USMNT Update: Bedoya called in, Spain tickets running out and more


The U.S. men's national team is in Cary, North Carolina preparing for its upcoming friendly against Spain, as well as the looming CONCACAF Gold Cup, and here are some updates for you on this Memorial Day morning:

As reported on Sunday, Alejandro Bedoya has been called into U.S. national team camp. He was called in after Benny Feilhaber suffered an ankle injury in New England's weekend MLS match against Los Angeles. Bedoya has yet to officially replace Feilhaber, who is still undergoing tests to determine if he can play in the Gold Cup. The U.S. team has until 24 hours before its opening match (against Canada on June 7th) to decide whether to make the change.

In other USMNT news:

More than 57,000 tickets have been sold for Saturday's USA-Spain friendly at Gillette Stadium. That means fewer than 10,000 tickets are left for the match.


Here's the latest video from the USMNT camp, featuring some goals from recent training sessions:



What do you think of Bedoya being called in? Get your tickets for the Spain match already?

Share your thoughts below. 

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67 Responses to USMNT Update: Bedoya called in, Spain tickets running out and more

  1. AS says:

    Hopefully, we don’t get scored on in the first 5-10 minutes of the game, giving up goals early, that always seems to be the norm with this squad. What are going to do on defense, weve looked shaky back their for a while, come GC we better have organized our selves or we could end up losing to Canada or coming back to tie “like we always do”. I’m tired of the whole “comeback kings” nickname, how about “consistent Kings”, that’s what we need more than anything.

  2. Matt says:

    I’ll be there front row along one of the corner lines with 3 of my buds. Looking forward to it!

  3. AS says:

    Personally, Bedoya should’ve been called in over Rodgers anyday, but BB had to call in one of his “good old boys” like sacha and Boringstein to. Its going to be interesting watching Spain’s mesmerizing passing skills on display, they’ll get behind our backline at least a dozen times or more, unless they can glue the door shut.

  4. MicahK says:

    GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Be Serious says:

    You’re never-ending trolling is just plain silly. Get a life.

  6. John says:

    Needs to add an S to name

  7. Dave says:


  8. LA Galaxy Fan says:

    I have to agree with him in some aspects, but yeah the constant criticism is pretty nerving. I have “hope” that the team will overcome their habitual mistakes but AS makes it sound like their hopeless, I suspect he’s an US supporter, but even if Bob Bradley is coach I still expect the team to handle themselves decently, at the very least. Also go G’s!

    (SBI-Funny how you and AS have the same IP address. Roommates, schizo or what?)

  9. LA Galaxy Fan says:

    He’s my brother William. I told him to get of of the computer after I saw him on the internet. I’m Robert by the way, do you guys have more MLS sections? I like the MLS a whole lot better though. AS is my brother though, he claims to like Brazil and the US, probably Brazil more.

  10. john.q says:


  11. LA Galaxy Fan says:

    I heard there are going to be potential tornados in N.C. should’ve trained in New Jersey or something.

  12. Jeremy says:

    The update that Brad Davis and Loyd are getting called in for Bornstein and Rogers is coming too, right?

    In all honesty, I’m OK with Bornstein. He has come up big in qualifiers a couple times and actually did really well in the world cup, Boca was just too slow out on the left side. He’s not good or even “solid” but he is serviceable as a backup LB if Lichaj goes out. The Rogers over Davis selection is still curious though.

  13. The Dude says:

    I won’t rest until Bornstein is banished from the team. And I agree: I would prefer to see Lloyd and Davis over Rogers and Bornstein.

    Here’s the lineup that I want to see against Spain (I’m pretending that Chandler is here):

    Agudelo off the bench in the 70th,

  14. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    He wouldn’t have started over Cherundolo anyway.

  15. LA Galaxy Fan says:

    Chandler isn’t coming, that’s a solid lineup though, I would like to see Agudelo start, but we don’t want the hype machine to go up to fast.

  16. Eurosnob says:

    Just great. Two 12 year olds are fighting over a computer.

  17. LA Galaxy Fan says:

    I’m 19 but yeah my brother Robert is 12 actually.

