Mexico and Costa Rica run rampant on Gold Cup opening night

Mexico El Salvador 1 (Getty Images)



The Gold Cup got underway with a doubleheader in Texas on Sunday, and ten combined goals were scored in blowout victories by two of the tournament favorites.

Costa Rica opened the Gold Cup with a 5-0 rout of Cuba. Los Ticos took an early lead as Marco Urena scored his first of two goals on the day in the seventh minute of the Group A match. Heiner Mora, Joel Campbell and Real Salt Lake's Alvaro Saborio also found the back of the net in the win that kept Costa Rica undefeated against Cuba in four Gold Cup meetings.

Mexico got off to a flying start in the tournament, too, with Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez leading the way with a hat-trick in a 5-0 thumping of El Salvador. After holding its own in a scorless first half, El Salvador broke down defensively, allowing Mexico to net three times in a span of five minutes. Efrain Juarez began that sequence, followed by a Jesus De Nigris finish and a Hernandez header.

Highlights from the two Group A games can be seen below:

Costa Rica 5-0 Cuba


Mexico 5-0 El Salvador



What do you think of Costa Rica and Mexico's wins? Which goal did you like the most? Is Cuba or El Salvador more likely to take third place in Group A?

Share your thoughts below.

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92 Responses to Mexico and Costa Rica run rampant on Gold Cup opening night

  1. K says:

    Chicharito was ballin.

  2. Fernando says:

    Joel Campbell’s goal was spectacular. Can hardly believe he’s only 18 from the confidence he has on the pitch. Him and Ureña are real gems for the future.

  3. Jeremy says:

    This was the first real test in the region for Mexico with all of their star players playing together in form. They obviously did not disappoint.

    The questions coming in to this match were if Chicharito and the midfield would work well together. I’d say that question has been emphatically answered. Dos Santos looked very dangerous in the middle.

  4. Alf says:

    I’m trying to not think about what Chicarito will be doing to positionally challenged Ream and agility challenged Onyewu. I honestly do not believe we have a single central defender capable of containing his runs and quickness.

    I expect he’ll put in at least 1 against us in his current form. He’s obviously conquered whatever poor national team form he had.

  5. K says:

    Chicaritos positioning is simply world class. Reality is that we have nobody to stop the kid.

  6. UndergroundDJ says:

    It wasn’t Mexico fault el Salvador fell into pieces. Mexico always pressured the area box. Mexico dominated and always threatened. El Salvador only came to Mexicos area box a few times. Then Mexico move there players around put Giovani as a winger and then the goals started to come up. Giovani is the most dangerous player in Mexico with the dribbling he learn in the Barcelona academy imagine when his younger brother who I 19 develops better in Barcelona. Chicharito always ready to score and actually dribble the ball good and got his hat trick. Nice penalty by the way. El Salvador had no chance they only holded the tie for 45 min and broke down when the 2nd half started. To cost rica game Miller goal was nice but Cuba had no football in them just physical.

  7. Tony says:

    All of el salvadors defenders were following chicharito move. I even saw some envy because they laugh when he got yellow carded for a foul that never existed. They push him like he’s was nothing. Then chicharito scores 3 on them. Haha he just smiled when he scored his hat trick. El salvadors defenders just looked at him like they hate his guts.

  8. roger says:

    Giovanni, chicharito quickness too deadly for any defense in the region.

  9. Alf says:

    I agree.

    I’m afraid that Mexico’s midfield looked much better than anticipated. Canada should give us an indicator of where we’re at in cohesion, but I don’t think we will be able to overcome Mexico’s high pressure and possession.

  10. K says:

    Dos Santos, De Negris, and Chicharito all looked great. In fact, Dos Santos was actually their best player. He had that Xavi look going, and that’s something we’re very poor at defending.

