USA opens Gold Cup with convincing win versus Canada

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DETROIT – The U.S. men's national team may not have opened its Gold Cup campaign with a lopsided scoreline, but it did put forth a strong performance en route to earning three points against an archrival.

Jozy Altidore scored in the first half and Clint Dempsey netted in the second to give the Americans a 2-0 win over Canada in front of 28,209 fans at Ford Field on Tuesday.

Tim Howard also came up with a handful of fine saves on the night to preserve a shutout victory that helped keep the U.S. team undefeated in the group stages of the tournament, and gave it first place in Group C after Panama defeated Guadeloupe, 3-2, in the first match of the night.

"From the moment the group was put together and the first game was Canada, we expected a tough match," said U.S. head coach Bob Bradley. "I think this Canadian team is a good one, and going in, we knew it would be a tough match. And there's a lot to build on, so for us, (we're) excited to get going."

The Americans got going from the opening whistle, controlling the possession of the game and earning several corner kicks. Landon Donovan's service on the set pieces was lacking, however, and the U.S. team was unable to break through.

That was until Altidore netted his first goal since October 2010 in the 15th minute. Donovan hit Altidore with a pass in the penalty area, and the 21-year-old forward blasted a low shot towards goal that goalkeeper Lars Hirschfeld could not save despite being positioned well.

"I don't think about any of that stuff to be honest with you," said Altidore of his scoring slump. "Every game is different. You just try to go out there and try to help the team any way you can."

Altidore and the United States continued to pressure Canada for the remainder of the first half, but the Americans were unable to translate that pressure into goal-scoring chances.

When the second half began, Dwyane De Rosario and the rest of Canada had some newfound life as they took the game to their rivals.

Centerbacks Tim Ream and Clarence Goodson did well to deal with the Canucks' attack and that allowed the Americans to double their lead in the 62nd when Dempsey scored with a sliding effort.

On the play, Altidore received the ball and made a run down the right side of the penalty area before releasing a low cross that Juan Agudelo slightly re-directed into the path of an oncoming Dempsey. 

"It's good for my confidence to get the goal because it's my first goal I scored in 2011 with the U.S. team," said Dempsey, who now has 20 goals at the international level.

Down 2-0, the Canadians began to play more direct and almost scored on a few occasions. Unfortunately for them, Howard came up with several tremendous saves, including a pair of point-blank blocks that left Ali Gerba and the Canadian fans in attendance frustrated.

"The chances we did create (in the second half) were very good, and Howard was absolute magic," said Canada head coach Stephan Hart. "I almost clapped."

The Americans did receive an ovation as they went on to finish the game with precise passing and a pair of attacks that almost led to a third goal.

"I thought it was a real team effort tonight," said Michael Bradley. "I thought everybody made it their business to be committed from the first minute on. I'm proud of our guys for that tonight."

The Americans currently stand in first place in Group C after Panama beat 10-man Guadeloupe, 3-2, in the first game of the day.

Blas Perez opened the scoring in that game with a 29th-minute tally before Luis Tejada netted. Gabriel Gomez added a third in the second half off a penalty kick, but Guadeloupe refused to roll over. Second-half substitute Brice Jovial scored a brace to make things interesting, though an equalizer never came.


What do you think of the United States' 2-0 win? Who impressed/disappointed you? Surprised by the Americans' dominance in the match? What did you take away from the Panama-Guadeloupe game?

Share your thoughts below.

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262 Responses to USA opens Gold Cup with convincing win versus Canada

  1. CA says:

    Pretty decent game. It’s certainly fair to say we dominated most of this game, though we could have been sharper in a few areas. Generally, I’m quite satisfied with this opener.

  2. Dawsaw says:

    Altidore! Glad to see him play confidently. I like the Bradley/Jones pairing more than with Edu. More energy it seems.

  3. HoboMike says:

    Haters –

    Eff U.

    M. Bradley

  4. Sean Farrell says:

    Jozy – If the guy had a better motor and maturity he could take his game to another level. Not necessarily world class but would love to see him try. Don’t jog ever!

    Agudelo – Decent game. Was in the right area for a few goals.

    Ream – Work in progress but for every whiff he makes, I like his make-ups/recovery.

    Dempsey – Class finishing. The guy is just good.

    Dolo, Donovan – They did what was needed to win.

    Jones – I see the talent but sometimes he does look lost.

    Bradley – Solid on the ball. Could be a bit better in the final third but he is not alone.

    Edu – Coin flip between him a jones

  5. ks says:

    Is this what passes for IMPRESSIVE these days?

  6. Cgold says:

    +1 the guy was popping up everywhere all night

  7. Neruda says:

    Great win. Canada stayed well organized on their defensive third during the US attacks so the goals were well earned. Ream and Goodson did pretty good together. Howard is CONCOCAFS best keeper by a lot.

  8. Francois says:

    Peace out troll.

  9. HoboMike says:

    The US had some great possession, but I thought they should have threatened more. I guess it’s semantics…after all, Spain usually has like 70% possession without a ton of scoring opportunities. I really liked the lineup; however, against 2 speedy wingers, Dolo and Boca could be exposed. Timmy was/is a man. And Donovan and Dempsey pinched too far inward, and we were hurting width-wise, but I can’t really complain as they both had great games.

    Is it really that hard to get a field that doesn’t suck? Both teams were really struggling with the footing and passing, and the field really degraded the game in my opinion.

  10. Leo says:

    Nice to see Altidore, Jones and Bradley step up. Howard was a rock, as usual, kept the scoreline in our favor.

    This was a good opening match. Canada obviously has talent, but isn’t quite as cohesive as the US outfit. Hopefully we can string a few wins together and move on.

  11. Pickles says:

    I’m suprised……. that jozy scored, then again it isn’t the best competition, it was only Canada. Was expecting Canada to make things interesting, we definently should’ve scored more goals.

  12. Nolan says:

    I’m happy for Jozy Altidore, but I wish he would hustle more and pressure their defense. Also, he tried twice to take on multiple defenders by himself only to cough up the ball. Aaaand, what’s with the timing of his jumps to try and head the ball.

    I thought Juan Agudelo was very good and made his presence felt. He just wasn’t lucky to get the right service at the right time.

    I though Wondo didn’t get much service at all from the other guys. Perhaps they don’t have much confidence or chemistry with him yet.

  13. HoboMike says:


  14. Angel FAN of USA says:

    This Team did not win conviencely I hate that BOB BRADLEY Alway don’t know how to do the right sub. WONDO & Sasha was awful and just change the tempo of the game. Lucky that Canada didn’t tied the game. ADU whats going on with him BOB BRADLEY???? U are a Idiot.

  15. Roy says:

    After looking like schoolboys against Spain, that was a solid start to the campaign. Dempsey, Bradley, J.Jones and the defense looked particularly good to me.

    However, I thought we could have pushed a bit harder toward the end and our subs just faded into the pitch like some kind of gray and patternless wallpaper.

  16. Clover362 says:

    Jones was good in the first half but started making some bad decissions once be became a bit tired. Every time it’s been a while since the National team has played a match people start hating on Bradley, then we play a game and he shows that he is the 3rd best player on the roster. Altidore had a real solid game hope people will stop calling for him to be dropped. Sasha has no business being on the team, the final 18, or 2nd off the bench what does bob see that no one else does?

  17. Pickles says:

    Freedom of speech, francois, he/she probably thought a 2-0 scoreline to Canada wasn’t impressive….. enough……

  18. Kasper says:

    The only person I’m disappointed in is whoever was in charge of the ticket prices….hence the lack of a large crowd.

  19. Neruda says:

    What kind of scoreline were you expecting? This isn’t American football, 2 nil is a good win.

  20. HoboMike says:

    Jones is definitely the real deal. He lost that ball early, which is chalked up to indecision, but then was a MAN the rest of the game. He’s got great vision and tenacity. He’s the perfect compliment to Bradley.

    A 4-2-3-1 with Altidore/Agudelo/Bunbury up front, Donovan and Dempsey on the wings, Holden in the middle, and Bradley and Jones as holding would be the best lineup we have…too bad for Stu’s injury.

  21. Pickles says:

    Bob looked suprised we won, I swear he always looks like he’s about to piss himself during games, like he knows he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing or where he’s at.

  22. langan311 says:

    Clearly robbed of the player of the game

  23. Jamie Z. says:

    Exactly. Bradley truly bossed the midfield. He had a lot of space to work with, admittedly, but he looked sharp and composed at all times.

    Despite flashes of brilliance from Howard and Dempsey, and a step-in-the-right-direction performance from Jozy, Bradley would get my vote for Man of the Match.

  24. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    The center of the park was the U.S. as Bradley/Jones dominated and having the outlets of Donovan & Deuce along with a safe outlet in Ream really solidified the link ups.

    Jones was iffy to start giving away 3 balls in the first 10-15 mintues, but settled after that.

    What was REALLY cool to see were the Aguduelo outside the boot strike to try and beat the keep to the near post AND the Scorpian kick by Dempsey that won him a corner. Then his absolutely steller finish on a tough angle for the 2nd goal.

