More notes on the USA Gold Cup squad

Bob Bradley (

As the news of the U.S. national team Gold Cup roster selections sink in, here are some highlights from Bob Bradley's conference call explaining his decisions:

Timmy Chandler was left off because it was decided he needed a rest after playing an extensive number of minutes for the first time in his pro career, and playing in the Gold Cup would have left him with little time to recover before the next German season. The sense here is that the U.S. team wanted Chandler, but ultimately reached an understanding with him and his club team, Nuremberg.

It should be noted that at 21, and in his first season with the first team, Chandler wasn't in much of a position to go against his club's wishes and not risk hurting his standing with Nuremberg. If Chandler were a veteran player in a better standing, he would have been better positioned to insist on playing in the Gold Cup.

Alejandro Bedoya's exclusion was purely a personnel decision, and Bradley made no mention of having an issue with taking Bedoya from his team. Looking at the squad, it looks as though Bradley simply chose Robbie Rogers over Bedoya, despite the fact that Bedoya is playing the best soccer of his young professional career (and despite the fact that Rogers has been steady though hardly outstanding this season for Columbus).

Bradley noted that Rogers provides the team with a good flank option and started the season well with Columbus.

"Thus far his mobility and energy with (the Crew) have been good," Bradley said. "We all know that Robbie has a lot of talent."

Freddy Adu earned his place due to his strong form with Turkish second-division side Rizespor. Bradley hasn't been to Turkey to see Adu play in person, but he has watched his games via computer.

"Typically playing in the second division in Turkey doesn't bring you back into the scene," Bradley said. "He's shown us soccer qualities that will help our team.

"It seems like a good opportunity to get him back in with us, where we have a good month together and challenge him and hope that he has continued to grow and mature."

Jonathan Bornstein was chosen because he's always fit and ready, even if he's not playing regularly for his club. His experience with the national team, particularly at left back and against CONCACAF competition, clearly led to the selection.

Chris Wondolowski was taken because he is on good form with San Jose.

"As we watched different games, we felt strongly that Chris Wondolowski was in good form, has scored some very good goals and seems to be a player that gets a couple of chances every game," Bradley said.

(CORRECTION– Jay DeMerit and Brad Davis are NOT Gold Cup alternates for the USMNT.)


We'll have a more detailed report on Bradley's conference call shortly. For now, feel free to tell us which players you were happy to see make the squad, and which picks surprised you the most.

Share your thoughts on the U.S. squad below.

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176 Responses to More notes on the USA Gold Cup squad

  1. Andy from LA says:

    Well the Chandler reasoning makes sense to me, as long as he does eventually play for the U.S. But Spector is always fit and ready to play? How exactly does somebody get that reputation? From never playing?

  2. adub says:

    Great news about Chandler….

    my only problems now are


    Wondo> Agudelo???

  3. HoboMike says:

    Amen to the Bedoya exclusion.

    Disappointed in the lack of Chandler, and bewildered by Rogers, but I guess that’s what injuries will do (I have to think Holden would have taken Rogers place).

  4. adub says:

    he makes the bench, so you would figure he is ready to play

  5. Brad says:

    Most importantly, Ives, do you think this GC team could beat El Tri, or even Jamaica or CR?

    Do we start Agudelo up top with Jozy with Dempsey in the midfield?

  6. HoboMike says:

    Agudelo is on the roster…..

  7. HoboMike says:

    I think we have to…Altidore has looked good playing next to Agudelo.

  8. slyboy says:

    Dude….Agudelo was also included.

  9. Ben says:

    So, over on another website, Jen Chang, who I very much respect, said that the Turkish 2nd division is, in his opinion, somewhat of a joke, way below MLS, even below the top Swiss league, so Adu becomes more of a strange pick for me.

  10. HoboMike says:

    I think the bottom line is we needed a creator….ANY creator….and who else would you pick?

  11. Mikey says:

    Curious to hear BB’s reasoning on the Bedoya omission. I’m sure there’s a reason, but I don’t know what it is.

    Chandler reasoning makes sense, although if FCN allows Germany to call him up in the interim I’d be pretty upset.

  12. FulhamPete says:

    Starting lineup vs. England(First Group Stage game)

    Possible lineup vs. Canada

    Deuce-MB/Jones/Edu(Pick two)-LD

    Agudelo for Findley
    ANY of the CMs for Redcardo
    Ream for Bornstein (I’m saying Bornstein because DeMerit is injured, pushing Boca to the right.)

    The team we field in the first game of the GC is better than the team we field in the first knockout round of the WC.

    Why are we complaining about spots 21-23?

    Granted, our best team isn’t possible with this roster. Holden, DeMerit are injured. Chandler is fatigued. Davies just isn’t ready yet. There’s NOBODY else who’s starter-capable that we’re missing, and we’re STILL better than a crucial game in the last world cup.

    Let’s stop complaining. We’ve got a good team that will fare just fine against Mexico, Canada,

  13. Ben says:

    Wondo isn’t an exciting pick, but I can understand it. Rodgers and Kljestan make me throw up a little in my mouth.

  14. Brad says:

    Adu’s team is being moved up to the 1st division next season, for whatever that’s worth…

  15. knolljus says:

    You “sky is falling” people crack me up. There is a good mixture of youth and veterans, most of which will be around for the next WC. It’s not my favorite roster, but it’s not like Adu and Rodgers are going to log major minutes. Mike Bradley was in a bad spot at both clubs this past year, first with the relegation/contract issues and second with his jerk manager at villa. Klejstan deserves it for his change of form, I was a major detractor of his and he seems to have turned the corner with his time in Europe.

  16. Mikey says:

    I was wondering that as well.

    I’d say Turkish 2nd is like USL/NASL-level; just below MLS. I’m very happy for Adu and his success there, but let’s not pretend he’s doing it against Gold-Cup quality competition.

  17. Jeremy says:

    Good point. I think we are quite a bit disappointed by how the roster COULD look if everyone were healthy and willing to play, and if Bob wouldn’t do something like choose Rogers over Bedoya.

  18. adub says:

    woah where is Ricardo Clark at??????

  19. ACS says:

    I’m with you on Adu, if Holden wasn’t injured it’d be totally different, but I wonder if Chandler wasn’t the pick over Adu considering Chandler’s ability to play anywhere on the right side

  20. Mikey says:

    Yeah but Michael Bradley could ride the bench for four years straight and still be excellent in the midfield when called upon.

