Mexico squeaks by, Honduras wins on penalties in quarterfinals

Mexico Guatemala 1 (Reuters)



Mexico may have won its quarterfinals match, but it doesn't look as unbeatable as it did in the group stage.

El Tri advanced to the semifinals of the Gold Cup with a 2-1 comeback victory over Guatemala in front of a crowd of 78,807 at the New Meadowlands Stadium. Carlos Ruiz opened the scoring in the game, but Mexico rallied through second-half goals from Aldo De Nigris and Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez. 

Mexico will meet Honduras in the semifinals in Houston, Texas after Los Catrachos defeated Costa Rica via penalty kicks. Honduras and Costa Rica played to a 1-1 draw through 120 minutes, and the Hondurans secured passage to the next round in the shootout by outscoring Los Ticos, 4-2. Jerry Bengtson and Dennis Marshall scored the goals during regulation.

Here are the highlights from Saturday night's action:




What do you think of Saturday's results? Think Mexico is beatable? Surprised Costa Rica lost to Honduras?

Share your thoughts below.

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44 Responses to Mexico squeaks by, Honduras wins on penalties in quarterfinals

  1. marco says:

    LaVolpe says he never practices PK’s, but it’s his job to know who is in form to take them. Saborio is having a terrible year (confidence must be way down) and he should never have taken the PK in the run of play.

  2. NF says:

    Yes, Saborio needs to see a sports psychologist. He’s been way off this year. As soon as I saw him walking to the spot (both times), I said he would miss it.

  3. asinine says:

    Mexico looked surprisingly mortal last night…

  4. NF says:

    Any team is beatable, but Mexico is still by far the favorite. Guatemala had a bit of a lucky goal early in the match and decided to sit back and defend for 86 minutes.

    Mexico has been held for long periods without scoring, but once the flood gates open it’s all over. Guatemala didn’t allow that to happen.

  5. SuperChivo says:

    Sick goal by Lil’ Pea, but the first goal by DiNigris was an obvious foul by the player that first headed the ball, pushing himself up on the shoulders of the chapin defender. Guatemala did me proud!

  6. Fede says:

    Watching the highlights El TRI could’ve won 4-1…but an early goal vs teams that put ten players to defend afterwards is complicated for anyone. Still 16-2 is still better than any other team in the competition, and I think Mexico is way superior to Honduras, but it could get very interesting. After all didn’t Mexico dismantle CR 4-1?

    The Marquez challenge is a red card anywhere in the world except in New Jersey!

  7. Joey says:

    Dear CONCACAF,

    We’re baaaaack.


  8. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Bummer Guate didn’t hold out, and in seeing that goal by DiNigris yesterday, I think he came from an offside position in addition to the foul holding down his defender.
    Mexico clearly outclassed Guatemala, but Guatemala with that early goal put some fear into the big green meanies.

  9. DanO says:

    Anyone else get sick of the diving in the CR-Hon match? Honduras’ left wing, I think Portilla, was absolutely a shame with his antics. Should be a fun dive fest vs. Mexico. If El Tri is not careful, they could end up with 9 men!

  10. SuperChivo says:

    Agreed, that deserved a straight red

  11. jpc says:

    Wait, I thought Mexico was gonna dominate through the tournament? I guess not. If that was the US, people would be calling for Bradley’s head, and massive changes in the lineup. The first goal would have been called ugly and or lucky, and going down 1-0 against Guatamala would be an atrocity. If it was the US

  12. Sporting Wood says:

    Thanks Guatemala for exposing a few cracks in the Mexican team and showing how a coach impacts a game.

    Bradley (note to self) – Impressive coaching; Guatemala side (tried) changing tactics, flow, pacing, substitutions with some urgency. Don’t be “the thinker” for 30 minutes.

  13. sven says:

    Mexico is dominating!

  14. Kevin_Amold says:

    Very clear foul. Should have been called.

  15. RichP says:

    It’s clear that sashed kits have an effect against Mexico. Lets please not wear the white kit – you can hardly see the stripe! Go USA!

  16. Oranje Mike says:

    Eh, once Bradley is sacked and replaced by a guy with minimal organization skills, El Tri will be back to losing 2-0 to the true kings of CONCACAF.

  17. J-man 1221 says:

    Chicarito looks cute in ALMOST all his pictures. This is an exception.

  18. artFut says:

    It looks like things are back to normal in concacaf! There’s El Tri and then the rest of Concacaf playing defense to avoid a blowout? Lets see how Jamaica play against Mexico in the finals.

  19. J-man 1221 says:

    Did you see Charlie Davie’s dive? It was horrible. He practically jumped over the defender and the ref called a PK.

  20. DanO says:

    No place for that…

  21. Worst “dive” of the day has to be the N. Korean U-17 keeper v. Mexico. He apparently got pulled a muscle as the ball boy was returning the ball for a goal kick. The fact that they were up 1-0 probably had nothing to do with it.