    Altidore was solid, a wonderful decisive cross on that 2nd goal.

    First half was a really impressive display of imposing your will, although the goals did not come.

    Negatives: All 3 subs were less than impactful, with Edu providing the most positive contributions. Wondo was nowhere to be found and Sacha had two or three moments that made you shake your head. On Donovans cross in in the 87th Sacha called for the back post cross then failed to make the run. (Which caused Duece to wonder what the heck LD was seeing)

  25. jon says:

    just curious, based on the earlier panama v. guadeloupe game, should either team pose a serious threat?

  26. fed says:

    The US sucks we are a 3rd rate team that barely beats Canada

  27. dan c says:

    A little crude in the delivery, but not totally off base. I thought the CB pairing was a little shaky when pressured (which wasn’t often admitedly)… seeing ream get megged in the box was scary. We did a good job of maintaining possesion, but we seemed to lack that final deadly pass or individual moment of brilliance that we saw with Mexico and Costa Rica. That being said, distribution from the back was much improved and Jozy and Juan made good runs off the ball all night.

    The win was good, but I agree and wouldn’t say impressive. i think it was a very professional win against a lesser opponent. I hope and expect to see improvement as the tournament goes on. Bradley’s team seems to improve as they play deeper into tourneys.

  28. Phil says:

    CONCACAF should hire this guy:

    link to

  29. Francois says:

    Get out of here troll!!

  30. HoboMike says:

    Hm. Spelling. Grammar. Analysis. All terrible. Buh-bye.

  31. Alf says:

    Don’t you love it ks?

    You address the realistic idea that the United States looked pedestrian against a horrible team and people call you a troll.

  32. baller says:

    I agree with Francois, and Neruda you’re right, it’s not American football, hence the scoreline is not always a great indicator of the game. The US played really great up to the first goal then seemed to lose steam/concentration. The organization going forward was not good by any standards. Towards the end of the game you’d see a cluster of 5 or so americans going forward all occupying the same space and not making any runs! I’ve been a Bradley supporter up until now, but my faith is starting to falter. With the players on that we had on the pitch today we should have done better. THAT KIND OF PERFORMANCE WILL NOT TAKE US TO THE NEXT LEVEL!

  33. Jamie Z. says:

    That’s not at all what he looks like to me. To me, it looks like he’s perpetually processing everything he sees going on around him. I don’t always agree with his decisions, but the man is anything but an idiot. He’s shrewd and exacting. He may not be Guus Hiddink or Alex Ferguson, but I think history will validate him as the strongest American coach/manager to date.

  34. Francois says:

    Thank you Dan. I completely agree with your analyze, I just wanted to call out this dude because it seemed like a typical hateful comment that you see from ‘trolls’ on this site.

  35. Eurosnob says:

    Hopefully, the postings that Altidore is a bust and does not deserve the starting spot on this team will subside after this game.

  36. baller says:

    Crap I mean I agree with KS, responding to Francois

  37. dan c says:

    The Jones/Bradley pairing is growing on me for two reasons. 1st, it allows Bradley to get fwd more by design. Bob Sr. seems to trust Jones more then his previous holding mids and this allows Jr to push fwd or outside when 10 and 8 cut inside. 2nd, they don’t seem to be occupying the same space. In the past they did and when Jones was subbed off, it seemed Jr and Edu were caught a few times showing for the ball in the same space.

    I always rated Jr. but wasn’t too high on Jones initially in regards to how he fit on the team. The growth is encouraging!

  38. baller says:


  39. Jamie Z. says:

    Ugh. Let’s have some perspective. We’re not Spain and we’re not “third rate”. The quality of thought in internet comment threads makes me despair for mankind.

  40. Francois says:

    Not really

  41. PGS says:

    Bradley was AWESOME! And absolutely all over the place. Great to see Jozy get one. Howard was a beast as usual. Ugly start to the 2nd half, but we’ll take it!

  42. Your mom is 3rd rate.

  43. mypurpleundercracker says:

    It’s not hard to tell that English is your 2nd language friend. Please start rooting for a new team during this tournament cause no-one wants to hear anything you have to say. A win is a win troll.

  44. Angel FAN of USA says:

    +1 thank you finally who saw this game with the real eyes

  45. Francois says:

    Well that was a little strong. If we play like we did today, which in my book was just a professional performance, we shouldn’t have much of a problem. I would prefer we play better though.

  46. Alf says:

    I cannot agree that the United States looked impressive at all. Had it not been for some out of this world saves from Howard, the game might have been tied.

    Once again the United States squandered a dozen chances. This cannot continue.

    Canada was anything but good, and I am honestly disappointed in their performance. I was expecting so much more. Their midfield just laid back and took it.

  47. Travis in Miami says:

    Here’s some freedom of speech for you. You are a trolling butt wipe waste of space with your multiple posts that turn a good night into a drag. Are you actually a US fan??? I get it when people like you take the moment after a blowout loss during a friendly to let out your frustrations that your unrealistic expectations of the NT. However you’d be on here tonight saying the same load of BS if this game was 10-0. Take your trolling back to Big Soccer.

  48. Francois says:

    It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. There’s no need for cynicism after a professional performance in which the team did what needed to be done.

  49. Ski Fast! says:

    I very much disagree with the headline, we were not impressive at all in this match. The only person who was impressive was Tim Howard.

  50. Angel FAN of USA says:

    please do not put bradley close to any of this coach Cat. that is an insult to Guus n Sir Alex.

  51. Kyle says:

    If you can’t see Mikey’s quality now your blind! He is by far the best CM that we have. His work rate is high and his distribution is good. Quality game from a guy who hasn’t played much with Villa. Now will everyone lay off the Father-Son favortism bit!

  52. Ski Fast! says:

    Btw- judging by the first goal, the Canadian goalie should consider going to the butterfly style. You know, to help block those low shots.

  53. baller says:

    I think he’s a smart guy too and I’ve liked him since the begining. And I’m sure he dedicates more time to his job than just about any soccer coach out there. HOWEVER, today’s performance I think showed that maybe he lacks some of the knowledge of those little intricacies that take teams to the next level. for example the final pass/coordination seems to almost always be lacking in our buildup play

  54. GSScasual says:

    20 bucks says fed is a canadian

  55. daver says:

    We dominated the game and deserved the win. Bradley and Jones ran the show in the middle. We got sloppy toward the end, but Howard came up big on those 2 saves on Gerba late in the game.

    Anybody know anything about this Gerba guy for Canada? Apparently a career NASL/USL guy who somehow scores goals in bunches for the Canucks… somebody in the MLS should grab that guy.

  56. Eurosnob says:

    Wasn’t the scorpion kick by Dempsey an individual moment of brilliance? What about the triple save by Howard?

  57. Powderhorn Pops says:

    Dude, had it not been for some outstanding saves by the Canadian keeper this game could have been 4-0. The Canadians failed to score on a their chances – very disappointing. See I can do that too. Waaaa

  58. GSScasual says:

    way to harsh… your analysis is so cynical and wrong that is almost laughable…. The US played some beautiful football…. and that statement would suffice any critic.

  59. Andrew says:

    The headline is very misleading! Canada was much worse than expected, and a notch below all of the teams that have won so far, even Jamaica!

  60. Carl says:

    Spain game I’m over it. We were missing starters and it was a friendly. If Spain really want to prove that they can’t beat us then they should beat us in a oficial tournament. If they really want to prove that the 2009 defeat was a accident which I doubt then they should beat us in a Oficial tournament and not a friendly. The game againts Canada was not intense in the first 45 min. But the second half was good.

  61. BrianVT says:

    Are you guyz nutz??? Did you even watch the game? Bradley was RUBBISH!!! He should never see another minute of USMNT because he doesn’t even play at Aston Villa, whom he has loaned to because he couldn’t even make the bench at relegation-fodder Borussia Moenchengladbach. If daddy wasn’t the coach, he’d be playing pick-up games in the local sandlot. Not to mention he’s, like, 38 years old and well past his prime, if he ever even had a “prime”….

    ….errr… …ummmm… NEVERMIND ALL THAT…

    Just trying on the “Haters’ Cliche” hat. Doesn’t fit so well. Bradley was fantastic.

  62. baller says:

    thank you

  63. Sean,

    The thing with closing down space is you need the rest of your teammates to be in position/doing the same to cut down the rest of the passes and time on the ball for the outlet. That is just not how the USA plays for 90 minutes.

  64. Byron says:

    What? What about Michael Bradley? Kid looked like he drank a Monster Energy drink.

  65. Andy in Chicago says:

    Altidore actually played fairly decent tonight and even had a goal. It was a pretty soft goal and would have been saved by better goalkeepers, but I’ll take it. I just wish his damn touch would improve because it still isn’t too great.

  66. Angel FAN of USA says:

    dude is the freaking internet sorry next time I will have a Dict. next to me ok, Sorry for hurting your feeling..Please do a Spelling check. By the way the reason I say this thing is cause I always the the game the USA play to the heart and I care about it. Sorry but I am a BOB BRADLEY HATER and I admit.

