situation, they will get the call. Some of them don’t even play much for their club but that doesn’t matter…they’re in

    Some are well past their “best if used by” date… no matter, they’re in

    The one I really feel for is Charlie Davies. He’s worked his butt off to get back… he is back .. but is now being punished. There can be no other answer.

    This team will not help us get ready for the next WC and neither will Bradley

  282. Dinho says:


  283. YO says:

    If Chandler asked not to be selected, then he does not deserve to take part ever again. Dempsey played the whole year and he is there front anc center.

  284. JerryGarcia says:


  285. Kevin_Amold says:

    No one massages Deuce’s feet as well as Rogers. That’s why he is on the roster.

  286. Adrian says:

    I would like someone to answer this question.

    How is not consider poor coaching to include and most likely start a player that has not played a full or even half a match in almost 6 months.

    Seriously just run that over in your head. Bradley hasn’t played any meaningful minutes in a match in almost a half a year. How can anyone expect him to be in form or even fit?

    And then Bunbury gets excluded for poor form? At least he’s playing.

  287. christian says:

    lol!!! good one.

  288. natsalways says:

    My thoughts exactly….most of the people are complaining about people who will not see the field for the USA in this tournament but who are project players for this world cup cycle. Remember the Copa America a last cycle….Bob brought a bottom club and everyone raged. But several of those players were key for the WC run.

  289. Kevin_Amold says:

    Listen, I’m willing to cut some slack and Wondo may prove me wrong, but he was horrible against Chile. End of story.

    If you’re just going to take three strikers, why on earth would you go with a (relatively) unproven quantity in Wondo? I’m sorry, I’m not on board with this pick, but I’m always willing to accept when I’m wrong.

  290. Matt says:

    Dolo – Boca – Ream – Lichaj
    Edu – Jones
    Dempsey – Donovan

  291. Dmee says:

    amen, bruther. gooch is the worst american football of all times.

  292. Shark says:

    And you do? How many of these guys have you watched over the past six months with their clubs? I’ll point out to all that you have NO CLUE about WONDO (just as an example as I am not going to waste my breath on the rest)….SCORED 18 GOALS IN 2010 AND won the MLS Golden Boot….HAS 5 GOALS in 9 GAMES IN 2011….he can’t score REALLY? Why don’t you go and do some homework and watch a few games before you embarrass yourself anymore…its obvious you are the one who has no clue making silly statements like you have…

    Really sabotating the Gold Cup? Are you serious or making more silly statements and embarrassing yourself even more??…how sad is it to make such s pathetic statement…are you even an American or just a troll looking for attention??….like I said go and learn a few things before you post such silly and pathetic things and embarasse yourself even more….

  293. Dinho says:

    More like a NICE way of saying he’s not interested. Chandler will be playing for Germany in 2014. You heard it here first.

  294. Fire Bob Bradley! says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to your 2011 Gold Cup Champions: Mexico.

    Seriously, this roster is almost a complete joke.

  295. Kevin_amold says:


  296. bryan says:

    of course i have. i’ve seen your posts, you’re high on wondo. i’m not. he’s certainly not as big of a question mark as Rogers and Bornstein, but i’m still surprised. i hope he does well, but i thought gomez would get the nod before wondo.

    i have nothing against the guy, i’m just not convinced. last year he was very good, and this year he’s doing well. but before that, he didn’t do much.

  297. Benny Dargle says:

    According to various tweets, Chandler’s club negotiated with Bradley at the last minute to let him out of the team. If he played in the Gold Cup, he would have had literally no break at all considering when Nurnberg starts up again.

  298. bizzy says:

    This comes to show you the way Bradley SR picks players for HIS team. If you can show favorism to Bornstein and Rogers who haven’t done a damn thing of late what do you think he’ll do for his real son?!!!!! How do you justify selecting Rogers over Bedoya and Bornstein even making the roster??????
    That midfield selection was wasted on Robbie Rogers….ROBBIE ROGERS????? It’s bad enough that Michael Bradley hasn’t played a full club match since Nov but Robbie Rogers???? Instead of Bedoya or moving Spector to the midfield, where he’s comfortable and plays in the EPL, to open a spot for Chandler?

    Wondo and Adu is something different and I like it. Wondo goal boot winner and match fit (dangerous with both feet), Adu going full 90 mins and providing the spark for Rizespor (has the ability to cause problems for defenses and can score goals)…..this is going to be interesting. I’m an big Adu fan but bringing him in now that he should be helping his team advance to the super liga and secure his place with the team for next season……damn.

  299. Stephen says:

    Apparently, he already did. Glad to hear Chandler is just tired. I’ll be interested to see if any of the fringe guys actually play.

  300. Vince says:

    kljestan, rogers, and bornstein are my WTF picks…and if M Bradley starts, that’s BS, since Sr. Bradley said that if they’re not playing consistently for club than they aren’t warranted an automatic pick…I’m calling shinanigans on that one.

  301. Eric says:

    No complaints from me. I’m going to assume that there’s a good reason why Chandler was left off.

  302. Omar Little says:

    Agreed. But I have to imagine there is something more there considering than a simple omission since if nothing else, it would lock in his tie to the USMNT.

    Even still, I can’t believe we have to watch Bornstein trot out there again. Ridiculous.

  303. HoboMike says:

    They’re not really fighting for the same spot. Rogers plays strictly as a left winger, no more no less. Bedoya plays centrally and/or on the right.

  304. Ben says:

    He’s 21 already…I don’t think he’s eligible.

  305. JerryGarcia says:

    What about Bornstein? He hasn’t exactly been tearing up the mexican league or even Rogers who has been slopping it up in Columbus. Very discouraging to see that Whitbread, Bedoya and Bunbury all did not make it.

