Pachuca puts whole squad on transfer list

Gomez (Getty Images)

Herculez Gomez and Jose Francisco Torres are up for sale.

Mexican club Pachuca, which employs the two United States internationals, placed its entire first-team squad on the transfer list in the aftermath of the team's disappointing Clausura campaign. Los Tuzos, not even six months removed from an appearance in the FIFA Club World Cup, finished last in their group, missed out on the liguilla and forced management to consider wholesale changes.

Just because Gomez, Torres and everybody else appear on the transfer list does not mean that they are destined to be elsewhere by the start of next season, but it's a sign that Pachuca is more than willing to listen to offers for their services.

Where would you like to see Gomez and Torres wind up? Another team in Mexico? Staying put at Pachuca? MLS?

Share your thoughts below.

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57 Responses to Pachuca puts whole squad on transfer list

  1. Greg says:

    Always a good thing to see US Nationals spend time in MLS. But you would hope their talents would draw serious attention from European clubs.

  2. ga-gone says:

    Overreact much Pachuca?

  3. Alex says:


  4. Topher says:

    Wonder if picking one of them up was Chivas USA’s plan when they passed on Benny (which is looking like a good move so far, no?).

  5. Kris (Vfb!) says:

    Torres to Vfb Stuttgart to replace Hajnal and Träsch! Haj is a loanee, and Träsch will most likely bolt to Leverkusen or Bayern this summer. We need creativity in that midfield!

  6. Nick says:

    Can Union send Carlos Ruiz to Pachuca in exchange for Gomez? I don’t know if that’s legal, but it’s worth a look.

  7. dcserge says:

    dcu does need a CAM. doubtful but man torres would be a screamer of a fit.

  8. Pepe says:

    This sounds like it could really be Pachuca saying “none of you are irreplaceable,” not a true intent to move most of their players. I guess we’ll see…

  9. MLS-4-Life says:

    What a slap in the face for the players. I hope MLS takes advantage of this golden opportunity to bring Torres and Gomez to MLS.

  10. AC says:

    Wouldn’t mind either Torres or Gomez coming to MLS…But in Gomez’s case, the coach of whichever team he goes to must realize he is a striker and not a midfielder, as what happened with his last stint in MLS…If you score goals up top, then that’s your position and so what if he doesn’t look like a big, strong hold-up guy which I think too many coaches stereotype as the atypical striker mold…

  11. Idaho Brian says:

    To my knowledge, Torres has never been used in an attacking midfield role. His skillset is best used as a deep sitting central midfielder who can connect passes through the midfield. He could fit in well with DCU, but not as an attacking midfielder…

  12. JJ says:

    Bring Gomez back to Seattle!

  13. Roberto says:

    Is this why Chivas USA passed on Feilhaber ? did they see this coming?

  14. BellusLudas says:

    Gomez & Torres to Union!

  15. Dino1er says:

    Yes sir we did. Benny was nothing more than a prima dona Sacha Kljestan 2.0

  16. Will says:

    I can tell you Torres would fit in nicely here in Dallas. He’s not a true attacking midfielder, but is more in the Claudio Reyna mold in that he is great at linking from the back line to the attack.

  17. John says:

    Hardly a Golden Oppurtunity. Just because they are transfer listed doesn’t me they are free. They would require transfer fees which would make them DPs. Pass.

  18. AdamFromMich says:

    Wow! I would’ve thought Chivas’ fans would be pining for the Sacha Kljestan days; When their team could make the playoffs and (occasionally) beat the Galaxy.

    Dino1er, what’s your plan for a better Chivas USA?

  19. SFG says:

    +1. I think Torres skill set and position would fit perfectly here in Dallas. His passess with Dallas’ speed on the flanks would be tremendous. Gomez would be a stellar replacement for Rodriguez. Torres East Texas ties would be a nice draw as well. I hope FCD is on the phones. DTID!!!!

  20. Hood Rich says:

    Torres is not a central attacking midfielder. He is exactly what Idaho Brian described.

