De Rosario traded to D.C. for McCarty

DeRosario (Getty Images)

D.C. United's day of wheeling and dealing just got a whole lot more interesting.

D.C. acquired Dwayne De Rosario from the New York Red Bulls in exchange for Dax McCarty in a straight-up trade on Monday.

It's the second time the 33-year-old De Rosario has been traded this season. He was dealt from Toronto FC to New York at the beginning of April in exchange for Tony Tchani, Danleigh Borman and a first-round pick in the 2012 MLS SuperDraft. Now he's headed to D.C., where he'll add juice to the team's attack alongside the likes of Charlie Davies, Josh Wolff, Chris Pontius and Andy Najar. It's the second acquisition of the day for D.C., which traded for San Jose centerback Brandon McDonald just hours before the blockbuster deal.

McCarty, meanwhile, struggled at times with United despite being named captain but could perhaps do better in New York's possession-oriented style of play. It should be noted that New York frees up more money to spend, as De Rosario's base salary ($425,000) was significantly higher than McCarty's ($155,000).

What do you think about the deal? Shocked that the Red Bulls offloaded De Rosario so quickly? Think D.C. is a playoff contender with its recent moves? Do you think the Red Bulls have bigger plans in the works?

Share your thoughts below.

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118 Responses to De Rosario traded to D.C. for McCarty

  1. ga-gone says:


  2. mike says:

    A very good move. Derosario would never fit with this offense.

  3. Starla says:

    Trading allocation order too so RB can use cap and DC allocation order to bring in Hahnemann?

  4. Wow. And I thought him moving to NY was great for the club. But this is even better for United.

  5. Austin Danger Powers says:

    Village bicycle.

  6. dan says:

    wow! i didn’t see this coming

    i think it’s all in the grand scheme to bring in a new keeper and possibly a 3rd DP

  7. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Great move for DC. As for the Red Bulls, they seem to attack up the wings, leaving DeRo out of the attack. Maybe they figure Dax will hang back more and bolster the defense? In any case, my first reaction is shock.

  8. Dan in New York says:

    Wow. Surprised at first but it makes sense for both teams. Love DeRo but he never seemed comfortable on the RBs. Dax, if he’s healthy, might be a good fit. Intrigued by the possibility of Hanhnemann. Who’s going to take the PKs now?

  9. PetedeLA says:

    Makes sense, except for the part about where Dax McCarty fits in at Red Bulls.

    As far as i can tell Taino has been doing an excellent job.

    DeRo will do well, but I think this may steal some thunder away from Pontius and Quaranta.

    Meanwhile less pressure goes on the shoulders of Perry Kitchen at center back. Maybe he’ll switch to defensive mid where his inexperience has less drastic consequences.

    This is actually way more interesting than talking about our national team. I don’t even want to see another USMNT match until something big has changed.

  10. Mikey says:

    Hope DeRo didn’t sign a *twelve* month lease at his place in New York…

  11. Oh Boy... says:

    … or another way of putting it — New York traded Tony Tchani, Danleigh Borman and a 2012 first-round pick for Dax McCarty. Now it doesn’t look so hot, does it?

  12. Naboo says:

    Loved seeing Dwayne play as a Richmond Kicker; Hated seeing him go to NYRB. Back in my good graces now :)

    seriously, if united can shore up the defense they’ll make the playoffs and maybe do some damage….goals will come with dwayne, pontius, wolfe, najar, chuck d, brettie!

  13. OfcRob218 says:

    I know Dax hasn’t had a great season so far, but I think for a young team that will have an opportunity to develop together this is a step backwards. DeRo can still be a solid player, but he isn’t the player he was. Also how is his frame of mind going to be after having been traded twice this season?

  14. Naboo says:

    and santino, too! making moves in d.c. i like it!

  15. BrianK says:

    Agreed,…add in that McCarty was picked up in the expansion draft!

    Well,…it is plain to see that Red Bulls need a keeper.

  16. jonk says:

    Ohh, Dallas. Please refresh my memory as to why you exposed Dax in the expansion draft?