  11. John Harvey says:

    The US midfield is powerful and Donovan is “a different” player when seeing green, but I think that this new MEX trainer knows his sh#t! The way he switched tactics to start the 2nd half was pretty impressive even if it was El Salvador. Five games at the helm, no games lost! If we meet them in the final and he neutralizes Donovan and Bradley it will be a long day!

    Also Chicharito and Dos Santos are world class and both Gio and Barrera are polyfunctional which can create a lot of poblems.

    Let us see how we behave vs Canada and take it from there. As of now, both Costa Rica and Mexico got the job done. Now’s our turn to put up or shut up!

  12. Alf says:

    Any chance at winning will be in the containment of both Gio and Chicharito. It doesn’t help that they also have Marquez and that uncanny long ball ability he can unleash.

    In order to beat them, it will require containment of the two stars, possession to beat their pressure, and maximize scoring opportunities.

  13. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    That last Costa Rica goal was awesome. As a US fan, I am seriously scared of Mexico right now.

  14. Jason says:

    We can’t even beat el Salvador by 5 goals. Let see if we could do that to Canada.

  15. Bobby says:

    No offense but el Salvador park the bus the first half.

  16. Ploobian says:

    Just wondering…is the Gold Cup ever played anywhere else besides here in the states? I’ve only seen it held here but know that it’s a CONCACAF tourny so was curious.

  17. Dillon says:

    While Mexico looked good, El Salvador’s defending was absolutely criminal at times. At least we know Chicharito will not be winning any headers inside the 6 yard box against Oneywu, Ream, and Howard.

  18. TheFreshman says:

    Since the beginning of the Gold Cup era, the tournament has either been hosted outright by the USA, or co-hosted by us with Mexico. 2 of those times the final was contested in Mexico. Prior to 1990 when it was simply referred to as the CONCACAF Championship, it moved around the region pretty freely.

  19. Dillon says:

    Yes it is always head in the U.S. so CONCACAF can make the maximum amount of money from it. It would be good if they moved it around but we know what motivates the decision making of the CONCACAF/FIFA autocrats. But then again I am not sure there are any countries in Concacaf besides the U.S., Canada, and Mexico that have enough decent stadiums and other infrastructure necessary to host it.

  20. Fred Garvin says:

    Mexico will prolly have sweet pea on the bench for the first half against the USA..

    Bradley era.. Buh Bye

  21. Brian says:

    Question: Are there any fast center backs in our pool? I will not accept Marvell Wynne as an answer.

    Only guys I can come up with are Ugo Ihemelu and maybe Gale Agbossoumonde?

  22. Brian says:

    I think the pre-1990 CONCACAF Championship was also how CONCACAF determined the teams to send to the World Cup.

  23. Brian says:

    Psssh…I’m pretty sure they will come out guns blazin’

  24. My attitude towards Chicharito and the damage he could do to the USA before today: “He’s a world-class striker, but won’t be getting the same world-class service he gets from Man U from Mexico. Shouldn’t do too much damage.”

    My attitude today: “Oh, s**t.”

    Our midfield/defense should be able to contain Mexico much better than El Salvador did, but I’m apprehensive because (today at least) Mexico IS providing good service to the little green pea, AND he’s scoring even when service isn’t perfect.

  25. michael says:

    does anyone know of a good website streaming the gold cup games?

  26. vik says:

    Mexico has always been a more dynamic team than the US. They run rampant in some of these games the way the US never really does. The Spain game makes it hard to feel confident heading into our game with Canada, even though Canada is no Spain. I think if we get a good result early and build on each performance, we may be ready for Mexico in a late-stage match.

    Right now, I think they’d win a ‘best of three’ matchup. Should make for a helluva final, if we can get there. Exciting.

  27. Lorenzo says:

    Maurice Edu at centerback or is that another dangerous playing-someone-out-of-position move?

    just trying to think out of the box, Edu is pretty springy

  28. MicahK says:

    Dude they played El Salvador relax.

  29. Vince says:

    Well, other than that ole El Flopo on the final penalty — that was a dive.

