Bedoya officially replaces Feilhaber on Gold Cup roster

AlejandroBedoya (Getty)

Alejandro Bedoya has officially replaced Benny Feilhaber on the U.S. men's national team Gold Cup roster, U.S. Soccer announced Monday.

With Feilhaber sidelined for 3-6 weeks with an ankle injury, Bedoya will get a chance to play in his first tournament with the United States. Bedoya came off the bench and played 25 minutes against Spain on Saturday, and will provide depth on the wings in the Gold Cup.

What kind of impact do you see Bedoya having in this Gold Cup? Think the U.S. team will sorely miss Feilhaber?

Share your thoughts below.

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51 Responses to Bedoya officially replaces Feilhaber on Gold Cup roster

  1. Frankie B. says:

    Think the U.S. team will sorely miss Feilhaber?

    -Hell no, Bedoya is in way better form than Benny. Blessing.

  2. Stephen says:

    Limited impact. I doubt he’ll play more than 60 minutes the entire Gold Cup. I hope he does well with what he gets.

  3. Paul C says:

    In other shocking news, Bob Bradley will wear sweats to the match on Tuesday and make at least one bad line-up decision.

  4. g-loff says:

    But he will correct that decision at half time, and the US will score in the 89th minute to prevent a disastrous draw/loss…again.

  5. Nano says:

    I do not see Alejandro having a big impact at all. The U.S. is looking for it’s identity this cycle, hopefully after a good start against Canada, they get it together. Every game since the World Cup has been an experiment. I hope BB has the guys ready because other CONCACAF teams already came out guns blazing.

  6. scott simon says:

    Can we replace Jozy Altidore with Herculez Gomez or Edson Buddle or my Grandma? Anybody please!

  7. matt says:

    They aren’t really the same type of player. Bedoya has been scoring goals left and right but has he been calming possession and putting dangerous through balls into the box on the counter? (Maybe he has, I don’t get to watch Swedish soccer: but Feilhaber was and still is good at those things, imo.) It may benefit us more to have Bedoya b/c I think he may be a better wing and we don’t have any wing depth, but Feilhaber was one of our few decent creators. Are we now expecting Kljestan or Adu to fill that role just as well? Not a blessing.

  8. elgringorico says:


  9. malkin says:

    is there any official stream for these games? Looks like isn’t showing them (even though they’re on fsc)

  10. Vince says:

    Um, no.

  11. malkin says:

    actually it looks like there’s a stream on Nice.

  12. filfisher says:

    zero impact. zero.

  13. Josh D says:

    Really? Bedoya may be having a great season, but he hardly featured at all in the Spain game nor any other appearances. He was only part of one notable attack where he got the ball taken from him.

    Feilhaber has been there, done that and is experienced, creative, can play down the middle and on the sides.

    Feilhaber at this time far surpasses Bedoya.

    Now Bedoya is far better than both Sascha and Rogers…

  14. Cairo says:

    Not likely to play much unless one of our wingers gets hurt, so impact is minimal.
    Wish we’d drop Jozy from the starters and play Clint and Agudelo up front. My complaint with Jozy is that he’s ineffectual in the air, which is shocking given his size and strength. Not sure just what he’s contributing anymore. Play him with Freddy (who he likes) or don’t play him.

  15. Alex G says:

    JOzy sucks big time, we need new blood, new players, bring someone new, an under 20 like Agudelo, Im desperate for an efficient striker.

  16. AC says:

    I’ll bet you Bob Bradley goes with Rogers out of some extreme weird notion in his head, only to see Rogers screw up again, and have Bedoya come in to make an impact only to see he kept Rogers in way too long for Bedoya to have a chance at impacting…Did you get all that?…lol

  17. Dinho says:

    Totally agree. I think a Dempsey/Agudelo combo might be nice to see. Jozy needs to earn his spot back.

    Then, maybe Bedoya plays a bit more on the wing in Dempsey’s place? Maybe? I think I’d rather see that than Rogers/Klejstan.

  18. WhiteHart says:

    Did you miss his nod-down in the World Cup that lead to the Bradley goal?

    Not saying he should be a 100% lock for a starter, but our back up options aren’t super impressive..

    I know everyone’s clamoring for Agudelo, but the fact is, he really hasn’t done much, both for the USMNT or NYRB..

  19. Dinho says:

    Ya, that’s BB’s logic talking, right? :)

  20. RNG says:

    Rather have Bedoya than Rogers.
    Too bad Feilhaber isn’t available.

  21. sandtrout says:

    I would not be a bit surprised to see Bedoya get some long minutes with Dempsey playing forward.

  22. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    I like both Bedoya and Benny, but saying Bedoya is scoring left and right is a bit of an overstatement. He’s scored four goals this season.

  23. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    I say drop Rogers and add Herc.

  24. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Yes, let’s replace Jozy with all of our better striker options. OH WAIT.

  25. Omar Little says:

    Dont think this will change much as far the tournament goes but please let Saturday be the last we ever see of Robbie Rodgers. He looked awful on that shot inside the 18 where he had all the time in the world to take a touch and slot home a goal. Would’ve been interesting to see how people reacted if he had finished that shot, though.

  26. jh says:

    Ok, I’m not sure if this logic is sound or not…

    All of the players brought on in the second half were better players than started the game at their respective positions. Maybe Bedoya is ahead of Rodgers on the depth chart at this point? It would make sense, I can’t really see who would be the first outside options off the bench other than Bedoya. Seeing as Feilhaber was always the first option off the bench, then Demps was moved up top, it would make sense.

    Going by this, I would say that he looks to be in line to get some minutes. Whether or not he makes an impact with them will be up to him.