  306. Starla says:

    Allsvenskan is a third tier euro league for sure, but it’s strange how MLS would be on the same level or better but only produce/sell at most 1/10 as many players to the bigger leagues. 1 forward to 1 bundesliga during the winter, 1 forward to serie a during the winter, 1 forward to serie a this summer and more to come, while MLS lost the top scorer to 2 bundesliga.

  307. Matt says:

    Just a thought… Was Chandler even going to start for this team? He plays RB or RM. So how does he replace? Dolo? Dempsey? He would definitely get mins, but I think folks might be overreacting.

  308. Ben says:

    Stop using my name. You’re a fool.

  309. Vince says:

    Is Chandler 20 or 21? I’m not positive SBI has it right either.

  310. Jeremy says:

    I’ll assume that Bedoya and Chandler were somehow unavailable and skip to other things.

    Bornstein… I’m not a Bradley hater but this defies logic. He did well in the world cup (yes, he did if you watch the games), but was horrible in the two years leading up to it and can’t even play in the FMF right now. Whitbread, Loyd, Convey, or Pearce would have been much better.

    Also surprised Rogers snuck in there over Brad Davis and that Mixx was left out.

    Good for Nick Rimando. He deserves it.

    Good for Adu too. He still has a long way to go, but he is 21 and seems to be working hard now. If he didn’t have the teenage bust stigma attached to him I think most would be excited that we had a player signed to Benfica who had succesful loans to Aris and wherever he is now and is only 21.

  311. Mat says:

    Honestly, I think too many people are wasting to much time arguing about what are basically fringe squad players that shouldn’t see many minutes, baring injury.

    The only major omission is Chandler, but that has been explained: Chandler was not apt to participate in the GC due to physical issues.

    Aside from that, ALL the top players are there. Then you can argue for days about Bedoya not being there (what has he shown in a US jersey?), or Bornstein being there (prob a last minute inclusion after Chandler declined), or Wondo (though his MLS stats are strong), but at the end of the day, you have to look at the bigger picture.

    I think this team is pretty decent. We have decent starters and backups. The strikers are a bit light, but that has always plagued us these past years. Too bad for Holden, though.

  312. Adrian says:

    Rogers is a joke. Bornstein is a joke. Wondolowski is a joke.

    Bob Bradley plays favorites, and it has nothing to do with current form, playing time, or any of that bs he feeds to people.

  313. Juan from L.A. says:

    Ok Chandler situation aside which for me is mindboggling because it shows he has no passion for the red/white and blue. Wearing ANY National team jersey is a pride and for this guy to blow it off when others would die to wear it just leaves a bad sour taste.

    Now to BB selection…D+…now its not an F becasue it can always be much worse but let me start off with the additions:

    Adu—kid is in second division soccer. Didnt hack it like in other 10 leagues. Why? Too small for international football. God the nightmare of this kid continues with his fans.

    Wondo—guy is a hard worker and poacher. A step up from Gomez and we’ll see but for me I would had taken Bunbury, Buddle or even Justin Braun over him

    Bornstein—unbeliavable. The guy hasn’t played. Being criticized in Mexico and still gets called. I wish a reporter would go in depth to see if there is any influence of promoters on the NT. I still don’t get it. Thanks Bradley

    Rogers—meh player. Not an A team NT caliber and never might be.

    What sucks that aside from Bornstein the others might not see playing time that much but still these are the guys that are suppose to make the starters sweat their #@alls off in training and prepare them for the matches. This is the best we can come up with? Mexico have a great trip in Brazil representing the region. Bob I wish and hope you see the all Brazil tournaments from your tv. We need a new coach!

  314. VinceN says:

    i think ur right…there is no other reason for calling up bornstein…my left nut has more quality than bornstein…he sucks balls

  315. dinho says:

    beware of ze germans.

  316. Ben says:

    Well, I hope Chandlet is off because he is tired and not contemplating a switch, but either way, not Bobs. fault. However, despite some people loving Adu, I’m not sold yet, and the Klejstan pick just perplexes me. Hasn’t done anything in a US jersey, won’t be on the next World Cup squad, so why? Rodgers is also confusing. Also, if you exclude Teal due to form, could you nix Agudelo as well? Juan hasn’t exactly been lighting up MLS recently.

  317. ThaDeuce says:

    Rogers over Bedoya!!!
    Adu over Boon Boon!!!
    Not sure I can even support the team any more, and I know this is dramatic and over the top and probably will disagree with myself later, All those who hated on Bob before, I may finally agree with you….

    Sasha, Adu, Wondo, ROGERS, bornsein, even onyewu
    Bedoya, Boon Boon, CHANDLER


  318. JJ's shin says:

    PLEASE don’t say Chandler is switching allegiance to the Germs. Quit playing games with my heart, Timmy.

  319. WK says:

    bryan, wondolowski was a reserve/spot starter his first 5 years in the league. In 2010 he set a personal best for starts in a season, and what do you know, he turns out to be the Golden Boot winner. watch his goal highlights from last year– more than a dozen of ’em are one touch strikes with either foot. best pure ball striker on the Quakes, and probably top 5 in the league.

  320. Jeremy says:

    This comment alone proves you either
    a) haven’t actually be watching the USMNT games or
    b) are 6 and shouldn’t be online anyway.

    I’m sick of all the Bradley hate when he is consistently better than Jones and Edu when wearing the USA jersey.

  321. FattyMatty says:

    I agree. BB has to be careful when listing poor form as a reason to leave players out while at the same time picks players who have sat the bench for months. I do agree MB belongs on the squad and when in form is one of our top midfielders. However, it seems a bit hypocritical to leave other players out due to form. Every player should be held to the same standard when evaluated and eliminate as much subjectivity as possible.

