Report: Bedoya called upon for Gold Cup

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Alejandro Bedoya has reportedly been called in to Bob Bradley's Gold Cup roster following an injury to the New England Revolution's Benny Feilhaber.



What do you think of Bedoya's call up?  Has he done enough for Orebro to deserve it?  Where does he fall into Bob Bradley's plans?

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109 Responses to Report: Bedoya called upon for Gold Cup

  1. hungry says:

    does he deserve it? I know he’s had a good season and all and has been scoring goals, but he’s not having a great season, a “robbie rogers season”, if you will

  2. sean says:

    he’s the best possible replacement, IMO

  3. mark f says:

    He’s had a great season…

  4. Shark says:

    He has only played 7 games…does have 3 goals though…I’m not ready to jump on the ‘great’ bandwagon just yet with him….hard to tell at this point how good he will be…tiem will tell…

    With Stu Holden and now Bennie out we lose two of our most creative players…big loss in my opinion….

  5. jack savidge says:

    Frankly, who knows what kind of season he is having. How many commentators here have ever seen one of his club games this year? All we have are reports and the odd video highlights. Anyone that says anything either way is just a poser, trying to sound all knowledgeable without any real knowledge at all. All that being said, he certainly is showing promise. I for one am looking forward to seeing him play.

  6. jh says:

    It’s hard to celebrate an inclusion of a deserving player when it comes due to an injury of another good player. All the best to Benny if the reports are true. Bedoya – now its your turn to give us a game winning volley like Benny’s at the last G.C.!

  7. james says:

    I mean, he’s good and all, but I don’t think he’s quite ready to take Freddy Adu’s place. Now those are some shoes to fill.

  8. ThaDeuce says:

    Thank you.

  9. MSNats says:

    LOL +1

  10. Aquaman says:

    I see what you did there.

  11. Jim in Atlanta says:

    A hater says what?

  12. AltiCooper says:

    What are his main positions? LM, CAM?

  13. MicahK says:

    If the SBI staff still continue to praise him if he plays bad in the Gold Cup I will think that Bedoya is paying SBI staff to praise him. That, or he is Ives long lost brother separated at birth, lol.

  14. mark f says:

    Big soccer told me he’s having a great season……..

    Big soccer never lies!!!

  15. Starla says:

    He’s a box to box midfielder in a 4-3-3 with great workrate. Not any kind of winger where Bob wants to use him.

  16. Elliot says:

    Orebro vs. Rizespor. A true clash of powerhouses.

  17. 105 til death says:

    Best comment on the this piece.

  18. Jim in Atlanta says:

    a true hater, through and through. well done.

  19. Supsam says:

    Bedoya callup now that leaves us with one less issue….ROGERs??!?? ROGERS!?!?!?!?! Versatile Convey>>>>Rogers

  20. adub says:

    bedoya is alot younger than fielhaber and rogers…. i thought bedoya belonged on the roster the whole time

  21. Shark says:

    Based on what?

  22. Tom says:

    About time! He is in great form right now and deserves the call.

  23. donttreadonme says:

    Now is your time to shine. Happy about this.

  24. Jeff Awesome says:

    I still have yet to see Bedoya play really well for the national team. Feilhaber is a loss.

  25. Peter says:

    Bedoya’s certainly a top notch replacement, though.

  26. John H. says:

    A reasoonable choice i guess…but why doesn’t bob bradley ever lean towards Brad Davis?

  27. RSLin208 says:

    He’s scored some great goals this year and has experience with the Nats.

  28. Stylistic says:

    Sounds like a potential Intertoto Cup matchup.

  29. JS says:

    I think that was a few Gold Cups ago…last gold cup had our B-squad get curbstomped by Mexico

  30. JS says:

    Can somebody fill me in and What Feilhaber has done for the National Team other than his volley v Mexico and his work in the buildup to Clint’s goal v Spain. The guy couldn’t make it in Norway or England. I’m not saying Bedoya deserved to go before him…just that I don’t see it as much of a loss

  31. Since 82 says:

    Feilhaber has played well in a sub role at times as of late. He is often injured and that has not helped his career.

    Bedoya hasn’t impressed me much at all with the NATS yet. He is off to good start this season.