    Mexico played well, even if it did take their midfield 50 minutes to finally sync up on a poor defending team. But I thought the final score flattered Mexico a bit.

    The penalty was a joke, and a half-decent GK would’ve had a good chance at stopping 2 of the other 4 goals. That’s still a comprehensive victory, mind you, but Mex-Costa Rica will be a much better gauge.

  30. Vince says:

    Chicharito is a fantastic finisher, but the key is closing down hard on Gio dos Santos and Efrain Juarez, as they look to be the most dangerous midfielders. (Okay, so dos Santos is more a withdrawn striker, but the point still stands.)

    I always thought Andres Guardado was Mexico’s most dangerous midfielder, but he’s been banged up and surpassed as a provider by Juarez on the wing and dos Santos in the high middle. (Juarez, remember, is the guy who won the last WCQ against the US in Azteca…)

    Stop those two guys and Chicharito will struggle. Remember he was invisible in the CL final because Man U’s midfielders were all bottled up.

  31. RNG says:

    Mexico’s offense looked fast and dangerous.

    But it should be pointed out that their defense did not look as good. They’re not terrible, but they did get beaten in the air and on the ground. Plus they certainly give up a lot of cheap shot fouls. Should be a very physical game, and the ref will matter….

  32. Joamiq says:

    As if we could beat El Salvador 5-0? Last two times we played them we drew and won 2-1.

  33. bizzy says:

    well said Joamiq….

  34. St. Addi says:

    At least we didn’t lose to them, like Mexico did during that same period. As they say, past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.

  35. bizzy says:

    Don’t forget this Mexican Defense stood up to an 11 man Spain team and their offense scored a goal. To top that off their first game in the gold cup results to five goals (in the second half!!!). Their ball control out of defense, their quickness on the ball, everyone’s awareness of where their key players are…..the US are in more trouble than we think….
    Field Gooch and Ream against the quick breaking Chicharito and Dos Santos, then throw in Juarez and I see a lot of holding calls and a 3-1 mexico game…

  36. Marco Ricoy says:

    That’s assuming the US makes it to the final…and MEX!

  37. joe says:

    Just get him with the offsides trap like Barca did…over and over again.

  38. Josh D says:

    Goodson is a bit more agile and far better defensively. The way to beat him is to simply starve him of service. We need a 4-5-1 to contain them…

    He still isn’t world class without decent service so we need to pressure the defense. Of course looking at how we played Spain with our inability to apply any pressure, that scares me a bit. We never close down the middle and that’s where we’re going to get man handled.

    But our midfield is a brute force one so we have a chance.

  39. Josh D says:

    But since that period, they axed their useless manager who wasn’t pushing the team to new levels and we still have….. Bob…. Big difference.

    We’re still that same team, Mexico are not.

  40. Josh D says:

    I’ve asked for months now: What has to happen in this cup for us to fire Bob? He has been terrible since the WC with a butt load of losses – friendlies or not.

    Jamaica and Costa Rica are looking quite good and there’s always the off chance of a poor game. Does a quarterfinal loss cost him his job? I would think so…

  41. Josh D says:

    Boss is not that fast from what I’ve seen. You don’t need fast defenders, you need smart ones. Rio and Vidic aren’t fast, but they work brilliantly together. We need discipline which is something we have not had under Bob (based on conceding goals in the first half in almost every single game since the WC).

  42. Joamiq says:

    That is true. But regardless, I doubt that many of us think that this US team is realistically capable of hanging a scoreline like that on El Salvador.

  43. JW says:

    Univision had a free live stream up last night. Good quality.

  44. canchon says:

    It is funny to see everyone going “no worries here, just El Salvador, they stink”…last I remember the US had to scratch out a draw at ESAL and had a squeaky 2-1 win at home.

