Howard addresses post-Gold Cup comments

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U.S. men's national team goalkeeper Tim Howard caused a stir following Saturday's Gold Cup final loss to Mexico when he lashed out at CONCACAF for the format of the post-game ceremonies at the Rose Bowl, which were held mostly in Spanish.

Howard's comments were a reaction to what Howard felt was a slight by CONCACAF of the host nation, and he was clearly upset during his post-match remarks.

“CONCACAF should be ashamed of themselves,” Howard said after Saturday's Gold Cup Final. “I think it’s a (freaking) disgrace that the entire post-match ceremony was in Spanish. You can bet your ass if we were in Mexico City it wouldn’t be all in English.”

On Tuesday, Howard released a statement clarifying his position:

“I made some comments after the Gold Cup Final that have caused some controversy. I would like to clarify a few points about my comments," Howard said. " First, I would like to apologize for my language. I am the father of young children, and I certainly do not believe profanity is appropriate in public comments. I was caught up in the heat of the moment."

"I also want to stress that I have no problem whatsoever with the use of the Spanish language at international competitions held in the US," Howard said. "I have nothing but great respect for other cultures, and in this case for the Mexican national team and its supporters. On that night, they played a great game and deserved their win. I play in international matches all the time, and multiple languages are used at almost all of them.

"The point I made, which I stand by, is that it is inappropriate and disrespectful for the post-match ceremonies to take place primarily in the language of only one of the participating teams," Howard said. "In any important international match with post-game ceremonies, you would hope the tournament organizers would make sure that the primary language of each participating team is used so that the participants can understand what is being said. To fail to do this is, in my opinion, disrespectful to the players. When this occurs on your home soil, it is particularly insulting.

"We, as American players, were asked to participate in a post-game ceremony at a match in Los Angeles and we are standing there trying to show good sportsmanship and yet the ceremony is going on and we are just looking at one another struggling to understand a word," Howard said. "It was, to be honest, humiliating, and I firmly believe the tournament organizers should not have put us in that position.”


What do you think of Howard's comments? Agree with him? Think he should have kept quiet?

Share your thoughts below.

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262 Responses to Howard addresses post-Gold Cup comments

  1. @ckswenson says:

    Not that he needed to clarify, but probably good that he did. Everything he said is 100% percent true. I didn’t care because I left the stadium early. But I can see how it would be frustrating for any fan or player that wanted to hear what was going on.

  2. Paul C says:

    Not the best PR move, but I appreciate his stance.

    I hope this thread doesn’t get killed with politics.

  3. Stephen says:

    He’s right, plain and simple.

  4. CILII_blog says:

    Howard had a valid point.

  5. Hush says:

    I completely understand Timmy! Don’t hold back, tell it how it is. I hope this motivates the U.S players to come crazy strong the next time they meet! I feel we will see more heart and hustle the next time we face MNT.

    Yankee por vida!

  6. adiddy says:

    Sounds like he needs an American history class. There is no official language of the United States. Given that the U.S. and Mexico are both fast becoming bilingual countries, there should’ve been both English and Spanish. Say that instead.

    Then again, athletes shouldn’t really be expected to be intellectuals, policy wonks, or PR specialists, should they?

  7. Mayer Weisel says:

    To be made to feel like a foreigner in your own home can certainly be humiliating.

  8. Brad Gilbert says:

    Makes sense to me.

  9. Bobby says:

    Agree 100%. The Mexicans DID deserve to win that game…

    Oh, and yeah, I also agree that the post-game ceremony should have been in both languages…

  10. Brian says:

    Yeah same here. I stayed until the 90th minute then quickly walked out of there so I didn’t have to see Mexico celebrate and so I could beat all the Mexicans to their cars and get the eff out of the golf course/parking lot.

  11. WeatherManNX01 says:

    I agree with him. First and foremost, English is an official language of FIFA and CONCACAF, and it is viewed by both as the authoritative language. It needs to be recognized as such and used as such. I have no problem using other languages, but English is to be the primary.

  12. Goat Boy says:

    I do think that he has a point that in an international event, you expect (within reason) the languages of the participating countries to be equally represented, especially the home nation. That being said, I don’t think it was up to Tim Howard to call that out and certainly not in the way he did (profanity-laced tirade). He was frustrated with the game and acted out of emotion, but I would expect more from an experienced player like him.

  13. Angel FAN of USA says:

    I agree, I’m Latino born in El Salvador and been here more the 30 years. This is the United State a country made of immigrants but the First Language is English and we should respect that. As English is my second language and I feel the way Howard does it been disrespectful for the Concacaf and the Univision Organizer. But ESPN or FOX SOCCER should of been involved to get this sport (soccer) introduce to this country and we should of had two MC one in English and the other in Spanish. GO USA!!! Sad for Loosing the Gold Cup. :-(

  14. 42 says:

    Umm, he did say it should have been done in both Spanish and English.

    Howard said. “In any important international match with post-game ceremonies, you would hope the tournament organizers would make sure that the primary language of each participating team is used so that the participants can understand what is being said.”

  15. Dave from Charlotte says:

    +5000 Timmy

  16. Stephen says:

    Did you even read the article? He clearly states that he would expect both languages to be used.

    Also, you need to do some checking, english, has long been the official language of the US. Why do you think you have to be able to speak it to become a citizen?

  17. Starla says:

    Crawling around on the ground while getting embarrassed by a lob in a final makes you say things.

  18. Brian says:

    When I first read Howard’s comments, I said “whoa…” because I figured wtf does he care, he and the rest of the usmnt lost the game, and most of the fans that cared to watch the post game ceremony are Spanish speakers.

    But I completely agree with him and feel for him after reading that last paragraph:

    “We, as American players, were asked to participate in a post-game ceremony at a match in Los Angeles and we are standing there trying to show good sportsmanship and yet the ceremony is going on and we are just looking at one another struggling to understand a word,” Howard said. “It was, to be honest, humiliating, and I firmly believe the tournament organizers should not have put us in that position.”

    Imagine how humiliating that must be. You just lost a game to your biggest rival in a city in the US with a stadium mostly filled with your rivals supporters (I was there and I’d say 75-25, maybe worse), and then you have to watch a trophy presentation ceremony and the whole goddamn thing is in Spanish. Tim and the rest of the USMNT are tired of being treated like second class citizens in the soccer community of this country.

  19. Brian says:


  20. Brett says:

    He should keep his mouth shut, IMO. That game was in southern California, which people of Mexican descent have as much claim to as we do. I doubt anyone in the stands cared one bit that the ceremony was in Spanish.

  21. Scott says:

    Wow, this actually make me think less of Tim Howard than I did when I heard his original comments.

    He just sounds like a sore loser. I’ve lost all respect for him.

  22. Plus Guy says:


  23. soka says:

    they lost 4-2 this time they lost 5-0 last time. they suck at soccer because soccer is a suburban sport, exclusive hence stagnant

  24. Brian says:

    He had a very poor game, and yeah he got caught out of position there. But Boca screwed him over there with the clearance to the middle of the box and the rest of the defense didn’t do a whole lot.

  25. Danielle says:

    When you think about it – before any game we have listened to national anthems from both countries – why not have post-game ceremonies in both languages? IIRC there was an issue way back during the Olympics with Nancy Kerrigan and Oksana Baiul where her national anthem was played (since you know she won the gold) and Nancy made comments that were less than friendly. I believe it was an issue everywhere for about a week and then no one cared to discuss it anymore.

  26. Ken says:

    This is the worst trolling attempt I’ve ever seen. Please learn to read.

