Mexico 4, USMNT 2: The Highlights

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  1. Freddie Footballer says:

    I stopped watching at the 2:00 mark. End of the highlights for US, that is. Congrats to Mexico, we need to learn from this defeat and progress as a program. Hopefully, we will.

  2. gaucho says:

    I was just starting to forget that nightmare and then it gets refreshed. Thanks guys!

  3. Jk3 says:

    I thought the highlight would be Bradley getting the axe.

  4. Eric says:

    The madness that erupted in the USA sections after those two goals was simply awesome. Really disappointing loss, though, but I’m getting over it. Mexico was the better side. Let’s hope that our guys get some rest, put in the work at their club teams this coming season, and come back stronger for the 2014 Qualifiers next year.

    GO USA

  5. mistaDobalina says:

    what a battle.. got to say im upset we wont be in the Confed Cup in Brazil.

  6. Ike says:

    I know it was ignored in the running commentary by SBI (probably still sore from the comeback) but what a goal from Dos Santos.

  7. Vince Clortho says:

    Credit to Mexico. Their speed and skill humbled the defense and Howard had nothing…

  8. christian says:

    not Bornstein’s fault we all know he sucks, expect for BB. Why not Spector for Dolo? Spector was part of the team that beat Spain 2-0, and ha’s been proven more at the higher level, club or country? Mexico was smart enough to know Bornstein was our weak link, they sure knew how to exploit that to the maximum. BB should go, based on that decision alone. We will never move forward or play any different with Bob in charge, this is the 2nd 2-0 in a final that he blows out…something wrong there?? is not only about players, its about tactics as well, like a chess game. you have to move the right pieces…

  9. Murphy says:

    those 2 goals the U.S. scored were great. what happened after that? were there any changes in the U.S. lineup that opened up gaping holes for mexico to exploit?

    the dos santos goal was awesome but the other 3 were clearly defensive collapses.

    great time to change coaches now. i know there are many that say its just one loss vs a very good team. but it was the same type of personnel decisions that we are all used to from bob. let’s see what someone else can do with the players we have. all that the coach has to do from now until 2014 is qualify for the world cup–and i don’t think qualifying starts until 2012. so make the change now…

  10. Joe B NYC says:

    We were woefully out-coached. And I’m a Bob Bradley Fan. what kills me is the cop-out idea that we simply didn’t have the talent to compete with Mexico. We NEVER had the ‘talent’ or sheer depth of players to compete with Mexico, but for the majority of the past decade, that didn’t seem to hurt us. Also, regarding our left back position, does the coach really think Bornstein was a better option than Dunivant? Robbie Russell? or even Spector? Was Rodgers a better option than Lennart? or hell, Eddie Gaven?

    I think it’s time for Gulati to appoint a Technical Director to handle the player pool— wink wink nod nod. And then I’ll have that date with J-Lo, and then I’ll wake up…

  11. Erik says:

    Funny, no comments on what Tim Howard said after the game.

  12. Mat says:

    At the World Cup, Mexico and the USA had the same output, and you could argue the USA achieved some better results, not having lost a game in regulation all tournament.

    After the WC, Mexico got a new coach. You can’t say the Aguirre was a bad coach for Mexico: he turned the team around in WCQ and had them playing pretty well and qualified out of a tough group. So it’s not the case of the coach not getting results that made him resign. It’s just Mexico understands that after a cycle it’s good to change coaches no matter the outcome.

    On the other hand, the USA decided to keep their coach, despite the memory of the Arena second-time around fiasco.

    Where are we a year later? Mexico is moving forward, the US is stagnating and moving a bit back.

    Just look at the past year’s results for the USMT: this GC final blowout is no fluke. There were signs, from all those friendlies where we were unable to beat any decent team, while getting totally dominated by the better ones.

    In one year, despite playing a vast majority of home games, the USA only beat the likes of Algeria, South Africa, Panama, Canada, and Jamaica, hardly anything to write home about.

    Managing a national team isn’t like managing a club, where it’s fine to have long tenured coaches. At a club, when you have a specific positional need, you can just take out the checkbook and get a new player. Not so much in international play where you’re dealt cards you just need to make the best of.

    BB did pretty well in his full cycle. But clearly, a year later, things are not progressing, so a change is warranted.

    And those who think it’s the players not the coach should realize we have probably one of the deepest player pools in our history right now. Just Google past teams and take a gander at where our players played club-wise and you’ll see what I mean.

    Sure we’re in a transition phase, with old favorites near the end of their international careers and talented but green players pushing through: but that’s the case of 95% of national teams.

    Get a new coach, a new vision, new ideas and get the US team back on the right tracks.

  13. JCC says:

    I think this is being ignored. Mexico’s talent aside, De La Torre thoroughly out-coached Bradley that game. He made all the right adjustments, the right subs at the right time. This might be the best coached Mexico side I’ve ever seen.

  14. MSNats says:

    Watching this video is like picking a scab. Or having an ulcer in your mouth that you just can’t stop playing with.

  15. marco says:

    In the confusion of the Borstein barage Michael and Tim have nearly escaped un-noticed. They both played poorly, in Tim’s case the worst ever. Some reporters are not letting them slide away. Another factor overlooked is that the attack sputtered with Dolo out. El Tri could have easily given up 4 to 5 goals also. Freddy and Dolo were doing a number on the right side. Bottom line Bob Bradley has over stayed his welcome, particularly on sections, think Clark, think Bornstein. For every clever move, no target striker, there are two bone head decisions.

  16. Murphy says:

    right on. make the change now. there is no reason to put up with this until 2014. no benefit from “continuity” and no benefit from the “wisdom and experience” of bob. change is a good thing, especially since the lineup needs to be overhauled before 2014.

  17. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    I was at the game, and I have no desire to relieve it.

  18. Murphy says:

    tim really lived up to the worst of american stereotypes with those comments. xenophobia at its best… i didn’t watch the ceremony but i heard it was in both spanish and english. get used to it tim, the u.s. is becoming a bilingual nation and is better for it.

    hopefully in a few years more of tim’s teammates will be mexican-americans and americans from other latino backgrounds like bedoya, agudelo, and gonzalez.

    viva los estados unidos!

  19. Adam says:

    Can’t get over Dos Santos’ goal. Beautiful!

  20. Chepo says:

    Gracias muchachos. mis respetos.

  21. Ja Ja James says:

    My 2 cents.

    1. Gio is the Mexican equivalent of Donovan (Not skill set, Gio has greater skill). Just that he will be a thorn in the U.S. side for the next ten years.

    2. The U.S. had their chances but poor finishing doomed them. It was hard for me to really see that during the game and these highlights showed that. Again there were some real lowlights as well.

