Bittersweet Moment for Adu in Return to the National Team

  Freddy Adu (



PASADENA, Calif – On a night when there were few bright spots for the U.S. men's national team in its Gold Cup Final loss to Mexico, perhaps the only true positive was the performance of Freddy Adu.

A surprising selection to the U.S. starting lineup, Adu didn't disappoint, helping set up both of the United States' goals in his first national team start in more than two years.

Adu made his 2011 Gold Cup debut in the semifinal match against Panama coming in as a substitute for Juan Agudelo in the 64th minute. He promptly help set up the eventual game-winning goal, making an impact that led to U.S. coach Bob Bradley giving Adu the start in the Gold Cup final.

"Bob told me to be active and do exactly what I've been doing in training and what I did during the last match,” said Adu. “Just get to the ball to my feet as much as possible and be dangerous while finding space and I was able to do that and create a couple of goals early on.”

Adu took the corner kick Michael Bradley scored on, and he delivered the pass to Clint Dempsey that Dempsey then turned into an assist on Landon Donovan's goal.

“He’s done well since he’s come into camp and you know one thing about him, he wasn’t going to be overwhelmed by the occasion,” Donovan said. “I thought he did a pretty good job. He tired a little bit at the end, but he helped us.”

The loss to Mexico was a tough one to swallow, but the night was bittersweet for the 22 year-old. After years in hiatus from the national team, Adu is happy to be back and hopeful to remain on the squad.

“This was definitely a special night for me, personally it was an amazing feeling,” said a sincere Adu. “Coming into camp after everything that I've been through and just being around the national team again and work my way into the 18 and then on the field.”

“That's something that as a player, you can be proud of, but I didn't do it alone, I had the help of my coaches and teammates who were encouraging me every day."

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120 Responses to Bittersweet Moment for Adu in Return to the National Team

  1. mental assassin says:

    Was part of the minority .0001% of fans who were American in the building, without Freddy we would not have scored those goals. Bob def put the best lineup on the field, Mexico is just better.

  2. MrTuktoyaktuk says:

    Freddy is back. We’ve actually got some options up front to develop for 2014. Now that back line…

  3. Kudos to BB on playing Freddy in the semi and starting him last night. He made a huge difference in our attack in both games.

  4. NF says:

    Apparently, Panama is too.

  5. Kelvin says:

    Donovan has to come down of his high horse. Of course Freddy got tired in the end, because he was the only guy hustling for the ball.

  6. Broseph says:

    Absolutely. In just the past 2 games, he’s shown that he’s arguably the best on the team when it comes to first touch, skill with the ball at his feet, and keeping possession in tight spaces under pressure. Looks like we have one more solid midfielder to add to the already crowded mix.

    The back line was a disaster, but if we can just keep getting some young guys (Chandler, Ream, Gonzalez, Lichaj) more and more experience, we should have some options moving forward.

  7. Dave from Charlotte says:

    Yeah, gratz to Freddy for his revival and maturity. I’ll be following with interest his club situation. Hopefully he goes to another club where he will be playing, not sitting – and a club that is a higher level of play than 2nd div. Turkey.

  8. mental assassin says:

    apparently not

  9. seak05 says:

    Will be interesting to see what happens with Adu’s club situation. He needs to find a club and the field. Anyone heard anything?

  10. Citronomics says:

    Glad to see Freddy back and making a positive impact. Hope he continues to develop into a more complete player at Rizespor (or his next club) and he makes a strong case for being in the USMNT squad/lineup as WC 2014 cycle begins. And ditto on Kudos to BB for starting Freddy.

  11. filfisher says:

    Amen, Kevin. I thought Freddy did more in 125 minutes than Donovan did this entire tournament.

  12. NF says:

    2-2 aggregate. Both games at home. I’d say so.

  13. Alex says:

    One game doesn’t roll into the other. We won when we had to.

  14. NF says:

    OK, if you guys think the 2011 Gold Cup was the absolute best the US is capable of playing, I guess we just have a difference of opinion. I personally think there’s a manager out there who can get more out of the US pool.

  15. Mike Caramba says:

    Minor point, but I actually think most people in that building were American.

  16. Tomas says:

    Now Freddy is at least saying the right things as well, showing humility, and I think he believes them as well. The Nats need him to keep progressing, and he NEEDs to be in the mix. He has the technical skills we sorely lack.