  67. Jon Davison says:

    Please, we beat Canada thanks to a monumental Howard and all of a sudden we’re Spain?

    Go take your Ambien….good night!

  68. dan c says:

    Isn’t that final pass/ coordination play that we lack the responsibility of the players? After all Soccer is a game of decision making and Sr. can’t make decisions for them. He simply picks the best (in his opinion)of the players available in the pool and asks them to play the tactics that he feels are most beneficial for the group as a whole. Then he adjusts the tactics/players in response to the circumstances of that particular game.

    I’m not demeaning your comment, or the positon of a head coach, it is just that aside from instilling a bphilosophy, there is not much Sr. can do in regards to that final killer pass…

  69. BrianVT says:


  70. Angel FAN of USA says:

    yes it is my second language but I been following the USA back in 1990 way back maybe u were not even born yet. But if that a crime that is my second language.

  71. C(note) says:

    haha. Agreed
    I had a great game where he was a box to box player the entire 90. I hope he continues this form to silence this “he’s the coaches son” attitude.

  72. John.q says:

    20 bucks says fed is 12 years old

  73. dan c says:

    I was referring more to the build up in the final 3rd to try to create more goals. But i don’t disagree, Howard was brilliant and always is…. Demps would have been brilliant if it had gone in 😉 The attempt was ballsy though and that is why I like 8 so much, American work rate and Eurosnob flair!

  74. Adrian says:

    I’m happy to see so many fans on here with a keener eye without the rose colored glasses.

    If we bring that performance against Mexico we’re going to get creamed, bad. Does nobody think about things in context? Our midfield looks horrible for like 10 straight matches, and then they look like world beaters? Canada, aside from probably being the worst team in the tournament next to Granada, just gave us the midfield.

    We might never in our life see that little pressure from another team. Even our goal was a complete fluke.

    I expect much more out of the United States. Oh, and thank god for Tim Howard and Dolo.

  75. Jamie Z. says:

    I’m going to give you a pass because English clearly isn’t your thing, but I didn’t put Bradley in the same category as Alex Ferguson and Guus Hiddink — I said he was a bright guy who doesn’t deserve to be labeled an idiot.

  76. MicahK says:

    OH my gosh you people are unbelievable. Jozy is a young player who has not had a striking partner to build a partnership with. And you all criticize him saying he cannot score. Altidore is not the type of forward that plays up top. In my opinion we have no forwards in our pool that are like that. Ream was very good he is way better as a wing back. I have no idea why Bob put him in the center in the first place. My only complaint is I wished we had score another pair of goals, but anyways good result keep it up USA

  77. Powderhorn Pops says:

    Realistic? Realistic in comparison to what? It’s all relative to what you think the players in our pool are capable of doing. Do you think realistically our player pool has the passing ability of an Iniesta? Or a finishing touch of Messi? We are the USA. Our pool does not provide the skill set you are apparently looking for. Even when the squad plays it’s best against the best it’s hustle and determination that gets the team through. What we saw tonight was impressive in that there was creativity in the attacking and possession that we don’t normally get to see. Was it next level football? No. But ask yourself this – does our player pool allow us to play next level football???

  78. BrianVT says:

    Tee hee.

  79. Benny says:

    The headline is 100% correct. Great job USA:

    dos a cero winners in the GC final.

  80. ex_sweeper says:

    It was great to see the U.S. control the game. But it seemed like the game was played at half speed by both teams. I’m used to seeing the younger Donovan and Davies blow by defenders. We don’t have anyone that speedy right now.

    I thought Bradley had a great game, Cherundolo and Jones were not at their best – too many bad passes/crosses. Wondo had all of 5 minutes on the field before Altidore was replaced by a midfielder. Put him in there with some decent service and Wondo will get goals.

  81. Jamie Z. says:

    I have no argument with that, and I tend to agree with you. What I do wonder, though, is whether a world class coach would be able to get much more done with the tools at his disposal.

    On one hand, I look at Guus Hiddink’s record with solid-but-unexceptional national teams and think maybe a top coach could take us to the next level, but on the other hand, “It is omelettes and eggs. No eggs – no omelettes! It depends on the quality of the eggs.”

    Or something like that.

  82. Powderhorn Pops says:

    The people with truly keener eyes have given this blog to the whiners and haters… enjoy guys

  83. jh says:

    It was a good result here, against an opponent that, in all honesty, we should beat 2-0. There were a few lapses in the mid-field (Jones on one give away) and a few near goal. Against a higher quality opponent like Mexico, that could be damaging.
    After not getting too many minutes with Villa, Bradley was very solid. All of those shouting that Bradley only plays because he is the coaches son, and that he shouldn’t be starting should do some thinking about how well they evaluate players. Jones/Bradley pairing was pretty good throughout.

    What does everyone think about Goodson? I thought he had a quality match tonight.

  84. I think of that 11 too. Such a change needs time and commitment that we haven’t shown. Each time we try the formation, we drop it after halftime and go 4-4-2. I think if we committed to it, it could be our best line-up. Also, if Chandler is in the picture for the future, his speed on the outside would be ideal for that formation.

  85. Alf says:

    Well said amigo.

    Howard and Dolo saved the day from an otherwise pedestrian performance.

  86. Chuck says:

    Goodson is the best centerback we have no doubt. Ream is great on the ball but lacks with actual defense. Boca and Goodson would be ideal pairing in my mind.

  87. tricksyclown says:

    So what you’re saying is:
    1. Altidore has a goal and an assist, yet he needs to hustle and pressure defenders.
    2. Agudelo was just unlucky.
    3. Wondo got no service, but its not his fault, he just has no chemistry.

    Come on, ease up there.

  88. papal93 says:

    Goodson and Ream could be the starting CB for a long time. We need to score more goals though.

  89. baller says:

    obviously the better the players are the better they are going to play on the pitch no matter what. But conversely I don’t think that’s accurate to say that finding the final pass doesn’t have anything to do with coaching. We played good, organized, possession soccer up until the first goal, and then just kind of turned into a mess but were still able to beat Canada on individual skill. Quite a few times in the final third I would see a lack of off the ball movement, players occupying the same space, or making runs into the same area. Those types of things are absolutely something that a coach can and should help with.

    What I would like is to know what Clint Dempsey really thinks; he’s experienced playing for quite a few different top level coaches. If Dempsey’s ok with Bradley, I’m ok with Bradley, but of course we will never know.

  90. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    I hope you find that dict.

  91. tricksyclown says:

    I’d like to wait before giving him that title, but I agree with how you see him. He’s certainly not an idiot.

  92. Lorenzo says:

    ángel, I appreciate the people who come to the USA and adopt the team that represents the country that adopted them.

    I think Bob Bradley was looking more at resting some people while keeping them on Canada pressured and playing defence. I don’t care for Kljestan, but I think Bob Bradley wants Altidore and Agudelo ready for the next game.

    As for Adu, I like him. But many coaches and teams spent lots of money on him believing in him, but they didn’t play him because he had problems. Or else why waste their money? Adu has said he was not a good enough professional before now. Bob did him a huge favor by bringing him, and I bet we see him against Guadeloupe.

  93. Jamie Z. says:

    I agree that I expected a bit more from Canada. I can’t help but wonder why Friend wasn’t introduced earlier on in the match. I thought his introduction and strong hold-up play made a positive difference in the quality of play for Canada for the rest of the match.

  94. Seriously says:

    Couldn’t agree more. All of the people that have been throwing that line out are ignorant. M. Bradley is constantly one of our best players and showed it again. I didn’t get my USA jersey with Bradley on it for nothin.

  95. Ski Fast! says:

    I expect more out of him in terms of consistent distribution.

  96. Dave says:

    Seemed to me that the pitch was pretty crappy. Really slowed the ball down and it was obvious that several players on both teams were struggling with their footing.
    It’s so difficult to assess the US performance in this game because for large stretches Canada looked awful, but in other respects, they defended decently as a team, particularly when the US came forward with numbers, and they possessed the ball for some lengthy stretches and Gerba and simpson in particular created some dangerous moments. The disparity of quality in this tourney is astronomical, impossible to say how the US would do against Mexico or CR based on this game, just impossible.
    That said, bright spots-Tim Ream, aside from the 2 awful 1-1 plays, did very well, in addition to his usual calm on the ball, made several important tackles and headers to clear several potential dangerous situations.
    I still think Edu is a better option than Jones-was not sold on Jones in this game at all, maybe he’s just a better fit with MB, god we miss Stu.
    Dempsey is our best player-we just have to acknowledge that-the finish on his goal was world class-I’d like to see altidore, agudelo and donovan run off of him more up front, too much ball-watching when #8 has it at his feet.
    On that point, we need to work on attacking with speed, as some other posters have noted, we came forward at speed several times, and just about every time it fizzled out because our players were running into the same spaces, or just not running-I’d like to see agudelo and altidore in particular making diagonal runs away from defenders creating space for demps and donovan to run into and lay the ball off or get better 1-1 opportunities rather than 1-2 or 3.
    Wondo and Sacha suck, give me a break Bob.
    Would like to see Freddy on the bench at least.

