Mexico make big jump, USA slip two spots in latest FIFA World Rankings

Giovani Dos Santos (

The Mexican national team received a major boost in the latest FIFA World Rankings, moving up 11 spots to No. 9 in the world on the strength of its Gold Cup triumph last week.

The United States slipped two places to 24th, behind the likes of Montenegro and Turkey, which both moved passed the Americans in the most recent rankings, released today.

The biggest beneficiary from the Gold Cup was Jamaica, which skyrocketed 17 places to 38th overall. Panama also enjoyed a steep jump, climbing 15 places to No. 52.

Spain and the Netherlands remained the top two teams in the world rankings, with Brazil slipping to fifth.

What do you think of the latest FIFA rankings? Think Mexico deserves to be a Top Ten team? Think 24th is a fair ranking for the USA?

Share your thoughts below.

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131 Responses to Mexico make big jump, USA slip two spots in latest FIFA World Rankings

  1. bryan says: has Mexico at +19 spots. And yes, #24 is more than fair for how we have been playing.

  2. Pope Eddie says:

    Mexico absolutely deserves a top 10 spot… I hate to say it. If the WC started today they would have to be AT LEAST a popular darkhorse pick.

  3. BenH says:

    Big jump. I guess I can see it. They’ve advanced out of the group in I think the last 5 WCs. That leaves a team around 9 – 16. So any ranking around there sounds okay. I would have guessed more like 12.

    As for us…well…we have been the suck since the WC. JURGEEEEEEEN!

  4. WeatherManNX01 says:

    I understand Mexico moving up, but 19 places it way too much. No way they’re the ninth best team in the world. Probably no higher than 15, if you ask me.

  5. T says:

    Mexico is on the upswing but up to number 9 is kind of redic. USA is placed about right. they will constantly constantly bounce around between 15 – 30 with this current set of players.

  6. kimo says:

    The rankings system is so laughable it’s beyond belief.

    -England > Brazil…really?
    -Norway at 11 and Greece at 12…oh boy…
    -Japan at 13…a 13 ranking implies you should be a World Cup knockout round team. How many times has Japan made it to the knockout phase?

    I despise these rankings and before anyone says who cares….they actually matter in terms of a player being able to secure a work permit in the UK. If your team is ranked too low, you have no chance of getting a permit.

  7. YO says:

    Chicken does the numbers good!

  8. RK says:

    I would agree, unless the country that is hosting the WC has prostitutes.

  9. partnerincrime says:

    Good for El Tri.

    USA should be near Namibia.

  10. ManicMessiah says:

    I feel like the US wouldn’t have made nearly the same jump had they held onto that lead on the Final.

  11. kimo says:

    USA seems about right to me although some of the teams around them are a bit mind-boggling. Mexico jumping up to #9 seems a bit premature although it could be justified down the road. If they start beating European teams regularly…they should be a top 10 team without question.

  12. Colin says:

    Or beef.

  13. KNPonder says:

    These ratings look a little skewed (not that they normally are not skewed) because Copa America has not hit yet. This will move some of the CONMEBOL teams back up several spots. Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay all have big point drops. Gotta believe that Argentina will move past Mexico (as they should). I expect that the US will continue to drop. I wouldn’t be shocked if we drop past 30. I have not seen any friendlies announced either.

    We all know these things are not accurate, but England – the 4th best team in the world (over Brazil – and Italy for that matter) . . . give me a break.

  14. KNPonder says:

    Yeah – I saw some of the same things you did. Some of those teams in the 11-20 range are out of place – but that regularly happens.

  15. ARTES says:

    No they would not because the loss to Jamaica would pull them down. The friendly results would not help either. They count for less but it has not been good.

  16. Jose says:

    Nah wasn’t it chickens? But I guess since they already use the Chicken trick they might resort other types of meat. Who knows maybe even seafood!

  17. mistaDobalina says:

    for as much concacaf bashing we do they do do a good job pumping up our ranking spot i would say that mexico should be somewhere between 9-15 and the US should be between 16-30. we are both sitting at the higher end of those ranges..