  17. K-Town says:

    Let this Gold Cup serve as a warning to ALL USMNT players. You will be benched or not selected if not performing (Donovan, Ream), but you can earn your spot back (Donovan, Adu).

    It is healthy for the players to know they have to perform or lose their job. It is equally important for the depth of the player pool to know that you are never too far out of the picture and that you can always find your way back.

    Kudos to Adu for keeping the faith in himself. He has definitely improved his weaknesses. Good movement off the ball to get open, and I saw him hustle on defense.

    Dear USMNT players: As far as all the haters out there, let them hate and just keep on improving. Nothing is impossible.

  18. Wendell Gee says:

    Donovan wasn’t critisizing and wasn’t on his high horse.

  19. Zoti says:

    Was it me or was Adu the only American the Mexican defense showed some respect by giving him space when he had the ball. Apparently they knew he was capable of some moves with the ball as opposed to the rest of the team who looked like deer in headlights. MB and Adu were the only two bright spots last night. Depmsey immensely disappointing. Overall Mexico was better, they are on the up and up and we’re going downhill faaaast :(

  20. K-Town says:

    What I like best is the message that this sends to other players. It is great to see Adu fight his way back after two abysmal years off the radar. Hopefully players that show glimpses of brilliance but are inconsistent or growing as players are inspired to stick with it and keep improving. Players like Kljestan, and Ream come to mind.

  21. Clayton says:

    I noticed that Freddy was drawing two defenders everytime he got the ball.

  22. K-Town says:

    I don’t think it is fair to say we are going downhill fast. To be fair, this Mexico team is AMAZING right now. The best I have seen them play in a LONG time. Hernandez, Dos Santos, Berrera, and Guardado are lights out right now, and the rest of the team is no slouch either.

    As far as the Americans are concerned, we are lacking killer instinct and creativity in the final third and most detrimental is the inexperienced and inconsistent defense. I know it is only one position, but having no serviceable left back allows teams to exploit us all night long. Mexico wasn’t stickin it to us prior to Stevie C coming off. But, the drop off from Lichaj to Bornstein allowed them to kill us! Lack of pace at centerback also let them get behind a lot.

    But again. I can see this Mexico attack getting behind a lot of defenses.

  23. K-Town says:

    Correction: Before Stevie C came off, Mexico WAS stickin it to us, but not nearly as bad. Bornstein became their whipping boy.

  24. Peter says:

    Nobody said that was the best that the U.S. could play. He just said that for that game the best possible U.S. LINEUP was out there. I agree. I don’t think any combination of current U.S. players would have done much better against this Mexican team.

  25. CÉU CARMESIM says:

    CARALHO! What’s Geovani dos Santos Goal!

  26. Tab says:

    Marvelous to how Adu played.

    Here’s hoping Jose Francisco Torres gets another go.

    Fundamentally, we need players who are comfortable on the ball.

    (I wish Kljestan the best, and I know he’s a different type of player, but I struggle to see how he made the squad over Torres. Never mind Robbie Rogers. Good grief.)

  27. K-Town says:

    I don’t doubt that there is someone out there that could get more out of the pool. I would just like to point out that Bradley is already getting more out of the pool then most. We have some really good players, and a lot of serviceable players, but not a lot of depth. All the depth we have is at a few positions such as RB and GK. Many countries would envy that depth. FW, LB, a creative MF that can posses the ball? Not so much.

  28. Yeah our US team is a whole lot better then 4 years ago, but Mexico has jumped some leaps…I also Chicharito is a special player

  29. johnnycougar says:

    Yes, unless your name is Bornstein. I hope this marked the end of his run on USMNT.

  30. maka says:

    He looks damn good in that jersey. Welcome back Freddy, but don’t get cocky.

  31. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    Really? When is Donovan not on his high horse?

    US got smoked my an athletic, dynamic, skilled team. When the US did have possession for more than five seconds, there was alot of standing around and little movement off the ball. And until the US team learns to pass and move with some degree of urgency, the US backline will continue to be overwhelmed as it was yesterday.

  32. Ben says:

    If we lose Chandler because Bradley got scared by his club, I think that is a fireable offense by itself.

  33. MC Pharaoh says:

    true, HOWEVER… That game still could have gone either way especially if Cherundolo didnt get injured. Infact, if he didnt, I would bet alot of money on the US winning…

  34. MC Pharaoh says:

    Thats a joke right? Green all over the place, overwelming chants from Mexicans, & the place didnt seem like anyone had left when Mexico lifted the trophy..