  97. Lorenzo says:

    He was okay. I am not high on Jones. I do agree his toughness allows MB to get forward more, but geesh he isn’t the greatest passer. I would honestly take Feilhaber, Holden, or Edu in front of him. Although I understand that may effect the way MB can play.

  98. Robert from Kansas says:

    We will NEVER get to the final playing like this amigo!

  99. Fred Garvin says:


  100. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    wikipedia is not hard

  101. Ericjohnson says:

    Stay off of English message boards until you can put a sentence together. If you can’t write correctly, learn and then come back. It’s a novel concept. And watch who you call “a idiot”. Pot and the kettle buddy.

  102. CG says:

    I was just getting ready to post this, when PP popped up, so I’ll just say I agree in the sense that realism is not independent of expectation in this case. Not too much to complain about in that game.

  103. Lorenzo says:

    MB is a stud passer. I’d even wager he’s the USA’s best passer along with Donovan. The dude makes very smart passes in a variety of ranges. He is very accurate with his longer passes from the middle to the final third.

  104. Alf says:

    Haha, yeah not really.

  105. baller says:

    In short, yes! Our midfield is made entirely of premier league caliber players, hence, I expect our midfield to perform like a premier league caliber midfield! We should have passed circles around Canada today ALL MATCH!

  106. Meowla says:

    Not the best passer? WTF are you even talking about? Do you just happen to have your eyes closed every time he switches the attack with a beautifully weighted ball across the pitch?

  107. Ski Fast! says:

    Unfortunately, saying he’s one of the best passers on this squad is not saying much. I counted several noticeable times tonight he turned the ball over in distribution–but so did everyone else. As a team, we did not have a great match in terms of consistently stringing together passes for long periods of time, especially when going forward. This needs to improve quickly.

  108. tom says:

    Agree w pretty much all of this post.

  109. oncebannedtwiceshy says:

    it was a solid showing–a good victory to build on in the next two games. thought the subs were pretty ineffective and the team was low energy all around towards the end. howard’s mad skills saved the shutout. would have liked to see one more goal from USA. curious to see the lineups for the next two group games–if bob decides this is who he wants to play with or tweaks some. spector and bornstein would both do fine against lesser opponents, maybe try to get gooch some pt.

  110. Alex G says:

    He has a point though, the US was dominant and all but we need to start scoring more goals by doing this we put a mental stigma to Mexico and the others, scaring them and doing the necessary budo Chicharito stuff they are doing and yeah Sacha was awful.

  111. baller says:

    chill the f*ck out man everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. There’s no need for border-line racist crap like that on here.

    Y de todos modos, yo nunca he leido en ningun lugar que este es un pared exclusivamente para ingles…

  112. Jason says:

    Haha, “creamed”

  113. Red White & Blue Porker says:

    Anyone notice the Mexican flag during Jozy’s celebration? I was like WTH?

  114. Benny says:

    Oh yes we will. And we will win it too. By the way, how is the weather in Kansas?

    Every time the U.S. beats a team, the pessimists and haters come out of their holes and comment that the team who lost to the U.S. sucked and that is the only reason why the U.S. won. I guess the pessimists and haters will be saying this about the team who loses the in the final to the U.S. “dos a cero.”

  115. Benny says:

    Good points

  116. Tom says:

    This doesn’t make any sense

    1. I don’t care if you put SPAIN’s midfield out there. Possession is a TEAM effort. 4 good players doesn’t equate to passing circles around another team.

    2. The EPL is not a passing/possession league (excepting the Gunners). It is a fas-paced, aggressive, ball pressure league.

  117. Alex G says:

    I think it was a good night for the USMNT,not great,they still need to organize their offense and convert their chances a bit more, we rely to much on our mids and frankly it is a good thing but it´s not ideal, overall Im satisfied with how things went.
    Great hustle from our boyz…

  118. Ericjohnson says:

    Explain to me how asking someone to write correctly if they are going to post racist? And no one said it’s an english only message board, just that if they write in English, they do it correctly. Ohh look, the racist Speke Spanish.
    The problem is the guy gets on the board to trash the Yanks, and can’t even do it correctly.

  119. Jeremy2 says:

    Was I the only one who noticed we crossed the ball from the wings on almost every position and we never connected?

    That’s the final touch we’re missing. Maybe pass it to an open man instead of lobbing it into the box where there are four backs and only one or two forwards.

  120. Cromulent says:

    You despair WAY too easily.

  121. Tom says:

    I disagree with angel fan’s analysis but the whole foreign hate and language mocking is not cool at all. All our families came from different countries at some point. Most of our players and many of our fans are 1st or 2nd gen citizens. I hate to see American stadiums filled with fans rooting against the home team. The last thing we want to do is alienate ESL speakers on a soccer board.

  122. tom says:

    Cuz it’s always been godawful, dude. I’d love to play that formation, too, but let’s face it, we can’t. We suck at it. We don’t have enough skilled players to pull it off. We need 2 up front. At least now we have two pretty good, young guys up there with growth potential.

  123. patrick says:

    only mexico will stand up and play with the US, for the rest of their games they’ll be given the midfield, and much more, but there will be 11 defenders behind the ball. With Mexico, the biggest concern for me, is our backline, both inside and outside

  124. Robert from Kansas says:

    I can tell you it’s much nicer than wherever you are for sure!
    I’m not a pessimist or a hater. Realistically we should’ve scored maybe two more and they definitely would’ve scored at least two goals, if not for an outstanding Timmy Howard.
    Canada was a joke in the first half. I had never seen them play so slow and deliberate.
    The U.S. for me was OK! That’s my opinion. Dolo, Bradley, Dempsey, and specially Altidore were good. The subs sucked.
    I don’t know that playing like we played today we can overcome fast physical teams like Honduras or CR.
    You are welcome to think we have the cup in our hands, I’m just glad you’re not involved in any way shape or form with the actual coaching of our team, because I can assure you Bob was not that happy with their performance.

  125. RB says:

    “Explain to me how asking someone to write correctly if they are going to post racist?”

    Well do you do it in all the other cases (and there are a lot) where people display such poor written English skills? Or just those where you seem to have a non-native speaker?

    Thanks for the comments, Angel.

  126. patrick says:

    no, but thats to be expected. Given the personnel matchups in the spain game, they’re still working out the kinks. My biggest problem is donovans inability to get corner kicks past the first defender. I can’t count the number of times he’s had a corner cleared by the nearest defender. With Dempsey, Goodson, Bradley and Boca in there we need to put it where they can get it.

  127. marvin says:

    One sided affair. Us did well but need to sharpen up in the back. Goodsen was impressive. I dont see onyewu getting much minutes. Bradley was midfield machine.

  128. MiamiAl says:

    Cherundolo is our best player.

  129. Neruda says:

    Dempsey has the highest regard for BB according to the US Soccer Players in England video segment. Go back and watch it and you’ll see that Dempsey sings BB’s praises because as he said BB kept on bringing Dempsey into the NT even when he wasn’t a regular starter for Fulham.

  130. Carl says:


  131. scooter says:

    CONCACAF is like the Scotish Premier, its a two team competition. USA and Mexico are so far ahead of the rest of the teams. The US did more than enough to win on the day, I’m not sure why people see this as negative performance.

  132. Desbrosses says:

    Why is Davies not on this team? There is absolutely no spark when Wondolowski comes on to the field. I understand we didn’t need a spark this game, but it would be nice to feel confident that we’d have another bullet in the gun if we needed it late in the game.

  133. SpumantiJones says:

    HoboMike, that’s a tasty line up. Let’s hope Holden makes a strong recovery and we get the chance to see that formation in the future.

    Most importantly, JJones- MB pairing will be one of the most important story lines of the GC. Jones’s positioning, distribution were very strong. Tackling was stout and most importantly his lock down enables MB freedom to attack. Arguably his presence lightened the load on Ream/Goodson, too. Would like to see JJ get into their for our offensive corners a bit more – think that will come in time.

    We’ll need to be strong in the middle to knock off Mexico/costa Rica if we can progress to the final.

    Very pleased for the team. Nice rebound game (on a miserable surface).

  134. Ian says:

    At the international level, it IS fairly accurate to say that finding the final pass is on the players and difficult to coach into the team. Sure, a team that’s together for 9 months out of the year, day in and day out is highly capable of being molded by a coach but at the international level the coaches rely on what the chosen players bring to the table.

    Here you have tactics, philosophy and whatever chemistry you can muster and do your best to impart those on a patchwork team in the time you’re given. I doubt Boob tells all five guys in the box to crash the near post on a routine cross..they just do. They probably even know what they did wrong.

    The key ultimately is finding and utilizing players that have those killer traits under pressure. Many such players never see the pitch in our system as their vision and creativity is eclipsed by size, strength and aggressiveness.