  17. Sir Knox says:

    WTF ? I know we needed him to step in and be comfortable right away and he’s looked a bit awkard at times but I still thought he would make a difference come playoff season
    Not sure what to think about Dax. Fingers crossed

  18. Sir Knox says:

    Also I still think Tchani was worth keeping. Wish he was still here

  19. Ricky B. Free says:

    I think that Dallas is doing quite well. Dax is overated. He is a good player but you can always find a player like him.

  20. Toulouse says:

    I think he ends up in Montreal next season.

  21. Sir Knox says:

    Is this Hanneman talk serious or speculation?

  22. David says:

    I sense that the RBs need the allocation money to buy a quality defender. This move is coming off some crummy defensive performances and DeRosario was not exactly lighting it up. Marquez could be out for months and Ream can’t do it alone.

  23. Ricky B. Free says:

    Did anybody read that Hyndman Grandson (Emerson Hyndman) has signed with Fulham?

  24. Mark F says:

    Wow…DeRo was a solid offensive weapon for the RBs but the defense was not consistent. I think they need more from their center midfield on the defensive side of things. I don’t know if Dax is that player but I hope so.

  25. fischy says:

    DC is at the bottom of the allocation list — they signed Davies, remember?

  26. Starla says:

    Wasted it on a loan move? Good for them.

  27. PhillyMLS says:

    Speculation. Though the one thing that has never been answered is if you can actually circumvent the allocation order by signing a player as a DP. People have speculated about that for years but no where in the rules that MLS posts (I know, they probably aren’t accurate) that a DP takes precedence over the allocation order.

  28. Joamiq says:

    I… what? How does Dax fit into the team? I don’t get this. Freeing up money is great, but I don’t see what Dax adds to this team.

  29. Dave says:

    A loan move with option to buy…

  30. Alrats says:

    To be fair the order resets after every season and Davies is producing, fairly or unfairly.

  31. Starla says:

    Henry is playing in DeRo’s space anyway. Hopefully 4-2-3-1 now. Dax and Tainio behind Henry, Lindpere and Richards on the wings. Getting overrun in the middle defensively 1 against 2 with the current formation.

  32. Thomas513 says:

    Thank you D.C.U. for making a light soccer day more interesting. I am note sure that DeRo still has the fire to play but I still think this is a great move for DC – way to show your great fans that you are working hard to bring the team back up to its high standards. Glad the Sounders got DC at their place before the trades today (not that it helped) – 9/17 just got harder.

  33. tino rarely features. IMO this will help pontius immensely by giving him and even najar more space.

    and maybe you are right, McDonald comes in and Perry switches to his natural defensive midfield position. i think this will have to wait until Jakovic comes back though

  34. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Last time I checked, Emerson was only 14 or 15, so I doubt it. He may be going to train at their academy or something, but as long as his grandfather is in charge at FCD, he’ll stay with their youth system.

  35. Stoney says:

    I dont think that’s it…It doesn’t look like he has the same quickness/fire of a couple years ago…still more talented than Dax though…I wonder which DP NY is going after…

  36. Andrew H. says:

    Contrary to popular opinion, I think New York easily wins this trade. Derosario is on the downside and costs a fortune compared to Dax. Dax is a very underrated player who can control possession which is what New York wants to do.

  37. Windo says:

    and an attacking mid…Tainio and Dax are more defensive

  38. fischy says:

    What’s Teemu got to do with it? He play on the back line, no?

  39. Vince says:

    I have a feeling Soler has a big signing in mind…Props to both clubs for looking to improve

  40. Brian says:

    Is this some kind of post April Fool’s joke since he was traded to NY on that day but we couldn’t call it a joke then.

  41. fischy says:

    Tino is out with concussion symptoms. Who knows if he’ll play again this year?

  42. fischy says:

    I might add that Tino didn’t play much before he got hurt — and wasn’t scoring goals. I think he did have one, though.

  43. DingDong says:

    DeRo to DC? That’s it. I’ve had it. Fire Bob Bradley now.

  44. abc says:

    So then it might be a good move to trade him, but it was a lousy move to trade FOR him.

    Based on McCarty’s and DeRosario’s values from the previous trades, NYRB sold low and DCU sold high.

  45. abc says:


  46. abc says:

    Sounds about right…

  47. Joamiq says:

    Yeah, but I don’t think Henry can stay in that position. Having him stand around in central midfield doesn’t do much for the team. He’s been dropping back a lot lately, but I think Backe needs to get him to stay upfield as much as possible.