  18. LA Galaxy Fan says:

    Nevermind, he’s probably better off the bench than starting the game anyway.

  19. MIke says:

    I read that article. But I got out of it that Warner claims to have an email, not that he revealed said email. Kind of different.

  20. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    It makes no sense, and everyone realizes it. Unfortunately, everything is at FIFA’s discretion at this point. My only hope is that this FIFA fiasco starts to spiral out of control, with all of the FIFA Committee members turning on each other until the truth comes out.

  21. LA Galaxy Fan says:

    I hope so Chris, becuse this is ruining soccer for everyone, the US bid for 2022, was undoubtedly a impressive bid and being American maybe i’m biased, I felt we “deserved” the right to host.

  22. MIke says:

    nevermind. it has been updated. my bad.

  23. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Blatter is speaking right now about the ethics committee on TV.

  24. LA Galaxy Fan says:

    What channel or is it on a website?

  25. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Sepp basically said there was no need for further investigation needed on a number of issues, including the 2018 and 2022 WCs. Ok, so business as usual.

  26. Supsam says:

    LOLOL you’ve been exposed TWICE

    1)Ives saw the same IP address

    2) Hey LA Galaxy Fan aka Robert aka William aka AS. You said “Im Robert by the way” and in the next post, you say “my brother Robert”….very interesting LA Galaxy fan

  27. Supsam says:

    Corrupt FIFA officials calling out other corrupt FIFA officials calling out other corrupt FIFA…….its like a never ending cycle. Too bad the “ethics” committee has excused Blatter

  28. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    It’s on whatever channel for you is Fox Soccer Channel. You might also be able to get it on the FIFA website.

  29. LA Galaxy Fan says:

    Dude, yes I’m Robert, Robert Jennings and my brother is William, I’m not going to tell my whole family story because that’s none of your business, my brother has already messed up my computer, while i was with my girlfriend yesterday. I allow him to use my computer, but I guess he was fooling around on it again (sigh). I’m probably going to start requiring a password to log onto my computer now because of this, please just ignore my brother “William” he’s smart but he does like to battle with people all the time, which gets him into trouble at home and at school.

  30. LA Galaxy Fan says:

    FIFA needs to be revamped entirely, its a disgrace, a matter of fact do the same to CONCACAF to, they’re just as dirty.

  31. Clover362 says:

    Is there any surprise? we knew a few day’s before the “vote” That 2022 had been bought and paid for by Qatar, never mind the 120 degree days, never mind they don’t drink alcohol, never mind it’s a horrible repressive regime (what will women fans do?).

    FIFA is a joke of an organization by american standards, say what you want about our sport leagues but at least they attempt to make the fans happy and be accountable while FIFA activlyy tries to keep the game worse, and does not care about the integrsaty of the governing body.

  32. Clover362 says:

    The only way you will ever see any change is if the biggest soccer federations (England, Brazil, Argentina, France, Germany, Spain, Japan, Italy, and the US) all collectively agree to pull out unless things change. (I’m aware this will never happen so we are effectively left with FIFA)

  33. sandoval says:

    Keep Bedoya. Release Rogers or Klejstan, or both. Neither one is international quality. I’d love to see BoonBoorRee added. He and Agudelo have shown great chemistry. Wondo is a great MLS player (a la Taylor Twellman), but he was lost in his previous national team game. Things totally changed when Bunbury and Agudelo came on.

  34. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    I’m not so sure this ‘will never happen”…I could foresee a ‘tournament’ of ‘friendly’s’ during FIFA dates, similar to the Champions League structure, where these countries play each other in a round-robin tournament over 3 years and crown a ‘champion’…from there it would not be a big leap to decide to split and form their own ‘association’.

    All it will take is some solidarity between the teams you mention.

  35. EricJohnson says:

    Ahahahaha! Get off the board little boy. No one cares what you and your multiple personalities think!

  36. Supsam says:

    Wondo deserves more of a look. He was played as the lone striker the other time and he was starved for service and was surrounded by B/C calibur players from camp cupcake.