    He’s more Spector than Spector. 😀

  21. Mike Caramba says:

    I understand the Chandler reasoning, but isn’t this a regional championship? Seems like a pretty important competition to miss.

  22. Ben says:

    While I agree with most of your points, I think complaining about the last rosters spots isn’t ridiculous. So, if Kljestan, Rodgers, and Adu see major playing time, something probably went arwy, so why not use those spots to build up a Torres again, who I hope we all agree is more skilled than Kljestan, or someone, really anyone other than Kljestan?

  23. Jokr22 says:

    Same reaction to the Rodgers and Kljestan picks. Also a bit concerned about Gooch who seems to be penciled into everyone’s starting line-ups…

  24. Dainja says:

    Rogers > Bedoya = FAIL (the only truly un-defendable pick of the whole team)

  25. Maldini says:

    The Chandler reasoning does not make sense.

    He is 21 and he only played 14 games this year. There is no information about him being hurt at all. Kids this age don’t get tired after so few games. Look at the other US players and how many games a year they play…..

    It is impossible not to think that someone talked to Timmy and let him know that he was going to kill any future option of the German National Team if he played in the Gold Cup. By rejecting this call up he keeps his options open.

    Remember that he is NOT cap tied to the US yet. We needed him to play inn the Gold Cup to get him tied.

  26. ACS says:

    Rize lost today 4-0 in the semifinals, will have to score by 4 or more and not let the other team score to make it to the finals to get promoted

  27. Igner Ant says:

    You had better be joking.

  28. shutupayouface says:

    probably not. they lost 4-0 in the first leg of their promotion playoff today.

  29. d-bar says:


    We had almost two weeks of bemoaning the roster selections and debating the starting lineup/formation, and you ruined it by answering all the questions in the first few hours. Thanks for nothing.


  30. Ben says:

    True, but the final should be US-Mexico with or without Chandler, and now Nuremburg can’t really complain about any future matches, especially qualifiers, which are, ultimately, more important.

  31. Fred says:

    Wondo? Sasha? Really?!

    Sure the first XI aren’t that hard to pick. But for me these sorts of decisions suggest we’d be better off without Coach Sweats.

    On similar note: What of Jose Francisco Torres? In what dimension is Sasha Kljestan anywhere near as promising? [I know they are “different” players…]

  32. Grubbsbl says:

    I doubt that considering Adu’s team lost 4-0 today in the first leg of the Turkish 2nd Division semi-final.

    Also, Jen Chang once stated that Ricardo Clark is better than Wilson Placios so take his thoughts with a grain of salt.

  33. Maldini says:

    Hopefully Ives or another member of the media can find out why the long delayed occurred today. It seems pretty obvious that the US got some news it did not expect (Chandler?) and had to y and fix it or make some changes.

  34. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    I wouldn’t listen to everything Jen Chang has to say. He can be a condescending clown.

  35. adub says:

    why would i be joking? hes been playing alot for Eintracht Frankfurt at CB! thats pretty damn good to me! is he injured? hell he started in the last WC, BB wouldnt just give up on him

  36. Ben says:

    Yeah, Gooch worries me, too, but at least he brings veteran leadership, and I don’t think he will be starting or playing much.

  37. Ben says:

    Okay, but being a jerk has nothing to do with his knowledge.

  38. Brad says:

    then I am corrected, thanks…

  39. A.S. says:

    I am OK with the Bedoya exclusion. He’s never shown a thing at the National Team level, regardless of how well he has played at the club level. No great loss.

    As far as Adu goes, I am also OK with it. Face it, nobody commenting has seen Adu play recently, so we can’t all judge how well he is playing right now.

    The inclusion of Wondo is in a long line of calling up whoever is scoring a lot at the MLS level – whether it was Buddle, or Eddie Johnson, or whoever. Those guys never pan out at the National Team level, but it’s not like it is really unexpected.

  40. Reid says:

    Not even thinking about the minutes/playing time…. there is no way that Rodgers should have been “rewarded” with a spot on this squad.

    If we are just using this spot as a badge of honor it should have went to Brad Davis, who has shown so much more throughout his career.

    Even though there are questionable calls on the roster, Rodgers is the only one that is upsetting.

  41. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    He missed a game with a foot laceration and I had other nagging injuries. Add that with the reserve matches I’m sure he was playing in before the first team call up and the ridiculous amount of friendlies Bundesliga teams play and it equals a lot of soccer. Also, it seems like the kid got bullied by Nurnberg.

  42. joel says:

    if it was germany that called Chandler up, the club would have allowed him to play.

  43. Ben says:

    “once stated,” hmm ok. Every analyst in everything is bound to be wrong every now and then. Heck, even Ives has been wrong once or twice over the years, but that hardly means they aren’t good at what they do.

  44. mistaDobalina says:

    Wondo>Bunbury, Buddle, Gomez, Davies … thats debatable

  45. FulhamPete says:

    Good point.

    I think the sequence goes like this:

    1. Chandler/Nurnberg/BB says no.
    2. BB poops his pants.
    3. Calls Bedoya…says no. Allsvenskan starts in mid summer, from my recollection.
    4. BB puckers the leather in his comfy desk chair.
    4. Calls in Rogers.

  46. green says:

    I agree with you.

    Bob got owned by Tim’s club. . . what else was he going to say.

  47. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    That’s true….Honestly, I’ve been waiting to say that but his name seldom comes up. Regarding the Turkish 2nd division; I watched a few matches and I didn’t find the quality as bad as he says. I think the average team in that league is marginally better then the average MLS team.

  48. Jokr22 says:

    Torres exclusion is frustrating. Obviously not a Bradley favorite…

  49. chris says:

    Agreed- I dont think it was Timmy that got pushed around by Nuremburg, it was a weak Bob Bradley

  50. Ryan says:

    Kljestan is getting a comparable amount of playing time with Anderlect to the time J.F. Torres is getting at Pumas, but I’d say Anderlect is a higher standard of play, and Kljestan is a more versatile player than Torres.

  51. joe says:

    You’re on crack. The Wondo callup was long overdue. The guy’s finishing is mint.

  52. Jokr22 says:

    Agree that I’d feel more comfortable with the omission if Chandler were already wedded to the USMNT.

