Rodgers lashes out on Donovan

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The New York Red Bulls-Los Angeles Galaxy cross-country rivalry has some added spice to it.

Major League Soccer's two high-spending, marquee-market teams played to an exciting 1-1 draw Saturday night, but the fireworks didn't stop at the final whistle. Landon Donovan took umbrage at a late challenge by Thierry Henry and refused to shake the Red Bulls' captain's hand after the game.

Free-speaking New York forward Luke Rodgers called out the Galaxy captain on Monday, referring to him with colorful language and alluding to the fact that the U.S. national team star spends too much time complaining to referees about calls.

"In this league, he's a respected person, but he's telling (Henry) to (screw) off," Rodgers told the New York Post. "The kid's a d—head. I don't care. I just think the kid's a (expletive).

"After Henry scored he's running the whole length of the pitch to shout at the linesman. He must have eyes like a hawk to tell if he's offsides. I tackled the keeper, he's running whole length of the field to tell the ref I should be sent off.

"Is it one rule for him and one rule for the rest of us? He needs to be a bit more humble. He's just a bit annoying. Just a bit annoying when it's like you’ve got two referees on the pitch. He's running up to the referees telling him what decisions make. I’ve never ever seen nothing like that."

Donovan's sole response to the comments came via his Twitter account.

"I'm confused, who is Luke Rogers?" Donovan tweeted on Monday. It's up for debate whether he spelled Rodgers' last name incorrectly on purpose.

The regular-season rematch between the Galaxy and Red Bulls is slated for Aug. 28 at Red Bull Arena.


What do you think of the mini war of words? Think Rodgers was out of line considering he's only played against Donovan once? Does he have a point? What'd you make of Donovan's response? What did you think of Donovan's actions during the game?

Share your thoughts below.

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227 Responses to Rodgers lashes out on Donovan

  1. Steve in DC says:

    I laughed out loud when I saw Donovan’s twitter response. Brilliant. Can’t wait for the rematch

  2. Ken says:

    I can’t say that I disagree with Rogers — I hate watching Donovan when he’s not wearing a USA uniform — but Donovan’s twitter response was pitch-perfect.

  3. Hopper says:

    I have no problem with any of this. Donovan has been the big fish in the little pond for far too long without anyone challenging him. Maybe this will be good for him having someone call him out on his antics.

  4. DYCSoccer17 says:

    I pretty much agree with Landycakes on this one. If you’re going to call out someone, call them out for something serious…like poor challenges or diving. Complaining to the referees has been and always will be a part of competitive sports.

  5. The Dude says:

    I’m liking Rodgers more and more.

  6. GeoffieTheKid says:

    The mini war of words is great, I think. Rodgers wasn’t out of line at all as he had a some words on the pitch more than a few times.

    Donovan was doing what he typically does, and I think there are times where he’s out of line himself. The LA vs. NY game was one such instance.

    The question is, are you going to debate with the referee or play some football? Make up your mind. Neither team could put it away, unfortunately.

  7. jason says:

    The whole thing is excellent. Eff yeah Luke Rodgers.

  8. cam5131 says:

    Luke Rodgers makes Cuauhtemoc Blanco look like he’s in good shape.

    That being said, this is why LD will always be known as Landycakes.

  9. JS says:

    Donovan Denounced as D—head by D-bag.

  10. tyler says:

    Come on Ives, “prick” isn’t an expletive!

    And Rodgers is right on. I love Landycakes for what he’s done for the US, but he’s utterly annoying when playing for the Galaxy.

  11. MC Pharaoh says:

    I already dont like Rodgers… hes overrated and Agudelo should be starting tbh. Rodgers has had a history of this. I find it hilarious that he calls Donovan a kid when he is 2 months older than LD. I also love the response asking who Rodgers is. Talk ish when your something. I hope Agudelo starts over him even more now so he can be knocked back down to earth by a real kid.

  12. Tony in Quakeland says:

    The league needs more of this: terrific games, star power and smack talk between the two biggest markets. Love it

  13. jonk says:

    I love Landon when he’s with the Nats, but otherwise he’s easy to loathe and that’s fine with me. In this instance, I was cheering Rodgers on as he did the hand puppet gesture. Rodgers and Ricketts go for a 50-50, nobody gets hurt and they’re both exchanging pleasantries when Donovan comes racing in to complain about nothing.

  14. Adriano says:


  15. Robert Smith says:

    Why does it matter who said it?!?!?!? It was on the record and out there. Good for Rodgers. Landon’s excessive whining is finally being called out. Landon needs to just get on with things and actually be a leader. It’s the American, silver-spoon in mouth syndrome that has plagued him most of his career.

    Sure things get heated out there, but enough is enough. Say what’s on your mind once and then just play. If you’re upset at taking a couple hard shots, then deliver them back. Don’t cry and try to get people sent off.

    And if it matters, I got Henry or Rodgers in a scrap over LD everyday of the week and twice on Sunday. Landon would get crushed.

  16. FulhamPete says:

    Rodgers got in LDs face after Rodgers took a slightly cheap shot at Ricketts after a save. If this is Rodgers’s response to the captain of the opposing team getting in his face about a cheap shot, Rodgers just sounds like a little biotch.

    If there’s ANYONE on the Galaxy who’s *supposed* to talk to the refs, it’s Donovan…he’s the CAPTAIN.

  17. LiquidYogi says:

    By this standard no drug dealer would ever be put in jail because all the people he deals with have “controversies”. Also it’s irrelevant because you have eyes and you can watch Donovan act like an idiot the entire game.

  18. Pat Pug says:

    Rodgers is in great shape. I’ve watched the guy train and play live all year. He’s got a stocky build. He’s still fast as hell and has great stamina and energy for the full 90 when he plays.

  19. bubbles says:

    luke rodgers is such a veteran of this league that his statement should be taken super seriously.

    oh wait…


  20. FulhamPete says:

    I mean LD got in Rodgers’s face. THEN Rodgers got all pissy.

  21. LiquidYogi says:

    Supposed to TALK yes. Not yell, and whine…and piss and moan for ages about every little thing. Especially for things which he couldn’t EVER see like an offside from 50 yards away.

