Bradley will not be returning to Aston Villa

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Michael Bradley's time with Aston Villa is over.

According to Bradley's agent, New York-based representative Ron Waxman, Bradley will not be returning to Aston Villa next season.

He spent a half season on loan with Villa, but played sparingly in a crowded central midfield under former Villa manager Gerard Houlier. It was believed the club was very interested in acquiring Bradley's rights, but that decision ultimately fell to new manager Alex McLeish, who has decided to go in another direction.

Where does that leave Bradley? He has one year left on his contract with German side Borussia Moenchengladbach, but a return to the German club is highly unlikely.

Bradley is the second American to leave Aston Villa this summer, with Brad Friedel departing to sign with Tottenham. Fellow goalkeeper Brad Guzan is also expected to leave the club this summer, which would leave U.S. national team defender Eric Lichaj as the lone American on the roster.

Where do I see Bradley winding up now? A return to the Premier League is high on Bradley's wish list, and seems more likely than a return to the Bundesliga. Bradley had also been linked to interest from Italian power AS Roma, though there has been more tangible interest from other Italian clubs in the past.

What do you think of this development? Where would you like to see Bradley wind up? Disappointed that he didn't stay with Aston Villa?

Share your thoughts below.

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180 Responses to Bradley will not be returning to Aston Villa

  1. CILII_blog says:

    I feel sad. His skills would do well in the EPL.

  2. chad e says:


  3. Dave from Charlotte says:

    Does he have a buy out clause so he can determine his destination? Or, will BM be highly motivated to sell his rights while there’s value?

  4. liz says:

    From what I’ve heard, Reo-Coker is now looking to go back to AV, which means Bradley would be in the same situation. Personally I wanna see him at Newcastle, but I think QPR would be a good fit for him

  5. Thoughts says:

    I think it’s a good thing. I didn’t see him getting a lot of playing time at Aston Villa. Maybe it might be time for him to return to the MLS where he would be guaranteed playing time until something better comes along.

  6. Jamie Z. says:


  7. Jonathan says:

    I have this question… If bradley is sooo good, why doesn’t anyone want him?? Answer?? it’s because he’s a motor guy, not a distributor not a playmaker, he’s just a guy… Every team needs “guys” you just don’t go out and buy them. I love how people seem to think that bradley’s more than a guy, but he’s not… He plays 1 position and he does one thing… RUN!!! He’s no pepe, van bommel, masherano, heck he’s not even a de jong. I think it’s pretty obvious based on the market for him, what people think of him. And that reflection is why I’d like to see a different midfield pairing some time. Just to see something different….

  8. SuperChivo says:

    He’ll find a spot on a good European side somewhere. The guy has talent and is smart, he’ll do well.

  9. Matt S says:

    Would love to see him at Newcastle too (just so I can replace my Carroll jersey <_<) but a midfielder like Bradley is one of the things we have in abundance at Newcastle. Hopefully he can catch on at another EPL team that is battling for mid table/ top 8 status. Anywhere but Sunderland like he was previously linked before…

  10. says:

    Crawley Town! No better and certainly not of a higher calbre… :)

  11. Ricky B. Free says:

    Guys calling you a Troll in 1,2,3 go!

  12. patrick says:

    Ives, how does this jive with Borussia’s report that they had agreed to terms with AV?

  13. dhawk says:

    So McLeish quashed the deal after it was agreed to? BMG’s sporting director said today that everything had been agreed on.

  14. Bob Bradley's neighbor says:

    If Arsenal signs Joey Barton then Newcastle would be a good spot for him. Fulham is always an American friendly place.

  15. Mhat says:

    I hope he ends up at a top flight club in either the EPL or Bundesliga. Serie A would be alright but I don’t know if that would be the best fit for him.

  16. MJC says:

    He can’t pass or tackle? I think his play in the gold cup so far is evidence to the contrary. Please cite an article for your comment on the market for him, its not even July, lets be patient and wait and see what suitors show up.

    I hope nothing but the best for MB.

  17. Eric says:

    I agree that either a Championship side or needy PL side would be fitting.

  18. federico says:

    Michael Bradley is an overated HACK

  19. Colin says:

    I’d love to see him end up at either Fulham or Bolton.

  20. FulhamPete says:

    We’d LOVE to have him at Fulham to supplant Dickson Etuhu. Etuhu is a living walking turnover, and is deceptively slow. Besides, depth is necessary for the Europa run they’re going on.

  21. wildchild says:

    hopefully a quality club will pick him from limbo, now that the bridge has been burnt at Moenchengladbach.

  22. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    I came here to say this.

  23. Jeremy says:

    I like this idea. Getting him club time with Dempsey or especially Holden could be very beneficial to the USMNT.

  24. Jordan says:

    Blackburn are in need of midfield help and he could possibly pair with Jermaine Jones if Rovers agree to terms with Shalke to make Jones’ stay permanent.