  53. Maldini says:

    Let’s face it though, it’s not like too many forwards have panned out for the US no matter where they have played.

  54. Ryan says:

    Gooch’s problem lately has been not getting game time. Since his move to Twente, that should be corrected. Oguchi Onyewu at the top of his game is far and away the best defender we have, and you just can’t forget that.

  55. Eurosnob says:

    FulhamPete, I agree with your assessment. In addition, I see BB’s logic in selecting some on the “on the bubble” players like Adu and Rogers. This was done to develop the young talent for 2014 WC. Adu is only 21 and his natural position is a CAM in 4-5-1, which emphasizes his strengths and hides his defensive deficiencies. His European career has been a disaster, but he is experiencing a turnaround in Turkey while finally playing his natural position. If he continues to mature and works hard on his game, he could develop into a starter for 2014. On the other hand, he could be lazy and waste his talent. Rogers is the only player on the team who is a natural winger and has experience of playing at the Gold Cup. He will be in his prime by WC2014. It was not unreasonable for BB to include both players.

  56. fifawitz1313 says:

    Sacha has been starting recently for the the Belgian League champion. Torres only recently regained his starting role at Pachuca and will probably not be with the team next season. Plus, Pachuca finished last this season in their group. I think Sacha deserves the call up over Torres based on current performace. Has Sacha disappointed in USMNT performaces in the past? Sure, but so has Torres. I’d like to see how Sacha has matured with his season in Europe.

  57. djs says:

    As others have noted, the Chandler situation is disappointing but entirely understandable — it wasn’t really worth forcing the issue, especially since Chandler was likely to sit behind Dolo anyway.

    I’m disappointed about Bedoya being left off the team as well, but rather than losing his spot to Rogers (or Adu), I think he was viewed as behind Feilhaber and Klejstan in the pecking order.

    I’m mystified by the Adu selection, particularly since the role BB evidently envisions for him could have been better filled by Gringo Torres, but whatever…

    But as a Crew fan, though, where I think RoboBob is clearly off his rocker is his selection of Rogers. It’s clear why — Bob wants to have a pure winger, and preferably a left-footed one, as an option off the bench… but anyone who’s been paying even an iota of attention to MLS this season could see that Rogers is in shaky form at best, and that Brad Davis would be a vastly superior option. I’m no fan of Warzycha, but there’s a reason Rogers was benched for a while by the Crew earlier in the year — the Crew’s attack is anemic, and Eddie Gaven has been much more impressive this season. This strikes me as another example of Bradley at his ultra-stubborn worst — like Findley at the World Cup, Bob is willing to plug in a subpar option that fits the particular widget he wants, rather than creatively adapt his tactics to make the best use of the resources at hand.

  58. mistaDobalina says:

    i agree. the only logical argument i have heard is that Bedoya is in mid season with Obreo (his club) and should be pulled out of his good form there.

    I also would have picked either Bunbury, Buddle or Gomez at the expense of Adu, Kljestian or Wondo. so far no explanation of why this didn’t happen.

  59. Ryan says:

    Yeah, but it’s not like he’s a starter. Dolo is a lock to start at right back, and you have to assume Donovan/Dempsey were always going to be the starting wingers. Given that, and given Lihaj and Jonathan Spector were around, Chandler could be excused.

  60. Jokr22 says:

    I feel bad for Ricardo and lay the blame squarely at BB’s feet. He put the kid in a position he was clearly not ready to handle. For me, that decision alone should have cost Bradley the reins of the team for this cycle. I hope, for the kid’s sake, that he’s put it behind him. time will tell if he can contribute in the future.

  61. Jokr22 says:

    Not a Crew fan but, like you, I think a whole lot more of Eddie Gaven than Robbie Rodgers. Robbie’s got wheels but he’s a one trick pony down the wing…

  62. FGB says:

    So he’s admitting that he’s simply watched Adu on TV? I guess it’s safe to ignore all of Adu’s off the ball (and off the TV screen) work then, since it’s not like he’s had a problem with that anyway.

    Bob Bradley strikes me as the soccer analogue of a guy who thinks RBIs and pitcher wins are a good basis for evaluating baseball players.

  63. Dancy says:

    A jerk Manager that got his team into the top half of the arguably best league in the world. This is despite making a poor loan move for Bradley, who he learned wasn’t good enough for a role with the team.

    If Klejstan’s change of form gets him a chance then why doesn’t Bedoya’s better form keep him in the fold? Ricardo Clark’s form has arguably been better than both and he never had a prolonged period of suck like Sasha. Why don’t Rogers’ poor form or Bornstein’s awfulness get them excluded?

  64. Ben says:

    Yeah Rodgers is a sprinter, not a soccer player, and I think it is doubtful he will ever turn into one.

  65. Cahill says:

    Chandler thing is bewildering. I think people are accepting BB’s explanation a little too easily, probably bc his explanation makes it sound like no big deal and that’s how we want to interpret it. But, I’m not so sure. I mean, this is part of being a high level soccer player. You play year ’round. Every single international player on the USMT that plays even semi-regularly has to deal with this. The Gold Cup isn’t Copa America..but uhh…its important to win. Hell, the benefit of Chandler playing in his first high level tournament with the 1st team far outweighs whatever is gained from him “resting”. Give me a break. Something is up here.

  66. joe says:

    That’s just not true. Landon Donovan excels in MLS. Dempsey in 2006. McBride, Wolff, and Mathis in 2002. Ching, EJ, and Twellman all scored in 07 Gold Cup. McBride at 2003 gold cup.

  67. EastBayGrease says:

    Wondo pick is exciting and deserved. The guy has a cannon for a shot. He seems to always make the right pass. He is also far more creative on the ball than the likes of Gomez and Buddle. Bunbury and Agudelo play the same role up top while Wando brings a different element to the game.

  68. Benjamin says:

    Bradley has done some good things, but essentially he is an assistant coach masquerading as a national team manager. He claims to judge merit based on club form, yet he brings he guys like Kljestan, Bornstein, and Rogers, who have had suspect performances on all levels recently. At least M. Bradley has proved he can produce with the national team, though his current club situation is akin to a rest stop toilet; the other three have NO claims to belonging on a Gold Cup squad.

    My theory on Adu: Bradley is absolutely praying that the kid makes good here and lives up to whatever supposed talent he has, had, whatever. Essentially, a lightning in the bottle situation.