    3. This crop of Mexican talent is awesome. Their mentality used to be there downfall, but they are only getting better and stronger. The 5-0 drubbing may have been their “tipping point”.

    4. I’m really proud of Adu. He seems to not only have matured on the field, but off as well.

  22. Jim in Atlanta says:

    There was nothing xenophobic about it. So your telling me if we won in Mexico city, the entire ceremony would be in English? Not a chance! If Germany beats Holland in Holland there is no way the entire ceremony is going to be in German.

  23. Eric says:

    Alright guys. I couldnt get coverage on Saturday.This is incrediably depressing for me because its the first time im watching the highlights. I gotta say though on the Gio goal am i the only one that thinks Lichaj has to pull a Luis Suarez. I mean you cant just let the final dagger go in. Looks like the bounces just went Mexico’s way. What’s done is done. Everybody have a nice summer we’ll see you at the next camp.

  24. Joe says:


    I couldn’t put myself through the pain again.

    When does the Premiership start again? 45 days or so. I need something to look forward to again.

  25. TimN says:

    I think it’s all been hashed over pretty well in terms of what Bradley could have done differently with substitutions once Cherundolo had to go out. The bottom line is that it emphasizes the point that a change at the top needs to be made. Even going back to the WC last summer, Bradley’s personnel decisions more often than not leave one scratching their head. It’s time for new ideas and a new approach to evaluating our available talent.

    Now to the sticking points with a potential new coach, if Gulati goes that direction. The problem with Klinsmann both times we tried to hire him has been negotiating control over the MNT from top to bottom. Klinsmann wanted to direct the youth development as well, and the USSF didn’t want to relinguish that to him. I don’t see that hurdle being overcome on a third attempt…there’s too many people in youth development that are primarily interested in money and results based, rather than skills based, coaching to go for that.

    So, having said that, who does that leave? Probably more inbred USSF options like Peter Nowak. Yes, he is Polish, and played at the club level in both Poland and the Bundesliga, but he’s also a former Bradley assistant and former head coach for the U.S. U-23’s. I don’t see infusion of a lot of new ideas with him, which is what we desparately need.

    Does anybody out there have any other likely candidates they can think of?

  26. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    I heard nothing xenophobic about Tim’s statement. The final ceremony should be in the language of the host country. It just makes sense.

  27. Duck says:

    Same here :(

    The euphoria from the first two goals is still a fond memory though

  28. Murphy says:

    i think the ceremony was in both spanish and english but i didn’t see it. i think if the final was in canada there may be more than one language used in the presentation. yeah spanish isn’t an official language in the u.s. but most of the nations in concacaf speak spanish and concacaf set it up so the univision presenter would give out the trophy. get fox soccer to do it next time then. also, i may be wrong but in 2007 was the ceremony in both languages?

    tim should calm down about this, its not the end of the world to have someone speaking spanish in the u.s. there was no reason for him to call it a “f—ing disgrace.” he should have complained that the crowd was overwhelmingly pro-mexico. as the home team, that had to not be much fun for the u.s.

    but if they had won i bet he wouldn’t have cared.

  29. Ja Ja James says:

    If internal: Jason Kries (not realistic I know), Bruce Arena (yes re-tread, but he is a dahm good coach), Dom Kinear (does more with less).

  30. SuperChivo says:

    We didn’t get blown away by skill, other than Lil’ Pea this guys are at our level or below for their clubs, we got blown away by heart and intensity. We were casual this entire tournament, nothing to prove, resting on our laurels. Bob’s calling up Bornstein and Rogers and leaving off Bedoya (initially) are signs of that as was Donovan and Dempsey’s decisions to leave for weddings. In short, we looked like 2007 Mexico and Mexico looked like 2007 U.S., brash, gutsy, and united. Bob and the coaching deserve some of the blame and the stars of team do as well, especially Landon.

  31. BK says:

    What I’ve learned is that Bradley must go. We’ve stagnated…nay, regressed under his leadership and I don’t think there is a person here that can argue that I’m wrong on that.

    I’ll go a step further. Gulati needs to go. He is currently a volunteer and I ask “why?” Why don’t they make the President of USSF a paid position so they can instill some semblence of accountability for the program’s performance? I’m starting to feel that the USSF is more interested in power and control than further progressing the program. Case in point…Klinsmann. They got their cheap and obient lap dog in Bradley and in the process settled for mediocrity. They are unwilling to cede any power even though Klinsmann’s demands are EXACTLY what we need to compete with the best on a world level.

  32. bryan says:

    i think Bob’s biggest mistake was not realizing the mistake of putting Bornstein in and never subbing him out. He should have come out at halftime.

  33. PD says:

    Rewatched a lot of the tape this morning… thoughts a few days after the roller coaster:

    Full marks to Mexico. They are fast, technical and clinical finishers. Their excellence will make us a better team.

    Missing an in-form and healthy Onyewu, Chandler, and Cherundolo, plus Jones and Bradley not playing deep (part of the attacking mentality?) was a huge difference maker–allowed Mexico room to roam.

    I don’t want to have to talk about Bornstein ever again.

    Say what you want about what some mystery Mary Poppins manager might do, but give Bob credit for preparing the team to come out swinging and congratulate the USMNT for actually delivering on something that they usually can’t deliver on–early leads and creative goals. The US had at least two more agonizingly close chances–a different bounce and who knows?

    About “Bunker Bob”… things to consider: Injury and fitness may have forced his hand with a few callups that worked out really well (Bedoya) but there’s no defending the Robbie Rogers callup. Adu’s callup was by design as was Lichaj’s. Injuries aside, we saw perhaps the most potent attacking lineup possible right now, (and yes I am including Buddle and Gomez in that thought). Throughout the tournament we saw a real mix of lineups and changes of tactics. I hate to sound like an apologist, but I have seen BB evolve as a coach while this team evolved quite a lot in about a year. There are some fundamental improvements being made, some important young players have emerged in this tourney (mistakes and all) the team that is in transition while dealing with some serious depth issues and evolving it’s style to accomodate the skill set that now dominates the pool. That is hardly predictable, bunker-prone, long ball, kick and run, close-minded, or overly-methodical. Some of his judgements about players he has stood by (JB, Ricardo Clark, Robbie Rogers) have been wrong, but many calls have been proven right as well. Hindsight is 20/20. While it would be understandable if he were to be asked to resign, we could do a lot worse. If some candidate (other than Klinsmann) emerges as available and interested, of course it should be considered, just like every player needs to compete, the coaching staff should as well.

    Lastly, some folks are calling our Howard for being less than world class, the former goalie in me got a little hot about this. The first goal caught him wrong footed — 9 times out of 10 he’s gonna make that save. Third goal he might have gotten in front of faster. second and forth goals are the breaks of the game. In light of the countless times he’s saved the MNT’s bacon, I’d hardly say that this is the beginning of the end for him.