  32. AS says:

    Doesn’t matter anyway, Mexico will annihilate our team anyways “IF” they make it to the final, we have an incompetent highschool soccer coach as manager anyways, we always play terrible, get scored on with our pants down all the time, and its gotten worst now within the first 10 minutes of play. Mexico will take home their 6th because they have a host of “superior” young talent mixed with esatblished experienced players.

  33. Yes, because Mexico has a top of the line defense and world classgoalkeeper….Please, they’re are not playing the B/C, jr. high team this time around.

    Superior young talent? Pssh, Gio? Vela? Guardado? Please, flopping around like shot ducks and getting physically mauled will be their downfall.

    Chicharito is to be feared, but will not have any of the service he has at Man U.

    El Landito/Mexicutioner currently sits in a dimly lit room staring at a Mexican flag plotting his revenge…

  34. BWH says:

    I was hoping Ocho Cinco would get the call up, but this works for me as well.

  35. Brian says:

    No idea. I just watched the Dynamo highlights from their weekend game, the dude is money. Left footed David Beckham

  36. Eurosnob says:

    Actually, it was more like a C+ squad.

  37. Eurosnob says:

    Didn’t this “incompetent” coach have his team finish ahead of Mexico in the WC qualifying last year?

  38. Eurosnob says:

    Dude, chill out. SBI is not on Bedoya’s payroll. If anything SBI’s assessment of Bedoya was validated by Bob Bradley. Bob Bradley wants to win the Gold Cup and put together what he believes to be the best squad. Bedoya is part of it.

  39. says:

    he deserved the call, all we need is bornstein get injured at practice then ill b ok about the squad

  40. Bbrudz says:

    Bedoya should have been on te original roster! He is a beast, runs like a gazelle. His last cap against chile, bob had all youngsters and guys who can’t play with him and he still created tons of opportunities. Aleeejaaaandro Beeeedoooyaa! The present, the future… Leeeeh go!

  41. JW says:

    “flopping around like shot ducks” +100

  42. WORD!!! Also, this ‘Incompetent coach’ lead a team to beat #1 Spain in a major tournament, tie Argentina twice (Messi still hasn’t scored against the USA), finish ahead of England in WC group, smeared Egypt, took Brazil to the hilt for a half, etc.

    ..and Mexico has done what besides beat up on our b/c team two years ago? (also the Azteca deafeat as well).

  43. Whitehartlane says:

    “”Can somebody fill me in (on what) Feilhaber has done for the National Team other than his volley v Mexico and his work in the buildup to Clint’s goal v Spain.””

    That ain’t too bad at all, why the hate on Benny?

  44. AS says:

    Mexico has improved by far more than we have in the last two years, and without luck we wouldn’t even have made it out of our qualifying group, we almost lost to slovenia and Algeria, two minnows, barely beat EL Salvador at home to in WCQ. The confed cup was a joke and Spain didn’t take it seriously, all of that was a fluke and without “luck” (again) we would’ve went home winless.

  45. AS says:

    All we have to show for is donovan, that’s a joke, their young players are playing at big clubs in europe, and our showing alot of potential. Dempsey,Donovan, and Howard are our only good players to be frank, and Donovan plays in the MLS, their players start significant minutes at big clubs, and they aren’t even 26 yet. Our only hope for big talent are Agudelo and some of the upcoming U-18/20 players. Landon is a wimp and Chicharito is better than him and he is only 22 going on 23. Trust me, we will lose this Gold Cup, wouldn’t even “even” be suprised if we lost to Canada this year with our inconsistency against lesser foes, shoot we barely beat Haiti in 2009, and I don’t care if it was mostly young players either , that’s pathetic w/o Holden we would’ve lost that game.

  46. AS says:

    I’m actually hoping we lose so that Gulati will pull is head out of his rump and get a real coach who is smart enought to handle the job, Bradley’s had his run, and I’m digusted by seeing him on the sidelines.

  47. AS says:

    Gio,vela,chicharito,Efran and a host of other players are being looked at by Euro clubs in the Premera Division, their youth academy players (particularly Chivas) are getting some potential deals to go abroad and play I know because I’ve read recen articles on them.

  48. wilyboy says:

    As valuable as Feilhaber has been, particularly in South Africa, Bedoya’s potential needs to be explored.