  69. rf says:

    Just a guess but it sounds to me like Chandler has a pretty good idea that he’ll be called up by Germany and doesn’t want to commit to the US. Hope I’m wrong but this doesn’t small right…

  70. Louis Z says:

    i beg to differ, Altidore looked out of position with lack of forsight. Agudelo, showed how much polished when you get to compared side by side with Altidore.

  71. GW says:

    “I’m mystified by the Adu selection, particularly since the role BB evidently envisions for him could have been better filled by Gringo Torres, but whatever…”

    Gringo does not have one atacking bone in his body. Adu is the exact opposite. Both are very flawed.

  72. Louis Z says:

    if that is all he brings…then put him in the coaches payroll and give someone else a chance.

  73. Mike says:

    Where is Bunbury?

  74. dan says:

    I don’t like this Chandler business, he might be switching to Germany. Clubs can’t hold back players for FIFA international dates, no matter how bad they want to.

  75. Cahill says:

    Rooting/following the USMT is worse than rooting for the Cubs/Mets/Bills combined. Mainly bc as w/ the other organizations, the root of the problem is at the top. It’s beyond the players. It’s the total dysfunction that is the USSF. Bradley isn’t a bad guy, but he just doesn’t feel like he needs to play the game like the other countries do. There is 0 reason why Chandler should have been excused from the roster.

  76. Cahill says:

    + 1. Which would, IMO, be a huge indictment of the USSF. And, that, by the way, is what people are whispering.

  77. Primoone says:

    the comparison is a bit off base however, there is quality in the 2nd division. But he does have somewhat of a point. Many folks were enamored with Benny play in Denmark (which is only slightly above MLS yet when he plays for internationally, he is very inconsistent. The fact of the matter is that he faced very little ball pressure that I noticed from his opponents. he had all the time in the world to create and pick/choose his passing lanes. Adu on the other hand is known for being a game changer (somewhat). See his brief stint at Benfica. Point being, I think Adu will have much more of an impact than Rogers, Sasha, Wondo or even Bedoya in the attacking third sooner or later. Time is currently on his side.

  78. matt says:

    Well, Germany wouldn’t call him up for a whole month, nor would they make him travel halfway around the world, so the situation wouldn’t be identical. That being said, if Germany calls him up, we’re probably donezo anyway, b/c there’s a good chance that given a choice, he would chose Germany.

  79. Isaac says:

    I’m not quite as bewildered by Rogers over Bedoya. It seems like Rogers has all the tools to be a great winger, more so than Bedoya. People complain about Rogers being a “one-trick pony”, but I’ve hardly ever/never seen Bedoya really beat anyone in a 1v1. He hasn’t got the pace. He’s actually better when he comes inside and releases the ball from central areas, rather than being a winger as everyone likes to say that he is. Rogers himself is two-footed, and can be dangerous getting down the wing and putting in good crosses, or coming inside and creating, see his goal against the Red Bulls back in 2008(3-1 win for the Crew).

    I think Bob’s idea with a lot of this roster is that these players have added little things to their game that have made them much more tactically advantageous, despite their form or recent issues.

    Rogers has become a good crosser and a hard worker on defense, things that he was criticized for a good 2 or so years ago.

    Adu has become a harder worker, smarter tactically, better defensively, and maybe even just a touch( a touch, I say) more humble.

    As far as the rage over Bornstein goes, listen, the guy is one of the only left back options we’ve got. He’s not amazing, but it really doesn’t get much better than that. Bornstein is good for handling speedy wingers, while Bocanegra is better against more physical options. Be glad we have that kind of tactical variation.

    Speaking of tactical variation, that’s something Bob Bradley is really good at. His pregame decisions can be a bit predictable, but he’s good at putting together rosters that give him options in terms of switching up his tactics to beat his opponents’.
    Rogers is a classic wing option, Adu and Kljestan offer raw creativity, Feilhaber gives you a linking/passing, Xavi-esque midfielder that can help dictate the pace of the game, keep the ball, and help the USA work the ball around their opponents in the midfield.

    Wondolowski is a bit more surprising to me, but he is in good form with San Jose. My only issue is that he offers less tactical ability. He’s good on the ball, a great poacher, and an incredibly smart footballer overall, but he doesn’t have the strength/size to hold the ball up or the pace to stretch defenses/offer a threat in behind so that defenses sit back and widen the game between defense and midfield( where Donovan and Dempsey like to work). I could see him dropping off of either Jozy or Juan( if he were to play as the target), as he does for San Jose with Steven Lenhart, but I’m not sure that’s such an amazing option.

    Either way, I like the tactical flexibility and variation that Bradley incorporates into his sides.

  80. Murphy says:

    What would Bornstein have to do to NOT make a U.S. roster? He can play poorly in matches, make stupid mistakes on the field, and now he’s not even playing regularly at the club level and he makes the roster. Unbelievable. Why didn’t Ricardo Clark make it Bob? I thought Clark and Bornstein were BB favorites.

    I’m also as puzzled as Ives over the Rogers choice. I think in terms of MLS play Davis is playing better than Rogers, but I guess Rogers is younger. It would’ve made sense to take Bedoya (who won’t have games this summer) rather than Rogers to sit on the bench when he could be getting games for the Crew…

    Oh well the core group looks good and the U.S. should go deep in the tournament. Ives is right Boca will start at LB and play well there. I’m looking forward to the semis and the final in this tournament it should be interesting…

  81. taker says:

    U.S powerhouse with this roster xp.

  82. anthony says:

    he’s eating cheetos on his couch watching the gold cup, when he should be starting up front with agudelo. questionable one bob bradley…

  83. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    They can’t hold him back but they could say that it might affect your status for the start of the next season.

  84. Isaac says:

    I think that Bradley brings in guys like that for tactical variation. Moreover, I think he brings players not based on club form, but for club minutes. Rogers isn’t playing amazing football, but he’s proving that he provides a tactical option Bradley could use – Width. Kljestan isn’t playing amazing, but he provides a back up attackign midfield option Bradley could definitely use, and he’s quite good defensively. Bornstein offers a pacey, left-footed, attacking left back option that can vary with Bocanegra, a guy better for teams who lack width/tricky wingers, and who doesn’t get forward as much.

  85. Primoone says:

    “Kljestan is a more versatile player than Torres.”