  22. kop of the pops says:

    Kudos Landon. Luke Rodgers criminal record nearly cost him a work permit.

    That said, Rodgers is in NY now. It’s tough being a fish out of water. Someone should probably get him a welcoming gift – something local, indicative of the culture. Maybe something small, like a Billy Joel album. I’d recommend “Glass Houses”.

  23. OmarVizquel says:

    How much time do you spend watching Luke Rodgers train? Related question: Is there a worse use of time than watching Luke Rodgers train?

  24. Seriously? says:

    Have to agree with Rogers. Ever since he joined the league, Donovan has been an annoying whiner. Yeah, I like him when he’s with the nats, and rooted for him at Everton, but he does still seem to have a bit of the attitude that everything that doesn’t go his way is some attack against him personally. I think this is why he didn’t make it in Germany, and though he’s a bit better now then when he was younger, he is still a bit immature.

  25. Charles says:

    I am going to pull a Luke Rodgers on you, if you don’t quit calling MLS a “little pond”

  26. Dancy says:

    Rodgers could be one of the best things to happen to the US team under Bob the hand holding coach with no backbone. Someone calling out Landycakes for acting like a whining boy is great. His assessment was right on and took not even a full game. Plus Rodgers seems to be pushing Agudelo to actually earn a starting spot and develop to get playing time. I love it, too bad he seems like a less than great person.

  27. GSScasual says:

    yes but Donovan makes it look like an artform, the way he almost musters up tears… all he needs is the exposed tampon string..

  28. kahlva says:


    Rickets and Rodgers were LAUGHING… and Donovan runs over complaining.

    Love Donovan on the Nats. Hated his whining this game.

  29. Colin says:

    Yeah, but he’s got all of that experience in the Premier League and with England’s national team, so that should count for something.


  30. Bradinchico says:

    LD was talking to the ref all right, almost as much as Henry. It’s part of the game, trying to get an edge with the officials is nothing new. Both of those guys played well for the most part. Those two (and others as well) played as though the game meant something. It was a great game to watch. Keep it up boys!

  31. NatGeo says:

    Know what’s lame besides whining all game?

    Not shaking Henry’s hand after the game is pretty lame.

    But not talking to REAM after the game is even lamer.

  32. AL17 says:

    I’m sorry, “Who” said what to Donovan?

    When he delivers at the National level then he can speak all he wants til then, it’s Who?

  33. dcm says:

    talking all that sh_t to the media is just petty. solve your problems on the field. he whines to a journalist about donovan whining too much? uhhhm, that’s ironic.

  34. Roberto says:

    I still prefer this over whiny Landycakes… I can’t stand him really and I’m glad someone had the balls to confront him. I’m not going to judge Rodgers por his past stupidity, but in the football pitch this is a game for men and not whiny prima donnas. Besides that Landon has not been nice to fans sometimes and I’ve witnessed that in person. plus he lost a lot of points after he scored his goal and went running over to Henry jokingly and Henry just stopped him on his tracks…I think Henry made him look quite stupid

  35. Shark says:

    A League One hack who needs to put a cork in his pie-hole……this guy couldn’t shine LD’s shoes as far as talent goes….my mother grew up just out of Nottingham where he played for Notts County so I know all about Rogers…this guy was lucky to get a visa with his personal issues….a thug who assulted a fellow footballer in a parking lot in England not to mention being cited for two other public disturbance’s…..should we assume he will assult Donovan too?…last I looked he has never played for his country nor was he good enough to play above League 1 in England….

    Rather funny to see so many on here taking the side of a ‘nobody’ over Donovan who is one of the better footballers in the world….not to mention a nobody who is a thug to boot…

    The fact this is even considered news on a blog is pretty sad….

    The hate for one of the USAs greatest players gets old as does the juvinial “Landycakes’….retort

    I’m with Donovan “who is Luke Rogers?’

    Rogers has no point and he needs to put a cork in it as I said above….he’s a thug that should be thanking his good fortune to even be playing in MLS….

  36. Den P says:

    The Kobe Bryant of soccer finally gets put in his place…though I would hardly call it “lashing out.” Luke is just stating the obvious…

  37. GSScasual says:

    When it comes to US soccer, we think of McBride, Dempsey, Howard.. They have such heart and never flop or whine…. Then comes donavan….. he could give lessons to Real Madrid about whining…

  38. mas says:

    Do you think Rodgers would say anything if Landycake made that sitter…

  39. Shane says:

    Rodgers and Ricketts were laughing it off. Are you saying Ricketts can’t take care of himself? Donovan will whine at EVERYTHING

  40. Ben says:

    Dempsey does his share of annoying antics on the field. In fact, I think Landy picked up some from Dempsey, and ever since he has become more of an a******, Landy has been a better player. Some people just need to be d****.

  41. Shark says:

    Donovan has plenty of heart…you better go back and watch the Con Fed Cup and 2010 World Cup…why there is so much hate for this guy, yet folks will stick up for a League 1 hack who is a thug is beyond me…so speak for yourself who you think of….’WE’ don’t agree with you….

  42. francois says:

    I honestly hate Luke Rodgers, he’s done nothing with his career and has looked horrible in the last 2 Red Bull games. However, he does have a point for once. Landon did cry a lot during the match, it took away from some of the positive things happening on the pitch.

  43. RChrisW says:

    I know where you guys are coming from in this instance in regards to Donovan, but from what I have seen out of Rodgers so far he is nothing but a punk and needs to be called out, hes constantly throwing his elbows high and taking little cheap shoves where he can. It’s clear the guy can’t handle frustrations in a match. I’d personally love for someone to knock the cocky little look off his face. Just my 2 cents.

  44. Shane says:

    He was solving the problem on the field, he told Donovan to shut the f— up. He didn’t search out the media to talk all that sh-t to them, they asked him questions, and he answered honestly.

  45. Rory says:

    You know, the sad thing is the preferential treatment will be applied to New York when they play any of the teams in the league that aren’t LA, so this is really stupid.

    And Luke, if you hate when players cry to the refs after every play, just wait until you play FC Dallas!

  46. NatTeam says:


    Just because one player is better or more famous than the other doesn’t make them right.

  47. Rory says:

    See, I would have made a drug reference at Rodger’s past history of problems.