    When Agudelo and Bunbury came on, they worked TOGETHER as a striking pair rather than alone. Pair Wondo with either Altidore or Agudelo and then we can judge him more fairly

  37. CroCajun says:


  38. CroCajun says:

    We need two defensive Mids in this game. We are going to bunker and counter. No way around it.

  39. CroCajun says:


    The inmates are running the asylum.

  40. Smash Famous says:

    WTF IS GOING ON HERE?!? Its rather funny to say the least!
    Back to the initial question at hand…
    Bedoya deserves a call up in my opinion (with hopes of building toward 2014) but I do wonder why Torres is on the outs with BB?
    I hope it was a decision the Nat. staff had to pick between Bedoya and Torres. Torres seems more of a natuaral replacement for Feilhaber than Bedoya. I know he plays different position, but what about calling in the real “Comeback King” Bobby Convey? He’s been nothing but class of late. Or Brad Davis who’s a potential MLS PLAYER OF THE YEAR canidate right now.
    Poor MLS guys get overlooked by players in Denmark, Norway and Sweden?

  41. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    I am hearing reports that Tottenham has signed Freidel. Also hearing that Aston Villa wants to keep Bradley but for a fee less than what was agreed upon in the loan deal.

  42. wildchild says:

    um… nope. It’s on ESPN and Univision.

    link to


  43. SamInMaine says:

    Dolo – Boca -Goodson – Lichaj
    Jones – Bradley
    Donovan – Edu – Dempsey

  44. CJ in OC says:

    Why do you put Edu in the Attacking Mid role? He looked uncomfortable there when BB put the squad in the 4-5-1/4-3-3 formation back in January. Does he play that role for Rangers? Given the current squad, shouldn’t it be Freddy, or Sacha, or Bedoya, or LD, or Deuce… or someone that plays that role more naturally? I’m not saying that any of them are better or worse that Edu, just that I thought Edu played more the holding Mid rather than the attacking mid. i could be wrong though.

  45. PurpleGold says:

    I was at the practice this morning, a few things I noticed.

    Michael Bradley is definitely the best defensive midfielder of the bunch. I wouldnt mind seeing how a Jones-Edu pairing works, but I now realize why he always plays for the Nats. Kid is excellent.

    Adu looked sharp in the small sided drills, but disappeared in the half-field scrimmage. But he’s still got the footwork and the finishing ability.

    Wondo did well, I’d like to see him in a game for the US playing in a position that suits him.

    Altidore and Agudelo are ridiculously strong up top. The rare times that Jozy plays the ball off quick to guys (Ex MB vs Slovenia), he’s the best on the team.

    Tim Howard is the nicest dude.

  46. MicahK says:

    Please tell me what Torres has done for the nats or this club season to warrant a call up. Yes, I know he went 90 sometimes,but just cause you go 90 does not mean you should be called up. You have to do something with your ninety minutes.

  47. MicahK says:

    Bedoya is not international quality either. -____-

  48. hogatroge says:

    As a Dynamo fan, I think Davis definitely deserves a call up, but for selfish reasons am glad he will be around for Dynamo fixtures.

  49. hogatroge says:

    I’m just as sad as everyone else that the U.S. bid failed, but honestly I get the impression it was very bland. Yes, the U.S. has badass sports infrastructure, but that doesn’t make for an exciting bid.

    Honestly, I hope to have the means to attend the WC anywhere it may occur by 2022 anyway.

  50. Whitehartlane says:

    Casey up top with Lazy Out-the-door, Boca out to leftback instead of Lichaj, George John to partner Ream, Philly boy (like me) Bobby Convey out on the left wings (instead of Deuce), but hey, of all the line-ups I’ve seen posted here and on bigsawker, this is certainly better, Donovan/Edu in the middle of the park, me likey, also, no Agudelo in 70th, my man Freddy Adu (for Convey) in the 60th, right back, not Chandler.

    Oh, keeper, not Howard, we need to move on, he cost us against Ghana on both goals (out of position badly on #1 and stayed rooted to the goal on #2, needed to come out).

    Good show, old bhoy.

