Mexico releases Gold Cup Roster


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Mexico head coach José Manuel de la Torre has released his roster for this summer's CONCACAF Gold Cup, and there are a couple of notable exclusions.

While the squad is highlighted by Manchester United forward Javier Hernandez, key players Jonathan Dos Santos and Carlos Vela have been left off for the El Tri side that will look to repeat as champions of CONCACAF.

The former head coach of Mexican side Toluca, de la Torre chose three members from the side that he coached for the three years. Toluca was the second-most represented team in the squad, second only to CONCACAF Champions League winner Monterrey, which has four representatives. 

Major League Soccer will be represented on the Mexico roster, as New York Red Bulls defender Rafael Marquez was called up for his fourth Gold Cup.

Here is Mexico's 23-man roster:


GOALKEEPERS – José de Jesús Corona (Cruz Azul), Alfredo Talavera (Toluca), Guillermo Ochoa (América).

DEFENDERS – Ricardo Osorio (Monterrey), Édgar Dueñas (Toluca), Jorge Torres Nilo (Tigres), Rafael Márquez (New York Red Bulls), Francisco Javier Rodríguez (PSV Eindhoven), Héctor Moreno (AZ Alkmaar), Carlos Salcido (Fulham FC).

MIDFIELDERS – Gerardo Torrado (Cruz Azul), Israel Castro (UNAM Pumas), Luis Ernesto Pérez (Monterrey), Jesús Zavala (Monterrey), Antonio Naelson Sinha (Toluca), Ãngel Reyna (América), Efraín Juárez (Celtic), Andrés Guardado (Deportivo La Coruña).

FORWARDS – Aldo de Nigris (Monterrey), Giovani Dos Santos (Racing de Santander), Javier Hernández (Manchester United), Pablo Barrera (West Ham), Elías Hernández (Morelia).


What do you think of Dos Santos and Vela being left off the roster? Any other notable exclusions/inclusions that caught your attention? How do you see Mexico faring this summer?

Share your thoughts below.

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111 Responses to Mexico releases Gold Cup Roster

  1. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Wait, are there two Dos Santos?

  2. Lee says:

    and I thought USA looked weak.

  3. Korey says:

    Wow. No Vela!

  4. bob says:

    dos a cero!

  5. Dank says:

    Doesn’t Barrera play wing back for West Ham?

  6. wildchild says:

    Yes. Giovani and younger bro Johnathan.

  7. adub says:

    Johnathon, hes playing for Barcalona B, not sure why he was left off the team

  8. adub4ever says:

    hell i thought he was a CM

  9. canchon says:

    Yup, for everyone fearing Chicharito: that midfield isn’t exactly Giggs, Nani, Valencia, and Park.

  10. adam c says:

    Gerardo Torrado = funnest name to say in world soccer

  11. chelseafc says:

    Yea Barrera is not a forward…stop looking at wikipedia Ives

  12. jonk says:

    I’m not sure why Adam referred to him as a “key player.”

  13. jonk says:

    It’s not Ives…but anyway, that’s the way the roster is listed in every news outlet that is carrying this roster release. So blame somebody else, I guess.

  14. Edwin in Los Angeles says:

    No he’s a mid winger, sometimes a forward but always on the wing.

    Jonathan will be a surprise if he’s not taken to the Copa America. But something tells me it might have to do with him turning them down time after time.

    The kid from Guadalajara will be on that Copa America squad or on the U-20 WC.

    Vela did okay with a couple of late sub appearances and game winning/tying goals. 2 of them were offsides from what I remember tho, but he hasn’t been getting PT lately, not surprised he’s left off.

  15. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    The kid is still fast, which is especially troubling for our defense.

  16. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Hey Chelsea…take your comments to the FMF

    link to

    Looks like they call him a Forward as well.

  17. josh in provo says:

    Am I the only one that thinks that we should call in miguel angel ponce now that mexico didn’t?

    Could be a big coup for the US and A. What other left back options do we have?