  135. CA says:

    He was very good tonight, but I wouldn’t go that far. Donovan and Dolo work well together.

  136. Kevin_Amold says:

    Goodson is surprisingly older than you might think. Age 29. But I agree, he is quality.

  137. Ryan says:

    And that would be unreasonable to say why exactly?

  138. majormajormajormajor says:

    Impressive that we actually kept possession today! I was really pleased. But next step is movement off the ball. Sometimes we were very active but when we relaxed and started casually passing it back and forth in the back, it led to some mistakes and gave Canada their best opportunities. They had some exciting attackers, I was suprised.

  139. TheRealPanchoDeConejo says:

    very good summation of the US team’s performance. Your summation here on SBI was lacking in thorough analysis for the Spain game but you’ve seemed to have worked out the kinks and are spot on for this game. Keep up the good work. Look forward to other US performance summation.

  140. Phil says:

    classic. obvious as a fart joke but still funny as all get out….

  141. TheProUSMexicanLandscapeGuy says:

    yes, the team seemed a bit uncomfortable with the field or the bounce of the ball…like playing in the living room on a shaggy carpet thats padded underneath. it seemed too padded with the turf underneath real grass. the games in KC stadium should be on sound footing

  142. pancholama says:

    I’ve heard from inside sources, that generally Bradley is well liked by the players.

  143. roger says:

    has anyone pointed out Donovan? Where the heck was he? Is he still going through a divorce, if so I’ll let it slide. Yes, I’m a troll lol

    I liked how Jermaine links up passes with the defense in order to restart/ create more space.

  144. Danimal says:

    Solid game for the US and a good start to the cup. Sure we didn’t finish all of our chances or create as many as we could have, but guess what? You can ALWAYS say that about ANY team in the history of the sport. And at the end of the day, we did what we needed to do to win. We finished two good chances and Canada didn’t.
    I know it may pain some of you to hear this, but BB knows what he’s doing. The Spain game was not important. Tonight was.
    And man, if that game doesn’t make believers out of the MB haters, I don’t know what will. Maybe if he scored five goals against Mexico and miraculously healed Stu Holden…
    Donovan was fired up all over the field too. And some great runs from Boca and ‘Dolo up the sides! Those guys are practically ageless. Awesome to see Jozy get the goal and the assist. Hopefully this is the beginning of the recovery of his mojo.
    And finally… Dempsey. Spontaneous scorpion kick. On frame. Wow.

  145. Gerard Houllier says:

    You forgot his inability to pass the ball.

  146. Colin Farrel says:

    Have you ever played the game?

    Those are the kind of comments, interspersed with cliches pick up from every soccer blog in the last year you get from non-players.

    For example, I cannot think of a player who doesn’t job at some point in the game.

  147. pancholama says:

    Mostly agree with your post. As is typical with many US teams, we lacked creativity and attacking flair in the final 3d of the field. But at the same time remember – Jones has like 4-5 caps, Agudelo – has the same number, but is only 19 y/o – Altidore and Agudelo are just now, barely getting acquainted.
    There is a core group of solid, international, experienced players – some in their late twenties, early 30s, and then this bunch of guys who are very young, and/or just getting their feet wet and new to the USMNT – look to see, how over the course of tournament, chemistry develops, and overall the team learns to attack with more inventiveness – midfield flow gels, and the back-line starts to rock solid, gets their communication and defensive assignments right.
    This team has great potential – and there were some really solid performances out there. Univision gave Jozy man-of-the-match, for his goal and assist and because in the opinion of both Pablo Ramirez and Jesus Bracamonte, he had a good work rate, and created a lot of legitimate scoring chances. They gave Howard a close second in m-o-t-m rankings.
    So – another 5 games – should see some good chemistry develop, and hopefully some more decisive and creative attacking, more fluid linking mid-field play, and defense-breaking through balls going to well-timed runs – an goals, goals, goals – more GOALS!

  148. Benny says:

    I was trying to be polite when I was asking you about the weather. I guess you are too socially deprived to interpret that. As far as the weather goes, better you in Kansas than me. HAAAAAAA! It’s all yours.

    Canada was not a joke , they just were dominated, especially in the first half. And in the second half, with the second goal, the U.S. took the pedal off the gas. Yes, Canada could have scored a goal, but the U.S. could have scored at least two more. But you, with your low soccer IQ and ridiculous comments, are unable to see that. Stay classy Mr. Kansas. Guys like you that think they know something about this game make me laugh. Honduras and Costa Rica HHHAAA!!!

  149. JeffO says:

    The only reason Bob Bradley is coaching the USMNT is because his son is on the team.

  150. GW says:

    How much time do you think this lineup has had together, especially lately?

    To expect this group to have anything even close to the kind of understanding you just saw from a team like Spain for example, is delusional.

    The six Barca guys have literally played together hundreds of times. That is what capping half of a club team will do for a national side. They almost do not need to even look at each other. Agudelo and Altidore have played maybe 3-4 games together, if that?

    Given that, their interpassing was very good and it should improve as the tournament goes on. US fans always judge the national team by club standards rather than national team standards. Very unrealistic.

  151. Fred Garvin says:

    It’s “Convincing” now

  152. Benny says:

    + 1000

  153. Paul Thomas says:

    Virtually every comment I’ve ever heard on Michael Bradley by someone who actually knows something about soccer– which is to say, by someone other than random internet trolls– has him as the best central midfielder in the US player pool.

    I’ll take that over the opinions of some internet tough guys, thanks.

    I’d say this game did a lot to shut up idiots on all sorts of subjects– Bradley, Altidore, even the assorted yahoos suggesting Howard had lost his edge…

  154. Rich says:

    I think he might have already been hired (after taking drugs/confidence classes):

    link to

  155. Big Red says:

    Is that the same Michael Bradley whose first 8 passes of the second half all saw either Canadian Red or the sidelines? I’d swear he was playing for Canada.

  156. Danimal says:

    I don’t think Davies is quite ready yet, even if he didn’t just have that hamstring injury. He’s definitely come a long ways, and we’re seeing glimpses of his previous form, but for this tourney I agree with BB that Wondo was the better choice. He’s not a speedster, but he’s a workhorse and he’s a quality finisher when he gets good service in the box. He’s not a good lone target man, as we saw against Chile, but I think he’ll really surprise some teams (and haters) if he’s paired with another striker and has the chance to get on the end of some good crosses.

  157. Paul Thomas says:

    I definitely noticed that a lot of attempted passes were just dying, like the players didn’t know how hard they needed to hit the ball for it to get through.

    If the field was crappy, that would explain that. I was puzzling over it in the game. Both teams seemed to be turning the ball over constantly on bad passes.

  158. Dale says:

    the attendance sucked, U.S. needs support. Hell Mexico gets 50,000 + compared to the 28,000 who came out today, wheres the love???

  159. Paul Thomas says:

    True, though centerbacks seem to have a longer shelf life than other positions. He’s definitely still an option for the Nats in 2014 (as is Onyewu, if he can ever get himself healthy– no guarantees there, though).

    Gotta figure this is about the last hurrah for Bocanegra and Cherundolo though.

  160. Jeff says:

    They are almost always wrong and they almost never return to admit it after it is beyond doubt.

    Expect them to disappear for a while in the fairly likely scenario that we beat Mexico in the final.

  161. Dan says:

    We played well but I feel that we could have been better in the final third. I really feel that we could’ve won this 4 or 5-0. I’m not dissing our team I just feel that we are much better than we have been lately, hopefully our performances get better as our confidence gets better

  162. Paul Thomas says:

    I’d be stunned if Onyewu doesn’t start at least one of those games. If that happens, safe to say he’s either much more injured than has been let on, or just toast.

  163. Paul Thomas says:

    Jackson was exceptionally good in this game. Terrifying when he had the ball one-on-one.

  164. GW says:

    Don’t take this too negatively but have you ever played the game?

    How long have you been watching the game?

    I can’t think of one single thing you wrote that any reasonably experienced, informed player or fan would have written sober.

    Barca might have been able to do that to Canada tonight but, besides the fact that the US does not have a single player who would make Barca’s team roster, they have been working on that style for many years.

    The US team you saw tonight has basically been together for a couple of weeks. Yes there is an experienced core but that core only gets together for 7-10 or so games per year and they are surrounded by a rotating cast of characters.

    Sure Canada had two or more legitimate scoring attempts but in this game it’s like the old saying “close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades”.

    Without Howard maybe Canada ties us; but WE HAVE HOWARD and he did save those shots or am I missing something here? The Canadian goalie should have saved Jozy’s shot; but HE DID NOT.

    I have enough trouble dealing with the real world; I wouldn’t want to have to deal with the alternate realities/ parallel universe that you seem to be interested in.

    That is the beauty and the agony of this game. Style points count for nothing in the end; this is not figure skating. The US can go on playing every remaining game in the tournament,giving the “kind of performance that will not take it to the next level” and still win the Gold Cup.