  49. JR says:

    Bedoya is having a great season. Just realize, their season only started like a month ago. So, its not a full season’s sample.

  50. Dulliwhig says:

    I have been wondering the same thing. Landon is no slouch on set pieces, but Brad Davis may be second to only Beckham in MLS. Bedoya and Benny play similar roles, so the substitution is logical. Stu Holden may even take a larger set piece role when he is fit, so a specialist like Davis really has an upfield battle.

  51. By leaps and bounds, all you mean is Chicharito. The defense has not improved (and I like Salcido), Rafa is getting old, and the goalkeeper situation is, esshh. Hey, at least we never lost to El Salvador during WC qualification. If I remember correctly, Mexico lost to El Salvador during qualification as I remember it was the night of Jozy’s hat-trick.

    We BEAT Slovenia as far as I am concerned and I’m pretty sure the majority of people would agree that Edu’s goal was good and the score should have been 3-2.

    Oh, always the, “spain didn’t take it seriously,” excuse. I call BS on that one. Spain was hustling all night trying to score and they lost dos-cero, due to Howard, Demerit, and co playing tough and disciplined.

    “In my experience, there is no such thing as luck” -Obi-Wan Kenobi-

  52. AS says:

    Bedoya isn’t that good, and from what I’ve seen from him hasn’t warranted enough of the praise he’s been getting, American fans are just desperate to have a potentially good young player who could be a stellar player, but the reality is he isn’t all that good, during his national team performances he has looked slow, passes have lacked too. Against Chile, the chileans they ran through our midfield like they were playing some amateur soocer players.

  53. Dulliwhig says:

    Fyi chicharito plays for Man United already if that is what you mean by primera.

  54. Donovan? Yes, he played at Everton last year. I mean we don’t have anyone playing in the EPL. Tim Howard, Stuart Holden, Jermaine Jones, Clint Dempsey, Marcus Hanehman, Jonathan Spector, etc, I mean these guys play in some backwater league in Guatemala..

  55. Big Chil says:

    How is SBI missing the biggest story of the day, the suspension of Bin Hammam and Jack Warner?

  56. AS says:

    By “Divine intervention” the U.S. scraped by Slovenia, El Salvador nearly beat the U.S. back in Rio Tinto in 09′, Mexico defeated them with realative ease in Azteca, most of their slow start that ultimately led to their second place finish in qualifiying was due to coaching turmoil, we had none and almost lost to T&T nat. team, mexico defeated them handily. As far as the Confed Cup, by “divine intervention” we made it as far as we did, in every game played we were outclassed, except until the Egypt game, Spain’s mistake was underestimating the U.S. on defense, none of our goals were truly earned, they were due to defensive lapses by Spain’s defense, and David Villa could have definently beaten our defense single handily, hadn’t it been for stellar goalkeeping by howard in a otherwise lackluster tournament by the U.S. Always have a habit of not only surrendering the early goal 5 min-10min span, but the lead as well countless times.

  57. Oh yes GIO!!! I forget, he TRIED playing at Tottenham for the last few years. Didn’t he play one game at the beginning of the year and then go to some mid-level Spanish team because he couldn’t handle the physical nature of the EPL.

    Also, Vela was pretty much a bench warmer for West Bromich Albion at the end of the EPL year, so stop pumping him up like he lit up the league.

  58. AS says:

    Well, he is already contributing to his club on a much much more higher level than our strikers. C;mon jozy has been with Villareal a smaller club in Spain since 2007, and has only scored one freaking goal in like 1 goal in 15 appearances, counting cup and league appearances. I meant players from their league our getting looks and lots of positive feedback, and are scoring loads of goals when givin the oppurtunity.

  59. Ed says:

    Have you watched him play for the US? Also he has never played in Norway. Feilhaber is an American player good at keeping possession and adds creativity in his passing, who also happens to have big game experience at the international level.

  60. Here is the thing, nearly beat/almost/luck and all the little things you say, mean nothing in the end. We BEAT Spain. Period. That’s all the matters at the end of the day. “david villa could have/should have/would have/” etc., means nothing because he didn’t do it.

  61. AS says:

    Our strikers cant even make the bench for those top clubs! and besides not many latin or spanish players succeed in the EPL. usually the La Liga and Seria A, much more conducive to their styles which is more about technical skill than physical.