  18. northzax says:

    yawn. the only numbers that actually matter are 8-15, where the bubble seeding happens. the rest of it is just sound and fury.

    and yes, that Mexico team, with the confidence, grit and will imposed on them by Chicharito, is a top ten team in the world, today.

  19. jonk says:

    As gets mentioned every month when these rankings come out, the FIFA points system is based on playing games so Mexico got its big jump because it played a bunch of games in June and beat a top 25 team (the US). Once Copa America and Euro qualifying get going, those teams will jump back ahead of Mexico — deservedly or not, that’s the way these silly rankings work.

  20. northzax says:

    and we have fewer games. the Guadaloupe match doesn’t count for FIFA.

    still would we rather play Argentina and Spain and lose or Serbia and win? one pumps up your ratings, one makes you better. THis team has played tougher opponents, more consistently, than any other USMNT.

  21. Wow, that is one hell of a jump. I guess that happens when you destroy your rival in impressive fashion at a final.

  22. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Italy didn’t get out of the group the last WC and England did.

  23. Colin says:

    I thought they first blamed chicken and then blamed beef. Maybe they should have blamed the prostitutes and killed two birds with one stone.

  24. Erik says:

    The FIFA rankings are a joke anyway. Mexico looks good at the moment but they still have done as much as the USA in the past 10 years.

    Anyone think we should try to play the Copa the year before the WC?

  25. Erik says:

    On home soil.

  26. Pierre says:

    After the World Cup, Mexico should have been at least #9. Based on their collective play, l think they are Top 5 right now.

  27. christian says:

    whatever, let’s see Mexico beat Argentina first and then you can talk about them being in the top 10. other than that rakings are just pure crap

  28. JCC says:

    “Japan at 13…a 13 ranking implies you should be a World Cup knockout round team. How many times has Japan made it to the knockout phase?”

    Twice in the last 10 years smart guy.

  29. canchon says:

    That is an interesting thought. Since 2013 Gold Cup doesn’t mean squat, send the A team to Copa America and send the B-team to the Gold Cup. A team gets more meaningful games against top competition in the CA and the B-team should get to the final of the Gold Cup anyway.

  30. MensreaJim says:

    I actually think all of these make sense. Mexico might be a tad high but I can’t argue.

    We are where we deserve to be. We’re not that good.

    However, I especially think Jamaica and Panama are appropriately ranked. They are solid teams.

  31. Joe from El Paso says:

    No one in CONCACAF deserves a top ten ranking!

  32. EA says:

    The sky is falling!!!!

  33. K Bone says:

    I seriously doubt we’d beat Serbia…

  34. canchon says:

    For people to say these rankings are a joke, watch when seeding for 2014 has to do with the “average FIFA ranking” and Mexico keeps pumping up its rankings by playing minnows to huge “home” crowds in the US. Mexico will end up seeded and get Angola and Iran while the US will get Netherlands and Ivory Coast.

    And the El Tri fan cards here are giving a little TOO much respect. Yes Mexico is better than the US but a top 5 side? It’s a stretch at most. Should be around the 15 range.

  35. Annelid Gustator says:

    Bottom half of the top 32. That’s about right.

  36. Tim says:

    Name the teams that would beat them right now…

  37. Peter says:


  38. Dave says:

    In my opinion, we’re at least 19 or 20, not 24, but hey it’s all about the criteria for ranking, not our subjective opinions about where we ought to be.

  39. chuck says:

    Why is England so high?

  40. christian says:

    Argentina, Holland, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Portugal, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ivory Coast and when at their best France and England.

  41. BellusLudas says:

    I think USSF should institute the following rule: Anytime that the USA is ranked behind Montenegro the Coach SHOULD BE FIRED :-)

  42. Kris says:

    Jamiaca, Panama, Honduras, El Salvador all deserve bumps…Concacaf is getting better and better….except for Canada…sheesh

  43. Edwin in LA says:

    There isn’t a Copa America the year before the World Cup anymore, they use to have it every 2 years like the Gold Cup, but after the Colombia 2001 one, where US and Argentina pulled out they waited an extra year I think it was 2004 or 2005 and now they waited until 4 years from the last one. 2007 was in Venezuela and now there’s the 2011 I was expecting a 2009 one but they finally got it together knowing that only in the one the year AFTER the cup and not in the middle of qualifying would all the teams send their A squads.