  27. TR says:

    English is not the official language, the US does not have one. Obviously, most people speak it which is why it is used on all official forms and such but they are also available in spanish nowadays.

  28. Duck says:

    I was sitting near the top row of the general admission section, and was cursed the whole way down, then hit with a thrown cup on the back of the leg. We walked to the game, but is was nice to get out before a traffic jam of Mexican fans happened. Never even realized the ceremony was in Spanish.

  29. jakeS says:

    I doubt he cares.

  30. Brian says:

    No, it’s not. The US has no official language.

  31. Doc says:

    Which is why he said the primary language of each team should be used…not the official language of each team.

  32. Trevor says:

    Uh…was I the person who actually watched the ceremony? It was in English and Spanish. Bilingual. What’s Howard’s problem?

  33. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Completely missed the point Brett.

  34. Daniel says:

    I’m I the only one that saw Jones running away from Dos Santos in the last goal?

  35. soka says:

    he was so frustrated even English sounded like Spanish to him. his defenders failed him totally especially #3

  36. Nicasio455 says:

    You realize not all Mexican-Americans(including myself) speak spanish right? In a poll they did here recently in San Diego around 28% of the latinos that live here are monolingual in English, so thats pretty insulting to assume we all speak Spanish. I was at the game and the guys did look a little upset that they couldn’t understand what was going on, and lot of the crowd had some “what the heck…” looks too. Very strange situation.

  37. John says:

    “That game was in southern California, which people of Mexican descent have as much claim to as we do.” you’re implying that mexican-americans are a different kind of american then americans whose families come from other countries (whether it be italy, japan, india, germany, etc.). that doesn’t make sense. an american is an american, doesn’t matter what your ethnic background is.

  38. ChelseaMatt says:

    I left the stadium early, too, and stand by Tim’s remarks

  39. john455 says:

    apparently someone else doesn’t speak English either


  40. Daniel says:

    I heard the ceremony and some parts where in English. I’m confused. Am I hearing voices?

  41. Fernando says:

    link to Watch the ceremony. That language he’s speaking at the beginning? That’s English. Tim Howard should have his papers checked, I’m not sure he’s fluent in the official language.

  42. Steve says:

    Does he realize that Gold Cup is the only regional tourney held in the same country every year. That is more of a disgrace.

  43. Daniel says:

    On another note, what an ugly trophy.

  44. mirny says:

    Umm, it WAS done in Spanish and English.

  45. mirny says:

    Well, apparently he wasn’t listening, because Fernando Fiore was speaking English as well as Spanish. What was it Timmy, the accent?

  46. acj says:

    Mexico’s 5-8-2 against the US in the last decade. Do they suck at soccer because it’s a suburban sport?

  47. Soccer Guy says:

    IMO you should keep your mouth shut and move to Mexico you ignorant moron.

  48. Paula says:

    It’s CONCACAF’s choice to hold the tourney in the U.S. because they make more money here.

  49. Andrew says:

    Agree with Howard. Look, its a CONCACAF Cup so both Spanish and English are used in those nations. If they want to make it policy to do everything in both then great. I would expect the same in Mexico. If they want to do it in the language of the two teams (in this case still Spanish and English) in the final then fine. This could also be policy for the Club competitions as well. If you want to do it in only the language of the winning team and make that the policy then fine. If you want to do it based on the host nation then fine. Just have something in place. Also, I am sure there was frustration that you played your heart out and so many people (unless they all went on holiday to the US for the final) are living in and working in the US and/or born and raised here and they picked to put on the green for the game against the US in such large numbers. If Germany played the US in a final. I would be less upset if the US lost, but you bet I would be in the Red, White, and Blue when it came to game time and maybe in German colors if I watch them play some other team. If my Grandfather came with me I would expect him to do the same (he would). There is plenty to say on both sides of this (and much would go off in crazy directions), but if you are playing in the US and playing in the final while you know there are people from all over in the US you still expect a home field advantage. When you just got beat in a tough loss, you look out and see the stadium filled with the green shirts and Mexican flags in such large numbers, and then realize much of the ceremony is in Spanish (even when several players on our team speak it) as well…it has got to sting a bit more.

    In short…I dont care what language they speak in the ceremony. If you are from Mexico, I get it. I would do the same if I was working or traveling abroad and there was a match with the US. I dont need to try to “convert” people that might be born and raised in the US to feel more American then Mexican when it comes to a sporting event like this and show the US colors and pride for our team. Identify the way you want, and there is still something very American about that.

    There is a very simple solution. Next time, get more people for the US to buy the tickets. Buy more. Buy them first. And, have an amazing final. Bus down the 45,000 Sounders fans. Convince more AO groups to grab new friends and head on over to the game. Just get more people in the US to care about the game, care about the cup, and care about the USMNT…and we are getting there….LA just seems to be a little farther behind 😉 No matter how we play on the field if there are more USMNT fans in the stadium then everything else will take care of itself, and even if the team has to watch someone else lift the trophy, at least seeing the supports fill the stadium when they play will make a difference.

  50. Soccer Guy says:

    You’re the loser. I have nothing but contempt for you.

  51. KEEP says:

    Yeah…well, I’ve said some pretty harsh stuff after getting 4 goals put past me in the past too, but it certainly wasnt at the level OR as public as the USMNT. I think he was venting a bit and I would bet that 95% of the NATS speak and understand Spanish enough to get through a bs post game presentation. That being said, LA is a mini Mexico and the Rose Bowl was an Azteca brother inlaw on Saturday. It sucks that our Men have 2 or 3 locations in these United States that we can actually have a home field advantage, too bad it wasnt up to the USSF. If they are smart our qualification games will be in Portland, Columbus, Philly, Seattle, KC….ect.

  52. Brian says:

    My girlfriend goes to UCLA, so she has an apartment in Westwood, so we drove to Pasadena from there.

    I was on the sunny side of the stadium on the sideline (near the corner, and Mexico’s goal in the first half). I had two USA fans to the right of me, and two to the left of me, but Mexicans pretty much everywhere else around me. They were pretty chill except for the annoying horns and vuvuzelas (I thought security/event staff weren’t supposed to let them enter with those). I did get a little beer tossed on me, but it came from some Mexicans like over 10 rows above me.

    Couple of side notes:

    -After the 2nd USA goal, a Mexican fan in front of me accused me and the other USA fans in my row of throwing a beer at him. We all pretty laughed at him and told him he was an idiot. I definitely would not waste my money on a $8-$10 beer by throwing it at someone. I told the USA fan next to me, that it was pretty funny that he was accusing us of the s*%t they always do, then he said no, they’d have to throw up and p*ss in it first.

    – While walking to the stadium from our car in the parking lot/golf course, I saw about 10 people getting out of van all wearing blue #12 Bornstein jerseys. I laughed and told my gf, that they must be his family because no one in hell would wear his jersey because he never plays and is terrible. Little did I know that Dolo would get hurt, and Johnny Bornstein would come into the game and all 4 Mexico goals would be scored from his side.

  53. Daniel says:

    * Am I

  54. Brian says:

    Who is that? The PA guy at the stadium?

  55. He is right, the ceremony should have been in English and Spanish. Just as they announced substitutions during the game.

  56. Brian says:

    I think he was going over to cut off the passing lane to Torrado

  57. VinceN says:

    MR. IVES…
    as a memeber of the media, can you please ask Bob Bradley why he is contradicting his statements regarding players must get playing time with their club teams to be eligible for consideration with the USMNT. With that in mind, why does Michael Bradley continue to be an automatic selection considering the fact that lil Freddy Adu took 2 years to work his way back into the squad?