  51. hogatroge says:

    Agree totally… Wondo’s had exactly 1 cap to impress and he wasn’t exactly surrounded by the cream of the crop… practically everyone else in that game was in the same boat.

  52. hogatroge says:

    I thought I heard that Rangers had been using Mo Edu in a more attacking midfield role, but I could have just made that up. I know he kinda looked lost against Argentina in that position.

  53. Whitehartlane says:

    (SBI-Your repeated trolling about Michael Bradley has gotten to be a bit much already. Either bring something more to the discussion or move on. It’s a dead horse already.)

  54. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Too bad not enough people will read this. Maybe some of the MB haters would shut it. Nah, never mind. By the way, I like your name :)

  55. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    And here comes whitehartlane posting at the exact same time as me to prove my point.

  56. Whitehartlane says:




    ……….Casey…Lazy Out-the-Door

    60th minute: Freddy Adu for Convey

    DT: Preki

  57. Whithartlane says:

    If anything I write isn’t true, than plese tell me, because it is not a “dead horse”, Mikey will play 90 vs Spain, 90 vs Canada, 90 vs Guadalupe, 90 vs Panama, 90 in quarterfinal, 90 in semifinal and 90 in final unless we lose or he gets suspended.

    If his only quality is being the best d-mid in practice, then it’s not trolling, it’s examaming the facts about Mikey, such as 0 assists in 52 matches, averaging 1 goal every 580 minutes, and no complete club matches played in 2010.

    Definition of troll:

    One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.

    That’s not me nor what I’m doing, fact.

  58. MicahK says:

    You always complain about trolls if you would stop acting like you were the almighty God of everything their is to know about soccer and just do not reply back to trolls that might cut down on it cause when you respond back you are trolling too. -__-

  59. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Simple fact: Bradley plays because he is better then anybody else we have at the position. He is better than Edu, deal with it.

  60. Smash Famous says:

    I agree that you must “Do something with your 90 minutes” to garner some Nat. attention. Then in this would open up a whole different can of worms with majority of the US Gold Cup Squad. I believe there’s no need to name names here.
    Back to the question of what has Torres done to deserve a call up?
    I think he’s made 26 Total appearances for Pachuca this past season. The second half of season from January he’s made 13 appearances with 12 starts and went 90 min. 9 times. He played the WHOLE second half of the season. Granted Pachuca did not do very well this season. Again this can open up ANOTHER can of worms involving many of our Nat. team players right now. I agree he hasn’t been stellar all year, but he’s 23 getting regular starts and playing time on a club that just recently competed in the Club World Cup. It’s got to mean something.
    And to be honest not huge Mexican Primera fan, but it’s got to
    be more competitive than any of the scandanavian leagues!?!

  61. Smash Famous says:

    I agree it’s tough to lose marquee players for fixtures because the MLS refuses to take breaks during a tourney like this. I’m not stoked to lose Landon and Ricketts. Landon up to 5 games! That seriously hurts.

  62. PurpleGold says:

    In regards to WHL, im neither a Bradley supporter or hater, Im a USMNT supporter, thats it. But Id like to know what posseses you to want solid goalscoring stats out of a DEFENSIVE midfielder. His job isnt to put the ball in the net, which he has done actually quite well for a player of his position (see Mexico, Feb of 09). Also, to the LSUTiger, Purple Gold is for ECU, not LSU, although, I love yall’s football program.

  63. Clayton says:

    Who is speaking French in the background?

  64. Mark says:

    No, please sit Lazy Out-the-Door until he can get some legitimate playing time…Casey is healthy, but you have to pair him with a guy like Davies who isn’t.

  65. Mark says:

    Agree but Torres should have then been before Rogers…

  66. abc says:

    Chandler is really good, but have you ever heard of Steve Cherundolo? He’s the captain for Hannover 96, plays pretty much every game, and they did quite well this year. Look into that.

  67. hogatroge says:

    1 goal every 6 games for a D-mid ain’t too bad. I also believe the point PurpleGold was trying to make is that it doesn’t seem to matter that he hasn’t gotten a full club match in this year…he still looks good.