    They just have to keep scoring at least one more goal than the other guy. This is tournament football not the a Tropic Oil bikini contest. It is often very ugly.

    I don’t care if they win every game on a penalty drawn by Dempsey blatantly diving.

    It’s really that simple. If you want beauty support Barca and Spain because they are the only guys who will give you the level of spectacle coupled with high level results that you obviously believe the world owes you.

  165. Danimal says:

    Seriously. That sequence where he megged Ream and danced into the box was pure quality. Thank goodness some cover arrived right as he was lining up his shot or that might not have ended well for us.

  166. GW says:

    Findley is very speedy. Is that all it takes to expose Dolo and Boca?

    There are some very,very speedy guys in France and Germany and Boca and Dolo seem to do okay.

    And what makes you think Simpson isn’t speedy?

    Bradley identified Simpson as the main threat and Donovan and Dolo pounded that side of the field, overloading it and leaving the left open and Dempsey occasionally frustrated but they scored down that side and ultimately negated Simpson, a pretty good and speedy winger.

  167. Brian says:

    Yeah I guess that’s why Detroit doesn’t get nice things.

    How many Canadians were there? Looked like mostly Americans.

  168. Brian says:


  169. Elliot says:

    I don’t think Edu gets the credit he deserves. It used to be a “toss-up” between he and Ricardo Clark, which was laughable, and now its a “toss-up” between he and Jones? I think Jones is a tenacious defender, but he doesn’t really have much else going for him. Edu has a lot more upside, especially going forward. But that being said, Bradley is still hands-down the best midfielder we have. It’s a shame he doesn’t get time on a first team for club.

  170. Brian says:

    He’s up there for sure. Definitely in my top 5 (Donovan, Dempsey, Bradley, Howard and Dolo)

  171. Benny says:

    I agree.

    After the first goal, the U.S. stopped pressuring and took their foot off the gas when they could have pressured even more.If they had not scored their first goal when they did, they would have continued to pressure. It’s difficult to pressure like this nonstop, though, because Canada has some good players despite what some people might say. Canada can be a difficult team to handle. After the second goal, the U.S. gave way too much possession but defended well when they needed to. The U.S. is going to get better during this tournament, I believe. In the final, they should be a very cohesive unit. That’s what U.S. fans are hoping for.

  172. Brian says:

    He’s the best we got. He’s no David Beckham, but Rogers and Kljestan were horrendous against Spain on set pieces. He’ll get better at the tourney goes on.

  173. Taylor says:

    Canada is by no means a horrible team. not very good, mind you, but by no means terrible. in fact, I would say their front 6 is just as good as ours, or at least pretty darn close: their top striker- plays in Turkish SuperLig where Jozy just scored 1 goal all spring; best attacker- PSV Eindhoven, the same league Onyewu just didn’t get his loan option picked up in; another striker- will start for a newly promoted Premier League side next season(better than we can say); DeRosario was higher in the MVP votes last year than Donovan

    they are by no means terrible. they lack organization and lose their shape too easily, and have a very sub par back line, but they are not CONCACAF bottom feeders like some suggest them to be. don’t let their inability to qualify for the World Cup fool you, with a good defense and some more positional awareness, they would be just as good as us

  174. Seriously says:

    I disagree with everything you said about BB, but don’t listen to the clowns that are hating on you. I’m glad you are here choosing to follow the USA even though it is not the land of your birth and attempting to use English even though its supposed to be one of the toughest languages to learn.

  175. Josh says:

    The turf was also decidedly thicker near the sidelines; there were a few balls headed out of bounds that actually began to roll back in without being touched. Awful field.

    Makes me wonder if the US could’ve been more dominant on a good field.

  176. jnanez says:

    Stop refering to the team as a whole as the “yanks”. One: its a putdown used by euro’s & even if yer tryin to flip it around & be rebellious tryin to turn it into a positive nickname it still dumb sounding. Two: Its not the fifties this isnt war & you sound like those goofballs yellin ‘get in the HOLE!’ At golf tournaments. As far as the game tonite I think that the U.S. still hasn’t showed that its better than everyone in CONCACAF. The few positives to take away from this game v. Canada are that they’re not afraid to attack, the vets like Demps have put the young guys on notice that they need to produce, & that Howard will be the key as to how far they will go.

  177. Josh says:

    And in fairness to Jones, I think he’s trying to figure out how to play with Bradley. He’s probably a little self-conscious given that he a) grew up speaking German, b) is new to the US squad, and c) expected to share the middle of the pitch with the coach’s son. When he became eligible to play for the US, I heard he was aggressive, but in the matches I’ve seen him play, it seems as if he’s sometimes too deferential to MB.

    That said, he was good tonight. If he and Bradley can get the same kind of chemistry in the middle of the pitch that Dolo and Donovan have on the right, they’d be a terrific combo.

  178. Brian says:

    I think we will still see them for at least a the first part of qualifying.

  179. Josh says:

    I thought Canada was improving, but yeah, they had maybe three players who belonged on the same field as the US. (And Simpson’s debatable in that regard. He might just be the Canadian version of Robbie Rogers.)

    In any match, a team will generate a chance or two, but the lack of quality was telling. When the US–team that’s made its living on the counterattack–dominates possession and has lots of good build-up play, the opponent clearly isn’t up to snuff.

    They were tactically bad, too, consistently unbalanced to the left side of the field. Simpson may have speed, but we had the players on that side to deal with him. They didn’t really go at Boca at all.

  180. haha says:

    I think the starting four midfielders were perfect, except when holden is healthy I’d move Dempsey up top and put Landon on the left. I would also play the midfield higher up the field. At times,I thought we were counter-attacking Canada. SMH.

  181. Since 82 says:

    Good match for the NATS. Played with intensity, controlled possession, and had plenty of opportunities to score.

    I’m going to stand by this … Altidore could be a beast at F in a couple of years. He has size, talent, and the ability to do most things well. I’ve seen them come and go on the NATS from Wynalda, McBride, Ching, and so forth, and to my eye, he has the most raw talent. Give him time (and more club playing time).

    Bradley should be MB90. I liked how Jones cleaned up the mess. Deuce is deuce, Donovan is Donovan, and Timmy is world class.

    I would like to see Adu play in both of the next two games. We don’t have anyone else like him in the player pool. Goodson is solid and I want Ream to keep playing.

    All and all, I am happy with the result.

  182. Brandon says:

    anybody know if there’s a way to see a replay?

  183. rick says:

    Well said. It makes me sick when I see americans supporting another country against their own just because they like the epl or it is so cool to be a brazil fan. I really like that angel moved here and supports the usa because there are so many people that support anothewr country due to some weak connection. So many mexican-americans will support anybody but the usa, even if they were born and raised here. Btw, I am mexican-american.

  184. MMs says:

    From a Canadian perspective, I wasn’t really impressed by the US. I thought the possession and control in the first half hour was outstanding, but the chances were few and far. The goal Altidore scored was just dreadful for Canada. Hirschfeld is so much better than that, I have no idea how that went in. You can’t say the Americans dominated this one though. The second half was mainly controlled by Canada. They worked the midfield, Jackson turned defenders inside out, Gerba had some glorious chances, but Howard is amazing. The 2-0 goal comes down to terrible man marking by Ledgerwood. How does he play Dempsey like that? In terms of clear cut chances, Canada had the better of them. This was a great test for us. We weren’t supposed to win this match, but a performance like this sets us up nicely to take 2nd in the group.

  185. Brian says:


    You have to register, but it’s free. Once you register and login, if you click the “On Demand” tab it looks like they have replays of all the games so far except, Panama vs. Guadeloupe and USA vs. Canada. I imagine they will be up by tomorrow.

  186. Brian says:

    What are you talking about? Ream is a centerback and nothing else. Boca and Dolo played left and right back, respectively.

  187. Brett says:

    I can, and I do.

    The first goal went in because Altidore hit it early, low, and very fast while being screened by a defender. That’s how you’re taught to hit them when you don’t have a clear shot: Hit it low, fast, and on frame and test the keeper. When it happened live I laughed and certainly felt it was lucky, and though it was both, all in all it was more a good goal than keeper error. It was a great run and pass to get the ball into the box, and a textbook shot on goal.

    2nd goal was a long time coming after a good spell of pressure and several chances on goal. You can boil it down to bad marking, but I boil it down to a tired defender who was asked one too many “questions”.

    Canada did come alive late, when we started giving away possession stopped applying high pressure and kept the numbers back. My one complaint was that we went into shell mode after going up 2-0 and Canada nearly put in a few because of it.

    I guess you could argue “dominated” maybe isn’t the right word, but there was never any doubt about who was going to win. Canada certainly felt they could pull off the upset, but honestly, they didn’t look capable of it until Friend and Gerba came in.

  188. MicahK says:

    He sucks as CB for the nats. He is better as a wing back.

  189. MicahK says:

    Oh and met to say Altidore is not the type of forward that can play up top by himself. We have no forwards in our pool that can play up top by themselves and score.