  62. AS says:

    Any given day Spain beats us 7 out of 10 times maybe more if their on their A game. Point is we are inconsistent with our play and I’m tired of people making up excuses for this team, because we play like garbage half the time even against lesser opponents, and don’t get me started with the cowardly defending we always do, wich is starting to become our achilles heel by the way as of late. We didn’t BEAT Spain, they beat themselves by coming out flat.

  63. AS says:

    There not huge figures by any means, and besides Guatemalan clubs have beaten MLS clubs in the CCL, countless times. Most of them are old, with the exception of Holden, we have no “real” future talent that’s doing it big right now in the EPL at the present. By 2014 when the WC comes up again who will feel these guy’s shoes when by then there in their 30’s, I haven’t seen any suitable rreplacements.

  64. AS says:

    I have nno means of optimism for the U.S. team, concerning this GC, we always come out flat and lost and cannot string together 4-5 clean passes to save our lives, its ridicoulous, I think a healthy RSl could beat the national team.

  65. Ed says:

    We’ve played Spain a couple of times under Bob Bradley with this player pool and each time they have struggled to score on us, and so has Argentina, and when it mattered most England could only draw us. How many results does it take before it is all luck and divine intervention, especially when we often get calls against us (Slovenia to name a big one)? We do have our deficiencies, as does any team, but we have shown we can get results. Bradley, Edu, Chandler, Lichaj, all play in strong leagues and get time. We also have a good core of veterans playing in top leagues like Dempsey, Cherendolo, Bocanegra, Howard, and even though Donovan plays in MLS he has proven himself as a international and at Everton as a player who can compete at the highest level. Mexico has quite a good team, but I would not give them so much credit, if they were so much further ahead of us then why have we been able to get the better of them so much recently? As for losing at Azteca, who doesn’t lose to Mexico there?

  66. AS says:

    Defiencies we have we never correct, Bob Bradley sticks with the players who continue to put up subpar performances like Bornstein,Klejstan and alot more, use to be Ching, and besides Costa Rica “los Ticos” have beaten Mexico in the Azteca before it isn’t impossibe we surrendered the lead there. England’s ego got out of hand and that’s the reseon they drew with us, any other day BB and his “blue collar suad” would be handled with ease, I hate that term for the team to, why can’t it be skill to beat the opponent, and not this whole “we have spirit” we work hard, that’s nice, but paly with actual skill, not this we have to claw our way back all the time.

  67. Porker says:

    US sucks balls, that’s why I follow my grandfather’s team England, US doesn’t know how to play the game correctly, the players hav horrible soccer IQ’s, no imagination with the ball whatsoever, their style is so stale, its like watching a kid throwing marshmellows at his dad who’s spacing out staring at the sealing fan.

  68. AS says:

    Sapin will win the friendly probably 3-1.

  69. Jeremy says:

    Simmer down. Even though he plays favorites and his teams are boring to watch, he generally overachieves when we bring the A team.

  70. Primoone says:

    You have a point…think of it. If bedoya can hit a once in a life time shot, he too can stay on bradleys radar for 4 under achieving yrs

  71. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    His cameo against Holland was good.

  72. Primoone says:

    Benny is great in a league where there is no ball pressure. Unfortunately, that type of game doesn’t exist on the nationall stage. This iis the main reason why benny can’t start and fails to make an impact.

  73. Primoone says:

    I’m a us supporter and I am all about it. But let’s be real for a minute. Mexico is young and talented. They are to be respected as a real threat to whip our asses. Guardado, torrado and gio can deliver really well. If it wasn’t for howard, our record against them wouldn’t be what it has been. Just being real

  74. Primoone says:

    Post world cup quote:

    “…we felt we could have done better…”

    – sunil gulatti

  75. Andrew Beck says:

    I think the USA has some great talent, but I agree with you that Jozy Altidore is horrible.

    He rides the pine in frickin’ Turkey. I think he has scored one goal each for his last two clubs in two seasons!!

    Jozy “out da door” is soooo overhyped. It is time to give someone else a shot. Bob Bradley has a man crush on this kid obviously.

    Edson Buddle and Hercules Gomez should have gotten a call up for the Gold Cup!