  48. Shark says:

    Typical League 1 & 2 talent in England…has to win by being physical beyond the point of good sportsmenship because eh doesnt’ posses that much athletic ability…when he is not assulting oppoenents in the parking lot after games…

    Interesting the Red Bull would sign a hack like this….tells me allot…and as for whinner’s he needs to talk to his fellwo countryman David Beckham…

  49. GSScasual says:

    so are you saying that MLS is better than league 1?…. you sound just as whiney and wimpy as donovan

  50. Shark says:

    Rogers is a hack who assulted an opponnent in a parking lot…he is damn lucky to even be in MLS…tells me all I need to knwo about Rogers….glad your okay with that over your own countryman who is a world star…

  51. John says:

    Donovan’s made a comfy little home for himself being too timid to make it in the major European leagues.

    As others said, I can tolerate him on the national team… barely. As a neutral, I’m very glad someone has the balls to call him out for his b.s.

  52. Hobbit says:

    No, not horrible. He has been a threat. Stay Thirsty my friend

  53. elgringorico says:


  54. Big Chil says:

    Or Lekic on NE.

  55. GSScasual says:

    if you peruse the comments for 2 seconds, more people agree with me, than they do you…. so… yeah.

  56. Shark says:

    Interent tough guy…hey bro I’d be glad to take you on a mission in Iraq…wanna join me?? Wimpy really? I’ve seen things you will never see tough guy…lets get you signed up first at the recruiter….not that you would even make it through boot camp…you sound soft as they come…you hide behind a keyboard and have no clue what you are talking about…

    Nice to see you on record as supporting a League 1 hack who assulted another player in a parking lot…tells me all I need to know about you….

  57. anikan says:

    And Germany is saying “Donovan? That kid that couldn’t cut it and ran back to America” Congrats Donovan you’re the star of a third rate league. If you want respect go earn it like Dempsey and other Americans have. 4-5 months in the EPL isn’t enough, 3-4 years should do it.

  58. Shark says:

    If you don’t think Donovan is one of the world’s best players then there is nothing I can do to convince you…

    I guess its Luke Rodgers for you…nice…:)

  59. Troy says:

    that was a lol moment.

  60. Dista says:

    He doesn’t have anything to prove, Euro****. Landon is the motor that makes USA go. Dempsey is a supplemental player.

  61. Troy says:

    Rodgers scores goals, that’s why he starts.

  62. Rob says:

    Shark, sorry but take the American tag off Donovan, as this is in MLS. Nationality should mean nothing in that game. Landon’s time playing against Spain, Brazil, Algeria, has nothing to do with helping the Galaxy.

    If you can separate that, then everyone asides from some LA fans, would agree that Donovan talks way too much. It also shouldn’t matter who said it.

  63. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Clever response by LD.

  64. Bigprof says:

    dude likes to watch. take it easy on him. to each his own. why not respect that? are you jealous that he’s watching rodgers and not you? its a new era omar, no need to be ashamed or judgemental by yours or anyone else’s preference.

  65. AL says:

    Donovan acts lie he is good enough to play anywhere in the world and yet he has bee dropped from every team he has tried for except for a mediocre LA in a a mediocre MLS.

  66. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    I just don’t get all the LD bashing, to be honest. He is the team’s captain. He is the voice of the team on the pitch, and the middleman between the team and the officials. This is part of a captain’s job. Luke Rodgers is whining about nothing.

  67. Brad says:

    I just thought it was rather odd that when Donovan scored on his header, he seemed to purposely find Henry to gloat. Then Henry comes back in the 2nd half and gives Donovan a few extra pops and Donovan was surprised. When you act like a gigantic c—master, that’s what’s going to happen. Then afterwards you’re going to get called out.

    Moral of the story… man up or shut up.

  68. Veso says:

    Because Bundesliga is more physical than MLS… Donovan is supporting his country where he belongs.

  69. Shark says:

    Rob I can agree with that to a point…as an RSL fan he drives me crazy…however,on the other hand Rodgers is a new guy, from a lower league in England, who has a history of not being so nice and owes Donovan a certain amount fo respect for who he is….I mean heck….Beckham is a big whinner too…I don’t hear any complaints about him…maybe because he is David Beckham and Rodgers knows what that would get him from the English press…:)

  70. Abel says:

    medoicre post…Eurodweeb

  71. Rob says:

    He played pretty well on Everton…..

  72. Jeremy says:

    Landycakes is a great player, but a giant d-bag. Everyone already knows this. This may be a surprise to Rodgers, but not to the rest of us.

  73. Troy says:

    LD is the best USMNT player, and I have a lot of respect for the guy. But he is the whiny bitch of the pitch in MLS.

    Rodgers said it perfectly, with some respect for LD’s accomplishments thrown in. He got up in Henry’s face right after they were just being friendly with one another. It’s a real jeckyl/hyde personality from him. He should show more class – he’s the best US player and needs to represent better.

  74. jonk says:

    You’ve got a mighty straw man going. Nobody is comparing the talent level between these guys but you. And the discussion is not about Rodger’s past. It’s just about whether Donovan whines to the refs too much during the game…tough guy.

  75. Rob says:

    Honestly, it’s the fact that Landon told Henry to F off, plus yelling at the linesman on Henry’s goal, and trying to get Rodgers sent off… I think that Rodgers just tells it like it is, he was asked a question and he answered it. I mean would you think of it any different if it were Henry himself saying that?

    Either way this is good for a league that could use this passion and controversy.

  76. francois says:

    Haha dude you’re a d!ck. I wonder if anybody has told you that, but I digress. The fact of the matter is, Landon doesn’t have a history of diving, you’re fabricating negative attributes because you dislike him. This whole ‘more people agree with me over the internet so that makes me right’ angle is really played out.

  77. Rob says:

    On and I think Landon got Beckham good enough in a book, for every player that will ever play in MLS.

  78. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Amen. Why is this concept so hard to understand?

  79. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Yeah, I mean league two, league one, and conference national experience certainly gives him the edge over landon, right?

  80. francois says:

    Really, you would say he was a threat against the galaxy? What game were you watching? I understand he is praised for his movement off the ball and his runs, and that is great, but if you get on the end of balls 10 times out of 10 and waste each opportunity I don’t see that as being threatening.