    More concerning is that ESAL had a great game plan in the first half, bottled up Mexico, and then Chepo changed it up and Mexico completely destroyed that team. If Mexico gets coaching like that…look out. They figured out that they have speedy forwards and lobbed it up to them and scored 4 goals in 10 minutes. Last I checked USMNT does not have mobile or fast centerbacks. I cringe thinking of gimpy Gooch watching Chicharito streak by.

    Continue to thump “2 a 0″ and that Mexico has not won with an A team in the US etc etc etc but that has squat to do with a potential USMNT-Mex final. Coaching does.

  45. Brett says:

    Mexico looked, last night and less recently, much more dangerous and organized than we have in our recent “tune-ups”. Gio, Little pea, Barrera, Guardado, Juarez…They all looked good.

    Sad to say, to beat them we will have to play our usual negative tactics and hope they don’t pounce on us with quality. We can do it, but I’m not feeling a surge in form in ANY of our players. Too bad we can’t get healthy against a team like Cuba. I’m not even confident we will play well against Canada.

  46. JW says:

    Mexico has the potential to do things like this to minnows, that’s never been the problem. The problem with Mexico, IMHO, is consistency. Who knows how they’ll be playing in two weeks.

    That said, if we play them, we’ve got to close down that midfield better than El Salvador did. Master Sun instructs us to attack the supply to defeat the soldier. If we can’t stop Chicharito, we should attack his service.

  47. AME says:

    Wow, I think everyone is freaking out a little too much about Mexico’s 5-0 win over El Salvador. El Salvador’s last major soccer accomplishment was making the 1982 World Cup and then losing all three group games. Let’s not make this into anything more than it is….Mexico taking care of one of the “other” CONCACAF teams.

    If you want to look at past results to try and figure out who the favorite is for this Gold Cup final (assuming USA v Mexico), look at the games played on US soil over the last ten years when both teams fielded full sides….American domination.

    For those of you freaking out about Mexico’s superior ball skills and possession skills over the US, hasn’t that always been the case? The US wins with better organization, physical attributes, and composure in pressure filled situations. All of those things still apply.

    Let’s not start screaming that the sky is falling just because Mexico thrashed a world soccer minnow, and the US got thrashed by the world soccer champs. Have faith in our team because they have done nothing in the past decade against Mexico to make us think otherwise.

  48. Brett says:

    And the US, under Bradley, is not willing to play the game patiently enough to fight that. It’s all just hopeful long balls, picking up the scraps, and trying to get fouls in good positions so we can whip in set pieces.

    Like it or not, that is Bob Bradley for the first 70 minutes of a match. He only wants possession, link-up play, and numbers forward for the final 20 minutes.

  49. bizzy says:

    wow…dude, at least a few people on here can see the threat we’ll be facing…well said canchon

  50. Rick Poncy says:

    Anyone who says that Mexico does not have a good defense I’ll tell you this, Hector Moreno is class all around and every bit as good, and very similar, to Rafa Marquez. “Maza” may have mental lapses but he’s the biggest and tallest defender Mexico’s ever had and Salcido, when he’s on, can be a nightmare on the wings. And I happen to think that their keeper has personality and commands respect. Let’s not forget that the ONLY reason Milan did not sign him was because they were confounded as to why Aguirre preferred a 5 ft 7 37 year old keeper instead of him as a starter in the WC!

    Mexico’s defense might not be Spain, but it’s certainly not bad!

  51. Brett says:

    Canada doesn’t have the infrastructure to do it alone. Only US and Mexico do. They could do one in all the Central American countries combined and there still wouldn’t be enough quality stadia to make a profit.

    Holding it in the States exclusively shouldn’t be considered unfair because the US is one of the least represented supporter groups during the tournament anyway. Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico… They all outdraw US supporters.

  52. Brett says:

    Will he need to? Onyewu and Ream will be out of position because Chicharito doesn’t just stand in the box and wait for crosses. He moves around. We saw against Spain how mightily those two struggle with tracking runners and staying with marks. I hope neither of those two play in the Gold Cup.