  322. victor says:

    Guys relax,

    BB did this for a reason, maybe Chandler needs rest or theres transfer talk about him. The same goes for Bedoya. We will see

  323. Mat says:

    I think he’s just tired from his 1st pro season.
    As far as the Germany team is concerned, I don’t think Chandler would be considered anytime soon, they just have other more proven players waiting in line right now.
    It would be a risky gamble for Timmy to go for the switch….unless he knows something…but that’s just Subotic & Rossi induced paranoia..

  324. Duhboy7 says:

    Bradley on Chandler: “He told us physically and mentally this season has been a long one … Time wasn’t right for this Gold Cup.” #USMNT

    CHILL OUT. Bedoya probly wasn’t picked for a dang good reason either

  325. Brad says:

    I bet Chandlers foot laceration kept him out.

  326. says:

    I really feel that Gooch has to earn a spot on the club at this point

  327. Matt says:

    Interview with Chandler from March: You have said previously that you wanted to play for the U.S. team. How come?

    TC: “I have always wanted to play for the U.S. team. I like this team and how they play. I used to come here on vacation with my family, and always when I have followed the World Cup my heart has been with the USA.”

  328. bizzy says:

    Didn’t they beat our B-team 5-0 and our A-team 2-1?? Now they have Hernandez linking up with Giovanni dos Santos, Rafa Márquez and Pablo Barrera?……just checking

  329. FattyMatty says:

    I’m not a Adu fan, but before you start spouting off about “Too small for international football”, take a look at Spain’s midfield. Heck, Messi is 5’6″ with his cleats on.

  330. WK says:

    that’s good to hear and about what most logical folks here figured. he’ll be ready for qualifying later this year though…

  331. N-Whit says:

    Let’s just hope the Chandler omission doesn’t go the way of Nevin Subotic.

  332. NVE says:

    The amount of hand wringing about these end of the bench selections is astounding.

    Besides Chandler, who can’t be there due to club commitments, the guys on the roster everyone is freaking out about are not going to play meaningful minutes.

    This tournament will be won or lost at the feet of Donovan, Dempsey, Onyewu, and Altidore – not Rogers, Adu, Bornstein, and Wondolowski.

  333. Rocco says:

    I think you’re going a bit overboard on that one. You must have forgotten about US-MEX a few years ago when he pretty much single-handedly snuffed out all Mexican attacks…or at least kicked Jared Borgetti’s @$$ all over.

  334. Shark says:

    You do realize Wondo had 18 goals in 2010 and won the MLS Golden Boot and has 5 goals in 9 games in 2011? Bunbury has underperformed on a poor Kansas City team…Bornstien as I recall had a very good World Cup…no major mistakes…guy has talent…yes a few rough edges…Rogers is a kid loaded with talent…just needs to take that next step like Holden did at the 2009 Gold Cup….will it be 2011? Hard to say as he will be a reserve for the most part…

    Wondo will see playing time…you can count on it…his skill-et matches up good against certain teams in the Gold Cup…

    Mexico’s 23 man roster is not that impressive….there are no Blanco’s Borgetti’s etc on the team, except Hernandez and frankly his club team is better than Mexico…their goalies are okay…they have never been able to defend and their midfield is nothing to write home about….why don’t you let this team play a few games before passing judgement….as I recall Bradley did pretty damn good with a ‘B’ team in the last Gold Cup….people seem to have forgotten that….

  335. JonesJunior says:

    His parents split right after his berth. He’s lived with his mother in Germany his whole life. His English is minimal at best. To hell with being a xenophobe. I’ll welcome foreigners all day every day in MLS, but it’s a different story when you put on red, white, and blue. This is Dooley all over again, except this time around no one cares as much.
    He’d be in German colors in a heart beat if ever given the chance.

    But no you guys flip out instead when a guy like Wondo is called up.

  336. Idaho Brian says:

    I would happily have left off Rogers and Bornestein, and to a lesser degree, Adu and Wondolowski for the inclusion of Chandler, Whitbread, Diskeruud, and Bunburry.

    I’m very curious to know what last minute change caused the delay in roster announcement, (perhaps Chandler with committment issues?).

  337. Jeff says:

    Is it too late to join this group here? Please let me in guys, it’s crazy and unhinged out in the wilds of this comment section! They have gathered pitchforks, rocks, scraps of wood and metal, and torches and the like and are headed toward Bradley’s house.

  338. Aaron in StL says:

    Good lord… lot of people here need to report to Chicken Little Anonymous immediately.

    Some of the picks are obviously questionable, but their backend guys that likely will (hopefully) play small roles. I’m sure we will still fair well in the tournament.

  339. bizzy says:

    You have to understand where Bradley SR is coming from…..if you feature a player long enough he is going to build comradery with the regulars and eventually, he’ll start playing well, regardless of what he’s doing for his club. It worked on bradley JR….Clark and Findely (they are featuring for their clubs and holding their own!!!!) so now he’s going to try it on Rogers and Bornstein…..Damn it Bradley

  340. MicahK says:

    Guzan is getting married that is why he is not on the roster.

  341. bizzy says:


  342. Mat says:

    Actually, it did.
    We finished first in our group in the WC in front of England.

  343. Martha says:

    Bradley is an idiot

  344. stpauljosh says:

    Chandler quote: “I want to play for the United States,” Chandler said bluntly. “I don’t want to play for Germany. I don’t even think about playing for Germany. I played for the youth teams of Germany and it was not so good. Now I get a chance to play for the US team and I see how it is. It’s very good.”

    I’m crossing my fingers. 1FCN is my team. It’s been great being able to cheer on a US Nats player. It has been especially pleasurable since all my Nurnberg fan buddies had been giving me such a hard time that US players aren’t any good. Oh man, I’m keeping my fingers crossed he stays with the US.