    This speaks volumes as to why we have issues fielding an effective unit. Everyone plays out of their natural positions. I can appreciate the world game evolving and calling for players to do more than one thing. However, we don’t have any players that just kill it where they are suppose to be on the pitch, with the exception of our GK’s and LD-Clint. We have too many jacks of all trades however no real masters of one.

    Rant over-

  86. Be Serious says:

    Where do you get that interpretation from those statements? You are living in a fantasy world.

  87. Isaac says:

    Davis may be a good crosser, but he’s not pacy and won’t beat anyone down the flank, something that Robbie Rogers can do, as well as put in a good cross.

  88. Duck says:

    Brad Davis should probably be on the roster instead of Rogers. He is single-footedly carrying the Houston offense. Everyone says you can’t teach the speed Rogers has, but he hasn’t learned the soccer skills that Davis has, either. Besides, killer set pieces wouldn’t be a bad way to dispatch shorter opponents.

  89. stpauljosh says:

    kind of what i’ve been thinking. why would playing in the gold cup, in his off-season, be opposed by his team? good standing with 1fcn?… ok, i guess. but this tournament isn’t just a friendly go around. a friendly? i totally get it. but there’s something kind of fishy here.

  90. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    How won’t Bedoya have games this summer? The Swedish league is in midseason right now. If he wasn’t going to see significant action at the Gold Cup, it’s better to leave him at his club.

  91. Calm down says:

    Your paranoia is as annoying as your spelling. Have you not read any of his interviews, he takes great pride in wearing the shirt.

  92. Duck says:

    ^ Some of the best arguments I have read in favor of this roster

  93. Isaac says:

    It’s statements like these made by people who don’t watch this guy enough that kind of annoy me. Rogers has great control, dribbling, and a shot. I think the issue is that he’s just kind of figuring out how to use that for the team. Under Bradley, Rogers was a lot better at just getting wide and offering the typical wing option, and Robbie played some good football under Bob. Bob gave Robbie a clearly defined role, and he followed through( for the most part). That’s what is missing with Robbie. He’s got a lot of skills, and he doesn’t know what he wants to do with them. Bob can take a player like that and use him in different ways. A guy cutting inside, or getting down the wing.

  94. joe says:

    I would not take Gomez or Bunbury over Wondo. Herc did nothing at the club level for 10 months before his recent short term hot streak. Bunbury hasn’t come close to wondo’s skill or production over the last 2 years.

  95. ben in el cajon says:

    I guess with Gooch, Ream, and Goodson in the center, assuming that Bocanegra will move outside, there are three good options, but I would like to see Omar Gonzalez in the side. Ives has pointed out his distribution problems, but this season Gonzalez seems to have improved his passing. The guy’s a monster in the middle, and great on set pieces.

  96. RoryMclean says:

    I worry about how tired he must be after something like 14 games he played in this season.

    Seriously, I’d say the club told him either you’re here with us or we buy a new person for your position.

  97. ben says:

    +1 for the last sentence

  98. Seriously says:

    Do you even know who Ricardo Clark is? He isn’t some “kid” as you call him. He is 28, one of the prime years in soccer terms. If he wasn’t “ready” then he simply isn’t good enough. His time is now but we have better/younger people to play his position. Your post is ridiculous.

  99. Seriously says:

    Wondolowski is a poacher, he works in the SJ set-up. Bunbury is much more skilled then him and if you don’t see that then you need to re-watch a few matches.

  100. ben says:

    who does everyone think the best CB is? Everything ive heard sounds like Goodson had a very promising end of the season with his club

  101. Josh says:

    Altidore certainly looks better playing with ANYBODY as a second striker. He’s terrible in a 4-5-1, a formation for which he’s just really unsuited.

    When he’s playing with a second striker, his hold-up and team play is so much better, but when he gets isolated up top, he’s got a horrible tendency to dribble straight into a double-team, and contrary to what Jozy thinks, he’s got neither the speed nor the dribbling ability to do that successfully.

  102. WhiteHart says:

    I understand your logic, but I have to think they would have been just fine with him riding the pine over the summer if we were Germany calling him up for Euro..

    I’m tired of people apologizing for the fact that Gold Cup is “expected” to be USA-Mexico final.. just cause it’s expected doesn’t mean it will happen, and it doesn’t mean that it’s not an important tournament all the same..

    I can understand the next Gold Cup not bothering, but with the Confed Cup on the line, this IS a big tournament for the USMNT

  103. Indigo Montoya says:

    Other than your comment on Kljestan (who is getting regular minutes for a Europa / Champions League club), I agree. Cheers.

  104. Isaac says:

    I just don’t really get why people keep saying Rogers doesn’t have skills. The kid can definitely take players on and shows great touch and a powerful shot. I hate to use YouTube videos, but just look at some of the things he does in this one

    link to

    If that’s not skill, I don’t know what is. I’m telling you, the guy’s issue is not that he doesn’t have the skills, he just doesn’t know what way he wants to use them. Bob Bradley did well to show him how to use them for his team, and he played well at a time when he was supposedly not in great form.

  105. rory says:

    Mix isn’t cap tied yet either… and I think Norway has a Euro qualifier against the likes of Luxemburg later in the year… ever since he said he would join whichever called him up first (a couple years ago) I have been worried.

  106. BAJ says:

    If Bob wanted a flank player I would have picked Convey over Rogers.

  107. JW says:

    He’s playing for SKC, which needs him, badly. Also, not scoring much for SKC, which he needs to, badly.

  108. Indigo Montoya says:

    Chandler’s exclusion seems to be an indication that Germany may be calling him up – has Germany released its roster for the upcoming Euro qualifiers?

  109. rf says:

    Actions speak louder than words. He can say whatever he wants but the fact of the matter is he won’t be playing for the US in the continental championship that gives access to the Confederations Cup in 2013. If this were the ’09 Gold Cup again it wouldn’t matter but it’s not.

    This decision is Chandler’s to make so he declined the call-up. FCN can tell him not to go but they are FIFA international dates so they can’t prevent him from coming.

    Who knows what’ll happen but I wouldn’t bury my head in the sand and pretend like he’s in the bag for us.

