Gold Cup: A Look at Group C

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10 Responses to Gold Cup: A Look at Group C

  1. I remember Guadeloupe’s deep run in 2007. This year’s group isn’t going to be a pushover for the USMNT, but it should provide enough early competition to get the boys focused.

    We badly need to be in the Confederations Cup. I didn’t support Bob Bradley’s re-hiring, but at the very least, he shows up for the qualifying tournaments and uses the non-qualifying iterations as good training for the youngun’s.

  2. Eric says:

    Well i already bought train tickets, hotel, and tickets to the quarterfinal games at RFK so if we dont come in first or second in the group. Well I’ll just stop watching soccer. And i did all of this before the U.S announced its friendly vs Spain. I live a half hour away from Foxboro.

  3. rick lawrence says:

    Does anyone know why Edson Buddle or Herculez Gomez were not called up? They both play more at their respective clubs than Jozy Altidore in better leagues.

    Is it an age thing?

  4. trident says:

    the best of concacaf lol, its like watching primary school football in Class 2. Concacaf does nothing to develop smaller nations, it really is a trophy to give america or mexico for just being around.

  5. StevenG says:

    Canada anyone? And it’s not like smaller nations lose out for lack of trying. They’re just not good enough.

  6. trident says:

    Canada your point is taken that they are not good enough but the rest of nations simply have no other choice but to bad and that is really not fair.

  7. Johnny says:

    Also a talent thing

  8. sandtrout says:

    I see that the U.S games will be broadcast on FSC, but the U.S. soccer website doesn’t mention any Spanish language networks showing the USA games. Are they just on FSC, or will Telefutura or one of the others also be involved? Anybody know?

  9. DaveW says:

    As near as I can tell the Univisión networks(Univisión, Galavisión, and Telefutura) will be broadcasting the Gold Cup in Spanish. They’ve been known to stream some games on the internet as well, as has

  10. ld says:

    funny that they showed the ian hume goal in that clip from the 2007 usa canada game as a highlight but the goal was disallowed by the ref…hmmmm