  345. Jeff says:

    Most of this sounds reasonable, but I disagree that Donovan doen’t impress on the international stage.

  346. stpauljosh says:

    ok. read the posts towards the end. i feel a little better now. i hope t chan knows how much he’s loved!

  347. MicahK says:

    What do you mean we have no talent on the wings ????? Um Dempsey and Donovan. Feilhaber too as a super sub.

  348. WK says:

    Dude, really. someone else said it earlier, the kid is either tired and wants to solidify his place w/ the first team, or he’s smart and careful and wants to keep his options open. he’s as much german if not moreso than american, and his career path is clearly the bundesliga/europe. that being said, i thought our staff did a good job integrating him in the january camp w/ Jones & Yeldell- and Landon too considering he’s about fluent. Timmy’s experience w/ the US team was a great one- I believe we played it as well as we could.

  349. Common Sense says:

    Somebody get Carlo Ancelotti over here now. The Chandler exclusion is bad, granted there may be something behind it. I don’t care about Bedoya missing, but why Robbie Rogers? As for the Freddy inclusion, I get it, but I don’t think it’s the right time just yet. And as usual, Bornstein is a joke that keeps getting recycled and it’s getting pretty annoying. Come on CARLO!!

  350. Morning Train says:

    On Timothy Chandler not making the roster:

    “He told us physically and mentally this season has been a long one … Time wasn’t right for this Gold Cup.”

  351. Adam M. says:

    Repeat: His dad was an American soldier. End of story. That is not a technicality, that is a definitive qualification based on a first degree relative. Scary world when being the son of an American solider is not American enough for some people.

  352. victory says:

    Guys relax

    Chandler declined it because he wanted a break.
    Go to the us soccer twitter!

  353. Shark says:

    Well if it does its his decision…FWIW Subotic made a poor decision…

  354. Morning Train says:

    from BB

  355. Omar Little says:

    Anyone happen to know how Freddy and Rizespor did today? I went to their website but my Turkish is a little rusty.

  356. Jeff says:

    As has been said a few times above, the only name that you’ve mentioned above that would have been likely to see significant playing time is Chandler. (Other than perhaps Agudelo, who, by the way, was selected.) One emerging player does not make or break this team.

  357. Morning Train says:

    On Freddy Adu’s inclusion on the roster:

    “There are good signs. Freddy is a player who in the past has shown soccer qualities that can help our team.”

    “This seems like a good opportunity to get him back in with the team as he continues to grow and mature.”

    “It’s an opportunity that has been earned. We felt it was a good time to bring him back in and challenge him”

  358. Jimmy Bobo says:

    Look on the bright side. We’ll never win the Gold Cup with this roster. If we are totally humiliated on our own soil it may mean the end for BB. Then we can go get a real manager. I counted six (maybe seven) surprise choices in this 23-man roster. Pretty ridiculous.

  359. Jeremy says:

    Yeah, I almost hope my country completely fails at something to justify my personal agendas too.

  360. Pete says:

    Wondo deserves the call up. He is match fit and is scoring. He brings exactly what the U.S. squad lacks… Finishing skills. Of all the strikers in the national team pool, he is the only one that I can think of that has the ability the finish with any consistency. As WK stated, he was a reserve before last year. Once he got his chance, he ran with it. The one game he played for the Nats this year was solid. He played as a lone striker which does not suit him. He is best when he plays in a 2 striker formation.

  361. jh says:

    The ones that sting here are Chandler, Bedoya, and Diskeruud. All have shown well in the US colors when they had the chance. Until word comes out why they were left off, of if they have injuries etc., Bob can’t be killed for it. If they were available…he is an idiot.

    If Bedoya’s club turned it down because they are pushing right now, and he is really important to the team, then it opens the door for another middy. But to bring Rodgers and or Kljestan over Diskeruud is laughable.

    I don’t mind him calling up Adu, kid is still really young and is match fit. No one ever questioned his raw talent, but by all accounts he had an attitude and didn’t want to work hard enough. With him and Rodgers both, this will be their final opportunity to gauge whether or not they can or should be called in when WC qualifications begin.

    Wondo has been scoring. He is a striker. At this point in US soccer, that is more than enough to have him called in.

  362. Brando says:

    Listen, I dislike Bornstein as much as the next guy. Who would you replace him with? And don’t say Chandler. He does not play LB. What LB would you replace him with? We are simply shallow at that position. If there were a suitable replacement, he’d be there.

  363. adub says:

    NOOOOOOOOO Chandler ????? WTF??? i dont care about any of the other selections becuz i was so impressed by Chandler vs Arg…. my gut is telling me that Germany may be capping this kid soon…:( its a sad day for US Soccer…

  364. JonesJunior says:

    Adam. You’re right. Wrong of me to call his citizenship a technicality. What actually makes me mad is the US going out trying to find these players who have some link to American culture, as if the talent pool in this country is so God awful. There is no way in hell this kid wouldn’t play for Germany if given the chance.

  365. rizzla says:

    Where was her the other night?

  366. djemba-djemba813 says:

    Torres obviously has angered Bobo-Bradley the way that Convey once angered Bobo-Bradley.

    I can understand how any nostalgic fondness dating back to their ChivasUSA days might somehow continuously prompt Bradley to call up Sasha and Johnny B but the Kljestan-over-Torres nonesense has got to stop.

    I sure hope Chandler doesn’t switch to the baby krauts. If he does, I blame Klinsmann!

