SBI MLS Team of the Week: FC Dallas

KevinHartman (Getty)

The Los Angeles Galaxy may have had the biggest blowout of the week, and Chivas USA had the most surprising win of the week, but no team can top FC Dallas this week after the Red Stripes posted a pair of shutout victories to climb the Western Conference standings.

Led by the attacking forays of Fabian Castillo, the stout defending of George John, and the stellar goalkeeping of Kevin Hartman, FC Dallas beat both Toronto FC and the Philadelphia Union to improve to 5-3-2 on the season. That's a record made even more impressive by the fact that Dallas started off 0-2-1 and is also dealing with the loss of MLS MVP David Ferreira to injury.

Who did you think was the top team in MLS Week Eight? Did Dallas get your vote, or did you think Chivas USA's strong showing vs. New York deserved it?

Share your thoughts below.

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7 Responses to SBI MLS Team of the Week: FC Dallas

  1. boosted335 says:

    Good call.

    FCD is still not settled on offense but when have they ever been?

    Also the mass indifference to George John by the MLS/USMNT fanbase has crossed the line from peculiar to insane.

    He’ll be playing at the allstar game in NY (so long as the fans dont decide 100% of the vote)

    That will be a good time to catch him for that past due spotlight feature Ives

    (SBI- He’s done well the past month without question, but you clearly rate him higher than most. And for the record, I rated him very highly heading into his draft, just don’t think he’s on Tim Ream’s level as an international prospect. He’s comparable to Omar Gonzalez. We’ll see soon enough if he’s done enough to merit a call-up.)

  2. boosted335 says:

    Hes ALWAYS done well Ives. Hes doing the same stuff now as he did in his (albeit brief) rookie year YES rookie year.

    The comparison to Gonzalez is actually more of a compliment then you probably intended as John, Gonzalez, and Marshall are the class of the league CB this year!

    Yes, I personally rate John higher than Gonzalez due to Johns better speed/ball handling BUT both are better DEFENDERS and have proven this year to be more consistent than Ream or anyone else in the league thus far in the season.

    If you dont wanna believe your eyes check the Castrol index

  3. Kevin Hartman is one of those cats who performs at a consistantly high level in goal but has been cursed with playing at the same time as friedel,howard,keller and guzan..even hannehman. he could easily be up there past hannehman in the depth chart as a number..3 Better then robles/yeldell as well.

  4. boosted335 says:

    El Gato is the truth!

  5. loko says:

    Ike opara.

  6. Funta says:

    Tim is comparable to Omar….John is starting to come into his own though

  7. Ed says:

    Shame Gato din’t get called up in his prime…He was just as good as all those guys and certainly better than Guzan. He is still great.