  190. jpc says:

    The way you put it makes it sound like the US should have lost, which is a gross distortion of what actually happened last night… The US dominated Canada, then, in the last 15 minutes just stopped playing. Yeah, Canada had some chances, but they only had 3 shots on goal, the US had 9. Canada played Better than they did in the first half, BUT, lets not distort that into them dominating the US, that didn’t happen

  191. real cold says:

    “Howard was absolute magic,” said Canada head coach Stephan Hart. “I almost clapped.”

    I lol’d, hah.

  192. jpc says:

    I like Edu, but he is an absolute disaster waiting to happen when he has the ball anywhere in the midfield or defensive third. He makes some of the most boneheaded decisions constantly, I just don’t think the guy can actually pay attention for a whole game. I think that’s the rap on him in Scotland too, where he didn’t play all that well this year.

  193. partnerincrime says:

    Jozy is back!

    Dempsey is a pimp with that goal!

  194. Dixiehootr says:

    I can’t believe I haven’t heard more about cherundolo. Dude was a ma out there. He definitely solidified his spot as starting right back for a long time. He’s very natural with the ball at his feet, excellen crosser, and for the most part ambidextrous. To me he was man of the match. Ridiculous amount of link ups and chances were due to solos tireless work inn the right side.

  195. jpc says:

    Is there any doubt that Michael Bradley is starting in the midfield going forward? Even though he didn’t play much in England, he looks like he still got better. He plays the ball faster, which is something that would drive me crazy in the past, and his first touch seems cleaner, maybe b/c he’s just been forced to clean it up in England….

    Dempsey almost scored the goal of the decade, that would have been crazy, even if it was against Canada…

    It’s really a shame Holden’s hurt, he’s a top 4 player on the team (w/ Donovan, Dempsey, & Bradley), I was looking forward to him, Bradley, Donovan & Dempsey in midfield, Which is the strongest midfield we’ve ever had, and I think really can make up offensively for our shortcomings at forward…

    Speaking of which, I’m not so sure Altidore and Agudelo are gonna work well together. Both seem to want to be strikers, but one of them is gonna have to drop back in midfield to help the midfielders link up, like Rooney does w/ Man U, which allows Berbatov and Chichirito to be the true strikers/poachers (not derogatory) they are. I don’t think either guy has really ever shown that skill. I think Dempsey is that type of guy, but who else?

  196. jpc says:

    To be fair, Detroit is in Shambles right now economically. I don’t think many people their are looking to shell out cash for USA-Canada

  197. Annelid Gustator says:

    Agreed. He’s a handful and then some.

  198. Alex says:

    But turn off the sound if you watch it there. what was with those announcers? “Altidore loves scoring like a fat kid loves cake!”??? *cringe*

    The play-by-play guy was terrible. He sounded like a bi-polar 14 year old on prozac who’s never seen a soccer match.

  199. RNG says:

    Have to disagree on Jones.
    Yes he’s stlll getting into sync with the US team, but he’s having a strong impact. On defense he’s a beast. And offensively, he’s composed and has great vision, linking together play all over the field. A great addition to the US team.

  200. abc says:

    You should tell that to NY Red Bulls and every coach he has ever had?

  201. I can’t imagine where we’d be without Tim Howard. Though the USMNT clearly needs some development at each position on the pitch, our back four are the biggest weakness.

    @Pickles…I think Bob Bradley is doing the best anyone could expect with the players he has. And he clearly knows how to develop talent – just look at his son!

  202. abc says:

    Yup. Although Goodson looks like he’s reaching that level also.

  203. abc says:

    Because we have other better players around to take penalty kicks.

    Compare what Wondo has done this year in MLS to what Davies has done.

  204. abc says:

    Out of the next four of Jamaica, Costa Rica, Honduras and Canada, Canada may be the ones who eventually solidify the #3 position as they get more MLS teams and their homegrown player development programs.

  205. abc says:

    Awesome obviously satirical comment.

  206. abc says:

    Can they shell out for a MLS expansion team?

  207. abc says:

    I agree with this, I’ve never understood why Edu is so highly regarded among US fans…

  208. Alex G says:

    Let´s go USA, next step Panama

  209. fischy says:

    Wow. Most people are afraid to look like complete pr!cks, but you go boldly.

    Way to go, bigot.

  210. Alex G says:

    haha he needs to score goals against Mexico to make me a believer, haha, oh wait, Im already a MB believer… never mind

  211. Ryan says:

    Good game. Good performance by the US.

    Howard – superb! I was applauding from my couch. Class Class Class comment by the Canadian coach

    “Howard was absolute magic,” said Canada head coach Stephan Hart. “I almost clapped.

    Altidore – welcome back. Pls continue. Dempsey – scorpion kick – you have balls. Credit to the Canadian defneder who blocked it!

    DeRo – the mans a game changer and came close last night – Thankfully he didn’t. Save that for the Red Bulls.

  212. fischy says:

    I basically agree with our Canadian friend.

    I turned on the game a couple of minutes after Dempsey’s goal, very happy about the 2 goal lead. Later, I watched the whole game from the beginning and I was very disappointed to see just how evenly played the game was.

    The second US goal was a good one, but the first goal should have been saved. If you add up clear chances, it was a very even game. For all our possession, we did not create many chances and did not “dominate” this game. The USA defense survived by tripping up Canadians every time they got going with the ball. We scored the goals, but Canada had more of the best chances. Howard really saved our bacon.

  213. fischy says:

    DeRo was probably heh best player out there, except for Howard. Glad we had Timmy, who saved our bacon. WIth DeRo and Will Johnson, Canada has two of the classiest players in the region. Jackson looked pretty good, too, If they defended as tough as the USA did, Canada might have had a better result.

  214. ben in el cahon says:

    Well, it would be unreasonable because Nolan seems to have two standards, one high standard for Altitore and another low standard for anyone else. Aguadelo was unlucky with his shots? He only worked himself into one good position, and produced a poor effort in the box. Evidently, Jozy’s runs (like the 20-yard run to receive Donovan’s pas, turn, and score) were invisible to everyone except the distracted Canadians. Wondo stood around, turning in a circle at one point, and was excused because he got no service. I’m being unfair to Wondo here, I know.
    Look, they all did alright. They weren’t amazing, nor terrible. Altidore and Aquadelo looked better than Wondo, but that’s sort of to be expected.

  215. Oranje says:

    Nothing Altidore did yesterday will make those calls subside. He scored on an absolute gift goal and wasn’t even intending to pass it to Dempsey, he overhit an attempt to Agudelo. Watch the replay, he throws his hands up in disgust before the ball even reaches Clint.

  216. Myles B says:

    It must’ve been Altidore’s birthday because Hirchfeld geve him a gift. Otherwise you guys looked good and threatening for long parts of the game!

  217. Oranje says:

    The use of troll is hilarious. Anyone who doesn’t agree with the majority is a troll.

  218. MicahK says:

    Please learn to read. I said for the nats he sucks as a CB. Did I say anthing about him sucking as a CB for club, college,or high school? No! no do not think I did. He is to much of a liability at CB for the nats atm just like gooch. When Ream gets experience for country at other defensive positions and is consistent then we can talk about him playing CB for the nats. As of now he is horrible at CB for the nats and will cost us the cup. By the way abc if you have not noticed Ream is not even a top defender in MLS like others have stated before.

  219. Sam says:

    Agreed, Check the stats on the Canadian strike force. Even Rob Friend has a MUCh better scoring record (In Europe) than our strikers.

  220. Don Pelayo says:

    I was most impressed with Ream in the victory. I thought he was fantastic.

  221. Josh D says:

    Although I thought he had a wonderful game and earned his starting role… His forward passing is still iffy at best. His sideways, backward, and simple passes are fine. But his creative, forward passing is limited to huffing the ball up. But he’s young and learning. Needs to take a note from Donovan or Jones.

  222. Eurosnob says:

    Oranje, you can critique Altidore all you want, but he scored a goal and set up the second goal in a 2-0 win. Take these two plays away and the US has a 0-0 draw against Canada. And as for overhitting Agudelo, if you watch the positioning of the defenders carefully it was not an easy cross to get through. Both Agudelo and Dempsey had a chance to put it in the net and Dempsey capitalized.

  223. Eurosnob says:

    Got it. I agree that their build up is not stellar and that they are frequently too direct in their build up without sufficient creativity. But they are who they are and we cannot expect the current midfield to play like Barca. There’s no Xavi or Inesta on this team.

  224. Since 82 says:

    Adu would fit well as a withdrawn F.

  225. Eurosnob says:


  226. Eurosnob says:

    If you want to torment Mexico players’ mental fortitude, the score of 2-0 or “dos a cero” is perfect.

  227. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Com’on ‘Real’, it took me a long time to come up with that 3-4 seconds at least.

    Plus what was there to say about Spain. They’re really good. We were really not ready. I can say I was not as impressed as many by Lichaj in that game, thought he was terrible even sub-Bornstein terrible.