    The more I think about it though, I could see Dax in the middle serving as a link between the midfield and the forwards. It could work.

  48. Hutskizzle says:

    Ream and Mendes did it last season with Marquez as a CM

  49. Chris says:

    BAHAHAHAHA.. Awesome.

  50. Stephen M says:

    This is probably because the RBs are planning on bringing in a 3rd DP this summer and don’t plan on paying De Rosario DP money.

  51. Tom A says:

    Is this ok with FIFA? 3 teams in one year Article 5.3?

  52. Rufus Firefly says:

    The problem with Dax in DC is that he didn’t control possession. He was a giveaway machine. All attacks through McCarty/Simms died a hideous death. I don’t see what McCarty gives RB that Taino already doesn’t. As a DC fan, even a degraded DeRo upgrades the offensive impact from the middle of the field exponentially. Finally, there is someone who can slip the killer pass to Davies or Wolff. DC became much more dangerous offensively as a result of this trade.

  53. KEEP says:

    The revival of the “magic triangle?

  54. MC Pharoah says:

    MLS = single entity

  55. JoeW says:

    Did. Not. See. This. Coming.

    1. I think this improves NYRB…in the short term. McCarty gives RB a lot of flexibility. The team can play 2 central mids with ball-winning and high workrates (Taino and McCarty) as a 442. Or the team can play Henry as a triquarta with either Rodgers up top or both LR and now Agudelo. But here’s the catch…if Henry has health problems or goes down, suddenly this teams attacking talent goes down signficantly. But based on current personnel, this move does help NYRB. Keep in mind, a lot of NYRB’s best moves have been for what Bob Gansler used to call “piano movers vs. piano players”…ie: guys who make runs off the ball, are gritty, do hard work, setup teammates. Taino, Lindpere, even Rodgers, now McCarty and then have them fit in around the flair guys.

    2. This does open up the option for a $200-300k addition. And that matters. If Marquez is down with a serious injury than the team probably wants to make an addition there.

    3. Huge improvement for DCU. First, for all the talk about DeRo appearing slow or not at his best, this is a guy who put TFC on his shoulders last year and carried the team at one point…despite his antics, getting MVP talk b/c of his ability to alter games. DCU has no-one at A-mid. Boskovic is out for the season, everyone else is a D-mid/holding mid and the team shows some skill and flair at times but no quarterback. DCU will have no problem giving DeRo more money and he won’t have to play forward (which resolves his two biggest upsets)

    4. DCU effectively traded Rodney Wallace for DeRo. NYRB effectively traded Borman, Tchani and a #1 pick for McCarty and cap space. If NYBR uses the cap space wisely, than maybe it’s ultimately a wise deal. If not (or if Henry can’t stay healthy) than it will prove to be a mistake.

  56. marco says:

    How fast does DeRo become disgruntled? Is this a DeRo record?

  57. ???? says:

    So how much cap space does this actually clear? Didn’t TFC pick up a big portion of his salary in the exchange?

  58. A Basket Full of Biscuits says:

    I never consider it the sign of a good, well-run league when MVP-caliber players bounce around like no one wants them.

  59. Ricky B. Free says:

    Google it. Its a done deal. They are looking for a house. He is going to Fulham youth team.

    I think his other grandfather if from Portugal thats why he was able to sign with Fulham.

  60. Don Pelayo says:

    And on the pedestal these words appear:
    “My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
    Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
    The lone and level sands stretch far away.

  61. jpc says:

    Great move for NY. I like DeRo, but am not sure that he is aging as gracefully as NY would have hoped. McCarty is the field general that NY doesn’t have right now. He’s fiery, works hard defensively, is good in possession and can shoot from a distance. An MLS Paul Scholes

  62. JoeW says:

    Actually, what Dax gives NYRB is what he gave Dallas (but not DC). Played next to a good D-M (Taino) with a fine attacking mid or tri-quartista in front of him (Feirara with Dallas, Henry with NYRB), then McCarty gets to run a lot, play some defense, challenge for balls, be fiery and dump balls to the withdrawn attacker. That’s a good fit. But as part of a set of D-mids (with no a-mid) or as a stand alone D-mid or as an a-mid, those are not his strengths. So I think Dax helps NYRB as long as Henry stays health–that’s the key.