    It was a thrilling game and I really hope that it’s a sign of things to come and that the USMNT will go along for the ride.

    PS I have followed the Klinsmann saga very closely his greatest achievements happened when he had Joachim Lowe as an assistant, Lowe has gone on to greater things, whereas Klinsman has not. it’s hard for me to wonder if maybe we shoudl be mooning over Lowe instead of Klinsi…

  34. mwc says:

    “. . . and thank you so much for bringing up such a painful subject. While you’re at it, why don’t you give me a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice on it? We’re closed!”

  35. Joe B NYC says:

    Exactly. The thing that bothers me is that when we beat Mexico, too many American fans put it down to the fact that ‘we were better than them’ as opposed to we had a coach that did his job. All credit to Mexico though, I’m not taking anything away from them…

  36. Benny says:

    MB and Timmy played poorly and Bornstein was horrid. Not taking Bornstein out at halftime was mindboggling. Should BB be replaced? Yes, but only if there is someone better and wants the job. There has to be someone out there. The USSF needs to be flexible but right now you can’t drive a nail in their butts. Having won the GC would have been great but qualifying is much more important and has to be the priority now, especially with an aging backline in transition. Dolo was indeed the key in this GC final but the lack of depth in the back hurt us. With Dole healthy, I think the U.S. wins. There is no way, Mexico get 4 goals. BB should have put his foot down and insisted that Chandler play in the GC. He needed to be firm with Chandler’s club or with whomever. That one hurt. The U.S. has about 2 ½ to 3 years to find the right mix for the backline.

    The positives are that Adu looked great (he just needs to play wherever he is at)and Chandler and Holden will help this team immensely.

  37. BK says:

    Huh? He should’ve realized that months and months ago. Bornstein has been shown on numerous occasions to be out of his league and in no fit for international duty. Yet, he still get invites to camp. That falls on Bradley. And Bornstein isn’t the only one. There are maybe 5-6 players in the pool that deserve to be there. All the rest are just not good enough no matter how much we hope, wish, and pray. If they are the best we have in this country, then so be it. We are just a top 40 team. I don’t believe that however. Bradley’s personnel decisions are hurting the program.

  38. Raymon says:

    Nice comments PD, good stuff!

  39. Murphy says:

    the u.s. has no official language and many americans speak more than one language or multiple languages.

  40. John says:

    J-Lo hasn’t been hot since “Let’s Get Loud” era.

  41. BK says:

    Agreed. But our problems are much more than that. A player’s career starts at the age they first kick a ball. The whole system needs adjustment and Klinsmann pointed this out. The USSF brass wanted nothing to do with it an opted for the status quo in an effort to retain controll and power. As a result, like you said, here we are. 2 year later. Regressing with each and every game.

  42. BK says:

    That’s why USSF needs a re-shuffle as well. Gulati needs to move aside and get some fresh ideas in there. How long has he been at the helm now?

  43. bryan says:

    for me, we have to think outside of MLS coaches if we want to see a real difference.

  44. Joe B NYC says:

    I’m still on that ‘U-Turn,’ ‘Anaconda’ J-Lo…

  45. John says:

    The Gold Cup is in the US because Concacaf decides it so. This isn’t on any bidding by the US or anything and the US shouldn’t feel they have more right to the Gold Cup than anyone else. There are 3 languages spoken in Concacaf and the ceremony was done in both English and Spanish. I’m sure if the US had won we would have heard more English but they didn’t. If any thing Howard’s performance was an effing disgrace.

  46. Kelly Goosecock says:

    Zak Whitbread

  47. bryan says:

    I agree with you. I was just pointing out that, in that game, his biggest mistake was never taking Bornstein out. Sure, his second biggest mistake was putting him in and the third was even bringing him, but I just meant for that game.

    Rogers, Wondo, Bornstein were the three biggest questions for me. And sure enough, they all proved I’m right for questioning them!

  48. Mat says:

    I actually appreciate BB and think his achievements at the helm during the first cycle have been quite impressive.

    However, given the fact that it’s been over a year that the USA has actually beat any decent team (and even lost to a poor one in Panama..) it’s clear that something is wrong with BB’s squads. Something is broken.

    The remedy is a new coach with a fresher vision to give this team a much needed new life.

    The USSF made a horrible blunder after the WC in keeping the same coach for a new cycle, and now we are seeing the results. Mexico did as well as us in the WC but changed coaches: now they’re better for it.

  49. Mat says:


    We have a very talented player pool by the way. I don’t believe that, aside from Gio and Chicharito Mexico’s squad is that much more impressive.

    The US player pool is ripe with scores of professionals plying their trade in European first divisions. MLS is better than it once was, so that the average MLSer is better than 10 years ago. So we have a more complete, and I believe more talented reservoir of players than we used to have when we dominated Mexico during the past 10 years.

    So I don’t buy into the it’s the players not the coach.

    BB had a good run, but the US are ready for some new leadership.

  50. Kevin_Amold says:

    Too soon for me to think about.

  51. Kevin_Amold says:

    Pure ecstasy. Euphoria. That’s the best way I can describe it. Fantastic celebrations with some fantastic fans.

  52. Kevin_Amold says:

    I don’t disagree with your assessments, but my question is, who exactly are we hiring that is an upgrade on Bradley?

  53. Kevin_Amold says:

    I’m tired of this sentiment that if you ever dare criticize anything relating to another country or its native language, you are therefore xenophobic. Using it for anything and everything devalues real xenophobia when it manifests itself.

  54. Mat says:

    I agree that there are some major flaws in the youth systems in the USA. When you listen to Dempsey speak of his own personal experiences, it’s clear that the structures in place don’t make it easy for children of low income households to really make it through the ranks.
    However, I think this is somewhat being addressed by MLS academies, so it’s going in the right direction, though obviously there is still much to do to get our more talented youths developed in the best conditions. But still, I’m pretty optimistic about this; we’re on the right tracks I think.
    The next step for me is to revamp the college soccer system, which I firmly believe hampers player development greatly, when compared with what 17-20 year olds soccer hopefuls experience over in more established soccer nations as far as exposure to optimal training and formation conditions.

  55. Chris says:

    The country doesn’t have an official national language, the majority (now) speak English, but as a nation we don’t have an official language like others do. Individual states do (won’t surprise you which ones), but as a nation that bill never gets passed and is usually a poison pill in politics to try and alienate recent immigrant voter bases (i imagine it would offend those who speak creole in your state if they tried to pass English as the official language).