    It’ll be interesting to see what/if Bradley ever dresses Rogers & Adu for any of these games…other than Guadelope after(if?) the US qualifies in beating Panama.

  228. LoS says:

    wishing Tim Howard was Mexican… it was an ok performance by the US, glad to see Jozy score, where was LD? and those outside backs are US weakest, the Canadians were all over them too bad they couldnt finish, on to Panama.

  229. truthiness says:

    I’m suprised that no one has noted how the crap Ford field HELPED the us. It may have hurt them too, but generally, one of the biggest weaknesses of the us team in gerneral, and players like Altidore is a lack of a first touch. The deadness of the lawn kept the ball at our feet. The US plays better at this point on a slow turf. The US is not a good passing team yet either, so long balls held up for our forwards when they would have otherwise go out of bounds.

  230. YankeeTerp says:

    Bravo. It shocking how much crap that kid gets on this board, yet he’s ALWAYS one of our best players.

  231. jh says:

    No, it’s not that they disagree, it’s the way they do it that gets them labeled “troll.” The absence of analysis to backup their “drive by” statement.

    There’s plenty of disagreement within the posts, but you’ll notice that those who provide a little analysis behind their statements typically don’t get labeled “troll.” Stupid, maybe, but not “troll.”

  232. tricksyclown says:


  233. Stephen says:

    I wouldn’t call Canada an horrible team either. They have some quality.

  234. Ski Fast! says:

    Looked like a fair few Canadians in attendance. Ontario is just across the river.

  235. Ritulin19 says:

    Why was Sasha put in over Spector? I may be wrong but Spector is way more capable in that role.

  236. Anyone who knows a second language is better than those of us who only know 1-American English and 1/4-high school/college French.

    Post as much as much as you want, Angel FAN

  237. Ryan says:

    Ok I mostly was just looking for an explanation because I really did like what I saw out of Agudelo, even though he didn’t get on the stat sheet. Also not sure that having a goal and (more or less) an assist would exempt Altidore from tracking back, though I’m not saying that’s the case. Not a fan of Wondo so I definitely wasn’t trying to defend him at all haha

  238. Primoone says:

    I never have been the one to tow the line on nepotism however, I do feel that players should earn their spot not only in camp but at club. Bradley had not turned in a performance like the one he had last night and quite frankly, he seemed tired in all the friendlies post world cup. I can appreciate the argument from both sides of the fence. I think that most of the negative remarks come from Bradleys insistance of playing him in the friendlies knowing he was not in form. With that said, I do think Bradley is one of the most hardest working/experienced midfielders (if not the hardest)in the player pool. I think the whole nepotism charge is rubbish. At the end of the day, no one is free from criticism…by the way, Dolo got torched all night on the right a few times…he is old…he sucks
    …replace him now!

  239. prizby says:

    difference in the match was Tim Howard. He had two world class saves that only a select couple (him, Ochoa, maybe Guzan) in CONCACAF could have ever made. That being said, for the Canadian fans to be outnumbered in the stands, they still brought it, even when they were losing

  240. Paul Thomas says:

    Eh, the team had better come up with some younger guys for the “thrashing various tiny island nations” phase of qualifying… at some point you’ve got to start building for the future.

  241. no love nola says:

    EJ, youre an embarrassment to other xenophobes! dont be a weenie, throw in something about a wall and greencards. go whole hog, make your mom proud.

  242. Paul Thomas says:

    I was surprised and quite disappointed in the Canadian fans’ showing. I knew it wasn’t going to be a great USA crowd, but for christ’s sake, Canada, your national team is playing like two miles from the border. Show up! I hardly saw a Canadian flag in the game.

  243. Paul Thomas says:

    The USA isn’t “better than everyone in CONCACAF.” Mexico is better than the USA, at least athleticism-wise.

    The team is going to win (if it does) through superior team play, not through superior athleticism. Hell, I’m not even sure the US team was any more athletic than the Canada side they just dispatched with decent ease.

    People saying the team needs time to come together are correct.

  244. no love nola says:

    people are calling this goal soft only because of its location. the reason it scored is because of a clever release that didnt allow the keeper to measure it. people dont realize how important that is. he took the shot a)out of rhythm with his step b)with the defender shielding him c)not directly facing the goal – all of this conspires against the keeper’s natural rhythm of a save where they see a clear “wind up” and prepare accordingly. its the same reason that toe-pokes are so effective, theyre not taken in the normal stride

  245. baller says:

    I’m 21 and played class I soccer through highschool, and have been an avid USMNT fan since the ’02 World Cup. Ironically, I DO live in Spain and DO support Barca, so I realize that we’re not capable of playing like them (trust me, my spanish friends love to remind me every chance they get). However we absolutely are capable of putting together a better performance against Canada! Go to wikipedia right now and compare our rosters, US players play for far better clubs except for in the striker position.

    In response to Tom, how many times did you watch Fulham or Bolton play last year? Because I watched a few games and I can assure you that either of those midfields would have completely dominated the canadian midfield last night, and yes, passed circles around them. Furthermore, you absolutely can rate a midfield’s performance independent of the team’s as a whole; that’s ridiculous to suggest that you can’t.

    Finally, I completely disagree with you GW in regards to the Bikini contest. I want my girl to always be the hottest of the batch, not the one who sucks in her oversized belly a little bit more as she gets put up against stiffer and stiffer competition, until in the end everyone says, whoa wait a sec that girl’s a whale!

    This is the GOLD CUP for crying out loud! It’s the ugliest sorority in world football (besides oceania confederation, but they’re so bad they even have to bring their own alcohol to the frat partys)! I mean come on how can you say that style doesn’t matter in football??? This kind of attitude is EXACTLY what is holding the US back in the world, because it focuses too much on winning and not enough on the level of play and the development of players.

    You are absolutely right, we can keep on giving the kind of performances that will not take us to the next level but still win the Gold Cup. However, I KNOW that with the players we have on this team we don’t have to be that ugly girl that sucks in her belly just a little bit more the rest, and that we DON’T have to rely on lucky finishing and Tim Howard to have a “convincing” win against Canada.

    Vamos venga US!

  246. Justwondering says:

    How does Sacha keep getting picked over Torres? Does Bradley dislike Torres? I think Torres has the ball control and passing ability needed to create more scoring chances in the final third of the field.

  247. no love nola says:

    MB90!!! i like it

  248. baller says:

    ya i’ve already seen that video and read the SBI article on the same topic. He’s praising BB’s loyalty though, not his coaching skills. Only the french would publicly go on record critisizing their coach during an international tourny lol

  249. Brian says:

    Dude wtf are you talking about? When have you ever seen Ream play something other than centerback for the US national team? Hell when have you seen him play anything besides centerback ever (I doubt you have ever watched him play in college)?

  250. baller says:

    ya i completely agree with you that technical coaching is gonna take a back seat at the international level, and I too have wondered if someone like Klinsman really could make that much of a difference. I’ve always been proud of the fact that we have a US coach, but the lack of not only creativity but coordination in the final third last night cannot solely be blamed on the players… preparation has to be a factor. Anyways, I’m not calling for Bradley to go or anything, at least yet, I only am getting a bit worried based on our recent performances and the fact that I know this team can perform better.

  251. Brian says:

    Well yeah of course. I was originally happy that Detroit got the game since they haven’t had once since 1994 and I figured it was a great place to put a game against Canada.

    The worst part of the game wasn’t the attendance, it was the field. That would be my biggest reason for not giving Detroit another game. The guys are probably looking forward to playing on some real grass at Raymond James and Livestrong.

    If you look at it purely from a numbers perspective (not percentages) the game drew more people than Tigers, Red Wings, and Pistons games due.

  252. Stephen says:

    Me too. I don’t know that Elliot watched the same game we did. Jones was not spectacular and had his moments of “boneheadedness” but overall he was solid with his passing and stopping attacks through the center. Edu was only in because Jones tweaked himself in some way and asked to be taken off.

  253. Stephen says:

    In what world did Canada play better than the US in the first half? If anything they outplayed the US in the second half. Definitely not the frist.

  254. Stephen says:

    DeRo was virtually absent except for that one shot. I don’t see how someone can say he was the best player out there save for Howard.

  255. Stephen says:

    I read on here people hating on the subs, they were not strictly tactical subs. They were more to save the energy of some tired players. Klejstan was not great but he was serviceable as a sub. (I think that is where he stays…I hope.) His substitution was about getting an exhausted, and rightfully so, Altidore off of the field for a little extra rest. He helped kill the game in the midfield. Wondo came on to give us some hold up play up top and get Agudelo off the field. And Edu came on because Jones signaled that something wasn’t right (an injury of sorts) and Edu came in to get Jones off.

    The subs were serviceable. They did their jobs and filled the spots needed, and I don’t know that there were any other, better options off the bench, save maybe Bedoya over Klejstan. But again, Klejstan wasn’t terrible. He did what he needed to do.

  256. Numeros 800 says:

    I kneeeew we would win!!

  257. PPH Services says:

    This was a very pleasant surprise!