  367. Jeff says:

    When will you guys get that Michael Bradley has done way more than enough in a U.S. shirt to warrant inclusion until he proves otherwise IN A U.S. SHIRT. Do you think that he is sitting at home eating junk food and playing Xbox because he isn’t playing 90 every week with Villa? He will do what he has reliably done in the past couple of years and deliver a very solid, high-workrate performance with flashes of inspiration. The kind of performance that earned him attention from a pretty decent EPL side, even if he didn’t immediately fit into their scheme. The kid is 23 years old. He is already one of our most reliable players. He is NOT GOING ANYWHERE no matter who the coach may be.

    Bunbury has barely seen the field in international competition. He may be skilled, he may have potential, but he can’t reasonably be depended upon like Michael Bradley can be. No double standard.

  368. donttreadonme says:

    Well that was taken wrong. I guess I should have worded it better. I AM excited to see our guys play, no doubt about that. Just bummed that the fellahs I was hoping to see aren’t going to be there. I’m over it.

  369. Pedrinho says:

    Bob Bradley always gives us PLENTY to talk ab it, i’ll give him that much haha. Robbie Rogers has been pretty weak this season. Pretty sure that Bedoya has produce something positive in each game so far. tough break for me. Wondo and Adu’s call ups are deserved, but still SUPER SURPRISING!

  370. Ian in ATL says:

    If we do happen to win the Gold Cup with these guys would you and many others consider Bradley a real manager then?

  371. Adam M. says:

    Chandler’s abscence, for whatever reason, is disappointing because we won’t field our best possible starting XI without him, but the starter-quality players are otherwiwse so well established that the “controversial” picks should not be a real issue. Rodgers does not make much sense, but he probably will never see the field either. Adu is a nice, deserved inclusion given his recent form and likelihood that he will be in the 2014 mix. Wondo is interesting and I’m guessing Bob went with him because he is in shape/season, but I don’t exepct him to see much action given the usual ploy of moving Dempsey up. The only important question out of all of this is whether Altidore is the lone striker or whether its A/A up top, and we won’t know that for a while. Who and how Coach Bob plays is vastly more important than who he picked to be on the back of the bench.

  372. RobsterCraw says:

    I’m disappointed to see no Bedoya, Mixx, Bunbury, or Chandler, but let’s not forget that some players may need to stay on their club’s good side in order to protect their career. Playing in the Gold Cup isn’t exactly the same as being in the WC or EC shop window, so if you have to risk your club’s ire to play in the GC then you can be forgiven for asking not to be included. Chandler’s exclusion is a little worrying though, I really want him capped with the US in a competitive match, so we don’t risk losing him. Cynical yes, but in the end a shrewd move.

    Robbie Rogers is a very odd inclusion. At the expense of Mixx or Bedoya? I’ve never been convinced of Sacha Kljelstian either, but I haven’t seen how he’s doing for a while now. Holden’s injury is a real disapointment too.

    Bornstien is not a strange pick. He’s the only LB on the list. Although I’d prefer he not start, he’s one of very few (barely) acceptable LBs we have. Personally, I would have preferred that BB have at least tried out a few different LBs at camp cupcake. I’d have tried out Bobby Convey or Zak Whitbread, but now is a little late.

    For everyone knocking the Wondolowski pick, remember that he was the only thing going right for the US attack against SA in the first half. We may all have been so high on Agudelo and Bunbury after the match that we forgot that Wondo did really well too. He was just too isolated and lacked service. Wondo may have been obscure until very recently, but if you’ve seen him play you know that he is a confident player with a great eye for goal, a powerful shot, and wickedly good finishing. He may be the best finisher on the US team, a team that badly needs the scoring touch. Jozy is a player I’ve loved to watch but his finishing is often dreadful. Gomez is also very promising but lacks playing time. Bunbury is also exciting but has not been in great form while Wondo has continued his goal scoring form from last season.

    I’m still not sold on Buddle, he has had some great goals, but I think much of his goal scoring heroics for LA were a result of being a target forward on a team with dominating offensive talent (even if they had some trouble in defense some years). My qualitative assessment of Buddle is that he is not nearly as good a finisher as Wondo. I think Wondo’s inclusion is only a bad one in the sense that San Jose needs him this summer more than the USMNT does.

    Adu is also an odd pick. I don’t think I would rate the Greek second division all that highly, but having seen Adu play numerous times, it is tempting to want to use his creativity, but if his athleticism hasn’t improved, the drawbacks outweigh the benefits. I’d have rather seem Mixx, who has shown some real creativity, but also can hold his own in a physical or fast-paced match.

  373. Dainja says:

    I mean after Donovan and Dempsey of course. We’ve started Feilhaber on the outside before (see Turkey game last year) and he’s just not the same for us as he is outside. My point being…there is just no depth on the wings for us. Sad, sad, sad that Robbie Rogers is our best hope after Timmy Chandler. Oy.

  374. CT says:

    No he won’t. He’s no longer eligible to play for Germany. He’s capped twice for the senior USMNT.

  375. Louis Z says:

    I’m ok with the WONDO pick. Having JB play very litle with his mexican team and out of position and being subed in at his prior to last game and getting pulled out 18 minutes after coming in tell me how bad he is, YET, BB still rewards him with a call up. The Chandler obmission is either BB excellent insight on player selection or Chandler doesn’t want to give up his GER. status. I just wished someone (Chandler or BB) would come out and say it, we are big boys, we can take it.

  376. Ian in ATL says:

    I agree this is what he’ll do in a 4-2-3-1 with Adu, Feilhaber or Kljestan (in alphabetical order) playing the attacking mid. In a 4-4-2 drop the attacking mid for Agudelo and save Wondolowski as a sub if that pairing doesn’t work.

  377. Ricky B. Free says:

    I know you are in love with Wondo, but he has not done anything relevant this season. He played great last season not this one.

    OK genius how many goals has Wondo scored in 2011? I never said that he sucked or he didnt have skills, all I said is that he hasnt scored like he should be.