    DCU mgmt have already phucked up by thinking Dax is a CAM (LOL!) and deploy him with Simms. DCU mgmt should have listened to the readers here when they chose Dax thinking he is more than a ball winner who can distribute. Essentially DCU are playing two ball winners in the middle and have no creativity coming out of the central midfield. Thus Davies looks isolated because nobody is getting he ball to him.

    Don’t make that mistake again by bringing in Torres. I think De-Ro would have been ideal for DCU.

    DCU: Get rid of Quaranta, Ngwenya, Burch, Braseco and trade Simms. Move Kitchen/Jakovic to where Simms was playing.
    Jakovic has good soccer brain but he is slow and prone to many mental mistakes.

    Find a new central defender.

  21. gmonsoon43 says:

    I would love to have a US player on VfB to root for.

  22. Tony says:

    I was thinking Migs for JFT but I like where your head is at.

  23. Dino1er says:

    I have spoke to our GM Jose Domene and the plan is to build up our academy players. At the same time we are installing a possesion style of play where every pass means something and isn’t just a boot up the field.

    After yesterday’s reserve 3-1 W over the gals.It’s becoming apparent that this style of play is being put in from the academys to the reserves all the way up to the first team.

    All we need is to sign a striker in the summer (Herc Gomez), also maybe a mid or defender and we will be good for the playoffs.

    My comment about Sacha was in regards to him being a locker room cancer. Our 2007 squad was all about Razov and Galindo.

  24. Shmenge says:

    MLS should try to get two of their South Americans, as well–Edgar Benitez of Paraguay and Yulian Anchico of Colombia.

  25. ZeroCool138 says:

    So much about everything you said is funny.
    Can’t wait to eat your crappy team alive in league play.

  26. Dino1er says:

    Whatever dude we shall see. You GALS aren’t looking so good this year. I’m sure you guys are missing Buddle a lil too much.

  27. GSScasual says:

    that is suicide, self cannibalism… whatever.. this manager is sacked.

  28. Ben says:

    I would like to see Torres in MLS. We know he is technically adept, and I think the speed and physical nature of play in the MLS would help him.

  29. PetedeLA says:

    So, is this common in the Mexican league? In Europe you’d never do this because there’s no way you could expect to afford a team, and train them to work together to the point that it would ensure continued status in your given league.

    Bayern Munich did it once where they got 6 new players in their starting eleven. But they had enough money to pay the exorbitant transfer fees for proven talent.

    But I’ve never heard of this for a team that doesn’t seem to be rolling in money.

  30. David says:

    CHIVAS USA: where every pass means something!

    not sure what it means though haha

  31. Mingjai says:

    I’d like to see Jose Torres move to a low- or mid-table La Liga team (or even a competitive Segunda division team) or perhaps the Eredivisie. He’s young and needs further development, especially if he wants to compete in the USMNT midfield.

  32. dino1er says:

    It means passing to an actual person and not just an errant pass to no one. You gals have nothing better to do then make lame comments.

  33. Hood Rich says:

    The reason Pachuca are where they are is due to the players (difference makers) they sold in the previous seasons: Christian Gimenez, Damian Alvarez, Luis Gabriel Rey, Damian Manso, Andres Chivita.

    Who have they bought quality-wise to replace these guys?

    Edgar Benítez is a good player but he does not have the support cast around him like Gimenez and Alvarez.

    Pachuca used to be loaded with attacking talent but they sold their best players and it’s no surprise to see the situation they are in.

  34. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Yeah, I’m sure those La Liga teams are super excited to see that Jose Torres is available for transfer.

  35. Jeremy says:

    Nothing better to do than make lame comments and destroy Chivas a couple times a year.

  36. Alex says:

    I’d like to see it too, but it’s wishful thinking. La Liga, that is. La Liga teams don’t go trolling message boards to see what players would “fit” in their league; regardless of whether they would or not.

  37. Joe says:

    MLS will in all likelihood inquire about Gomez and Torres. And as another poster already points out, the asking price will probably be too high. Having said that, MLS is very good at getting players for nothing (especially when a player wants out at their current club and in to MLS).