  110. mjt says:

    Some thoughts:

    -The hype machine is definitely pointed in some new directions. I thought the internet would explode after Adu was selected and all everyone is talking about (with good reason) is Chandler’s exclusion.
    -Surprised JFT didn’t get the call, but if we’re looking for a hail-mary super-sub to break down a defense, Adu may legitimately have more upside so I can’t complain.
    -Kljestan has had many down moments but he’s getting time with a good club playing a position we need, and he’s versatile (can play a wing much better than JFT I believe.) So I can’t really complain about that.
    -I think Bedoya warrants a callup BUT: as has already been said, he’s on a hot-streak, middle of the season. I think Bradley is praying Dempsey and Donovan stay healthy (let’s face it, we’re in big trouble w/o them anyway) and that Bedoya wouldn’t get many minutes regardless (Klejstan and Feilhaber can both do okay on the wings.) Better to save favor with his club, and/or help him stay hot and get transferred, both of which will allow him to contribute more in the qualifiers (which are more important.) I agree with everyone who says he’s sucked in a Nats jersey so far, but he’s young and starting to light it up, and we have no good wings, so don’t write him off yet.
    -Rogers is a little baffling, but I guess Bradley would rather go with a known quantity who has faced these kinds of games before, than any other MLS options which may be superior skill-wise.
    -People whine constantly about “Bradley’s boys” being called in constantly, but national teams depend a lot on familiarity with a system and chemistry, since they are together for such short periods of time. I was surprised to see Bornstein and Kljestan (and Rogers) called in again, but for marginal players who may or may not see the field, sometimes it’s better to have guys who have played with the rest of the team more or who are known to be hard workers who won’t sulk if they don’t start (looking at you Heath Pearce, who I think is more talented than Bornstein.) Hopefully the locker-room benefit and on-field familiarity these guys bring will outweigh any slight deficiencies in talent relative to other guys (let’s face it, our potential replacements for them are not world-beaters.)
    -Bunbury has a bright future. Wondo is a straight-up finisher and we desperately need that, so in a high-stakes tourney like this, I’d rather have a slightly better goal-scorer than bring in a young guy to “build for the future” (same goes with the ‘JFT has greater upside than Kljestan’ people: I agree, but Kljestan is playing better right this moment and rightfully got the call.)

  111. WhiteHart says:

    0% chance that FCN tells him he can’t go if it’s Germany calling him up for Euro…

  112. marden08 says:

    Credibility matters. Bob Bradley’s quotes sound like an automated voice mail with long arduous statements that seem to make sense until you say them over and over. He is either a genius, a village idiot or a politican. All that matters is how they play Go USA!!

  113. Igner Ant says:

    BB won’t give up on Bornstein, either, but that doesn’t mean it is a good thing.
    I want the best for all of our Nat players– but I think Clark has shown that he does fine against lesser competition but can’t hack it when the pressure is on. His skills are duplicated by players who are far superior, such as Jermaine Jones, Michael Bradley, and Edu– meaning there just isn’t room for him. Even if he has put in time at CB, so has Edu…

  114. GW says:

    “This decision is Chandler’s to make so he declined the call-up. ”

    I guess if your boss told you not to go on vacation you’d tell him to shove it up his rear end right? And feel really good about it?

    Nuremberg clearly don’t want him to play at the Gold Cup. Whether that is because they want him to rest up for next year or maybe because they have a big transfer lined up for him who knows?

    Chandler has just broken into the starting lineup and so it’s not like he’s Messi ( or Beckham)who can tell Barca (or the Galaxy) whatever he wants.

    Yes, BB could make a big stink but guess who would pay for it? Not BB.

    Just remember who pays the bills for Chandler. The USMNT just borrow their players, the clubs own them. Welcome to international football.

  115. Scott from Austin says:

    I don’t mind including Wondo, he has been scoring like crazy. Kljestan I have never been a big fan of and I would have liked to have seen Mix get a shot. But I can live with that. Choosing Rogers and Adu is just downright baffling. Ale Bedoya deserved inclusion, hands down, over both. I can think of no justification for choosing two players that seem to be in career-long slumps over a guy that is just starting to hit his top gear.

    As far as the Chandler-waiting-for-Germany fears, it was definitely my knee-jerk reaction, but I am reassured by the fact that Timmy will not be beating out Lahm at right back any time soon. Likewise, Germany has a wealth of young wingers.

  116. RB says:

    Not according to his own comments in interviews.

  117. BCC says:

    Chandler is not anywhere near the caliber of Germany (who I believe is the favorite to win the next World Cup). He’s a good player but not that good.

  118. GW says:

    “it was a weak Bob Bradley”

    Really, so if BB goes macho man with Nuremburg, who don’t want Chadler to go then what? Who pays? It won’t be Bob.

    Chandler just broke into the first team so he doesn’t have the clout of a Messi or a Beckham.

    Guess who pays Chandler’s money; one clue, it ain’t the USSF.

    Let me know the next time you tell your boss to blow it out his rear end.

  119. Mike Caramba says:

    Yeah, this is pretty much what I’m getting at. I just can’t imagine a promising youngster being left out of a Euro Cup squad for fatigue (though I may very well be wrong, and would be interested in an example or two if someone has them).

    I know some will say Euro 2012 is more important than Gold Cup 2011 to the soccer world — and I would agree with that — but the GC is the USMNT’s Euros.

    Regarding the depth chart – All valid points, but given how Chandler showed in the last two friendlies, I would think he’d be first off the bench of the outside backs (though, as this roster proves, my opinion and Bob Bradley’s aren’t in sync). I’d also go as far as to guess that he’d get at least one start in the competition (Guadeloupe?).

  120. Murphy says:

    oh right i forgot they are on a similar schedule as mls

  121. Chav Bollocks says:

    The Chandler exclusion pretty much ruined my day. Hopefully he is not the next member of the Rossi/Subotic All-Stars.

  122. Federico says:

    +1 that was funny.

  123. MadKingGeorge says:

    When does the USMNT Camp (training) start? Do they come together this week or after the weekend?

  124. Federico says:

    Lets not blame the players, blame the coach. I personally would not have taken Kljestan over a Torres, he can at least put the ball in places Kljestan can’t. But the coach probably wants an offensive minded player even though he doesn’t play an offensive style.

  125. Braden Lang says:

    +1, Jen Chang is possibly the most euro-elitist, anti-American sportswriter in the American soccer press corps. I’m too lazy to cite this proposition, but if anyone strenuously disagrees, I’ll be happy to compile the evidence later. He manages to annoy me more than either Harkes or Wynalda, which is really saying something. He’s also always saying s4!t that just seems plain wrong.