  35. Scott says:

    Anyone else think that Gonzalez might be better than Goodson right now?

  36. Eurosnob says:

    I also thought that Adu played very well, showing both skill and effort. Also, if Timmy Chandler was available rather than Bornstein, when Dolo went down, we would have had a different result with the 2-0 lead. Bornstein was the weakest link and to their credit Mexico exploited it to perfection.

  37. skyman says:

    Agreed. We could hang with our top 11, maybe even win, but we’re not deep at all, especially on defense.

    They’re always better than us, but we have won the majority in the last 10 years. We’ll win a few of the next ones, especially with Adu being present and active.

  38. skyman says:

    Yeah, he needs to play in the first division somewhere, even if it’s Greece or Turkey.

  39. K-Town says:

    They both are very inexperienced at the international level.

  40. skyman says:

    Nice message, seriously. I take more positives from this loss than negs. .. there’s so many haters! I have not been a Bob Bradley fan in the past, but he actually has my support now. I just wish his son could keep possession better.

  41. Kelvin says:

    Totally agree with your sentiment.
    Nobody except for Dolo, Bradley, Adu and at times Agudelo has looked sharp of the ball. Both Agudelo and Adu had to prove themselves that they are worthy. I don’t think Agudelo is ready yet for the big stage, but with time and his potential he’ll be ripe soon.

    I’m not going to talk about Altidore, just for the reason that he missed the last two games. I’d like to see him play with Bradley, Holden and Adu.

    To are so called stars: Dempsey scored three goals. Donovan scored one and assisted two. I don’t think, considering the opponents we faced that this is an achievement. Dempsey had his fair share of chances to score more. Donovan looked totally off. His crosses were bad, most of his passes were off and he didn’t run off the ball.

  42. kk says:

    Depth at gk? With Friedel retired, we have Howard and a bunch of reserves, and it hs been a long time since Howard looked like a world-class keeper.

  43. skyman says:

    I wish I saw MB being more of a positive. I do love his attitude, but he simply hasn’t shown the ability to possess the ball like I think we need in the midfield.

  44. Kelvin says:

    + I forgot to mention:
    If Donovan is our so called game changer, at least that’s what most people think he is, then he needs to start to be more active.

  45. Good Jeremy says:

    No. I like Gonzo and I am a Galaxy fan but Goodson is at least “passable” internationally while Gonzo looked like a traffic cone in his last game. He has the physicality to be another Gooch, but needs to read the game faster so he won’t get caught flat-footed because his recovery speed is terrible.

  46. Buckydoc says:

    Torres is obviously good on the ball. But also keep in mind that the US routinely dominates CONCACAF minnows whose midfielders have clever, showy ballskills.

  47. Jamie Z. says:

    I think his point was that most of the Mexico supporters were American, and I imagine he’s absolutely correct.

  48. Josh says:

    Well said. I know people want to be totally irrational after a loss, but the fact is that Mexico is *really* good, and if the US wants to hang with them, they’ve gotta improve.

    And you’re absolutely right that there are some positives (Lichaj at LB, Adu’s re-emergence) to take from this tournament.

    I wish more people on SBI would keep a level head when they post.

  49. buck says:

    Nos so sure but what Salvadore is better too. They took Mexico to overtime

  50. buck says:

    DId he magically just appear for those games? Why has it taken BB two years to find him and when will he make up with Davies too?

  51. buck says:

    Donovan was pacing himself

  52. buck says:

    IDK… he’s playing and that’s what’s important. MB is in England’s Premiere division and cant make the bench. What good is that doing?

  53. buck says:

    It’s you. They doubled and tripled him as fast as they could in order to shut him down. That is respect

  54. buck says:

    I don’t think Bob really likes skill players. He only went to Adu when his bangers and muckers couldnt get a shot in the semi

  55. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    If being down 2-0 after twenty minutes counts as sticking it to us, then I hope Mexico continues to stick it to us every time we play them!

  56. Todd says:

    It was only 2 appearances, but Freddy impressed the heck out of me in the Gold Cup. He’s smoother on the ball than anyone in the current USMNT rotation. And he played some sick, sick passes in both games he appeared in.

    If he comes all the way back and fulfills he long-ago promised potential (and I hope he does), it will be a story for the ages.

    Cheers to you Freddy. Stay strong and keep working hard!