  56. alf says:

    Ever since the Reyna retirement the US midfield has gone back to being completely overrun by good teams and most of the time at best being able to hold their own against the weaker teams. In WC we were pretty much dominated at midfield by England and Ghana and played fairly evenly against Slovenia and Algeria. One could argue that our midfield struggled to control the game against many of the CONCACAF minnows in this tournament. Until we develop a combination of talent and tactics that allows our midfield to gain some control over the pace of the game, we will continue to see one way traffic against the better teams, no lead against minnows/middling teams will be safe and our results will boil down to luck. Against England, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico we now look about as likely to get somewhere as we did in the mid 90’s. Occasionally we survive the non-stop barrage that our defense is under and score enough fast break/setpiece goals to eek out a flattering result. Mexico was crushing us the entire game, making our entire team resemble an assembly of traffic cones. Bornstein or not, was not going to change the fact that we were under constant siege. Plus, Mexico always had two against one on that side because while Bedoya was helping on defence on the right (in large part because he couldn’t keep running up into Adu parked on the right when we had the ball) there were acres of space behind Landon for Barrera and Dos Santos to terrorize whoever was defending that side. Lichaj hadn’t yet totally cracked by the time he got shifted over, but there was plenty of danger from that side even before Bornstein ever set foot on the field … Soccer is a game won and lost by the ability to hold and control the ball in the midfield under pressure. We had one player capable of doing that on the field yesterday, and sadly that was Adu … Landon and Clint never developed into the types of players able to assert their will on the flow of the game at the elite level, and MB seems to have topped out well short of that as well. Holden may be our best middie right now, and even he is more of a destroyer at Bolton (leading in tackles, takeaways, etc.) than a holding/offensive force (few goals/assists).

    Until we can at least make it tough for good teams in the midfield and hold on to the ball enough to minimize the number of chances the other teams have running at our defense, we will continue to be a BB team – stiff upper lip, hard working to the end, somewhat organized and professional, but ultimately toothless. Go back to rewatch the 2002 WC and you will see a US team that was able to actual impact the game in the midfield and control play for long stretches agains very good teams. We haven’t seen that in the long time and will not see it for a while yet given the talent pool available.

  57. adam smith says:

    How do you not settle in with a 2 goal lead? All the US had to do was hold out for 20 minutes and mexico goes into a shell. Checkmate.

    Donovan should have been pulled back as he would have helped cover for Bornstein some, who shouldn’t have been in there. Got to say though, Howard is guilty on at least 2, maybe 3 of the goals. For every super athletic move he makes, he makes a stupid one. That’s why he’s not world class.

  58. qax says:

    haha best comment yet!

  59. K Bone says:

    I’m surprised that no one has really mentioned that one of the key problems with the US is that our best player, Donovan, will never get any better because he refuses to challenge himself. Can you imagine how good Donovan could potentially be if he accepted the challenge to play in top leagues? And no, playing in the EPL for two months and some minor time in the Bundesliga does not count. It baffles me that he is satisfied with staying in MLS and doesn’t realize how much better he would be in a better league. No offense to MLS, but you are not going to raise your skill level to world class by staying in that league…

  60. Erik says:

    After reading through everyone’s response here it actually makes more sense to me now why it was in Spanish. I think Tim, like many US soccer fans, are tired of feeling like second class citizens when it comes to soccer in the US. However, if you don’t win, you can’t build a fan base.

    In terms of why the Gold Cup is in the USA – $$$ – plain and simple.

  61. DCUPedro says:

    Called to provisional roster, then dropped due to injury.

    It isn’t like Bob was just ignoring better options at outside back, folks. And as much as the Bornstein moved doomed us, I didn’t see a lot of better options. One thing that may have worked was pushing Bocanegra out and moving Edu to centerback, although that could have brought its own disasters. Fact is, we lost probably the one keystone player in an already suspect backline. Once that happens, Mexico is going to adjust to exploit it with their best midfielder, and thats going to be all she wrote. I’m not sure there’s any tactical adjustment we could make at that point, and that’s probably what is frustrating us so much.

  62. Last night should be where it ends for Bob Bradley. It is time for a new man to look at this collection of talent and bring new ideas to the pitch. A man who will put the eleven best Americans at their respective position, regardless of past duty for the national side. It is time for the U.S. to find a manager, American or not, to take the 2-0 lead back to the dressing room and hoist some silverware after a major tournament. Nothing less can be acceptable any longer.

  63. Eurosnob says:

    I agree that Gio is the engine that makes this Mexican team run. Chicharito is a bigger star, but Gio is extremely important. As for poor finishing by the USMNT, none of the three strikers that BB Bradley brought started the game (Altidore due to the injury, Agudelo and Wondo due to not being ready to being a starter at this level at this time). And they still had 2-0 lead. The reason they lost the game was defensive lapses rather than inability to score. It goes without saying that Bornstein should never play for the USMNT again. Going forward to 2014, the defense remains the biggest question mark. It is unclear who would be playing the two CB positions, traditionally a strenth of the USMNT. Ream is clearly not ready yet, Gooch never fully recovered from his injury, Boca will be too old by 2014, Goodson might be an option, but he has his limitations. Chandler and Lichaj are likely to become answers at the RB and LB – their emegence this year is on of the positives. Another positive is the play of Adu – could he become that creative, technical midfielder that the team needs? He certainly played his part in the teams last 3 goals and demonstrated a big change in his attitude. Bedoya and Altidore had a nice tournament overall, although Bedoya largely disappeared in the final. Holden, when he recovers from injury, is likely to strengthen the midfiled. I also think that the team will be undergoing a change in generations (as Donovan, Dempsey, Boca, Dolo, Jones will be on the wrong side of 30 by 2014 – some of them are likely to make the team, but would be more effective off the bench). Also, the 4-2-3-1 formation is here to stay.

  64. RB says:

    I thought of the possibility of Lichaj pulling a Suarez and said it at the time during the game to my son, in fact. But I’m happy he didn’t. For one thing, he actually was rather close with his head and made quite a valiant effort, as the replay shows. For another, it wasn’t a game situation that made as much sense as the one Suarez was in, either, as we were already losing (not tied) and there was a chunk of time left (not the end of the match heading toward extra time).

    Plus you have to remember that even Suarez got incredibly lucky when Gyan’s ensuing penalty hit the crossbar.

  65. Pico says:

    USSF had its chance to bring in Marcelo Bielsa. According to reports, he had a whole plan for player development which would have required the USSF to relinquish control as with Klinsy.

    Bielsa would have been a great coach for the USMNT.