  53. Brett says:

    “Their keeper” has a name, and most Mexican fans who don’t support America refer to him as “Mema”. He is their second choice, and only playing because Corona got himself suspended and dropped. La Mema Ochoa is a disaster on set plays and lets in several Rob Green/Fabian Barthez/Heurelio Gomez type soft goals a year.

  54. Brett says:

    I don’t think it is the result. It is the confidence on the ball. The movement, the communication, the linking passes, the organization… These are things we failed to show consistently against Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, or Spain. Would the US team you have been seeing hang 5 goals on ANYONE? When was the last time we scored a team goal with several pinpoint passes and well-timed runs off the ball? Or do all our goals come from hopeful long passes, penalties, and set plays?

  55. Eric120 says:

    Yes, Univision is the way to go.

  56. RNG says:

    There’s a reason Ochoa the keeper is their #2 choice–he’s a great shot stopper but he gets rattled and flustered.
    Salcido is erratic too. He can be good, but if you watched Fulham this season, you’ve seen him get lost and beaten.
    Marquez is the real deal, but he’s slowing down.
    And even most Mexicans don’t love Maza.
    How was it that tiny El Salvador was beating them to balls in the air?
    Not saying they suck, but they can be beaten.

  57. bizzy says:

    Well said AME but as a fan when you look at:

    The last gold cup 5-0 mexico (B-team)
    soon after 2-1 mexico (A-team CD9 scores first)

    The last US vs El Salvador encounters Tie and a 2-1 win US

    While thinking about that factor in:
    Mexico tie spain and scored a goal (and thats recently!!!) on a team that should have beaten us like 8-0, had a possession % of like 80-20 and limited us to like 4 ATTEMPTS on goal….
    They have a recking ball crew Dos Santos, De Negris, Juarez that are always looking for or aware of their key finisher Chicharito(….all of whom are WORLD CLASS FINISHERS), whose key strength is in an area the US Defense lacks the most……the breaks

    To top that off they completely mash the minnows you talk about in a fashion that the US is not capable of…..
    As a US fan I’m scared AME……very scared

  58. AME says:

    My question is what has changed? In 2008, the last Mexico v US game on US soil (with A squads) was the US know for its possession game? Several well-timed passes leading to goals? Or was the US the team that won because of organization and well-timed counters?

    Nothing has changed…The US hasn’t developed into a possession team, but the US never has been and has beaten Mexico anyway.

    The US is fine. We are a better team than we were in 2008, better midfield, more experience keeper. I don’t see why the result is going to be any different than the results of the past decade. Hard-fought game, US win.

  59. St. Addi says:

    Yeah, I think from a USMNT supporter perspective, the fact that Ochoa is playing over Corona may have been the only positive to take away from this match.

  60. AME says:

    True, Mexico has beaten other teams in ways that the US has not…(except in WC 2010 qualifying where the US finished 1st). However, I think that sporting history shows that when you try to use that transitive property to predict the future, you are going to be disappointed.

    Best indicator of the future is past results, in this case, past US v Mexico results. You can look at the Azteca loss and be scared, but the US never wins at Azteca, and the gold cup will not be played at Azteca. The US does not lose to Mexico on US soil, I still don’t see a reason to think that this Gold Cup final will be any different.

    (If the final was being play at Azteca, I would be right with you in thinking the US is doomed.)

  61. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    Where are all the geniuses who said Chicharito would not be the same player he was in Europe because he would get no service from the Mexican midfield?

    Whatever, the US will go as far as their pathetic defense takes them, which is in all likelyhood not very far.

  62. bizzy says:

    I guess the Azteca is just the last “psychological” factor I can hang on too. Maybe its a little early to say….but hey, we see how we look tomorrow against Canada

  63. Jose Hernandez Puig says:

    Don’t make me laugh! I’m Mexican and there is not a single Mexican that preferred to have “Conejo” on goal than Ochoa in South Africa…not one! Ochoa had NEVER made a mistake until Mex played North Corea in a meningless friendly previous to the WC, Aguirre fumbled the ball by telling the press that ‘everyone makes mistakes’ and then benching him…destroying his confidence, which no doubt set him up to make a couple of mistakes again. After that the sh#t hit the fan. Ii have enormous respect for the fact that he kept quiet, never blamed anyone and is back trying to regain top form.