    But you’re wearing rose colored glasses if you think McCarty is evenup for DeRo or even better. DeRo was an MVP candidate last year on a woeful, mismanaged TFC team.

    This is one of those trades that helps both teams. McCarty (if Henry stays healthy and the cap room brings in either a GK or central defender if Marquez is hurt) helps NYRB be a better team. But your possession game is worse with him instead of DeRo. And if Henry is hurt or out, you become a team that plays for a 1-0 win at home. With Henry, McCarty fits a great role of holding mid. But possession isn’t his strength.

  63. sammysounder says:

    dero is not an MVP quality player anymore. Dane Richards was much more threatening last week

  64. bottlcaps says:

    Backe made a comment yesterday when asked about acquisitions, he remarked that there would be some trades.So here you go. But in the long run, I see them freeing up cap space with this deal. Look for the NYRB to acquire another DP after offloading Marquez this season.

  65. PetedeLA says:

    I agree with you, but I’d argue in their defense that even in a short time, DeRo added something special to the team without completely taking the wind out of their sails when he left.

    Before DeRo came I just had the feeling that Henry and the boys had no respect for your average MLS player.

    I may just be talking out of my a$$, but I got the feeling that after playing with DeRo Henry may have thought, “Merde.. maybe there are some guys here with some skills.”

    I found it a real joy to watch that team– less “me” and more “we”.

  66. Matt says:

    Not quite. For Dax McCarty and a lot of salary cap room.

  67. steve-o says:

    an MLS Paul Scholes may be going a little too far.

  68. jpc says:

    Why? obviously I’m not comparing them in terms of quality, McCarty is much better (joke). But in terms of what their strengths are as players, I think they are very similar players

  69. afrim says:

    Soler has the ability to get quality players on the cheap. Solli at 180k. Tainio at 200k, Lindpere at 90K etc…

    This move had to be made with next year in mind too. It seems DeRo’s camp is hell bent on getting him a DP deal or at very least a max non DP deal that he has now. Thats not gonna fly in NY

  70. Conrad says:

    All year I’ve been wondering what DeRo was supposed to do. He’s slow, his touch is LEADEN, and he’s a counterattack-killer, just as Angel was, forever slowing up the attack. I also suspect that without DeRo, Lindpere will return to his form for last year. In the end, it’s not great to lose Tchani; but good on Backe for realizing that DeRo wasn’t working and getting something decent in place.

    And that does leave some cap room. Because….I heard the third DP will be Gareth Bale.

    (Just testing out the rumor potential.)

  71. Scott A says:

    Have a looksy at Nicolas Anelka’s club history. Maybe not MVP but not far off.

  72. Scott A says:

    **in some seasons in the past

  73. bigprof says:

    I’m salivating all over my NYRB jersey just thinking who they’re about to sign as DP. It better be big, or else I wont spend 12 bucks at Ross Dress for Less again for a past-season’s jersey again!!!

  74. Eurosnob says:

    While the trade makes some sense for DCU short term, I am not sure that trading a younger less expensive player for an older more pricey player is a good long term strategy. De Rosario will help this season, but he is 33 and is moving to a rebuilding team that is still a couple years removed from being a serious contender for the title. McCarthy should be a good fit with NYRB.

  75. GunneRR says:

    (Would have been +2, but you lost a point for Bale!)

  76. Hood Rich says:

    Dax ~ MLS Paul Scholes ?!? You (jpc) are two sandwiches short of a picnic. :-)

    Dax is no better than Tainio or Soler playing as defensive mids/ball winners. Who is 2nd right back after Soler? Is Dax better than Ballouchy at attacking mid, no. Even John Rooney (what is he up to these days_ is better than Dax at attacking mid. How does Dax fit?

    NYRB/Metrostars have shown tendency to be impatient with young players, e.g., Rico Clark, Borman, Tchani. Dax does not have upside of Clark or Tchani.

    Good luck NYRB.

  77. ThaDeuce says:

    So funny! +2 and best comment of the day.

  78. Cock says:

    I heard were getting Ces Fabregas………..