  126. dahano says:

    Omar Gonzalez and Bobby Convey should be on this roster instead of Robbie Rodgers and Gooch.

  127. JustSaying says:

    Unfortunately for us Ives is a Bradley lover so trying to say that Michael didn’t earn the call up. All of this mambo jambo that he’s our best player is not a valid argument. Some of this call ups are terrible, at first I though wando was bad but we don’t have too many proven goal veteran goal scorers so it’s fine. But how do explain RR ore Bedoya. I hope we have a terrible showing so BoBo gets canned.

  128. Tiddiesnbeer says:

    +1 Not sure why this guy was left off the roster. Most likely one of our CB’s in the next WC run because of his age. Maybe Bob’s papa, Bruce, told him ‘no’.

  129. Tiddiesnbeer says:

    +1 best post yet.

  130. Tiddiesnbeer says:

    Bob hates Convey, which is unfortunate. He’s been the best left back in the USA for the last 2 years and can’t get a sniff of the NATS.

  131. FSegaud says:

    Bunbury was pure unadulterated crap against LA (perhaps BB was there to see that turd). Yeah, yeah…can’t base it on one game but it was BAD. Why no Buddle at WC (starting/more prominent sub role) and now GC?

  132. bizzy says:

    One person plays and logs major minutes for Royal Sporting Club Anderlech in Belgium, a club that beat Ajax and Athletic Bilbao in Europa League (2009-2010) and the other person plays and doesnt always start for Pachuca…….

  133. Ryan says:

    I would say that Bradley and Jones get excluded from that statement as well, but otherwise I agree with you.

  134. Ryan says:

    Oh, for sure he’d be the first of those options to come off the bench. I completely agree with that. However, I don’t think he’s all that far ahead of Lichaj, and because Lichaj was available, maybe USSF didn’t feel it was worth battling FCN over this.

  135. QuakerOtis says:

    I’m a fan of the Wondo call up…

    But +1

  136. Ryan says:

    I wouldn’t worry about Mixx. He said himself that his target is to make the Olympic team, not the Gold Cup. I think he’s a smart kid, and when he chose the USA he knew the roster was deep at his position. He’ll get his shot, but with Feilhaber on the roster, Mixx wasn’t needed.

  137. Ryan says:

    The whole point of having Freddy Adu around in the first place is because he can break games open by himself with the ball at his feet. Probably going to come in handy against CONCACAF bunker ball teams.

  138. cajun says:

    Your argument of playing time is moot with the inclusions of Jozy, Gooch, M Bradley and Adu(2nd tier Turkey???)…

  139. A says:

    Mexico will win, because USA has an doofis for a coach, i’d rather have Gump then Bradley, at least he can see right from wrong.

  140. chris says:

    Extremely professional and well spoken response-
    So allow me to refer to the boards here as well as others; including both the CNN Blog as well as the Jeff Carlisle article; where he clearly points out that Chandler can still go back to Germany if he would like..

    So as I agree the vast majority of others who clearly disagree with BB’s decision.. so I dont stand alone – I merely point out that BB’s job is to protect our interests, and field the most effective team both now and in the future – a thing he clearly has not done – I point out the he is weak because a more respected and effective coach would never have allowed this to happen…period, fact, end of sentence. In fact, it would have been a bolder statement for Bradley to show loyalty and belief in his young rising talent..and at the end of the day if Timmy has the skills, Nuremburg will play him..period, fact, end of sentence.

    As far as your comment about my boss.. well GW, Im my own boss, I own my own company, I dont have to wake up everyday like you thinking about blowing..or my bosses rear end..

    Instead I just check my net Schedule C each year on my tax returns and smile at those numbers.. and thank the man above that my intials arent GW

  141. Mike Caramba says:

    Yeah – I don’t think it’s a crippling loss. Still sad to see him left off and would prefer him to be there.

  142. chris says:

    Well said Cahill – agree 100%.. (see my comments above) – The point I make is that BB had the opportunity to lock Chandler down, really demonstrate some loyalty to a guy who wants to play for the US.. and theres a good chance that one of two things happenned.. 1) If the story he tells is somewhat true, he got pushed around and a more respected coach would have boldly stated “this is my guy and hes on our roster” other National Team coach would get pushed around like that… OR.. if Timmy is having 2nd thoughts and wants to retain his ability to go back to Germany, not a check in the plus column for BB or USMNT.. either way.. I dont like it

  143. Brad says:

    2nd Division Turkish League is slightly better than MLS. I’m sorry to say it and it won’t always be the case, but it’s just facts. That being said, I think we could have done better than Adu.

  144. Malkin says:

    I strenuously disagree. Please provide evidence.

    Thank you,
    The Management

  145. Malkin says:

    Great post.

  146. jb says:

    Have you followed these players recently? There is no comparison in terms of form. One has been seeing regular PT in a strong league and some Champions League. The other has been riding pine in Mexico.

    Look I love the potential of JFT, but he is not yet up to speed internationally. Something he has himself admitted. Kljestan can be frustratingly inconsistant,but his size, speed, and yes skill make him dangerous against anybody.

  147. joe says:

    lmao no it’s not. MLS is better than turkish 2nd division it’s not even debatable.

  148. mootmootsweat says:


  149. joe says:

    Bunbury is a nice prospect but that’s all he is right now in comparison with Wondo. Wondo is much more skilled than Bunbury. I have direct kick so yes I get to watch Boonbooree quite a bit and I completely disagree with you. The numbers also do not support your proposition. Teal had 5 goals last year to Wondo’s 18, and has 3 goals this year to Wondo’s 5.

  150. joe says:

    Pele was shite too!

    link to

  151. Joamiq says:

    I’d love to see the evidence. I can’t say I have evidence to the contrary, but I’ve never gotten that impression.

  152. Joamiq says:

    Great point. I’d love to see Bedoya over Rogers, but the difference would probably be minimal. This is a very good team.

    The only thing that I’m worried about in your lineup is Ream. I’m a RB fan and I love him, but I’m not sure that he’s ready to start yet. But I think you could stick Goodson in there and it wouldn’t be a huge step down from DeMerit.