    I don’t know where the 2015 Copa America is but I think from here on out they will have it every 4 years, the year after the WC and before the Olympics and Euro Cup. There has been talk about taking the 6 best teams in Concacaf and having 4 groups of 4? You could take 14 teams…. but that’s pushing it if you ask me? US, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Jamaica, Trinidad..???? Maybe a random island lol but no way 4 random islands lol so the top 6 from CONCACAF to give CA 16 teams could work?

  44. canchon says:

    Any top tier team that knows how to play defense, has a mobile attack, and a reasonable quality LB. Think you are placing way too much faith in some beating up of minnows (who might have been paid off to lose badly) and a win over a broken USA side in the final.

    Don’t get me wrong, Mexico is a high quality team, much much better than the US right now. But not an elite, top 10 team.

    But if you really want to play this game:
    Spain, Netherlands, Germany, England, Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Argentina, Japan, France, Uruguay, Ivory Coast, etc.

    Top 15 team. Not Top 5 team.

  45. Indigo Montoya says:

    I’d give you Argentina, Brasil, Germany and Spain…the rest of the nations listed I’d put at 50-50 or better for Mexico to win.

  46. Martha says:

    I can’t believe how many are jumping on the Mex bandwagon. We’ve played Barrerra Gio and Gurdado before and they weren’t Gods. Gio and Barrerra never played while in premiership

    They will show their colors against real teams and real coaches in Copa

    Did anyone see their defense? Their defense sucks too much to be a top 10 team


  47. Sean says:

    Argentina and Brasil didn’t look so hot in the WC

  48. MicahK says:

    I was told the Elo rankings are more accurate then the Fifa rankings. The Elo rankings have them at number 7 and has us down to number 28 in the Elo rankings.

  49. Onoda says:

    Japan also got 9th place in the wc + won their region’s cup this year and are off to confed cup. Their region is at least equal to ours so… Sounds about right.

  50. Stan says:

    excuses, excuses….euro/suro-snob

  51. Starla says:

    Looking at the Mexico roster. It’s “lucky to reach the play off in the euro wc qualification” level. Not many successful CL players or major club players.

  52. Jose S says:

    Remember that since the last rankings in May, Mexico went 6-0 in the Gold Cup, won and drew in a couple of friendlies. That means they got points from all 8 games, a lot of points.

    The USA lost three times this month (friendly with Spain) and teams get 0 points for losses. Also since Guadeloupe is not a FIFA member that win counts very little(actually almost nothing) in the rankings.

    What is unfair is that Mexico might jump higher if they have a good showing in Copa America. Guests should not get rewarded with points in that tournament because they get to play a second major tournament that the rest of the world don’t get the luxury to do. The last time Mexico was ranked this high was in July 2007 after they finished 2nd in Gold Cup and third in Copa America.

  53. KC says:

    Dos Santos, Barrera, Chicharito, DeNigris, Guardado…….all of them better players than anybody that has ever worn the US jersey.
    That’s why they are ranked so much higher than the US.

  54. Thorpinski says:

    Mexico is the sexy pick right now because of dos santos and hernandez, but they would have trouble advancing past the rd of 16 in the WC as their defense is still really bad

  55. bryan says:

    Dos Santos, Barrera, DiNigris and Guardado are good players, but Dempsey is absolutely of higher quality. Gio could surpass Dempsey, but right now, no. Same with Guardado, he’s 4 years younger than Dempsey, but right now, I’d still rate Dempsey higher.

  56. kingsnake says:

    Are the rankings based on bribe money provided?

  57. Eurosnob says:

    Ranking Mexico and Croatia above Argentina is a total joke. Argentina beat Mexico last year at the WC 3-1 after leading 3-0 and that was despite Diego Maradona’s coaching. And Messi is still the best player in the world. Finally, England at No. 4 is the biggest headscratcher for me – they don’t belong in the top 10.