  79. wilyboy says:

    Just got home to see the two trades. WTF. I mean, I like McDonald, but despite how ineffective McCarty has been, a 33 year old Desario? This season, yes, next season, probably, but he’s definitely in Gomez land.

  80. Vic says:

    now this is a striker an MLS team should make a run at

  81. Stan says:

    Armando Cooper could be a poor man’s Bale

  82. Jake says:

    Tainio’s dfense hasn’t been great lately…This move puts less pressure on the Rafa-less backline

  83. Gig says:


  84. Yuri says:

    Mendes blows…they need to improve Center Back depth

  85. Gerry says:

    You are right, De Ro made an impact with his passing and runs, not his scoring. He just isn’t lively enough…maybe his conditioning is poor

  86. Dynomite says:

    They have been sorely missing Rafa…that is the last thing to be thinking right now. There is an extra DP slot with cap space right now…

  87. uDaMan says:

    Wow Tom, you know your FIFA rules! I barely read my car insurance fine print. Much praise!

  88. Rigo says:

    I think they make a few of these moves in the transfer window

  89. jpc says:

    It’ll help b/c McCarty gives you a reliable figure in the midfield who does everything well, and was one of the driving forces behind Dallas the last year. And you won’t have an under performing, over ego’d waste of space in the midfield not scoring and collecting big paychecks… Now you can put Henry in an a playmaking position, w/ Agudelo ahead of him. Taino and McCarty behind him. Richards and Lindpere outside, … Or Lindpere in the attacking mid position, and have Henry play real high on the left…

    And that’s where mcCarty can thrive, b/c he doesn’t have to be the major playmaker in midfield; instead, he can play his natural position, which is supporting the playmakers, playing simple balls on the ground, provide defense and a little fire behind Henry.

    Listen I think its gonna be real good for the Red Bulls, and I hope so b/c it’s not been fun for us ever, even when we went the final we were an average team… If I’m wrong, I’ll come back on here and admit I was wrong. Actually I’ll forget I ever wrote this by tomorrow.

  90. Soccer Guy says:

    This trade tells us two things. 1. Hans Backe is a moron. 2. D.C. United is on the rise again and will now finish in front of RBNY.

  91. BoBo_Brazil says:

    Looks like Toronto unloaded this whining cancer and secured a fantastic DM prospect in Tchani (why they need Dax, now), threw in a necessary LB in Borman and a Draft pick… the right moment. Seems TFC is doing things right finally.

    Oh yeah, the salary dump is a clear indicator of a a DP and Goalkeeper sign ing for NYRB.

  92. JoeW says:

    Actually, it’s unclear how much cap space NYRB cleared with this move. On the face of it, it’s around $200k-$300k which sounds a lot (the difference between the $430k that DeRo makes and the $150k that McCarty makes). But a significant amount of DeRo’s salary is still on TFC’s books this year. I heard one claim (no idea if it’s true) that this clears $130k in salary cap space for NYRB (after you add McCarty’s salary). So that’s probably enough to sign a veteran GK.

  93. JH says:

    If “wasted” means DC got a player that scores (on average) every 92 minutes played…than many clubs in MLS would enjoying “wasting” on a similiar player should one become available.

    As mentioned, MLS (in general) doesnt sign any loan players unless there is an option to buy. That’s literally a policy MLS has.

    Relax on the sarcasm and apply more time reading up.

  94. JH says:

    As a neutral observer, I’m slightly speechless, too.

    I distinctly recall DC’s Front Office using the phrase “getting younger” several times last off-season.

    Generally, most of their moves have been aquiring older players (aside from the draft).

    Speechless and puzzled at what direction they’re heading in development.

  95. DC Josh says:

    So much for building for the future! The DC United front office went long enough without making a stupid comment or roster move; the time for one had expired, so they decided to add 9 years and $300,000 to their midfield. Great job!

  96. jason says:


  97. Erek says:

    It was a mistake on NYs part to buy him in the first place, it was logical for them to make this trade. There is nothing wrong with DeRo, just that he didn’t fit in. As far as Dane Richards being a better player, maybe for one week. Not to take away from Richards, but his main skill is being fast.