  57. cheronomo says:

    They may live in America but definately were not Americans, could even tell by the colors they were wearing. Even the PA announcer was Hispanic.

  58. Since 82 says:

    In the immediate term Adu should be getting serious minutes behind Altidore in a 4-4-1-1. Agudelo is too raw and inexperienced and Davies has not yet returned to form.

    Personally, I feel that both Altidore and Adu are keys to our WC 2014 chances. I believe they both have a chance to be special and provide a dynamic that we have never had.

    I feel like we will be in good shape no matter who the coach is. We have talent. The transition in the back is going to be the trickiest to navigate.

  59. predicto says:

    Lots of discussion on Mexico’s potent offence and USA’s poor defense, but I haven’t seen much discussion on Mexico’s swarming defense. Seemed to me Mexico gave the USA little space on the ball, and that’s what led to give-aways and goals. They worked harder and wanted it more – typically what the USA does.

  60. Polish Wonder says:

    Kudos to Adu for bringing his game up, but let’s not pretend his form has been consistent these last few years. He had to work his way back.

    Davies might be as good as Wondo right now, but he still needs some time to truly get back to form.

  61. Mike Caramba says:

    Correct. Thanks.

  62. Mike Caramba says:

    Perhaps you should move to Arizona…think the police could use your paper-dar.

  63. Polish Wonder says:

    I’m constantly disappointed by Bradley’s use of Torres. I wouldn’t call hims a “showy” player—he’s just a guy with skill. The USA soccer media keeps reporting the USA doesn’t mind when opponents hold the ball as long as it is in their own end, but that’s not what Mexico did. They went at USA. Maybe it would help to have some guys who can actually make the tough passes. I’d like to see Bradley move Dempsey and Donovan up top and have some guys in midfield who know how to spray the ball around quickly.

  64. JoeW says:


    1. Adu wasn’t playing consistently (actually, he was barely playing at all).

    2. What is radically different in Adu’s game now (even from when he had played with the U20 and U17 sides, his previous NT games as well) is:
    –he wasn’t ridden off the ball easily. He used to be Charmin-soft, quick to go down, didn’t respond well to physical play. This last match, in a very chippy and physical match he stayed on the ball.
    –no walkabouts. Even in Adu’s best games (like at the U17 and U20 level) he’d have chunks of the match were he just disappeared. No, he wasn’t being marked out of the match, he wouldn’t show for the ball, positioning would be bad, he’d stop moving off the ball. Not this match.

    Now, the worst thing Adu could do is look for a move to a “bigger club” or more name league. The best thing he can do is to keep getting minutes with a club where he’s expected to be a major role, a guy who they build the club around, a guy who’s expected to contribute a goal or assist EVERY game. Even if that’s Razipor in the 2nd division. B/c the challenges for Adu haven’t been the playing level. It’s been getting PT and having to carry real responsibility.

  65. jpc says:

    When Holden comes back, he is our undisputed playmaker in that #10 position, and one of the top players on the squad, but if Adu can continue to improve, that’s one hell of an option to have coming off the bench, and getting occasional spot starts…

    We used to be worried that we didn’t have enough playmakers and skilled players, I think we have that now. Now our need is in the back, at least one top quality CB needs to emmerge (Opara, Agbossomounde, Kitchen, Ream???), and a few skillful/speedy fullbacks, Chandler and Lichaz may be the duo, but there needs to be more.

  66. JoeW says:

    Nope. I hope Gonzalez develops into NT material. But Goodson is faster than Omar (not saying much, I know). Goodson is better on set pieces.

    This Mexico side didn’t happen overnight. Two things happened:
    1. The Mexicans stopped being cocky and assuming that by birthrite they were better than us (and then choking when they went down a goal). They had tactics for us that made sense. Timmy Howard specifically said that he expected Mexico to go into a shell once we went up 2-0 (and obviously that didn’t happen).

    2. Mexico developed a superclass of youth talent. We got better. But they got immensely better. Look at the reviews of their U20 side a couple of years ago…the team that had Ochoa and Dos Santos and Guardado on it. Look at how Chicharito has developed…Dempsey just had the best goal scoring season any American has ever had in the premier league and ManU still wouldn’t take him over Chicharito

  67. DingDong says:

    Did Freddy steal that free kick from Donovan? BB looked pissed.