  66. Dale says:

    I everyone forgetting that Mexico lost Salcido and Marquez, after Torres Nilo came in for Salcido he shutdown Adu really well, and this was Reynoso’s first cap by the way. The USA should have explioted Mexico’s D as well but the fact is they shutdown our play and started playing possession and good passing, always targeting the right side of the U.S. defense because even when Dolo was in Mexico already had 3 chances to score. Gio and Barrera gave us hell and Torado and castro shut jones and our Midfield down in a heartbeat…The U.S. dint take care of business but from prior games I was expecting a loss, I just thank God DeNigris did not come in because it would have been worse for us…The US lost to a good team there is no shame in that.

  67. Dale says:

    *Is* oops

  68. bizzy says:

    Believe it or not the US had this game, 2-0 up and scoring 2 well engineered goals. Honduras went to OT with these guys and we were up by 2, and still pressing (they were missing too mind you). Then BB makes a defensive decision (as usual) and everything goes down the drain. You can’t switch up the defensive like that (players are already confortable in their roles) and worst of all bring in a player like Borntein. Cherundolo out Spector in and the game continues……Edu in Bradley/Jones out and the game continues.
    We have players that are game changers but need another coach to spot those talents. Until recently Adu was a JOKE on this forum to many but a few of us (I know who you are) but he comes in and becomes the best US player in the final. He use to be included on most people’s so call “Bradley’s mistake list”: ADU, WONDO and ROGERS but look how people talk about him now and avoid mocking him (now that’s funny). We need to stop selecting players based on WHERE YOU PLAY and have a coach that can recognize and harvest talent, and help motivate them to the next level (e.g Panama and Honduras have coaches, not necessarily world class, working with talent inferior to us but had a very strong showing….imagine if they had our talent pool!!! that good coaching)

  69. DingDong says:

    Four languages. Don’t forget Suriname.

  70. HoboMike says:

    To play devil’s advocate, 2 of Mexico’s subs were direct replacements of injured players. That points to Mexico’s depth.

  71. John says:

    Right. I forgot about Aruba and the Dutch Antilles as well.

  72. Mat says:

    In any “serious” soccer country, the press would all over BB for his poor coaching during the game… but no matter what, the complacency of our expert writers is dumbfounding.
    It’s pretty disappointing, as a fan, to see that the specialized press is always so temperate in their criticism of our coaching staff. Already, during the WC, when Rico Clark kept getting chances when it was clear to everyone Edu was much sharper, I was frustrated, as a dedicated USA supporter no to see more scathing in the press about this clear coaching blunder.

    The press is good at laying the blame on the players when they perform poorly, but totally mute when it is reasonable that they apply the same energy into criticizing coaches or USSF decisions.

    I’m not asking for overkill like we’d see in 99% of soccer playing countries after such a rout, but a little clear and objective criticism would be welcome.

  73. Ben says:

    I think you’re being a bit naive. In the last couple of match ups Torrado has owned Bradley, and I don’t care where they play, Torrado is better. Mexico has skill all over the field, just because you haven’t heard of them doesn’t make them poor players. It is evident to almost anyone with eyes that Mexico has better first touches and quicker passing than the US.

  74. Roy says:

    Rather than look only at this individual match, in which no question Mexico was the superior side, if you look at the tournament as a whole the US played at a barely acceptable level. I’m ambivalent about coach Bradley, but this GC gives you very little confidence going forward with him, and if this is really all about the WC in the end, then we should move on to a pair of fresh eyes.

  75. Roy says:

    Agreed. And couldn’t help wondering where Edu was in this tournament.

  76. Ben says:

    what reports? I’ll cry if that is true, but it shows that the problem is not merely Bradley. Many foreign coaches would probably be very dissatisfied with the youth setup here, but many would probably also like to put their imprimatur on it, yet all we hear is something to the effect of ‘coaches needs to work inside the US system.’ Even Landon has said there were kids more talented than him who he played with while growing up in SoCal, but they couldn’t pay to play and were lost. For Gulati and his minions, life is good, filled with expensive buffets and box seats at Nats games, so there is no need to change anything.

  77. Mat says:

    How was BB’s coaching poor in the final? Clearly Bornstein was a blunder. Lichaj had played LB decently and our RB gets injured. Why shift Lichaj, a young inexperienced player, over to RB during the final of a major tournament? Not only that, but they bring in a guy that hasn’t played a minute during the whole tournament and barely had any PT during a whole year. It’s tactical suicide.
    Sure hindsight is 20/20, but the Licaj to the right + Bornstein to LB is really not a very reasonable option. There were many more reasonable options, the first coming to mind is Spector for Dolo. Boca to the Left and Gooch with Goodson in the middle could have also been another emergency option. But really, why bring Spector along? Isn’t he our emergency RB in case Dolo can’t go? Wasn’t that why BB brought him along?
    Anyhow, it’s too bad all this debating and putting into question of the coaches’ decisions have to come from the fans rather than from the journalists.

  78. Mat says:

    Roy, look at the whole past 12 months and you’ll see the USA was unable to beat any decent team while getting blown out by good teams. The signs were there that BB’s magic touch had faded.

  79. Ben says:

    Yeah and not only that but where are the hard questions? Like the whole Chandler situation stinks to me, yet Bob says he he worked it out with Nuremburg and the press says “ok.” How many coaches would just let a player of that caliber miss their regional tournament? Has anyone even tried to interview Chandler and get a response? I hate to say it but I think that kid is going to end up in a German uniform.

  80. Mat says:

    When did I say Mexico had poor players?
    I’m just saying overall, save for 2 or 3 MExican players, the USA’s talent is more or less equal to Mexico’s. Mexico was more zoned in and motivated for the GC, for sure and deserved to win it. But who’s fault is that? In the end, it’s poor coaching and poor player management over the past year which costs the US big time.

  81. kimo says:

    I rewatched the game and here are some random comments…however, Mbradley REALLY stood out negatively on the rewatch…

    1) Our center backs, as they currently stand, lack elite athleticism. Like I’ve been saying, the US needs to find 1 monster center back. The current crop is adequate in terms of adding depth…only.

    2) Losing Dolo at RB HURT. Bradley’s terrible decision making came into play next. He brings on Borenstein,,,YIKES! He should never suit up again. Just a complete disaster on so many levels. Bringing Edu in at CB and shifting Boca out would have made much more sense. Luckily, we do have depth w/ Chandler at RB. A ton of pace…he could have come in for Dolo. Oh well.

    3) Michael Bradley…I’ve spoken about his undisciplined play before, but he was completely out of sorts. No one, and I mean no one, is even mentioning this. I watched him closely and he left Jones and the center backs out to dry on countless occasions.

    Michael Bradley had a complete shocker on film and continues to display long bouts of undisciplined play in his marking, defensive positioning and marauding nonsensical offensive forays. He was directly culpable for 3 of Mexico’s goal by being woefully out of position for various reasons. His mindless running is often mistaken for a player that is working hard, but, in fact, is a function of an undisciplined player.