  81. Scott A says:

    Bottom line is that nooobody can deny that Landon is a whiny little girl, especially when he plays in MLS. And this coming from somebody who loves him in a USA jersey.

  82. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Yes. MLS is certainly better than League One.

  83. Rob says:

    I agree with everything, but the best player. He is deff one of them, but not the best IMO.

  84. francois says:

    What do you call his stint in Everton? The fans were on the verge of taking up a bloody collection so they could buy him during the summer.

  85. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    He was player of the month on a PL team and a catalyst for their wins against the likes of Man City, Man U, and Chelsea. #learnsomething

  86. Scott A says:

    Landon really disproved the idea that he thinks he’s a special boy worthy of special on field treatment by condescendingly saying “Who’s Luke Rodgers?” towards a journeyman MLS player ha.

  87. Felix says:

    Much needed bad blood in MLS. I think its hilarious myself – regardless on whom is right or wrong.

  88. Tim says:

    It’s about time SOMEBODY said something . . . I still remember him flipping off the ref/AR TWICE against the Revs and getting suspended ONE GAME. If you’re the best player in the league, why are you begging for help from the refs so much? It doesn’t make sense. Not to mention he dives when he gets tapped, rather than just riding a challenge when he’s in good positions anwyays. He’s an amazing player, but he definitely cries way too much. Well done, Rodgers.

  89. LiquidYogi says:

    I’m a big fan of the MLS…I’d say they’re comparable, but in a competitive setting I see more League 1 teams winning.

  90. Rob says:

    3 goals and three assists in four games as a starter…. Deff not a threat of any kind.

  91. Rob says:

    Wow, I can’t disagree with you more.

  92. anikan says:

    I happen to be an American. I don’t know what USMNT you’ve been watching but Dempsey is hardly a supplemental player. Landycakes has always been over-rated. Dempsey has proven himself time and time again while Donovan keeps running back to MLS.

  93. Jebus says:

    Pots and kettles coming from someone who plays with Henry.

  94. Shark says:

    Was tremendous at Everton…in argubaly the best league in the world…while Rodgers was in League 2 with Notss County…

    MLS has come a long way…

  95. Dimey says:

    What are you smokin’?

  96. Shark says:

    Nor do I know what USMNT you are watching…anikan-cakes…:)

  97. francois says:

    I said the last 2 games. READ.

  98. This Guy says:

    Landon Donovan > League One all-star

    Luke’s comments are obviously his way of riding LD’s coattail to mediocrity with the MLS fan base. It’s better than blowing up little girl’s faces with fireworks, I suppose.

  99. Jason says:

    I’ve seen Rodgers play a couple of times now and his comments seem to be the pot calling the kettle black……hypocrite

  100. Shark says:

    Everton come to mind to you?…he was tremendous and the fan base loved him…and if you watch the Con Fed Cup and 2010 World Cup you’ll see why he is a great player…glad you dont’ pick the team…:)…called out by a third-rate hack…thats funny…

  101. Sampson says:

    Because you hate watching one of the best club players in the world? Get Real

  102. Jeremy says:

    Yes, obviously you know Rodgers’ intentions. He definitely wasn’t just tired of watching Landycakes act like a spoiled 12 year old girl. He OBVIOUSLY said all of that just to get in the spotlight and it had nothing to do with calling out Landycakes for acting like a bitch.

  103. This Guy says:

    I don’t care if Landon Donovan decides to play for an Irish pub team. When you’re that good you can do what you want with your career.
    Hate, Hate, Hate!

  104. Shark says:

    Why thanks!!…but yeah it is about Rodgers…he made it that way by running his mouth….so yeah his past is fair game..he is a thug and assulted a guy in a parking it or not…and he is a hack as a footballer he won’t be in MLS long…you can take that to the bank…

  105. Expo says:

    MLS is better than EPL Mid Table all the way down

  106. Jason says:

    3 goals for Rodgers in 399 minutes as opposed to 2 goals in 345 minutes for Agudelo. Splitting hairs I would say

  107. PetedeLA says:

    Thank you.

    LD can take a page from Rodger’s notebook.

    I can understand being ticked after a game. But LD and Ream are national team teammates.

    Instead of tweeting, “Who is Luke Rogers?”, he should have been tweeting, “sorry fans for missing a couple of chances I should have put away.”

  108. Shark says:

    You have no clue with all due respect…I’ve been to allot of League 1 games on par with the USL at best…so I’m with Rob could not disagree with you more….

  109. Rob says:

    Umm scored the game winner against KC. That was the last game, not a threat in that game at all…. So yeah thanks for d bag comment.

  110. josh says:

    I love Landon’s twitter response. That is golden. I mean what could Rodgers possibly say to that?

    “I am Luke Rodgers, I played at Notts County….oh wait, never mind.”

  111. Shark says:

    Agree with the passion part…:)

  112. Martino says:

    He needs to be more of a leader and captain on both squads

  113. Mcassell says:

    No name from England trying to become a name. Rodgers I think I just heard Henry ask your where abouts as his boots need to be polished. Make yourself useful.

  114. josh says:

    What else could have been Rodger’s intentions?

  115. eric says:

    Has anyone watched John Terry or anyone on Chelsea for that matter? They come short of stomping the ref out if he so much as looks at them wrong. Pretty much all of English football is guilty of bitching and complaining like little girls. Its the nature of sports. Look at the NBA playoffs as well. All these people saying they love LD on the U.S. and not anywhere else, just support teams that play against the Galaxy.

  116. Rob says:

    And iwas responding to the ” he has done nothing with his career comment”

  117. Jason says:

    Haha! this^^

  118. Goibo says:

    Chris Birchill is more his peer

  119. Le Benck says:


  120. sandtrout says:

    Amen, Scott A. I prefer the Landon who worked like a horse in the World Cup and bared his struggles with the sport in the run-up to the cup. He made you proud. This MLS Donovan — not so much.

  121. josh says:

    Oh that one hurts, Birchall has got the first touch of robbie findley and eddie johnson put together.