    In the cases of Torres and Gomez, they have both played in the States before and would probably consider a move back the U.S.’s ever-improving domestic league. For MLS and it’s fans, bringing back those two players would be a coup for the league.

  38. BigLustythongGrl says:

    Has this craziness ever been done before?How about the entire franchise? I wouldnt mind buying them and putting them in Mexicali or something like that. Maybe I’d call them the Yankees just to let the mexicans know who owns it. Houston & Dallas should sign them up….maybe Torres at Dallas and Gomez at Houston.

  39. BigLustythongGrl says:

    huh? you dont think La Liga knows whats going on in the mexican league. Believe me my little yankee friend, its MLS they have no idea about.

  40. BigLustythongGrl says:

    its hari kiri, or in American terms like jumping from the Golden Gate bridge. Fans should burn the stadium, and send the coach to Gitmo

  41. dan says:

    both to MLS

  42. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    Gomez show how big his cahonas are by moving to Europe, maybe a move to Germany’s 3.BL to see if he can beat Matthew Taylor’s 3rd in scoring at 16 goals out of 25 matches. I doubt he has them though.

  43. d says:

    sure, dumb@$$, Villareal was scouting the Mexican league like crazy and just bumped into Jozy Altidore in some cantina and paid millions for him.

  44. H-Town Mid says:

    Torres to Houston would be a perfect fit, would sit behind Geoff Cameron and provide some creativity. He’s the kind of player that Houston could use. Add him to Houston and they might be a title contender (Not a RBNY LAG or RSL, but a scrappy Houston of the past.)

  45. ZeroCool138 says:

    Ha! We look better than you. Stumbling your way to beating San Jose. Oh and lets not forget your EPIC destruction…of TFC.
    I’ve got some other Ex-Galaxy players that are uselss, care to fill your roster out with them?

  46. marty says:

    forgot bringing gomez and torres. edgar benitez is the guy who should come to mls.

  47. B16 says:

    Is Pachucha is financial trouble in addition to not putting it together on the field?

  48. Tim M. says:

    No crap! especially since he’s from the dallas area and its a possesion oriented team. perfect compliment in the middle to Ferrerai, perhaps even more so then Dax was.

    Plus playing in the MLS will encourage him to play more of an attacking role have more of that responsibility for Dallas. Plus the physicality and the athleticism of the league will help in out in other areas of him game.

    Dallas has the assets to make it happen. Get it done.

  49. Tim M. says:

    I think they have too much value for an MLS team to be able to sign them. They’ll probably stay in South America.

  50. Tim M. says:

    Yes, and he would be forced to play an attacking role where ever he goes im sure.

  51. Tim M. says:

    To have them on the bench would mean $$$ for them.

  52. Tim M. says:

    Its a fact that Europe follows the Mexican League more for prospects and players for immediate help. There’s PAID transfers every year for players based in Mexico

  53. Tim M. says:

    Torres has never played for a professional US team.

    And Gomez seems game seems to just play better in Mexico, whether it was Puebla or Pachuca.

    I’d like to see him tryout for clubs in Europe.

  54. Tim M. says:

    Not after signing Koke they wont.

  55. joejoe says:

    Both should stay in Mexico. Gomez played many years in MLS and was viewed as a washed out player. Why would he come back? Besides the money is better on the other side. Torres should stay or move to Europe.

  56. Shawn Hill says:

    Jose Francisco Torres is from Longview, Texas. Therefore I think he should come play for Owner Dan Hunt and Head Coach Schellas Hyndman at FC Dallas. He would really help FC Dallas in the attacking central midfield position, plus his family and friends could always make the 2 1/2 hour drive to Frisco, TX to watch Jose play live. Just my 0.02

  57. ThaDeuce says:

    MLS please. That way i can watch them, and two, I think they would both get more starting opportunities. I’d love to see Torres in a leadership/relied upon position instead of on the outside looking in. He needs to be counted upon to grow.