    Just because you dont like someones opinions that doesnt make him a Troll. Freaking dictator wanna be.

    I can have another point of view and if you dont like it, well good for you.

    By the way America is a continent not a country. I was born in the USA and I live in this continent. I live in Mexico. Does that make me less of an ¨American¨ or should I be wearing the red white and blue wherever I go?

  378. ACS says:

    Maybe it’s a good thing Chandler declined, he still has plenty of tournaments left and all we ever do is throw the youngest out there and say go get ’em, let him play a full year of top division and play in the Olympics next year when we have a good shot of going far. Both Bunbury and Chandler are only 21 they have quite a few more tournaments left to play in. And KC needs all the help they can get unlike the Red Bulls.

  379. ronniet says:

    everyone needs to chill out, we’ll still win the gold cup! There are some intriguing omissions like Whitbread, bedoya and bunbury or gomez but you have to believe that bob knows what he’s doing…he certainly got the world cup roster right but lineups let us down in the end! Yeah, Rogers hasn’t contributed much in the nats shirt but obviously Bedoya had club releade issues or he would’ve been there and I trully believe Chandler needed a break with injuries and this being his first ful year [laying and the first tean at that! I think he’s commited the US,as we were the ones to give his first chance at international football. He’s intimated he likes the guys alot and enjoyed being in the camp! Bunbury hasn’t been lighting up MLS as of late so Bob took the most in form stiker in Wondo….I personaly think Gomez should have taken that spot but i’m not a soocer voach so what do i know….Bornstein should never see the roster again but we all know Bob’s affections for the boy! I’m thrilled Adu is there as well and he fits perfect;y into that CAM role in the 4-2-3-1, which i’m sure was Bob’s thinking in the call up and the fact that he’s in form whether he’s playing in turkey or not….we’ll be fine people!

  380. Ricky B. Free says:

    Are you sure that you watch soccer? DOs Santos has been scoring in La Liga and was very important for his team. Chicharito is one of the hottest strikers in the world. Barrera has skills but he didnt play much.

    We are Bigger, faster and more athletic. Are we going on a track meet or something? I gues the Messi´s of the world suck because they are not that big and strong.

  381. FulhamPete says:

    Starting lineup vs. England(First Group Stage game)

    Possible lineup vs. Canada

    Deuce-MB/Jones/Edu(Pick two)-LD

    Agudelo for Findley
    ANY of the CMs for Redcardo
    Ream for Bornstein (I’m saying Bornstein because DeMerit is injured, pushing Boca to the right.)

    The team we field in the first game of the GC is better than the team we field in the first knockout round of the WC.

    Why are we complaining about spots 21-23?

    Granted, our best team isn’t possible with this roster. Holden, DeMerit are injured. Chandler is fatigued. Davies just isn’t ready yet. There’s NOBODY else who’s starter-capable that we’re missing, and we’re STILL better than a crucial game in the last world cup.

    Let’s stop complaining. We’ve got a good team that will fare just fine against Mexico, Canada,

  382. beckster says:

    Bobby Convey has shown that he is far superior to Rogers at left wing – would have been better to call him up.

  383. Ian in ATL says:


  384. Ian in ATL says:


  385. Ian in ATL says:

    +10,000 haha

  386. Ricky B. Free says:

    Stop spamming the WOndo love, at least change a few things when you post again about Wondo.

  387. pancholama says:

    Chandler, apparently was a last minute omission – he’s recovering from a foot laceration (that’s medical for a cut). Bedoya – well, would have liked to see him instead of Rogers – but for some reason he’s not coming, the speculation is that he is not being released by his club, or that he chose to forego the Gold Cup in order to increase his transfer chances by continuing his run of form for Orebro v. sitting on the bench on the the Gold Cup roster. For Freddy I am happy – his birthday is June 2nd – so Bob Bradley decided to give him a real nice 22nd birthday present. I say that he will shine and not let us down – he’s been working real hard on becoming a better rounded all-field, 90 minutes of burning give-it-your all, never say die, take one for your team player (like he’s been taking lessons from Carlos Tevez on how to play soccer like man – yah dig?).
    About Bornstein – well that’s a head scratcher – Heath Pierce would have made more sense as he is playing regularly and playing well for Chivas, or Brek Shea, or even Zach Lloyd to fill a left back spot. Thoiugh Bornstein is half Mexican, and speaks LA Cholo street gang, Mexican poor boy slang, as well as proper Castillian – so he might be handy in sorting out what is going on in the minds of the opposition while on the field.

    At the forwards – Teal Bunbury, Andre Akpan, Hercules Gomez, and 6 other guys I can’t think of now could all be on BBs radar – but their time is just not ripe yet. C’est la vie mes amis.

    And overall, as George Burns once said, with a cigar in his mouth – “Relax… gotta keep in mind that none of all this sh*t actually means anything!”

    I’m just psyched to see the USMNT have a run of 6-7 games together, develop some chemistry – and hell, looking forward to sitting down, cracking a beer and watching my beloved USMNT play!

  388. Ian in ATL says:

    Can the group have a name?

  389. RB says:

    “Dos Santos is not that good”

    They didn’t call up Jonathan for the GC, amigo…

  390. Ricky B. Free says:

    USA practices Freedom of speech…… If you dont like what someone else is saying that doesnt make him less american than you.

  391. RB says:

    Maybe you should ask for your money back.

  392. Sninho says:

    He turned 21 the night of the Paraguay game.

  393. Fred says:

    If only.

    The man — a true gentleman it should be noted — is remarkably uptight and unimaginative as a manager.

  394. RB says:

    Wrong (unfortunately). See numerous comments above…

  395. Patrick says:

    Sack Bradley!!!!!!