  68. SB says:

    Have to say I was very impressed with Adu’s performance in both games. As upset as I am at the result, I put a lot of this on Bornstein. What a disaster. They exploited his side over and over again. It was downright embarrassing that he was put in and not removed at halftime. The offensive looked much better than it has in previous matches, and if the defense wasn’t on its heels the entire game we would have had more opportunities. With the addition of Adu, Holden and Chandler the NT looks much better than it has in the past. If we can work out a few things in the defense, things are looking up.

    On a side note, Donovan needs a wake up call. The so called best USMNT player ever just never seems to go out and take what’s his anymore. He lacks a killer instinct that all the real great ones have. The team needs more bite – we need more Jermain Jones attitude and less Landon Donovan. The team needs to play angry for once.

  69. Nick says:

    Let me start off by saying I love this thread and I agree with a lot. Adu showed what we’re sorely lacking, a playmaker. My friend and I talked and I think we need to change the back four (the combo of Goodson, Solo, Boca, Gooch, Bornstein) to at least a group of Agbossomounde, Ream, Licha, Chandler and whomever emerges.
    As for our midfielder we have a nice crop for the next cycle. Jones, Bradley, Holden, Donovan, Edu, Dempsey, and Adu. Who starts though?
    Last but not least, the forward situation has got to improve (can you name me a cycle where we didn’t say that?). Altidore and Agudelo, that’s it. We need more up there.
    I didn’t talk about the keeper situation, but I think Howard is going to be back. Otherwise we go to Guzan or Rimando.

  70. Timbo says:

    Our CB got shredded last night… We need new defensive players. Sorry bornstein but you should never be called up again. I would start by calling up Omar Gonzalaz and George John to start grooming them as your CB of the future. Both big athletic CB who should get their shot to make a difference. From there you can slide your defense around and but Bocanagro back outside alongside someone else. Our defense is what cost us. Mexico looked like Barcelona last night against our defense.

  71. stargate5 says:

    I would replace all 4 really. It must start now.

  72. Tim M. says:

    Ream, Gonzalez and George John, are all ready for Europe. Goodson had a particularly bad game, and with Bocanegra’s declining form, we need groom potential prospects and let them progress as fast as we can if we want to back the same strength in the back line circa 3 2009.

  73. Atletico Man says:

    How are they not American? This is a nation of immigrants, including you unless you are native american. Just because they root for el tri doesn’t change that. Perhaps when we are a true soccer power they will cheer for the barras y estrellas, or perhaps they kids will.

  74. Atletico Man says:

    NO!!! No more 4-4-2!! We are incapable of holding midfield possession in flat-line formations, or even a diamond. We need five midfielders to shrink the space between them in transition.

    That said, I am also looking forward to seeing Freddy play with Jozy, but Freddy should be part of a three-man attacking mid line in a 4-2-3-1.

  75. Tim M. says:

    No. Bocanegra and Cherundolo should definitely be involved in the build up to the world cup, but all of our best prospective defenders need to become integrated into the international fold immediately.

    At this time, there’s no reason to call up Onyewu, Bornstein, Heath Pearce, Spector, Sean Franklin, A.J. De La Garza, Chad Marshall or any other player who we know isn’t in form or will never play be able to play at the international level.

  76. Darwin says:

    I was surprised that time after time, Adu used his body effectively to shield the ball and didn’t get muscled off. This is what he always lacked and what he has obviously been working on. He looked like Altidore for a second – drawing two defenders, muscling, but then getting an attacking (left footed) pass to his man.

  77. stargate5 says:

    Adu must learn to give up the ball in trafic. He tends to dribble too much at times. Find your mates and pass the ball.

  78. NF says:

    I’m not saying we have the players to compete with Spain, but we have the talent to play much better than we do.

    When it comes to players, we demand the best go to Europe and try to develop by competing against the best. For managers, we take guys who have a few good years in MLS, a league which is not exactly known for brilliant tactics. I think it’s hypocritical. A manager makes all the difference in the world, and we have settled for less than the best since at least 1995.

  79. joejoe says:

    Lets not forget why Adu played. Because Altidore got hurt otherwise Adu would not have even made the bench as was the case before the injury. Adu should have been part of this team long ago. In fact He could be playing regularly in Europe if he got more calls in the past. I hope that changes now.

    Bob Bradley needs to go. The search for a new coach needs to start now before the qualifying rounds.

  80. syght says:

    Gotta hope for Opara, Ream, and Boss to be ready to make contributions in teh WC qualifying cycle and 2014.