  25. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Someone hasn’t been watching the Gold Cup, or is maybe just a complete idiot.

  26. jonk says:

    It means they had an agreement before McLeish was appointed and wanted to do things differently.

  27. RangerSG says:

    BM loaned him because they were expecting good value on the market, and as a club perpetually 1 step from relegation, selling players is how they make money.

    They couldn’t have anticipated AV’s underperformance this season. Though perhaps they ought to have when they saw Hou done it back in the EPL.

  28. Dancy says:

    True, he has been much less of a hack in the gold cup.

  29. Jamie Z. says:

    This has been a hard year to be a Villa fan.

  30. Josh says:

    Would love to see this happen. For all their skill, Arsenal’s lacked any defensive bite in the midfield since Vieira left. Signing Bradley would free Wilshire up to play more offense and give Arsenal a defensive presence down the middle of the pitch.

  31. wildchild says:

    that’d be sweet!

  32. MC Pharaoh says:

    Who else gets the feeling these Bradley hating trolls are really just one person using different names…?

  33. MC Pharaoh says:

    Championship, rofl…

  34. Mouf says:

    Not “so good”, just the most consistent national team player. He has had one of the best careers of our current euro base foreign players at just 24. While he isn’t amazing, just solid on multiple fronts, you have to admit that it’s just a situation of finding a right fit.

  35. primoone says:


  36. Ben says:

    Don’t be absurd.

  37. leftcoastmetro says:

    He’d be the best-fit US player to spearhead a Yank re-intro to Serie A (after Lalas). I really hope Roma starts buying up Americans. Him and Chandler, maybe.

  38. chuck says:

    Michael Bradley to Arsenal is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. He is not even close to good enough. Why not at least be realistic.

  39. primoone says:

    I was thinking the same thing about the Jones-hating trolls…

  40. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    They turned over their American bucket and dumped everything out.

  41. hogatroge says:

    Michael Bradley is the worst American soccer player ever to see the pitch, and I’m include thousands of 4 year old American children playing in suburban youth leagues.

    If he weren’t so bad, the US would have WON the 2010 World Cup. Robbie Rogers is WAAAAAY better!

  42. federico says:


  43. Johnny Thunder says:

    Send him over to Wolves!

  44. brad says:

    Federico is an overated HACK..

    If Bradley goes to the Prem League, he better put himself in a situation where he will start!!!

  45. Chaza says:

    He is an American Central midfielder that has minimal goal scoring and assists to his name in Bundesliga football. That does not equivocate to a lack of skill. Masherano? De Jong? What are you talking about? Obviously not apples to apples… Not to mention Masherano is a 18 to 18 defensive “guy” as you like to say. He brings no special talent or creativity to the table, obviously, the same goes for De Jong. The difference is, they are not American, thats all really. If Bradley was dutch or spanish, not only would EPL, SPL and the like have a thirstier market for the lad, you too Jonathan would be singing a different tune about Bradley. None the less, his development is still a work in progress and whenever he gets his extensive club time on the pitch in the EPL, much like Donovan last year with Everton, he too will shine. Until then, pay a little closer attention to him in the full 90 minutes, you are grossly mistaken on your estimation of his talent.

  46. federico says:

    Gold Cup, OK vs Guadaloupe and Jamaica he is the man. Again Guadaloupe and Jamaica not Arsenal and Man U. HAAAAAACKKKK

  47. federico says:

    Robbie Rogers sucks even more than HACK BRADLEY…

  48. federico says:

    Bradley at Arsenal = HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA, Kneegrow Pleaze

  49. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Gee maybe ya think? I think it’s one pimple-faced hunchback who’s jealous that Bradley dated the girl he been stalking. It’s the only explination

  50. Ben says:

    based on what? A season in the Dutch league which is a joke? Listen, I like MB, but he isn’t some all conquering midfielder. There are some very real limitations to his game, and we can start with the two very bad turnovers he had against Jamaica. Now, people might say, “oh well, they didn’t turn into anything,” but the reality is, a European coach looks at that and says “no thanks.” I think a major problem for him is inconsistency. He had some very good games for BMG and some terrible ones. He clashed with the coach, resulting in a benching, and these are things that go into evaluations.

  51. SP says:

    Personally, I would love to see him end up at a German club in the Champions League or a mid-to-bottom table Premier League team just so that he would be guaranteed playing time. Although I honestly think he has the caliber to play at a top half team (Everton, AV, Bolton, etc), if he jumps straight into a top half Premier League team, it would be a bit too tough to establish himself, potentially jeopardizing part of his career.

  52. Seriously says:

    Maybe Clint can put in a word for him.

  53. patrick says:

    davies and murphy are old too…

  54. VinceN says:

    a lot of midfielders would be hacks, according to ur definition, against the likes of ManU, Barca, Real, Arsenal, Chelsea, etc, etc….i’m not defending the guy cuz i feel that his father does give him favoritism in the starting line up and I noticed that his daddy never subs him out except for a couple of games ago (first time ever by the way)…but he is one of our better players, no doubt about that.