    Do you think “Chepo” de la Torre, would have him starting when he has Talavera on the bench? Talavera is Chepo’s creation, his boy, he won a championship for Toluca with him! EVeryone from Hugo thru Sven to Aguirre has callled Ochoa to be on the Mex National team why?

    Marcelo Bielsa and Parreira, whom I shure know more about futbol than you, praised him as the best keeper in America and if you have doubts of what he can do just check out his epic performance vs Brazil at the Copa America.

    And your high school rant about their keeper has a name “Mema” that’s because he has long hair and is a good looking kid and Mexican fans have put down names for everyone no matter what team they play for especially Club America because it is owned by the largest mass media company in the Spanish speaking world.

    “Mema” by the way has NEVER lost against the US!

    I’m a Cruz Azul supporter, and do think Corona was in better form than Ochoa at this point, and would’ve been No.1 choice! But hey it didn’t happen and I support Ochoa all the way!

  64. Jon says:

    Key to stopping Mexico is to pressure their mids and not give them the time to pick out the perfect ball over the top for Chicharito…

    Unfortunately, pressure in the midfield is not something that we do well, so…

  65. AME says:

    I am sure we are all hoping for a 4+ goal performance tomorrow from the US and 2+ goals from Jozy.

  66. marco says:

    Mexico will not only win the cup, but they’ll win it with all out attacking soccer. They should play Costa Rica or Honduras in the final. This is El Tri’s golden generation, those you get in the way will be mangled.

  67. TimN says:

    I think we need to quit focusing on Mexico for the moment, and focus on a good Canada team that will be playing with something to prove after our controversial win against them in the 2007 Gold Cup.

    Though the result on Saturday was lopsided, I’m not worried about that. The line up we fielded was pretty experimental, and Ream and Lichaj were put in a position of having to play against some of the most talented opposition they will EVER see. I’m actually more worried about Gooch having to cover DeRosario…

    Having said all of that, yes, Chicharito is a HUGE concern. We just don’t have any strikers of his caliber, and it will be a challenge for our defense to contain him. I mainly think as the torunament progresses, we simply cannot get into our form of recent times of conceding early goals…that just makes everything so much more difficult when you have to “chase the game.” Do that aginst Mexico, and it could be “game over” very soon.

  68. HJones says:

    Mexico plays much better against stronger opposition, I don’t think you know anything about Mexican rivalry vs Central American teams.

  69. Steve Chamizo says:

    Well said, and even though De Nigris is no “Chicharito’ he could be a surprise. He consistently scores for Mexico and Monterrey.
    Reminds me somewhat of Batistuta.

  70. chris says:

    Ya if I was a mls gm I would be all over that

  71. Dudeinho says:

    And in the last couple of games havent we done the same. Mind you its against better competition but its absolutely Mind boggling and frustrating that in 15 years Our national team. Still looks horrible against teams that simply pass the ball.Th team looks Lost.
    We are the kings of Parking the bus and Countering. Can anyone remember the last time we absolutely dominated a game that wasnt against a CFU team.

  72. Dudeinho says:

    the federation will go broke if it isn’t played in the states every two years. Its how they pay for all the competitions youth and senior levels male and female. This tourney is what pays the bills as long a mexico makes the final every time.

  73. Dudeinho says:

    they have a World class striker. Biggest hole they had for ten years. major difference this Mexico Team is stacked.

    I cant stand them just as much as any other US fan. But they finally got that piece of the puzzle.

