Revolution’s Joseph to skip Gold Cup


Photo by Andrew Katsampes/

If Grenada is going to surprise a few teams in the CONCACAF Gold Cup, it will have to do so without Sharlie Joseph.

The Revolution midfielder has decided to skip the Gold Cup to stay with the Revolution, the club announced on its official Twitter feed on Tuesday.

Joseph, the Revolution's captain, was named to Grenada's roster after having reported indecision about participating in the tournament. He told MLSSoccer a couple of weeks ago that, "I have to figure out what is more important to me: getting another cap for Grenada or making sure this team is on the right footing, moving forward in the right direction and making sure my personal life is in order."

Grenada is in Group B with Jamaica, Honduras and Guatemala.

What do you think about this development? See any way Grenada qualifies for the quarterfinals without Joseph?

Share your thoughts below.

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44 Responses to Revolution’s Joseph to skip Gold Cup

  1. ga-gone says:

    He should be ashamed. How is a team like Grenada ever supposed to get better if it’s best players continually opt out of games in order to stay with clubs? Why did these guys even play for their national teams in the first place?

  2. jp992751 says:

    I don’t like. it. Country over club right? If this was an American skipping the gold cup we would all be furious.

  3. It is a shame that the MLS is forcing players to choose between their club and country. Joseph should be playing in the Gold Cup! It is a shame that he is ending his international career because the MLS won’t pause for their own region’s tournament!

  4. Truth says:

    Might as well. Grenada won’t win a game either way.

  5. Jeremy says:

    That’s very unfortunate. Grenada had little chance of getting a result WITH Joseph. Without him, they are looking at multiple 2+ goal losses.

    I have to agree with jp992751 too. Joseph is Grenada’s best player. That would be like Landon Donovan saying his duties to the Galaxy outweigh his duties to the USMNT and skipping the GC. The media would throw a fit.

  6. JoeW says:

    Well, it’s his decision. And given some of the personal matters in the preseason, that might be a valid consideration. That said, I”m going to be pissed if NE put any pressure on him to withdraw. I’ve always been proud of how MLS has sought to support the USNT and taken pride in having other internationals on rosters.

  7. Timmy Chandler says:

    Seems to me that people understand sometimes you have to make these choices.

  8. Brad Freidel says:

    Especially as you get older and you need to focus on making a living.

  9. Brad Guzan says:

    And sometimes there are things in your life that are more important than international soccer. You wouldn’t hate a guy for that, would you?

  10. I don’t think that we should confuse his withdrawal with the same situation with other players who leave the international game to focus on their club career. Joseph would be playing if the MLS took a break for the Gold Cup. The MLS has forced this decision by not taking a break for the Gold Cup.

    The MLS and CONCACAF need to work together and hold the Gold Cup every four years, and have the MLS not play any matches during the tournament. That is what is needed to ensure the best for the Gold Cup and the MLS.

  11. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    I love how he plays in indoor soccer cleats. It doesn’t even look like he’s wearing shin guards in that picture.

  12. 20 says:

    Why should he be ashamed? No one can force you to play for your national team and he is 33 years old! Most players retire from international play before age 33.

    Joseph is a legend in New England, and he wants to make sure the Revs stay in the hunt for the playoffs.

  13. Starla says:

    Sought to support? You’re a riot. They ignore the gold cup ffs. They take a piss on your face, because they know mls fans just take it.

  14. Jay says:

    Joseph knows Grenada probably doesn’t win a game even if he plays. So it may be a cold way of looking at it but I bet he figures it’d be a waste of time for him given his age and he only has probably one more contract negotiation left for him in his playing days. If he gets a serious injury in the Gold Cup it could cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars. Given the fact career MLS players haven’t made that much money compared to other pro sports (unless your name is Landon Donovan), he’s probably telling the truth when he says he wants to focus on getting his life in order.

  15. 20 says:

    He never wears shin guards

  16. fistpump says:

    Yea right, and we should do the same thing for the Confed Cup and World Cup and …

  17. Robbie Rodgers says:

    Don’t worry, though. I will gladly play.

  18. Jay says:

    Joseph is incredibly disappointing he has repeatedly turned down Grenada call ups. His country has very few chances to play let alone achieve something historic. The gold cup 2 years ago which was Greneda’s first ever he turned them down. Nothing against the Revolution but him missing a few games to help his country elevate their level of football to new heights shouldn’t even be a contest. He could advance the game so much by representing his country instead he misses Greneda games even when the revolution aren’t playing. The Caribbean championship happened during the MLS off season and he missed that as well. Now he can’t be bothered to represent his country in what is surely to be his last chance to do so at the gold cup.

  19. 20 says:

    Joseph makes about $500,000 a year which is pretty good (although he deserves more). He is probably set financially and I think there’s just as much of a chance of him getting injured in MLS as in the Gold Cup.