    4) Howard had a shocker and came up SMALL.

    5) Adu, at least, illustrated his elite talent. He needs to play. However, part of the problem is that Bradley kept pushing forward which clogged the space underneath the striker so Adu pushed out wide to get the ball. In a true 4-2-3-1, the 2 def mids need to act as a pivot. This fell apart against Mexico as Bradley ran around like chicken w/o its head. During this first 25 mins, Adu found some space underneath, but that disappeared quickly. And, you could tell that he was the only player the Mexicans feared as they doubled him the entire 2nd 1/2.

    6) Clint should have been up top the entire game. I don’t know why Bradley started Landy up there. Landy needs to run off the ball and utilize his speed. We were successful when the switched during the game…and it was Landy / Clint recognizing this during the flow of the game…not Bob.

    7) Mexico’s team is the best that they’ve ever fielded. Chicharito, although a bit quiet in terms of on the ball participation, caused so much confusion amongst the back 4 with his runs, that the US lost focus on the other attacking players. Mexico wanted a track meet…and got one.

    8) Speaking of track meet…the US needed to do the following after going up 2-0. For the rest of the 1st 1/2, the US should have dropped to a 4-1-4-1 with Jones sitting in front of the defense and Clint dropping into the middle and playing more defensive. Adu up top and the wingers pinching in. The US needed to play ugly footy and clog the middle. Bob did nothing. In the 2nd 1/2, I would have brought in Edu, assuming it was still 2-0 and taken off Adu…leaving Clint up top. Oh well…Bob has never been known as a game-time decision maker.

  82. JCC says:

    The problem was that the entire ceremony wasn’t entirely in Spanish. It was in both English and Spanish, I remember watching it and hearing it. So do a lot of people. I think Howard was pissed in general due to the loss and heard what he wanted to hear which riled him up even further. His reaction wasn’t exactly xenophobic, but more sour grapes and probably not wanting to hear anything related to Mexico or the Spanish language. Especially since the question that was asked of him when he made those comments wasn’t even about the ceremony. He just wanted to vent and he did. If the US had won, I don’t think you would have heard a peep out of Howard about what language the ceremony was in.

  83. DingDong says:

    I would really like to know what the USSF has done to avoid any hard questions from journalists. Almost every major soccer writer gives Bradley and Gulati pass after pass. Is everyone scared of being frozen out by USSF? (Like what happened to Trecker?)

  84. stargate5 says:

    agreed on Bradley. I never liked him even when he played well.

    Sunil has to clean house now and start preparing for WC 14 or we will be crushed again.

  85. Rgodinez22 says:

    watch the u17 tournament… I would say to also watch the Copa America and u20 tourny after aswell

  86. CA says:

    Bob Bradley isn’t a bad coach, but he’s had the reins for two cycles and it’s time for new blood.

    Like others have said, the entire system and structure needs an overhaul. Pay-to-play is the largest of many reasons why our senior Nat team is woefully average.

  87. kimo says:


    Mikey really crapped the bed on film. If I recall, his coach in Germany benched him for undisciplined play at one point. It was really blatant on film. I didn’t catch it live, but while reviewing the tape I caught myself saying…”What the F$%^ is that idiot doing?”

  88. Adam M. says:

    In my view, a US coach must achieve the minimum following results (and comport himself appropriately otherwise) to keep his job: (1) Qualify for the World Cup (with relative ease), (2) Make the knockout rounds of the WC, and (3) Win the Gold Cup in a Confederations Cup Year. Bradley barely hung on with 2 and didn’t get 3, so its time for him to go. Our apex was 2-0 against Brazil, the World Cup was an epic flub and miracle goal away from being a total disaster, and we’ve given up 9 goals to Mexico in the last two Gold Cup finals. But putting in (and keeping in) Bornstein should be the final nail. I thought the Adu move/Donovan benching showed that Bradley was growing and maybe had some fresh ideas. But the Bornstein move showed yet again that Bradley’s in game decision making hurts the team, and we simply don’t have the depth to make up for bad coaching decisions. Bradley isn’t a bad coach the way that Sascha isn’t a bad player. He’s just not good enough anymore for the level we want to be at.

  89. JCC says:

    Gio, Chicharito, Barrera, and Guardado are all better than most of our guys.

  90. john says:

    Wow Adam, I was with you for a while there and then you blew it. Howard not world class? Please. He’s top 5 at worst. I’ll grant you he didn’t have his best game, but to indict his overall ability? Name me 4 better keepers in the world.

  91. tarfpir says:

    I understand why anyone would be upset about the ceremony being in Spanish and not English, especially after the heart-breaking loss. It’s worth remembering, though, that Los Angeles was part of Mexico before the US won it in a war. I suggest we embrace the Mexican culture that we have here, by including their language from time to time. . . . digressing, I still hate losing to them (they were better), and why the hell doesn’t Mexico do better on the world stage? The should be making semis in WCs, but not a one. . ..

  92. tarfpir says:

    It was NOT a blowout. We competed, despite being crippled by an ineffective left back. In fact, I was thrilled by our offense.

    I’m not a BB fan, but, I give him credit for this tourney. He found Adu is in fact a legitimate asset, and he had no other choice than playing Bornstein (No, Spector is waaaaay tooo slow). AND, given Bornstein’s previous performances, he did alright in the second half. I’m just glad they didn’t score more than 4.

    Bradley needs to stay. . .there’s no replacements that are acceptable, and I think he’s learning.

  93. tarfpir says:

    You make the most sense of all of the anti BB sentiments I’ve read. The biggest problem BB has, IMO, is his son. They are a package deal, and if MB can’t hold the damn ball for a little longer we’re screwed ( I do love his attitude).

  94. JCC says:

    I don’t think Bielsa would work out well for the US. He’s pretty much a “my way or the highway” type of guy. If you think Klinsmann wants control, Bielsa would be a total nightmare for the guys at the USSF. He’s also not very media friendly. Doesn’t really like to do interviews, his post-game discussions are notoriously long-winded and detailed. He also caused a bit of an uproar in Chile when he twice seemed indifferent to meeting the President of Chile and basically refused to interact with him because Bielsa, it was rumored, disagreed with his politics. Can you imagine if he did that to a US president if he doesn’t like their politics, US soccer would be making headlines for all the wrong reasons. He knows his stuff and is a tremendous coach, I just don’t see Gulati or anybody in the USSF handling his quirks and personality well.

  95. Al_OC says:

    Well said Adam!

    As for Mexico, hats off to them. Not only they played great, but they also respected their opponent(s), including the US.

    The previous Mexican teams also had the better talents, but they seemed to always underestimated the US. It felt weird last week where I couldn’t find a single degrading quote from any of the Mexican players/coaches.