  55. Peter says:

    Finally some common sense!! I agree 100% its just that on this board you either love him or hate him. I think his is decent but if any of our players were that highly rated teams would come get them no matter the asking price. So far we don’t have those players yet. But like i said earlier your will be crucified either way on this board including ives who always over looks his faults

  56. peter says:

    Just don’t show the fulham faithful the first 5 min of the Jamaica game!

  57. VinceN says:

    ur right on ur points…bradley is a high motor, never quit type guy…i don’t like how his daddy always plays him…but i respect him as a player…

    but i would take o’brien over him anyday…i miss o’brien…too bad he had the injury problems

  58. Eddie says:

    That is a realistic assessment. I don’t mind Bradley at all, but he has plenty of limitations and he hasn’t been great in the Gold Cup. He’s been OK. That’s it. He’s hardworking, no doubt. But he makes more than his share of mistakes and he does not have a lot of creative ability. I like when he makes those smart runs from deep and creates a scoring chance, but that seems to be his primary asset.

  59. Modibo says:

    Wow… I remember when I had my first beer.

    Federico, remember to drink lots of water before you go to bed and have your mommy make you some eggs for breakfast. Then come back when you’re capable of more than a (barely) one-sentence post.

  60. danny says:

    Possibly. I’m not sure how many Bradley hating trolls are around. But there are lots of guys who are bitter about there childhood soccer experiences and they’re still jealous of their old soccer coach’s son.

  61. Eddie says:

    So anyone who has any criticism of Bradley’s game is automatically a troll? No doubt, the guy seems to bring out a lot of strong feelings both pro and con, but you really think some of the criticisms aren’t legitimate?

  62. Ricky B. Free says:

    Moron respond to the correct poster next time.

  63. Kevin says:

    I miss the days when there were knowledgeable people on this site. If MB is just a ‘guy’ then so is every other central midfielder in our NT pool with the exception of JFT and Stu Holden and Benny F. It’s pretty clear the only person who would even belong in the starting XI of those three is Stu. There are people hating on him on this site, but look at who you compare him to Jonathan: every single one of those midfielders you named belong to the best national teams in the world. Damn I am tired of people like you who weren’t around this site a year or two ago.

    Ives, I’m happy you for your sake your readership has ballooned but people like this guy and federico suck.

  64. Kevin says:

    Thank you, Chaza. You articulated what I couldn’t

  65. Kevin says:

    hahahahah. that’s awesome

  66. Erik says:

    Glad he’s not staying there – they are about to shed a bunch of good players and hired their most hated rivals gaffer who was just relegated. Recipe for loads of success…

    It really doesn’t matter where he goes – he’s a quality B level midfield who CAn score goals. Someone up top said he doesn’t score and that’s just ridiculous if you actually followed his career.

  67. Eddie says:

    Stu is a cut above, for sure.

    But the point here isn’t comparing Bradley to other USMNT midfielders, it’s asking where he will play club soccer. So, if you compare him with other midfielders in the top flight of England, if that’s where you expect him to go, then naturally you have to ask what he brings to the table that others don’t, or what a manager will see in him to make him worth buying.

    I’d like to see him in the Premier League, but I don’t know where. I definitely think he can get better as a holding mid.

  68. Shark says:

    You have no clue…go away…trolling at its very worst…

  69. Rocco says:


  70. asdasdasd says:


    lol couldn’t resist.

  71. Josh says:

    As opposed to who they have now? Arsenal’s problem is that for all the offensive talent they have, they’ve been terrible down the center of the pitch ever since Vieira and Sol Campbell left. Bradley’s good in the center as a defensive destroyer.

    I’ll grant that his offensive game is nowhere near the level of Fabregas, Wilshire, van Persie, et al., but that’s not what Arsenal need right now. In whatever order you prefer, Arsenal need 1) a reliable GK, 2) centerbacks who can actually head the ball, 3) a D-mid who won’t get caught on the counter, and 4) some players with fire in the gut. For all of their skill, Arsenal are mentally fragile–ESPECIALLY Cesc–and they need someone on the pitch who will hold them accountable.

  72. GSScasual says:

    federico is an overweight SACK

  73. Paula says:

    Good. Being in limbo sucks. Not getting playing time sucks. He’s young, fit, and motivated enough to find the right club for his talents.

    Here’s to controlled anger on the pitch tomorrow.

  74. Josh says:

    Given that you think he’s a hack, your opinion counts for nothing here.

    It may be the case that he’s not good enough for Arsenal, and I think unless he plays for Arsenal and the matter is decided once and for all, reasonable people can disagree on this one. To dismiss him outright, as you’ve done, says a lot more about you than about Bradley.