  58. frank says:

    The organizers of the tournament were called out on bill oreilly as “pinheads”!

    I got your back, tim….

  59. remmy9 says:

    You obviously weren’t at the game. The celebration went on about 30 minutes more after that video ends and it was 100% all in spanish, and the guys were forced sit there till the whole thing ended.

  60. Brian says:

    Sounds like it was all in Spanish except for the first couple minutes.

  61. Roberto says:

    Howard for President!!!

  62. mirny says:

    That’s the sports announcer from Univision. But if CONCACAF had a brain, they would have had the PA guy at the stadium announce the trophies, so they could speak all the English they wanted. But of course, CONCACAF really doesn’t have a brain.

  63. Ricky B. Free says:

    YOu guys realize California was part of Mexico. People that lived in California before the US took over were allowed to stay. Thats why there are a lot of hispanics.

    Howard is right that the ceremony should be done in Spanish and English. It was done in both Spanish and English. There are videos on youtube.

    It was mostly done in spanish because Univision had the rights for the Gold Cup.

    Univision is a latin channel, thats why it was done mostly in spanish.

    Get the facts straight before you start calling people trolls.

    I just wish more US fans would buy the tickets and go support the US. There were fans from Mexico City supporting Mexico, thats a hell of a trip.

  64. JpJ says:

    Ya because the Mexican’s who came from Spain (another European contry instead of England or Germancy etc) took it from the Native Americans first.

  65. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Can’t compare playing in 43 matches over 4 years to not playing over a 3 month loan spell.

  66. ImaGoalMan says:

    Maybe Timmay gets so used to Scouse, he doesn’t recognize English?

  67. Fernando says:

    Nope, I’m afraid you weren’t paying much attention, he is clearly pre-empting his admittedly longer declarations in Spanish with a few words in English, understandable considering it isn’t his first language. Also if you will note the entire silver medal ceremony was in English.

  68. Roberto says:

    You gotta be kidding! Going back 150 years! lets not stop ther, lets give it back to Spain, not Mexico, they had it longer. While we’re at it lets give back the rest of the US to the native americans. What total PC BS!

  69. Roy says:

    “YOu guys realize California was part of Mexico. People that lived in California before the US took over were allowed to stay. Thats why there are a lot of hispanics.”

    Unfortunately you’re probably educating many more posters than one would imagine.

  70. Ricky B. Free says:

    LOL Did I say something about giving back California? I am just stating facts and why there are a lot of Hispanics in California.

  71. Ricky B. Free says:

    Copy and Paste this on youtube

    Copa Oro 2011 – Entrega de medallas, trofeos y la Copa Oro. Junio 25 del 2011

    It was done in Both, Spanish and English.

  72. jramirez says:

    But most of the ones who stayed only speak English now. I don’t understand why people assume latino = Spanish speaking, considering a lot of latinos in California have been here for generations and no longer speak Spanish.

  73. Roberto says:

    You guys got it wrong. Obviously there hispanics when CA was liberated from Mexico but the majority are recent arrivals. Before you start quoting facts , maybe you should get yours straight..

    BTW, i speak Spanish and am proud of my roots but lets not strat dissing ths great country! They saved more hispanics than all other countries combined!

  74. Ricky B. Free says:

    What the hell is wrong with you? I didnt diss the US. I was born in the US and live in Mexico.

    I undertand the US fans that went to the Rose Bowl, because I was the only one at the bar that was pro US.

    Read again my friend. I never dissed the US.

  75. Ricky B. Free says:

    The ceremony was done in Spanisn and English. There are videos on youtube.

  76. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    So, it is your assertion that Tim Howard is either a)lying or b)completely ignorant of his surroundings? Because he is saying that an overwhelming majority of the ceremony was done in Spanish and he was on the field.

  77. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Weren’t you the one who gave the completely distorted “history lesson” above?

  78. Soccer Guy says:

    Thank you for bringing up that conveniently overlooked fact. Listening to Mexicans (aka Spanish from Spain who took Mexico from native Indians, practically exterminating them) talk about their right to land that we own makes me sick. Whatever they are calling us applies to them equally. Hypocrites! They need to learn their own history.

  79. miguel says:

    I was there. It was 90% in spanish.

  80. Kevin_amold says:

    I don’t know. He’s entitled to an opinion (as are you) and he voiced it. I happen to more or less agree with him, and I’m glad he voiced it.

  81. Dave says:

    You should read what Howard said about Mexico’s performance and then reassess the respect he deserves.

    Tim called out CONCACAF and the organizers, which as a participating member of their tournament he has every right to criticize those in charge.

  82. Soccer Guy says:

    What’s your problem? Howard was referring to the post game ceremony right at the end that was ALL in Spanish. There is no debate that it happened so you and you fellow aholes can knock off the lying.

  83. Dave says:

    Yeah but who isn’t on that show?

  84. Soccer Guy says:

    No, just a liar.

  85. Da Crusher says:

    1 Timmy.. pick up your sack. Your team played terrible D and paid for it.

    2 It’s OK to clarify your post match comments

    3 Team USA needs to be able to play anywhere -and get results- under all hostile conditions..

    4 BB must die

  86. Ricky B. Free says:

    WHo had the rights to the GOLD CUP? Univision.

    Univision is a latin channel.

    Thats why it was mostly done in Spanish. But if you watch the video on youtube, you will see that it was done in English too.

    Did I judge Howard? No I didnt I just sated why the ceremony was done for the most part in Spanish.

  87. Kevin_amold says:


  88. me says:

    i take it you go to AU if you use the word wonk

  89. Soccer Guy says:

    Why don’t you show the part that Howard was actually referring to?

    As for Howard having his papers checked, maybe you, FERNANDO, should get yours checked, and if you are so offended by Americans in America asking that their country not be insulted and or disrespected, maybe you should head for south of the border where things are so much better.

  90. Scott says:

    go ahead and have contempt for me. I was born in this country and my language, Mikasuki, is indigenous to this continent. We were speaking it and creating civilizations when your people were still living in filth.

  91. Ricky B. Free says:

    I just hope that we can beat Mexico at Estadio Azteca and I will be there to see it.

  92. Soccer Guy says:

    Why don’t you have a clue before you speak?

  93. Humberto M. says:

    I agree with Howard; it should’ve been in both languages.

  94. BenH says:

    It’s insulting to assume people know multiple languages?

    I wish people ‘insulted’ me more often :) I would think I’m smarter than I am if people ‘assumed’ I knew more than I really do.

    Regarding ol’ Timmy: I agree with what he said, however, it was in Spanish and English so I’m a bit confused.

  95. Soccer Guy says:

    Oh, I see, what a shock. Thanks for removing any doubt as to what you are, and I’m not referring to your ethnicity. Who are my people? Please tell me more about them oh great Indian named Scott? I don’t know which is worse, your ignorance or your hate.

  96. Freddie Footballer says:

    True, thank you for that. I met a lot of cool Mexico fans at the game and saw how intense it was with couples and families with split allegiances. I don’t mind that many Mexico fans are American, but I did take exception to a Mexico fan flipping off the US team during the National Anthem. Disgraceful. Equally as disturbing were two US fans who called Mexicans “beaners”. I was really shocked by the extreme elements of both fan bases.

  97. Juan Dolowski says:

    I feel bad for all the Latin Americans who were in the crowd. Imagine their surprise when no Latin was used in the ceremony. It should have been a trilingual ceremony.

