Is Mike Magee the best GK in MLS?

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Okay, it wasn't a serious question, but we just had to acknowledge Mike Magee's stunning turn as the Los Angeles Galaxy's emergency goalkeeper after a Donovan Ricketts injury and Josh Saunders red card left the Galaxy without a netminder.

Magee had no problem stepping up and volunteering for the job despite never having been a goalkeeper before, and all he did was make four saves and post a shutout to help the Galaxy win a game despite being a man down against the San Jose Earthquakes.

In case you missed Magee's performance, here are the highlights.

What did you think of Magee's impromptu performance in goal for the Galaxy? Did you think the referee blew the call on Saunders' red card? What MLS field player would you like to see in goal?

Share your thoughts below.

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64 Responses to Is Mike Magee the best GK in MLS?

  1. maka says:

    Hans Backe already put a call into his agent.

  2. A wise man once says:

    Does that question really need asking? Of COURSE he’s the best, no other keeper has a 100% shutout rate! 😀

  3. A wise man once says:

    Everyone keeps saying LA won this game. I thought it was a draw?

  4. Frank says:

    A shutout with a midfielder at goal = a win.

  5. NE Matt says:

    la didnt went, it finished level 0-0

  6. Josh says:

    You don’t have Ricketts, Landon, Beckham. You get a crappy unbelievable red card to a KEEPER! Then you put a forward in goal and still create chances and pitch a shutout! That is a win!!!

  7. Petaluman says:

    Ha LA had a moral victory but that’s about it.

  8. A wise man once says:

    ^ From a San Jose fan.

  9. A wise man once says:

    The red card WAS justified, though Lenhart is a moron.

    But it didn’t count for 3 points did it?

  10. Twhitles says:

    I only wish Lenhart was hit harder and left on the ground crying. He’s a disgrace.

  11. Polish Wonder says:

    I would have given Saunders a yellow for self-defense. An opposing player comes in with his head like that? Lenhart gets what he deserves with a shove. I hope MLS suspends Lenhart one game for unsportsmanlike conduct.

  12. Petaluman says:

    You are wise…the fact it says “Galaxy win” in the body of the story is factually incorrect. That’s mainly is what I was pointing out. The Quakes should be ashamed of themselves for not capitalizing.

  13. seth says:

    magee might start in nets next game. rickets is out with a broken arm and saunders is suspended.

  14. Michael Stypulkoski says:


    If you’re going to get a red anyway, might as well collect a couple of Lenhart’s teeth as souvenirs.

  15. ag says:

    Thank you, I agree.

    Did the ref not notice when he hit the ball out of his hands in the first place. That should have been the end of it right there.

  16. kanu says:

    pretty sure what lenhart did was legal since saunders only had the ball in one hand. don’t disagree that it was annoying, but pretty sure it was legal. can anyone give us the definitive rule on knocking the ball out of a keeper’s hand or hands?

  17. dan says:

    The red was justified? Seriously? watch the game again

  18. 20 says:

    As a neutral I thought Lenhart deserved a yellow and Saunders deserved a red. Yes Lenhart was being an absolute **** but Saunders can’t let it get to him and swing his elbow into Lenhart’s face

  19. fanfootie says:

    Mike used to play at the beach and in between games at tournaments and in backyard between 13-17 yrs of age, surprisingly he had great reaction speed and his athleticism makes him a natural. Still and incredible performance. Congrats buddy.

  20. FulhamPete says:

    Well, he’s already the best GK in the league using his feet.

    However, his save in the 88′(?) was a great gave saving play for ANY GK.

  21. Alison says:

    I doubt it – they do have a 3rd keeper, Brian Perk. Putting Magee in was an emergency fix, and I don’t see them making him do it again if it’s not necessary.

  22. HandofFrings says:

    The red was completely justified, it was the correct call, as was the yellow to Lenhart.

  23. TommyOC says:

    Yeah, as a certified Grade 6 refereeand instructor, I can.

    Completely illegal.

    The goalkeeper, once holding the ball, cannot have it taken away from him. He is entitled to handle the ball fort a continuous six seconds, but may release out prior to that. Short of releasing the ball from his immediate grasp, a goalkeeper can handle the ball in whatever manner he chooses.

    The goalkeeper cannot be obstructed when releasing the ball (though the definition of “obstruction” changes by referee.)

  24. vivalosburros says:

    Wrong. It is illegal and a an automatic yellow card. Ref should have wistled it dead right away

  25. Jeff says:

    Magee would’ve made those saves against Mexico.