  75. FulhamPete says:

    We Fulham faithful watched those minutes…and we watched the WC, and we watched the rest of the Gold Cup, and we watched our central midfield grow tired through the season because they either SUCK (read: Etuhu) or are long in the tooth (read: Murphy & Davies).

    The upgrade Bradley would bring could put Fulham into top 6-7 in EPL.

    And I can handle my liquor quite well, thank you very much.

  76. Good Jeremy says:

    I used to think so, but then Ives called someone out for using different names from the same IP address.

    I think most of the Bradley trolls are those who glorify Spain, Brazil, the Netherlands, Germany and other elite teams and are angry that we don’t have a Xavi/Kaka, Sneijder, or Mueller and take it out on Bradley that he isn’t one of those players. I suspect if Bradley played a different position the Bradley haters would be Edu haters.

  77. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Bradley is not better then Alex Song.

  78. Mwing09 says:

    Agree with Peter in the respect that everyone loves him or hates him. The polarization of opinions on MB from USMNT fans has never made sense to me. He is a high-motor, defensive minded, quality CM. He isnt very creative, and can tend to make bad turnovers. He is neither great nor terrible, but definitely above average and at least a top 3 CM option (Jones, Holden). Yet most people either think he’s terrible (federico) or thinks he belongs at Arsenal (above posters). Can USMNT fans stop the MB hate, but not over exaggerate his talents?!?!?

  79. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Liz, I agree completely. I think both would be good fits.

  80. Erik says:

    speaking of, when was his last red card? Seems to have calm that side of his game down.

  81. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Those players you mentioned are all world class. I don’t think anybody is saying that he is a world class player…just better then some people on this board care to give him credit for.

  82. ga-gone says:

    I think they’ll be motivated to sell since he could just play out the year and walk for free. Usually when a guy is in his last year you either resign him or sell.

  83. ga-gone says:


  84. Alex G says:

    than no then, than Song

  85. Evan says:

    If my dad was the USMNT coach I could get as many minutes as Bradley is getting now. I would have no problem with Michael if he actually deserved all of the playing time that he has been getting.

  86. JJ's shin says:

    Sunderland, Fulham, or Newcastle. We know Sunderland was at least rumored to be interested in him before.

  87. Evan says:

    I have no problem with Bradley not being one of those types of players. What I have a problem with is him getting so many minutes when he clearly hasn’t played well enough or even enough to deserve those minutes. Bradley is good, but not good enough that he should be starting every game.

  88. agnigrin says:

    Thanks for the insightful and constructive criticism of baby Bradley, federico… Not!!!!!

    Bradley is an excellent player who has done very well in Europe until he went to AV. It is obvious from BB recently play in the Gold Cup that Houllier didn’t know who to use him.

  89. agnigrin says:

    Corrected version: Thanks for the insightful and constructive criticism of baby Bradley, federico… Not!!!!!

    Bradley is an excellent player who has done very well in Europe until he went to AV. It is obvious from BB recent play in the Gold Cup that Houllier didn’t know how to use him.

  90. Lucifer says:

    he he ……….

  91. Lucifer says:

    he he…..

  92. beckster says:

    I like that….great manager, some good talent and they need to upgrade their talent to stay in the EPL. Very strong wingers and Bradley and Doyle could be a good combo.

  93. Good Jeremy says:

    No way no how. And I like Bradley. Our assessments of their needs do not necessarily correspond with their management’s priorities, and if it did, they could still splash out enough money to buy an upgrade over Bradley. He just can’t pass well enough to fit into their style.

    Guzan I could see working there.

  94. Paula says:

    He has, in that it seems that the younger/inexperienced international players are attracting cards in the way that MB used to.

    Don’t know if it’s becoming affianced, being given the run-around by Villa, or the change in country/environment. The “new calm” is evident in the interviews too.

    I nominate Eric Lichaj to replace Bradley in the role of USMNT player most likely to get angry at team disses.

  95. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Oh look somebody correcting grammar on a message board. How novel.

  96. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Seriously, Guzan?

  97. Lucifer says:

    He’s ovverrated not suprised he got cut loose. i’m not a hater of Bradley but he’s definently not good enough to be “starting” on the National team especially if he doesn’t start on the club team. BB once said he would only start in form players but, yet his son who rode the bench starts over an in form Edu, who plays consistently for Rangers? The hate on BoB Bradley is legit, the team continuosly comes out flat nearly conceding early goals, even to “lesser” teams and he always starts “his” favorites. We don’t ever substitute when we need to and nly perform our hardest when were about to be eliminated because of our performances. We have a great team, we need a coach who is willing to sit underperforming players, instead of trying to be everyone’s “best friend”.

  98. federico says:


  99. federico says:

    I agree

  100. BrianK says:

    Folks,…Bradley has effectively flamed out at his last two clubs (BM and AV). He needs to go to a club where he can play. Not to mention he needs to settle in somewhere. He has been at four clubs (Metrostars, Heverveen, BM and AV) in what,…five years?