    I’d say this is more about helping the Revs make the playoffs

  20. dan a says:

    Club OVER Country. plain and simple.

  21. nico says:

    Alvarez and Figueroa declined playing for Honduras too. Izaguirre is also considering taking a rest and not playing. (Also, Marvin Chavez but he wouldn’t have seen too much of the field anyway). Point is these smaller countries are used to losing their bigger names due to pressures from clubs to rest them. Money talks.

  22. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    “If this was an American skipping the gold cup we would all be furious.”

    Then sounds like “we all” need to get better priorities. The man should support his family first, and the folks helping him pay his bills second (which in turn helps him support his family. If you want to serve your country, pick up a rifle. Did you forget the weekend’s lessons already?

  23. dan says:

    THIS IS REALLY MESSED UP! For MLS success they need to have a successful Gold Cup. MLS scheduling is complete BS and its hurting CONCACAF as a whole. This must stop.

    National team should ALWAYS trump the club! and this is coming from a Galaxy fan who will be severely hurt by Donovan and Rickett’s absence.

  24. babieca says:

    The second Gold Cup is a money grab and if you think CONCACAF is going to give up that money for MLS you haven’t been paying attention.

  25. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    That’s legal?

  26. GkDjxdff says:

    Time for the Gold Cup to be played every 4 years instead of every 2.

  27. babieca says:

    We love to get all worked up in comment threads about how other people should feel about their nationality. How dare Rossi abandon the US? How can the US play a guy who doesn’t even speak English. In the end we don’t know how these people feel and it’s none of our business.

    Joseph’s family brought him to the US 20 years ago when he was a teenager. Maybe Grenada just isn’t all that important to him. There’s really nothing wrong with that even if it doesn’t match up with our fantasies about playing for our country.

  28. Jay says:

    Well then he shouldn’t pretend to represent Greneda at all. If Greneda means nothing to him which is probably the case don’t string them along and make them think you may play for them. Its almost the start of the tournament why did he wait until now to make this announcement? He should have just said he was retired from international competition a while back. Instead he will probably do the same thing for the qualifiers string them along saying he might play and then bail on them at whatever point he feels like baling that is disrespectful. He should show a little respect and just say he is done with Greneda if he doesn’t care about them.

  29. Neuwerld says:

    Seems a lot of players are dropping out of the Gold Cup. It’s too bad. Would be nice to have all of the region’s best players competing.

  30. Fred says:

    He should have declared for the USA instead of Grenada. He could have helped us.

  31. Felix says:

    I know Grenada is a poor side – but how is one of their best players ever supposed to return to his nation. That’s disgraceful.

    The chances of Grenada getting out of their weak group as is small as it is. Perhaps that’s Joseph’s thinking. Jason Roberts already isn’t playing.

    I’m old-school in the club v country debate. The MLS season is long and with the playoff system, the Revs will have plenty of opportunities to reach the postseason – Joseph can afford to give his nation a few more games than retire internationally.

    He’s one of the best CMs MLS has ever seen or developed, but this puts a damper on it for me.

  32. Felix says:

    I agree, but when CONCACAF needs/wants the money, it will not happen.

    If it were up to me, the GC would be every 4 years and rotated between Mexico, US and Canada. But yet again, it won’t happen.

  33. ga-gone says:

    Jack Warner is still trying to buy that solid gold mansion. So GC every 4 years isn’t going to happen.

  34. babieca says:

    Why bother? Bob would never play him ahead of Mikey.


  35. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    Well, with Jack Warner’s career in trouble, perhaps things will be different. Of course, Warner isn’t the only crook in CONCACAF. But he was the biggest and baddest, and he could intimidate those around him. I don’t see his successor being able to muster up the same juice, as it were.

  36. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    In defense of Joseph, it’s possible that he has some grievance against Grenada’s federation that has yet to be resolved. Such things aren’t exactly uncommon in Europe, either.

  37. BigProf says:

    its not surprising given that its well known on the island that his pop was hiding in the bushes when Reagan went in in 82.

  38. wildchild says:

    it’s hard core! 😉

  39. jt says:

    hmm. timmy chandler?

  40. Freddy says:

    He definitely could have helped us in Germany 06, but I highly doubt he would have been selected for the 2010 roster or the present.

  41. CH says:

    Co sign x10000000

  42. SOAD says:

    Why do they always send the poor?

  43. Mistadobolina says:

    Ya why not just load up the open cup schedule during the gold cup? Or have 1-2 off weeks? Or even better all of those club friendlies must be played during gold cup not regular season thus allowing more mls games to happen in the rest of the season

  44. Bill Santi says:

    Your insane. He would have been the player of the past decade for the USMNT. He is the perfect fit for the US style — skilled, physical, mentally strong.

    I remember reading a Bruce Arena quote when they were examining his citizenship and if he was cap-tied and BA was saying he would be the best player on the team!