  122. ViperLAG says:

    Honestly, I can give a $*&% about what Luke Rodgers says about Donovan or Donovan’s response. The key issue here is not about the players but about the piss poor officiating that I and every other MLS supporter must endure on a regular basis when attending these matches. This and all other complaints needs to be directed at USSF President Sunil Gulati and the rest of the dumbass Board of Directors who do nothing about the pathetic display of officiating. Maybe if USSF got off their asses and employed officials who actually knew the rules, were in shape to keep up with last man on the sidelines and properly officiated matches rather than spend time talking to players before, during and after matches like they were their best buds or constantly fall behind 10 – 15 yards to never see an offsides. I could go on and on. Maybe, if the USSF could actually do the above things, players wouldn’t be so apt to complain about calls. But then again, I would probably win the lottery or live in a utopia if this ever came about. Oh, how I wish, MLS would do something dramatic and employ their own officials, but sadly, as any other soccer / futbol league in this world, we are at the mercy of FIFA and our own soccer federation – the deplorable USSF.

  123. PetedeLA says:

    Ehm. Landon’s talent was noticed at a very young age.

    As such, he was treated as the chosen one for as long as any of us can remember.

    Rodgers is a journeyman from the wrong side of the tracks in England.

    He’s obviously working class and has probably had to fight for every break he has been given.

    I’d expect LD to be the bigger man.

    But he remains Landycakes in situations like these. Of course, LD is the better player. But if you asked me who has done more with what he has been given, I’d probably go with Rodgers.

    OK. I’ll admit it… I’m probably saying this because I really think Landon should have gotten that volley chance (off Beckham’s long pass towards the right edge of the box) at least on frame. For all his talent, he still makes a hash of good (not necessarily easy) chances.

    Still… for the national team, Landon Donovan is a beast. And for this, I am grateful.

  124. ManicMessiah says:

    Thierry Henry has looked much better with Rodgers starting than Agudelo, though. Could be pure coincidence as far as Henry’s play, just based on the small amount of games so far.

  125. Jeremy says:

    His intention was to call out Landycakes for acting like a bitch on the field. I think that is pretty clear.

  126. Rob says:

    NBA you can’t complain to a ref anymore. It is now an automatic technical foul….

    They do complain to the ref in the PL, however no one runs from half a field away to tell the linesman that a player was offsides. Nor do they run up to a ref, after two players are chummy about a foul, and try to get the opposing player sent off.

    Only la liga, which upsets me as I love that league, are players yelling at the ref as much (usually only the big two teams get away with it).

  127. Rob says:

    Can’t have their own officials unfortunately…. Still not an excuse for any player (Donovan/Beckham) to berate the refs.

  128. josh says:

    I love when people still use Landycakes. I mean its not like he is the best player to ever play in the MLS, or that he is arguably the best field player ever for the Nats, or that he is now a world recognized star. Get of landon’s d*** already.

  129. josh says:

    I do not understand how people get mad over landon being upset and complaining towards the officials when the officiating has been horrible.

  130. Andy Bernard says:

    Ya lets all beleive whatever Luke Rogers says since hes clearly such a GOOD GUY!!!!

  131. DYCSoccer17 says:

    In England and Europe, it is commonplace for managers to criticize officiating after a game is over. No one seems to care that managers do this. God forbid if a competitive captain on the pitch argues with a ref in order to get a competitive advantage, though. Pot, meet kettle.

  132. Jeremy says:

    Lol dude why don’t you relax a little? People call him Landycakes because he still acts like a bitch on the field. Nobody is saying LANDYCAKES sucks. If he is super popular, yet still acts like a bitch, then why would people stop using the nickname?

  133. sven says:

    It’s funny when people complain about MLS referees. Yes, they are mediocre but it’s not like the league is world class. Mediocre refs for a mediocre league.

  134. John says:

    link to

    …You were saying? Luke Rodger would kill you.

  135. Ricky B. Free says:

    Rodgers never made it past League 1 because of his off the field problems.

  136. josh says:

    He acts like a b**** on the field? Is that what you call scoring 3 goals in the last world cup?

  137. Hopper says:

    Compared to the top leagues around the world, MLS is a little pond. No need to take that as an insult. I love the MLS. But Donovan should be playing in Europe, and by staying in MLS, he’s the big fish in a little pond.

  138. josh says:

    So by your theory the premiership in England should have world class referees since it is a world class league right? Fail.

  139. John says:

    Luke Rodgers is a nobody. Who cares what he thinks, hes known to create controversy in the past. Although Donovan does complain alot.

  140. anikan says:

    Just because LD is famous among people that follow USA soccer doesn’t mean he’s famous. You are right he’s not the best player to ever play in MLS. Pretty sure Henry has put up more impressive numbers over the course of his career and in better leagues thus making him a better player. Now LD has done more in MLS but that hardly makes him the better player.

  141. josh says:

    Landon is famous outside of USA soccer. This last world cup and his stint at everton have made Landon a world known player. Since when are comparing landon to henry? I thought this was about rodgers and landon.

  142. DaMA says:

    The thing that nobody seems to be discussing is that Ro(d)gers got all bitchy because Landon was chirping at Henry towards the end of the match. Luke has distracted from the real issue quite admirably. That being said, while I love Henry in the league and am a NYRB fan… the simple fact is Henry has a tendency to do chippy little after the play hacks as much as he can get away with. We’ve all seen it. He got called on it by Donovan and wound up dealing with a po’ed Landon all match. I’ve seen Henry (and Beckham) do that crap way too often. Whether you “like Landon in MLS” or not (what an absurd concept), he had a pretty legitimate reason for getting in Henry’s face.

  143. This Guy says:

    You’d prefer a girl’s face being disfigured to a soccer player complaining about calls?
    You’re sick.

  144. Johnny Ramone says:

    Landon is kind of a nancy, let’s be honest. It’s almost as if Luke said “the skt is blue” or the “Wilpons are terrible owners for the Mets” or the “Ramones were great.” It’s not like he stated anything other than the obvious.

  145. This Guy says:

    and his on field talent.

  146. This Guy says:

    I see your Henry and I raise you a Beckham. Because he is by far the most popular player in the history of the game and thus more famous than Henry

  147. dcm says:

    wait, who is shane?