  101. bill says:

    plus 1 (the actual plus sign on my keyboard is broken lol)

  102. Brad says:

    yeah, but he’s moved up in every move…

    his next move will probably be to some mid-to-lower table EPL or Bundesliga club, maybe a Dutch or Turkish team if there’s no interest from the EPL or Bundesliga…

  103. Robert Daniels says:

    doesn’t fit their mantra of CHEAP. Last I heard BM wanted 10 million euros for him, not going to happen.

  104. Will says:

    Norwich City

  105. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    That is outrageous. Who in the world is going to pay that amount for Bradley? I would be stunned if a team paid that amount.

  106. malkin says:


  107. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Yep, federico is just an idiot.

  108. Robert Kiernan says:

    He is not World Class, but his prime problem is that his Dad will not allow him to be one of the players…there simply is no way that he should start and finish EVERY match he is involved with. He had a turnover against CANADA that Howard had to make a great save on… he is prone to turn over the ball, but that is part of playing the direct long ball nonsense his father asks ALL of his players to perform, so it is something that might be less pronounced playing for a different coach.
    I think that he would do best at a mid to lower table club in England, but it depends on having a manager who truly wants him at that club. He actually has some of the same aspects to his game that Dempsey has… he is better as a finisher than as a distributor but since his father virtually never plays an attacking central midfielder, neither of them get to play where they are in a real position to take that shot. Remember when he was played that way he had a pair against MEXICO in Columbus… so of course that pretty much was the last time dear old Dad did that…
    I’m not a big fan of Michael, but he isn’t as bad as some make him out to be… he just isn’t deserving of automatically starting every match either… and by doing that players like Jose Torres, Maurice Edu or Dax McCarty just don’t see ANY time… and soon with a little luck we’ll have Stuart Holden healthy again so this stuff must be worked out.

  109. jb says:

    I’ve enjoyed watching his growth with the USMNT. EPL is the league that best fits his style. Hard to believe he could crack the lineup for any of the top 4, but I could see a mid to low table side with need at DCM pick him up. His biggest problem seems to be his transfer fee which seems too high. Honestly I think he’ll land on his feet wherever he goes. He’s too hard a worker not to impress, and as long as he stays away from teams that are too loaded at his position or too far above his current level he’ll be fine.

  110. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Wht do you guys think about Bradley going to Everton?

  111. jb says:

    Not harboring any coaches son issues, are you? Your post is completely contradictory. You rip the Bradleys with snide remarks implying nepotism, then come back and say you think Michael is good enough to play midtable EPL. Huh? Wouldn’t that make him pretty good?

  112. Robert Kiernan says:

    Well clearly we agree about Coach Luffa… I feel he has put himself and his side in real trouble with many of his selections… and one of the reoccurring problems has been the lack of ANY other pairing of DMF players if his son is around… do you ever remember say Edu and Torres playing together? It used to be Michael and Ricardo Clark… and dad tried that once too often against Ghana, but we have other players who deserve a longer look at the position… but then I’m far from thrilled with our ALWAYS playing a twin destroyer midfield to start with… but look at the match Dax McCarty had against Chile with a less than “A” side and he doesn’t even make the roster or a player like Jose Torres who actually can play a possession game and is a clearly superior distributor of the ball and again he does not make the roster… add to all this Bob decides to carry NINE midfielders but nearly all of them are really central players so even if a player does win the ball…he has few options to play the ball to… this is why it is the coach that hurts the team…including his son.

  113. Al_OC says: guys haven’t figured it out? Federico = Rico Clark. He’s just looking for attention now that he’s out the USMNT picture.

  114. Seriously says:

    You are a moron. You attempt to mask your hate of MB by saying “I don’t have a problem with him but he plays too much when he doesn’t deserve it.” Wha wha wha. Who should be playing over MB? Edu? You are out of your freaking gourd if you thing Mo Edu is better than Michael Bradley and if you want to say there is someone other than Mo better than bradley then you really need some help. I like Mo and have watched him since he was in MLS but he is not as good as Bradley and now Jones is ahead of him too.

    There is no one that is ahead of MB though and those who call nepotism in the BB/MB story are blind. MB plays because MB is the best we have bar none. If there was a healthy Holden out there then you might could argue Stu/Jones over Stu/Bradley but that is not an option right now and I for one would prefer to see all three of those player in a 5-man midfield like we had in the Jamaica game rather than have one ride the pine.

  115. Polish Wonder says:

    I’d take Bradley over Song. I’m not saying Bradley is a better passer, but Song is not what Arsenal needs at that position. I’d take a lot of guys over Song!