  18. boosted335 says:

    And with him will go NY’s impressive GA avg,

  19. jonk says:

    I suppose we could do that…but only if he’s ready to find a new club. I say let him develop into the player he’s capable of becoming and then let him make his choice (and hopefully we’ve already contacted him on the down low just so he knows we’re interested and tracking him)

  20. Anthony says:

    Vela will most likely be at the Copa America along with the younger Dos Santos.

    I thought Torrado was injured surprised to see him on the roster.

  21. Aalok says:

    He plays for Chivas…if he accepts a call from the USMNT he will have to leave his current club

  22. jonk says:

    The loss of perhaps 5 other starters to the Gold Cup might also contribute.

  23. RB says:

    Offer him a club contract, too, and you might have something. Otherwise he may prefer to keep the day job with Chivas that he will immediately lose if he accepts such a call-up to the US.

  24. RB says:

    Wow, triple jinx.

  25. Ed Dog says:

    Is this the first time in the history of US and Mexican National teams that the US has more players playing in Europe?

  26. Brett says:

    I’m not gonna lie, that team is stacked and I definitely don’t see them being pushovers in any respect. Most dangerous formation for my money would be 4-3-3/4-5-1:

    Osorio – Maza – Rafa – Salcido
    Juarez – Sinha/Torrado – Guardado
    Barrera – Chicharito – Gio

    Could also go 3-4-3 with Rafa pushing up to the midfield.

  27. Brett says:

    He’s a wing forward.

  28. Brett says:

    That team does have a serious weakness at keeper though. Ochoa is extraordinarily weak on set plays and everyone else in their pool is average at best at the club level, which would make them below average at the international level.

  29. Al_OC says:

    I’m not sure if it’s true, but I think he said he’s done with Mexico after he was left off the WC roster.

  30. understood says:

    you make it seem like mexico historically places large numbers of players in europe

  31. Set says:

    He isn’t. Mexico has to play the Copa America with U-22 so both Vela and Jona have agreed to lead that team.

  32. Kyle says:

    You probably don’t follow either team closely but the US for sometime now has had more players playing in Europe. It was until after the 2006 that more Mexican player actually left to play outside of Mexico. My understanding is because of $$$ and homesickness.

  33. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Bummed Marquez is still playing for Mexico. Wish he’d focus on NYRB.

  34. Set says:

    You do have a point about Ochoa but Corona is more likely to start. Calling in Ochoa seems more like a ploy to keep Televisa (owners of most things and people in mexican football) happy. Not likely to start since he is so error prone.

  35. Alejandro says:

    I think Midfield will be this team’s weakness, although they play particularly well on the wings. They are prone to suffer from counterattacks also.

  36. Colin Ferguson says:

    I don’t know a lot about that midfield. Who will we be seeing in the middle? I don’t watch the Mexican league and can’t remember who played there last summer. It seems to me that we could have a pretty good chance of Bob putting together a game plan to win that midfield battle.

    I am scared of GDS, Hernandez and Guardado running at our defense. If we can make it hard for them to play the ball from D-M-F, and force some longer balls forward I think we will have a chance to close them down and keep them opening us up at will. We might benefit from what I see as a lack of steel in the middle. Then again, I don’t know much about their CMs. Who does?

  37. Turgid Jacobian says:

    Guardado and Torrado have some talent in the midfield. Obviously they have a couple of quality forwards, too (though Gio may be a flake).

    Should be a good final with the USA.

  38. Rob says:

    I doubt it…unless you mean starters?

    A lot of US players go to Europe but they don’t play in the top division. Whereas a lot of Mexico’s players stay in Mexico unless they get called to a top division team. Then they take a chance at not getting play time though.

  39. Juan from L.A. says:

    Really? Same could be said of Donovan. Country before club and if you didn’t notice the only reason he is the united nations club is for the hefty pay he gets.

  40. Rob says:

    haha…good one. Yeah, they could’ve picked a better midfield methinks but i’m blanking at the moment on who I would’ve picked.

  41. pr says:

    Defenses aren’t David Luiz, Cole and Ivanovic either.