  148. socnow says:


    Love his game and what he’s done for American soccer. But I do get tired of his whining.

  149. socnow says:

    That would’ve been ghetto.

  150. jdavids says:

    No, Donovan is too much of a dork to get himself into a rape scandal. #10 USA!!!!!!!!!!

  151. socnow says:

    “From now on RBNY will play LA Galaxy every week in front of the Timbers Army.”

    – Don Garber

  152. sven says:

    They do have much better referees, and coaches, and players, and fans, and stadiums, and wages, and …….. If mls were a good league it would have good referees.

  153. says:

    That meat-headed goon should can it. If anything we need more captains like LD willing to dish it out to players who make late reckless challenges, and especially in light of the spate of horrendous injuries from hack tackles. With all these recent injuries Luke Rodgers looks like a simpleton complaining about a captain holding the refs accountable for controlling the game. Personally, I would have loved to see Beckerman stomp on Mondaini’s face a couple or ten times. Luke should feel honored to play on the same field with LD, and grateful that he babied the shot on the open goal.

  154. poqui says:

    Big market prima donnas. They are BOTH irrelevant in the MLS. Power to the small market teams who have reigned in the last few years. Galaxy and Red Bulls rely on $$$, the Don’s blessing, and big city appeal to bring stars but no championship lately. I love it when they both lose.

  155. abc says:

    Luke Rodgers has like two functioning brain cells. I remember like 3-4 weeks ago when he was taking swings at another player during the game, and he wasn’t even given a yellow card. Now he’s complaining about the Galaxy getting preferential treatment from refs as if NYRB don’t get the same?

    (SBI-Just out of curiosity, where was Rodgers quoted as saying the Galaxy gets preferential treatment? This is like the scene in Johnny Dangerously where the original message gets totally distorted. Rodgers pointed out that Donovan complains to the refs constantly. Not exactly incorrect. The name-calling was over the top, but his initial point wasn’t completely without merit.)

  156. emmanuel says:

    LOL YUP!

  157. emmanuel says:


  158. emmanuel says:

    LOL YUP!

  159. Geeps says:

    Is Donovan son of Donovan from 1960s? The two are tiny dorks. Donovan is a show off and princess. He and Beckham are two main reasons I can’t root for LA.

  160. jimb says:

    I’m with donovan here… Who the hell is luke rodgers? You’re a nobody and donovan is a star…get over it. Furthermore, he’s the captain, its his job. Loser. Oh yeah, I hate the Galaxy

  161. fightPlaque says:

    I’ll put $50 on Donovan’s stats for the season

  162. GSScasual says:

    @shark HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA…. wow, bro. me? the internet tough guy? how so? I’m not the one saying im a veteran… (by the way, do you know how messed up it is to lie about that) ….. your just a passive little twerp that has the hots for Landon… He is good, but he is a whiney little girl….just like you. HAHA…

  163. GSScasual says:

    did you really just call Donovan one of the best players in the world??? pump the brakes..better yet… SLAM on the brakes… he is great, and has done sooo much for the sport in this country…. but how big is this list of players you are ranking him in? He has a weak resume… top 50 best players, maybe.

  164. Adrian says:

    So many ignorant comments.

    Who cares what Luke Rodgers has done in his past. It is completely irrelevant to what he has to say.

    Donovan is quite possibly the most annoying person to ever grace the USMNT. That includes Lalas. This entire website was erupting about how Barcelona players surrounded the officials and whined.

    Landon Donovan sprinted from the other side of the field more than once to scream about something that wasn’t even a disputable issue.

    And as for some of the other comments. Donovan is one of the best players in the world? Donovan is not even the best player on his own team in a 3rd rate league. Donovan doesn’t crack the top 100 in the world.

    Jesus, some of you are acting like he is the Messiah.

  165. GSScasual says:

    who said anything about diving? It so easy to see where the credibility lays in this argument… 1, never compared Donovan to Rodger, 2 never said donovan dives…
    Here is what I said….. Donovan whines like a pu$$y… nuff said. And shark, the GI JOE, captain america… has weird fantasies about donovan. That is the only explanation I have to why he has such looney responses to everything

  166. GSScasual says:

    you are absolutely FIXATED on the parking lot occurrence… I’m beginning to think that you were the victim in this attack…. its okay, you can tell me… how bad to Luke embarrass you?

  167. Jason says:

    Come on now Rodgers is a dirty player and could have been sent off after his tackle dumb cleats up o ricketts thigh. Only to apologize so he wouldn’t be sent off. Anyone remember his punch thrown at the DC united defender? Only reason he got no card was because nobody reacted but it was clearly ejection/fine worthy. Again vs. LA he has yellow and cleats ricketts only to apologize which is why the ref held his card. For a player who had trouble getting here because of legal problems in the first place seems to continue to have anger problems

  168. marco says:

    Luke Whatever, “He’s running up to the referees telling him what decisions make. I’ve never ever seen nothing like that.”

    Bloke never watched a Chelsea match, little ****.

  169. GSScasual says:

    hey This Guy….. was that joke… cuz it sure made me laugh… David Beckhams career is now where CLOSE to the caliber of Henry’s…. you look up football legend, its bound to be a picture of TH14

  170. Zach says:

    Not sure what country Rodgers is from, but I always thought that all Americans are whiners. This shouldn’t come as a surprised to Rodgers that Donovan is a grade A whiner. Welcome to America Rodgers.

  171. Zach says:

    +1 Some people here are brain washed by SBI love affair with Donovan.

    (SBI-Spoken like a true Mexican troll. You really should bring something more to the table comment-wise than American hating-Mexican loving trash talk. If not, I don’t really see a point in you commenting at all.)

  172. Paul says:

    I can’t wait until August 28. Donovan is going to get an earful from the RBNY fans.

  173. Jack says:

    Eurosnobs love to come out when Donovan gets headlines…Donovan should be playing in his/our pond…We are lucky to have him

  174. Adriano says:

    “one of the better footballers in the world”? Donovan is good but I wouldn’t go that far IMO

  175. Flipper says:

    I dont watch USMNT, I watch USA

  176. JH says:

    Mediocre posts by a Mediocre troll

  177. Brian says:

    He tweeted Luke Rodgers in response to a tweet from someone (who I assume is a Red Bulls fan)

  178. JH says:

    This league must be doing pretty good for you to post so much here Eurotroll

  179. Brian says:

    I love them all, but Dempsey definitely whines (although a bit more angrily) and he flops sometimes.