  153. bizzy says:

    first thing is first, anytime you talk about Bradley and the nats you get a hold bunch of bashing but this selection only confirms one thing…..BB likes who he likes period…..not based on playing time..not base on performance…just pure favorism. How do you justify MB good friend Robbie Rogers over Bedoya whose been on fire lately?? How do you bring in a guy like bornstein thats not even getting in that much playing time in the Mexican league.
    If he can show favorism to these guys what do you think he’ll do for his son? Expose them enough in the national spot light and evenually they’ll excel and justify their place on the team….it worked for MB.

  154. The Dude says:

    Let me begin by saying that I’m never–NEVER–happy with the US squad. Second, I will not rest until Bornstein is banished from the Nats. Third, Wondo is excellent in SJ–a team built around him–but what has he done for the USMNT? I’m not sure he’s the right fit for our setup. Fourth, I would have liked to have seen Mixx, a younger GK as backup, JF Torres, and Bunbury as a fourth forward. I want to see some younger guys getting a chance. All things considered, this team doesn’t excite me that much.

  155. Ben says:

    You’re having a laugh. Rodgers can’t cross at all. Are you related or something?

  156. Ryan says:

    Not really. I was comparing two specific players, and saying they were receiving comparable amounts of field time.
    But, to be fair- Onyewu and Jozy have both seen plenty of game time since their respective loans, and I’d take a barely playing Mike Bradley over Kljestan or Torres any day.

  157. adub says:

    dude rico clark was not to blame my friend…. Bocanegra and Demerit choked vs Ghana so to say that Clark is being left off becuz of 1 game that is insane

  158. peter says:

    Its simple Bradley doesn’t rate Latin players!

  159. says:

    When is the last time those characteristics were displayed on the pich by Sasha. Benny. Or rogers . Yes on paper u can make all the xavi comparisons in the world as well as point out that their natural positions call for such characteristics….however, the proof is iin the pudding. Ill give bradley credit for putting the obvious starters on the field but, coaches make their money by inserting dept at crucial times in a game…and that is a something that bradley lacks

  160. Brian says:

    He hasn’t been at the top of the game since his injury against Costa Rica at RFK in 2009. Actually he really hasn’t been at the top of his game since before his move to AC Milan, so we’re talking 2009 Confederations Cup here. That’s the last time I felt Gooch was at the top of his game. In the last few hex qualifiers in 2009 he looked rusty, due to his lack of time at Milan.

  161. Primoone says:

    That was strange….I signed in and my email address appeared instead of my name.

  162. Brian says:

    Not Pumas. Pachuca.

  163. Isaac says:

    Considering that Bob Bradley helped the USA out of situations three times by ” inserting dept at crucial times in a game” at the World Cup, I’d say he’s anything BUT lacking in that department.

    Moreover, Kljestan has always been creative. Inconsistent? Yes, but he’s always been the guy that has a direct effect on the attack when he’s allowed to. I’m not saying Feilhaber IS Xavi, but he’s in that mold of midfielder. Someone who can help his team keep possession and dictate the game. Rogers, again has always been the typical wing option, while Bedoya has been better coming inside, something that we have other players for( specifically Adu, Kljestan, Donovan, Dempsey). Bob was going for guys that fit certain tactical needs. These guys happen to be it.

  164. Adu….”soccer qualities”???? He’s the best 30 year old juggler in the history of the sport, but what other qualities does the old man have? I could score in the Turkish second division.

  165. Chicago - Scott says:

    I’d take Gonzalez over Ream.. but not Gooch.

  166. Primoone says:

    I gotta be honest with you…I don’t remember getting through to the second round based on Bradley’s subs. I saw a lot of hard work, determination and most importantly, luck. Those characteristics cannot be coached. They have been there before Bradley and will always be there after long after he is gone. It’s part of the American fabric. Thats being real with you.

    With respect to wich players fit in nicely into Bradley’s tacticle scheme, why not look elsewhere for players that fit that mold? I’m of the opinion that players who consistantly underachieve on the national stage should only get looks during friendlies, if any at all. It is not enough to choose players who can give you certain things…you must choose players who can do it consistantly. Sasha and Rogers have stunk it up for the national team…and Bradley wants to bring them in during the Gold Cup. Think about the message Bradley is sending.

  167. Brian says:

    I agree with you. Everyone has had a long season and is tired. I don’t see Dempsey withdrawing because of being tired. Plus Chandler is 21. It’s not like he is 33 and can’t handle the demands of the international game. All coaches know what playing for a national side means to a player. A coach would have to be a real a-hole to not let a kid play in a meaningful tournament like this because they are worried he won’t be around for pre-season. Lamest excuse I’ve ever heard. If he were committed 100% to the U.S. Bradley would have said so in the press conference to put down fears of him playing for Germany.

  168. Angel FAN of USA says:

    I don’t get it that Chandler is not coming cause he is tried and the Club doesn’t him to play the Gold Cup. Come on anyone here is not stupid. Clubs are not taking Serious the USA cause we have a Weak Federation and a Weak Coach, I bet if Bielsa was coaching this team he would already made some noise or maybe all he would do is ask and they’ll give it to him.. But no, no is not like that Look at Chicharito Man. U a bigger team that always playing for something other been demoted as Nuremberg is. He was given Permission to play Gold Cup even they don’t want him to play Copa America he still say he wants too and he is NOT A SENIOR PLAYER IVES. So please don’t say thing like that.. Tell it like it is, NO RESPECT TO THE USA, Plus BOB BRADLEY KEEP DOING THE SAME SH*T HE HAS DONE IN THE PAST WHEN MEXICO ARE MIXING A GREAT TEAM OF YOUNG(VETERAN) WITH NEW YOUNG PLAYERS. I HATE TO ADMITED BUT USA NOT THIS YEAR…

  169. AshortDeparture says:

    That’s beside the point, he’s no longer eligible to be called up by Germany anyway, having already played for the US nationals, right?

  170. AshortDeparture says:

    Houllier wasn’t managing for the last couple of weeks when they got those points that catapulted them into the top half due to his hospitalization. Also, there’s the fact that Bradley is making appearances off the bench for Aston Villa (which is actually more impressive than it seems, considering he’s above Jean Makoun in the pecking order). We’ll see whether they make the loan move permanent once it’s up, but I hope he continues developing wherever he goes.

  171. Jovins says:

    It also isn’t just about taking time off this summer – if Chandler played in the Gold Cup, he would have no break before the start of the next German season. The club’s not worried about what’s already happened, necessarily, but more what’s going to happen.