  27. boosted335 says:

    I wish Bradley would sub John/Gonzalez in for Ream/Gooch while hes at it

  28. DingDong says:

    It’s illusory. They won’t work if they are being broadcast in your region, which they probably are (on cable, e.g., Univision).

  29. Boodrow says:

    I say drop Rogers and add Brad Davis.

  30. ... says:

    If you don’t mind Spanish, is broadcasting every single Gold Cup game live, free, and legal.

  31. pancholama says:

    I like Bedoya because like Agudelo, he has that school yard scrimmage, Hispanic cool – see, it’s a game of keep away. I’m going to mesmerize you with the way I dance and juke, and roll the ball like a yo-yo off my foot, and back, and there you see it, now you don’t, a swipe at the air with my foot over the ball – the entire defense has just adjusted, I make another swipe at the air over the ball, the entire defense twitches and adjusts again, my boys are making their runs, their decoy runs, creating space – I haven’t even touched the ball for 4-5 seconds, it is still, STILL at my feet – my man lunges and over commits to me, I tap the ball to the help coming at me, and I’m off on a darting give and go, or a decoy run to pull defenders away from the guy I just tapped the ball to into space…….moving myself to open space to create options for the man with the ball to have outlets, relief, support, attacking options, further touch, give and go…….to maintain possession…………………
    …………during he Spain game I saw one too many times, the US player with the ball get surrounded by 3-4 white shirts and NOBODY came to give outlet pass support – FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD – what is so magical, arcane and unfathomable about supporting the ball?
    The man with the ball is like, well sun rays – every guy within passing distance, or even close to having an open passing lane / able to catch or reflect any of the sun rays emanating from man-with-the-ball – YOUR JOB IS TO BE IN AN OPEN PASSING LANE, so your whole team can SHINE – adjust your position make a lane, 90 degree angles, 45 degree angles, 180 degrees, 15 degrees, the obvious outlet pass go-to person – should be backed up by at least one or two other offensive players, who are ready to pounce on an errant pass, and maintain possession, while playing back up like the guy backing up a throw from the outfield in baseball, also adjusting their position to give an alternate passing option, or a secondary option once the ball goes to the open man – the US team gets SO STUCK in maintaining their defensive shape at the expense of all else, that they forget to think tactically, to anticipate the free flow of attacking play, and adjust their position to the team-mate with the ball – TOO MUCH BALL WATCHING – that’s why almost every time a US player got the ball and tried to carry the play forward, 3-4 Spanish players just surrounded them. They were thinking – “the Americans are too stupid and obtuse to actually play the ball in close space to each other like it was a school yard, lunch hour scrimmage – if we surround the guy with the ball, he’ll panic, have no one to play touch give and go to – and we’ll get the ball back every time……..or we’ll pressure the brick footed lug into passing the ball blindly to space, and we’ll pounce on the loose ball, and start our short passing give and go, monkey in the middle, keep away fantasia…….etc., etc. etc. etc., etc., – what is Bradley teaching these guys???????? It is the de-evolution of soccer. Lord save us if we play like we did v. Spain when we play Mexico – the score will be 8-0. WAKE UP!!!!!!!

  32. Joe says:

    That might be the most manic post ever constructed.

  33. epablo says:

    Dear Lord what a post! but i love it! and understand. we need more colombians in this team. hopefully Castillo and Chara will be come U.S. citizens in time for the next world cup.

  34. Pickles says:

    Wow, what a long post!

  35. Sorry, old eyes can’t read post without paragraphing.

  36. Erik says:

    Alejandro has never played as a winger at Örebro. He always takes a central midfield position in a 4-3-3 setup.

    His strength lies in his ability to work from goal to goal. He is a true hard-running never-stopping two-way central midfielder. To play him as a winger is downright silly.

  37. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    I’m with you Matt. Bedoya will be slotted to the wing, while Sacha will move up in the depth chart in the middle to play the 4th CM role, or 5th if Adu is showing anything, (though from the sounds coming from camp, he’s not)

    I like Bedoya over Rogers on the wing, I’m not as comfortable with him in the middle, though he plays there for his club team. I’m guessing Johnny spector just slid into the midfield as well to provide cover for Benny F.

    This tourament may hinge on how well Sacha K. does in the middle filling in for Benny…

  38. boosted335 says:

    i still loved it

  39. federico says:

    Bedoya sucks and so does the US National team we are a 3rd rate team.

  40. federico says:

    Wow the US is amazing we are talking about a player coming from the Allevanskan in Sweden one of the weakest leagues in Europe! I am sure Mexico is shaking in there boots

  41. canchon says:

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  42. Steve C says:

    What team do you root for thats 3rd rate? (just curious)

    Also… “Mexico is shaking in THEIR boots”

  43. Alejandro Bedoya says:

    Where’s Micah K to hate on me everytime I’m mentioned? 😛

  44. Stephen says:

    I say drop Rogers and add any one else…

  45. Stephen says:

    Well I think Dempsey Agudelo, but Dempsey more withdrawn to receive service and hold the ball up…

  46. Santos says:

    Ranking players by their leagues is ridiculous…Even the best leagues only have a few good teams…

  47. Dirk Kuyt says:

    Hard-working end-to-end wingers never work out.

  48. abc says:

    “Lord save us if we play like we did v. Spain when we play Mexico – the score will be 8-0. WAKE UP!!!!!!!”

    Mexico twice as good as Spain confirmed.

  49. Papal93 says:


  50. Jamie Z. says:

    What if I do mind Spanish? Will it still be showing them?

  51. EA says:

    John who?