  116. Robert Kiernan says:

    Well it is true I have less than great respect for his father…in fact I truly wish him gone, but it is the way Michael has been played…as a strictly defensive destroyer that I feel has contributed to his falling off as a player… at Heerenveen he was allowed far more freedom to attack, and his move to ‘Gladbach was too soon and was to a more regimented team and coach…it just didn’t work out well, Bradley has shown more maturity but remember he used to pick up cards for dissent far too frequently both at club level and with the NATS.
    As far as nepotism… that is definitely an issue, but it is one more of his father playing favorites, not just his son but say Onyewu when he clearly was not ready, or Bornstein when he was NOT playing well…say an assist to the wrong team against El Salvador in Salt Lake or take downs against Slovakia or the Netherlands for PK’s… the constant return of some players like Kljestan, while others are on an unofficial S**t list like Bobby Convey, Jose Torres or Kenny Cooper.
    No I do think under A DIFFERENT COACH… Michael could be a far better player, but remember he is just short of his 24th birthday so he is not a lost cause… but if he goes to a team that DOES NOT PLAY HIM…it matters little if he can play at this level or not…because he will be with the reserves and at 24 he’s on the edge of either making it or not… but I hope he stays somewhere in Europe because I can’t see him improving much by returning long term to MLS

  117. simon says:

    Can some one plase Shut federico up.

  118. RSLin208 says:

    He should come to Newcastle, if Matuidi doesn’t.

  119. jlm says:

    He is going to play for the Cosmos

  120. colin says:

    Who cares if a player is a hack if they are effective and bradley is effective (and I dont even agree he can be classified as a hack). he has not seriously injured anybody and he does well and he scores some goals. Sounds like a good player to me.

  121. colin says:

    He actually has a point here, though I am a bradley fan he is not good enough for Arsenal, maybe 3 years from now. But not now.

  122. DC Josh says:

    I never liked the Villa move, no matter how much Ives tried to change my mind. Michael Bradley needs a blue collar coach like David Moyes or Owen Coyle. I would love to see Bradley sitting behind Stu at the Reebok Stadium. That would be THE perfect fit for him.

  123. Ed says:

    Kljestan went for 2 mil to Anderlecht…10 mil sounds about right for MB

  124. DC Josh says:

    Don’t they have that young Ghanaian or Ivorian holding midfielder? I can’t remember his name, but was impressed by him each game I saw.

  125. Mikey says:

    Fulham. They could use him and they love Americans.

  126. mikey says:

    That would actually work

  127. Jeff says:

    If one of your team’s best and most consistent players is 23, and is renowned for his engine and his workrate, why sub him out?

  128. Jeff says:

    Bradley aside, DeJong is pretty damn good. Not much of an insult you’ve mustered there.

  129. Brando says:

    Caps lock….please.

  130. Brando says:

    Guzan is an upgrade over Almunia. But then again, I might be an upgrade over Almunia.

  131. Lil' Zeke says:

    The only point federico owns is atop his head

  132. Haw says:

    engine and workrate dont win you titles

  133. RSLin208 says:

    Yes, Tiote is a phenom, but Nolan is gone, Barton is leaving soon, and who knows who else will jump ship. The Toon could use some CM depth.

  134. Paul says:

    He could help a team like Sporting KC Or TFC in the middle…

  135. Pav says:

    de jong is good, but another hack

  136. gerry says:

    so he can ride the pine? No, come home to MLS, son

  137. Matt says:

    He can add some good Euro experience in the middle…He is certainly better than Logan Pause in Chicago

  138. Young Boy says:

    Eme, Ele, Ese to become a team leader

  139. fischy says:

    You should see what they say about you.

    YOu’ve got a long way up before you reach hack status.

  140. fischy says:

    Actually, he’d fit in well with Fulham

  141. Dan in New York says:


  142. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Agreed on that. I don’t think Guzan is an upgrade over the young Polish keeper or the other young Polish keeper. Guzan should go to a higher end Championship club that will be in the promotion mix. Leeds maybe. They need a keeper since they sold the young Schmeichel.

  143. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    2 million euros in outrageous for Kljestan too. 5-7 for Bradley would be about right in my opinion. I think BMG will find it rough going if they want that much. Hell, clubs were offering that much for Charlie Adam.

  144. Keith G. says:

    I would like to see Bradley with either Fulham or Roma. I would mostly like to see him stay in England and play for a team where he can become their Dempsey or Holden.

  145. Mattbag212 says:

    Roma needs americans, as the rumor mills have spun recently. They were bought by american ownership and specifically told to purchase more americans.

    Bolton and Fullham would be fun for the obvious reasons, but Bolton has a great midfield pairing for Holden already and I doubt Fullham will sign another yank after the Eddie Johnson experiment. The only way Bradley goes to Fullham is if they think it will keep Dempsey in line.

    I’d like to see him at Roma. Play for a borderline Europa/CL contender in a top flight league with great defense, guaranteed two starts each per season against AC Milan plus Inter Milan, and a good chance every year for the Coppa Italia. It would be a step up from BMG and an opportunity for more americans to play in Italy. Right now, the USMNT is heavy in the Bundesliga and the EPL. Some of our guys (Charlie Davies, Boca, etc) go to France. I’d like to see more of a Serie A section of the USMNT.