    Jozy is not good and doesn’t deserve it!

  76. tom harkness says:

    There is most certainly a thing called luck.

    Jozy Altidore’s goal against spain was completely lucky.

    Jozy side footed it in and Ikar Casillas was way too far to the opposite side of the net, but he should have stopped it.

    I suppose you think that Clint Dempsey’s goal against England in the World Cup wasn’t like either.

    c’mon man. I love the USA team, but you have to be honest. Jozy’s goal against Spain was luck.

  77. john tinkle says:

    That’s a testiment to the great players like Donovan, Dempsey, Holden, Edu, Howard, Michael Bradley, etc… is not b/c of Bob Bradley.

    Bob needs to go.

  78. Supsam says:

    Good riddance. One thing i love about the US fan base is that its not full of annoying bandwagoners. Just fans who will support the stars and stripes though thick and thin.

    …and you make it sound like England has a top notch national team. Did you enjoy watching your grandfather’s team during the last Euro’s??? haha

  79. Supsam says:

    do you have one positive thing to say about the USMNT?? We get it. You hate Bob Bradley. You hate Sunil Gulati. You hate Altidore. You hate Bedoya. You hate our “lucky” WC run. You hate our Gold Cup performances. Now you have zero faith in our national team’s ability to get a result against a powerhouse even though history has says otherwise….

  80. asdasdasd says:

    wait, …what?

  81. Jason B says:

    The “sealing” fan? Is that some of the King’s English I keep hearing about?

  82. JS says:

    my bad..not norway…denmark…and i’m not hating. I just don’t think he’s a major loss…come on..Chivas and Philadelphia passed on him. Salary reasons or not…they didn’t believe he would make their team better.

  83. Zeke in eptx says:

    +100000000000 I was getting tired of this guys bitching.

  84. Jeff Awesome says:

    Do you have any respect for how difficult it is to win any game in the World Cup? Slovenia is a small country but they qualified from Europe and they were fighting to advance. And the U.S. came from two goals down. The second half of that game was an impressive performance by any standard.

  85. b says:

    Quit feeding the trolls, guys. They thrive on your responses.

  86. TommyOC says:

    That’s unfair to Benny. He’s a very creative player on a squad coached by a guy who doesn’t know what do with with creative players (see Dempsey, Torres, Holden).

  87. Bryan says:

    I love some of the Nats ‘fans’ on here

  88. lord aldous muttonchops says:

    jozy altrolldore cant survive without service

  89. The truth says:

    neither can chicharito. See: Champions League Final

  90. lord aldous muttonchops says:

    i was talking about ignoring trolls

  91. Green76 says:

    Benny played a major role in the second goal of the Spain game in the Confed up. He made Spains defenders look silly. I wish Bedoya well but I look forward to Benny’s return.

  92. bizzy says:

    Does Bedoya deserve a call up? Well first of all Robbie Rogers is on the team so he automatically warrants a call up!!!!








    He is playing in the highest Swedish league, Allsvenskan, in form and SCORING goals…..scoring goals. BB just redeemed himself because he should have been in the first line-up from the start.
    He made the team at the expense of Benny (never a good thing), who isn’t having a season like bedoya and he’s playing in a more inferior league.
    The kid deserves to represent the RED, WHITE & BLUE in this tournament

  93. Kevin says:

    Yeah bro, we get it. Well said, Supsam. Sure our team isn’t as technically gifted as others, and probably not as talented individually as Mexico’s. But guess what? In the last decade we have absolutely destroyed Mexico and gotten results against some of the world’s best. Yes, we have plenty of room for improvement in how we get those results, but that ultimately doesn’t matter. If you’re not willing to support this squad, even with a coach, players and a USSF head you dislike then find another team.

  94. Lance says:

    England’s won a World Cup, and on there best day they can truly bring the house down.

  95. Benny says:

    If I had to bet my house, I would pick the U.S. over Mexico in this Gold Cup and you would be living in a 1960 Buick . You sound like these guys that said the same thing in the 2007 Gold Cup. Mexico can’t even beat, Venezuela and Ecuador with their A team, while the U.S. has been merely experimenting with formations and implementing new players. Your comments are comical.

