Special1 TV: The season finale

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13 Responses to Special1 TV: The season finale

  1. Justin Roelant says:

    I hope this is a bluff…Because I kinda figure on Barca winning Europe…And I really want this show to come back.

  2. ga-gone says:

    Flippin Heck!

  3. Brian says:

    San Jose!? Did Yallop get fired? LOL

  4. Brian says:

    Lol that was a good one. Wayne got a little too scouse for me there to understand the Sir Alex and Kenny punch line. Did anyone hear it?

  5. ga-gone says:

    “Sorry mate, over 18s only”

  6. langan311 says:

    gives me more of a reason to pull for Man united on the 28th lol

  7. dan says:

    I must say it’s pretty damn cool that SJ is mentioned in the show. Our league is getting more and more exposure every day.

  8. BCC says:

    Yeah, and they knock MLS’s divisional playoffs (the play on “Real”). The league has arrived!

  9. Igner Ant says:

    We have Blackpool’s management team on the line!
    Best Special1 moment of the season.

  10. BmoreAVFC says:

    Lampard in the End Zone!

  11. YallopsBlack&BlueArmy says:

    I will take Frank Yallop over Sveny Sven all day son!

    Seriously though that’s great that our league is getting exposure on such an awesome show.

  12. Mark says:

    Flippin ‘eck! Mick from Wolverhampton gets me laughing every time as do the sheep noise in the background anytime Blackpool is on the line. Love this show!

  13. Victor says:

    I never have quite understood the Ameboi reference with Newscastle, could someone please explain to me what the joke is there?