  98. Steve says:

    They announced the US players in englishnand that was it.

  99. Roberto says:

    Here is some advice: dont dare boo El Tri at home…

  100. JJ's shin says:

    Hahahahahaha dude…your name is Scott. It must be tough to pull the “indigenous” card when you have one of the most European names of all time.

  101. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    This was a poor attempt at a joke, correct?

  102. Roberto says:

    Hey, this is the first funny comment! Good one…

  103. Northzax says:

    +1 for metro ad reference.

  104. northzax says:

    Technically, there are at least three national languages used in Concacaf member nations. English, Spanish and French. And English isn’t the US’ national language, the US doesn’t have one. But I bet it’s the national language of a few carribbean members of Concacaf, along with Canada (plus the French, of course)

  105. Northzax says:

    Really? We’re still on this? Get over it.

  106. salgado says:

    I don’t think Tim Howard needs to explain anything! I say that having some Spanish (not Mexican) blood.

    The thousands of Mexican-“Americans” who constantly root against the US are the ones that should be doing the explaining. Immigration without assimilation is essentially “la reconquista”. We are slaves to our “political correctness” and deserve what lies ahead.

  107. abc says:

    Either you have no idea what you’re talking about or you don’t understand what Howard is saying, either way congrats on being a smug bastard about it.

  108. Soccer Guy says:

    Wow! There’s nothing worse than someone who is ignorant and clueless than someone who is ignorant and clueless and lectures to other people who he feels just aren’t as refined and educated as he is. Your post is off the charts in it’s level of stupidity.

    Here are some questions for you, oh wise one.

    1. Where did Mexico get California (and Texas, etc.) from?

    2. Who are Mexicans, and where did they come from?

    3. You really believe that there are a lot of Mexicans in California because the U.S. took California from Mexico and allowed a lot of them to stay? (Thanks for the laughter in this otherwise heated discussion.)

    4. You believe that the press, Howard, and everyone else talking about the end of the ceremonies being done in all Spanish are liars who just decided to make that up?

    5. You believe that an event taking place in the United States of America with American citizens in attendance, had a significant part of post game ceremonies spoken exclusively in Spanish because Univision had the television rights? So, in other words, the television rights grant you authority to control what language is spoken in post game ceremonies in another country?

    6. You don’t feel embarrassed to conclude this absurd post by saying: “Get the facts straight before you start calling people trolls.”?

  109. Northzax says:

    Dan Quayle? That you, hoss?

  110. abc says:

    Raise your hand if your ancestors had figured out how to use THE FREAKING WHEEL before the year 1492!
    Next, metal.

  111. abc says:

    That makes no sense, Univision only has the Spanish language rights. Fox Soccer ALSO has the rights to the Gold Cup, and they broadcast in English.

    The more important point is that the Gold Cup is a CONCACAF tournament and CONCACAF is bilingual, English and Spanish.

    But based on your history of California lesson above you are a complete idiot, so I’m not sure why I’m even bothering to respond…

  112. abc says:

    Good luck with the Whitecaps, Omar! 😉

  113. rick says:

    Agree with tim 100%. The bigger discussion is what makes the mexican fans think they have the right to throw things at usa fans supportiing their team in their own country. So many mexican fans act like they hate the country the live in. If mexico is so great and the usa is so bad I don’t undertand why they don’t move to mexico. Btw, before anyone throws the racist charge out there I should m/ention my family is from mexico.

  114. AJ says:

    Kudos to VinceN for a perfect parody of the Bradley(s) hater/Adu Fan Boy combo that I’m surprised to not see more of.

    Assuming you were just doing this for effect.

  115. DCP says:

    Not that this really matters for the bigger scheme of an international competition, but this idea of no official language is both right and wrong.

    While it is true that the US does not have an official language, art. 3 sec. 6 of California’s constitution names English as the official language of California.

  116. Francisco Burac says:

    My primary language is Spanish and I am fluent in English. I think Tim’s remarks are 100% correct and that the actions of not presenting the post game ceremony in English as well as in Spanish is an insult for the non-Spanish speaking public. Nevertheless, I think is about time we all stop being monolingual and all learn a second language. Spanish should be on everyone’s agenda as the language to learn due to the great influence and history that surround us. Instead of getting upset, I would have said “it’s about time I learn that @#$% language.

  117. Daniel says:

    It wasn’t done all in spanish. Maybe about 70% but not all of it. I don’t think Howard is lying, he was probably so pissed that he wasn’t paying attention.

  118. Ike says:

    Aren’t Mexicans part native American?

  119. Daniel says:

    Mexicans did not exterminate Indians, they mixed. Most people in Mexico are mixed. That is not something we see here. I have no idea why but that is the way it is.

  120. Daniel says:

    Please watch this video link to

    then tell me 100% of the ceremony was in Spanish.

    I said “some parts where in English.” Let me know and lets see who is the liar.

  121. Ike says:

    1. Mexico got California from the earth.
    2. It is said that the Mexica came form Aztlan, which includes the southwest of what is now the US.
    3.No, $$$
    5. I guess
    6. Ok?

  122. Ploobian says:

    Yeah, Howard was right. Equally Spanish and English would’ve been best. Someone mentioned above the location of the final. Definitely some merit to that. I would love to see US vs. Mexico in Portland. Can chain saws attain pitch? The national anthem on a series of chain saws would sound so nice to Mexican fans I’m sure! Besides the inevitable Columbus qualifier…where else would the US have at least 50% or more peeps in the stands?

  123. marco says:

    I’ve heard first hand accounts it was in both languages, but Howard insists it wasn’t. With all the reporters and video this shouldn’t be an issue. Someone in the media speak up.

  124. SuperChivo says:

    Whether or not he is right about the Spanish is irrelevant, the way he said it was way out of line.

  125. Fernando says:

    No thanks, I’m from Canada, where bilingualism is actually respected. Merci, have a nice day, and calm the hell down :)

  126. Ike says:

    Well that’s not what Timmay said at first. Once he realized what he had said and cooled down he change his wording.

    Honestly I think he couldn’t tell the difference between Spanish and English from the Univision guy. That guy has a really heavy accent. Some people just can’t tell whether people are speaking English because of heavy accents, and really only those who around them often enough can tell.

  127. Ike says:

    Who cares? There’s probably like 20 people who speak English watching the game anyways.

    I like how Ives, who was there, does not mention that there was English spoken in the ceremony. Ives does know how to reel in the sheep.

  128. Michael M says:

    This issue stirs up a lot of strong emotions for me. Part of me really wants to be mad at Mexican immigrants who want to be U.S Citizens but then root against us in our biggest rivalry. That part of me would like to recall a time when immigrants would root for the U.S. (Think, “The Game of Their Lives” when Italian-Americans felt honored to represent the U.S. in the 1950 World Cup.) But then, another part of me counters with two points. First of all, much of those “glory days” of immigration were rooted in xenophobia – when people weren’t allowed to celebrate their roots. Instead they felt strong pressure to assimilate. Second, this is about the only place (with only a few exceptions) where soccer in this country brings out passion in a large group of people. If rooting against the U.S. team is what it takes to have that, then so be it. Hopefully, some day it will translate into passion for MLS and more fans for the U.S. team.

  129. Scott (aka RED POWER) says:

    Wow, yes I guess my opinion, heritage, and nationality would only be acceptable if my name was “Heap Big Smart Injun?”

    It’s sad to see the “beautiful game” being hijacked by ugly, racist, xenophobic Americans.

