Gatt scores twice in Molde’s cup win


U.S. Under-20 winger Josh Gatt scored his first two professional goals with top-flight Norwegian club Molde FK and had a hand in setting up a third in a 7-1 victory over third-tier Tiller in a domestic cup match on Wednesday.

Gatt and American U-20 left back Sean Cunningham each started and went the distance for Molde, which advanced to the Round of 16 in the tournament. To learn more about the 19-year-old Gatt, check out this interview he did with Molde's Web site.

Mikkel Diskerud's Stabaek fell to second-tier Honefoss, 3-1, in another Norwegian Cup game on Wednesday and is out of the competition. Diskerud went 90 minutes on the left wing in the loss.

What do you think about Gatt getting on the board? Hoping to see big things from him down the road?

Share your thoughts below.

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18 Responses to Gatt scores twice in Molde’s cup win

  1. NfL says:


  2. Josh D says:

    Gatt! Gatt! The sound of bullets going into the goal!!!

    Anything to get the confidence up for our boys. Glad to see Sean go the distance as well.

    Keep it up!!

  3. Drew says:

    There sure seems to be a lot of blow outs in that league. Good for Gatt though, although with that many goals it would be disappointing if he wasn’t involved in any of them.

  4. Rory says:

    It’s not a league, it’s a cup featuring teams from different levels, so, yeah, blowouts will happen, upsets to judgeing from Stabaek’s loss.

  5. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Left back? Left back? Did you say left back? CAP HIM! Get him in for the gold cup!

  6. fifawitz1313 says:

    Let the hype snowball start arollin’…

  7. Joey says:

    Gatt & Gyau = Donovan & Beasley Version 2.0 ?

  8. Josh D says:

    See below : )

  9. Dainja says:

    “If you don’t quit, yeaaaaah.
    If you don’t stop, yeaaaaah.
    I’m lettin my Gatt pop…

    dope. Snoop and Dre would be proud. (if only U-20s had made the World Cup…damn you Rongen. I’m still not over it)

  10. Drew says:

    You’re right. The other blowouts I’m thinking of came in the cup matches as well. My bad! Hope to see Gatt and Gyau in the senior team fold next year!

  11. wilyboy says:

    Actually wonder if he’s the man to replace Landon on the wing for the US. He’s a tireless runner, has good skill, finishing. Unlikely to ever be as good, but still quite promising.

  12. swoopy says:


  13. GSScasual says:

    as great as this is… it was a reserve match.

  14. Jacob Austin says:

    They have a reserve cup over there?

    Those crazy Scandinavians!!!

  15. afc says:

    Not a reserve match but the team is a semi-pro club from the 3rd division.

  16. Yank in HK says:

    Watched Gatt’s interview on Molde’s website and seems to be a nice and grounded (humble) gent who is looking to work hard. I hope that he keeps that attitude. With Ole Gunnar as the manager, if he impresses and gets good reviews from Ole, that is a very credible source. Hopefully Gatt will be exposed to good setup where he can grow his technical skills, build his tactical understanding of the European game, improve his physical side/fitness and set in place good other professional habits, such as nutrition, sleep, etc.

  17. Brian says:


  18. roger says:

    im guessing gyau is black?