  58. Eurosnob says:

    Finishing second in the group behind No. 24 team does not justify England’s No. 4 rankings.

  59. Charles says:

    So 1 year after the World Cup, 9 out of the final 16 are in the top 16.

    The US shouldn’t be too insulted, Paraguay, Slovakia and Ghana fell to 28-32

    Uruguay is 18th.

  60. Charles says:

    Didn’t mean to send so soon.

    So England that doesn’t make it out of the top 16 when it counts is ranked FOURTH now.

    Uruguay which finished FOURTH is EIGHTEENTH.

    Yeah, FIFA isn’t in crisis. Just keep going like you do FIFA.

  61. Jake says:

    Mexico played Paraguay. And SMOKED them. Ivory Coast didn’t get out of the group stage in the world cup I believe. Uruguay was a close game in the world cup (Mexico is a much better team than the team it fielded for that game). Mexico played England and Holland competitively in the run up to last years world cup.

    Chile, Portugal would be tossups.

    I’ll give you Argentina, Holland, Spain, Brazil (though Mexico plays Brazil well historically) and Germany.

  62. Eurosnob says:

    It is more likely that Latin American teams will make a big jump after Copa America after beating up on Mexico’s B team, which in FIFA rankings will still be ranked at 9.

  63. Daniel says:

    For the past few month Mexico had been rated little lower than it deserved. Now its just a little higher. Can they ever get it about right?

  64. Chris says:

    Agree,does the FIFA formula have a Bornstein dummy variable?

  65. canchon says:

    Whoa, slow down with the Mexico kool-aid there. Better than ANYONE who has ever worn the US jersey? Come on. Take off those green glasses.

    Just right now, Dempsey is better than all of them except (maybe) Chicharito. MVP and leading scorer for EPL team. DeNigris plays in the Mexican league. Barrera can’t get off the bench for West Ham. Gio couldn’t get time at Spurs. Guardado couldn’t save Depor from getting relegated to the second division.

    Also, if you want to compare everyone, Brian McBride says hello.

  66. kimo says:

    epic fail


  67. Jose S says:

    The rankings are based on a point system. A system that gives continental qualifiers 2.5 times the value to those of friendlies. Qualifiers that South Americans,USA,and Mexico don’t get the luxury of playing. That is why some European teams are ranked higher (example:England)than you would expect.

  68. mistaDobalina says:

    we couldn’t beat Chile or Poland… but i get your point more games vs. FIFA #10-30 would be great.. but the games vs. Brazil, Argentina and Spain bring in the bucks.

  69. peter griffin says:

    shut up meg.

  70. AdamFromMich says:

    Yes, having England in front of Brazil jumped out at me. Having Norway, Greece, and Japan in front of France also seems a bit strange.

    In addition, I find it hard to believe that Portugal, Croatia, and Mexico are better than Argentina. Or that Slovenia, Australia, and Turkey are in front of USA (although that one is more believable).

  71. KNPonder says:

    +1 If you had up all the goals that Dos Santos, Guardardo, and Barrera COMBINED have scored in Europe AND at the National team level, Dempsey, still has more! Dos Santos and Guardado each have about a dozen goals in European competition and Dempsey tallied that many this year! While those guys may go crazy and get big transfers to Barcelona next week, all we can go by is what they have done so far. Although not an attacker, but still a “player”, Claudio Reyna might disagree as well.

  72. Eric says:

    Although 9 appears a bit high, Mexico is probably a top 10-15 team in the world right now. I’d say that we (USA) are probably around 25 or so at the moment…

  73. marco says:

    El Tri looked very good but also stumbled against Guatemala and Honduras. When they sure up the back, a top ten position will be credible.

  74. Daniel says:

    After the chicken, beef, the prostitutes and concacaf restriction that Mexico is not even close to a C team. Even Peru might run over them.

  75. marco says:

    The Bornstein curve gave Mexico a +2 in the rankings.

  76. Carlos says:

    How did they stumble? They won two games against teams that defended with everything.