  42. Juan from L.A. says:

    I believe and what Chepo has line up in friendlies he uses a 4-2-3-1…this includes


    Torres Nilo-Maza Rodriguez-Marquez-Salcido




    On paper this is a better team and led by a better coach than the US. The US has experience and knowing one another, but the recent friendlies have left much doubt. Mexico has look stronger since the WC. Chicharito is on another level and Gio is growing to his potential. Guardado is relentless. Key subs are Barrera, De Nigris, Reyna and Moreno. This is a young but experienced Mexican team.

  43. hush says:

    Sorry, but this is 2011 and not 1994. The U.S is much superior to that of MNT. The U.S has much more talent all around. Gio to me is still a flake, their goalkeepers suck, plain and simple. Their midfield is old as heck, besides Guardado. Barrera is a bench warmer in Europe, so he is rusty as they can be. Marquez is still a solid player, but getting up their in years. Sinha?LOL His days are long gone, the Mexican federation took too long to bring him back. Chicharito is looking very sharp, but the last time I checked, Giggs,Nani, Rooney, and Valencia don’t play for the mexican team. :)

    Besides Bradley’s playing time, we are decent.

  44. Benny says:

    You mean the side that did so great against Venezuela?

  45. Juan from L.A. says:

    hehehe…obviously you haven’t seen them play. Gio is not a flake and his recent scoring form in La Liga with Racing Santander shows his quality. Its about style of play and Barrera with Mexican jersey is a different player. Just watch his playing and due to your comments I doubt you have. Once again, their goalie or the one you imply that sucks (Ochoa) will not start. Corona is a solid goalkeeper, not in the level of Howard but better than any MLS goalkeeper. Funny how you mention Marquez, he is the weakest link especially if he plays Central Defense (instead of centermid). There again shows you are just talking (typing) for talking (typing) purposes. I didnt even mention Sinha and the reason he is there is to help Chepo with the young players especially Gio.

    What’s our weaknesses? Well where do we start our forward pool is weak. We still haven’t found the solution to Leftback and our Centraldefenders are slow to the likes of a Chicharito and company. That’s reality. Get off your cloud nine and watch some FOOTBALL and then comment.

  46. donttreadonme says:

    When does the US release theirs?

  47. Juan from L.A. says:

    I don’t want to make this a back and forth but I like to be objective and if I comment anything its because I look it from a perspective and not just what I want to see. To your comment I’ll only say yes the side that tie and upcoming and good Venezuela and the same team that beat and humiliated a Paraguay that beat us. Enough said.

  48. Joey Joe Joe says:

    You’re correct about Hernandez not having the same level of support as he does at United, but there are a couple of things you may want to consider. First, he’s been scoring on the international level too. All he needs is a couple of chances and he’ll convert. Second, most of the defenders he’ll be facing in the Gold Cup probably won’t be as strong as they are in the Premier or Champion’s League.

  49. Henry says:

    I can’t believe they are still calling Torrado to the squad ….man…im surprised they didn’t call blanco …c’mon mann….that midfield looks weak….there’s no reason at all for leaving vela and jonathan out….NO REASON AT ALL

  50. Henry says:

    I just read on another website and looked at the squad on there….vela and jonathan are not out? what are you talking about? where did you get this from?

  51. jonk says:

    It’s right here. link to

    And the reason for leaving some people out is that Mexico will also be playing in Copa America.

  52. Benny says:

    These were just friendlies. For the U.S., not even one year after the World Cup, the objective is to evaluate new players and experiment with formations. The U.S. will be just fine, especially when they raise the Gold Cup over their heads in Victory.

  53. John says:

    Mexicos defense looks slow and old.

  54. adub says:

    very true but guardado, juarez, castro, and torrado arent horrible either… they will present a very technical side but lacking the pace through the midfield… chicharito scares the hell outta me tho

  55. Kevin_Amold says:

    Stacked? Hardly. Salcido is an error waiting to happen, trust me (Fulham fan, and I’ve watched him a LOT). Don’t get me wrong, they are a strong side, but no more or less so than past Tri sides, in my opinion.