  146. hogatroge says:

    Are you kidding me? I think pretty much everyone here would agree with me that not only is Robbie Rogers better than Michael Bradley, but that Robbie Rogers is the greatest American soccer player ever.

  147. hogatroge says:

    I guess the 07 Gold Cup isn’t a title.

  148. hogatroge says:

    MB didn’t start against Spain. That counts for something.

  149. MiamiFCforever says:

    He is way better than Sunderlands Cattermole and they play the same position.MB will be ok.

  150. The Oregon Duke says:

    Have you ever seen Jeff Agoos? If the dude wasn’t Own Goaling he was letting dudes blow by him.

  151. b says:

    “which would leave U.S. national team defender Eric Lichaj as the lone American on the roster.”

    So much for VillAmerica, the one American left was exiled to a lower division club based on one bad game. Who knows if they will use Lichaj or loan him out once again. It’s possible the only American will be the owner, which apparently means nothing in terms of American players being given a chance…

  152. b says:

    Like he was riding the pine at ‘Gladbach? Or Herenveen before that?
    You people act like he hasn’t already been MB90 in the second best league….

  153. Russell says:

    Here’s my take..

    Bradley can get stuck in’. Against a good team he can be an important cog in playing for a 0-0 or a 1-0. He doesn’t create well. In fact next to Jones who does not create much in the EPL, Bradley is decidedly less creative.

    Because BM want real money for him.. he’s not really worth it to AV who have top 10 aspirations.

    Plus if anyone watched the first 5 mins vs Jamaica and saw Bradley give it away cheaply, not hussle after it, get a second chance at a tackle in the box but whif half heartedly, then not hussle and get caught as the last man… as a potential manager you’d have to instantly say “Pass”. Especially since getting stuck in is supposed to be his attribute.. and in the EPL that effort gets punished.

  154. 4now says:

    tell that to Ji-Sung Park

  155. A Basket Full of Biscuits says:

    I just wanna see him play.

  156. Madaoua05 says:

    One option that hasn’t been mentioned here is Roma.

    Given the American ownership, the desire of Thomas DiBenedetto to acquire American talent, and the age of their midfield (Perrotta – 33, Simplicio – 31 Pizarro – 31), I think that Bradley is a legit summer prospect for the team.

    I think that too often, the SBI community focuses exclusively on the Premier League and Spanish leagues. We probably do that because the Premier League is the easiest to watch from the US and La Liga is the most attractive league. We forget that other leagues have legit team options as well.

  157. sodak_in_nyc says:

    I think Jones has finally figured out to work with him. To me he is the talent we all reference with holding role on the MNT that he frequently abandons for attempts at glory and goals – exposing his real job and forcing Jones and the center backs to scramble. Which all harkens back to the first sage on this page: HACK!!!

  158. Tab says:

    This is pretty close to the target. Maybe a touch harsh. Because Bradley times his trailing runs very well, and as a result scores an unusual number of goals.

    But Bradley is fundamentally a “motor guy.” And while he’s young, he’s not equipped with the touch and vision one needs to orchestrate an offense.

    For the time being, clearly Bradley should be in the first XI. But once Holden is back and as other players emerge, I see no reason Bradley should be an automatic…

  159. Tom says:

    I read the price was 3.5.

  160. Eddie says:

    Disagree, sort of. Cattermole is a much better defender and passer. But he can’t score like Bradley. But, Bradley is likely to stay on the pitch more often than Cattermole.

  161. Robert Kiernan says:

    Yeah but that was because we agreed to play arguably the Worlds single best possession team a mere three days before a tournament that we simply HAVE TO WIN and if anybody was injured or RE carded in that match there was no time to heal up or train a viable replacement… it was an asinine match to have scheduled that close to a tournament and so even Sponge Bob had to make some changes to protect the side for a vital match against the CANADIANS…
    But look at that line up against SPAIN…was that well thought out? Lucky the officials yanked that first goal back, because it would have been FOUR in the half and first string or not…the lower half might be expected to score against a team like SPAIN, but to give up four in a half is just plain piss poor.

  162. Robert Kiernan says:

    Well Lichaj was hardly exiled to Leeds as punishment for and off game, hell if that was the case a good part of the side would have been playing in the lower leagues… Lichaj was and is a promising young player but he had yet to establish himself at Villa …the loan to Leeds was a good thing for him this year as he got to play regularly even if it wasn’t at his normal position of RB.
    The player I’m curious about really is Brad Guzan, outside of cup matches he really hasn’t seen the field for Villa sitting behind Brad Friedel so it’s a question of just where he lands next, he’s going to be 27 this fall and that isn’t really that old for a keeper but he has to see first team action soon or he’s looking at being passed over for say David Yelldell as Howard’s shadow for the NATS… clearly at 39 Hahnemann is no longer going to be in the picture very soon, but it’s that number two international spot that might not be Guzan’s soon if he doesn’t start playing that must be in the back of his mind.