  26. TommyOC says:

    Long story short, Lenhart knew this. He is guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct. His yellow was justified.

    As for Saunders, while one can see why he was shown the red – the elbow to face is plain as day – I don’t think the referees fully appreciated the nature of the foul. I would like to think Saunders threw a blocking elbow, but that it struck Lenhart’s face by accident. (Not that I wouldn’t have minded to see it make better contact.) If anything, Lenhart’s move could’ve been seen as a Zidane-esque assault. He did make contact with Saunders first, after all

  27. JB says:

    The ref did whistle right away. In the highlights there’s a whistle (covered a bit by crowd noise) followed by a longer louder 1. Regardless of whether the play was “dead” or not, the elbow still happened and is a red card.

  28. Clayton says:

    Cap him!

  29. Pappajohn says:

    I don’t think anyone likes Lenhart. Even his teamates seem to avoid him. He’s an oportunistic striker. Doesn’t take one extra step to set up a play. It’s all about him. Every time an opposing play touches him, he screams to the ref. And heading the ball out of Saunders’ hands was a real bonehead thing to do. If he had a brain, he must have known he was issuing himself a yellow card, with no advantage to show for it. I watched the rest of the match just hoping the ref would find a reason to give him the second yellow.

  30. Pappajohn says:

    Saunders was looking at the ball bouncing off the ground after Lenhart headed it down, and trying to get it back in his right hand. He swung his left arm in a gesture to push Lenhart away without even looking at him. It hit Lenhart in the head. Lenhart fell to the ground in excrutiating pain with the life threatening injury to his nose. Then he bounced back to play as normal after Saunders got the red card. Saunders should have gotten a yellow, not a red.

  31. Massive_Victory says:

    Yeah, that’s why he got the yellow, moron.

  32. RefJam says:

    Thank you Tommy – I’d like to add once Lenhart illegally knocks the ball loose his challenge upon Saunders was ridiculous and cynical. My concern is what the misconduct report will say about Saunders: Serious Foul Play or Violent Conduct? The ball was out of play technically therefore more likely Violent Conduct. The sport is not beyond the referees, it shouldn’t be played like this at all.

  33. northzax says:

    This should be treated as a headbut. Lenhart used his head to strike another player, intentionally. (when the ball is in the keeper’s hands, it is part of his body) that should have been a straight red as well, MLS should suspend him. No question

  34. Didier Deschamps says:

    EXACTLY, it was a reaction to Lenhart going back in for the ball AGAIN! total dbag move by Lenhart, and the ref got a little excited IMO. yellows to both should have sufficed.

    remember this was Guzman’s first MLS game in the middle.

  35. glsing says:

    Do you guys and gals think that the MLS should hand out a fine or suspension to Lenhart? I think they should deal with this and all bush league moves harshly.

  36. Northzax says:

    Nah, throwing an elbow like that is a red, especially in what looks a lot like retribution. I also think lenhart is red worthy, headbutts, which is what that is, is violent conduct. Lenhart deserves a post match red and an additional game for instigating violent conduct and what was Charlie Davies fined for? Bringing disrepute to the game?

  37. Northzax says:

    A suspension. The league just announced that simulation, bringing disrepute to the game, would be punished by suspensions. A post match red for the headbut and another match for simulation (rolling around holding the face) and another match for violet conduct.

  38. chris says:

    I hate Lenhart as much as you do, but there was more to it than what you said. I dont know how much of the game you watched, but Lenhart and Saunders had already exchanged some heated words and Lenhart knew he was getting under his skin. Thats why he went in for the headbutt, he was hoping Saunders would react exactly how he did and get himself tossed. Its what I call tactical douchebaggery, and Lenhart is quite good at it. I doubt I could go 90 without punching him in his stupid face.

  39. Joamiq says:

    Lenhart is a clown. It’s pathetic that San Jose couldn’t trouble Magee more than they did, but I’m glad they didn’t get three points out of it. And on replay, it looked less like an elbow to the head and more like a mostly defensive forearm shove to me. Borderline red, I think.

  40. Thorpinski says:

    I’m a grade 7 not a 6…but anyhow you bring up an interesting point and that is at the MLS level and higher the officiating crew during their pre-game prep. will discuss potential problems and player habits etc.. I did not see the game or highlights but from reading some of the posts it sounds as if there was a history with some of the players which could be accounted for by the referee crew.