  74. Primoone says:

    The doom and gloom aspect of most of the comments here is a bit extreme however, they are very understandable. Most of it can be attributed to the fact that Mexico has enjoyed a nice unbeaten streak against some quality sides. They have a new coach at the helm that has them very organized and disciplined. Each player has a defined role and they all seem to be on the same page. Their players have the ability to constantly switch in position. Their attack is generally unpredictable due to the fact that they play any style. They look to play the ball on the ground favoring possession over the long ball. Should they be stymied in the mid-field they look to utilize players on the wing from either the LB or RB defensive positions or from traditional wingers. They look to vary their points of attack and constantly keep the defense feeling “uncomfortable”. They do not have any real weaknesses at any one position save for LB (maybe keeper) and they have dept should Chepo feel the need to shake things up. Take a deep look at what has been happening with our squad. From the spine of the team all the way to the top, our team is currently in flux. Gooch is only 70-80% and does not invoke confidence at the moment. There is a big unknown right in the heart of our defense. We have a capable Goodson however, we don’t know what type of chemistry or communication issues will present themselves. At the 11th hour, we are still trying to figure out who will tandem in the midfield given that Bradley will always start regardless of form. In addition, we do not know what our best tactical formation would be. Our best 2-way Mid is out injured and the other bright spots, Dempsey and LD will be the oppositions focus so the onus lies with the folks in front of them who, by the way, are virtually non-existent. Our attacking third is already a couple of steps behind the curve due to the fact that they are not playing inspiring football. We do not have a striking partnership developed and at the 11th hour are still experimenting with different options up top. Our attacking third currently does not inspire any confidence. What has the US been doing post world cup? They have been getting some experience for a younger group as well as trying some different combos at various positions, which is fine however, there has been no substantial consistency or improvement leading up to this crucial tournament. We have been playing Brazil, Argentina, Spain along with a couple of others however, the build up should have included some friendlies with teams that would have provided similar competition to that found in concacaf. In comparison to the positives attributes of the Mexican side, what is it that we do really well at the moment that would give me the confidence to say, ” Yeah, Mexico is real solid and have some really talented players however, the US is going to beat them…because…”

    Doom and Gloom is a bit harsh but understandable given both teams recent form. With that said, the US is always competitive and both Mexico,US as well as every other team in the tournament have to put on the jerseys and play the game on the pitch and not on paper. At the end of the day the results will speak for themselves.

  75. marco says:


    “I think we need to quit focusing on Mexico for the moment,”

    Not on this report. This is a report on the Mexico and Costa Rica games, that claims they ‘ran rampant’. Perhaps on another report.

  76. Alejandro says:

    There’s just no pleasing some people …

  77. Alejandro says:

    I think that’s right … but offside traps are do or die situations.

  78. Alejandro says:

    I saw that too. I’m just glad they didn’t hurt him.

  79. Alejandro says:

    Well said. The whole situation is interesting indeed … Can’t wait to see how it plays out.

  80. Alejandro says:

    All interesting points Canchon, but allow me to play devil’s advocate (images of homer simpson playing a video game with the same name pop into my head). Defensively, GK Ochoa still looks uneasy and if El Salvador had been a bit more creative they could have squeeze one or two in.

  81. Eurosnob says:

    Dude, I have nothing against Chicharito and his intelligent runs, but don’t let the performance of our B team against Spain fool you. When US plays their A team, they are much better defensively. Didn’t they stop Messi from scoring when the USMNT played their A team? If they had a draw against the loaded and supremely talented Argentina, they can certainly beat Mexico.

  82. Eurosnob says:

    Past performance is not a guarantee of the future results. Salvador beat Mexico 2-1 in the world cup qualifying and that did not stop them from losing to Mexico 5-0 in the Gold Cup.

  83. Josh says:

    None of the Mexican guys I play with think much of Ochoa… Although as far as I can tell, they all would like to have Campos back! (older crew)

    I thought Ochoa played in a friendly that US won, when Altidore scored on a header… I could be misremembering. Anyway, I think the kid has the tools, he just needs a tournament to be dominant to turn that last bit of cockiness to confidence. Ummm… Like this Gold Cup maybe.