  81. mark from la says:

    I was at the game… random observations:
    Mexico double teamed Adu consistently, which is a great indication of what Mexico thinks of him. Still not sure if we’re going to be able to count on him, though, his comeback story is not over. He probably needs to take his fitness to levels he’s never reached so far in order to ensure his participation.

    Man, I would really like to see Holden in there.

    Donovan’s goal was cool. Rare to see an almost square run through the box into space like that, and Donovan was ruthless in using his speed to find a path around the keeper to finish.

    Mexico did not appear rattled after the second goal. I presume they knew there would be many more chances for them.

    Jermaine Jones does not have superior technical skills, he actually looks like a typical USMNT player. High energy, willing to try positive things… and fail at them more often than he should. Sigh.

    The high water mark for US defense remains the Confederations Cup in ’09 against Spain and Brazil. Not even close to that level in this game.

    Tim Howard isn’t great anymore. Howard bears a good bit of responsibility for goal 2 (what was he doing, was he afraid to get hurt?), the third one he would stop in his prime, and he never even troubled Hernandez on his opener.

    Bornstein reminds me of a relief pitcher for a team who his own fans boo as he walks to the mound. Every once in a while the public is right, Bob Bradley, please find a way to remove this man from the pool.

    The other defenders were’t much better.

    Dos Santos’ goal was great. I was lucky enough to be in that corner of the stadium to watch it. But no one could bother him in the box? Really? Watch the replay, what is Jones doing?

  82. wilyboy says:

    It was no longer a game when they brought in Bornstein. PS, Donovan could give a little more respect to a player who had Far more impact on the game.

  83. stargate5 says:

    Yeah, Jones is not that good. Wow I thought he must be some player after reading all the stuff about him and how tough/nasty he is etc…

    Howard’s play has slipped considerably since the WC.

  84. Polish Wonder says:

    It seems that most times an American gets a free kick over the wall it is soft.

  85. Spencer says:

    Why is Bornstien still on the team. Random thought: Why don’t we move jermaine jones to left back and put maurice edu in the center midfield. Edu is a better distributer and can control the game better than him….

  86. snce says:


    … Anything but Bornstein

  87. Jayson says:

    Wat are you all referingg to when u talk about donovan getting off his high horse and needing to show more respect?. I didnt see the game unfortunately so I dont know wat ur refering to.

  88. says:

    I agree. Freddy was the most improvisational player on the US squad!! The rest of the “poster boys” played their predictable “Get Lucky Goals” game. Just like WC10. Let’s face it until the USA gets the guts players from the streets it will never achieve anything more than a relegated EPL team’s status.

  89. Jayson says:

    I missed the game wat r u talking bout?

  90. Mental Assassin says:

    If they are American why not wear American colors?

  91. bizzy says:

    For all the Adu haters:

    hahahaha….wow did he but on a show. The highest player rating across the broad. Only a handful of people on here believed in Adu.


  92. James says:

    Adu did great, he passed the ball quickly when necessary, and he held onto it when necessary. That is how we were able to score our last 3 goals.

  93. joe for CA says:

    is not it dependent on what the meaning of is is, or is you two just arguin?

    I think there’s no way to argue the fact that Mexico is better. Perhaps a more inspiring coach or different players could have been pulled for the USA though.

    Including Adu!

  94. Tyler says:

    +1000 man. Even if though we lost it feels great to know that a few people on this site were rewarded for their faith in Freddy. I know he will continue working hard and be a part of our setup going into 2014

  95. Neruda says:

    Adu in Bornstein, Rogers out.

    The US should cap George John before Greece gets him. He may become a great defender on the world stage.

    How does Howard not gather two balls that were in his hands? Need to watch a replay of the highlights but that was real weird.

    BB took the USMNT to a new level from the Bruce Arena era but this team has reached a ceiling under his tutelage.

  96. Gesar says:

    we should play a 4 3 3


    Cherundolo/Chandler Goodson Boca Lichaj

    Jones Bradley


    Adu Dempsey Donovan

  97. Phillypride says:


  98. no jones says:

    Playing Jones at all is even worse when you realize he is 5 years older than Mo Edu.

  99. drew says:

    I take your point to a degree, but at the same time we were up 2-0 in a final with implications for 2014 and couldn’t close – there is reason to be a tad distressed.