  396. Ricky B. Free says:

    So True.

  397. RB says:

    “To hell with being a xenophobe.”

    Good point — maybe a view for you to consider adopting.

  398. CrazyMike366 says:

    I’m similarly surprised by Chandler, Bedoya, Wondo, and Rogers.

    I’m shocked not to see Chandler, but we’ll wait for a bit to see what that’s all about…let’s hope Germany hasn’t come knocking.

    Bedoya is likely a club v. country related problem, as the Allsvenkan runs a season similar to MLS because of their winters. If its a better career move for him to stay with the team that cuts his checks, so be it. Adu is in a similarly rich run of form right now so I suppose his inclusion isn’t that weird when looking at it by comparison – and his season is pretty much over at this point too with his loan term ending.

    Gomez vs Wondo would be an interesting debate. Both are in outstanding form and have scoring records as forwards, and that’s exactly what we need. I hope Bob picked right there. I’d even rather see a Gomez/Wondo + Jozy pairing with Agudelo left at home to learn from Henry for a while longer and get called in when he’s consistently getting 90 over someone like Luke Rodgers.

    Robbie Rogers is at first a strange pick but when you look at it by the numbers he makes sense. He’s a youngish guy and statistically speaking, he’s performed better than Landon Donovan has this season. No one’s complaining about him making the cut, so I don’t see why Robbie shouldn’t at least get a chance. Then again, Brad Davis and Geoff Cameron have been good by the numbers and they didn’t get a call, so whatever.

  399. Ian in ATL says:

    Why is there a comparison between Bradley and Bunbury? They play two completely different positions and have different players competing against them for spots.

    The guys competing for a spot with Bunbury: Agudelo, Altidore and Wondolowski. Agudelo and Altidore have shown more in the last couple of friendlies than Bunbury. It’s then a toss up with Buddle, Bunbury, Gomez and Wondolowski. Buddle has been ok in 2. Bundesliga, Bunbury has been ok with a bad K.C. Gomez hasn’t been that good with a bad Pachuca and Wondolowski has been pretty good with San Jose. It seems reasonable to give the edge to Wondolowski for the final striker spot.

    The guys competing for a spot with Bradley: Clark, Edu and Jones. Bradley has been better than both Edu and Jones in the last couple of friendlies. Clark has been playing a different position in Germany and might be injured. Edu has not been playing well with Rangers despite the fact they won the league. Jones has been pretty good for Blackburn. Bradley hasn’t played much for Aston Villa but has been ok when he has. I don’t think it’s a stretch to have Bradley and Jones in the midfield when Edu has been awful in the last few friendlies and poor with his club team.

  400. RB says:

    LOL +10

    “You do realize…”

  401. youknowwhoitis says:

    To whom it may concern,

    Looking at Davies’ MLS form for D.C. United he should definitely be included for the USMNT. Freddy Adu, in my opinion, should not given a place in this line up. I don’t see him playing much,and as it has been in his last games for the national side, he would merely be a bench warmer. I think it is a waste of both his time and the team’s squad space.

  402. Ian in ATL says:

    Man I keep finding myself agreeing with Jim and Andy in Atlanta. It must be something in the water.

  403. Jeff says:

    Robbie Rogers outperforming Landon statistically this season?

    Rogers – 2 goals, 1 assist
    Donovan – 7 goals, 1 assist

  404. The “outrage” over this roster is surprising to me. The way I see it, of the 23 players named, 13 were virtual locks (Howard, Bocanegra, Cherundolo, Onyewu, Ream, Bradley, Dempsey, Donovan, Edu, Feilhaber, Jones, Agudelo, Altidore), while 7 were probable picks (Hannheman, Rimando, Bornstein, Goodson, Lichaj, Spector, Klestjan).

    That leaves 3 players who I would have said were improbable (Adu, Rogers, Wondolowski). These 3 players will most likely be used infrequently as subs. Why the big fuss here?

    A few of the omissions are confusing – notably Chandler and Bedoya. It’s already been confirmed that Chandler declined a call-up (citing physical/mental fatigue); I’d imagine Bedoya may have also declined to maximize his visibility to club scouts (he’s red-hot in Sweden right now and would be on the bench for most of the Gold Cup).

    This list of players may not be the best 23 we have, but they should be good enough to get us to the final.

  405. Great point – really interesting to see the two rosters side-by-side like that. Agreed that our starting XI here actually look better than our starting XI did vs England.

  406. Geoff S. says:

    I find the “I hate BB and his picks” comments incredibly naive and shortsighted. Things come up, and players are not always keen on joining camps or coaches from club/national teams may see that it is in the best interest of the player to remain with his club.

    Also, when a player is unable to join, it makes more sense to fill that hole with a player that demonstrates similar attributes than a player who may be more popular among fans who are less informed than the coach.

    Obviously there are surprises, but lets give the guy the benefit of the doubt instead of calling for his head because a few guys US fans wanted to see are not on. This group is certainly capable of challenging for the title, and everyone will be singing BB’s praises if/when they win.

  407. Davies injured his hamstring against Colorado while Bob Bradley watched. I don’t agree that Davies form with DC United makes him an automatic inclusion in the roster – but besides that, he’s not fit for the tournament. A bummer for Davies but not really much of a surprise.

    Adu has been getting very significant playing time with his club in Turkey (2nd division), and has played a role in getting them to the promotional playoffs. I agree he’ll spend most of the time on the bench but think he was a good pick for this tournament. If nothing else, he can provide a creative spark as a sub.

  408. Don Pelayo says:

    “We’ll never win the Gold Cup with this roster”?

    The surprise choices will only affect who’s occupying the bench. It’s not as if Bradley went with an entire MLS squad or something. We are still the clear favorites to win this tournament, Bobo.