  56. Diego says:

    Are you kidding me? i found Jonathan Dos Santos not being called up a suprise.. but Carlos Vela not being called to the squad is a shock.. you have to be kidding me man.

  57. TimN says:

    Are you sure about that? I thought Chivas only required that players be Mexican. They also have to play for the Mexican National Team if they play internationally??

    On this topic, what is the basis upon which Ponce could play for the USMNT?

  58. Alir Niño says:

    It might be shocking, but understandable, Vela & Jonathan Dos Santos qualify as under 22 for the Copa America, so I expect them both to be in Argentina.

    Midfield is not that good, but we need a new generation, Castro & Torrado (and Luis Perez is not good enough) are aging and I don’t think De La Torre trust or rate Zavala that much (a good option, but a bit of a mistery in the international level). Defense can be solid, specially if we keep Marquez in the bench, I like Moreno-Maza combo better. Our attacking options look so promising so far… Gio shining in La Liga and Chicharito on fire with Man U, Barrera always is a treat while wearing “la verde” and De Nigris is a decent enough option as sub.

  59. Brett says:

    Juarez prefers the middle too. Mexico has used him as a fullback.

  60. jonk says:

    They require that players be eligible to play for Mexico. If he became cap-tied with the US then he could no longer play for Mex and would be persona non grata regardless of still being Mexican. Oh and Ponce was born in Sacramento but moved to Tijuana as a toddler.

  61. marco says:

    El Tri should certainly be a top 10 side after the Gold Cup, and perhaps a top 5 side going into the next WC. They are solid, skillful, and young. With Chicharito on fire they will be a team to avoid in all competitions.

  62. JJ's shin says:

    I prefer Nacho Novo

  63. chris says:

    You are joking right…lol

  64. SBI Troll says:

    He’s still way better than whatever left back we have.

  65. Ryan says:

    Ivanovic? Are you kidding me? At least you had the good sense not to mention John Terry.

  66. AshortDeparture says:

    I’d say that the place they’re most lacking in pace would be the back line… it’ll most likely be Rodriguez, Marquez, and Salicido for at least 3/4. I can’t see Guardado or any of their other wingers helping out too much with defensive duties, so any team with pacey wingers should be a credible threat.

  67. Darthspud says:

    Wow, US fans sound a lot like Mexicans. Really over confident.

    BTW, didn’t J. Dos Santos say he didn’t want to play for Mex anymore.

    With Chicharito scoring a lot of goals with Chivas and Mexico, I’m not sure he cares who is in the midfield. The kid makes the most of his opportunities. He is scary.

  68. MiamiAl says:

    Jonathan Borenstien can handle Chicharito no problem…;)

  69. Manuel says:

    You are an idiot! GIovani dos Santos could be back at Barca NOW the way he’s playing.

  70. Jon Pulido says:

    Hector Moreno is Rafa ten years ago, hoave you ever seen him play?

  71. Novo Gerardo says:

    Wow we gringos are such simpletons!!! But we already knew that?

  72. Lavolpe says:

    You meant Costa Rica 2 USA 0!!!!

  73. John Harvey says:

    And what the US is stacked? There is absolutely nothing wrong with this Mexican team. And just for the record Ochoa has NEVER lost against the US! So make of it what you want. Just dismiss Mexico and problems WILL arise.

  74. Robert Vasquez says:

    Salcido was a beast for Mexico in the WC. THe best player in El TRI!

  75. jayrig5 says:

    “With Chicharito scoring a lot of goals with Chivas and Mexico”

    You mean Man United now, right?

  76. Matt says:

    Has anyone ever seen Chicharito create a goal on his own?

  77. This Guy says:

    Errrrrrrrr! Sorry Manuel, Try Again later. Thanks for playing.

  78. This Guy says:

    Los Gringos!!!

  79. This Guy says:

    He’s a poacher Inzaghi style but he’s better at it this season than I’ve seen before.