  130. Ricky B. Free says:

    Who was the guy with the microphone? Thats right, the guy from Univision.

    Why am I an Idiot? Insulting someone doesnt make you smarter or right.

    Read some books or google the history of California.

  131. RB says:

    “Wow! There’s nothing worse than someone who is ignorant and clueless than someone who is ignorant and clueless and lectures to other people who he feels just aren’t as refined and educated as he is…”

    Wow! There’s nothing worse than the kind of offensive idiocy you’ve been repeating throughout this thread.

  132. Perndog says:

    Timmy Tourettes howards statments are full of racism and were aimed at injuring the Mexican fan base. He is sour grapes because of the dramatic 4 unanswered goals that he let in this final game.

    First of all, The US does not have an official language, so why does the ceremony have to be in English? why is it humiliating?

    second, this is wrong, I watched the ceremony and the ceremony was held in both, english and spanish. Howard is completely wrong and his apology is totally insincere.

  133. Andy in Atlanta says:

    You want to know what is crap Mr Perndog…

    MEXICAN AMERICANS (or supposed Mexican Americans) booing during the US National anthem… THAT WAS A DISGRACE.. get your facts straight.

  134. Ricky B. Free says:

    Your ignorance is beautiful lol.

  135. Ricky B. Free says:

    How more ignorant can you be? Its actually quiet insulting.

  136. RB says:

    Clearly the USSF’s “Respect” campaign

    link to

    has not yet been fully successful…

  137. Ricky B. Free says:

    You sound like a NEo NAzi. It was a game of soccer and Howard was frustrated get over it.

  138. Ricky B. Free says:

    Sorry Fernando, this was a reply to Soccer Guy.

  139. PD says:

    Perndog, you probably think that only white people who are critical of anything non-white are racists, so I will leave thy comments here since your brain stem of an intellect probably can’t keep up with the rest. The man lost his cool, apologized and clarifying his statement. I’d like to see you exhibit a fraction of that kind of class and self awareness. The man was trained to play soccer, not live his life in front of a camera and microphone.

  140. PD says:

    my not thy

  141. PD says:

    define wonk, or just post your picture. either will do.

  142. PD says:

    would you also expect him to apologize and clarify his statements afterward? oh, wait….

  143. PD says:

    is that your excuse?

  144. PD says:

    wow, this miss is as epic as Ream’s whiff against Panama.

  145. PD says:

    wow, and you call Howard racist?

  146. John says:

    this can’t be omar salgado. if it really is, bravo for this.

  147. mtryan says:

    I just dont understand why we have to have home games against mexico in the southwest at all. Take the game to anywhere but cali and texas and maybe we will have more support. We need a stadium like azteca to be our fortress in important games that will get ussf its money and show more usa support than mexico or the rest of the minnows we play regularly.

  148. Perndog says:

    Its a free country, I am within my right to boo the national anthem if I choose to do so. Now that is also a fact. I have attended many Mex vs US matches and I think its perfectly appropriate. It will be a dark day when gringos stifle freedom of speech just to silence Mexicans at a soccer match LOL

  149. Perndog says:

    I don’t think that at all, but I also can read between the lines. I was not born yesterday. Yes timmy tourettes apologized, but still stood behind his non-factual racist statement. Now that was not done in the heat of the moment.

  150. PD says:

    this whole “USA doesn’t have an official language” is so ridiculous. it doesn’t matter if it’s official or not, it is the functioning language of the society. it’s like a carpenter insisting on only using the metric system.

    to hide behind the “it’s not official” argument is to rationalize refusing to use english as the lingua franca. which for the immediate future is to intentionally shut one’s self from huge segments of the society who have agreed to make that commitment of unity. it’s the definition of xenophobic you shouldn’t be surprised when you get flak for it. It would make as much sense as my immigrating to Peru and insisting on speaking French or Japanese.

    do I think that folks are entitled to hold to their native language? of course! but without a lingua franca we become a balkanized hodge podge of tribes that can’t work together because folks refuse to find a common ground.

    quit being so persnickety with this no official language BS. It really doesn’t help anyone in the end.

  151. John says:

    but there wasn’t a large number of spanish (then mexican) colonizers in california, it was mostly native americans. how do you think it was so easy for the u.s. to capture california’s territory in the mexican-american war?

  152. PD says:

    what the hell? did you even read the article? go away….

  153. PD says:

    agreed on your last comment.

    you are stark raving mad on the rest. based on that rational everyone who immigrated here voluntarily and involuntarily should be shipped back to their country of origin, which if you carry that out far enough means the native americans need to hike back across the alaskan/siberian land bridge. what’s done is done, mate.

  154. PD says:

    #4… where are we, Columbia?

  155. PD says:

    Not that it’s an excuse, but if I had to leave my home because I couldn’t find a job or a safe place to live only to move to a land where I didn’t see my family for months at a time and was treated as alternately as an invader or invisible and only good enough for being resented for doing back-breaking work I’d be a little bitter too.

    Maybe if we learned to treat immigrants with more dignity, then immigrants wouldn’t feel the need to hit back at “the man” from time to time. And before you call me out on this, if your ancestors were Irish, Polish, Italian, Czech, Russian, German, Chinese, Vietnamese, Phillipino, Thai, African, Lebanese, Greek, Ukrainian, and on and on, they felt this at one time too.

  156. PD says:

    and he apologized for that, didn”t he?

  157. PD says:

    yeah, well we need 90,000 americans willing to come out to support the USMNT against teams other than Brasil and Spain first, don’t we?

  158. inkedAG says:

    Dude, you’re out of your mind.

    This is about the nicest thing I can say about you and your stupid comments.

  159. PD says:

    Well, now that you’ve had a chance to moderate your timmy tourettes comments twice, would you mind me calling you a racist for defining an individual according to a language disorder they live with?
    Or should I just assume just sufficiently ignorant that one could assume you were in fact born yesterday?

    And you wonder why I don’t take you seriously.

  160. inkedAG says:

    It’s sad that what Tim Howard said has become controversial. There’s no controversy here. People need to be so sensitive at some imagined slight. Let’s all grow up people.

  161. inkedAG says:

    I meant to say People need not be so sensitive…

  162. Perndog says:

    JAJAJA! Timmy doesn’t tourettes, its just a term of endearment us Macho Mexicans have for Timmy. Don’t get too caught up with semantics, even thou I know its a logical fallacy used to deflect a lower position in the argument. U cant defend timmy tourettes words so u attack the accuser. I think its called ad hominem attack. Anyways! stop stalling, defend timmy tourettes words if you think you can.

  163. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    So you’re within your ‘free speech’ right to boo the national anthem, but Howard is not in the right to express his opinion?

    Just so you know it is not appropriate to boo a national anthem, nowhere, no one, no time.

  164. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Hey don’t include “Macho Mexicans” in your pendejo comments…that is you alone..

  165. jerry avila says:

    I am American first and Mexican Mexican second, I agree 100% with Howards comments.

  166. Oranje Mike says:

    1) When it’s politically incorrect to speak the truth…

    2) Why are Sunil and Bradley still employed?

  167. RB says:

    “I just dont understand why we have to have home games against mexico in the southwest at all.”

    Money. Lots of it, for the USSF.

  168. Getrealtime19 says:

    Its amazing that the 2009 awards ceremony was not this way or the 2007 ceremony for that matter. Why was this ceremony chosen to be this way? I will call what it is, ignorance towards the English speaking soccer fan. If Walmart can put up store signs with Spanish, Concacaf can’t have a bilingual ceremony??? I guess they just don’t want our business. Go F yourselves if you want to discriminate against an English speaking soccer fan. Racist organizers.