  409. your favourite sun says:

    To be fair KC hasn’t played a single home match in 2011…

  410. fcmonk says:

    Every coach in every sport has their “go-to” guys that they feel the most comfortable with in the lineup. It just so happens that a lot of Bradley’s “go-to” guys suck.

  411. MrNiceGuy says:

    Anyone on here who believes Bob Bradley is a competent coach, please stand up. Also, root for Mexico, because it is obvious you want to sabotage our USMNT….

  412. WJM says:

    Wondolowski over Bunbury–a joke! Wasn’t Bradley in the stadium in the recent friendly when Wondolowski was clearly out of his league?? When Bunbury replaced him, the whole game changed! Rogers, Klejstan and Bornstein? I rest my case. We’ll never progress without a real coach!!! Very upset!

  413. Jacques Strappe says:

    Wondo has 5 goals in 2011, among the league leaders, and more than Agudelo and Bunbury combined. How many “should” he be scoring, according to you? You made the comment that he “can’t” score “right now” but he’s been scoring this year, so don’t be so surprised that it comes off as trolling.

  414. catracho_marplatense says:

    All those qualities discernible to nobody but a Turkish second division club with dubious ties to unethical American sports agents.

    Also, Adu is really like 26. Google it.

  415. Federico says:

    I just hope none of the strikers get hurt because i don’t think Wondo can cut it… Has he even score this season?

  416. robert daniels says:

    Seriously doubt bunbury spurred. Why would he turn down Canada and declare for the us only to turn down the first major international tournament that comes up. Don’t make sense.

  417. hogatroge says:

    Teal’s probably too important to SKC right now to take a break. They have 4 points. Four.

  418. hogatroge says:

    While DeMerit is definitely the most badass (and effective) U.S. defender, he’s been dealing with nagging injuries. He’s only play about half of Vancouver’s games so far this year, and he’s their captain.

  419. hogatroge says:

    “He’s only play…” maybe someone dropped the acid in my coffee.

  420. hogatroge says:

    No so surprised about Adu. He’s been doing well (even if it is the Turkish 2nd division), and he’d hardly peaked yet.

    Bedoya is too valuable to his club right now, and I’m sure there’s a logical reason for Chandler’s absence.

  421. Jeff says:

    Comparing Bunbury and Bradley as if they warrant the same considerations is absurd.

    1. Bunbury — 21 years old, 3 caps (first one was last November), 76 minutes played.

    2. Bradley — 23 years old, 5 years with USMNT, 52 caps, somewhere around 4,000 minutes played at international level.

  422. Alex G says:

    dumb Bradley, calling bornstein instead of Teal or Chandler??, I dont buy the not in form situation, Chandler needed to be there.

  423. WJM says:

    If you want to get the best ever player analyses, follow Jen Chang. He is always Dead On!

    Klejstan–not international quality

    Rogers– not international quality

    Wondolowski–not international quality

    Bornstein–not international quality

    Boon Boor Ree–has done very well in a US jersey; great chemistry w/ Aguedelo; should be there

    Bedoya–based on form, should be there above weaker wing choices.

    Bob Bradley–Gulati had his chance and blew it yet again.

  424. Brett says:

    Wondolowski and Rogers over Bedoya/Davies and Chandler is laughable. So much in fact, that I’m willing to suspend judgment until it is confirmed that he did not reject the call-up. Playing in the GC would permanently cap-tie him to us.

    And of course, baby boy gets a call up despite not playing a meaningful 90 minutes in several months. And you know he’s gonna start and go 90 every match assuming he doesn’t get suspended.

    And have I mentioned I’m sick of Bornstein? I say it so much I can’t remember when the last time I said it actually was. Glad Adu and Benny got called in, but they won’t be difference makers.

  425. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Guessing the Euro passport qualification has something to do with that… Much easier to transfer from Sweden than from MLS…not to mention MLS owns player contracts not teams…

  426. Phil says:

    yeah and all out first choice players were totally healthy when it mattered most in every big tournament we’ve played recently, so why do bench players matter?

    oh, wait.

  427. bryan says:

    guys, i understand everything you are saying. and that is a fair point about him sitting on the bench. but at 28, why is he just now getting a chance? either way, like you said, he’s doing well with that chance now. and so, i’m not upset at all, im surprised though. and a lot of that surprise is because we hardly ever play with two strikers.

    maybe my complete disgust that bornstein and rogers made the squad spilled over into Wondo. i certainly don’t mind his selection.

  428. bryan says:

    i think for the Nats, Bedoya and Rogers would be fighting for the same position.

  429. I have no idea what to say about Rodgers, but as for Adu, my only theory is that Bradley wants him in training as a foil. By playing the role of one of those smaller but more skilled latin players, Adu is probably suited as a practice squad guy going against the starters in a scrimmage. That’s all I can guess.

  430. He’s got Michael on film with Bornstein and Klestian.

  431. Adu would be a good role player on the USMNT Over 30 squad. He’s like one of those Youtube hacky-sack players, a circus-type act lacking in soccer ability. The only argument for his inclusion is that Bradley needs someone in camp with Chicharito-esque qualities (emphasis on “esque”) who the starters can scrimmage against to prepare for smaller and quicker competition.

  432. Neal says:

    Someone call Gus Hiddink before Chelsea nabs him

  433. Bobeto says:

    The Good, Bad and Ugly choices by BB.

    GOOD – Giving Freddy Adu another chance. “I thought we lost you Freddy.”

    BAD – How could you have scouted the MLS an chose Robbie Rogers? Why do I have to ask…just look at the Ugly.

    UGLY – Bringing back Bornstein! Like most of us, the Mexicans noticed his (lack of) talent (bench sitting).
    Maybe we should add…SAD….to that choice.