  180. Sheik says:

    Nobody tops Lalas…He isn’t even playing anymore and he is still annoying!

  181. Brian says:

    Um you did, when you said “They have such heart and never flop or whine”

    Flopping = diving

  182. TommyOC says:

    How is Landon a “whiny little girl?” Because he, as captain of the Galaxy, makes sure the referees here his team’s point of view? Is that your only charge?

    Because it can’t be his playing ethic. Landon plays 100% every second on the field, even when he’s sick, even when he’s just arrived from a national team commitment. It’s inarguable FACT that the Galaxy are better with him than without him. (If you even attended a Galaxy match, and sat close enough, you can HEAR him actively directing the team’s efforts.)

    Is Hans Backe a whiny little girl too? How about Bruce Arena? They were both giving the fourth official earfuls Saturday night. What makes them different from Landon?

    So Donovan lets the referees know where he stands and suddenly he’s a little girl unworthy of your respect? If they referees thought he was out of line, they have a solution for it in their back pockets.

    On another note, written on this very website is broad acknowledgment that the Galaxy has been the recipient of some pretty horrible officiating so far this season — the largest indicator of a much larger problem with inept MLS refereeing this season so far. And refereeing is somewhat complicit in the number of injuries seen on the field this season as well.

    Donovan is expressing his discontent. After a few incidents of questionable game-deciding calls going against your team in such a short span of time, you would do what you could to keep the match honest… even if all you could do was ride the official.

    And if Landon Donovan getting into a referee’s face makes that referee check his quality of officiating, then he’s doing the match – and the league – a huge service.

  183. Simon says:

    This is what MLS needs more of nothing wong with a bit of trash talk. Luke the Tank is the best.

  184. Spike says:

    Within a few years most of us will have forgotten Luke Rodgers name and most soccer fans will have never heard of him. He has proven himself to be scum and doesn’t deserve ink about his opinions about anyone.

  185. Brian says:

    I agree that Dempsey isn’t anything close to a supplemental player. He’s probably the 3rd most important player to the USMNT, after Howard and Donovan.

    But you’re kidding yourself if you think Donovan is over-rated, especially when it comes to national team performances. I think Donovan is great, and I think Dempsey is great (I love his swagger). They are my two favorite soccer players, but Donovan, over the years, had been more consistent and had performed better for the national team.

    And that’s not to say Dempsey had performed badly. It’s just that sometimes you can see Dempsey getting frustrated and getting a little too fancy, and he’ll disappear from matches. I haven’t seen this too much from him as of late, not much in the World Cup, but it happened quite a bit during the World Cup Qualifying. Hell it even happened during some of the matches in the Confederations Cup.

  186. Brian says:

    When was this?

  187. Brian says:

    That’s what I’m saying. A few times in the game Henry got away with a couple of chippy fouls. Since Landon is captain I totally feel like it’s his right to do that.

  188. Brian says:

    Not even the best player on his own team? Who do you think is better? Beckham!? HA!

  189. Jimmy The Bull says:

    Seriously who the Fu*k is this Rogers dude.

  190. Whatever whatever says:

    Complete absence of logic in this jingoistic gobbledygook. Why don’t you just call him a ‘Red’ while you’re at it.

  191. Whatever whatever says:

    Again, this is a strawman argument. His conduct in a parking lot in England has nothing to do with whether Rodgers is right about Landon Donovan.

    If you don’t think he whines, you don’t think he whines. Luke Rodgers’ past is irrelevant to the point.

  192. jloome says:

    Even if you disagree with everything Adrian has to say about Donovan, the first two paragraphs here are the relevant ones.

    Your opinion of someone’s past conduct is a terrible measure of present reliability. If if it did, being *unt doesn’t automatically invalidate someone’s assertions.

    It’s a waste of peoples’ time to throw that hyperbole out there.

  193. This Guy says:

    with fireworks!

  194. MOUF says:

    all those World Cup goals as well, Rodgers is a legend

  195. This Guy says:

    According to your logic; Hitler is a good guy now because he hasn’t done anything wrong for 60 years.

    Rodgers blew up a teenage girl’s face with fireworks because he’s a worthless drunken turd. But that is the nature of RBNY, they all have 0 professionalism.

  196. This Guy says:

    And a hat-trick from RBNY

  197. Primoone says:

    I’m not pointing any fingers but a few galaxy haterz just got their cans handed to them…just sayin

  198. abc says:

    Someone above referred to Donovan as “a spoiled 12 year old girl”… if so I guess the positive thing to take away form all this is at least this time Rodgers only used METAPHORICAL fireworks on a little girl’s face.

  199. MG says:

    I love this. Its perfect for the league. A great game played on Saturday night and now a little more tension thrown in and we could have a nice rivalry on our hands.

  200. Kevin says:

    You get real Sampson. One of the best club players in the world?

  201. galaxyfan says:

    Well Donovan was right about the offside call. NY’s goal should have been disallowed, as Rodgers was offside in the buildup and interfered with play that led directly to the goal. As a Galaxy fan I was ticked too.

  202. Shane says:

    In typical New York fashion, they have absolutely zero class in bringing scumbag thugs like Rodgers and Marquez to MLS. Add to that Hans Backe who cant even pretend to respect the league he earns his pay in and I cant avoid hating NY even if I wanted to. Landon has more class in his shoelace than Rodgers and Marquez combined.

  203. Rob says:

    Rodgers didn’t get in between the shot and he didn’t screen the ball….. Lol I love when fans make up stuff

  204. Rob says:

    Love the hate, maybe you should read or listen to Hans Backe talk before you flat out make stuff up.

  205. Rob says:

    Yeah except the officials who give bans to the managers….. Look at Furgie this year, he complained and the banned him for a few games, but your right no one cares in England.

  206. Rob says:

    Yep apples and apples comparison there…. Killing millions of people execution style is exactly the same as getting drunk and throwing firecrackers at someone….