  96. Rgodinez22 says:

    casillas, valdez, neuer, vandersar, chech… to start

    However I do agree Howard is a excellent keeper, not top five in the world though buddy.

  97. Mat says:

    Not a blowout? I don’t think we watched the same game then. Mexico dominated our A team in a way I’ve never seen before. They picked us apart in a clinical manner. It wasn’t even close.
    You say we were crippled, what of Mexico losing their top Central defender during the game with Marquez’ injury? Dolo’s injury isn’t why we lost. Mexico was running us in circles before he got injured.

    You say had no other choice than playing Bornstein, and I couldn’t disagree more. It’s the finals, and you switch Lichaj, a young inexperienced defender from LB to RB when he was just starting to be comfortable there with Boca by his side and inject Bornstein, someone who hasn’t played in forever and not one single minute all tournament. It’s simply irresponsible. If you don’t like Spector, then shift Boca out left and put Gooch in the game, for example.

    Finally, please explain, looking at over a year of poor playing what justifies that BB should stay? Is there anything in our results vs decent teams in the past year that indicates anything positive to you? Is getting humiliated at home by Brazil, Spain and Mexico, unable to beat, at home Poland, Chile, Columbia or Paraguay, losing to Panama (??!!)… is any of that encouraging to you?

  98. Mat says:

    Also when you say:
    “Bradley needs to stay. . .there’s no replacements that are acceptable, and I think he’s learning”

    The national team isn’t a place for “learning” how to coach.

    I think BB did a good job these past 4 years, but clearly the team isn’t going anywhere with him so it’s time to change.

  99. John says:

    Top 5? I could name around 10 guys better than Howard. A top 5 keeper wouldn’t be playing for Everton. Howard is on the decline.

  100. bizzy says:

    We have talent players overseas and even MLS….why is BB so bent on the likes of Gooch, Boca, Ream etc. Everyone needs to play for their position….no exceptions. You could be great for you r club but suck for the national team. We need speed on the flanks and in the back field….right now we are lacking Big time. We have Lichaj and chandler on the wings (Dolo is money but he’s 32) that are going to be assets for the US in the future. We need to be constantly testing our player pool abroad to find a good “receipe”: Ball control, speed on the ball, timing in the air etc. We have alot of players oversea that have represented the US in the U-17 and U-20 levels, which mean they have potential:
    Agbossoumonde (19) Рdefender with Djurg̴rdens IF.
    Ogunbiyi(24) – defender plays for Viborg (Denmark)
    Daniel Williams(22) – defender plays for FC Freiburg, bundesliga
    Nazzani(21) – Defender with Bologna on loan.
    Sean Cunningham(18) – defender Molde, his coach… Solksjaer.
    Igwe, Amaechi(23) – Defender (was a forward with the REVs) FC Ingolstadt 04.
    Adeleye, Ryan(24) – Defender Hapoel Be’er Sheva Isreal
    Funicello, Giuseppe(24) – Defender IFK Mariehamn Finland
    Garza, Greg(19) – Defender Estoril-Praia Portugal

    For our pool of defenders that should have been at least called to camp for evaluation for the Gold Cup:
    Zat Whitbread(27)
    Michael Parkhurst(27)
    Ryan Miller(26)
    Kazlauskas, Charles(28)
    Simek, Frank(26) – Defender Carlisle United England.

    Mexico played with:
    Rafael Marguez – NY RED BULLS!!!!!
    Hector Moreno – Espanyol hasn’t played a game yet in 2011!!!!
    carlos salcido – plays for Fulham, only 23 games 2010 – present!!!
    Gerardo Torrado – plays for Cruz Azul in mexico
    Dárvin Chávez – Monterrey in Mexico
    Néstor Vidrio – Atlas in Mexico
    Israel Jiménez – UANL in mexico

    Look where mexico gets their defenders but how well they perform. Is their league just that superior or is their coach just that good?? If you can’t spot talent, regardless of who the players play for, then you can’t harvest talent, which means you don’t know what to do with talent.

  101. Oranje Mike says:

    The “highlights” are lacking since they don’t include Sunil and Bradley getting the axe.

  102. BK says:

    Having played D1 in college I will be the first to agree that as long as we are relying on former college players to build our national team and to a far greater extent, MLS rosters, we are in for more hurt at the highest level. Keg parties and sorority girls vs. professional training in a professional environment…Messi had his priorities in line at the age of 11. 21 or even 18 year old college players are already a long way behind. Our system has taken us as far as we can go, in my opinion. Wholesale changes are needed if we are ever going to sustain competition with the top 10 world teams.

  103. Roy says:

    Yeah, I’m sure you’re right. I sort of looked away from them for a while, to be honest, came back for the GC and was horrified. Things briefly got better, and I thought maybe it was just the typical slow start at fault, but clearly the problems go much deeper. To be honest, the US reminds me of certain NFL teams whose players say all the right things about the coach and the system, but the dispirited play and poor results speak for themselves.

  104. Mat says:

    Exactly what I’m trying to tell people on these boards!! Thank you!

    The USA has NEVER had such a broad talent pool, so many choices for the national team as it does today.

    Certainly, we should be playing better than we are right now.

    IMO, something is broken with BB in the same way something was broken with Domenech and the French team. Was I the only one to notice that many of the US players didn’t seem really into the whole tournament, that they severely underperformed when compared to their club play? I guarantee there is a malaise in the ranks of our USMNT, and I think it’s simply the players not believing in the coach.

    I think we have a an average MLS level coach with good European level players, and it’s why things aren’t clicking.

    We HAVE the player pool. We need a new coach with a fresh vision to take a step back and look at this with unbiased eyes.

  105. GULATIandBRADLEYmustGO says:

    Time to clean House. Gulati and Bradley should both resign in the best interest of U.S. Soccer. U.S. fans should band together and purchase shares of the team similar to how the Green Bay Packers organization is run. There will be accountability to the fans and Support, financing, media involvement will skyrocket.

  106. bizzy says:

    “Was I the only one to notice that many of the US players didn’t seem really into the whole tournament, that they severely underperformed when compared to their club play”

    +1 wow Mat, you hit that on the button!!!

  107. DosaCuatro says:

    I nominate Gulati to run the U.S Badminton Organization if he insists he must have a sports hobby.

  108. Eurosnob says:

    The tactics played a big part in the game. The US did not drop back after getting 2-0 lead, which left its slower backline with all the free space behind them exposed against through balls to fast Mexican players. Just look at the first goal, it starts with a long ball from Mexico, followed by a diagonal through ball, leaving Barrera in a one-on-one situation with Howard. Second goals started with a long lobbed pass to Dos Santos behind the back four with acres of space, followed by the low cross and the mayhem ensued in the box resulting in the second goal. Sitting back and defending would have neutralized Mexico’s advantage in speed to a certain extent. This was a tactical adjustment that was never made. In contrast, as soon as Mexico got 3-2 lead, it immediately dropped back, changing its formation to 4-4-1-1, and played on counterattacks. Zonal Marking has a pretty good assessment of tactics, explaining that Mexico’s coached handily won his chess game against BB.