  84. Eurosnob says:

    The US does not need to beat El Salvador 5-0 to win the Gold Cup. If Mexico loses 1-0 at the elimination stage, let’s say to Canada, nobody will remember this 5-0 win.

  85. Eurosnob says:

    We dominated in 3-0 win against Egypt in the Confederations Cup. We also dominated against Mexico in the 2-0 win in the World Cup qualifiers.

  86. Eurosnob says:

    Are you referring to 1-1 draws against Venezuela and Ecuador, the teams that failed to qualify for the WC?

  87. Eurosnob says:

    Why are you so preoccupied with a 5-0 win? Plenty of teams win major tournaments without posting 5-0 beatings and plently of teams fail to win tournaments after posting a blowout win. Portugal beat North Korea 7-0 in the last WC, but the tournament was won by Spain which put together a string of 1-0 wins. Consistency is more important when the ability to run up a score against a weaker opponent.

  88. Mattbag212 says:

    Thoughts on the falling sky:

    – I thought playing our B team was gutsy and savvy. Donovan’s illness changed everything. You could tell it was a shrewd last minute decision because BB knew (like all of us know) that we were not going to beat Spain without Landon. So let’s bench Dempsey, Boca, Dolo, and Baby Bradley. We know what they’re going to bring to the Gold Cup. They’re ready. We might as well give our more promising potential guys (Lichaj, Agudelo, Rodgers, Jones) and our rusty backups (Kliejstan, Spector, Onyewu, Edu) some quality minutes against the best team in the world. If Spain didn’t show up, we could draw. If Spain showed up hungry, we had no chance. Plenty of our guys will never play competitive opponents at Spain’s level for the rest of their lives. The experience is good. We got hammered, but I don’t question the lineup. In comparison, I hated our WC lineups. I’m not a BB homer, but the lineup decisions versus Spain weren’t half bad.

    – I expect a totally different performance in the Gold Cup. We brought our B team to the last Gold Cup’s final. Does anyone really think our B team 2 years ago could beat our B team now? We’re drastically deeper than people think. One game versus the world champions does not change that.

    – Consider the usual talking points versus Mexico. Landon goes nuts when he sees green. Dempsey is in killer form. Mexico is inconsistent. Chicharito is studly but he’s also a wee lad. We have experience. We have consistency. We have our home turf. What’s our record at home versus Mexico? We’re not going to get swept off the pitch. We came eight minutes away from drawing them in Estadio Azteca the last time we played a competitive “A-Team versus A-Team” match against Mexico.

    – The cause for concern is simply high expectations. Admit it, my fellow Americans, you wanted us to beat Spain. What were you smoking? A draw was always going to be our best possible result. Nobody remembers that Stu and Gooch played out of their minds in that Confed Cup semi. Stu (our CAM in the 4-5-1 once he’s healthy) is on crutches. Old Gooch isn’t here right now. We were never going to beat Spain. We’re just not good enough right now.

    – However, we’re good enough right now to win a group in the World Cup, despite being jobbed by refs versus Slovenia and despite BB’s horrendous lineup decisions. We’re good enough right now to win our Gold Cup despite Stu Holden’s injury, Gooch playing with stone feet, and Adu/Kliejstan/Spector/Bornstein still on the USMNT. Be thankful and proud.

  89. Jose Hernandez Puig says:

    That’s OK! I bet none of your friends wanted Perez on goal for Mexico in the WC either?

    And I’m sorry to disagree with you. Of the players from Mexico that still could and should go to Europe he’s one of them!

  90. joejoe says:

    I think Dos Santos is the man to guard. He had good minutes with Racing and comes with a lot of confidence. Barrera looked rusty. Guardado a bit flat. Torrado hacking in midfield. De Nigris three goals in five games mostly as a substitute. Very dangerous. If the USMNT can stop Gio and Guardado then they win it.