  169. Perndog says:

    Panchita la del barrio? que rollos wey? no digas que tambian el Hugo Sanchez aprobaria de esa mounstrosidad de commentarios del timmy tourettes?

  170. Getrealtime19 says:

    CONCACAF organized this tourney not the USSF, and quite frankly we get outdrawn in NY, Florida, Chicago, and even the Spain game in Mass was 50/50 or worse. OUR FANS DON’T BUT TICKETS. You want a home field advantage, put the game in Seattle and put sod down then we would have it. Coming from a Pennsylvanian.

  171. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    The US-Mexico match was unforgettable… in a bad way. In addition to the fact that there was no traffic control and it took almost two hours to drive the last mile to the stadium, once we were around the Rose Bowl we were immediately surrounded by hostile Mexico fans.

    Although we kept to ourselves and did nothing to provoke them (I was even afraid to cheer for the US), we still had beer thrown on us, were taunted incessantly, and then had racist epithets hurled at us (yes, people can be racist against white folks, too). US fans were targeted from the start, essentially.

    There was NO security in sight. NONE. I did not once see a security guard there to help out anyone who was getting attacked by the Mexico fans. I almost saw several fights break out, but the US fans knew better than to react to the abuse considering they were outnumbered 20 to 1 and would surely have been on the wrong end of a crazed, drunken, mob-induced beat-down. Some people even got hit in the head with glass bottles thrown by Mexican fans and had to go to the hospital.

    The end ceremony was spoiled by the Mexican fans booing the American team getting their runners up medals, and on the way out we were continually goaded, taunted, and yelled at by Mexicans, many of whom ran up to us and shouted “4-2″ in our face.

    Lastly, being an LSU fan I have seen some horrendous tailgating behavior, but the Mexican fans treated the stadium and the outlying areas like one big garbage heap. It was disgusting. I am glad I experienced watching the US team play, and congrats to El Tri for a well-earned victory. However, the behavior of the Mexican fans was atrocious and I will never again attend a US-Mexico game.

    Note: Not all of the Mexican fans were like this, and many were quite friendly and joked with us before the game. Those were not the people sitting next to us, however.

  172. Ricky B. Free says:

    I never said ship people out. All I said was that some sapnish speaking people have the right to live here and been living in California for a long time. I never said give California to Mexico or did I?

    I was just stating facts of why a lot of latinos live in California.

  173. hogatroge says:

    Come over here to Texas and try that line out.

  174. hogatroge says:

    So many possible casino jokes…

  175. Ricky B. Free says:

    I heard an interview with an Honduras supporter and thats what he was saying. That he wanted Honduras to beat Mexico because it was a long trip from Honduras to the US.

    Along the way he was treated like an animal in Mexico and in the US.

  176. Stephen says:

    I checked and I stand corrected. It’s not the official language. You do however have to be able to read, write and speak English in order to become a citizen. I would say that’s about as close as to official as you’ll see without being official.

  177. hogatroge says:

    Final’s been held in Estadio Azteca several times. CONCACAF are just moneygrubbers.

  178. Ricky B. Free says:

    If the US wants their fan base to grow they better start winning some tornaments. When we won the Gold Cup it was a great result and when we reached the final vs Brasil in the confederations cup the US had a lot of tv viewers.

    But the last 3 finals the US has played we have been outscored 12-4 and lost the 3 finals.

    Americans like winners and we need all the bandwagoners we can get.

  179. Cameron says:

    Why were you afraid to cheer? I was screaming “chicharita” chants at the top of my lungs all night.

  180. Ricky B. Free says:

    Back in April U.S. Soccer Youth Technical Director Claudio Reyna presented the new U.S. Soccer Coaching Curriculum.

    Its a file that is available for coaches to download. It teaches them how to develop players with better soccer skills.

    So at least they are doing something about player development.

    He also said that the US playing system will consist of the 4-3-3 attacking style.

    Maybe after the 2014 World Cup we will be able to see some results.

    With a more attacking style more fans will come and we will have more fans supporting the US at the home games.

  181. caldude says:

    and then there will be close to 100% support for the opposite team. Thanks dude.

  182. Smits says:

    OK Tim, No biggie. We know you were hot from having to pick 4 balls out of your net, thanks to the likes of Bornstein, etc.

    Now either use this perceived slight as motivation to not let it happen again or forget about it.

  183. ME says:

    I agree with Tim 100%. And I’m Hispanic.

  184. Ryan says:

    For those of you that went to the game, you guys should write up an article about it or post it on your blog. I would very much like to know what the game atmosphere was like, being surrounded by Mexican fans, and watching the US team collapse against El Tri.

  185. PD says:

    The only thing I ad hominim is your mom.

    That’s a joke, too, or a term on endearment I have for your dad.

    Bet you found both equally funny.

    Considering that you’re “reading between the lines” and using your birth date to judge someone’s character rather than taking their apology and clarification at face value I guess I am calling out the accuser and his logic. I don’t think that is defending a lower position, but rather describes my position: you are a bonehead saying boneheaded things.

    But hey man I’m just kidding! It’s what all us gringos do up here.

  186. Good Jeremy says:

    The US is the only place in CONCACAF where teams can have some semblence of a neutral crowd. That is why it’s held here. Also, less stabbings and muggings.

  187. letgomyeggo says:

    Actually it wasn’t all in Spanish. Concacaf’s youtube channel posted it, if you want to take a look. Fiore introduced the the Concacaf, USSF, and FMF officials in English. He spoke primarily Spanish when presenting the individual awards, which were all to Spanish speakers, spoke both for the match officials, spoke in English when presenting the USMNT for second place, and spoke Spanish when presenting Mexico their medals and trophy. I know it probably would have been optimal if he repeated everything in both languages, but it doesn’t seem so inappropriate (at least not to the point of throwing f-bombs about it) that he spoke the language corresponding to the award recipients. He certainly didn’t ignore the English language.

  188. Mental Assassin says:

    Perndog you epitomize the typical Mexican fan I encountered at the game. Classless and intent on holding a gripe against everything American. Funny because no body is forcing you to read an American soccer blog or stay in this country.

  189. Mental Assassin says:

    Def were outnumbered more than 20 to 1, try 100 to 1. On point with the rest of your post

  190. letgomyeggo says:

    lol. yes! i wish they would come up with a proper trophy. thing looks like a 1st grader designed it.

  191. dmac says:

    Mexican fans were pretty classless, but what else is new

  192. dan says:

    go back to your corrupt drug over lord country then

  193. Jeff O says:


    One of the most annoying things that comes with a Mexican crowd. I don’t think Mexico has a respect campaign.

    Honestly, I am just glad we haven’t had to put up cages around our fields yet.

  194. Perndog says:

    jajajaja @ mental assasin, nobody forced u to attend a Mexico home match in Azteca del Norte formerly known as the rosebowl!

    now you know why they did part of the ceremony in spanish!

  195. j g says:

    Couldn’t agree more with Howard, it was a rude gesture through and through. As a US citizen who was born in Mexico I find it baffling that the grand majority of Latinos root so intensely for their ‘home’ country completely forgetting the fact that their families risked their life to not live there. Show some respect to your actual home country – USA!

  196. Perndog says:

    Alright salvatrucha, show me were in the US constitution does it say English is the first language. c’mon dood dont take too long

  197. Perndog says:

    sometimes its better to not say a word, rather than open ur mouth and remove all doubt.