  109. Eric120 says:

    I think the intent was always to do the ceremony in both English and Spanish. The Univision announcer (who is not Mexican, BTW), got a little excited at times and stuck to Spanish, but it’s not surprising. Mexico had just won, and probably 80-90 percent of the spectators spoke Spanish.

  110. Eric120 says:

    You may be right about the 5-0 game being their “tipping point.” I think until that match (and despite the fact it was against a US B or C team), they may have really believed that they couldn’t beat the US on American soil. That game proved that myth wrong, and after that they fully believe they can beat the US, anywhere. Coming back after being two goals down proves that.

  111. Eric120 says:


  112. papa bear says:

    Mexico very well still could have won, they are a talented side. However, putting in Bornstein was a horrible mistake. Putting in Bornstein and making another young defender switch to an uncomfortable position to do so is unforgivable.
    Bradley should go for that. Sure he gets ‘points’ for starting Adu. It wasn’t as ultra-gutsy as many claimed, the guy played exceptionally well in the semis so he earned it. (I’m no Adu lover but he is by far the most talented person we have on the ball and it is good to see him back)
    Bradley must go. Wilmer Cabrerra would be a great choice to replace him. He knows all of our youth players and emphasizes a possession game over the atrocious Brit-ball we currently employ. I’m sorry, but Bradley’s time is up. He’s out of ideas. Thanks for a good run. Goodbye, Bob.

  113. Alejandro says:

    I like the way you scapegoat your poor leftback. Don’t forget that battles are fought in the midfield, where the core of your star players lie.

  114. Alejandro says:

    Below? Name a Mexican player who is below his US counterpart. I realize you’re attempting to compliment the Mexican team but it seems like a backhanded compliment. This was about gutsy to a certain degree, but ultimately many more elements were involved (skills, cohesion, individual talent).

  115. AJ says:

    I was convinced that Landon Donovan had matured. I wanted to start respecting the guy. But his little chicken dance was not only disrespectful but premature. He’s still the classless small man he was in Germany where he didn’t earn a spot.

  116. JCC says:

    That’s crazy. I’m not BB fan, but nothing he has done has put the US in the same turmoil that Domenech and France were in. Not even close. Not even worth comparing.

  117. AJ says:

    I like the way you erase my Landon Donovan comment. The truth hurts, doesn’t it?

    I was convinced that Landon Donovan had matured. I wanted to start respecting the guy. But his little chicken dance was not only disrespectful but premature. He’s still the classless small man he was in Germany where he didn’t earn a spot.

  118. euroman says:

    I’m pretty surprised no one is talking about Tim Howard’s play or should I say lack of playing. IF he played like he normally does we win this match and probably get the shutout…this would be a much different conversation today. Mexico surely had the run of play but Tim could have made plays on every goal scoring situation but didn’t on Saturday.

    The other issue is the lack of USA support in the stadium, so if you weren’t there please shut your pie hole because YOU are a big part of the problem.

  119. Ben says:

    I wish I could afford to fly across the country and attend games at will; really, I do. However, not all of us are rolling in cash like you euroman.

  120. Renee says:

    Insanity = Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result
    US soccer = Insanity

  121. Allison says:

    I’m really surprised at Tim Howard’s post-match comments I’ve always thought he was a really cool, mature guy. The ceremony was conducted in both English and Spanish, so his annoyance was unfounded. Sour grapes methinks. Maybe he should express his frustration to the powers that be that choose the locations for these matches.Wonder what his Hispanic teammates make of this?

  122. boyo says:

    Klinsman hired Jogi when he was appointed manager for Germany. Either he knew exactly what he was doing in hiring Low or he was lucky in having a friend who is an excellent tactician.

    Germany finished 3rd in both the 2006 and 2010 WC. That isn’t much of a difference between the Klinsmann and Jogi regimes. Also, Jogi had 4 years of control before the Cup while Klinsmann only had 2.

  123. nah says:

    Bielsa is very media friendly. He answers any and all questions and doesn’t do so in vague and obtuse corporate speak like BB.

  124. jai_brooklyn says:

    Kimo, thanks for the fantastic post. I was getting tired of all the Bornstein scapegoating. Bad decision? Sure. But we have bigger problems that need to be fixed right now.

    For one, our CB position needs desperate revamping. What’s the plan here? Stick with Boca and Goodson? I really can’t see Boca lasting until next WC. Yeah, he’s the captain but he’s slowed down and has to rely completely on his positioning and experience to hang in there. That’s not going to cut it. Goodson is quite ‘good’ but he needs improvement to play such a key position. Who else do we have? We don’t have a lot of time to fix this gaping hole.

    Bradley/Jones MF needs rethinking too. I would love to see a Jones/Edu, Holden pair in the center.

    We need a fresh start NOW. If Bob needs to go for that to happen, so be it. Btw, this is coming from a huge BB fan.

  125. jai_brooklyn says:

    Agreed. But you get the point that Mat’s raising? BB seems to have a reached a comfort level with this player pool. That’s when you know things are stagnating.

  126. Alex G says:

    No one is leaving and that sucks, I´m totally with you on this one, BB and Sunil need to go, oue program is regressing and we are becoming pretty predictable as a team, BB tactics and game control sucks, give Klinsmann everything he needs and we will see players with more skill and better ball control, it sucks losing to a team we use to dominate.

  127. Neruda says:

    Good point about Adu. Dos Santos is a player for Mexico that has bounced around a bit too and doesn’t light it up at club level but that chic, errr that duded is crafty and great for his NT. Here’s to hoping Adu finds himself in more favorable club setting from here on out and becomes a main stay for the US. After all who can forget his U21 (or was it U19) world class display from about three years ago.

    As fans we keep looking for who’s the next American player to make an impact over in a top Euro leagues. It seems like we’re ebbing in that regard right now but I’m sure it will flow again with a new generation of US players staking their fortunes overseas.

    BB has to be reconsidered though. Good coach that got us to another rung on the ladder but we’re far from the top still. His best decisions in this GC came from desperation and we’re all tired of the constant “back against the wall” (ie all heart) performances.

  128. Baconator says:

    first off, its you ARE not your

    second, usually the broadcasting company who owns the rights to the game is allowed to present the trophy. In this case the company was Spanish language Univision. and yes it was both in English and Spanish. and yes the comments were borderline “hurr durr ‘merica” maybe not xenophobic, but definitely sour grapes