  98. Erek says:

    Before the trade, DC were the youngest team in MLS and they were showing it. Their consistency was terrible and they lacked an experience playmaker in the center of attack. If you look at the team they are still quite young front to back(Najar, Pontius, Woolard, Davies, Kitchen, White, Hamid) and to be a successful team you need some experienced players in the mix and thats just what they traded for. One player who will need to step their game up though for DC after this will be Simms, his defensive load just got heavier as Dax played almost beside him in the middle.

  99. JoeW says:

    Actually, it’s not a very puzzling move.

    1. DCU did get younger. The team generally starts 3 rookies, and 4 players who are 20 or younger and has 3 players from their academy who play major roles with the team and 4th on the US U20 side. Sounds like they got a whole lot younger.

    2. Acquiring “older” players? DeRo is older (but I’ll get to that). MacDonald is 24–some old grey beard he is (not). Wolff is a piece (sometimes starts, sometimes doesn’t) who was acquired through the free agent draft. McCarty wasn’t old. Wolyard wasn’t old.

    3. The direction was to rebuild the team with a core of talent. Assuming that guys like Najar, Hamid, Kitchen, White, Brettschneider, Pontius all work out, they could play 10 years in MLS each (granted, that won’t happen but they’re all young enough) and they all start right now. But the team also wants to compete and concluded that there is no creative presence in the middle of the field. Thus…DeRo.

    Maybe it’s a good decision, maybe it’s a bad decision but it’s not a puzzling development. The team got a lot younger, adding a lot of potential foundation pieces and also seeks to compete right now. Win a title? Highly unlikely. But tell fans that they want to win and haven’t given up on the season–realistic.

  100. PD says:

    Unless the DP is Edwin van der Saar anything else is a waste of time right now.

  101. Aguinaga says:

    As is, I give it an incomplete. If this move doesn’t come attached with a Marquez/Taino/Solii/Lindpere type signing and instead comes paired with a Nielson/Salou Ibrahim/old Eurofart like Pires type signing, the Fire Bradley chants will fast be replaced with Fire Soler/Backe rage in NY. They’re certainly coming off as Fantasy MLS’ish at this point.

  102. molatini says:

    Well said.

  103. inkedAG says:

    Settle down Beavis….

  104. Chuck G says:

    OK can someone clue me in on this one? Is it a FIFA or just a UEFA rule that a player can’t play for 3 teams in the same season? If it is a FIFA does it not apply to MLS because of the single entity status?

  105. fischy says:


  106. fischy says:

    Dax is hardly Ozymandias

  107. Rouge Bulls says:

    Henry and Rodgers dont have all those goals w/o De Ro…Word is Ronaldinho might be interested in NY

  108. Rouge Bulls says:

    If you can call Ronaldinho an old eurofart….

  109. Gerb says:

    In all fairness, what has Tchani done for TFC…he looked better in NY

  110. D-Bo says:

    Any chance the “Ballack to MLS” rumors have any legs? DeRo’s spot is where he would fit in, right?

  111. D-Bo says:

    I understand that the Red Bulls need a keeper, but it seems as though if you are going to part with one of your most important midfield assets, a new one would be coming in in that could be just as or more important.

    I know that Ballack has been linked with a move to MLS for a while now. It seems like a possibility, or at least another midfielder that can fill that spot. As much as I like Lindpere, it seems like someone better could be manning the middle.

  112. Susty says:

    Bouna is fine…CAM and CB are bigger areas of need

  113. Eugene says:

    Absolutely the dumbest trade of the season. Shockingly stupid. If the intent was to have a 2-way midfielder who was more defensive, RBNY could have kept Tony Tchani who is arguably a player with more upside than Dax and who doesn’t count against the salary cap at all (I believe) as a Generation Adidas player.

    I was really happy when RBNY brought in De Rosario — they became championship caliber. Now you can stick a fork in this team until they find a way to generate offense again.

    Dropping Henry back into a #10 role is absolute BS. Why would you want the team’s best scoring threat farther from goal? Stupid.

  114. Mark says:

    Nielsen is getting healthy, and Da Luz has looked good on the left, so they will probably move Lindpere inside for now. I’d be happy with Bouna, would rather see NYRB sign a veteran central defender or get another attacking player via the summer transfer window.