  198. Perndog says:

    I do not think that libel is something that is afforded by the first amendment. Timmy Tourettes declared that the WHOLE ceremony was held in spanish, which is totally incorrect and with malicious intent. CONCACAF has a good case for a lawsuit against timmy tourettes, he is a liar and is trying to fuel fires in a crowded theater. Eff timmy and his racism

  199. Perndog says:

    all kidding aside, you said a lot that amounted to nothing. Thanks for that. which actually and totally reflects that you have nothing in regards to the ridiculous and incorrect statements made by timmy tourettes. thanks for playing.

  200. mosco says:

    I is are a uefa cup but the gold cup for mexico is good win for the champions we are. Hugito and everybody was saying how good and everybody vato you know because we are is a champions and now we go to the copa america because we will play with prostitutes and we are hugito is good he is a penta five time pichichi in the spain which is near the iraq but not that close to where hugito is bad he is good he just likes to talk about che volpe because perndog is a bad father.

    I think that timmy howard should shut his pie hole because four goals he didn’t stop and english and spanish it doesn’t matter like the rock says i am real good to go to the gold cup champion and gios goal was good i want to smash belinda but i digress i think belinda is looking for attention maybe her and hugito can get together and look for attention together. cuatro a dos is a good score for the mexico because at first i was like damn dos a cero again but then i was like cuatro a dos trololol ha.

  201. LivingInAmerica says:

    I walk, talk, eat breathe America and American soccer. I live here, work here, vote here and pay taxes here. I was born and raised here. I have and always will support my country’s Mens National Soccer Team. America is not one single religion, race, ethnicity or language. We are everything mixed up together. That’s what makes America so diverse and wonderful. The US-Mexico rivalry will only make both teams better. Nothing is going to stop all of the Mexicans that live in this great country that we all share together from cheering for the country the got the hell out of.

  202. Brian says:

    Didn’t really notice any Mexicans in my section booing, which surprised me, because I kinda expected them to.

    Any Mexicans that did boo, should be effin ashamed, because most of those “Mexicans” at that game are probably Americans, and they’re booing the national anthem of their own goddamn country.

  203. Brian says:

    It’s wrong, period. It’d be wrong even if it were Americans booing the national anthem of Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, etc.

  204. Brian says:

    Lol. If you think Tim Howard defamed CONCACAF by saying the whole ceremony was held in Spanish, then that implies you think there is something wrong with having the whole ceremony in Spanish.

  205. John says:

    He’s got a point, but it ended up sounding like sour grapes. Nice to see a bit of passion after his subpar performance though.

  206. Soccer Guy says:

    Mexicans came from Spain. They are not native. There were no Spanish natives.

  207. Soccer Guy says:

    You can call them whatever you want, but yes they did.

  208. Soccer Guy says:

    You ought to know about ignorance. No one can hold a candle to you.

  209. Soccer Guy says:

    You really should shut up. You are disgusting. All you did was describe yourself ahole.

  210. Soccer Guy says:

    You’re lying is that you are trying to say that because there was some English that everyone is lying, when you know full well that is not true. NO ONE said there was no English so knock it off.

  211. Soccer Guy says:

    All the negative responses in the world to my posts are not going to help you recover from the fact that you made the most stupid, ignorant post on these boards today by far. You’re an idiot. Just accept it. OK?

  212. Soccer Guy says:

    It is said that you are stupid and make no sense, and will do so for many moons.

  213. B.Stef says:

    This from someone and his fellow fans who take off thier Mex jerseys for U.S. jerseys when the U.S. wins.


  214. RB says:

    Guess that makes it OK, then!

  215. B.Stef says:

    Enjoy your team’s win now,because I doubt that your team will win again on US soil in a long time.

    You do pretty well with a language that you say is not a countries language. I believe you have provin our point; speeking ENGLISH in AMERICA is the AMERICAN WAY.

  216. colin says:

    First of all stop calling him Timmy Tourettes, that is disrespectful. Second of all to accuse Tim of being racist is ridiculous, as you have no grounds whatsoever for doing so.

  217. chuck says:

    Nobody said you don’t have the right to do it. Atlanta said what you did was disgraceful. Which is true.

  218. chuck says:

    Hey, armchair lawyer, you have no idea what you are talking about.

  219. chuck says:

    I feel myself getting more studip with each Perndog post I read.

  220. Steve C says:

    While the US does not have an “official” language, according to the constitution of California: “According to the California Constitution Article 3 State of California Sec. 6(b) English is the Official Language of California.”

    But whatevs…

  221. chuck says:

    Why do people keep repeating this? There IS an official language in California (and 22 other states). Just because our federal system makes passing a national language difficult does not diminish the value of what Howard said.

  222. chuck says:

    And completely inaccurate, Brett.

  223. latino4USA says:

    as a bi-ligual American first, Latino second, you are an embarrassment to me and our culture!

    First, there is never any reason to boo during any national anthem – it is a matter of respect.

    Second, the more you write, the less respect you are showing not only you, but every Latino. Remember what you represent. Fortunately, most know you are only representing yourself in your comments.

    Third, Go USA! If I don’t like my freedom here, I can take my Latin >>> back to where my forefathers came from! I am excited that US soccer is getting the respect they deserve. Sure, there is a ways to go – but they will be a world-class team in the future. Maybe with mostly Latinos??? But only those that respect the country that we live in!!

  224. chiquitibum says:

    que onda perndog, te extranamos babi!


  225. gas huffer says:

    are you enzo in disguise?

  226. Cheers says:

    Those fans are POS, not because they are Mexican, but because they are Californian. The were no problems with the Mexicans in Houston. Thats because the Tejanos respect this country.

  227. dcm says:

    Man, this thread cracks me up. if you go to a US v Mexico match not expecting to get a little beer thrown on you, you are crazy in the first place. And if the US would have won, no one would be that upset about it.

    Mexico was better on the night, it was a great game. Why does everyone have to bring all of these politics into it? Howard’s comments were understandable, but as a soccer player, I think he needs to keep those kind of comments to himself. Everyone who is american hears one thing, and everyone who is mexican hears another. Just try and keep the ball out of the net next time Mr. Howard, and you won’t have anything to complain about.

    oh yes, there will be a next time.

  228. PD says:

    wow, the equivalent of either “I know you are but what am I” or “I’m not touching you”

    Bored now.

  229. inkedAG says:

    It would be wise for you to take your own advice.

  230. LouisianaLatino says:

    Tim Howard may have lost his cool, but its true, in international competitions multiple languages is the norm.

    I have been to USA-Mexico matches in Houston as a USA supporter with no Mexican roots and I can say honestly that 90% of the Mexican fans are normal fans who are quite amicable. I can tell yall many college football fans are much worse than anything I encountered there so after hearing so many bad things on these threads the USA-Mexico matches have been a nice surprise. I’m always amazed at how many people are carrying both Mexico and USA flags, its really a nice atmosphere.

    My point of all this relating to Perndog is that he does not equate to the normal Mexico fan. nuff said about this troll

  231. Chris says:

    Mr. Howard, the team’s performance was humiliating. Not the post game ceremony.

  232. Goalscorer24 says:

    The US “does not have an official language” is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. It is called English.

  233. JoeL says:

    +1 on Tim Howard’s comments. It was disrepectful and it shows the USMNT is not yet respected in CONCACAF even when the games are played in our very own soil. The disrespect is also shown by the officiating when the USMNT plays any teams south of the border.

  234. AJ says:

    Mexican fans were classless? But I imagine a statement like this is full of class, right?