  207. Rob says:

    Dude I am pretty sure he was in the military, but go on and insult for that….

  208. AdamFromMich says:

    It’s unfortunate, but you’re right — complaining to the referee is a part of professional sports. I wasn’t aware that Donovan complained to the referee more than the captains of other teams do. Frankly, I’m glad the Galaxy don’t surround the referee and all complain at once. I hate that. I’m okay with the captain talking to the ref. If the ref is sick of it, he knows what to do.

    I did laugh when Rodgers did his little ‘yak-yak-yak’ gesture to Donovan after the incident with the goalkeeper. That was hilarious. He should have left it at that. Calling Donovan a d—head and saying that he’s “never ever seen nothing like” Donovan’s complaining is just ridiculous. It makes it hard(er) to take Rodgers seriously.

  209. T says:

    I’ve seen Donovan play live with and without the arm band. He whines every match. Everyone in the stadium groans when he does it. I thought this was common knowledge…..

  210. k says:

    rodgers is correct; ladycakes is a little girl and needs to have his arse kicked. i’m tired of the league and the officials bending over backwards for him, he is a diver and they always give him pk’s so he can run up his low goal totals cause he can’t score on his own. he is not as good as the uneducated americans think he is; his wife figured that out and left, now I wish he would do the same.

  211. Dan in New York says:

    This rivalry is GREAT for MLS as evidenced by this EPIC thread. Ives – Is this comment trail some kind of record for a non-USMNT related post?

  212. Lee from NYC says:

    He is Landon when he is on the USMNT.

    He is Landycakes when is playing MLS.

    The guy needs to keep his mouth shut more. I know he’s the captain, but does he need to argue about a foul that Ricketts and Rodgers laughed off?

    Like someone said earlier, it’s pretty common knowledge that he’s a whiner. Wished he would focus more on the game and not on the ref.

    This whole “the refs are out to get us” excuse is starting to wear thin in my opinion.

    Can’t wait for Aug 28 in RBA.

  213. Charles says:

    Agree with Jack. He should NOT be playing in Europe. He should play where he WANTS to play.

    He wants to play in MLS, where he lives, where he was born, not his fault MLS doesn’t measure up (according to Hopper, not me )

  214. marco says:

    Great to see Landon talking smack with Henry. Henry seems to enjoy the banter, but you can’t let him get away with those late step ons that he brings.

    Rodgers could play for another century and still be miles behind both players.

  215. Alexxx says:

    umm who is landon crying donovan is again?

  216. bryan says:

    honestly, given that LD, for pretty much his entire career, has had people say, “who the F is Landon Donovan,” I’m kind of surprised he went to that level. and then there is always the “he plays in the same league as you” argument against LD’s comment.

    idk, i thought it was funny. but at the same time i think LD should have a little more respect to Henry. after scoring, dude went straight to him and said something.

    he says that’s his way to fire everyone up. but idk. and this coming from a Madrid/USA/LA fan.

  217. francois says:

    So 3 goals and 3 assists makes up for doing nothing else in his career? Wow, great logic.

  218. Graeme says:

    This whole chain just made my day.

  219. Scott A says:

    Landon being whiny is in no way an indictment of his fighting spirit; he always gives it 100% and on that we are agreed.

    Anything can be rationalized but for most of us there is an indisputable fact that in many top divisions in the world, there is an unsavory element of elite players and coaches constantly screaming at officials and this is less common here. Yes, Landon and Bruce are two of the bigger culprits.

    When did I or anyone say that Landon is undeserving of our respect? He’s possibly the greatest American player of all time and has given me some great memories. Cristiano Ronaldo and Didier Drogba are worthy of respect as well but are certainly open to criticisms of some of their on field antics. I didn’t see LD doing any of this with Everton and I’m sure it has to do with the ego of being who he is in MLS.

    This isn’t some super serious issue, anyway. We have a player who is CLEARLY annoying and constantly yaps to get this team an edge (which is all good, but be ready for people to call you out on it even if the officials won’t do anything because of your stature) and another player who’s a big enough a-hole to call him out on it.

    I agree that refereeing in this league is a problem at times and disagree that Landon becoming a player/referee is doing the league a huge service or helping the cause one bit.

  220. jpc says:

    Isn’t this guy from England? doesn’t he see what EPL players do to ref’s on a daily basis? Donovan’s antics towards refs, which I don’t particularly care for, are NOT outrageous compared to other professionals in the world….

    Now Donovan not shaking Henry’s hand after the game is lame. Henry took him out b/c after Donovan’s goal he was talking Sh!t to the entire Galaxy team, so he got touched up a bit. No big deal, and he shouldn’t have reacted like that…

    The twitter stuff was funny, but why is LD trying to big dog people??? Seriously, he’s great for this league, but honestly, who is LD??? I’m a huge fan of his, and think he would be a star in EPL, but he’s not, he hasn’t done it, and maybe never will. That’s not a knock on him, its just a fact.

  221. marco says:

    “Luke, I’m your daddy,” Darth Donovan.

    Luke says he never see players hounding the officials in England. He either has missed Chelsea games for the past 10 years or he’s a liar.

  222. Scott A says:

    If you want entertainment, watch how much vitriol and ridiculous statements This Guy spews whenever any RBNY story comes up. Oh yeah, “0 professionalism” ha what a freaking cartoon you are. Why don’t you google Henry inviting a Pennsylvania youth player to Red Bull Arena to talk to him after he heard the kid was told to go back to Africa on the field. There are some hearts of gold on this team.

  223. Oh brother! Why do we even compare? It’s all relative.

  224. I love how some English guy from the 2nd and 3rd divisions of England comes over here, talks trash about Landon Donovan and everyone is on his side. Especially when it is the pot calling the kettle black.

    This reminds me of when John Carver quit before getting fired. He complained about MLS on his way out. Because he was English, he was right. Yet, before he came to MLS, he was a nothing. And, since his return to England, he is still nothing.

    Prior to MLS, Luke Rodgers has been nothing. He has scored a couple of goals my Grandmother could have finished. If I was playing alongside Thierry Henry, I would look good too.

    F#@k Luke Rodgers! I would rather see Agudelo play than him.