  77. Charles P says:

    I’m surprised the often-used referee excuse hasn’t been brough up…

  78. Daniel says:

    You guys can’t compare players with different positions. The only possible comparison is Gio and Dempsey. In my opinion Gio has better skill but he just hasn’t shined. Dempsey is a lion in the field when he wants to be. Depending on the needs of the team, one can be better over the other.

  79. Swamp says:

    you euro-losers should be complaining about England

  80. Howard says:

    2 good teams in an improving Concacaf region

  81. Daniel says:

    While you might be right, it amazes me how you only appear to criticize Mexico. Does that really make you feel better?

  82. marco says:

    If you can lose to Guatemala and/or Honduras you shouldn’t be top ten. Mexico could lose to either, but you’re right rankings are based on results not performance.

    I’m not surprised El Tri is nine because I predicted they would, but since I watched those two games, I’m not convinced they are there yet.

    More surprising to me was that the USA only dropped two places. Again FIFA did this based on results. If they were based on performance, one could see that nearly every team in the region could beat the USA and that they are over-rated.

    Bottom line FIFA and other groups must base rankings on results, fans can look at performances and adjust their thinking.

  83. Joe from El Paso says:

    Please fire Bob Bradley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. hogatroge says:

    Look at the goal difference from their matches since the 1st of the year. Then say they don’t need to be Top 10.

    I’d love to say the US simply played horribly against them in the final, but the evidence just isn’t there. They simply kicked our butts.

    That said, I’d love to see them get humbled by, say, an Argentina or the like.

  85. hogatroge says:

    Remember when the US was ranked #4 going into the ’06 WC. What a laugh.

  86. Seriously says:

    I hope that is a joke. Klinsman couldn’t get it done at Bayern, his Germany success is widely recognized as the doing of Loew not Klinsman and his project at TFC so far has that team in the bottom of MLS. Not exactly the track record I want to be leading the Nats. Big step down from BB who was at least successful where he went. Jurgen was a good player but his managerial record is far from inspiring. If we are to go for a new coach, which we probably should have to begin with simply for the sake of change, I will agree that it should probably be a foreigner (only because I don’t see any really good domestic options, Kreis maybe?), but Klinsman is not who i hope to see at all.

  87. Seriously says:

    I disagree. Mexico was on the ropes until we had to bring in the worst left back in international soccer. Once that happened they merely exploited the weakness and came back. If Dolo doesn’t go out we don’t lose. Mexico is a dynamic team and, though I hate to say it, fun to watch. That being said they are not a top ten team. FIFA rankings don’t mean anything though so it’s not really a big deal England no. 4? What a joke that is.

  88. B 16 says:

    FIFA rankings do not matter.

  89. hogatroge says:

    …Greece, Russia, Sweden, Croatia…

  90. Seriously says:

    Are you saying that Mexico beat the US in the US? Because that is pretty debatable. The game was played in Pasdena to a heavily Mexican crowd. I wouldn’t call that home soil. Timmy Howard’s comments after the game go to further the argument that it was a Mexican home game on Mexican turf. Technically yes it was played in the US but you are kidding yourself if you didn’t seriously feel like it was played in Mexico.

  91. bottlcaps says:

    ….and this current coach.

  92. Philly Union Rule says:

    We should be dropping in the fifa rankings. Ever since Gooch went down with his knee, we have not had the dominant force in the back that stopped people from running at/through our back four. This forces our midfield work both ways that much more, and does not allow our forwards to get into attacking. Gooch is done, Ream/Gooden are up and coming, but our young defense needs to grow for us to climb back up the rankings

  93. Jeff Awesome says:

    I would like to see the US maintain a top 20 ranking just so sports writers in this country can’t claim that the team “stinks”.

  94. Jeff Awesome says:

    Gooch is done.. except he just signed for Sporting Lisbon. Maybe they know something about Gooch that you don’t.

    And who is Gooden?

  95. winds23 says:

    They also need to watch out for lightning strikes.

  96. LoS says:

    12 sounds right for Mexico.US is about right.. since the FMF is all about exploiting these guys they should consider them for the new HANGOVER 3 MOVIE. DRUGS, HOOKERS & INTERPOOL. haha

  97. MarcMan says:

    That was actually Mexico. They were seeded.