  41. KenFromToronto says:

    yes, yes, a thousand times yes to each of these two comments!!

  42. chupacabra says:

    In the era of Charlie Sheen, winning has an entirely new meaning, duh!

  43. John says:

    OK, this kind of is the last straw for me. They need to fire Gulati for the following reasons:

    (1) The USSF referees are atrocious

    (2) USA lost 2022 World Cup bid

    (3) USA lost Gold Cup

    (4) USA will not be participating in Confed Cup due to the Gold Cup loss (an excellent dress rehearsal for World Cup)

    (5) USSF has lost direction after Project 2010

  44. FSegaud says:

    Lenhart deserves a fine too from MLS…hell, I’ll say it…he deserved a good whack to the head so justice served in that sense.

    FIFA needs to crack down on the dumb sh*t that Lenhart tried…guess they are busy with more important things like padding their bank accounts….damn.

  45. FSegaud says:

    point is, Lenhart deserved more accountability for what happened…moron.

  46. sammysounder says:

    Lenhart got a yellow, what else would you want?

    Saunders deserved a red. He took a swing at another player. That’s a straight red anywhere in the world.

  47. Twhitles says:

    John get your facts right.

    (1) MLS uses FIFA refs due to FIFA rules.
    (2) FIFA is corrupt and most likely gave the 2022 bid to Qatar for money.
    (3) The US put in a good performance against the best Mexican side in over a decade.
    (4) Unfortunate, but again see number (3).
    (5) Its the start of a new world cup cycle and it is always a big change with old players leaving and new players coming in.

  48. FSegaud says:

    I like #5…kind of like the millennium situation but worse…2010 came and passed…now what the hell are we supposed to do!?!?!?!?!?! PROJECT 2022 please.

  49. sammysounder says:

    That’s ridiculous. Lenhart wound up Saunders to get him to over-react. It worked. It’s part of the game.

    Then again, I think it was silly to fine Davies as well.

  50. John says:

    USSF trains and picks refs for MLS games. Corruption is only labelled corruption when your side didnt get their way. FIFA is what it is. Salt lake got olympics through corruption. How else do you judge Sunil’s job? You guys are gunshy.

  51. Vince says:

    Even if Lenhart got his deserved yellow in the game, I still hope MLS steps up and suspends him one match for that mickey mouse crap.

    No way the league can condone bs play like Lenhart pulled there. I say step up and suspend him one match for unsporting behavior — regardless on the in-game yellow.

  52. notabbott says:

    Never played goal before? Wasn’t he the stand-in when Bruce Arena pulled that silly switch to abuse the “3+1″ substitution rule as coach of the Metrostars? Or was that Eddie Gaven?

  53. ryan says:

    Best comment if the whole bunch!!!
    Magee easily save of the week and player of the wk!

  54. Neal says:

    That was Gaven. And, I think that Bradley was the Metro coach at the time.

    link to

  55. dan a says:

    Big Bird deserved an elbow to the face after that BS he tried to pull.

  56. Dennis says:

    I always loved watching Magee play for the Metrostars. He was not necessarily the best guy on the field, but he seemed to enjoy playing so much. It always looked like he was just a kid having fun. (I think he started pro at 18, so I guess he really was a kid.) His excitement and joy when he scored where just out there for everyone to see.

  57. Ian says:

    Anyone heard an official word on Ricketts’ arm? The announcer ASSUMED it was broken, but I’ve yet to hear an official injury report.

    Fingers crossed for our Buffalo Soldier.

  58. josh says:

    While I don’t like the practice, I do like the phrase “tactical douchebaggery.”

  59. Bobby says:

    I don’t know about the best GK in the MLS…but her sure was funny in the Hangover 2! Oh wait, that was Bradley Cooper, who looks EXACTLY like Mike Magee…check it out…

  60. Bobby says:

    he* sure was funny…

  61. sam says:

    thank you for saying this. Headbutting a player is a red card. The ball was under control in the keepers arms. This was headbutting the player. Straight red for both would have been correct.

  62. winds23 says:

    With Ricketts out for 6 weeks and Saunders suspended on a red card, is Magee going to be the Galaxy keeper for their next game, as well? What a mess… but good on Magee for the awesome performance!

  63. winds23 says:

    * I know there’s a third keeper on the roster in Brian Perk, but after Magee’s performance maybe he’ll get to watch after the net for 90 minutes. ;] Would like to see Perk play though, haven’t seen him play before.

  64. Sparta Riverside says:

    Should have been a red, moron!