  22. Eurosnob says:

    In all fairness, the dive by the RSL player on the first PK was even worse. Two very soft PK cancelled each other out. RSL did not look its dominant self at home and was lucky to escape with the draw. I can’t believe that Pontius hit the woodwork twice in one game.

  23. throwaway says:

    If the alternative is being sent to the coal mines for losing a soccer match, I’d probably dive too just to preserve a lead.

    All hail Dear Leader!

  24. ChemTrails says:

    Mexico isn’t looking so mighty

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  26. Kevin_Amold says:

    Not last night.

  27. Kelly Goosecock says:

    Guatemala exposed Mexico by using speedy attackers to put pressure their back line. Even if BB does take note (which he won’t), the US does not have the talent to execute correctly.

  28. Good Jeremy says:

    Guatemala had much better chances throughout the first half and they could have had two more without much trouble. Defend and counter looked great until the halftime changes.

  29. Dale says:

    Seems like Guatemala parked the bus after that first goal and played counter attacking football…I give credit to Mexico who created chances and did enough to win, even though possession was all Mexico’s guatemala held on and only received 2 goals. It sort of reminded me of USA vs Panama, but it worries me that Mexico was capable of keeping composure and actually scoring when the opportunities came knocking. In the other hand, I think it has been proven that the USMNT does not have that capability at the moment. I think thats what makes Mexico the team to beat. super-subs, ability to score when needed, never losing patience,a red hot forward scoring goals like crazy, and always creating that perfect play to shift the balance of the game. Mexico is beatable, I just don’t think any team can actually do it at the moment.

  30. roger says:

    they did. watch the game again or check the stats.

  31. _rompe_la_red__ says:

    Fair result for el Tri but I don’t understand what happened on Hernandez’s goal–The Guatemalan defender marking him stopped for no good reason eight yards out and let Javier run unmarked in front of goal. It was bizarre. I don’t see why he didn’t stay in front of him or move to cut down the angle. Guess I’ll just let the best striker in North America run wild in front of goal–What?

  32. bizzy says:

    if it was the US?? Just going a goal down?? We were BEATEN by Panama…..

  33. Ulises says:

    Hmmmm…2 goals allowed and 16 scored looks pretty mighty to me! hahahaha!

  34. Benny says:

    yeah, but against whom?

  35. bizzy says:

    Instead of people acting like a 2-1 win is a “failure” on Mexico’s part, how about giving props to Coach Ever Hugo Almeida and Guatemala. The team came out to play with determination, urgency and commitment. To be able to play the way they did shows good planning, tactical awareness and execution.
    Arreola – Comunicaciones (GUAT)
    Carlo Ruiz – Philadelphia Union(US)
    Jonathan Lopez – Marquense(GUAT)
    Jose Aguila – Comunicaciones(GUAT)
    Marco Pappa – Chicago Fire(US)
    Velasquez – SuchitepĂ©quez(GUAT)
    Vasquez Prera – Comunicaciones(GUAT)
    Cabrera – Municipal(GUAT)
    Gallardo – USAC(GUAT)
    Noreiga – Municipal(GUAT)
    90% of the team plays in Guatemala AND ONLY 2 PLAYERS FROM MLS!!!!!…..and they still brought the fight to Mexico. Imagine if this coach had players from Villareal, Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, West Ham, Rangers, Orebro sk, Anderlecht, Leeds united, Hannover 96, Everton…….

  36. patrick says:

    ur crazy

  37. sven says:

    To be fair, a lot of EPL defenders did the same thing last season.

  38. I totally agree and felt very sad for those boys.

  39. Al says:

    guatemala parked the bus after threre first goal. They played a 6-3-1 which made it impossible for mexico to score. if Guatemala wouldnt have parked the bus they would have received 5 goals.

  40. Rob says:

    Agreed. It saddens me that all teams from this point forward will play that way (except Mexico). Makes for ugly soccer when one team or both teams is playing not to lose. Then the non-Mexican side makes it out to be a “win” that they held out for so long against Mexico. Yep, they are proud that they lost but that it took Mexico so long to do it…..

  41. Rob says:

    I don’t understand why the article says Mexico “squeaks” by. What game were they watching? It’s not like Mexico had a horrible game where the game winner was made at the 89th minute.

  42. Alejandro says:

    Here we go with the against whom nonsense … A goal is a goal and a win is a win. At the end of the day, you have to stand and play against whoever your competition is that day.

  43. Alejandro says:

    Agreed. I’m of Mexican descent but I started liking the heart shown by the Chapines.

  44. Alejandro says:

    Remember, this is Soccer by Ives, very Anglo-friendly and resentful toward Mexico. I come here because I like the US team, but I’m saddened by the lack of Latino representation. On the other hand, how about that U-17 team?