  98. MarcMan says:

    I see the same result if the game was played in Columbus.

  99. colin says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the USA should be higher? I really think we are a top 16 team and personally think we should be ranked somewhere between 14 and 18. I mean we were an OT away from finishing in the top 8 at the last world cup.

  100. Philly Union Rule says:

    I wont hold my breath counting gooch’s minutes of playing time for Lisbon. Did you see how comfortable he was on the ball in the Spain game? BB did not even give him a 5 minute cameo in the entire gold cup run… He is done.

  101. MensreaJim says:

    Como se dice Brad Friedel?

  102. cajun says:

    I hate to say this, but with the emergence of both Panama and Jamaica, we might be hard pressed to even make World Cup 2014.

  103. cy says:

    Its all mathematical. So quit b****ing and try to understand why things are they way they are.

    Why did the South American teams drop? Because Copa 2007 was played in June and Copa 2011 will be played in July. So this month, Copa 2007 dropped out and Copa 2011 has yet to start. All the big CONMEBOL teams will be back where they should be next month.

    Why is England so high? They win their qualifiers and qualifiers are worth a lot of points. Is it the greatest formula? No, but its the way it is.

    Why did Italy gain points? Because the group stage from last years world cup (in which Italy sucked) lost half its value because its now more than a year ago and it brought their average up.

  104. YO says:

    I agree, then we wouldn’t have to share a border, unless you didn’t mean that geographically.

  105. Carlos says:

    You and Bob Bradley

  106. Joe B NYC says:

    Thank You.

  107. ac says:

    Mexico jumping up is understandable but I still am apprehensive about top 10. The rankings really are off since England is #4 and NORWAY is number #11?!?!?!

  108. Jeff says:

    Gimme a break. We are still odds-on to qualify.

  109. papa bear says:

    that is comical. Mexico deserves to move up A BIT but going up 19 places to #9 is just not in the realm of realism. NO TEAM in CONCACAF deserves to be in the top 15 at the moment. Mexico at #17/18 I could buy. The US is where they belong. We’ve had a lot of poor results ever since the WC. On that note, Bradley must go. There is no reason to ever put Bornstein on the pitch ever. Much less pick him for the team.
    This team needs a youth infusion and needs to let Wilmer Cabrerra take the reigns.

  110. Jeff says:

    agreed. completely.

  111. Dale says:

    Hugo Sanchez is better than any player to wear a U.S. jersey…period…hands down, no one.

  112. BWH says:

    They have a U-22 squad going to Copa so those results will not matter. I don’t think anyone from the Gold Cup roster is headed to the Copa American tournament.

  113. Lil' Zeke says:

    …and their current parents

  114. irishapple21 says:

    The USA could have won if they were coached better. Oh, well, as fans we don’t have control over these things.

    Meanwhile, I’m sure all the Mexicans celebrated by firing their illegal assault rifles into the air, if they belong to a drug cartel and aren’t just the victims of a drug cartel being mercilessly murdered by beheading.

  115. Paul Thomas says:

    Sounds about right, honestly. The US form has been dreadful since the World Cup.

    Now, do I think that’s the team’s true talent level, no– but rankings are based on results, not on guesses as to true talent level.

  116. Paul Thomas says:

    Actually, England’s not exactly done real well in qualifying for Euro 2012. Right now they’re tied with Montenegro for first in their group, which also contains wonder-teams Bulgaria, Switzerland and Wales. They drew with Montenegro at home.

    Makes it all the more puzzling, really.

  117. Natsalways says:


  118. RB says:

    The rankings are about right. FIFA’s arcane system is just sluggish in catching up with the much better ELO ranking, which already had Mexico considerably higher than the US before the GC and now just looks all the more vindicated. Their updates after the final show Mexico at 7th and the US at 28th.

  119. RB says:

    Oh, look — still more idiotic comments about Mexicans!

  120. Ziggu says:


  121. Big Baller says:

    You have some kind of bias that is unreasonable. Mexico features one of the best strikers in the world, Javier Hernandez.