  163. Robert Kiernan says:

    Well with the NATS always playing a twin destroyer midfield and having no attacking center midfielder played by Coach Bradley, we have had the problem of maintaining width and crossing…which has mostly come from our outside backs overlapping pretty far down the line, this has meant our defensive midfielders have often been put in a bind on the inevitable counter attack… also it has meant that if one of our DMF’s does win the ball we have them force it long instead of look to play a more possession shorter passing style…this is not about Bradley or Jones…or Edu or whomever Sponge Bob decides to play, it is about having limited options and lack of width in the favored formation that he has his players try and play… but Michael is actually a shooter and to achieve this he must play closer to the other teams net… however, as witnessed last summer when he scored to tie the Slovenia match, it has meant leaving his defensive role a bit too often… as in Slovenia’s second goal where one of the two DMF’s, Torres had already gone up to help with the attack and then Bradley joined him and left Gooch who was NOT really near fit all alone to be left for dead on the counter attack… it isn’t what was shown on Sports Center, no they showed the goal… but every coach out there took note of it for future reference.
    Both Bradley and Dempsey are prone to move up and inside, regardless of what “position” they are expected to be playing which is why we truly need to find more FLANK players happy to provide that width… but Bob Bradley simply has either not found them or as in the case of our LB/flank for the past five years…has blown off all comers.
    Edgar Castillo got a small cup of coffee two years ago… and that is something that a player with other options like say Michael Hoyos or now Tim Chandler has to see… it isn’t helping us long term at all.

  164. buff111 says:

    You missed roll call at the home again. But there is a bright side, when you get back, they’re serving pudding tonight. So, why don’t you go to the corner and sit down, shut up, and color and stay within the lines.

  165. Smacky the Frog says:

    Bradley to the UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUnion!

    (Petey Nowak loves his d-mids.)

  166. we says:

    F^ck him anyway!

  167. Eurosnob says:

    Federico, are you still mad at MB for scoring two unanswered goals against Mexico in Columbus in the last WC quaifying?

  168. frank from sf says:

    wow!? hahahahah.

  169. BenH says:

    Is Federico a Mexico fan?

  170. JL says:

    Kinda my thought too, if Roma is serious about buying up Americans, he is ready made to fill that need.

  171. bort says:

    possibly the dumbest extended comment i’ve read on this site in a long time. i’m no bradley hater, but the idea that his biggest problem is his nationality is ridiculous… keep watching that soccer though… eventually you’ll start to figure some things out ( i hope)

  172. Alex says:

    Bradley is not a “destroyer” in the 3 man MF – he is a linker. Have you watched him play from his days in Holland and Germany? He would be taking Jack’s spot – which he wouldn’t, cause he isn’t good enough to play for Arsenal. Bradley should go to Serie A. The speed of play is slower and it is obvious he could not and cannot keep up with the rate of play in the EPL.

  173. inkedAG says:

    The whole damn Arsenal roster isn’t good enough!!

    But that is besides the point.

  174. biff says:

    Yes, 3.5 million is correct, according to a news article in Germany’s Bild Zeitung (newspaper). The newspaper reported that Ashton Villa and Gladbach agreed a couple of weeks ago on a 3.5-million-euro buyout for MB and that a contract had been prepared and signed by Gladbach and sent to Villa for their signature. But Villa wanted to wait until a new manager was hired. The Bild story says Alex McLeish telephoned MB recently “at the Gold Cup” and told him he had decided against the signing. The Bild story also says something I have not seen in the American press, and that is that MB after the Gold Cup is marrying his girlfriend, Amanda.

  175. Charles says:

    Bradley will be fine.

    I would hope the MLS teams are going after him. There might not be much room however.

    Support your local team please, I would rather see him here than not be able to watch him play in Germany.

  176. Evan says:

    Settle down there kid, try reading my post again, maybe 2 times if you have to. I’m sorry if I made it too difficult for you to understand. I will try to make it more clear for you. Do I have a problem with Bradley getting some minutes? No. My problem is not with Michael but with Bob. Although Michael hasn’t done much to earn any starts in the past 6 months, he has done enough in a Nats jersey to at least get a few looks. Jones is clearly better than Bradley. Do I think Edu is better? Not by much, but yes. Unfortunately he didn’t finish strong with Rangers but he had a great season. Torres should have at least had a look at some point this Gold Cup but again that’s not Michael’s fault. It would have been nice to see Adu get a few minutes at some point. My point is we should be trying other options when it is clear that Michael is not THAT good. He played well against Canada and pretty well against Guadeloupe. Poorly against Panama and poorly against Jamaica. Sorry, but that’s not enough for him to be starting every game.