  80. andy says:

    In the World Cup Against Argentina

  81. bigprof says:

    i think he means top 5 in Concacaf. It still gets me how many fans of the mexican national team truly believe that for most of the last decade their team has been 3rd in the Americas behind Argentina and Brazil. If they could admit that that wasnt true, I would definately hear their analysis. having said that, Juan from LA is fairly on the mark. If we got Gooch and Bocanegra going against Gio & Chicharito, then our oldies are gonna get torched. The only question will be whether the two mexican strikers are being efficiently fed by their midfield- thats questionable. As for our strikers, I’m not sold on Charlie being back. Arent most of his goals for DC PKs. Bob’s much touted trip to the DC game this weekend may be an emotional extension from the circumstances whereby he did not make the WC squad. In other words, Bob may not be totally objective on this one. Its gotta be Agudelo and Altidore, with maybe davies as a sub. I’d prefer Bunbury.

  82. _is_OK_the_socca_warriors says:

    There’s no goats on El Tri. Literally, not one Chivas player. That’s gotta be a first. Isn’t Chivas doing OK in the “clausura” or whatever it’s called?

  83. Dan says:

    Chivas is doing well but more with heart than with talent. They have lots of young players. Their roaster average age is in the low 20’s.

  84. Dan says:

    *roster :)

  85. Dan says:

    Worst thing that can happen is get over confident.

  86. joejoe says:

    I like Antonio Naelson Sinha a lot, but He’s not the same player of four years ago. He should not be on the team. I’m OK with the Vela and Jonathan Dos Santos omissions. Dos Santos snubbed the team in the past, and Vela is not playing well. This team is going to be fast on the bands. USMNT better get ready. In case you haven’t got the memo, Mexico is back.

  87. JCC says:

    The midfield isn’t that great, but they’ll be killer on the wings. Now that Luduena is a Mexican citizen, I wonder if he’ll start getting some looks from Mexico. He’d be an upgrade in the midfield for them.

  88. Nick says:

    Its surprising to see how many more Mexican players on the top team are selected from Europe now compared to a decade ago.

    Hernandez was able to explode at the club level. Interested to see if he can have just as good of a run at the international level. (Although he did of course have a pretty decent 3 matches in the WC 2010).

    Notable Exclusion?

  89. BBN says:

    MLS club needs to pick up Gio…would be a proper move

  90. Brett says:

    Yes… well, as much as one player in a game like this can “create a goal on his own”. Most of the time, even if it appears to be a “solo effort,” there are other players making space by running off the ball. Also, I doubt any player has ever picked up the ball from a restart, dribbled from line-to-line it without anyone else touching it or occupying defenders, and then finished the play with a goal.

  91. Ryan says:

    False statement.

  92. Ryan says:

    I don’t think that’s what he meant.

  93. bizzy says:

    with players like Javier Hernández and Pablo Barrera up top, Giovani dos Santos playing as an attacking midfielder, Andrés Guardado coming in on the left, we are in for the time of our lives.

    A lot of people are saying the midfield isn’t that great….what are we going to be working with Bradley? Who just started making the bench for villa? When was the last time he even had an assist?

    Look at their team…they have what is called attacking midfielders, something that has been absent from the USMNT for a while (and we wonder why our attackers are getting no service and acting as defenders half the time!!!!). All we need is Jones as CDM…..then try the taboos of US midfield, who I know can excel if given CONSISTANT chances and full support of the coaching staff (No need to name them…we all know them).

    Our attackers can’t score for lack of service. Name one person who could supply attackers like Altidore (U-20/U-23) and Eddie Johnson (Aris) to actually put the ball in the back of the net? Who was the first player in the world to score a hat-trick in both the U-20/U-23? Who do we have as an Attacking Midfielder with a 4 to 1 ratio between appearances and goals scored 208 appearances and 50 goals?

    This Mexican team is picked based on abilities and attributes of the players….not play time, not passed accomplishments, not because of who they know…..Ability and skill. Until we have a coaching staff that can do that……we’ll always be “the come back kings”, with instances when we can’t come back and lose everything……

  94. Frank says:

    Surprised Vela left off. Mexico has a very strong attack. Gio has been lights out at Racing since his loan move. However Mexico’s weakness is at central midfield. Corona is a good goalie.