  100. ChuckEE_T says:

    Did anyone count the number of giveaways Lil Brad had in our 1/3? There were ALOT. He is great in open field and holding/tackling in ‘mid-field’, but his distribution and transition from our def 3rd going foward cost at least (2) goals in the tourney.

  101. K-Town says:

    Freddy hits lefty, and is a great set piece taker. Notice that Freddy and Donovan split the corners depending on which side they were. That free kick was a in a better spot fro a lefty to take a shot on goal.

  102. Dog has Papers says:

    I was at the game as well. Bob did not put our best players on the field. Bornstein was simply abused all night and had no business on the team much less the pitch. Bob needs to go. With that said, there is a lot to be hopeful for. Adu was absolutely amazing. When Holden comes back, I would push Dempsey and Donovan to forward in a 4-4-2. With Adu and Holden distributing we will be way better with the ball. Lichaj was good (with one bad clearance) and Chandler is a beast. Hopefully we can figure out the central defense.

  103. Zoti says:

    What I meant is that they didn’t try to strip him off the ball as if they knew they wouldn’t be able to.

  104. Mike Caramba says:

    Is this a joke?

  105. SuperChivo says:

    This should be a lesson to all of us, because I have been guilty of it to, who are way to quick to judge young, still developing players. Another lesson would be Gio Dos Santos, who has bounced around clubs (albeit at a higher level than Freddy)and was ridiculed by the Mex-Am t.v. guys here and then has really come on to be a good player. Not Barcelona good, but CONCACAF great. So let’s give the young blood some time to forge in the fire before calling them failures.
    Except Johnathan Bornstein, I respect the guy for giving it his all for the colors but he should not be called up again, especially since he doesn’t even play left back anymore. It’s time to try Jorge Flores, Brek Shea, anyone else to be Lichaj’s backup.

  106. Shoot the parrots says:

    Yep, and until we escape the echo chamberof fire bob Bradley and parroting comments we read from other columns (if you can call the diatribe you’re quoting from Y A an actual column) we’re not going to take our observations of the game “to the next level” either

  107. ACS says:

    Zak Whitbread, I add to the CB’s, I don’t know his speed though, so he might not be much better than Goodson or Boca, but next year starting in the Premier League should help

  108. ACS says:

    Time to finally bring in Whitbread, well as long as he stays healthy, a full year in the Premier League at CB, will be a great experience for him and I hope he does well. No idea what his speed is, be nice to have a faster CB who can recover quickly, we were getting beat bad. Also a backup for Lichaj would be nice, but I guess Chandler would have went to RB had he been there.

  109. sef-one says:

    jose is stoked right now.

  110. Kevin_Amold says:

    Not his best night last night, but the kid had a pretty good tournament.

  111. Rick says:

    How many idiots were online when Freddy was still a teenager and saying that he should never see the field again for the USA. How stupid! How many players peek at 19? Not too many.

  112. Cliff Colson says:

    See you in Columbus in February 2013. Temperatures below 40… they don’t stand a chance.

  113. OC says:


    MB’s header was world-class. That technique, ANY striker or goalscorer will tell you, is extremely difficult. Far-post nod headers are NOT easy; real-life isn’t FIFA my man.

    Donovan’s goal was a class strike with his WEAK foot that was the result of some excellent movement on the part of multiple players on the pitch. Adu on the ball, then Deuce on the ball, and a great run by Landon off the ball.

    I understand that you are probably frustrated with our performance, but if you think those were ‘lucky’ goals, you know absolutely nothing about soccer, and you’re just a bandwagon fair-weather USA critic.

  114. JJJ says:

    Add Holden and Chandler and we will play better. Granted Mexico was better than Bornstien.

  115. truthiness says:

    Unless you are blind, both US goals were against the run of play. They both required skill and were a great example of counter attacking, but…

    There were at least two goals coming from the MEX side. They were dominating with their skill and speed, no doubt. Putting Bornstein in made it worse, but lets not pretend they didn’t have chances prior to his injury.

  116. Truthiness says:

    The biggest thing for me wasn’t the piece of his game when he was going forward – it was his tracking back on defense. On more then three occaisions did he steal the ball coming back into his own half. This was the HUSTLE that was the missing piece of his game. Hope he keeps it up – and I hope those 120 minutes of football are enought to get him out of the Turkish Second.

  117. GJJ says:

    Good point on the being able to handle physcicality better. I think Turkey has helped him in this respect. The Turks are a tough old bunch.