  96. AS says:

    I don’t have zero faith in our national team, I have zero faith in Bob Bradley to lead us further, in this country we seem to feel content with subpar performances, and see a success when we narrowly get by, and that mentality holds us back, we don’t get enough criticism when we undoubtedly deserve it.

  97. MicahK says:

    LOL, okay but if he plays bad which I hope he proves me wrong I will be the first to say I told you so.

  98. AS says:

    Its comical that you would bet your house for the US over Mexico, that’s hilarious. In addition Mexico does farely well against those teams, and have put together positive performances in the Copa America as well. At the same time BB fails to filter out the underperforming players in the squad, which aggravates me to no end.

  99. AS says:

    I don’t take any of his comments with any merit, he’s perfectly content with just making it out of the group, and paying BB a sorry amonut of money as a International manager.

  100. AS says:

    Why does it always have to be overachieving, why cant it be us playing a solid game and winning?

  101. AS says:

    I want the team to succeed, but not by scraping by all the time, eventually it going to get us more losses than wins.

  102. MicahK says:

    Runs like a gazelle,but flops around like a fish out of water when he gets the ball.

  103. MicahK says:

    LMBO. England are very horrible. They have no good goalkeepers. They always get owned by Germany and Portugal(Their rivals). They have ugly ridiculous uniforms which look like Ralph Lauren made them and just put a Umbro logo on them. You gotta be kidding me.

  104. Supsam says:

    Im not a huge Bob Bradley fan but im not a hater as well. I give credit to where it’s due and Bradley has improved our national team in terms of results and international respect. We finished first ahead of Mexico in WC Qualifying, won our World Cup group, eliminated Spain in a FIFA tournament, and led Brazil in the finals for a whole half. I attribute our “subpar” performances more toward our lack of world class players. A team is only as good as their coach just as a national team is only as good as its players. For God’s sake, countries like Spain, Argentina, Germany and Brazil have bench players who would easily start over our starters. Does that mean we cant beat them? No, it means that we have to bring our A-game and we have done it several times.

    All im saying is………get with reality my friend cuz it looks like you wont stop bending over for Mexico until the USA wins world cup matches in dominating fashion.

  105. Jeff says:

    England won a World Cup 45 years ago. That’s like saying the U.S. is a top team, remember they came in third that one time in 1930.

  106. Jeff says:

    So who will be the miraculous coach that will swoop in and wave a wand over our roster making it one of the most skilled in the world? Klinsmann? Harry Potter? Who do you want? Bob has been a success. The proof is in the results. Plain and simple. All your grousing isn’t going to change that. Every coach in every league in the world knows that it’s not how you win, but if you win.

  107. Jeff says:

    Not to mention Bocanegra, Onewyu, Chandler, Bradley and Cherundolo in top European leagues. Edu playing Champions League as well.

  108. Kojo says:

    Who finished top the last two WC cycles for Concacaf? USA. I don’t care whether anyone considers it luck or not the fact remains we finished top and are the best in our region and have been for some time. The last Gold Cup in 2009 had no significant meaning other than for bragging rights. We went with a C+/B- team and still made it to the final. Yes we got crushed but by a Mexico squad that was an A level squad. BB in my opinion used the last Gold Cup to see who the young up and coming players are and to give the A level players a rest after the Confed Cup in which we finished 2nd. As for those of you who cannot comprehend why Robbie Rogers was selected must either not watch much US Nats soccer and have not coached. It is not about selecting the best players you have and telling them to play out of position and play a style that they find hard to play. Bedoya plays inside while Rogers plays out wide. Rogers is faster then Bedoya. Bedoya is looking very strong with his team however this in the past has not translated in doing well with the US Nats. US Nats rely on speed, athleticism and team organization. (Unfortunately we are not prepared correctly when starting games hence why we give up the early goal). This squad doesn’t have much speed. No burner at forward to stretch defenses length wise. No one on the back line has blazing speed for overlapping runs, Only Donovan is someone who is considered fast. So having Rogers on the bench will give BB an option to bring on a player who has something that the other team may find difficult to defend against. Having Rogers streaking down the sideline with the ball will hopefully create cracks in the opposing team’s defenses and thus goals for us.

  109. Turgid Jacobian says:

    Because he has enough old bulls around already. Needs more young ones, and Bedoya is close enough.