    They played Spain recently pretty well, they play Argentina and Brazil tough. They played Italy, Holland in World Cups and friendlies, no problem.

    It’s not like they had Algeria and England in their group, Mexico beat France, and played Uruguay tough.

    No question they can hang with any team on any given day. So what’s the problem again. Line them up.

  122. Big Baller says:

    They’ve advanced past the group stage in ever World Cup since 86 (90 they were suspended).

    -1986 Home field advantage 1st in group, advanced
    -1994 ADVANCED, group of Italy, Ireland, Norway
    -1998 ADVANCED, group of Holland, South Korea, and Belgium
    -2002 ADVANCED, group of Italy, Croatia, Ecuador
    -2006 ADVANCED, group of Portugal, Iran, Angola
    -2010 ADVANCED, group of France, Uruguay, South Africa (1st x a host nation didnt’ advance)

    So tell me again how the sky is falling. Keep hating. If anything Chicharito, Gio, Vela Guardado and Barrera will lead them.

    Defense. Moreno, Maza, Salcido, Juarez, and Torres Nilo, and Ochoa in keep looks very good.

  123. Big Baller says:

    Mexico’s best players play for: Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham, Barcelona, Celtic, PSV, West Ham and Fullham.

    The US’ best players play for: LA Galaxy, Fullham, and Monchengladbach, and 2nd division in Turkey Caykur Rizespor.

    Enough said. Mexico’s rankings are accurate

  124. Kevin_Amold says:

    DeNigris? Guardado? Barrera? Uh, no. Time to pump the brakes a little.

  125. barryeary says:

    Anyone who thinks that no one could do better than Bob Bradley with our player pool needs to get another sport to follow. One that you know something about. Our player pool is not in the top ten but it is a hell of a lot better thant 24th.The men’s national team is in tatters, disarray and sinking every day Coach Bradley stays. To Ives, Fox, Espn, former high profile national member I will never forget you for burying your heads in the sand , pretending not to understand train wreck that is going on and at least seriously debating whether or not coach Bradley is the best way forward.. Cowardice is the virtue of a knave.

  126. TimN says:

    No, hogatroge is correct. The U.S. was 4th and had won CONCACAF qualifying, but somehow Mexico was seeded, which caused a bit of a stir.

  127. TimN says:

    I think this is fairly accurate. We were up 2-0, and Adu had nearly put us up 3-0 when Dolo went out. The ENTIRE dynamic of that game changed when Bornstein came in. I’m still simply sick that Bradley brought him in…what a huge coaching blunder

  128. TimN says:

    You forgot the U.S. players that play for Everton, Hannover 96, Blackburn, and Bolton.

    You can be assured Adu will not be playing for Rizespor next season. I will also bet money we see Donovan sold in this summer’s transfer window to an EPL or Serie A team.

  129. TimN says:

    Let’s face it guys, right now Mexico is riding high on the horse, and deservedly so. They won convincingly in the Gold Cup final, and have very talented players at several positions. However, I think the U.S. MNT will rebound. They’re just having to eat a little “humble pie” right now.

    I do agree with others that it’s probably time for a coaching change. I don’t think Klinsmann will happen…too many roadblocks there with youth development control.

    People that could be considered in the mix:

    1. Peter Nowak; I hope this doesn’t happen. He’s a former Bradley assistant and U.S. U-23 head coach. I doubt he will infuse any fresh ideas or approaches.
    2. Jason Kreis; Great track record and tends to get the most out of less.
    3. Bielsa; Kind of a long shot as I see it, but a very proven track record at the international level with Argentina and Chile.
    4. Jurgen Klinsmann; I put him in because his name will surely come up. However, I doubt talks with the USSF will go far with him.

    One thing I will say about Klinsmann. People have been saying his track record is not that great because of his unsuccessful stent at Bayern. I would offer that coaching at the club level versus the international level are two ENTIRELY different things. His stent with the German national team in 2006 was very successful, and I don’t believe that was solely due to the presence of Joachim Low.

  130. T says:

    How is England #4?