  235. Goalscorer24 says:

    What language is the Constitution written in? Oh yeah they penned that second copy in Spanish.

  236. AJ says:

    Agreed. Let’s just admit the kid was upset because he was dominated and decided to do what other helpless people do, talk.

  237. AJ says:

    You sound like a nice, well-educated guy. I’m sorry to hear some jerks threw beer on you. But unlike most people on this blog, I’m glad you don’t rush to stereotypes and generalizations. I’ve been called beaner by white guys before, but I’ve always known groups like those don’t speak for all white people. All I can say is keep on truckin and don’t let the ignorant people get the best of you and bring you down to their level … No matter what side of the color spectrum they’re on.

  238. AJ says:

    I’m an American of Mexican descent. I root for Mexico every time. However, I do believe English is our official language here and everyone who wants to live here should speak it. With that said, the biggest mistake was letting the broadcasters host the ceremonies because their English was limited. As with other international sports, there should’ve been an English announcement followed by Spanish translation. So really, it was a matter of sloppy organizing.

  239. AJ says:

    I agree, let’s keep politics out of this conversation.

  240. AJ says:

    If you’re surprised that not all Mexicans are uneducated and disrespectful enough to boo at the national anthem then you’re just as dumb as those who did.

  241. AJ says:

    I’ve heard my own brother make this argument (I’m also of Mexican descent) and I’ll tell you what I tell him: It’s our right, as Americans, to root for whatever team we choose to. If it were a war, go USA. In soccer, I love El Tri and many of my white friends are with me on this one.

  242. Ryan says:

    You accuse him of racism yet you are making fun of his disability. Stay classy…

  243. Brent McD says:

    I was at the game with friends, proudly wearing a US jersey, expecting poor behavior from Mexican fans, but pleasantly surprised by how friendly they were. Sure there was plenty of good-natured pre-game trash talk but nothing truly malicious, and I never once felt threatened. Walked with the American Outlaws to the stadium shaking hands and high-fiving countless Mexican supporters and mostly just received smiles and heard “good luck.”

    Sure, we got some beer on us after the fourth goal, but there was beer flying everywhere, and I don’t think it was directed at American fans. Maybe I just got lucky in having a positive experience. We left in the 90th minute, so I don’t know about the trophy ceremony.

    Anyone estimating 75/25 fan support is nuts — it was at least 90% for Mexico, maybe more like 95%. But anyone complaining about the ratio who wasn’t at the game can STFU — why weren’t you there? I saw Mexican signs from Juarez, Guadalajara, the DF, Baja, Chicago, New York, etc. Like it or not, Mexicans support El Tri with a passion, and you have to respect that. In my opinion, the only way to “convert” these fans to the USA side is to keep beating Mexico — everyone loves a winner.

    Notably, I saw several families and groups with both US and Mexican shirts together. I even saw couples where one person had on a US jersey and the other a Mexican one. Mexico will always be well-supported in SoCal, but the US fanbase is growing. I have several Mexican friends here in San Diego whose kids support the US and refuse to speak Spanish.

    Anyway, I will never forget celebrating those first two goals with the handful of USA supporters sitting in the row next to and in front of us. Unfortunately our delirious celebration was to be short-lived. Mexico was the better team on the day with a better coach and deserved to win. Check out this excellent article from Mark Ziegler:
    link to

  244. Baconator says:

    donde esta Latin? es el pais junto a caucasia y hispania?

    coco pendejo

  245. Baconator says:

    Nope, it’s not

    link to

  246. Baconator says:

    pues si quieres, podemos hablar en espanol, pero todo los gringos nomas hablan solo una idioma, y no todos muy bien.

    murika murika!

  247. Baconator says:

    Tim Howard is an idiot, the ceremony was clearly in both english and spanish. You can watch the replay on the univision youtube channel.

    but probably wasnt listening as he was trying to make up excuses for the loss.

    or he couldnt hear the Fiore over his blubbering while crying

  248. B.Stef says:

    Im sorry, I pressed one for english.

  249. ThaDeuce says:

    Tim’s comments before and after are legit.

  250. winds23 says:

    What ever happened to… respect? Anybody? Hello? Anybody?

    The Mexican fans in the stadium were TRASH. That is a fact. It has nothing to do with racism or nationalism or anything else. Throwing your beers and physically abusing people around you is a TRASH thing to do. If you consider Americans to be racist for pointing this out, what do you think of the Mexicans who were making threats, starting fights, and literally assaulting Americans AND EVEN EACH OTHER in the stadium? It is low class. It is pathetic. They were trash.

    Cursing and swearing and flipping people off is one thing, it shows a lack of civility but I won’t hold it against you because I can let that slide. When you represent your people by threatening my personal space and my safety in my own home town, at my own home team’s home game, how do you expect me to react? You’re pathetic, low class trash. Plain and simple. I don’t care if you’re Mexican, American, German, Martian, doesn’t make a difference. You’re trash.

    Mexicans boo our national anthem and cry and bitch and moan about free speech. We ask them to be respectful and suddenly it’s racism. WHO was booing WHO? Hypocritical, classless, trash.

  251. winds23 says:

    Lots of Mexican fans were yelling racial slurs and threatening to beat me after the game. I stopped to say “Felicidades a Mexico” and applauded them for their team’s victory. It gave them pause and some of them stopped to give me high fives. That doesn’t excuse them for their poor sportsmanship. Why do I have to congratulate them in their own language just to get them not to threaten me?

    I admit, I did see a really cool Mexico / US unity flag in the crowd. I also met a couple of Mexican fans that were really cool, I exchanged info with them so we could see some Galaxy games together later on. It was frankly inspiring, though I still felt unsafe in the stadium because not all of the Mexican fans were so kind.

  252. winds23 says:

    The fifteen minute ceremony was in Spanish with a few seconds of token English phrases. Don’t kid yourself, it was a Spanish-language ceremony. I stayed for the trophy ceremony, even with Mexican fans throwing food and trash at me. I listened to it. I couldn’t understand it because aside from a few bits and pieces here and there, it was in Spanish.

    Howard specifically said that his anger was directed at the CONCACAF officials. He congratulated the Mexican team for their superior play and said he had no excuses for losing to them. Maybe brush up on your reading skills…?

  253. Goalscorer24 says:

    This formality that it is not officially stated anywhere is stupid. What language was the Constitution written in?

  254. Brian says:

    When did I say “all Mexicans”? All I said was I kind of expected the ones in my section to, based on some of the pre game things they were saying and other booing that were doing, and I remember our national anthem being booed at the Azteca in WCQ in ’09.

    Easy, son. My best friend, as well as my roommate are both El Tri fans.

  255. Frank says:

    Hey, hey. Don’t be disrespectful judging all Mexicans by Perndog’s actions. That is offensive and ignorant.

  256. Frank says:

    CONCACAF knows who brings in the most money. They are not as stupid as you think.

  257. Frank says:

    Maybe ESPN should have bought the rights to the game and have their own announcer do the presentation. Univision paid the big money,they had their guy in there.

  258. Frank says:

    They made him crawl on the ground and cry, of course he is going to lash complain about something.

  259. Frank says:

    You are Mexican-American and don’t speak Spanish and somehow feel offended because people assume you do? What an idiocy.
    It shows you are ashamed of your roots. Get real, your parent wouldn’t approve.

  260. Frank says:

    Maybe you should stick to soccer,because you don’t know the first thing about history.

  261. cbizz says:

    you sound like a typical ignorant anti-American…”RACISM! RACISM! RACISM!”

    You should be deported.