    Definitely better than the USMNT on paper but games are not played on paper and I expect the US to win the Gold Cup.

  95. marco says:

    Bob Bradley would never play him, as BB is resolute in having a big holding striker.

    That’s a good reason BB should be fired, too rigid.

  96. John Harvey says:

    Mexico does much better under pressure and against quality opponents. Plus people forget Chichatito scored as many goals in Chivas as in United, and he scores almost every time he plays with el TRI! Elias Hernandez, Juarez, Barrera, Giovani can and will switch positions and sides. Yeah, they’re not Rooney and Nani, but then again who is?

  97. Marco Rice Ricoy says:

    I tip my hat to you…good analysis! People miss the point completely. Competition against this high quality Mexican team should be embraced. Our rivalry can only get better if the players, tactics and showmanship are good. I don’t see anything wrong with this squad. I hope for a US/Mex that is real top quality and fun to watch that’s all!

  98. Alex says:

    One of my favorite Arsenal songs, to the tune of “That’s Amore!” – “When you’re three-nil ahead and the game’s almost dead… time for Vela!”

    Guy’s all tricks and flair. Not surprising. Also, he’ll play in the Copa America with the U23s.

  99. srfinger says:

    I assume the comment was in jest. Luz cant defend either. Just knocks guys over and then waits to go forward. Fairly bad outright defender.

  100. jmac says:

    A deep 4-5-1 is the formation that could work at times to stop el tri– it could clog the midfield, deny space and service to chicharto, and hopefully help maintain possession. then break on the counter with speed to beat their slow midfield and exploit the space that will be there with all of mexicos players coming forward.

  101. L.R. says:

    And WHEN has the US beaten Mexico with Ochoa on goal???

    Yeah…that’s what I thought!

  102. George F. says:

    What arrogance! And where are the Giggs, Nani, Valencia and Park of the NATS???

    Giovani Dos Santos and Andres Guardado are every bit as good as Valencia, don’t care what you say! The other three are a one of a kind.

  103. JohnC says:

    minus the fact that Marquez is 32 and Donovan is 29 and you would assume that Marquez does not have a shot at the next world cup so why not focus on club play whereas Donovan will still be a mainstay on the US squad come next world cup

  104. Alejandro says:

    I think that’s part of it … The other part is playing time and unwillingness to play in bottom-tier teams. No disrespect to the US players but they’re more willing to do this.

  105. Alejandro says:

    But he did choke and allow some pretty easy goals. He’s a nervous wreck if you ask me.

  106. Alejandro says:

    I disagree. He DOES have bad games but overall consistent, solid back with big contributions to the attack. There’s a reason he was a regular at Eindhoven. The problem with him at Fulham is he’s claimed homesickness and he think’s he’s already proven himself. I don’t think he has, not in England yet.

  107. Alejandro says:

    The other thing about this is Donovan is a bit harder to replace than Marquez. Hector Moreno is more than cabable of filling his shoes. Donovan’s tenacity and never-say-die attitude takes generations to duplicate.

  108. Alejandro says:

    Probably the most foolish comment here. Think with the soccer side of your brain, not national pride. Yes, US is amazing compared to the 94 team, but these teams battle it out everything single time. Now more than ever, both have good players kicking butt in Europe. Barrera is a bench warmer (sometimes not even called up) because of a man who no longer has his job. He is top talent, and like many American players, can hack it when given a chance. Besides, rusty doesn’t produce two quality crosses which result in goals during a game against south american opposition.

  109. Alejandro says:

    Watch some footage on hector moreno, you might reconsider your comment. But it does apply to Marquez and Osorio.

  110. Alejandro says:

    I hope not because that would mean he does not need a team … You’re an idiot and a hater. Live better.

  111. El Tri Al Cien says:

    If being a goal poacher is so easy “like” Chicharo is supposedly,WHY isn’t everybody poaching goals all the time as well?